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The Young and the Restless is an American soap opera, first aired in 1973 on CBS, about the residents of the fictional town of Genoa City, Wisconsin. When the show first aired the show focused on two main families, the Foresters and the Brooks.

The show is, easily, the most popular soap opera on television today; it has held the daytime ratings crown since 1989 - a total of 31 years. Its ratings are significantly higher than the other soaps left on the air, often doubling the ratings of its closest competition.

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Provides examples of:

  • Absurdly Spacious Sewer: During the Cameron Kirsten plot, Larry Warton led Sharon and Nikki into the sewer where he dumped the supposed body of Cameron. The sewer was shown as being a set of incredibly spacious underground tunnels, with room for all three of them to walk through it.
  • Affably Evil:
    • Even when Kevin and Chloe are being villains, it's hard not to like them. It helps that they're a genuinely sweet couple.
    • Phyllis can be this, when she's in a good mood. Other times she drops the "evil" part altogether, while other times she just loses the "affable" part. Or both.
  • Affectionate Nickname:
    • Dina calls Jack "Jackie."
    • Nick and Billy have both called Victoria "Vick."
    • John's pet name for Ashley was "my beauty."
    • Nikki and Victor often call each other "darling." Victor also often addresses her as "baby."
    • Ashley's close friends and siblings sometimes call her "Ash."
  • Alpha Bitch: Summer Newman, who is spoiled, selfish and currently blackmailing both of her parents, while attempting to seduce her mother's boyfriend. That's on top of her being an unrepentant cyber bully in high school.
  • Aloof Big Brother / Aloof Big Sister:
    • Neither Victoria or Nick wanted anything to do with Christian/Adam after he was born, and treated him with disdain from the moment they met him after he grew up.
    • Downplayed in regards to Summer and Faith. One of Summer's very few redeeming qualities, is that she does love Faith and wants to be there for her and support her, she's just too busy being wrapped up in her self to pay any heed to her little sister's problems like Noah or Mariah does.
  • Ambiguously Bi:
    • Mariah Copeland. She's explicitly in love with Tessa, but prior to that, she only ever dated men. She admits her attraction to Tessa is the strongest she's ever felt, and she seems to be trying to force herself to be into her boyfriend, hinting that she's a lesbian. However, she tells Kevin she likes hot men as well as hot women, so she could be bisexual. Time will tell.
    • Tessa herself, in the opposite direction. She's definitely into men, but her subtext with Mariah is undeniable. Mariah herself is convinced Tessa is straight, but Kyle thinks Tessa reciprocates Mariah's feelings.
    • Kyle's right. Tessa is indeed bisexual, though Mariah's orientation still up for debate.
  • Amicable Exes:
    • Sharon and Nick settled into this long after their marriage ended. They are arguably each other's best friend and provide each other advice as they date other people.
    • Nikki and Jack are incredibly close friends, and Jack even admits that if Nikki calls, he'll drop everything to help her. Kerry jokingly refers to Nikki as Jack's "favorite ex-wife."
  • Arch-Enemy: Victor Newman and Jack Abbott are this to a T, with Victor trying to acquire Jabot (the cosmetics business founded by his late parents) several times.
    • Likewise Lauren Fenmore and Sheila Carter were this, with Sheila tormenting Lauren at every second of her time on Young and the Restless, including multiple attempts at murdering Lauren, before Shelia took her special brand of evil to LA and harass the Foresters, Logans, Spectras and Spencers on The Bold and the Beautiful.
  • Asshole Victim:
    • Deconstructed in the plotline involving JT's death due to the cover-up that ensues. While Nikki killed him in self-defense to protect Victoria from his abusive behavior, they still need to cover up his death so Nikki doesn't get charged with murder. The fact that JT was abusive to Victoria doesn't change the fact that Nikki committed murder. The two of them, Phyllis, and Sharon are all involved in covering up his death and hiding his body, which results in the other three becoming accessories to murder. In the months after JT's death, the four of them have become paranoid and fearful of the truth being exposed.
    • Before that Diane Jenkins, who had pissed off so many people off, through blackmail, extortion and threats, that up to eight people had credible reasons to be suspects in her murder, which she hid evidence before hand to point the police to all of them for her murder. Ironically it wasn't any of the suspects, but Nikki who had was believed to have killed her in self-defense when Diane attacked her. In reality Deacon Sharpe killed Diane.
  • The Atoner: Michael Baldwin was once a villain, but has reformed and is now a happily married (reasonably) upstanding citizen. His past does catch up to him at times though.
  • The Baby Trap: Sharon technically did this to Nick even though they were actually very Happily Married. But she's insecure about the relationship (his mother Nikki dislikes her) and figures this is the best way to hang onto him. It pays off, as her mother-in-law finally warms up to her once news of the pregnancy gets out.
  • Back from the Dead: A number of examples as with other soap operas. For example Jill's son Philip who had been thought dead for years turned out to be alive and well in Australia.
  • Back Up Twin: Several!
    • Mariah showed up years after Cassie's death and turned out to be her long lost twin sister, as did Amanda for Hilary.
  • Beleaguered Assistant:
  • Betty and Veronica:
    • Nick Newman (Archie), and his ex-wives Phyllis (a red-haired Veronica) and Sharon (Betty) have been doing this for the past few years.
    • Kyle Abbott (Archie) is currently caught between his ex-girlfriend Summer (the manipulative, Alpha Bitch Veronica), and his new girlfriend Lola (the hardworking, Deadpan Snarker Betty).
    • Played with when it comes to Rey (Archie), Sharon (Betty), and Mia (Veronica). Sharon is a good-natured Nice Girl, while Mia is The Vamp, and cheated on Rey with his own brother. But Mia is his wife, while Sharon is not, and she does sincerely love Rey — say what you will about her, but she's sincerely trying to repair her marriage. And then it's turned on its head even further when it becomes apparent that Mia still has a thing for Rey's brother and is possibly kind of crazy... and then Rey finds out Sharon was involved in the cover-up of J.T.'s murder. (J.T. totally had it coming, but still.) And he found out right after he told Sharon he loved her. Dude cannot catch a break.
    • Nick is the Betty to Adam's Veronica for Sharon's Archie. Adam genuinely loved Sharon, but boy had issues, to put it mildly.
  • Benevolent Boss: Katherine kept the inept Esther on as maid, as she viewed her less as an employee and more as a friend, treating her, her daughter Chloe and Chloe's daughter Delia like part of her family. In her will Katherine left Esther an inheritance of One-Million Dollars, and her half of the ownership of the Chancellor Mansion.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing:
    • Quite a few have popped up over the years, but Graham Bloodworth stands out. While he at first came off as a devoted, caring assistant and guardian to Dina, he gradually revealed himself to be a nasty piece of work who was out to not only get his hands on Dina's money, but utterly destroy her. And he does this all by isolating her from her estranged-but-concerned children and exploiting her Alzheimer's, to boot!
    • Fenmore Baldwin, he likes to act as though he's a good guy in public, while also assisting Summer in her Cyberbullying, continuing long after Summer stopped, and drugging his "friends" at a party just for the fun of it, without their consent or knowledge.
