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She just "forgot" the rest of her clothes.

"But before I go, I want to show you my new blouse. [opens coat] Oops, I'm not wearing a blouse."
Nikki, Just Shoot Me!

A woman (or occasionally a guy) is wearing a coat or similar covering, until she is talking to someone she wants to sleep with, or at least distract. Then she opens up and/or drops her covering to show that she's wearing nothing, or next to nothing, underneath. It doesn't matter what the cover is (a trenchcoat, a fur coat, or even a cardigan), or what is worn underneath (underwear, a swimsuit, or nothing at all), just so long as nothing else is being worn between them.

Now often this works, but just as often it can fall flat, especially if it's a guy trying this.

Depending on the clothes, this can overlap with Of Corsets Sexy, Diamonds in the Buff, Naked in Mink, Going Fur a Swim, Sexy Discretion Shot, Distracted by the Sexy.

A Sub-Trope of Ready for Lovemaking.

A Sister Trope to Dress Hits Floor (although they don't overlap).


Contrast Defeat by Modesty, Modesty Towel, Wardrobe Malfunction.

Not to be confused with just lifting your shirt or blouse, or with being a flasher.


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  • This early '90s commercial for Prince Matchabelli perfume. (NSFW)
  • And another early '90s commercial, for the Israeli Castro clothing company.

    Anime and Manga 
  • In episode 17 of in City Hunter Season 2 Saeko Nogami enlist Ryo Saeba's professional sniper skills in taking out terrorists holding a plane hostage on the tarmac. To prove she has no weapons, she boards the plane wearing nothing but her bra and panties under her trench coat.
  • In Love Hina, Keitaro is acting oddly, so Kit goes in to test him using this trope. He doesn't notice.
  • One Piece has the "Happiness PUNCH" of Nami.

  • Evil Twin Madeline does this when seducing Harvey Dent, her sister's fiancee, in the story "Two of a Kind" in Batman: Black and White; removing her trenchcoat to reveal nothing but lingerie underneath.
  • Omaha the Cat Dancer does this during her appearance in Munden's Bar Annual, opening her trenchcoat to reveal to the bar's patrons that she wasn't wearing anything under it.

  • Mannequin has a scene during a montage where Emy does this.
  • Men in Black II: the villain Serleena (a Shapeshifter who's assumed the form of an underwear model) does this just before taking over MIB headquarters.
  • Dr Chase Meridian in Batman Forever.
  • Anne Hathaway's character in Love and Other Drugs tries to do this to Jake Gyllenhaal, but his brother happens to be sleeping on the couch.
  • Sam's mistress in Ruthless People shows up to his office in nothing but a teddy and dark mink coat.
  • The title character in Silkwood.
  • Big Daddy has this trope in reverse: Kristy Swanson gets out of bed with Adam Sandler, takes off an oversized T-shirt she has been wearing as pajamas, flashes a blood-red bra both to Adam and to millions of appreciative moviegoers, and then pulls on a gray jacket. That's right, no blouse - just the bra and the jacket.
  • In Victor/Victoria, after King has Squash put Norma on a train out of town in order to get her to leave them alone, she does this in anger to him, declaring "You ain't seen the last of me yet!" She's got panties and no bra under her coat.
  • Hinted at, but averted, at the beginning of Stir Crazy. Gene Wilder's character, a house detective at a department store, accosts an attractive female customer (who also happens to be a prominent actress), telling her he knows that (a.) she's a shoplifter and (b.) she's got nothing on under her overcoat, both of which she angrily denies. One scene later we discover he's been fired, but we never do find out whether he was right.
  • In Johnny Dangerously a tempting offer of a warm coat for cold winter nights is shown and then reveals a sparkly bikini for warm summer nights.
  • Early in Scary Movie 3, when Cindy is complaining to the news editor about how people want the facts instead of gratuitous boobage, she suddenly opens her blouse to show her bra-endowed boobs. Everyone in the news room stops what they're doing to watch her. And she keeps ranting without changing the subject.
  • In The Man with Two Brains, a prostitute reveals she has nothing but panties on under her coat.
  • Invoked by Charly in The Long Kiss Goodnight. She flashes Mitch by opening her bathrobe to keep him distracted while she rips off his dressing.
  • Robin Givens' character does this for Eddie Murphy's in Boomerang.
  • Used for Fan Disservice at the end of Lolita (1997) where middle-aged pervert Clare Quilty is wearing a bathrobe with nothing underneath.
  • The 1932 Thelma Todd/ZaSu Pitts comedy short Show Business has an unusual variation: Through various complications, Todd's character winds up at a railroad station wearing only an overcoat over a skimpy black slip. Then another woman at the station mistakenly accuses Todd of having stolen her coat, and summons a policeman who subsequently forces Todd to remove the coat in public.
  • "Secretary" Ulla does this with her employer Max at one point in the original version of The Producers, shedding her long coat to reveal a bikini-like outfit: "We make love?" Max, stunned by some unrelated bad news, turns down the offer and absently tells her to "go to work". So she cheerfully turns on a record player and starts go-go dancing.
  • Watchmen: While prowling the streets, Rorschach encounters a prostitute, who flashes him trying to seduce him for pay. He passes her by, and she hurls obscenities at him in anger.
  • In Bank Shot, Ballentine is sitting a steam cabinet when El comes in to show him several coats she's bought him. She starts with a trench coat which she takes off to show him a plaid coat underneath. She then takes off the plaid coat to show she is wearing nothing under it.
  • When Jill the Ripper has Nicole tied up in The Butchers, she throws off her opera cape to reveal some decidedly non-period lingerie.

