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Roll, roll, roll in ze hay!!

A popular trope in many stories set on a farm. A young couple decides to make love while lying in a hay barrack in a barn or one in an open field. One of them (or both) can be the teenage son or daughter of a farmer, but it might also be a general couple who just happen to encounter a hay barrack while being on the countryside.

Usually they are fleeing from the wrath of the girl's Over Protective Dad, but rain, police, soldiers or nightfall can be opportune reasons as well. For some strange reason their pursuer will be unable to find them, even though a bunch of hay might be the most logical hiding place ever! As he leaves, the couple makes love to celebrate the fact that he couldn't find them.

This is especially a popular trope in erotic fiction, almost to the point of being a cliché.

Also Truth in Television, as many young people who grew up on the countryside will tell you. Of all the possible locations for surreptitious love making and/or hiding a hay barrack is the most obvious choice. It's soft, comfy and ticklish.



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  • In Hieronymus Bosch's painting "The Hay Wain", a couple can be seen on top of the hay wain. The man is playing his instrument to seduce the woman.

    Comic Books 
  • In Teen Titans Annual #1, Wonder Girl and Superboy consummate their love in the hay loft of the Kents barn before Superboy flies off to confront Superboy-Prime.
  • In Hex Wives #1, Nadiya and Isadora are having a lesbian tryst in the hayloft of a barn when the soldiers catch up to them in 1777.

    Fan Fiction 
  • In many My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fics, Applejack's barn is a popular trysting spot. Most commonly for her and whoever she's seeing but the rest of her family and even the rest of the cast have had their share of nights at the Apple barn.
  • In Old West, Grace Glossy eventually confesses her feelings toward Rattlesnake Jake in her barn, leading to lovemaking in the hays.

  • In Desire Under The Elms, Sophia Loren and Anthony Perkins share a scene in this kind of setting.
  • In The Outlaw (1943) actress Jane Russell also takes an erotic pose in a hay loft.
  • In Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines, a French pilot has to make an emergency landing in a hay barrack in France. While a farmer is going to get help, which will cost him 30 minutes to get to the nearest farm, the pilot takes the Farmer's Daughter with him in the hay barrack.
  • In Young Frankenstein, Eye-gor transports professor Fronkensteen to the castle by haywagon. Inga is lying in the hay and invites Fronkenstein to "roll in ze hay" with her. She's speaking quite literally: "Roll, roll, roll in ze hay!"
    • The stage version makes it even more explicit.
  • A group of Dutch soldiers in Soldier of Orange catches a couple having sex in a hay barrack. The local idiot actually wasted their time by reporting that there were invading German soldiers in the barn.
  • This is where Bond coerces Pussy Galore to have sex with him in Goldfinger.
  • On Her Majesty's Secret Service: Bond and Tracy share some warmth in a barn in a brief hiatus during their escape from Blofeld's goons, and this is where Bond proposes to her.
  • In Carry On Henry, Henry is trying to get with a Farmer's Daughter. Unsurprisingly, they are interrupted by her father, who threatens Henry with a pitchfork, making him try to jump over a bush in the fields, landing in manure.
  • Colette: Early in their courtship, Willy and Colette enjoy an assignation in a barn near her parents' farm.
  • In Gang of Roses, Chas and Babyface have an assignation in the hayloft above the stable.

  • A lot of Dutch and Flemish farmer novels have this kind of scene in them.
    • In Staphorst Groeit Het Geluk (1959) by J. Van Dorsten has a farmer couple falling in each other's arms on a hay barrack.
  • Happens in DH Lawrence's Love Between The Haystacks.
  • Sparhawk's squire, Kurik, in The Elenium, hints that his eldest was conceived this way; more specifically, he says that this was how he was persuaded to get married. Later, he returns from a visit to his family farm, and remarks that his wife Aslade was feeling a bit nostalgic and took him up into the hayloft while he was there - after which he lectured his sons about being more diligent when it comes to getting thistles out of the hay.
  • Lauchlan and Corbin of Mix Beer With Liquor And You Will Get Sicker play this one straight, though they at least have the benefit of a couple of horse blankets.
  • In the first Codex Alera book Aldrick and Odiana pretend to be doing this as an excuse to search the stables for Amara.
  • Ruby confesses to this with her ex-boyfriend, Lewis in the Sin City Series.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Happened a lot in the Dutch TV series Bartje on BNN with Bart De Graaff, where the little farmer boy was always trying to get in the hay with the beautiful farmer's daughter from the nearby village.
  • A Genre Savvy reference occurs in the Flemish TV series Buiten De Zone episode "Kitsch en Kunst", where the clichés of every typical Flemish farmer film are ridiculed.
  • Duncan has a scene of this in the Highlander episode 'Epitaph for Tommy'.
  • Dad's Army. In one episode Captain Mainwaring gets hooked on a barrage balloon and is carried across country, at one point smashing through a hay bale and startling a pair of young lovers.
  • In True Blood, a Flash Back to Eric's mortal life in medieval Sweden showed him getting it on with some village girl in a stable, showing that even back then he was a total manwhore.
  • In 1000 Ways to Die, two cases feature different Farmers Daughters trying to get it on with outsider guys. Both times, the poor outsiders got killed off in ridiculously hilarious manners.
  • One episode of Happy Days saw Richie and Fonzie making out with a beautiful pair of sisters in their father's barn... only to be caught by the father, who tried to force a Shotgun Wedding.

  • The Flemish song "Vlaanderen Boven" by Raymond Van Het Groenewoud has the singer singing an ironic homage to the Belgian region Flanders. One line summarizes "waterzooi, het meisje in het hooi, de Vlaamse romantiek". ("Waterzooi, the girl in the hay, the Flemish romanticism.") (Making love in a hay barrack is a popular plot device in many Flemish farmer novels and their subsequent film adaptations.)
  • The first two verses of "Fields of Gold" by Music/Sting describe a couple at least making out in a field of barley. The third verse is a Babies Ever After ending.
  • "Hayloft" by Mother Mother, later covered by Nickel Creek, is all about this trope, complete with gun-bearing Overprotective Dad.
  • The cover for Adam Ant's Strip album shows Adam, presumably awaiting such an encounter.[1]
  • "Girls" by The Beastie Boys, from Licensed to Ill also references this.
    I hope she'll say: "Hey, me and you should hit the hay!"

  • Anne of Green Gables: The picnic scene has Mr. Phillips and Prissy entering stage with him plucking bits of straw off her back.

    Web Original 
  • Peasant's Quest requires you at one point to jump into a pile of hay while covered in mud to disguise yourself as said pile of hay. The narrator caption mentions, "You've not known much better than a roll in the hay alone."

    Western Animation 
  • Johnny Bravo once asked a girl to "roll in the hay" with him, to which she slapped him.
  • The Simpsons: Homer and Marge make love in a barn full of hay in the episode "Natural Born Kissers".


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