    • Tessa is this trope with a heart. She's far more willing to lie, cheat, and steal than her nice girl exterior would suggest, but she's not a horrible person; just way too used to doing what she has to in order to survive. Her relationship with Mariah helps her improve. Mostly.
    • Everything Theo does is to get under Kyle's skin and undermine his authority at Jabot, at the same time sucking up to his new rich Uncle, Aunts and Grandmother, while also whipping out the puppy dog eyes to try and make himself look like a bullied victim to Kyle's Wife/Ex-Wife Lola.
  • Both Sides Have a Point: Pretty much any conflict involving Adam will have shades of this.
    • Adam's right that Nick and Victoria were distrustful of him long before he actually did anything wrong, and that he had a rough time growing up. However, they are not wrong when they point out that, especially after the Delia storyline, Adam has committed several acts that can't be excused because of a poor childhood, and that people (especially Sharon, Chelsea, and Victor) have given him countless chances to redeem himself, only for him to slide back into his old patterns every time, and that he repeatedly refuses to take responsibility for his own issues.
    • Similarly, while his running over of Delia was an honest accident and he felt terrible when he realized what he'd done, many characters acknowledge that Billy and Chloe are well within their rights to hate Adam because, accident or not, he did kill their young daughter.
    • On that note, Chloe and Chelsea's differing views on Adam. Chelsea's right that constantly criticizing your best friend's partner (who is also the father of her son) and making it known how much you hate him just isn't a very nice thing to do to your friend. Chloe's right that your best friend choosing to stay with the man who killed your daughter is one hell of a bitter pill to swallow.
  • Bouquet Toss: A few over the years, but the one in 2019 when Kyle and Lola got married was particularly memorable. Lola tosses it and Abby catches it... and promptly throws it as far away from her as she can. It's tossed between Abby, Summer, and Sharon, before finally landing in Mariah's arms. Mariah glances at Tessa, shrugs happily, and the two share a kiss.
  • Brainless Beauty:
    • Abby Newman seemed like this at first, though she eventually showed Hidden Depths.
    • Abby's mother Ashley can be this as well. While generally very intelligent and levelheaded she's dumb as a stick when it comes to relationships.
  • Break the Cutie: Sharon often gets these storylines.
  • Bruiser with a Soft Center: Nick Newman is generally a nice guy (at least, he usually has his heart in the right place), but he will not hesitate to throw down. And he is good at it.
  • Byronic Hero: Victor Newman.
  • Calling the Old Man Out: Nick and Victoria have done this on several occasions with Victor, but not with any lasting effect.
  • Calling Parents by Their Name:
    • Devon usually calls his adoptive father Neil by his first name, though he has no issue referring to Neil has his father.
    • Mariah never met her mother Sharon until she was an adult, and took awhile to really view her as her parent. Even now, while Mariah will refer to her as "my mom" when talking to other characters, she usually calls her "Sharon" when talking to her, though she does occasionally say "Mom" instead. In one Christmas episode, Sharon is pleasantly surprised when Mariah gets her an ornament that says "Mom" on it, since Mariah doesn't usually call her that.
    • Ana calls her father Jett by his first name — again, because she didn't know him until she was an adult.
  • Casanova Wannabe: Fen hits on every woman in sight, but rarely gets anywhere. Not because he's bad looking (he's not, at all), but because he comes on way too strong.
  • Closet Key: Mariah had no clue she was gay before she met Tessa.
  • Coming-Out Story: Mariah has a rather understated one. She has yet to give a big "coming out" speech, but did have a rather emotional exchange with Sharon, tearfully revealing that she has feelings for a woman. Sharon immediately accepts it, and says she's happy for Mariah, trying to comfort her. However, it's not the gender of her crush that's causing Mariah anguish. It's which woman it is: Tessa, who was, at the time, dating Mariah's brother. Mariah also drunkenly revealed she's into women to Nikki, Phyllis, and Victoria, who are a little surprised, but accepting. In every other instance, Mariah's been refreshingly nonchalant about her sexuality, casually mentioning it in conversation with friends.
  • Commonality Connection: After having to put his Alzheimer's-ridden mother in assisted living, Jack meets a woman named Mallory, whose father lives at the same facility. The two of them bond over how hard it is to watch a parent lose their memory, and how grueling the whole process can be on a family.
  • Convenient Miscarriage: As with many other soaps a pregnancy will end in a miscarriage once it has no further dramatic purpose.
  • Convulsive Seizures: Averted - one of the characters has Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.
  • Cool Old Lady: The late, great Katherine Chancellor could be both this and the Grand Dame of Genoa City.
  • Cornered Rattlesnake:
    • Sharon, especially when having a particularly bad bipolar episode, will behave extremely unpredictably and sometimes irrationally when she feels threatened. Burning down the Newman home was one of her more damaging reactions, and when she came back to her senses, she felt awful.
    • Tessa will also lash out and attack when she's backed into a corner, though not violently.
    • Mia, too, with the added bonus of her insecurity leading to her feeling threatened almost all the time. Her responses have ranged from sleeping with her husband's brother to straight-up attempting to murder Abby.
  • The Cracker: Kevin's specialty is computer hacking, and he is really good at it. Phyllis also has proficiency with computers, and sometimes utilizes it for fun and profit against her enemies.
  • Crazy Cat Lady: Kyle jokes about Mariah becoming one if she doesn't make a move on Tessa. Mariah is unamused.
    Mariah: I don't have any cats.
    Kyle: I see many in your future.
  • Crazy Jealous Guy: Paul is so incensed that ex-wife Christine is going to marry Michael (while he has a point given Michael and Christine's ugly history, he's also a complete hypocrite given that their marriage ended because he cheated on her) that he goes over to her house and ends up forcing himself on her.
  • Crossover: While not as frequently as its ABC counterparts, and despite some continuity errors—actors on one show have played a completely different character on another, it's been well established that the show exists in the same universe as The Bold and the Beautiful (the most notable transfers were of this show's Sheila and Lauren to the other) and to a lesser example, the other CBS soaps As the World Turns and Guiding Light. (Michael Baldwin made brief appearances on both).
  • Daddy Had a Good Reason for Abandoning You: Victor with Adam — Here, Adam's mother specifically asked Victor have no part in Adam's life, but charged Victor to take care of Adam on her deathbed. Not really sure why- it's a Soap Opera so her reasons for this were probably explained like, ten or twenty years ago.
    • Same with Paul and Heather. He was asked to stay out of Heather's life completely at her mother's request.
  • Dance of Romance: Several, over the decades.
    • Every wedding has at least one between the newlyweds.
    • A particularly romantic example between Devon and Hilary, after Hilary's helped her young protege Shauna prepare for her high school prom. Afterwards, Hilary reveals to Devon that her prom night was a total nightmare, thanks to an Alpha Bitch going out of her way to make sure Hilary wouldn't win prom queen (in a particularly cruel manner). So Devon sets up a private prom for just the two of them, complete with a tiara for Hilary.
  • Deadpan Snarker:
    • A number over the years, usually the nastier characters.
    • Jack Abbott is a master at deadpan snark, usually directed at his arch enemy Victor or his brother-in-law Brad.
    • Kyle, taking after dear old Dad.
    Summer: I mean, am I wrong?
    Kyle: In general? Yeah. Usually.