  • Dashti of Shannon Hale's Book of a Thousand Days does a variation on the distraction kind, the difference being that she's not trying to be kinky.
  • In 1632, Gretchen almost does this with a bathrobe to Jeff Higgins, but decides to stop at the last moment. (It works anyway.)

    Live-Action TV 
  • in the Chicago Fire episode That Day, Paramedic Sylvie Brett uses this method to seduce Detective Antonio Dawson (brother of her ambulance partner Gabby) at his apartment after a few episodes of flirting and build up. Antonio drops his beer bottle trying to put it down, not having expected it at all.
  • Inverted in the Sherlock episode A Scandal in Belgravia. Irene Aldler waltzes in to talk to the heroes completely naked and remains so until eventually a squicked Sherlock and an uncomfortable John decide to give her Sherlock's coat to cover up. She then spends the rest of the scene wearing only the coat, making camera shots easier. Ostensibly, she did this to remain mysterious by making the Sherlock Scan that much more difficult — and also to throw the boys off balance, giving her an advantage in the battle of wits. It worked.
  • The Price Is Right: Subverted in a notorious 2008 episode featuring a cameo by Jack Wagner, who – in an episode-long running gag to promote The Young and the Restless – showed up several times during the show, claiming he was annoyed at the goings-on of the show. During a Showcase Showdown, the trope kicks into effect where Wagner, clad in a robe, "flashes" Carey. Wagner likely was dressed in shorts and a shirt, but the way the gag played out drew negative criticism for what was implied to have taken place.
  • Bree does this in the first season of Desperate Housewives.
  • The pictures come from the Made-for-TV Movie Widow On The Hill.
  • When Finch was dating a model (who turned out to be just a little loopy) in Just Shoot Me!, she shows up one day doing this.
    • In another episode, Maya plans to try this on Elliot, but then Elliot's girlfriend invites her to dinner, and she has to go with nothing under her overcoat.
  • Nora Gracen attempting to seduce Jim Profit in Profit. She comes into his office in a trenchcoat, she drops it to the floor, and when she's about to kiss Profit, her husband appears in the outer office. Gail has to stall him so she can get her coat back on.
  • In Gossip Girl, Blair shows up at Chuck's office like this, wanting to have sex after the unbearable dry patch of five days. He doesn't oblige.
  • My Name Is Earl: Joy's trying to get pregnant in order to keep from going to prison. She comes over to Earl's motel room dressed only in an overcoat, but Earl doesn't fall for it.
  • In South of Nowhere, Spencer shows up at Ashley's house in only a trenchcoat.
  • Played with in an episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun, where Sally goes to work as a secretary for a boss majorly guilty of sexual harassment. Her boss at one point comments that he can't help wondering what she's wearing underneath her blouse. She opens it to show him an embroidered bra, smiling and oblivious.
  • One episode of MythBusters involved viral videos, one of which was fainting goats. Kari, The Chick on the team, has the idea that flashing them would make them faint. It doesn't work - on the goats. Her male co-star Tory, on the other hand...
    Tory: Wasn't ready for that one, Kari . . .
  • Claire tries it on Modern Family while doing fantasy role play with Phil in a hotel. Then the coat gets caught on the escalator.
