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"This isn't about the gun! This is about sex!"note 

"You never see anything anyway. They always, uh, turn the camera, and... play music and... y'know, the wind blows and then the curtain moves. You don't see anything."
Frustrated viewer, The Truman Show

Two characters have been talking, talking has turned to kissing, and as kissing starts to turn to...other things, and the camera suddenly decides to look elsewhere. The view pans away as it fades to black or rests upon an intimate but innocuous object like a burning candle, the curtains of the open window, or the door being closed. We're not supposed to care about this new subject. It's just the show's way of saying, "They're going to have sex now, let's give them some privacy".

This shot can be turned into a passage-of-time montage, e.g. a dissolve shows the candle going from just-lit to guttering, or the darkened window now gleams with the rays of the rising sun. When the camera wanders back we see our couple post-coitus, cuddled up for some pillow talk or slumbering peacefully beneath their Modesty Bedsheet. Sometimes this dissolve will include an actual clock, giving a clearer indication of the couple's... stamina (this is occasionally spoofed when the time elapsed is only a few minutes, implying the moment of passion was neither long nor particularly satisfying).

If it's a woman's first time, you may see a flower drop to the floor to represent the loss of her "innocence."

This trope is useful for various reasons. If the Censorship Bureau simply does not allow depictions of sex, this gets the idea across to the audience without showing anything that would offend the Moral Guardians. It can also be used in works that would permit explicit sex scenes, but this particular act of lovemaking does not play a significant role in the story. If a production is intended at a family audience, the trope can be utilized to get the point across without being explicit about it or risking getting a higher viewer advisory rating that could impact box office or ad revenue. Also sex scenes are notoriously difficult to write well and sympathetically, and can often distract from the story — exactly what is Blue Is the Warmest Color about? — so can be used to avoid having to try.

Similar tropes include Dress Hits Floor, Don't Come A-Knockin', Kissing Discretion Shot, Pink Is Erotic, Rape Discretion Shot (if the sexual encounter is non-consensual), Take Our Word for It, Sexy Coat Flashing, Something Else Also Rises, Relax-o-Vision, Sex Dressed. This may be a result of Crashing Through the Harem. Compare Lewd Lust, Chaste Sex, when everything is described in sexy detail except the deed itself. Compare Post-Coital Collapse.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Parodied in Interspecies Reviewers. In one of the many times in which Crim is about to have sex, the scene cuts away... to Meidri bathing.
  • In an episode of 009-1, when Mylene starts to have sex with someone, the camera pans away and zooms in on their wine glasses as the glasses start to shake.
  • Happens in the anime adaptation of Berserk when Guts and Casca are making love.
  • Engage Kiss: Between Shu and Ayano in episode 5 after they kiss on a couch, where a few scenes of the two being immodestly dressed are interlaced between scenes of scenery and the weather.
  • In Hetalia: Axis Powers, this happens right after Greece offers his friend Japan a "private lesson" to improve his sex life...which is also combined with a Scream Discretion Shot. One can only imagine.
  • Highschool of the Dead invokes this once in the manga and anime respectively:
    • During the bath scene in chapter 6, Rei gropes Shizuka's boobs to see if they're real, due to their enormous size. The very next panel shows Saya's reaction, while Shizuka's cries of "Not THERE! ♥" and "No more! ♥" are seen from just out of frame, along with various sound effect hiragana.
      Saya: [deadpan] It sounds like an H-Game over there...
    • Midway into the "Drifters of the Dead" OVA, Saeko and Takashi flee to a secluded area of the island, in an attempt to escape the effects of hallucinogenic fumes. While they're alone, they end up making out with Takashi lying on top of her. From there, the camera pans downward until only their lower legs remain in the frame, stopping just as Saeko spreads her legs for him, with her barefoot resting next to her discarded bikini bottom. The scene then Fades to Black. The morning after reveals it was all in Takashi's head since the real Saeko and the others find him dreaming, while surrounded by a group of bikini-clad zombies.
  • No explicit sex is shown in Itazura Na Kiss but it's nevertheless present:
    • In the anime Kotoko and Naoki are shown embracing and kissing in their bedroom thrice: during Their First Time in their honeymoon, then in very implicit make-up sex after the Keita incident, and for Kotoko's twenty-sixth birthday. Kotoko is shown after sleeping with a Modesty Bedsheet when Naoki puts a ring on her. Note that Kotoko is pregnant in the next episode.
    • In the manga, it happens at least once, when Kotoko discusses with Naoki how she was Mistaken for Pregnant. Naoki suggests he'd like to have one right now, and they kiss. After that, they're shown with a Modesty Bedsheet.
  • Used in Kanamemo episode 11, when canon lesbian couple Yuuki and Yume are seen going to bed together. Cut to an unrelated cartoon sequence ending in an explosion, then the next day Yume sleeping late because she's "exhausted".
  • In Koi Kaze, when Koshiro and Nanoka kiss for the first time, they knock an orange off of a table. The scene cuts to a night shot of the orange, still on the floor.
  • Lupin III: The Secret of Twilight Gemini has two scenes between Lupin and Fujiko:
    • The first occurs at their hotel room, during which Lupin is shown eagerly waiting in bed for Fujiko. As soon as she strips down, the scene immediately cuts to the balcony outside their room, allowing the viewer to hear the remainder of their conversation. When Sadachiyo and his men crash through the windows, the motion beneath the covers and Fujiko's moaning makes it blatantly obvious what she and Lupin were doing.
    • About midway through the film, they run into each other again when Lupin infiltrates Morocco's police HQ, while disguised as an officer. After he accidentally spills the beans about the treasure he's after, Fujiko returns the favor by giving him hers. The scene then pans over to the opposite wall, before fading to black.
  • In episode 22 of Macross Frontier, when Sheryl tells Alto to 'give her the courage to sing' and they fall into each other's arms, the camera was angled from outside the room, focusing on the koi swimming in the pond, pans up to the sky and then fades out into outer space. Later on, Alto is shown outside the room, with his jacket suspiciously hanging over his shoulders, as opposed to wearing them normally the scene before. It was vague, but the viewers still had the impression of what had happened.
  • Manyu Hikencho: In episode 1, Kagefusa punishes Kaede for choosing to defect from the Manyuu Clan by raping her. The viewer is only allowed to see Kagefusa slip her hand down the front of Kaede's fundoshi, though the camera stays above her waist. After a few moments of intense writhing and moaning, the camera quickly cuts away to a shot of the night sky just as Kaede screams. Afterward, she's seen passed out on the ground with her hindquarters raised, while Kagefusa smugly licks her fingers clean.
  • In Maria Watches Over Us, the Discretion Shot actually pans away before a kiss between two girls, and then back (all that happens is a kiss) — apparently the camera has some very old-timey sensibilities. In another case, it pans away when a character unbuttons her pyjama jacket to show a scar on her chest to another character.
  • Maken-ki!: Used several times.
    • The start of chapter 32 uses a series of veiled panels as Ouken bangs one of his concubines. The next page shows him being dressed by two more of his concubines, while the others are seen passed out on the floor around him.
    • In the 70.5 omake chapter, Love Espada seduce an unnamed waitress on her job, by sucking spilled tea from the waitress' fingers. Which causes her to have an orgasm and ask Espada if she'd like to clean the rest. Espada accepts the offer, while the bottom-left panel shows everyone else's reaction (SFW).
    • And during chapter 76, Espada seduces another girl, named "Kyoki", by coaxing her into one of the club rooms at school, despite her protests. A few moments later, however, Himegami and Usui both turn beet red once they hear what's going on inside.
  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion, there is a lovemaking scene between Misato and Kaji. The viewers are treated to a view of a glass filled with water. But on the other hand, they hear everything.
    • "Don't put strange things in there!"
    • Also subverted in both episode 25 of the TV series and from "End of Evangelion"; both during Misato and Shinji's experience during Instrumentality, respectively. Only her feet are visible.
  • In hentai show Parade Parade there technically is sex going on (it's hentai after all), but the camera moves off-center for a second to focus on a glass of ice which apparently is melting from the heat of their passion.
  • Phantom Quest Corp.: About halfway into the third Incident File, Mr. Nagasuki and his secretary start going at it hot 'n heavy in his office. The scene shifts to the hallway outside, just as Karino shows up to question him. So when he opens the door, he gets an eyeful, though the door keeps the audience from seeing anything.
    [secretary screams from off-camera]
    Mr. Nagasuki: [angrily at Karino] GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!
    Karino: [closes door, snickering] Hot action.
  • Ranma : This trope happens when Sōun imagines the possibilities of sending Ranma and Akane to a hot springs resort for some quality time together. The first thing we see is a scene of them in their room all alone. They're sitting there, side by side, and as they reach for a bun at the same time, their hands touch. The camera cuts to a clip of the window, where we see flowers in a vase. Then we hear Akane say, "Oh, Ranma," and the head of one of the flowers falls off completely.
  • A notable sex scene occurs, a given because it stands out from the rest of the ambiguous scenes taking place in Akio's car in Revolutionary Girl Utena. During this escapade, Ruka takes Shiori out to Akio's car to discuss Ruka's dueling plans (which is actually a ploy to humiliate Shiori, supposedly to get Juri out of her conflicted mental state). Both of them are then shot shoulders up in a state of undress, and then a few more shots of the car, and then finally, two more shots of them throwing their heads back and sighing happily. Given the ambiguous nature of the show and what happens, just about anyone can see clearly what's happening.
    "Don't you just love the throb of the engine?"
  • Takes place in the Sailor Moon manga and in Sailor Moon Crystal: at some point Mamoru and Usagi kiss while laying on the floor of his apartment, then the scene ends. The next time they're seen, Usagi is lacking the cute blouse she was wearing under her dress...
  • Shimoneta: During the furo scene in episode 12, the water conceals the moment Anna 69's with Tanukichi. She dunks his head before she sits on his face, then dips her own head underwater to perform oral sex on him.
  • So, I Can't Play H!:
    • In episode 7, two of Almeia's maids try to use their powers to heal Ryosuke. There's a brief close-up of Hild's pelvic region as she straddles him before it switches back to a full shot of the bedroom. The glow beneath the sheets only allows you to see her silhouetted on top of him and her hip motion.
    • The final scene of the series' ED has Ryosuke kiss Lisara, before pinning her on his bed. The screen pans up to the ceiling, as a single heart appears, soon followed by several more.
  • Variable Geo: Invoked when Kaori's unnamed opponent is forced to carry out the penalty for losing at level-1. Kaori's face is kept in the foreground of the shot, to prevent the viewer from seeing it, though you can faintly hear the other girl moaning behind her. The scene changes just as she steps out of the way.