    • Mariah, mainly to cope with Hilary's constant crap.
    • The Rosales siblings, Rey, Arturo, and Lola. Usually at each other, but Kyle is a favored target as well, even by Lola, who's dating him. (Hell, especially by Lola.)
  • Destructive Romance: One reason Sharon and Adam fell apart was because they enabled each other's worst impulses—they loved each other, but that doesn't mean they were good for each other. Sharon is more cognizant of that fact than Adam is. And his relationship with Chelsea is even worse.
  • Disney Villain Death: Ricky gets shot in shoulder, probably non-fatally, by his father, and falls backward out of his window, where he dies.
  • The Ditz: Esther the maid, who is also kindhearted and loyal to Katherine.
  • Divorce Is Temporary: Oh, come on, it's a soap. How many times have couples — mostly Victor/Nikki and Nick/Sharon — divorced and then reunited? Actually Deconstructed in a 2018 storyline, where Nick and Sharon tell their daughter Faith (now about ten years old) that they're getting back together for the upteenth time... and her response is, essentially, "Are you freaking kidding me?!" She tells them that she wants them to be happy, but all this back-and-forth has been seriously rough on her.
    Faith: I know there are lots of types of families. It kinda feels like I've had all of them.
  • Don't You Dare Pity Me!:
    • Tessa can't stand being pitied, and reacts poorly when her new boss Nikki offers her a place to stay. (Nikki having figured out Tessa's living in her car.) Nikki convinces her to accept her help when she explains that she used to be poor, too — she's not helping because she pities Tessa, she's helping because she remembers how hard it is, and she admires Tessa's tenacity.
    • Elena is like this, too. As she puts it to Devon, "I really hate when I get the, 'Oh, you poor thing' look. Even though I know they mean well, I just want to punch them in the face." Devon, who recently lost his wife and his father, fully sympathizes.
  • Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male:
    • Juliet plys Cane with sake (and may have drugged him as well), getting him so drunk that he doesn't even remember what happened between them. Flashbacks have revealed that they did in fact have sex, and everyone, including Cane himself, views his behavior as him having cheated on his wife, rather than him having been taken advantage of.
    • While it hasn't crossed the line into outright rape, it's difficult to imagine that Summer would be able to get away with her behavior towards Kyle if their genders were flipped. Imagine if a young man consistently made passes at his childhood friend, despite the fact that she's outright said she's not interested, and is in love with someone else. Now imagine the same young man repeatedly told his "friend" that she doesn't really love her current partner, and in fact has actually loved him all along (despite her protests to the contrary), and frequently shows up at his home and workplace unwanted and uninvited. For that matter, flip the genders in the Summer/Billy/Phyllis arc — a young man attempts to seduce his father's girlfriend, frequently cornering said girlfriend when they're alone and showing up in their office uninvited, despite said girlfriend making it clear she's not interested.
  • Dramatic Half-Hour: Ran for a half hour from its debut in 1973 until February 1980. It was the last soap opera of the time to expand to an hour. It's sister show, The Bold and the Beautiful, premiered in 1987 and remains the only soap to still run in a half hour timeslot.
  • The Dreaded: Played for Laughs with Summer's return to Genoa City. Kyle, Abby, and Mariah's reactions are, essentially, "NOOOOOOOOOO!"
    Tessa: Who's that?
    Mariah: That needs to return to the Upside-Down.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: Traci reacts this way when Jack called Brad, who froze to death, a "Bradsicle."
  • Dysfunctional Family: All of them. But the Newmans take the cake.
  • Easily Forgiven:
    • Played with. Characters will get angry with each other, and stay angry, sometimes for months or even years... but eventually, inevitably, they will be on speaking terms again.
    • A consistent character trait for Victor is that, while he'll fight with them plenty, he will ultimately forgive his children of anything, up to and including trying to murder him in the case of Adam.
  • Even the Girls Want Her: Most of the women in the Glowroom are clearly turned on when they watch Abby perform this striptease.
  • Everybody Has Lots of Sex: This is a soap opera...
  • Evil Feels Good: Sheila, she's even let out menacing chuckles when planning some of the messed up shit she had been planning.
  • Evil Twin:
    • A number of these have popped up over the years. Katherine, Phyllis and Lauren have all been bedeviled by evil doubles at some point. Most recently, Jack Abbot was kidnapped by Victor and replaced with a Peruvian drug lord named Marco Anicelli.
    • Subverted by Mariah, Cassie's long-lost twin. While Cassie was a sweet and good-natured young girl, Mariah is introduced as a self-serving liar and con artist. However, thanks in no small part to Sharon's love, Mariah was genuinely reformed and became one of the more morally upright members of the cast.
  • Fan Disservice: Buff, hunky Brad spent an entire storyline only in his boxers...because he was currently abducted and locked in a cage by his insane ex Lisa.
  • Fiery Redhead: Phyllis, oh so much. Lauren also has shades of this.
  • Fairytale Wedding Dress: An awful lot over the decades. Most iconic is the dress for Nikki's first wedding.
  • False Rape Accusation: Juliet sues Cane for sexual harassment knowing full well that not only did Cane not force himself on her, if anything, she took advantage of him—she clearly plied him with alcohol to the point that he didn't even know what happened.
  • Femme Fatale: Subverted, in that Shelia usually uses force, blackmail and manipulations to get what she wants. That said she isn't entirely shy about using her beauty to her advantage if the opportunity presents itself.
  • Forgiven, but Not Forgotten:
    • The Winters/Abbotts have all made their peace with Kevin, and can even be cordial with him, given that he has since acted genuinely apologetic for his early evil deeds, and is now an upstanding member of the community, for the most part. That doesn't mean they won't ever let him forget what he almost did to both teenage Lily and Colleen.
    • Victoria and Mac have both given JT their forgiveness for his former abusive ways, especially when it was discovered that his rage and violence was due to a brain tumor affecting his personality, which after it was surgically removed he returned to being the good man they had fallen in love with. Doesn't mean that either of his Ex-Wives ever want to be near him again.
  • Foster Kid:
    • Devon was this for a time, before Neil formally adopted him.
    • Shauna isn't literally in foster care, but for all intents and purposes, she's this, since her biological family isn't really in the picture. Hilary eventually takes her in when she finds out Shauna's been sneaking into Charlie's house just to have a place to sleep.
  • The Gambling Addict: Billy Abbott, to the point of racking up a huge debt and getting his wife kidnapped.
  • Gayngst: Averted with Mariah. She does angst about her relationship with Tessa, but the fact that Tessa's female has nothing to do with it. Tessa's Consummate Liar tendencies, on the other hand...
  • Girl-on-Girl Is Hot: Theo is very appreciative of Tessa and Mariah dancing together while high on molly. They find him utterly gross, and don't hesitate to tell him so.
    Mariah: That was 100% not for your benefit, and I'm sorry that you enjoyed it in any way.
    Tessa: I second that.
  • Good Parents: One of Sharon's defining characteristics. Even when she herself often faced ridicule and fell victim to her mental disabilities, her children and their safety are at the fore front of her mind. Her daughters Cassie and Faith, both sweet, kind and wise beyond their years, and Noah, possibly the only true gentlemen in all of Genoia City, prove this because how she raised them. Even Mariah, who went from a sleazy con woman to roguish but generally respected member of society due to her mother's love.
