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Love Forever (Spanish name: Amor por Siempre) is a short Sonic the Hedgehog fan comic uploaded as a slideshow video on YouTube with music and sound effects (hence the Web Animation namespace instead of the usual Webcomic), by Angel-De-La-Verdad. It centers on the pairing of Shadow and Amy.

One day, Shadow and his young son Jake take the bus to a park to see Jake's mother Amy. As Jake approaches Amy, Shadow then thinks to a Flashback of the events that happened prior. It starts when Shadow and Amy were in a car and approaching an avalanche...

The original Spanish version is here, while the English translation is here. There's a Spanish audio dub.

Love Forever provides examples of:

  • Black Blood: Shadow and Amy's bloody wounds are colored black.
  • Content Warning: The video opens up with a warning that it's only suitable for 13 years or older. While this is to avoid the COPPA filter, there's also Shadow and Amy getting injured with Black Blood and her dying, and the fact Amy's diary is mentioned to have detailed descriptions of her and Shadow having sex.
  • Dying Declaration of Love: In her final moments, Amy says to Shadow, "I am so happy to have married you and I am happier because you are Jake's father." She then goes limp.
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  • Harmful to Minors: Jake is reading a book he found about Shadow and Amy, and is confused at the writing. Turns out he was reading Amy's diary, with explicit detail of her having sex with Shadow. Shadow whacks the book at his son.
  • Improbable Infant Survival: A baby Jake survives the car crash without injury, thanks to the car seat holding him.
  • Lions and Tigers and Humans... Oh, My!: The bus driver is a human, while Shadow, Jake, and Amy are hedgehogs.
  • Manly Tears: Shadow is seen shedding them in the thumbnail. He does so a few times within the comic, especially when Amy dies.
  • Minimalist Cast: The only characters that appear are Shadow, Jake, and Amy, besides the human bus driver who only appears as scenery.
  • The Reveal: Amy had died, and Shadow and Jake were going to the cemetery to visit her grave.
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  • Roll in the Hay: In the second Flashback, after an injured Shadow and Amy seek refuge within a barn, Amy blushes and states "I am feeling very lonely...", causing Shadow to blush also. It's implied they had sex in the hay.
  • The End: "There is not a second part."
  • Winds Are Ghosts: When dying, Amy asks baby Jake to "when you feel the wind on your cheeks, know it's me, touching your face with my hands". Jake later does when at his mother's grave. When Shadow and Jake leave the cemetery, there's a shot of Amy's ghost.

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