    Comic Books 
  • Pictured above is a page from Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., by Jim Steranko. The last panel of the page showed Fury and the Contessa in a torrid embrace, leaving it very obvious what was going to happen. The Comics Code told Marvel that this was unacceptable, and demanded the page be changed before the comic could be printed. Roy Thomas, the editor, didn't have time to get Steranko (or a replacement artist) to draw a new final panel, so he hastily pasted in a photostat of Fury's discarded holster from the first panel, hoping it would create nice Book Ends for the scene. Thomas somehow completely missed the visual innuendo of a holster with a gun in it, and evidently so did the Code, as the comic was approved for printing. Thomas only realized what he'd done when he received a phone call from Steranko, laughing his ass off and thanking him for making the sequence even sexier. Oddly, another mandated change was to the panel with the telephone; the original page showed that the pair left the phone off the hook so as not to be disturbed. Thomas had to change the image to the phone ringing but not being answered, which was considered... less sexy? He's still baffled by that one.
  • In "A Man's World", a short story Alan Moore wrote for Omega Men, what is set up to look like a Sexy Discretion Shot turns out to be a Gory Discretion Shot. Because of his misunderstanding of how reproduction works, Mopi of the Culacaons stabbed and killed the female biologist Leelyo when she tried to explain to him how other races needed a female to produce children and was asked by Mopi to produce children with him. It turns out that Culacaons reproduce by stabbing slug-like creatures to make them produce young Culacaons, Mopi assuming that the same procedure would work on a sentient female.
  • Moore did it again in an issue of Swamp Thing, with two allies of John Constantine trekking through an underground grotto in search of the lair of a Apocalypse Cult. The woman convinces the man that Constantine and Swamp Thing can handle the cult, and extinguishes the match which is their only light source. The man asks her what she's doing, only to start gasping and grunting. The woman remarks that she knew he'd like it. The man gasps a few more times and then goes silent. We later find out that the woman was working for the cult and what she was actually doing was cutting the man's head off with a machete.
  • Invoked in a magazine cartoon with two young people watching TV and the boy saying excitedly, "Here's the part I was telling you about! They kiss with all their clothes on, and then the camera just pans up into the trees and leaves it all to your imagination!"
  • Mighty Avengers 11. Dr. Doom is in the middle ages and requested Morgan Le Fey (a Hot Witch who is in fact naked) to instruct him on how to raise an army of zombies. Morgan Le Fey wants something in exchange... and we jump to the present, with Dr. Doom using said army of zombies to defeat the Avengers. At the end of the story, we go back to Le Fey's castle, who wakes up from his bed and notices that Dr. Doom is no longer there.
  • In Superman & Batman: Generations II, Dick Grayson as Batman and Barbara Gordon as Batgirl decide to have some private time together in her apartment, with the only hint of anything going on is the same shot of an empty living room couch for three panels with the clock showing how much time has passed.
  • In the classic Superman story "Who Took the Super out of Superman?", Lois comes over to Clark's apartment for dinner one evening. After dinner, they are shown sitting on the couch together with the lights off. In the next panel, Lois is coming into work at the Planet the next day, smiling, singing to herself, and wearing the same dress as the day before; originally, one of the other characters pointed out that she was wearing the same dress, but either editorial or the Comics Code Authority required them to change it to have that character say that it was a new dress, even though from the drawing it was obviously the same dress from the day before. You can see for yourself here.
  • In the first issue of the second volume of Howard the Duck, the story "From Hell It Cometh...Chair-Thing" ended with an implied sex scene between Howard and Beverly. All we see before the aftermath of the coitus is Beverly undressing and Howard reaching for the lamp while informing the reader that some parts of his life need to be private.
  • All-New Ultimates: Cloak and Dagger are kissing, turn on their powers, and then we see an explosion of light from one of the church's windows.

    Comic Strips 

    Fan Works 
  • An... interesting... example in Hetalia: Axis Powers fanfic Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità. Just as Germany and Japan were about to pounce Italy, the scene cut short...only to continue on as commentary by Prussia, Spain, and France who were watching them via surveillance cameras under the guise of simply performing surveillance on the ship.
  • In Eleutherophobia: Ghost in the Shell, there are scene breaks both times Tom and Bonnie start to have sex.
  • The My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic "Happy Hearth's Warming" cuts away after the two characters enter the bedroom with the following explanation. In a subversion, though, the author later went on to write an uncensored version of the fic...
    I am afraid that I must tell you that I cannot relate the events that occurred in the room for it would be a horrible invasion of their privacy. I hope that you can find it in your hearts to forgive me, my dear readers.
  • Being To Timelessness: When the Doctor and Rose have sex, the narration skips over the explicit act, instead showing either the foreplay and a Fade to Black, or doing a "morning after" scene. The first time, from chapter 32 to chapter 33 in To Make Much of Time, the chapter ends with Rose stripping her clothes off and the Doctor carrying her to the bedroom. The skip glosses over their romantic getaway to Barcelona, and the next chapter opens on their last day, with Rose waking up naked in bed and the Doctor ready to leave. Taking Time establishes that the Doctor and Rose spent twelve days in the Vortex mostly having sex, then a week long sex-filled vacation on Barcelona.
  • Sophistication and Betrayal plays this straight quite often, but also averts it on several occasions. And in one instance, it deliberately uses it for comedy as part of a Bait-and-Switch.
  • Bait and Switch (STO) used this the first two times Eleya and Gaarra slept together (justifiably so, since the fic was first posted on Star Trek Online's official forum).
    • The first time the two of them didn't even make it out of Quark's. Cut to Eleya arriving on the USS Bajor's bridge the next morning and getting a "Did You Just Have Sex?" reaction from her first officer.
    • The second time they got as far as him unzipping her uniform jacket, then end chapter.
    • Averted the third time, but it's still left basically undescribed.
  • The Prayer Warriors has its sex scenes described this way, being a religious-themed story and so as to not "make atheists have an organism". One exception to this is in "Battle with the Witches" in which Draco and Ebony go to the bedroom and the sex scene is described in an odd metaphor of "Draco putting his noodles into Ebony's bowl".
  • The Friday the 13th fanfic Prologue has Barry and Claudette going off into the woods to have sex:
    Barry: All right Kids, it's time for bed. You have a busy day tomorrow and Claudette and I have some... exploring to do. [Claudette smiles at that bit of innuendo; she leans into his ear and whispers]
    Claudette: Just what was that supposed to mean, hotshot?
    Barry: Whatever you want it to mean. [Barry and Claudette walk towards the woods, utterly oblivious to their duties as camp counselors]
  • Heavily implied to have happened between Jimmy Neutron and Cindy Vortex in the Time Fixers: Nicktoons of the Future story, "Return of Phantom". They kiss after making up with each other and it cuts to Darry and Dani. If SpongeTron's remark about them being locked in their room and Jimmy's embarrassment when asked what they were doing, it's pretty obvious what had occurred between them.
  • In the 22nd chapter of The Vow, when Lord Shen and Lady Lianne forgive each other for any perceived betrayals, they rekindle their love and kiss each other for the first time since thirty years. Giving in to their long-buried passions, they combine their species' mating rituals and edge towards the bed. The next scene shows a content and naked Lianne waking up.
  • Ask The Main Four plays this trope straight when Kyle is showed as being unable to sleep because of Stan and Patty being too loud. Then later is averted not so graphically. Later is HEAVILY averted.
  • In the 23rd chapter of Old West, Grace Glossy's confession of her feelings toward Rattlesnake Jake leads to intimacy until they lay down in the hays, at which point a detailed narration is abbreviated.
  • In Harry Potter - Three to Backstep Harry, Hermione and Daphne consummate a three-way soul bond. After Harry undresses:
    That night, the castle was rattled three times over the space of two hours by what the Muggleborns were adamant were three sonic booms. The last was the loudest of all, causing the castle to shudder, ever so slightly.
  • Done in Dragon Ball Z Abridged to show Vegeta and Bulma's first time (and later repeated with Goku and Chi-Chi to show what is presumably at least their second, Krillin with #18 in their first time and Future Gohan and Bulma also in their first time), though it's mainly because the abridgers have to work with what source material they have. The sounds left very little to the imagination.
  • Usually in Empath: The Luckiest Smurf, whenever sex is implied to happen between Smurf characters, it just starts with a lot of kissing and then it jumps over to the next morning or the next scene — in some cases, a scene where something unrelated happens concurrently to the implied activity. Sometimes there is some post-coitus things going on like characters waking up with each other or something in the following scene.
    Empath's journal: As for this smurf and Smurfette's private times together...well, some pleasures are just better left undocumented.
  • Captain Proton and the Planet of Lesbians. The evil Queen Sapphia is about to have her wicked way with Constance Goodheart when—THAT'S ALL WE HAVE TIME FOR BOYS AND GIRLS! TUNE IN NEXT WEEK FOR ANOTHER EXCITING CHAPTER IN...CAPTAIN PROTON AND THE NAKED NYMPHOMANIACS!