  • Good People Have Good Sex: All done in slow motion with syrupy music and a Modesty Bedsheet.
  • Grand Dame: The late great Katherine Chancellor could be both this and the Cool Old Lady of Genoia City.
  • Happily Adopted:
    • Devon was adopted by Neil, and for all intents and purposes, Neil was his true father.
    • Likewise Nick adopted Cassie.
  • Hate Sink: As stated below there has been no character on the show as despised and despicable as Matt Clarke. Whereas characters like Sheila, Victor, Kevin, Phyllis and Chloe became beloved for how evil they were, in that the latter four eventually were somewhat redeemed to becoming hero's/anti-hero's, Matt Clarke was written to be and remained human garbage up until his final action on the show. Planting the idea while on his death bed to Nick, that he had raped Sharon and that he not Nick was the father of Sharon's baby, leading to Nick's paranoia around his wife and taking drastic actions to prove if Matt was lying, which Matt was and Nick was indeed the father, but the cost being Sharon miscarrying the baby.
  • Hot Guys Are Bastards: Matt Clarke. The dude was fine as hell, and knew it, and had all the girls drooling over him, except for his girlfriend Sharon, who after having had enough of his dickish behavior, ended up falling in love with her not just handsome but kind lab partner Nick Newman and broke up with Matt. Figuring since he is the hottest guy at GCU, he deserves the hottest girl, and comes under the belief the only reason Nick could win Sharon's affections was because he was rich, Matt makes it his personal mission to break them up. When that proves fruitless, he rapes Sharon out of vengeance, and later also rapes Sharon and Nick's friend Amy, who had a crush on Matt, and later fakes his death leaving evidence implicating Nick for his murder.
  • Hypocrite:
    • Michael Baldwin's condemnation of Sheila came off as this, when you consider that he'd been a Stalker with a Crush for Christine Blair and committed murder in order to cover his tracks.
    • Sharon invokes this against the Newman women when they gather to confront her about her affair with Brad. When they turn their noses up at her, Sharon goes to each woman to remind them of their own shady actions and condemning them for judging her.
    • When Sharon and Nick get back together for the upteenth time, Nikki asks what makes Sharon think it'll work this time — which, while a fair question, is a bit rich coming from the woman who's been on-off with Victor for over three decades at this point. Sharon awesomely calls her out on this.
    Sharon: (with a big, cheery smile) Mm, you make a good point. You must have had those same worries when you got back with Victor for the nine hundredth time. How did you handle all those doubts? What's your secret?
    (Nikki doesn't respond beyond a withering stare.)
    Sharon: Hmm. When you figure it out, let me know.
    (She slams the door in Nikki's face.)
    • Arturo is quick to call Kyle a player, and ban the young man from staying by Lola's bedside, due to Lola having caught Summer making a move and kissing Kyle. Kyle is quick to point out that Arturo is just as bad, but Arturo won't hear it. In reality, Arturo is far worse, having had affairs with married women, including his own sister-in-law, and hiding said relationships from Abbey, whereas Lola had called things off with Kyle, and Summer was the one making moves on him, which he really didn't reciprocate.
    • Nikki was awfully quick to judge Sharon and call her a Gold Digger, apparently forgetting that she herself was a down-on-her-luck stripper when she met Victor.
    • Summer calls Kyle self-centered. Kyle certainly can be self-involved sometimes, but Summer is the absolute last person who can call someone else vain. Doubly so since she does this when volunteering to get a blood test to see if she can help Lola... and then ruins it by demanding Kyle thank her.
    • Phyllis is often out to lambast Sharon for her parenting. Let's see Phyllis, Sharon's kids are all well, behaved, upstanding, kindhearted individuals, while Phyllis has Danny, a teenage alcoholic, porn addict that ran away from the law and eloped with his teenage girlfriend Lily Winters, after being involved in the situation that led to Cassie's death, and Summer, spoiled, selfish, cyberbully.
  • Identical Stranger:
    • The storyline that started in February 2015 with a winter storm hitting Genoa City also unveiled the existence of Marco Annicelli, a Peruvian drug lord sprung free by Victor in his plot to take over Jabot Cosmetics from Jack (both Jack and Marco were played by Peter Bergmann), which led to Jack being kidnapped on the day of his wedding to Phyllis and held captive on an island with the insane Kelly Andrews. However, Unfortunate Implications arose from the plot as the discovery of Marco's existence led to the deaths of Austin Travers note , Courtney Sloane note  and a disgruntled Jabot employee who hinted at the secret... not by Marco, but by Mark Harding, a Genoa City P.D. detective who was involved with Marco's plot.
    • Subverted with Mariah and Cassie. Victor initially hired Mariah to portray Cassie to lead Sharon into a fit of bipolar madness, unaware to him and everyone else, including Mariah, that the reason Mariah looks so much like his granddaughter was because she is Cassie's long lost twin.
    • Amanda Sinclair, Chance's estate lawyer looks exactly like Devon's deceased wife Hillary Curtis, something that astounds everyone, even Amanda.
  • Idiot Houdini: Ashley Abbott. If she makes an extremely poor decision gets involved in other people's plans, things go to hell for them while Ashley trots off with barely any punishment.
  • In Love with the Mark: Tessa admits she came to Genoa City with the explicit intent of marrying a rich guy, then getting half the money in a divorce. She dated Noah for this reason, though she says he was genuinely sweet and she did like being around him. Falling in love with Noah's sister Mariah for real was not part of the plan.
  • Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain: Kevin can be villainous, but often he's not taken seriously by even the people he's menacing, because he's just so bad at it.
  • Informed Attractiveness:
    • Yeah Brad, as played by Don Diamont, was incredible handsome, but the way people would often talk about him, like he was the hottest guy in Genoia City, which he kind of was, you'd think he was Adonis reincarnated.
    • Likewise Sharon Newman, especially in the earlier seasons was talked up like she was the hottest girl at GCU. Yes Sharon Case is one of the most beautiful women in daytime history, but her friends Amy and Grace were quite good looking as well.
    • Before Sharon there was Christine "Cricket" Blair, who got a job at Jabot as one of their biggest models, and caught the attentions of rockstar Daniel Romalanti with her beauty. Again Lauralee Bell is undeniably gorgeous, but the fact that she was the daughter of creator William Bell, it feels like he wanted to pump up his little girls ego just a bit.
  • It's Not You, It's My Enemies: Why Tessa has to break off contact with Mariah when she leaves Genoa City.
  • Jerkass: Too many to count.
    • Victor, usually. He does have a heart, but it'd be a stretch to call it a heart of gold. It's more like a heart of bronze. Tarnished bronze.
    • Summer has evolved into one, being a selfish brat with a vindictive streak a mile wide.
    • J.T. became this, as well as a Domestic Abuser.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Mia is often rude and downright petty towards Sharon, but considering Sharon has a thing for Mia's husband Rey, it's not entirely unjustified. Even Sharon admits it.
    Mariah: [following a catty comment from Mia] Can I hate her?
    Sharon: No.
    Mariah: But I want to.
    Sharon: For what? For being protective of her marriage? For knowing Rey and I got too close? You can't blame a woman for being right.