  • Backfires in spectacular fashion on Still Standing. Judy tries the nothing underneath variant to surprise Bill at work. And gets stopped by a security guard. Naturally he thinks she's stealing, but she can't show what's under the coat. He takes her to a security room and goes to find Bill. Bill arrives and she shows him. Then he reveals that the mirror is one-way.
  • In Coupling, Jane decides to do this on a dinner-at-his-house date with a new guy. Unfortunately, she wasn't told that that the dinner was for her and a big group of his friends. After she eventually loses her coat to a little girl next door, she just walks out of his apartment naked.
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2 episode "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered", a love spell-affected Buffy comes at Xander wearing a trenchcoat and (it's implied) nothing else (except high heels). She doesn't get the chance to do any actual flashing before Amy turns her into a rat.
  • The pilot for New Girl has the title character doing this...and discovering, at the worst possible time and in the worst possible manner, that her boyfriend is cheating on her.
  • In the Married... with Children episode "The Egg and I", Marcy does this twice to her ex-husband, Steve, just to show him what he'll never have again. Al sees it both times and needs Brain Bleach. This happens again with Jessica Hawn as a shoe groupie.
  • Grand theft Sexy happens in Dead Like Me using this trope when Daisy Adair acquires a particular hot and silver convertible from a man.
  • Drew does it to surprise Kate when the two are dating on The Drew Carey Show. Unfortunately, Kate has organised a surprise dinner with her grandparents.
  • Hawkes' girlfriend Camille does it at the end of CSI: New York episode "Food for Thought".
  • Fan Disservice example in a notorious skit on The Tonight Show in the 1970s. Two trousered young women walk along a street and (in a parody of a popular commercial from the era) brag about their no-panty-line hosiery, which makes them each feel "like I'm wearing nothing." Johnny Carson, dressed in a trench coat and fedora, overhears the girls and forces them to admit that they really are wearing underwear. Then he announces: "Well, I'm not!" and tears open his coat to reveal (implied) frontal nudity, chasing the two screaming girls off.
  • In Grimm episode "Bears Will be Bears", Gilda seduces her boyfriend by suggestively opening a fur coat she's wearing to reveal her lingerie-clad body.
  • The Canadian sitcom Package Deal has a character's girlfriend doing this at his apartment door, only to realize that his male roommates are also there.
  • A downplayed example in The Big Bang Theory has Amy Farrah Fowler removing her coat to reveal a "Catholic schoolgirl" outfit. Needless to say, as usual, it doesn't work on Sheldon.
  • In the Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, in the "Blood and Circuses" episode, Phryne reveals her circus costume to Inspector Robinson in this way.
  • The Mentalist: At the end of "Red Listed", Van Pelt shows up to collect Rigsby and opens her coat to real she is wearing nothing but black lingerie and high heels, before dragging him off to a hotel for their delayed honeymoon.
  • Selfie: Eliza tries the "not wearing anything underneath" variation out on Henry, under the guise of giving back the coat he’d let her borrow her earlier in the episode. Henry is clearly tempted and says as much, but then resorts to an I Need to Go Iron My Dog type excuse to get out of there.
  • Castle: in "Murder, He Wrote", Castle and Beckett are going to enjoy a nightly bath in his Hamptons' pool when she takes off her robe, revealing that she "forgot" her bathing suit.
  • Banacek: Banacek's Girl of the Week does this in "Fly Me—If You Can Find Me"; wearing a raincoat with nothing on underneath it.