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Parodied many times with shots of a train going through a tunnel, rockets blasting off, etc. The train going into a tunnel wasn't quite a parody when Alfred Hitchcock used it at the end of North by Northwest.
    • This parody was subverted by a Monty Python's Flying Circus sketch, which features a couple kissing before falling onto a bed. Cut to shots of a train entering a tunnel, rockets blasting off, towers rising, waves crashing, Richard Nixon and the Women's Institute applauding, planes crash landing and exploding... cut back to the woman in bed looking disgruntled, who says, "Are you actually going to do anything, or just show me films all evening?"
    • Done in Spy Hard, where the scene cuts to Stock Footage of flowers opening, bees pollinating flowers, and a rocket lifting off... and promptly flying off-course and exploding.
  • All Cheerleaders Die: When Tracy and Maddy sleep together in the woods, we see them kissing on the ground while they take their clothes off as the scene cuts away. The next time we see them, they're stepping out of the woods with smiles on their faces.
  • Another Me: Fay and Drew are seen kissing, undressing, then moving onto the bed. Then the scene cuts to them in bed together later.
  • The Archer: While on the lam, Lauren and Rebecca kiss but then the scene cuts to the next day, with it being implied they had sex.
  • Avatar, at the Tree of Voices. It's somewhat unclear how much is offscreen, as they we Jake and Neytiri intensely making out, then a sudden stop almost like an orgasm. Then in the morning, they both are shown to be fully clothed...granted the Na'vi don't wear much anyway.
  • The last shot in The Awful Truth shows figures of a cuckoo clock moving into the housing together.
  • Used in Baby Doll. Silva is invited to sleep in Baby Doll's "crib" (a sort of summer couch with slats), and Baby Doll puts a blanket over him. When we next see them, Silva is still asleep in Baby Doll's crib and Baby Doll is dressed in a slip, her hand in his. When Archie Lee comes home and they have dinner together, Silva remarks that Baby Doll is "grown-up all of a sudden". This subtly implies that something intimate has definitely gone between them.
  • In Barbarella: Mark Hand's ship orbiting Barbarella's is shown while they're having sex.
  • Parodied in Being There. Chance learned everything he knows from watching TV. When he tries to handle a romantic situation by imitating a romantic scene in a movie, the Sexy Discretion Shot and Fade to Black leave him a little confused.
  • The Big Bounce (2004). The Femme Fatale takes off her panties and leads away the hunky surfer dude. Cut to surf wave breaking. Cut to her getting naked out of his bed in a Toplessness from the Back shot.
  • Bit: The scene fades out as Laurel and Izzy start to get it on.
  • Bonnie & Bonnie: As Yara and Kiki start to have sex, the scene fades away to afterward with them lying on the bed together.
  • Breaking the Girls: Whenever a couple starts getting busy, the scene fades out to show something else, or them in bed together afterward (except for Nina and David, though it's not explicit).
  • Bruce Almighty: After telekinetically being given the greatest orgasm in history with Bruce's new God powers, Grace pounces on him, and we simply see the outside of their apartment, as their bedrooms light flickers with holy power, and their moans and groans of ecstasy fill the night.
  • In Caddyshack, Ty Webb gives Lacey Underall a massage.
  • In Candy Stripe Nurses, Candice Rialson goes to a patient's room to spend time with him and then, in the next scene, she's naked in his bed with the bedsheets pulled up to her stomach. NSFW.
  • Cassanova Was A Woman: Cassanova returns to have sex with Lola, and then the scene cuts, showing them lying together afterward in bed saying how good it was.
  • Played with in Click; the camera does pan away, but only far enough to show the remote going automatically to fast forward, and their shadows. The aftershot with the Modesty Bedsheet shows them, but only he's satisfied.
  • Contact: Ellie and Joss kiss, then are seen talking in bed together after they clearly had sex offscreen.
  • Used in-universe in Cousins during Mitch's showing of his wedding video.
  • The fireplace version is justified in The Dark Knight Rises as the two lovers have been Caught in the Rain and are warming up afterwards.
  • In Downstairs, Karl the evil chauffeur finally cajoles Anna the innocent (and married) ladies' maid into kissing him. Cut to the decorative figurine in a snow globe that sits on her table. The camera stays on the snow globe as Karl's coat is thrown on top of it.
  • Parodied in the spoof film Epic Movie. A parody of Mystique seduces the character Peter after it's revealed he'll be king of Gnarnia and drags him into a tent to have sex with him. After making out briefly, she asks him what he likes since she's a shapeshifter. He first asks for a larger breast and ass size. He then asks for a badonkadonk, but quickly backpedals and insists she get a monobrow, which she does. He then asks for "big flabby grandma arms", which disgusts her. He insists on asking for "Bingo wings like a fat blue Britney Spears". She becomes increasingly more fat and flabby as he drools under her. He tells her to "Come here!". She wiggles her tongue and he pulls her down and they start to make out. It fades to black. This may have actually been a good idea as seeing them going all that way would've been... disturbing.
  • The Fallout: Vada and Mia kiss, then as it begins to get more intense with Vada getting on top of her, the scene's ended. It cuts to Vada waking up the next day in Mia's bed, and confirmed later that they had sex.
  • Invoked in Forrest Gump, where Jenny climbs into Forrest's bed and the scene fades to black.
  • Freshman Year: CJ tells Marcella she could join him in the shower. The scene fades out, CJ can't remember it happened (being drunk at the time) and then it's soon related that they had sex.
  • Friday the 13th:
    • In Friday the 13th Part 2, Ginny enters her cabin, takes her shirt off and reveals her bra. She then puts on her robe and hears a knock on the door; she goes to investigate and is never more than two steps out of her door. Ginny goes back in and Paul surprises her. They kiss and Paul unhooks Ginny's bra underneath her robe. Crazy Ralph is secretly watching them before he's garroted by Jason against the tree he is near. The next morning, Ginnny wakes up alone with "Beware of Bears" written on her mirror in lipstick.
    • Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter has a couple of these scenes. The first one has the voyeuristic Tommy Jarvis looking out his bedroom window and watching some of Paul and Samantha's foreplay until he pretends to be asleep and Mrs. Jarvis pulls down the pulls the window shade down. The second scene has Jimmy sitting on the bed while Tina unbuttons her blouse.
  • Future World (2018): Ash and Lei are shown kissing as they start to undress, then lying together under the covers in bed on the next morning.
  • Girl with a Pearl Earring: We see Griet passionately kissing Pieter while standing outside a pub at night with her leg up along his side. There's more kissing, heavy breathing, and some partial undressing (no nudity). We later see her finishing getting dressed, thus implying additional fooling around or sex.
  • The Guard: Gerry is about to have sex with the prostitutes, then the scene shifts to something else, and this returns after they've done it.
  • Danny Hodges and Judith Meyers in the opening of Halloween (1978).
  • Holly Slept Over: The scene fades out when Audra, Noel and Holly take off their underwear, the latter both reaching toward his dick. Afterward they're shown in the bedroom together after clearly having had sex.
  • How To Blow Up A Pipeline: The scene cuts away when Rowan and Logan get busy, then shows them again after they had sex.
  • One of the most famous examples in film, the "Walls of Jericho," appears in It Happened One Night. Early in the movie, Peter (Clark Gable) and Ellie (Claudette Colbert) find themselves sharing a hotel room; to ensure privacy, Ellie insists on hanging a sheet between the room's beds, and Peter dubs it the Walls of Jericho, referencing a famous story from The Bible featuring the walled city of Jericho; the walls fell when Joshua and his army blew their trumpets. At the end of the movie, Peter and Ellie, now married, return to the same hotel for their honeymoon, and the owner comments to a friend that for some reason, Peter demanded a trumpet while checking in. We cut to a shot of the bedroom floor, hear a horn's blow...and a sheet tumbles to the ground. That's all we need to see to know that the walls have indeed come down.
  • In the gangster spoof Johnny Dangerously, this is parodied (along with Did the Earth Move for You, Too?): the titular character and his love interest start kissing passionately, the camera pans up to some fireworks... and it cuts to another character, who looks up at the fireworks and remarks "Looks like Johnny's getting laid!"
  • The Last Legion: Mira gets into bed with Aurelius, then the scene fades out.
  • Parodied in National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1, where Emilio Estevez and Kathy Ireland are in bed getting ready for it. Pan over to a digital clock. The time advances by one minute, a change of a single digit. Pan back to the bed, where they are smoking cigarettes. Lampshaded later, where Kathy asks if they can actually make love next time instead of just smoking in bed.
  • A necessity in the Adrian Lyne adaptation of Lolita as it involves a man having sex with an underage girl (though the events are set in the 50s so there may be a retro look involved too). We see Dolores with Messy Hair, dressed in a pyjama top sitting on the lap of a shirtless Humbert in a No-Tell Motel. They rock back and forth in their chair and Dolores starts moaning, then the scene cuts to the overhead fan that's turning with a rhythmic throb.
  • In Maid in Manhattan, the title character and her paramour embrace and sink from view. The scene fades away to be replaced by a rosy dawn as the camera pans down to them lying in bed in the afterglow.
  • The Maltese Falcon: Sam is leaning in and kissing Brigid in the window, suddenly it's the next morning and the curtains in the window are blowing gently in the sunlight.
  • In-universe in Mamma Mia!. Sophie has found her mother's diary from the summer when Sophie was conceived, and every time Donna is about to get intimate with one of the possible fathers, the narrative trails off with an ellipsis, read out loud by Sophie as "dot dot dot."
  • In Me and Orson Welles this trope is both employed (when the image fades to black ofter Sonja invites Richard into the bedroom) and, in its literary form, discussed:
    Joseph Cotten: Welcome to "quadruple space", kid.
    Richard: What's "quadruple space"?
    Joseph Cotten: You know, in a novel, when the main characters are finally about to schtup. They can't describe it, otherwise they can't print the book. They just go, you know, "he hugged her hard, they fell on to the bed", Period, Quadruple space.
  • Nightfall (2000): While Illyra and Metron are out in the wilderness, he invites her to lay her head on his chest as a pillow. She does, and asks him if his behaviour was acceptable for a Watcher. He admits that it isn't, and they kiss, rolling over so that Metron is on top of Illyra.
  • Subverted in OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies — the secret agent hero and his girl lay back on the bed, the camera pans right, to some flowers in a pot, then it pans right some more — and we "accidentally" see some jerky, inept-looking (fully clothed) sex in a mirror for a few seconds before the camera " realizes" what's happened and quickly pans left back to the flowers.
  • The film noir classic Out of the Past features a scene where the leading man and the femme fatale walk into his villa, she trips and lands on the couch, and the camera decides it would be an ideal time to go outside and have a quick stroll in the Mexican jungle before returning to find the two of them sitting on the couch drinking whisky and laughing.
  • In A Place in the Sun, the main character and his girlfriend are slow-dancing in her room. The camera pans over to the window. The rain stops as the sky changes from night to day and her radio now plays static. . .and now we see the man leaving her house. While the pan to the window hinted at it, seeing him leave the house in the daytime confirms that he spent the night with her. The movie was made in 1951 and the scene was likely shot this way to avoid issues with the censors.
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire: Marianne and Héloïse kiss, then the film cuts to show them in bed together the next morning. This also happens with their other sexual encounters.
  • Parodied in The Purple Rose of Cairo, when Cecilia and Tom Baxter (a movie character who escaped from his movie) kiss and Tom keeps expecting a Fade to Black, because that always happens in the sex scenes of the movie he inhabits.
    Tom: How fascinating. You make love without fading out?
    Cecilia: Yes.
    Tom: Well, I can't wait to see this!
  • In Road Trip, Beth decides to make a video-tape of Josh starting it as an interview of what kind of woman he likes. She proceeds to flirt with him getting undressed during the questions and then lays herself on top of John to begin making out with him on the bed. The last shot cuts back to the video-recorder on the desk still filming the off-screen sex going on between John and Beth.
  • Julia Roberts is a self-described example:
    "People don't want to see me having sex... I'm the queen of the 'kiss, foreplay, dissolve.' And then the 'Whoo! Good morning, tiger!'"
  • At the end of Robin Hood: Men in Tights Robin and Marian go to unlock her chastity belt after their wedding. The camera pans out onto a skyward view of the area, except (shown through a voice-over) Robin can't open her chastity belt and begins calling for a locksmith.
  • In The Saragossa Manuscript (1965), the hero embraces two sisters sitting on a bed; the camera remains fixed as the characters sink down out of the frame.
  • Serenity has a slightly strange example: Simon and Kaylee start kissing and fall out of the frame, while the camera, staying in place, allows us to see River, peeking at them through a hatch in the ceiling.
  • When Orpheus and Eurydice make love in Shredder Orpheus, after a couple shots of them frolicking it cuts to Orpheus's bedside motion lamp going at a fast speed to indicate the passage of time.
  • Stu, O.T. and the girls in the Corvette get between the sheets in Spring Break.NSFW
  • Double subverted in The Student Nurses when Pherd's in bed with Jim, but played straight when she's between the sheets with another doctor.
  • The Tamil film Thalatu Kekuthamma (1991) has the protagonist and his wife stumble into a pile of cotton. The ensuing consummation takes place under a heaving pile, accompanied by shots of swirling cotton in the air.
  • The Three Musketeers (1973) uses a textbook 'candle dissolves to a much-shorter candle' shot to indicate d'Artagnan has successfully convinced Madame Bonacieux "why, that's the best place for you, bed ..."
  • In Thunderball, James Bond and Fiona Volpe's sex is represented by a Junkanoo parade. Mostly featuring a man playing a loud horn. In fact, most Bond movies handle sex by way of this trope. The only ones with explicit sex scenes are GoldenEye with Xenia and the Canadian admiral she kills during the act, and Die Another Day with Bond and Jynx.
  • The Alfred Hitchcock classic To Catch a Thief plays this trope straight, but so hard that it almost seems like a parody. Check out this clip starting at about 40 seconds in.
  • Top Gun: Maverick: When Maverick reunites (again) with his longtime love Penny Benjamin and they sleep together for the first time in years, the scene starts with them kissing, then essentially fades to afterglow, coming back in as Maverick confides the problems he is having with Rooster to Penny. This is possibly because the emotional intimacy between them in this scene — representing Maverick finally allowing himself to commit to Penny after years and years of commitment issues — is far more crucial to the course of their relationship and his overall character arc than their physical intimacy.
  • Spoofed in Top Secret!: the hero and heroine have embraced, started kissing, and have gotten to rolling around on the furniture when we pan away to a fireplace. Then they roll onto the floor right in front of the fireplace, so the camera pans away another fireplace. The director's cut has them rolling in front of that fireplace, too, forcing the camera to pan to the window... and in the window, you can see a building on fire. As if that weren't enough, a few scenes later the shot parodies itself while the characters are parachuting into enemy territory. They start kissing, we pan over to... a fireplace wearing a parachute.
  • The Truman Show has a scene of two guys talking about a Discretion Shot, without actually showing the shot itself.
  • Judy and Scottie embrace passionately late into Vertigo. The next scene is of him waiting for her to finish dressing for dinner. It's not hard to imagine that they had sex in the unseen interim.
  • In Wild Tales, as the married couple start to have sex on the table with the wedding cake, the camera pans away, focusing on the toppers on the ground... and the pieces of cake that fall all over them.
  • Women Is Losers: Celina decides to have sex with Mateo, kisses him and then the scene ends, but it's made clear they did afterward (as she gets pregnant).
  • Wonder Woman (2017): After liberating Veld, Steve and Diana share an intimate moment together. Following their dance in the snow, Steve escorts Diana to her hotel room. Rather than leave, Steve enters too after Diana gives him an inviting look. They kiss passionately before the camera cuts away to the outside of the building, where the light in Diana's room is the only one still on.
  • Young Hearts: After Harper and Tilly decide to have sex, he gets a condom before the scene ends. The subsequent sex they have also takes place entirely offscreen, which makes sense as they're teenagers.