  • Jerkass with a Heart of Gold:
    • Victor and Jack both qualify, but are capable of being flat out Jerkass as well.
    • Hilary Curtis has slowly evolved into this. She's a pretty big bitch, but she genuinely cares about Devon and Shauna, and occasionally even Mariah.
    • Kyle is an annoying prick, but he's genuinely loyal to those he considers friends, and at the end of the day, he just wants his dad's approval. Like father, like son, it seems.
    • Arturo, Rey, and Lola are all rough around the edges and snipe at each other constantly, but they're all decent people deep down.
  • Kick the Morality Pet: Despite his general snarky and self-serving nature, Kyle is remarkably sweet to Dina, his grandmother. This is what makes it all the more heartbreaking when he attempts to shred a document from Jabot that's important to Dina, right in front of her. Kyle holds that what he did was necessary for the good of the company, but he clearly isn't proud of hurting Dina's feelings.
  • Lady Drunk: Kay, Nikki. It got worse over time to the point where a 2014 episode centered on her family staging an intervention (as told by Nikki to what was later revealed to be a rehab counselor, though made to look for most of the episode as an angel to make it look to viewers that she died of alcohol poisoning). Her becoming sober at that point led to Victor and Nikki's separation on the basis that Victor's constant deceit has caused her to keep falling off the wagon.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: Due to multiple main families and many supporting families. There are many characters currently in the cast.
  • Lonely Piano Piece: "Nadia's Theme", of course.
  • Long Runner: It's been aired every weekday for almost 40 years.
  • Lovable Alpha Bitch: Abby grew into being an adult version. Spoiled, beautiful, fabulously wealthy, hotheaded, and sometimes a bit selfish, but a genuinely loving sister and good friend. She's not without problems, but she's also very aware she has a lifestyle most people would kill for, and works to be a good person.
  • Love Father, Love Son:
    • Sharon's primary love interest is Nick, but she was briefly involved with his father, Victor.
      • Likewise she had a deep romantic interest in Victor's other son, Adam.
    • Hilary had relationships with both Neil and his son Devon. Sometimes overlapping. However, Devon was the true love of her life.
  • Magic Plastic Surgery: Sheila gets plastic surgery to look like Phyllis, explaining her actor change to the same as Phyllis.
    • And the evil Matt Carter gets plastic surgery so that he can return to Genoa City (where he was still wanted for rape charges) and ingratiate himself into the lives of the unknowing Sharon (his victim) and Nick and start wreaking havoc.
    • There's also Adam Newman, who had plastic surgery to look like the businessman who died saving him after a car crash, allowing him to avoid facing jail time for the accidental hit-and-run death of Billy Abbott and Victoria Newman's daughter Delia as he assumed the aforementioned Gabriel Bingham's identity. Like the example mentioned first, this was also done to explain the change in actors.
  • May–December Romance:
    • Victor has had quite a few relationships with women far younger than he is, i.e. Sharon, whom he considered like a daughter for years, and Sabrina, who was his daughter's college roommate.
    • Entered kind of controversial territory, when Coleen, who was a sophomore in high school began a relationship with college student JT.
  • Mean Boss: Zig-Zagged with Hilary Curtis. She's a total primadonna and control freak, and often treats her assistant Mariah like crap... but she's mellowed significantly over the years, and has begun treating Mariah slightly better. In one Christmas episode, Mariah's stunned into silence when Hilary gives her a very thoughtful gift, completely unprompted.
  • Morality Pet:
    • Victor is... flawed. To say the least. But he genuinely loves and is protective of his children, and absolutely dotes on his grandchildren. Even when he and Nick are on the outs, Nick still lets Victor see his grandkids as often as he likes, precisely because Victor is genuinely a pretty good grandfather.
    • Kyle is normally a Jerkass, but he has a great relationship with his grandmother Dina, and is happy to take care of her while she copes with her Alzheimer's. He's also a genuinely good friend to Mariah and is infatuated with Lola.
    • Katherine could be difficult (to put it mildly), but she really did care about Nikki, and was friends with her until the end.
    • Lola might be this to Theo. While Theo is certainly manipulative and self-centered, and prone to being a jackass, he seems to genuinely like her, and can usually be counted on to be nicer to her than he is to literally anyone else.
  • My Greatest Failure: Mariah has admitted that she sees the whole "pretending to be her dead twin to gaslight Sharon" thing as her lowest point, and that she'll regret it forever.
  • Naïve Newcomer: While not exactly "naive," as she's clearly been around the block once or twice, Tessa is often baffled by Genoa City's weirdness, especially whenever some of the screwier plotlines that happened before her introduction are brought up. Now that she's slowly getting used to it, Lola's been fulfilling this role instead.
  • Never a Self-Made Woman: Want to piss off Victoria Newman? Remind her that her father started Newman Enterprises, and no matter what she does, how good she is, she'll never quite get out from her role as "the boss' daughter." Want to piss her off so much she might slap you? Insinuate her father is the only reason she's as successful as she is.
  • Never My Fault:
    • Cane can always find excuses for his behavior, be it blaming Billy for the financial problems with Brash and Sassy, after Cane intentionally released damaging footage of Billy to sabotage him. He also blames Victoria for firing him for false accusations against him, not once mentioning any of his transgression in an attempt to seize control of a company Victoria had started herself. Most horrible, after covering up the fact that Lily caused the accident that killed both Hillary and she Devon's unborn child from everyone, including an enraged and upset Lily, he ends up trying to pin the entire incident on the now deceased Hillary, and outright manipulated her young protege Shauna, into to keeping quiet, later blaming her, for speaking up and telling the truth, for all of his families problems.
    • Summer is like this, too. No matter how god-awful she is to Kyle (and everyone else), she never seems to get it through her head that her crappy behavior might be the reason people are a touch cold to her.
    • Mia acts like she's completely blameless in her feud with Abby, despite the fact that Abby's mostly just reacting to Mia blatantly having the hots for her boyfriend. Granted, Abby does sometimes take it too far with her insults, but nothing excuses Mia's own behavior — like, for instance, attacking who she thought what was Abby (actually Lola in Abby's coat) and leaving her to die.
  • Not with Them for the Money:
    • Sharon certainly doesn't mind that Nick is rich, but that's not why she loves him.
    • Despite accusations from Summer, Lola clearly doesn't care one whit about Kyle's money. (In fact, it might have been a disadvantage for him, since Lola does not suffer the Idle Rich gladly.)
  • The Noun and the Noun: A lot of them are young and they certainly are restless, to say the least...
  • Odd Friendship:
    • Quite a few, but it's especially remarkable that Jack and Nikki are such close friends, given that Jack and Victor (Nikki's husband — usually) loathe each other. Despite this, Jack adores Nikki, and she often asks for his advice or confides in him.
    • This extends to Nikki's son, Nick. Despite Jack being his former step-father (and having a couple of mutual ex wives), they are still very close friends.
    • Paul and Michael is an exceptionally weird friendship, considering that years ago Michael sexually harassed Paul's wife Christine, tried to kill him, and is now married to Paul's ex Lauren (although they have been Amicable Exes for years). None of this seems to bother the four of them and are all best of friends.