  • Kiss evoked this trope with their 1988 single "Let's Put the 'X' in 'Sex'."
  • The Dixie Chicks were known to do this to several of their fellow country music acts during (the other stars') live concerts, most notably Kenny Chesney.
  • Aerosmith makes use of this trope in the song "Crazy"
    But, I know you ain't wearin' nothin' underneath that over coat. And it's all a show.

    Music Videos 


  • Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic:
    • Male drow Wolf is shown to assure a female of his, hum, best intentions and relevant adequacy, in this way. He gets yet another promotion.
    • Lewie the Lich gets a mind-controlled drow queen to perform this for him, because he always wanted to... too bad he can't remember why by now (being undead, his sex drive is nowhere what it was in life...).
  • This is how Seraphim takes out Asmodeus in Megatokyo.
  • Subverted and Lampshaded by the homosexual swordsman Szark Sturz in this Dominic Deegan comic.
  • In the first chapter of Sunstone, Lisa visits Allison's place for her second night with her wearing nothing but heels, stockings and a garterbelt under her coat, something she didn't really have the guts to do on the first night.
  • Subverted in El Goonish Shive, Tedd eagerly invites Grace in upon discovering she is wearing nothing but a trench coat but is disappointed when she says the reason for doing so it isn't sexual. It is only much later that it is revealed that she thought that the sexual nature of it was just because it involved wearing only a trench coat as opposed to an association of nudity with sex (this was just to cover the plot hole created by her being aware of such innuendo when her personality later developed into being more innocent than Dan Shive had originally imagined it).
  • Ménage à 3: Peggy finds herself accidentally flashing others of the cast when she has been so distracted by the need to prepare for an orgy that she forgot to dress properly. Weirdly enough, she and others treat turning up to an orgy under-dressed as an error.
  • Grrl Power has an unsual accidental case in the form of Punch-Clock Villain Jabberwokky, whose coat falls open in the middle of a fight to reveal she's only wearing fishnet under it. Fortunately for Jabberwokky, her current opponent is the Dirty Old Man Math, who gets so Distracted by the Sexy that she is able to knock him out immediately. Unfortunately for Jabberwokky, her next opponent is Dabbler, the one opponent who can automatically outdo her in winning via sexiness.

    Web Original 
  • In the Italian webseries Insopportabilmente Donna, Tess Masazza to get her ex-boyfriend back appears at his apartment’s door dressed only with a black trenchcoat, hands him a red rose and strips to the music of Marilyn Monroe‘s “I wanna be loved by you”. Unfortunately, her ex's new girlfriend is at home…

    Western Animation 
  • A warped version on The Mask: The Animated Series episode "Flight as a Feather." When Cookie BaBoom (Mayor Tilton's ex-girlfriend — a strip — er "exotic dancer") gets stopped from rushing the City Hall stairs by Mayor Tilton's assistant, Smedley, Cookie flashes Smedley by opening her trenchcoat. One would expect Smedley to be distracted by her naked body. Turns out she's not naked — or rather, she wouldn't be naked until later — what she had hidden under the trenchcoat was two megatons worth of explosions strapped across her hips and breasts like a makeshift bikini. And then the Mask gives her a Shameful Strip, leaving her naked and a failure.
  • In the Tex Avery MGM cartoon, Who Killed Who?, the cop looks into a room with a flashlight. As a series of paintings seen from a left-to-right pan shot, a painting of a redhead lady in a coat is seen, holding it open to reveal a sexy yellow one-piece swimsuit. But when the flashlight goes back to it, the lady has her coat closed!


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