  • Almost certainly takes place between Dido and Aeneas in The Aeneid. The two and many others go out in a hunting party but find themselves stranded alone in a cave when a rainstorm hits, and suddenly the narrator becomes very interested in describing the weather outside and doesn't get back to them for a while. When they emerge from the cave, much later, he makes an offhand remark about how Dido now considers them practically married, while Aeneas... does not so much.
  • Angels and Demons: The novel ends with one, as Vittoria pushes Langton into the bed and takes off her robe with the final lines of dialogue being her bragging about her prowess in bed.
    Vittoria: You've never been to bed with a yoga master, have you?
  • Done in Somoza's The Athenian Murders by way of Direct Line to the Author: a scene depicting an orgy is written on damaged papyrus, so that only (suggestive) fragments remain.
  • One of the Literary Review's "Bad Sex in Fiction" awards went to a sex scene in which a bunch of unconnected, evocative images play in the head of a female character, who must have seen way too many movies.
  • Bazil Broketail: This is how sex scenes are dealt with in the books. Characters will be clearly about to have sex, and then a scene will end.
  • Boris Pasternak's poem Winter Night does the "pan to the candle" variety, repeatedly.
  • Occurs a few times in the tales of Ciaphas Cain, as the chapter ends on a suggestive comment and the next one starts a day or so later. At one point, Cain's Love Interest Amberley (who is the In-Universe editor of the stories) cuts out a section because "it covers personal matters of no interest to anyone else".
  • Ironically used in the first Dexter novel, wherein the title character is just fine describing gory murder scenes or what he does when the Dark Passenger is driving, but when he and his girlfriend make love for the first time, he is so horrified that he can't bring himself to reflect on it in any detail.
  • In Discworld's Men at Arms, the scene where Carrot and Angua finally succumb to their romantic feelings for each other is summarized thus: "After a while, the bedsprings went glink." The glinkiness of the bedsprings in question had already been established as a Running Gag in the scene.
  • Because the narration is written in a parody of 19th-century novels (especially those of Dumas), in Paarfi narrated sections of Dragaera novels, sex scenes tend to be given this kind of treatment. For example, in the section of Tiassa narrated by Paarfi, there's a scene where Khaavren, who is Happily Married comes home and he and his wife are chatting and being kind of intimate (they like to give each other massages) and Khaavren is talking about how busy he is, but at least he's free for the rest of the evening. Then Paarfi comes in and says something to like "History does not report what they did for the rest of the evening, so he will draw a curtain over that".
  • Dragonlance Chronicles:
  • Gone: In Plague, Diana has a Shower of Angst while thinking about her Near-Death Experience in the last book. She walks back to her bedroom wrapped in a Modesty Towel to find Caine sitting on her bed. He gives her an Anguished Declaration of Love that quickly progresses into them having Glad-to-Be-Alive Sex, with the scene cutting away just as Diana lets her towel hit the floor.
    "Diana took a step back, unwound the towel, and let it drop. Caine made a sound like a strangling animal."
  • The Han Solo Trilogy: Just as Han is about to have sex with Bria and later Xaverri, their scenes end.
  • Harry Potter: In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry and Cho are about to kiss Under the Mistletoe, and then it cuts to 30 minutes later, with him showing back up in the Griffyndor common room.
  • A parody of The Hays Code in I Am America (And So Can You!) includes the rule, "If a scene includes a train entering a tunnel, the tunnel shall not be portrayed as enjoying it."
  • Judge Dee: The judge's lieutenant is sent to interrogate a girl, who tells him to turn around while she's changing. He complies, and she turns around, clothes dropping to the floor. She then tells him he can turn around now, but he replies that the mirror in front of him does the job just fine and the scene cuts away...
  • Done repeatedly in Jurgen as a not entirely successful way of Getting Crap Past the Radarnote  — Jurgen repeatedly has conversations with his love interests full of suggestive remarks about lances, spears, swords, and whatnot, but because all the conversations take place in pitch darkness, the narrative doesn't actually say that Jurgen was doing anything. Becomes a plot point towards the end of the novel, when the goddess who gave Jurgen his youth back, and has been secretly spying on him for the entire novel through his shadow, remarks that she would have punished him if he'd misused the gift of youth to seduce women, but luckily for him she never saw him do anything like that.
  • Lancelot, the Knight of the Cart—part of the Arthurian Legend, written in the 1170s or early 1180s—is best known for being the earliest text to feature a relationship between Lancelot and Guinevere. They spend a single night together, and the sex is unambiguous but not smutty.
    Their sport is so agreeable and sweet, as they kiss and fondle each other, that in truth such a marvellous joy comes over them as was never heard or known. But their joy will not be revealed by me, for in a story, it has no place. Yet, the most choice and delightful satisfaction was precisely that of which our story must not speak.
  • In the final passage of The Little House, the fair and virtuous Mélite is said to have "lost the wager." The wager being that she could withstand the charms of Marquis Trémicour's petite maison (which translates directly to "little house," but in the 1700s it was slang for a love-nest or a set of apartments kept for a mistress)... and by extension, Trémicour's sexual advances.
    "You told me your house would seduce me; I wagered it would not. If I now fall prey to its charms, am I unfaithful to our agreement?"
  • Dorothy L. Sayers, author of the Lord Peter Wimsey series, apparently had quite definite feelings about preserving her characters' modesty (even by the standards of the times); Busman's Honeymoon has entire chapters devoted to the cause of making it clear, without referring to a single body part, that Peter and Harriet are doing rather well, thank you.
  • The Machineries of Empire short story Extracurricular Abilities ends just as Jedao and Teshet start to undress to have sex.
  • In the novel Madame Bovary, the eponymous character and her current paramour get into her carriage, intending to talk. The reader soon realizes that the description of the carriage rocking back and forth is representing something else.
  • A Master of Djinn: Fatma and Siti are moving toward sex early in the book when the scene ends, then shows them sitting together after this.
  • The third Mercy Thompson novel Iron Kissed actually seems to end with one. The book ends with a half-naked Mercy undressing in front of Adam. Then it's hilariously subverted in the fourth book Bone Crossed, with its opening chapter taking place immediately after the end of the previous book. After undressing, Mercy attempts to seduce Adam, who was at her home to talk about what happened to her and their new relationship going forward.
  • One of the stories that made up Poul Anderson's Operation Chaos is the honeymoon of the main characters. As they ride a Flying Carpet, with the autopilot set, the one narrating describes the romantic setting, "and nothing else is any of your business."
  • The Princess Bride has a variation of this when Buttercup and Westley reunite at the bottom of the ravine in Guilder. The narrator notes that it's enough to say that they were very excited to meet each other again after three years (five in the movie). In the end, it doesn't matter anyway, for fifteen minutes later they're arguing about which direction to go. The movie has the grandson asking his grandfather to skip over the kissing part. Although the short piece "Buttercup's Baby" added to the 25th-anniversary edition indicates that Buttercup and Westley didn't actually have sex (in fact, they're both virgins until they conceive the eponymous baby).
  • Ruslan and Ludmila: Whenever the scene gets too erotic for the 19th-century audience's liking, the narrator suddenly decides to talk about something else.
  • At a certain point during Sparhawk's wedding night in The Sapphire Rose, the camera decides to look out the window at the rising full moon.
  • In A Series of Unfortunate Events, Violet and Quigley have a similar situation where they are implied to be about to kiss before the narrator decided to give them privacy.
  • Lampshaded in So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish, where Douglas Adams blatantly starts talking to the audience and telling them that if they don't care to read about Arthur and Fenchurch's impending sex scenes, they can skip ahead to the next chapter.
  • Spy High gives Ben and Cally one of these at the end of Calista Green, fading out of the scene as they snuggle in bed together after reuniting.
  • In one of The Stainless Steel Rat books, the narrator pauses in his description of an impending love scene, handwaving it with something like "and since I never kiss and tell, let's just pull a curtain across that scene."
  • In the Star Trek: Myriad Universes story The Chimes at Midnight, this got played rather straight between Saavik and Davik Marcus:
    [...]Their lips met, and in perfect unison their bodies slowly sank down to the ground.
    On the distant horizon, another volcanic mountaintop erupted, its hot magma shooting forth into the air. And the ground once again trembled, shaken by nature's primal throes.
  • Star Wars: Lost Stars: Whenever Ciene and Thane are clearly about to have sex, the scene's end.
  • In the Edith Wharton short story "Summer", The Protagonist and her soon-to-be lover kiss at the town festival. The reader is promptly treated to a long paragraph offering an elaborate description of fireworks going off.
  • Swan's Braid & Other Tales of Terizan: Terazin goes to Swan's room with her, then it cuts to after they have sex in bed together.
  • Twilight: In Breaking Dawn, Edward and Bella arrive at their honeymoon destination. She takes a shower and goes out on the beach where Edward is, dressed only in a Modesty Towel. She takes her towel off, he pulls her into his arms and... Oh look, it's the next morning.
  • In the book Vamped, the main character/narrator digresses into an aside of this trope, which he called "Insert Fireworks Here". After speaking of his own initial annoyance with the trope, he relates how he came to appreciate its use, then ends the chapter with the stage note "Insert Fireworks Here".
  • "What Is This Thing Called Love?": Parodied when an alien researcher, who has been studying human literature, is frustrated by the fact that stories always fade out after The Big Damn Kiss when describing human procreation. The researcher is aware there is more, it's the fact that there is never more described that frustrates them. It is also misled by the unrealistically described... hmmm... courting rituals.
  • In The Woman with the Velvet Necklace, Hoffman and Arsene, after a wild evening of piano playing and dancing, fall into bed together. Cut to the next morning. When Arsene turns out to have been Dead All Along.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Andor: In "That Would Be Me" though nothing's explicitly stated, Bix clearly invites Timm to sleep with her. As he moves forward when she's sitting on the bed, the scene fades out. Bix's shown lying there in bed on the next morning.
  • Average Joe: Melana Scanlon and Jason Peoples continue their smooching in the limo and when the windows fog up, the camera cuts away as their smooching turns into heavy petting.
  • In every season of The Bachelor, the three finalists are invited to spend the night with the bachelor in the "Fantasy Suite." The camera regularly pulls away from the couple kissing and out the window or behind the closing door. This is done regardless of whether the couple actually slept together or not.
  • Better Call Saul:
    • "Coushatta": After Kim successfully uses a big con to get Huell off, Jimmy follows her into a stairwell and asks her how things went. Kim drops her briefcase, pins Jimmy against the wall and passionately kisses him. After the commercial, we cut to them lying in bed the next morning as Jimmy regales her with his "Southern pastor" impression.
    • "Something Unforgivable": Over dinner, Jimmy and Kim begin fantasizing about ways to get back at Howard after Howard offended Kim by insinuating that he thinks Jimmy manipulates her. As their ideas get increasingly outrageous, we cut to them cuddling in bed under the covers, naked, post-coitus, still carrying on with the conversation, which becomes serious now when Kim proposes scheming to get Howard disbarred or thrown in prison.
  • In these scenes from the made for TV Bio Pic Blonde, we see Marilyn Monroe having a threesome with two men.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • When Buffy sleeps with Angel in Season 2, Angel(us) flees from a bed that Buffy is asleep on, and later there is a misty flashback scene of the two kissing while lying in Angel's bed. (okay, it's a bit more than just kissing, but still far from anything explicit)
    • Played with in another episode; Andrew is making an amateur documentary, and comes across Willow and Kennedy kissing on the couch. He says "Here's something our viewers might find interesting" - then focuses on a window frame and starts speaking admiringly about how well Xander repaired it. This was taken by some fans as less a discretion shot and more a hint that Andrew wasn't like other boys, though he probably still liked them.
    • Not to mention the rocking police car in "Band Candy". Later explicitly revealed in no uncertain terms that Joyce and Giles had sex there. On the hood of the car. Twice.
    • When Faith does a Grand Theft Me she hops into bed with Buffy's boyfriend Riley Finn, whereupon the scene cuts away to Willow and Tara casting a spell with heavy sexual overtones.
  • The 1987 miniseries Casanova, starring Richard Chamberlain, begins with a scene where Casanova, on the lam from the authorities, jumps into a stagecoach occupied by a grand lady played by Faye Dunaway and her two pretty "nieces". After some double-entendre talk and Casanova hiding under the skirt of one of the young ladies (and playing with her satin garters), one of the girls faints face-first into Casanova's lap, Casanova smirks in surprised delight, and the camera cuts away to a shot of the stagecoach rolling down the road, while the footmen posted on the back of the coach crane their necks to get a view of the goings-on inside.
  • Change of Heart: In one episode of the dating Game Show, Jesse and Kathy talk out their date on the show with her boyfriend Marcus sitting next to them:
    Chris Jagger: So you were doing the lunch thing because dinner was awash and then it was off to the museum or something?
    Kathy: Yeah. Lunch ran pretty long and we just had a lot to say and we went to the museum and it was closing, so we found something else to do. Jesse and I had been talking about wines from being in Europe and stuff and we decided we would go... he decided we would go and buy some wine and we would do a little wine tasting back at his place.
    Chris: Marcus...
    Marcus: Fist off, you went to a museum?
    Kathy: No, we didn't.
    Jesse: We tried to go to the museum. but it was closing in about 20 minutes.
    Chris: Luckily, the museum's closed early. Like at three or something.
    Jesse: It was closing at five and it was like quarter to five.
    Kathy: We had a long lunch.
    Chris: So, then it's back to the wine tasting thing and where'd you do that?
    Kathy: At Jesse's place.
    Jesse: We did that at my place.
    Chris: Marcus, that sounds pretty nice though, right? Is that something you could plan?
    Marcus: As long as they're sipping the wine, that's fine. If all it is, is wine tasting. Just resove this wine tasting that's good.
    Chris: Jesse, how was the wine tasting?
    Jesse: It was great. It ended up being a little bit longer than I expected. We sipped quite a few glasses.
    Chris: Kathy. didn't you have to be somewhere later? You said you couldn't do...
    Kathy: I didn't exactly make it to that. It was a long... It took a while.
    Chris: That's because of a little too much wine?