    • Lately, the melancholic and oftentimes selfish Cane has become rather good friends with Traci, of all people. This later leads to her developing a crush on him.
  • Officer O'Hara: Averted. Both Ronan and Paul are Irish, though they both avoid typical 'Irish cop' tropes.
  • Ominous Music Box Tune: Paul's creepy son Ricky had this as his Leitmotif.
  • One True Love: Many characters are presented like this.
    • Victor and Nikki Newman, who while both have been married to other people, Victor being widowed twice by both Hope and Sabrina, both of whom he loved immensely and misses deeply, and often get into dramatic fights, at the end of the day they are one of the biggest love stories in daytime for a reason.
    • Likewise Nick and Sharon have a tendency to find their way back to each other, only to be torn apart again, even though the two have had hot and heavy romances with other people, particularly Phyllis and Adam respectively, Nick has outright stated Sharon will be the love of his life, even when he was back with Phyllis at the time.
    • Neil and Drucilla, to the point that Neil never really got over Dru's death, with Sharon and Nikki while comforting Lily at Neil's funeral that Dru was probably waiting to welcome Neil with open arms.
    • JT and Colleen. Like Neil, JT never got over Coleen's death, which some people believe, (along with his brain tumor) led to him turning into the Emotional and Abusive asshole towards Mack and Victoria, instead of the roguish but good hearted man that loved Coleen.
  • One Steve Limit: Oddly averted in the 1990s, when the show featured attorney John Silva and business executive John Abbott. Normally soap operas are notorious for ensuring all their characters have unique first names.
  • Only Known by Initials: You could be forgiven for not knowing J.T. Hellstrom's name is Jeffery Todd.
  • Only Sane Man: Generally, one per family or company.
    • Traci Abbott is the "normal" one among her siblings, which may be thanks to the fact that she's a recurring character and isn't always in the center of Genoa City's latest insanity.
    • Devon and Neil are often this, though they're both Not So Above It All from time to time.
    • Mariah is this among her coworkers at GC Buzz, especially when Devon isn't around, and oftentimes to Nick, Sharon, and Tessa as well. (Yes, the girl who was introduced gaslighting Sharon by pretending to be a ghost and grew up in a cult is now the resident sane person at her place of work.)
    • Faith Newman is showing signs of becoming this, as well. Which is a bit worrying, since she's twelve.
    • Mattie and Charlie Ashby are generally the most well-adjusted and normal of all the teens and young adults in Genoa City. Most of their dumber choices or worse moments stem simply from them being teenagers reacting exactly how you'd expect them to when put under pressure.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: If Victor ever actually apologizes, shows humility, or asks for something politely, it's either really important to him, or he's up to something. Or both. In one notable example, when he was having health problems and was struggling to breathe while alone in a parking lot, his first call was Jack, since he knew he was nearby. Jack, expecting a continuation of their argument from earlier, answers with a snarky comment... when he hears Victor, obviously distressed, asking him to please come help him. Jack's whole demeanor instantly changes, and he calmly asks where Victor is, and promptly goes to help.
  • Outliving One's Offspring:
    • Tragically, Traci Abbott outlived her daughter Colleen.
    • As did Sharon with Cassie.
  • Papa Wolf: Victor Newman is definitely not a candidate for father of the year, and he can be controlling and downright vicious towards his children, especially when they're on the outs. But for the love of God, if you are not Victor, do not hurt his children. He will find you.
  • Parental Favoritism:
    • Victor's favorite child is Victoria, and Nikki's is Nick. (Maybe their names should've been a clue.)
    • John preferred Ashley, and Dina preferred Jack — which led to Traci getting lost in the shuffle.
  • Parents as People: Generally speaking, everyone in Genoa City loves their kids and wants to do right by them... but are also so screwed-up or so caught up in the latest drama that they're not always what you'd call "attentive" or "functional."
  • Pass the Popcorn:
    • One particularly hilarious scene in 2017 had Sharon and Abby get into a catfight in the middle of a crowded restaurant. Everyone around them either reacts in shock or by trying to break it up... and then it cuts to Graham Bloodworth, watching from a table in the corner, sipping a martini and grinning from ear-to-ear.
    • When Nick and Billy come to blows in a 2018 scene, everyone present immediately yells at them to stop it... except Kyle, who's recording the whole thing on his phone.
  • Playing Gertrude:
    • A standard Soap Opera trope, but the recent recasting of Lily and Cane's twins takes this to extremes. The actors appear to be in their mid-teens, while Christel Khalil is only 29.
    • A Smaller version but Victoria is the Eldest Newman child by a good margin, yet when Nick was SORAS and recast as Joshua Morrow, he was actually older than both Victoria's.
  • Polar Opposite Twins: The Ashby twins. Mattie is nerdy, snarky, and is generally unconcerned with her social life. Charlie is popular, charming, and a romantic at heart. Despite this, the twins are close and generally get along.
    • Even more so, Cassie Newman and Mariah Copeland, the identical twin daughters of Sharon Newman. Cassie was sweet, kind and wise beyond her years, and while Mariah is undeniably a good person, she can be reckless, snappy and a bit curt and rude. Sadly the two never got a chance to meet due to Cassie dying years before Sharon and Nick even knew Mariah existed.
    • Hilary Curtis and Amanda Sinclair, as with Cassie and Mariah, they had no idea of each other growing up, and had very dissimilar personalities. Hilary was a haughty, shallow diva with a hidden heart of gold, whereas Amanda is much more level-headed and reserved.
  • Polyamory: Victor and Nikki agreed to an open marriage for a time, and it actually seemed to work for them. However, they eventually mutually agreed to "close" their marriage again. Nikki's boyfriend, Arturo, stuck around... and began dating Nikki's stepdaughter, Abby. (In Arturo's defense, he didn't realize they were related when he first met Abby. Needless to say, when everyone found out, it was awkward.)
  • Promotion to Parent: In the backstory, Rey had to parent his younger siblings Arturo and Lola. It's implied that he was an extremely strict parent on top of that — and he continues to act like one even though both of his siblings are adults now, especially towards Lola. Lola does not appreciate this.
  • Put on a Bus: Numerous characters. Most recently, Ashley, Heather, Sophia, and Ronan. Generally, it's tradition to do a steady houseclean of the cast whenever a new regime moves in.
  • Rags to Riches: Several characters, most notably Victor Newman who grew up in an orphanage and clawed his way to the top.
  • Retool: The show is notable as one of the few soaps to completely retool and write out the bulk of its core families. According to The Other Wiki, this was the result of the show's expansion from 30 minutes to an hour in 1980. The expansion forced the producers to renegotiate contracts; when many actors chose to leave, the writers wrote out the remaining main characters from the Foster and Brooks families, except Jill Foster. They then refocused their attention on a new pair of main families, the Williams and the Abbots. The writers later added more families: the Newmans, the Winters and, more recently, the Fisher-Baldwin family.
  • Relationship Revolving Door: All of them. It's a soap, it's basically a pillar of the genre.
  • Shipper on Deck:
    • Kyle starts shipping Mariah/Tessa within minutes of seeing them together, even though he was initially interested in Tessa. He starts acting as Mariah's wingman... whether Mariah wants it or not. He's also quick to tell her she's being an idiot for not making a move. Later, he and Mariah joke that he could start a matchmaking service for lesbians.
    • On the flipside, Mariah and Tessa (especially the former) are pulling for Lola/Kyle, and quickly befriend her. They mostly love her for not being Summer.
  • Shipping Torpedo:
    • Nikki does not approve of Sharon/Nick, considering the former to be a Gold Digger. She's not too fond of Phyllis, either.
    • Sharon doesn't want Mariah to date Tessa, since Tessa's a Consummate Liar. To her credit, she does eventually accept that Mariah's an adult and it's not her business.
    • Lola doesn't want either of her brothers dating Mia, because Mia's, well... Mia.
    • Absolutely no one was on board with Sharon/Victor, or Summer/Billy.
    • Mariah, Abby, Phyllis, and Nick are all very much against Summer/Kyle.
    • Kyle is against Lola/Theo, even after he dumps Lola for Summer. On the flipside, Theo was always against Kyle/Lola — at first because he thought Kyle settling down would mean he would be no fun anymore, and then because he began to have feelings for Lola himself.
  • Sibling Triangle:
    • Mariah/Tessa/Noah. Mariah won after Tessa and Noah broke up for mostly-unrelated reasons, and Noah accepted it relatively quickly.
    • Rey/Mia/Arturo. This is a bit messier. Arturo and Mia dated in high school. Rey had a crush on Mia even back then, but he'd never make a move on his brother's girlfriend, so he kept his mouth shut. Eventually, Arturo and Mia broke up, and some time after that (it's not specified how long), Mia and Rey met again, and wound up getting married. Then, due to some marital issues, Mia and Arturo had an affair. Rey found out, and the fall-out was ugly. Arturo said Screw This, I'm Outta Here! and left Miami for GC. Rey wound up there for work (and he and Arturo were as thrilled by this as you can imagine), and Mia eventually followed Rey there to try and fix the marriage. After some bumps, Rey and Mia officially decided to try again, and even renewed their vows... but Mia is blatantly jealous of Arturo's new girlfriend Abby, flirts with Arturo when they're alone, and even calls out Arturo's name during sex with Rey. (She also attacks Lola thinking she's Abby, so that's there.) Mia still posits that Rey is the true love of her life, but no one's really buying it at this point.
    • Nick/Sharon/Adam. Made even more complicated by the fact that Sharon brought out the best in Adam, while Adam seemed to bring out the worst in her.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis:
    • Katherine and Jill, one of the most famous rivalries in not just daytime, but television in general, usually over the ownership of the Chancellor Mansion. From the two playing nasty practical jokes on one another, to a time when Jill had to literally be tied up and locked in a closet to prevent her from ruining Katherine's wedding and for a while a time when it was believed that Jill was Katherine's daughter, the hijinks, and sometimes serious and violent scuffles between the two remained one of the most prominent plots on the soap for nearly 30 years, only ended by the death of Jeannie Cooper.
    • Cane and Billy. Even when they find themselves on the same side expect a lot of snark and bickering between the two.
    • Arguably Jack and Victor's decades long feud has settled into this in recent years. They will still happily hurl insults to each other, but both are very willing to drop into Sincerity Mode and listen when the other confides in them about a more important issue than their usual squabbles.
  • Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome: The victim is typically sent off to a Swiss boarding school for a few months.
  • Spicy Latina:
    • Lola, who's introduced arguing with Kyle over the proper way to make a certain kind of sandwich she's selling at her food truck. In general, she has no qualms about back-sassing her customers and her brothers alike.
    • Mia is this as well, with a bit of vampiness added in for extra drama.
  • Spoiled Brat:
    • Victoria is sometimes accused of being this. While she did grow up in privilege and can be self-serving, Victoria is a genuinely hard worker and competent businesswoman, and very much does not want to coast through life on Daddy's money.
    • Abby used to be this, as well as a Brainless Beauty, but grew out of both. Like her half-sister, she's a smart and savvy businesswoman, though she still has a temper.
    • Summer is a fairly straight example. She does work, and is said to be good at what she does, but she was also spoiled rotten growing up, is extremely selfish and prone to throwing a fit when things don't go her way, and expects everything to be handed to her on a silver platter. Phyllis lampshades this in one argument with Summer, sarcastically calling her "Princess Newman."
  • Spoiled Sweet:
    • Most of the time, Victoria and Nick are goodhearted and considerate individuals, even if they grew up with wealth that most can only dream of.
    • Faith, Cassie, and Noah, thanks to Sharon (and Nick) raising them right.
  • Supreme Chef: Lola runs her own Cuban food truck, and everyone who eats her food agrees that it's to die for.
  • Tangled Family Tree: Due to numerous marriages, remarriages, and marriages to different people, the show's three main families, the Newmans, Abbots, and Winters, are all related, at least through marriage.
  • Then Let Me Be Evil: Adam Wilson has ended up invoking this trope. It's hard to escape the fact that, before he came to Genoa City, Adam was relatively moral and well-adjusted. It was only after prolonged exposure to the chronic backstabbing and underhanded business dealings of the city that he started his horrific revenge plan — and at the end of that, he lapses into a My God, What Have I Done? moment and tries to reform. Then even this is completely undercut when the Newmans and Abbotts confront him in the cabin and treat him like a monster, even though they don't have any idea what he did — plus how hollow their moral superiority sounds, considering all the crimes they've committed in the past, which Adam and later DA Owen Pomerantz call them out on.
  • Through His Stomach: A cute variation with Lola and Kyle's first meeting. After arguing over how to correctly prepare a certain kind of sandwich, Lola tells Kyle to try it her way, and if he doesn't like it, it's on the house. Kyle agrees, takes a bite... and promptly concedes that Lola was right. This is the first of many arguments/flirtations, until Lola finally just asks if he's going to ask her out or not.
  • Troubled, but Cute:
    • Sharon is usually the epitome of a Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold individual, very kind and compassionate to most everyone, but given that she has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, whenever she falls of her meds, or has a flare up, it causes her to make some very damaging decisions.
    • Tessa is a very pretty, artistic young woman who catches Mariah's eye. She also comes from a rough background, will do whatever she thinks is necessary to survive, has difficulty understanding her own emotions, and can't trust or open up to people to save her life, all of which wreak havoc on her personal relationships.
    • Shauna is a cute, likable girl who has damn good reason to be troubled, coming from a tempestuous family background and living in a low-income neighborhood. Things improve when Hilary starts mentoring her and Charlie takes a romantic interest in her... but then Hilary dies. And it's partially Charlie's mom's fault. Thankfully, Shauna and Charlie seem determined to work things out, and Hilary's husband Devon continues to take care of her, but poor Shauna is emotionally fragile because of what happened — especially since she thinks the whole thing is her fault.
    • Reed Hellstrom is a tall, fun-loving musician who's quite handsome when he cleans himself up. He's also up to his waist in emotional baggage, especially where his father J.T. is concerned. Unfortunately for his relationship with Mattie, the "troubled" often outweighs the "cute."
    • No matter who's playing him, Adam is very charming, very troubled, and very, very good-looking. His plethora of issues doesn't stop him from attracting female attention — just ask Sharon or Chelsea — but they do cause their fair share of drama.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: Many shady or even villainous characters became nicer later on.