    Kathy: We had lot's different wines to taste.
    Jesse: We had six bottles. We didn't drink all of them.
    Chris: Marcus, you wanted to say something here?
    Marcus: So you go over to his house, you sip wine and then drink too much?
    Kathy: Well I just didn't. I was having way too much fun. It was a good time and we were having a good time. I didn't want to go.
    Marcus: Did you ever stop and think. You don't know this person until the night.
    Kathy: His roommate was there.
    Chris: And then Jesse, what happened next?
    Jesse: Well, we went up, we jumped in the jacuzzi.
    Kathy: With our clothes on. We had clothes on.
    Jesse: We had clothes on. I had my bathing suit and I gave her a T-shirt and boxers. And I don't remember too much after that. I had a few glasses of wine. I know we ended falling asleep in my bed and the next thing I know, it's the morning.
    Chris: Wow!
    Kathy: [to Marcus] Hey, be a sport!
    Chris: Kathy, did you tell Marcus about this part of the date?
    Kathy: I left out a few details.
    Chris: I would imagine so.
  • It's implied in the "Disco Angels" episode of Charlie's Angels that Kris Munroe goes off to have sex with sexy dance shill Mario Monterro:
    Mario: Hello.
    Kris: Hi Mario. These are my friends Kelly Garrett and John Bosley.
    Mario: And you're...
    Kelly: Hi.
    Mario: I hear working for Fred too. We're going to be partners.
    Kris: I hope you don't mind.
    Mario: Mind? Of course not, but I didn't know you taught Disco.
    Kris: Oh, is that what he told you?
    Mario: That he saw them How about a walk?
    Kris: O.K.
    Mario: How's the gout sir?
    Bosley: Gout?
    Kris: Oh, he's feeling much better. Come on. [Kris tugs Mario's hand]
  • Cobra Kai: At the end of "The Good, The Bad, and the Badass", when Johnny sleeps with Miguel's mother. It starts with them heavily making out in Johnny's apartment (knocking his television off the wall in the process), and the scene ends with them going to the bedroom with a closed door. The next episode starts off with them waking up together in Johnny's bed.
  • The Confessions of Frannie Langton: Frannie and Marguerite undress each other. As they begin to have sex, Marguerite going down on Frannie, it then cuts to them lying together after naked.
  • Criminal Minds: in "The Fisher King Pt. 1" (the first-season finale) Hotch is home with his wife, who has just gotten their infant son down for the night. Kissing ensues, fade to black.Next time we see them, they're snuggled together on the couch, fast asleep and completely naked. Subtle.
  • CSI: NY: The audience is introduced to Det. Mac Taylor's first serious love interest (after having lost his wife on 9/11 - 3 years before the series began), Dr. Peyton Driscoll, M.E., in the season 3 premiere, "People with Money" by showing the two of them in bed, having obviously just had sex. Their phones go off pretty much simultaneously, calling them to what turns out to be the same crime scene.
  • Daredevil (2015): Season 3 episode 7 does this with Foggy's Glad-to-Be-Alive Sex with Marci after the Bulletin attack. They start kissing, fall onto the couch in their condo...we cut away to other things. When we cut back to them, they're both sitting upright on the couch, facing forward, panting, and their clothes are disheveled.
  • In the Made-for-TV Movie Deadly Care Cheryl Ladd has a one night stand with a guy.
  • Diff'rent Strokes: Mr. Drummond sends the kids away on a camping trip so that he and his current girlfriend can have some quality time together. They go upstairs... and to cut to a very happy, bathrobe-clad Drummond coming down the stairs the next morning—only to flip out when he sees that the kids are home, having been rained out from their trip. Meanwhile, his nightgown-wearing girlfriend runs into Arnold in the hallway.
  • In the penultimate episode of Fleabag, the title character forces a Sexy Discretion Shot by reaching out and tilting the In-Universe Camera away.
  • A French Village: Most of the time when two characters are about to have sex, there's a cutaway. Exceptions exist though (such as with Hortense and Müller).
  • Full House: Jessie spends a whole episode trying to be the perfect stay-at-home dad to convince Becky they can have another baby. In the end, it's Becky covering a miraculous birth on Wake Up, San Francisco! that changes her mind. (Although they never do have another baby during the course of the show...)
    Jessie: Just one question... when would you like to start?
    Becky: Now works for me.
    [they get in bed, lights out, and the episode ends]
  • General Hospital: In this clip in which Michael and Abby shower together.
  • Subverted in a season one episode of Growing Pains. Mike has the local Village Bicycle over, and she is enticing him into bed. The camera pans away, focusing on a picture of Mike's parents. When they get home, he confesses to his mother that he actually did not sleep with her.
  • In the "Pilot" episode of In Plain Sight, Mary goes to Raphael's house so she can let him know how she appreciates his picking up Brandi even though she steals his car so she at the community center so she could get away from the Gangbangers who were trying to intimidate her. Raphael invites Mary in and in the next scene, Mary's panting loudly and the two are naked and sweaty on Raphael's bed.
  • Intergalactic: Ash and Verona start kissing once the latter is safe after nearly dying on a space walk, then the scene cuts out. Once it shows them again, they're lying nude in each other's arms (covering their breasts).
  • Interview with the Vampire (2022): In "Like Angels Put in Hell by God", a fully-clothed Louis de Pointe du Lac and a nude Lestat de Lioncourt are immersed in violent foreplay, and the camera pans away from their frenzied reunion to a crying Antoinette Brown (Lestat's mistress) smoking a cigarette outside of her own home.
  • Legend of the Seeker: All of the sex scenes get this treatment.
    • Zedd has sex with a woman offscreen after they have some intimate conversation.
    • In "Torn" both halves of Kahlan have sex offscreen with different men at the same time, after some foreplay.
  • Mad Men normally isn't shy about showing as much of sex as they can get away with, but a nod to this trope occurs in the episode "Maidenform." Pete Campbell goes to a girl's apartment in the middle of the night, and she turns on the TV so her mother won't hear them. What comes on is aviation footage with a narrator reading "High Flight."
  • Zig-Zagged in the Based on a True Story Made-for-TV Movie The Marla Hanson Story when Marla Hanson and Eric Warner are making love.
  • The Masters of Sex opening credits sequence is almost completely made up of these, interspersed with shots from the characters' work (electrodes being taped to people, etc.) plus an animation of an innocent-looking period drawing of a boy and girl on a park bench, who hold hands, kiss, and are finally seen enjoying a cigarette.
  • A sketch on Monty Python's Flying Circus goes as follows: We see a couple furiously making out on a bed. Finally, the woman says, "Shall we?", the man says, "Why not?", and the woman replies, "Be gentle!" Then we see scenes of a falling tower in reverse, waves crashing on the shore, a train going through a tunnel, etc., ending with the tower falling again. Then we see the woman on the bed, looking at the man, who is operating a film projector, and she says, "Oh Bevis! Are you going to DO anything, or are you just going to show me FILMS all night?"
  • NOS4A2: Both times Vic is with her boyfriends, the scene fades out. Maggie, on the other hand, gets a far more explicit scene with a woman.
  • NUMB3RS: Implied at the end of "Checkmate". Don and Robin are leaving a hotel after Robin was put under witness protection, and reigniting their Old Flame after their previous breakup. Don comments that the room is still paid for by the FBI and they never did have their candlelit dinner, then he grabs the room keys back off the front desk and the two hurry back upstairs. The grin that the receptionists share say it all.
  • The Outpost: Used in "There Will Be a Reckoning", when Talon and Zed sleep together. They both kiss and start to take off their clothes, then the camera cuts away to them cuddling together the next morning.
  • Done very well in The Phantom of the Opera miniseries. Christine and childhood sweetheart Phillippe are walking through the woods. They stop to embrace passionately. This fades right intoanother shot of them walking out of the forest. Both fully dressed, but he's now carrying his jacket, while her dress laces are sloppily done and her hair is mussed.
  • The Republic of Sarah: All of the sex scenes are dealt with this way, as a couple will be shown undressing and otherwise intimate, then the scene will change to show them afterward.
  • Seducing Cindy: In one episode, Cindy Margolis takes Leighton Stultz into a closet to make out at third base. Cindy is then taking Leighton's shirt off and the two are briefly shown dry humping and they're French kissing. Afterwards, the two describe their make-out session:
    Leighton Stultz: It was amazing! I mean the kiss was amazingly perfect. I mean it was our lips were so compatible. It was breathtaking. We're making out and it leads to her grabbin' my hand and we go into a closet. I shut the door. Our bodies were flowin' together. My shirt came off. I don't know how that happened. I pick her up and I'm making out with her against the wall. It was amazing!
    Cindy Margolis: I don't know. I just seized the moment and I'm happy I did. I'm proud of myself in a way and then I also feel like a big slut.
  • Shasta McNasty: In this scene from the "Pilot" episode when Scott, Dennis, and Randy watch Cindy Margolis undress to take a shower with her boyfriend.
  • She-Hulk: Attorney at Law: Jen sleeps with Matt Murdock, which is shown by the camera panning up discarded clothing and weapons on the floor until it focuses on their feet, positioned close to each other. The door shuts behind them, the sun rises, and he is then seen cheerily walking outside her apartment.
  • Smallville used to be rather conservative with these that sometimes it isn't even clear if they really had sex, but it gets less so as the Audience Shift.
    • In "Mortal", Clark and Lana make out on the floor before the screen fades. In "Hidden", they wake up in bed together under a Modesty Bedsheet.
    • In "Sleeper", Chloe and Jimmy goes through another round of Slap-Slap-Kiss, falls onto the bed and out of the screen.
  • Star Trek:
    • In the episode "Bread and Circuses", Kirk starts to make out with a slave woman, and the camera pans up to the candles above their heads. In the next shot, the candles have burnt down.
    • An even clearer example is in "Wink of an Eye". One scene ends with Kirk and Deela starting to get friendly; the next time we see them, she's combing her hair and he's putting his boots back on.
    • Leonard Nimoy has joked about a strategically timed costume change Spock had in "This Side of Paradise". Spock gets hit with emotion-inducing flowers, he starts kissing Leila, fade to black. The next time you see him he's in different clothes, as Nimoy put it, "Leaving one to wonder what transpired during the commercial break."
  • Stranger Things: After an awkward exchange parodying the "nocturnal activities" scene from Temple of Doom, Jonathan and Nancy have sex. Nancy (sleeping in Murray's guest bedroom) finds Jonathan at her door and they kiss passionately, before stumbling backwards into the bedroom, Nancy slamming the door shut behind them with her free hand. The next morning at breakfast, Murray drops the following remark, and Jonathan's Spit Take and Nancy's amused smile all but seal how well the night went for them.
    Murray Bauman: So, Jonathan, how was the pull-out?
    Jonathan Byers: [spit take] I'm sorry...?
    Nancy Wheeler: [shy smile]
    Murray Bauman: The sofa.
    Jonathan Byers: Oh yeah... it-it was good.
    Murray Bauman: [grins] I bet.
  • Used for laughs in the That '70s Show episode "The Velvet Rope". Jackie and Kelso are shown kissing and laying down on her bed. The camera then cuts to a digital clock showing 6:48. It switches to 6:49, then 6:50... then the camera cuts back to the bed, where Kelso is already putting his shirt back on.
  • This developed a visual gag in the older British satirical comedy show, That Was the Week That Was (TW3). Sometime around 1962, comedian Willie Rushton was seen getting into bed with an impossibly glamorous actress/model type. Amid giggling and sighing, foreplay ensues. The camera then cuts to stock footage of waves crashing against rocks, tall chimneys falling, train going into tunnels, etc. We cut back to Willie Rushton and girl, who are still in bed - but soaked through from the waves, covered in brick dust and rubble from the chimney, and smothered in soot from the steam train. She is screaming. He is wide-eyed with panic.
    Every bloody time we try something, all that bloody lot happens!
  • In The Thorn Birds "midquel" The Missing Years, as Luke and Meggie fall onto the bed, the camera pans up to the window. Night changes to day and when the camera pans back, they're asleep in each other's arms, obviously post-coital.
  • In the Titans episode "Together", Dick and Kory stand making out in a motel room, Dick loses his Modesty Towel (although the audience doesn't see anything) they fall onto the bed and it fades to black. The next shot, they're getting dressed and Kory asks Dick to zip up her dress.
  • The Umbrella Academy: In "The Swedish Job" as they start to undress before having sex, the shot cuts away from Diego and Lila, showing them only behind some tinted glass indistinctly.
  • The Undeclared War: Saara kisses Kathy, they start undressing on the couch, then the next scene shows them in bed together after they've had sex.
  • In the series finale of The Vicar of Dibley, the eponymous Vicar and her love interest disappear upstairs while the camera stays on the front door... which is then knocked upon, repeatedly, as parishioners continually interrupt. Finally, everybody leaves and the camera pans to the sky - and fireworks go off over the house.
  • Victoria. A relatively rare example of a post-UK-watershed historical drama made in the 2010s where discretion shots are used in place of sex scenes. Particularly notable as several of the episodes in this biography of Queen Victoria feature plotlines that are specifically about sex, and are based upon Victoria's own, often-racy, personal diaries. Show creator/writer Daisy Goodwin later wrote a lengthy newspaper column for a major UK newspaper explaining her decision not to be explicit and generally bemoaning the overuse of sex scenes in modern-day TV and film.
  • A second-season episode of The Walking Dead (2010) titled "Triggerfinger" has Andrea (exhilarated by Shane Walsh teaching her how to fire a gun under pressure) comes on to Shane during the car ride back from their training ground. She climbs on top of him and they begin kissing, then the camera cuts to a distant shot of the car, with the horn honking several times and rocking around.
  • WandaVision: In the second episode, which is a spoof of Bewitched, Wanda and Vision are initially sleeping in twin beds, then Wanda seizes on the opportunity to slide the beds together and combine them into one.note 
    Vision: Wanda, darling.
    Wanda: Yes, dear?
    Vision: Get the light.
    [They pull the covers over their heads and Wanda snaps her fingers to turn off the lights]
  • War of the Worlds (2019): Emily and Kariem's tryst is off-screen. After they're shown getting undressed, the scene fades to them lying beneath a blanket together afterward.
  • The Wheel of Time (2021):
    • Rand and Egwene begin to kiss passionately as they embrace, then the next scene shows them after they've had sex.
    • Very similarly, Moiraine and Siuan have a passionate reunion tryst that is not explicitly shown.
    • Lan with Nynaeve while resting in Fal Dara. Also, again Rand and Egwene.
  • When Dinosaurs Roamed America did this with a pair of mating Stegosaurus by panning up as they get intimate, although this has more to do with pragmatism rather than fear of vulgarity, because we honestly have no real clue how stegosaurs actually did it (since their huge and iconic dorsal plates would obviously prevent traditional mounting).
  • Yumi's Cells: The "Couple T-shirts" scene from the webcomic plays out similarly but goes a bit farther. After Yumi tells Woong not to go out in the couple t-shirt, he takes it off and cancels his plans to go out. They cuddle as the camera pans to the removed shirt.