    • Mariah entered the series as a con woman who was helping Victor gaslight Sharon. Thanks to her mother's love, however, she was reformed into a kindhearted, if strong-willed and sarcastic young lady.
    • Abby was rather vapid and spoiled at first, but grew up and became much nicer, and gained several levels in intelligence while she was at it.
    • Kyle zig-zags between how much of a dick he's being, but he's relaxed and become much more approachable in recent years.
    • Phyllis went from being a villain to being an Anti-Hero with a definite edge; not exactly a good person, but often at least trying to be.
  • Twerp Sweating: Rey and Arturo take delight in grilling/tormenting Kyle when he starts dating Lola. At first, it's the only thing they can set their feud aside for.
  • Twin Telepathy: Discussed by Mattie and Charlie — while they're not literally psychic, they're both extremely in-tune with what the other is thinking and feeling, and can usually tell when the other needs someone to talk to, which is doubly impressive since they're so different. Mattie figures it's just a "twin thing."
  • Unexpected Virgin: Kyle's surprised when he finds out his girlfriend Lola is a virgin, since she's a gorgeous, funny, likable woman in her twenties, and she's not particularly religious or conservative. The idea of being the first person Lola's ever slept with makes him a bit uncomfortable and awkward for a few days, until Mariah explicitly calls him on how stupid this is.
  • The Unfavorite:
    • Abby often feels like this, at least in regards to Victor. She's often Locked Out of the Loop where her half-siblings are kept in, and she can't help but resent that Adam, who literally attempted to murder Victor, is still favored over her. One thing that made her fall victim to Zach so easily was that he voiced the opinion that Abby would always be an outsider to the Newmans, and that no matter what she did, she'd always come in second to Victoria and Nick. He wasn't exactly wrong.
    • Traci Abbott often felt this way, since Dina favored Jack and John favored Ashley. Her parents love her, but she was often overlooked or forgotten about. However, she doesn't resent her siblings for it.
  • Unkempt Beauty: Amelia Heinle's Victoria. For a lovely, wealthy businesswoman, she often has messy hair and little makeup, but in a way that's obviously very deliberate on the part of the producers.
  • Unrequited Love Switcheroo: It's a soap, so this happens a lot. Kyle and Summer, in particular, seem to alternate on when one's interested in the other — overlaps are very rare.
  • Unsuspectingly Soused: At the opening of the Grand Phoenix, Zoe spikes the sangria with ecstasy. The result is that at least ten characters are high off their asses for the rest of the episode. While it's mostly Played for Laughs, it is terrifying for Devon and Sharon, who are both on medication that mix very badly with it. Fortunately, no one is badly hurt.
  • Very Special Episode: Every now and then, when the show dips into more down-to-earth subjects. For example, the episode where J.T. first physically attacked Victoria (after several episodes of him being an emotionally manipulative asshole) ended with a PSA about domestic abuse, and the number for a helpline.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Mariah and Kyle settle into this eventually. As much as they snark at and insult each other, it's clear that they care for each other, and they want each other to be happy. Kyle goes to surprising lengths to help Mariah get Tessa, and Mariah outright admits he's one of the few people she trusts.
    Mariah: You know, if you keep doing nice things, you're gonna make me like you. And then, who's gonna insult you or make you feel inferior?
    Kyle: Oh, I'm sure you'll find a way.
  • Warts and All:
    • Nikki is fully aware of Victor's many, many flaws, and often calls him out — but no matter how many times they break it off, it's clear she loves him in spite of it all.
    • Mariah eventually reaches this conclusion about Tessa. Yes, Tessa's a liar, a grifter, and a con woman — but she and Mariah love each other, so they're gonna make it work, come hell or highwater.
  • Weight Woe:
    • Traci Abbott had a number of sensitive story lines about her insecurities over her weight.
    • Her daughter Colleen also had similar anxieties until the actress was replaced by someone extremely thin (much to the annoyance of many fans).
  • Where da White Women At?: Neil and Victoria, though it was unfortunately nixed due to the rampant hate mail-—both actors received death threats. Later couples, such as Phyllis and Damon, fared better.
  • Where the Hell Is Springfield?: Averted. Genoa City is in the state of Wisconsin, which means legal documents, e.g. divorce papers have the state seal visible. The show's main setting – Genoa City, Wisconsin – shares the same name with a Real Life village in southeastern Wisconsin, but the unrelated, fictionalized city seen in the show is depicted closer in size to Chicago (located 70 miles south-southeast of the real Genoa City) than the real town. Creators William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell named the fictional town Genoa City, as it was located on their way from their then-home in Chicago to their summer vacation home in Lake Geneva.
  • Whole Plot Reference: Nikki and Victor's romance, especially in the early days, is a clear homage to Pygmalion, with Nikki as Eliza and Victor as Professor Higgins.
  • Wise Beyond Their Years: Once she got old enough to actively participate in the plot, Faith Newman has been shown to be an intelligent, polite, compassionate young lady who tries to deal with all the drama around her. While she does have her moments of immaturity or temper (she is still a child, after all), she's miles more mature than at least half the adults. Occasionally including her parents.
  • Worthy Opponent: Victor and Jack have plenty of other business rivals, but none get quite the same grudging respect they give to each other. (And thanks to the various marriages between the two families, they're stuck dealing with each other forever, and they both know it.)
  • Write Who You Know: In-Universe, Traci often bases her characters loosely off of her friends. For example, Flynn, a private eye hired by his ex-wife that he's still in love with, is inspired by Cane and his relationship with Lily. (When she admits this to Cane, he's fortunately very flattered, and jokes that he should ask Flynn for advice, since he clearly has it together better than Cane himself does.)
  • Wrong Side of the Tracks:
    • Nikki Newman (nee Reed) came from a bad part of town and worked as a stripper for awhile until she caught Victor's eye.
    • Sharon also. It took a long time for Nikki to stop suspecting that she was a Gold Digger because of her lesser financial status, and even then, she still never felt that Sharon was good enough for Nick.
    • The Rosales siblings. All three are mostly good, law-abiding citizens (hell, Rey became a By-the-Book Cop), in spite of their working-class background.
  • Yandere:
    • Lisa who locked Brad in a cage for months.
    • Phyllis had shades of this when going after Daniel Romalotti.
    • Sheila Carter, drugged and raped Scott Grainger.
    • Mia, for Arturo, even though she's married to Rey. She picks fights with Arturo's girlfriend Abby at every opportunity, has some rather... worrying fantasies about attacking her, and even put Arturo's sister Lola into a coma, thinking she was Abby. Granted, when she realized she attacked Lola and not Abby, Mia felt terrible, but the fact still remains that Mia was perfectly willing to attack Abby, knock her out, and leave her for dead in the snow.
  • Yet Another Christmas Carol: In 2010, Victor, after his actions isolate him from his family and friends, has a dream on Christmas Eve, being guided by the spirits of his lost wives Hope, as the Ghost of Christmas Past, Sabrina, as the Ghost of Christmas Present, and then a shrouded Coleen, as the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come. Coleen being the one to wordlessly push in the fact that Victor shouldn't take anything for granted, as his life was rescued at the cost of a young girl, which Victor promises her, he will never forget that her heart gave him a second chance.


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