  • Rod Stewart's song "Do You Think I'm Sexy?". The listener is treated to a long musical interlude — with beats of music that are clearly meant to invoke something — as the protagonist arrives home with his one-night stand, and the interlude ends with them waking up the next morning, quite happy and content.
  • "Fade to Black" by Dire Straits is a variation, with the singer imagining what the woman is doing with someone else.
  • "Behind Closed Doors" by Charlie Rich. The title explains itself.
  • Steely Dan's "Haitian Divorce" includes the lyrics "The band was hot so/They danced the famous Merengue/Now we dolly back/Now we fade to black," followed by the musical interlude.
  • K.T. Oslin has the female sex tourism song "Mexico Road" with these lyrics:
    We'll feel some muscles
    We'll tell some jokes
    We'll write the wrong phone numbers on their shirts
    'Cause I'm not lookin' to fall in love
    You know I'm not lookin' to fall in love

    So meet me down on Mexico Road
    I'm in the mood to meet some men
    Meet me down on Mexico Road
    We'll drive a little while to a place we've never been
  • Britney Spears' "Toy Soldier" has the lyrics "When I shut the door leaving with my bag, hit the scene in my new wagon/Bet he wish he knew the kind of fun I'm getting into/ Peek-a-boo, he good... doing things you wish you could."
  • The Lost Boyz song "Renee" describes a romantic interlude between the narrator and the eponymous love interest: "She started feelin' on my chest/ I started feelin' on her breasts... and there's no need for me to stress the rest." Indeed.
  • The Barry Manilow & K.T. Oslin cover of "Baby It's Cold Outside" during the final verse:
    Let me take your coat, well tomorrow's Sunday isn't it?
    And I don't have to go to work, see, isn't that better?
    And who knows how long it'll keep snowing?
    It can snow for a long time, Kate, what are you doing?
    Well now, yeah [K.T. starts giggling]
  • "Paper Thin Hotel" by Leonard Cohen has a Cuckold recounting what he heard when listening to his woman having sex with another man.
  • Heard in a verse of Roxy Music's danceable ode to pickup bars, "Love Is the Drug.":
    Lumber up, limbo down
    The locked embrace, stumble round
    I say go, she say yes
    Dim the lights, you can guess the rest

    Music Videos 
  • Sara Evans and the first three guys in the video for "As If".
  • The video for ''Selfish" by Britney Spears has quite a few of these scenes.
  • At the end of the music video for Avicii and Rita Ora's "Lonely Together", the two lead characters are laid down on a mattress, covered in paint, as the girl starts to tear the guy's shirt open. The scene then cuts to a close-up of Rita's face for a few seconds, before going back to the couple, now naked and lovingly embracing.

    Myths & Religion 

    Print Media 
  • TV Picture Life: In an article titled Cheryl Ladd's Husband Storms Out As She Strips At Wild Hollywood Party, these are the salacious details about Cheryl Ladd engaging in group sex at a wild Hollywood party:
    Hollywood can boast partied, it indeed looked like before the evening would end the bash would have made a special little niche for itself in the annals of Hollywood high life. Before the evening was out, many of the guests were stripping totally nude and hurling themselves into the luxurious swimming pool on the premises. Ladies and gents alike were leaping into the water with complete abandon.

    Ironically, one of the beautiful actresses at the party, who proceeded to disrobe and go skinny dipping was a lady who no-one would have expected to engage in such hijinks. She was no other than Cheryl Ladd!
    • In the article, she's still fully clothed in the only published photo of her at the party.

  • In Aida, Radames and Aida embrace passionately at the end of their duet "Elaborate Lives". The scene fades out. Their positions vary when it fades back in—sometimes she's fully dressed, other times, her dress is wrapped around her in Modesty Bedsheet style. But the fact that he's shirtless makes it pretty obvious what's happened between them.
  • In Miss Saigon, the lights begin to dim as Chris and Kim undress, then fade out completely as they get into bed. There's similar staging during his later love scene with Ellen.
  • West Side Story. At the end of their duet "Somewhere", Tony and Maria kiss and sink from view. By the time the scene returns to her room, it's obvious what's transpired—they're both wearing little more than their underwear.
  • Possibly in The Phantom of the Opera. The lights go out at the conclusion of "Music of the Night", leading to endless speculation by fans that sex may have occurred between the Phantom and Christine.
  • In South Pacific, Joe takes off his shirt, Liat removes hers... and the lights go out as they embrace and fall to the floor.
  • Wicked has a variation in "As Long As You're Mine", which is pretty obviously about sex. The lights dim, and theatrical fog covers everything below the actors' chest as they kiss and embrace, implying that they're doing it.
  • Lampshaded in Allegro: Joe is carrying Jenny off to bed, and the Greek Chorus says, "That's all, brother!" as the lights fade.
  • Nathan and Richard are really clearly having sex in Thrill Me— up to and including kissing, pulling clothing off, and having a written contract signed in blood that they'll have sex at certain times (yep), but the lights always shift before anything actually happens.
  • Discussed in the song "I'm Blue Too" from the 1967 musical Henry, Sweet Henry, where a character describes a love scene from a Sandra Dee movie:
    He did take her in his arms, but when she started to respond
    The camera faded to a picture of two bullfrogs in a pond
    And it was left up to the audience, who still don't know today
    Did Sandra Dee go all the way?

    Video Games 
  • Sex scenes in the Assassin's Creed games always fade to black or skip ahead to later before you see much more than some kissing:
    • Assassin's Creed II:
      • At the beginning, Ezio pays Cristina a visit. A quick-time event lets you slide off her dress, but the view is of her back, and after he pushes her towards the bed, the scene skips to the next morning, where we are given a fascinating view of the house as we hear Cristina's father open her door and find the two together.
      • Later in the same game, Desmond has a dream that follows Altaïr's memory of chasing someone around Acre. When they both get to the top of the tower, the "target" is revealed to be Maria. Much to Desmond's surprise, they begin to kiss passionately. The scene briefly pans over them from a greater distance; then the scene fades to black and jumps ahead to them both lying on a bed of straw, though they are still fully clothed (which in Altaïr's case includes several layers of Assassin robes and all his weapons and armor).
      • There's also a side mission where Ezio helps a girl called Amelia win a bet. In return, she gives him a "private riding lesson", which involves kissing him and dragging him to the ground. End memory.
    • At one point in Assassin's Creed: Unity, Arno and Élise float away on a hot air balloon, kissing passionately. Fade to black, and when we next see Arno, he's waking up in the crashed balloon, with a note from his beloved.
  • In the Fable games, the player can choose to sleep with their spouse, lover, or a prostitute. Doing so cuts to a black screen, with the partner's comments heard.
  • In Star Control 2 you can seduce Captain Talana. The screen goes black, but you can still read their sexy dialog: "Cowabunga!"
  • Grand Theft Auto:
    • In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas'', the player can choose to sleep with his girlfriends. If he does so, the camera shows the outside of the house while you hear the sounds of love. Amusingly, Rockstar was actually planning to allow the player to control the sex scenes but wisely changed the game to prevent it. When a man later discovered them, it spawned the infamous Hot Coffee mod controversy.
    • It also happens in the intro to the "Gone Courting" mission, where Catalina decides to jump C.J.'s bones, and from what she brings into the encounter in question, she's into S&M in a big way.
    • Not to mention, the player can pick up hookers on the street and take them to a quiet area for some fun. This causes the car to rock violently, but nothing can be viewed... Unless you change the camera to see inside the car, when both the player's character and his prostitute just sitting there, facing forward and not moving, the sounds apparently coming from nowhere.
    • This is itself averted in Grand Theft Auto IV. If you sleep with Niko's girlfriend you get the Sexy Discretion Shot. If you hire a prostitute and swing the camera around you can see exactly what's she's doing.
  • Averted as well in Red Dead Redemption, where in one of the missions John stumbles upon Abraham Reyes railing a peasant girl on a table.
  • Similar to GTA, God of War also allows the player to get some action off-screen while pressing the displayed buttons. Subverted in III. While you're boinking Aphrodite offscreen, her handmaidens are doing foreplay onscreen. Played straight when, upon completion, you get to see the two handmaidens preparing to have sex on the floor as the camera returns to Kratos.
  • Disgaea:
    • In Disgaea 3, a succubus teaches a class on how to "influence" people. We don't see her "lecture", just the male characters' reactions.
    • The Succubus has a skill called Dazzling Stage, wherein she puts on a strip show for her targets. About 2-3 frames before her cape dissolves enough to expose her entire body, a "technical difficulties" screen appears long enough that when it disappears, the dance is already over and her outfit is back on her.
  • In the Persona games from Persona 3 onward, when the main character is alone with a romanced love interest, the screen will fade out with some sort of statement about 'spending a long time together' or 'sharing an intimate moment'.
    • Persona 4 has a particularly blatant example with Naoto on her Christmas date. She gives you one of a pair of watches that have a simple tracking mechanism. Shortly after, the screen fades to black and there's only one message. "Distance < 1m."
    • In Persona 5, if you're dating someone, you get the option to invite them back to your room, which causes a fade to black and little hearts to fly out from Joker's portrait.
  • Overlord does this when you've bought everything your romantic interest wants. The one with the "good" (more psychotically obsessed with order) option girl is particularly amusing as you catch her increasingly out of breath lecture on military tactics. One will never react to the phrase "pincher movement" the same again.
  • Metal Gear:
    • In the denouement of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, a romantic evening between Naked Snake and EVA ends with the camera panning over to the fireplace before cutting to Snake waking up, bare-chested. If the player manages to make it all the way to the waterfall cave without extracting the Tracking Device from Snake's leg, you'll be treated to a rather amusing lampshade of this trope. But with his pants on...
    • And in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, a cutscene shows Naomi and Otacon dancing around some awkward flirting, near-kisses, and UST before (at her request) he shows her to a private bunk on the plane (presumably, so she wouldn't have to bunk with the lads). She vanishes within, and he loiters outside it for a minute or so before she reaches out and yanks him inside. End cutscene.
    • If Big Boss successfully manages to reach maximum affection with Paz or Kaz in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, and chooses to have sex with them, we see his partner hop inside his cardboard box with him, which then starts jostling suggestively as little hearts appear above it.
  • One of the cities in Jagged Alliance 2 has an, um, establishment where, if you drop a few hundred bucks to the nice madam at the door, the usual map view changes to a smiley face while happy noises and glinking bed-springs are heard. (The scene is not accessible in all versions of the game, though.)
  • In Final Fantasy VII. The night before the final battle, if Cloud has obtained enough love points with Tifa, he tries confessing his love to her. When he is unable to find the words Tifa suggests expressing how he feels without words. Cue fade to black. With Cloud and Tifa laying on each other the next morning.
  • The romance scenes in Mass Effect 2, which may have been a reaction to all the hubbub surrounding the ones in the first game. The most we get is a shot of Miranda's undergarments, the others cut out before either party starts taking anything off.
  • Jade Empire gives us the kiss for different-sex couples and some lines implying that more is about to happen, but nothing more than that. The same-sex couples fade to black before the kiss even happens. If you manage to romance both Dawn Star and Silk Fox, they will both be happy to share a tent with you, but it still fades to black before you kiss either.
  • The PC title Leisure Suit Larry loves this trope, as it is by nature, a tongue-in-cheek sex comedy. Most noteworthy is the use of it in Larry 7 when nudist Drew Baringmore shouts that Larry look her in the eyes seconds before the wandering camera gets a chance to reach too far down below her chest. And averted in Larry 7 if you look for the easter eggs. If Larry is wearing earplugs, he will fail to hear Drew's request to look at her eyes and the camera will continue wandering down. If you get 100% completion, you're also treated to a second or two of Larry and Captain Thygh doing the nasty.
  • Farah and the Prince get one in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.
  • Used in Conquests of the Longbow with a lampshade from the narrator about giving the characters some privacy.
  • In Defender of the Crown, when the player rescues a Damsel in Distress they are treated to a cutscene that shows the two of them having a late-night rendezvous where the female drops her clothes to the floor (although she's seen from behind so no actual nudity is shown). The game then cuts to a shot from outside the window where the silhouettes of the two lovers embrace before the screen fades to black.
  • Dragon Age:
    • Dragon Age: Origins is normally not shy about its sex scenes, but when Morrigan does her Deus Sex Machina towards the end of the game, she climbs atop the man in question then blows out the candle by the bed.
    • In Dragon Age II, the love scenes generally involve this. Given a call back in the third game in a specific bit of banter.
      Varric: I usually describe a fireplace by this point...
  • Dargon's Lair 3D: Used as the end final shot of the special edition ending. Daphne gets zapped in her rear end by Mordroc, which causes her to clench her teeth and bite Dirk as they're making out. But they quickly brush it aside and resume offscreen, where the last sound the audience hears is Daphne giggling before she suddenly gasps, "Oh!"
  • In Demon Gaze, the night before you go get the Demon Slayer, your main character goes to Fran's room in which she confesses her feeling for you. Then the game fades to black and returns to the next morning where she is seen in her underwear. Implying that you have slept together.
  • The PSP game, Sword Art Online Infinity Moment and its Updated Re-release on PS Vita, Hollow Fragment has a sidequest in which you had to fix your marriage with Asuna. After the sidequest, there is an event in which Kirito and Asuna are going for a second honeymoon. In the end, Asuna will ask you to sleep with her for the night. After a fade to black and a rather suggestive line from Asuna, the game cuts from next day, and you are greeted to a CG of Asuna naked with a Modesty Bedsheet. It's pretty clear what has happened.
  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has one where Chloe makes out with Nathan Drake in bed and the scene ends when they start going further.

    Visual Novels 
  • Amnesia: Memories, from Later onward, may show the heroine getting romantic with the boyfriend in question, but the scene fades to black and goes on to the next day of the route. With some of the writing, it could even be assumed to have been a trick discretion shot, when no actual intimacy has taken place.
  • The "Love Suite" scenes of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony fade to black when they're completed, although it's sometimes left ambiguous what Shuichi and the person he met with did. In the case of Shuichi and his Implied Love Interest Kaede Akamatsu, it's all but stated they made love.

    Web Animation 
  • Believe it or not, this shows up in Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse, a children's TV web series with plenty of treats for the adults watching. In a Valentine's Day episode, Ken's rival Ryan imagines himself giving Barbie various presents for the holiday, and Barbie gushing over how wonderful he is. In the last fantasy, Ryan and Barbie are alone together in a cozy room, complete with fireplace and bearskin rug. Barbie slowly approaches Ryan...who immediately turns to the audience and remarks that "this fantasy is too good to share," ending our view of the scene. Yep, kids watched this.

    Web Comics 
  • Magick Chicks: Faith and her boyfriend, Ash, got it on in the park. In the upper-left panel, Ash's thumb is hooked in the waistband of her panties, pulling them partway down. The next page shows them getting dressed.
  • Sandra on the Rocks does this by immediately cutting away to Sandra's reaction, once her manager Zoe and her ex-husband throw themselves at each other after their shouting match. This leads to an hour of off-panel Destructo-Nookie until Zoe emerges victorious.
  • Vampire Cheerleaders: After failing to silence Leonard, near the end of vol.1, Lori resorted to buying his silence by implementing "Plan BC": which called for the cheerleading team to screw him senseless. In the very next scene, he happily agreed to keep mum about them being vampires.
  • Prequel does this a few times—namely, with Katia deciding to have a drink, and winding up in bed with an orc, a unicorn, a fishbowl full of peas, a sword, some paint doodles... Elsewhere, Katia's trick with the pineapple and the yo-yo, almost certainly sexual, considering that she has to be nude and drunk to do it and usually winds up having sex shortly thereafter.
  • Girly uses characters frolicking in a meadow with cute animals as a shorthand for sex. This ends up becoming a Chekhov's Gag in the final arc when Winter and Otra having sex onscreen causes all those animals to Zerg Rush the Big Bad and undo the damage they did to the city.
  • Zig-zagged in The Manor's Prize The comic cuts away to a different scene right before a sex scene starts for a few pages, then cuts right back into the sex scene.
  • Darkest Night: The scenes change when Mags gets intimate with Ava. Later this also happens when Mags has sex with Nessa.
  • Yumi's Cells:
    • After Yumi decides to stay the night at Woong's place for the first time, the next chapter cuts to the morning after and claims that they fell asleep holding hands. Someone poses the question of whether a chunk of the story has been left out.
    • One episode begins with Woong suddenly kissing Yumi, followed by them both using flirty skills. It ends with the lights turning off and fireworks going off outside.
    • Yumi buys couple t-shirts for herself and Woong, and he tries one on. When Woong is about to head out to meet a friend, Yumi yanks his shirt off and says that shirt isn't meant for sports, so Woong cancels his plans. The episode closes on the sentence, "Couple T-shirts always bring love with them."
    • When Babi takes a shower at Yumi's place, Naughty Cell causes a lot of havoc in her brain. The next episode shows them under a Modesty Bedsheet, while Yumi's cells are hung over from a party.
    • Yumi and Soonrok sustain a kiss for almost two chapters while Yumi's cells try to steer her hand to Soonrok's back, making an emergency landing on his butt. After the cells celebrate the landing, it cuts to the couple chatting on the bed, wearing different clothes.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • This happens occasionally in the DC Animated Universe.
    • Batman: Mask of the Phantasm does this twice with Bruce Wayne and Andrea Beaumont (one in flashback). Both times, the camera pans away to a slightly ajar doorway, in which Alfred appeared, muttered a quick "Oh my", and moved away. But subverted the first time, as the camera pans to them making out on the grass. The second time, however, it is made clear exactly what went on off-screen, especially in the scene afterwards, it shows Andrea sitting on the balcony gazing at the sea, wearing nothing but Bruce's shirt. Bruce himself is seen wearing nothing but pants.
    • Justice League: After finally admitting they have feelings for each other John Stewart and Shayera Hol kiss for the first time on a recovery bed, with the backdrop of space lighting the area. It then cuts to a woman who'd been seen earlier playing a slot machine at a Las Vegas casino winning the jackpot and proclaiming "finally!"
    • Batman Beyond:
      • Terry and Ten are kissing, then fall onto Terry's bed and the camera slowly moves away...
      • In the episode "Sneak Peek", which Terry watches a news program "The Inside Peek" that exposes secrets, especially one involving Paxton Powers. We see him grabbing a girl with his towel and it cuts to Terry's awkward look which leads to this scene:
        Matt: What are they doing?
        Terry: This isn't for you. [puts hand on Matt's face blocking his view]
        Matt: I wanna see, I wanna see!
        [Mary turns off TV]
        Terry and Matt: Hey!
        Mary: I don't want you watching this.
  • Happens in Johnny Test of all things. Johnny and Dukey go into a movie theater to watch the Purple Space Cats Movie. As the movie plays, they gets to a scene where the female purple space cat love interest asks the protagonist of the movie if he will lick her back, and then the scene cuts to Johnny and Dukey looking disgusted.
  • Hey Arnold!:
    • While Grandpa Phil reads Arnold's father's journal, he accidentally stumbles upon the chapter of their wedding night...
      Grandpa: It was the hottest night the jungle had ever had... [starts mumbling as we see Miles and Stella move in on each other, then promptly closes the book] Okay Arnold, time for bed!
    • Again when Grandpa Phil is telling Arnold and Gerald about when he fought in World War II he ends up staying overnight in a barn, when the farmer's daughter comes in saying she's scared and lonely, but before he can get further, Gerald's dad interrupts saying this part of the story may not be appropriate for nine-year-olds.
  • South Park subverts this trope for laughs. Instead of changing the shot during a provocative scene, it switches from two women about to kiss to the two women having sex.
  • The Simpsons: Not shying away about sex even when left to the imagination, this trope happens in several episodes:
    • "Grade School Confidential" has Principal Skinner and Edna Krabappel having a conversation, eating applesauce, and then sharing a kiss in Edna's apartment only to make out on the kitchen floor, thus explained with the Charlie Brown wax candle burning down to its feet.
    • "Insane Clown Poppy": In Krusty's flashback about how Krusty met Sophie's mother in the Gulf War, we see Krusty and her kissing and embracing each other in an army tent and then it pans to the window shot of the burning torches in the desert which 'burned out' like candles in the morning.
      Krusty: There was your mother — looking like a beautiful mirage. Maybe it was the anthrax in the air, maybe it was the fact that the Arab women weren't biting, whatever it was, it was magic.
    • "She Used to Be My Girl": After rescuing Chloe, Barney is rewarded with pity sex in which we see the shot of the helicopter humping up and down.
    • "Treehouse of Horror XVI": Happens at the end of the second segment, "Survival of the Fattest"; it concludes with Marge and Homer having sex, only to have commentator Terry Bradshaw as the 'Discretion' shot.
    • "The Devil Wears Nada": Near the end in which Marge and Homer have sex; cut to shaking family pictures in the living room, cut to Santa's Little Helper and a poodle nose rubbing in the doghouse, and finally cut to birds forming the shape of a heart.
    • "Dangerous Curves": In a scene in this flashback episode, Ned and Maude (seducing him modestly) kiss and then turns out the lights, only to cut to Homer and Marge, unmarried and separated in different rooms.
    • Subverted in "And Maggie Makes Three" in this scene after Homer and Marge spent a romantic evening celebrating their new life:
      Homer: [sighs] I love you, Marge.
      Marge: I love you too, Homey.
      Homer: Everything in our lives is finally perfectly balanced. I hope things stay exactly like this forever.
      Marge: Mm-hmm.
      [cut to several sperm with Homer's head racing to an egg, then to Homer demonstrating how they swim]
      Marge: Did you have to be so graphic?
      Homer: It's OK, Marge: they pave the way for this kind of filth in school.
    • "Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy". After telling Abe about how weak their sex life is, Abe gives Homer some tonic to improve his sex life with Marge leading to shots of a train going into a tunnel, a rocket blasting off, and hot dogs falling in a factory which pans back to reveal Bart, Lisa and Maggie in a movie theater watching stock footage of all three.
    • "Catch 'Em If You Can": Near the end of the episode in which Homer and Marge finally make love, which we don't see explicitly, in an inflated castle floating in the Niagra River.
    • The very end of "Colonel Homer", in which Homer and Marge are making out and before they have sex, Homer throws his white cowboy hat toward the screen blacking it out till the credits appear.
    • "Black Widower": Happens after the end of Sideshow Bob and Selma's honeymoon video:
      Sideshow Bob: Oh, Selma dear. You and your little camera. Whaddya say we shut it off for a while...
      Selma: ...and make love?
      [Selma removes the sheets, revealing her nude offscreen]
      Sideshow Bob: [sighs] I suppose.
      [tape ends]
      Marge: Aww, that's sweet.
    • "A Star is Born Again": After a concert, Ned Flanders, after consulting bible verses before he engages into pre-marital sex with Sara Sloane, makes out with her on the picnic carpet. Then it cuts to sunrise and it pans down showing both Ned and Sarah naked under the sheets along with their clothes lying on the grass.
    • "Treehouse of Horror XVIII": Near the end of "Mr. and Ms. Simpson" in which Homer and Marge kiss each other passionately realizing they're more attracted than ever, after killing Chief Wiggum together. Cuts to both of them lying on Wiggum's body and under a sheet in the morning.
    • "The Burns and the Bees": To keep Lisa's bees from becoming extinct, Homer and Moe conduct a plan to mate them using Africanized bees:
      Moe: Now let's give them some privacy while they get down with the buzziness.
      [Homer and Moe play "Sea of Love" record, light candles and dim lights]
    • "Bart's Friend Falls in Love": Mrs. Krabappel shows the class an outdated sex-ed film called "Fuzzy's Bunny's Guide to You-Know-what."
      Troy McClure: Then came the big day... Fuzzy and Fluffy got married! [suggestively] That night... came the honeymoon.
      [cut to the kids' horrified reactions as cheesy porno music plays; in the back of the room, Mrs. Krabappel nonchalantly smokes a cigarette]
      Mrs. Krabappel: She's faking it.
  • Family Guy:
    • Lampshaded in "Welcome Back, Carter", when Carter Pewterschmidt first meets his later wife, Barbara:
      Carter: Now, let's kiss while the camera pans over to the drapes!
      [camera pans to the drapes]
      Carter: Good stuff happening here! All implied.
    • Also done in a later episode, when Meg daydreams about her and the boy she likes being the only humans left. Their spacesuits start being unzipped, and then they go below the camera while a little ditty is sung about the fact that they are having space sex below the camera.
    • Double Subverted in this scene from "Whistle While Your Wife Works" when Peter & Lois have sex in his office. Lois wants to shag in front of Opie.
  • Futurama:
    • In "The Late Phillip J. Fry", Bender makes out and has robotic sex with another female robot off-screen which disturbs Fry.
    • "The Prisoner of Benda": Happens between Fry, who's in Zoidberg's body, and Leela, who's in Professor Farnworth's body, when both argue and do disgusting acts at each other when they're on a date only to have them make out on the table. Later, we see them in bed naked in the same bodies, after making love.
    • "Put Your Head On My Shoulder": Double Subverted. After talking with each other while driving on Mercury and then using up all fuel on the car, Fry and Amy look at each other seductively. Then hours later, as described with the sun setting downwards, a tow driver wipes the glass of Amy's car revealing them to play cards inside. Then, when Amy's car towed, both Fry and Amy immediately make out on the floor of the car and you know the rest...
    • "Amazon Women in the Mood": The "Snu-Snu" scenes with Fry, Zapp, and Kif.
    • "A Flight to Remember": One scene with Bender and the Countess parodies the sex scene from Titanic (1997).
    • "A Bicyclops Built for Two": Happens between Leela and Alcazar after he tells her the history of their heritage.
    • "How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back": Happens between Fry and Morgan Proctor in Bender's closet. Morgan sees Fry as she unbuttons her blouse before proceeding to have sex with Fry. Cut to Bender walking with a candle he made for Fry and then walking in on both Fry and Morgan naked under the sheets.
    • "Mother's Day": Happens between Professor Farnsworth and Mom when attempting to seduce her to get the robot controls from her bra only for Farnsworth to throw away the bra blinded by his lust for Mom. Later, the rest of the Planet Express crew barged in the house and after Fry opens the bedroom door, we see both Farnsworth and Mom in bed naked.
    • "Fry and Leela's Big Fling": When Fry and Leela start to have sex, the camera pulls away and instead shows their friends' reactions to seeing them.
  • Surprisingly enough for a show mostly intended for kids, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien did one between Darkstar and Charmcaster, though it was done in a way subtle enough to have only an older audience see it.
  • South Park: In the episode "The Ring", Tammy and Kenny go to T.G.I. Friday's after removing their purity rings so they can get a blowjob. The scene of Kenny dying from syphilis occurs offscreen, instead cutting to his funeral.
  • The Drawn Together episode "Captain Hero's Marriage Pact" shows a disturbing but hilarious version. It can't really be described concisely. Just watch the clip. Subverted at the end: this scene is something that CH and Xandir are watching on TV.
  • Implied to have happened in the Adventure Time episode "Breezy". Finn pecks Lumpy Space Princess on the lips, but LSP wants to swim in the "deep end," not the "kiddie pool." Cut to a while later and the two of them in separate sleeping bags, with Finn looking equally contemplative and traumatized. One of the petals on the flower sprouting from his arm-nub even falls off.
  • King of the Hill: Happens quite a lot whenever Nancy Gribble goes off with John Redcorn for her "migraine treatments".
  • The Mickey Mouse (2013) short "Third Wheel" ends with the strong implication that Mickey and Minnie had sex while inside Goofy's stomach.
  • Surprisingly Maya and the Three manages to get one past with its TV-Y7 rating— in a scene where King Teca and a human-disguised Lady Micte spar passionately with each other, he looks noticeably intrigued by the fact that she's putting up a good fight. When they are completely alone, she removes her disguise. They move towards each other...and the screen abruptly changes to black with text reading "9 Months Later," with Lady Micte holding the infant Maya.

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