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Informed Attractiveness

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We'll take your word for it, Lil' E.

Kyle: Those contorting Romanian chicks rule!
Cartman: Yeah, especially that second one from the left. She was fine!
Kyle: Cartman, what the hell are you talking about?! They're identical!
Cartman: Not that second one from the left; she had it goin' on!
South Park, "Quintuplets 2000"

In most visual media, just about everyone is beautiful. But what are writers to do when someone's attractiveness is a plot point? Anime artists have Bishie Sparkle, Western animators have (or used to have) the Twinkle Smile — simple visual shorthands that viewers intuitively understand. But in live-action, often the only choice is to have the other characters tell us how attractive they are. Whether or not the viewer finds the character to be attractive, we must accept that within this fictional world, they are.

This trope is about characters pointing out how exceptionally attractive they think a character is, not whether they're being drawn attractive, or whether the viewers think they're attractive. And having an unusually active sex life isn't a part of this trope either unless a character says outright that the reason that person is being pursued is that they're the best looking of the group.


Of course, this trope is difficult to avoid in literature and other storytelling styles without high-resolution graphics or visuals. Some works may describe a character's appearance in glowing terms and let readers realize for themselves that the character is quite attractive, while others are content to just tell us that they're beautiful and move on.

This trope is related to The Glasses Gotta Go and She Is All Grown Up, where we're informed that a particular character is more attractive than they were. It can be a consequence of Generic Cuteness, since there no way to tell which character is supposed to be prettier than the others. The inverse of Informed Attractiveness is Hollywood Homely, where we're told that a character is unattractive no matter what the viewer might think about the issue and Informed Deformity where the viewer is told a character is ugly, but can't tell otherwise because of Generic Cuteness. Inhumanly Beautiful Race nearly always falls under this trope.


Remember that this is not about how attractive or unattractive you subjectively believe the character to be.

In-Universe Examples Only:

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    Anime and Manga 
  • Kuroyukihime from Accel World is described as stunningly beautiful to females and males alike, in stark contrast to her boyfriend, who barely even gets a mention.
  • Maria in A Devil and Her Love Song is appreciated as jaw-droppingly gorgeous, although the only things setting her design apart from other main female characters are her droopy eyes and her pouty mouth.
  • Tokidoki Rikugou of Amatsuki is always being told how cute and good-looking he is, and has people falling for him left and right. Kon never gets treated like that. The manga does briefly acknowledge Kon as handsome, but he's apparently "not much fun."
  • B Gata H Kei:
    • Main character Yamada is explicitly introduced as the hottest girl in school, and much of the plot and setting revolves around how attractive she is; but in neither the anime nor the manga does much in the art style distinguish her from a number of her classmates that don't receive comparable attention (she even has relatively small breasts, although she is self-conscious about this in-universe).
    • Yamada's main rival for most beautiful girl in school, Kyouka Kanejou, is drawn with more extreme artistic emphasis on her supposed beauty, including an ever-present cloud of sparkles around her head. Her brother, Keiichi, receives similar treatment on the male side of things. Still, their beauty receives establishment and support by frequent comments from other characters.
    • Particularly informed attractiveness for Yamada's one-year-younger sister Chika, who, despite being practically flat-chested and looking more like a middle schooler than a high schooler, is even more popular with the boys than Yamada, and effortlessly goes through a constant stream of good-looking boyfriends who shower her with gifts.
  • Bleach:
    • Orihime is the target of Kon and Keigo's worship, especially her cleavage. Even the Girls Want Her as Chizuru is her very own Stalker with a Crush. Yumichika, who classifies beauty by his own unrelenting standards, is reduced to a mumbling wreck when he first meets her. By the time she's in her final year of school, she's the subject of wide-spread school gossip about how she's so beautiful and sneaking photos of her face. At one point, Shishigawara is sent flying backwards by her appearance alone, leaving him dazed, shaken and wondering if she's inhuman because nobody human could be that beautiful.
    • According to Word of God and All There in the Manual, Captain Unohana is worshipped as the most beautiful woman in Soul Society, Rangiku can get any man to do anything for her because she's the sexiest woman in Soul Society and Byakuya is considered the sexiest man in Soul Society.
  • Maika of Blend-S is constantly talked up as being the cutest thing on two legs. Dino can't go two seconds without gushing over how attractive she is, and the other girls frequently praise her for it as well, even though due to drawing conventions all the characters are quite reasonably attractive as well—the only thing setting Maika apart is her small size and hairstyle.
  • Ran Mouri from Case Closed is supposed to be extremely attractive such that she's always the one who gets picked up. It gets extra noticeable in Lupin III vs. Detective Conan, which features characters from both franchises drawn in their respective art styles. Ran being equivalent in attractiveness to Fujiko strains the imagination somewhat.
  • Seigi from The Case Files of Jeweler Richard will probably never stop telling us how attractive he thinks Richard is. He does this probably more than once a page.
  • Kouko Ibuki from CLANNAD. Tomoya (in his guise as the show's narrator) tells us how beautiful she is. In After Story, Nagisa also at one point turns out to be quite the super-attractive guy magnet, which is even weirder since her looks didn't get much mention before.
  • Harumi Sakamoto from Family Complex has hordes of male and female fans due to his good looks, and everyone in his (all-boys) school can only talk about how beautiful/handsome he is when they lay eyes on him. Then he makes a brief appearance in Princess Princess, where his smile could bring everyone to their knees. However, every main character introduced in both series are just as attractive, and while these people are regarded as good-looking in-universe, they don't receive as much god-like attention as Harumi does.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya:
    • Haruhi herself is described as being stunningly beautiful in both the novels and the anime. Despite this, her design isn't any more attractive than the other female characters.
    • Mikuru is constantly being called beautiful, gorgeous, and one of the cutest girls in school, to point where a picture of her in Haruhi's bunny-girl suit was selling like wildfire among the male students. However, the only thing that really sets her apart from other female characters in terms of appearance is her bust size. Of note is the fact that the narrator Kyon adores Mikuru and that his assessment is colored by that emotion.
  • Every volume of Hidamari Sketch lists "beautiful" among Sae's attributes. Viewer subjectivity aside, Hiro is the one who's actually gotten a Love Letter, and Nazuna is demonstrably "pretty popular among the boys" such that "their" girls get jealous. Meanwhile, we haven't seen any interest of that type in Sae... from boys. (Girls... open for interpretation.)
  • Mio Akiyama from K-On! is repeatedly treated like she's the most beautiful of the main characters and her looks are frequently exploited for the sake of the band's publicity, to the point that she's the series' Ms. Fanservice as well as The Face Of The Band. Despite this, she doesn't look any different from her fellow band members aside from being the tallest.
  • Miyuki in The Kindaichi Case Files. She is Kindaichi's Love Interest, is the most desired girl in her high school, and in most cases, at least one guy is interested in her. She has exactly the same body type as other girls in the series and her face is very normal too.
  • Naru Narusegawa from Love Hina is noted as being incredibly attractive by multiple characters, even with the very attractive Motoko and Kitsune as her fellow lodgers. Granted Keitaro is in love with her so he would idealise her, but whenever the group goes anywhere, Naru is invariably the one who attracts the most attention from men. Kitsune even lampshades it when telling Keitaro about their friendship:
    Kitsune: Why did I get a "Uh-huh" and she gets a "Wow!"?!
  • Naruto: Sasuke. His good looks are mainly commented on by his admirers.
  • Nisekoi: In story Chitoge is universally agreed to be by far the most beautiful girl in school and often referred to as "Raku's supermodel girlfriend". While she is very cute, due to the art style the main difference between her and other girls in the main cast comes down to their hairstyles. While there are other differences, none are so stark enough to illustrate the in-universe difference.
  • Most of the supposedly inhumanly attractive characters from Noblesse aren't really drawn any differently from 'normal' characters, but people constantly stop and stare at them, clearly awestruck. Raizel is particularly prone to this, even though he really is almost identically drawn to Frankenstein.
  • Nyaruko: Crawling with Love!: Mahiro Yasaka is a fairly ordinary-looking Japanese teenager, and yet the aliens of the galaxy seem to think he's sex on legs, with one attempting to auction him off as the star of a Boys' Love TV show and another writing an entire Yaoi Doujinshi about him — and this is even before you get to his Unwanted Harem. Actually acknowledged In-Universe by his primary Love Interest Nyarko, who in one episode of the TV series remarks "For some reason, Mahiro-san is strangely attractive to aliens."
  • One Piece: Officially, Boa Hancock is the World's Most Beautiful Woman; part of the reason she's so powerful is that her Devil Fruit power allows her to petrify anyone who feels attracted to her, and so far Luffy is the only character (male or female) naturally immune to it. However, because the artist uses the same basic body type for every female character who isn't a Gonk or a child, she doesn't really look any better than any of the dozens of other attractive women in the cast.
  • Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club has nearly all the members of the club fawning over her cuteness even though they're dealing with dozens of pretty girls on a daily basis, and nearly every guy (and girl) in general who meets her is smitten with her almost instantly, even though the only thing that separates her looks from the other girls is short hair and boy's clothing. Although, it's her ability to be "naturally cute" that's hinted to be the reason for her popularity.
  • Sae Kashiwagi of Peach Girl is always described as "really pretty" and "cute" by most of the guys in her school. None of the other girls tend to be described as attractive.
  • Ranma ½: Akane Tendo is the most sought-after girl at Furinkan Highschool, to the point where the male student body regularly accosts her each morning, for the right to go out with her. The thing is, she's no more attractive than the rest of the female cast. Some would even say she looks plain by comparison. Yet, if you let the guys tell it, she's the cutest girl at the school. For some fans, Akane isn't even the prettiest girl in her own house.
  • Kyoko Sasagawa from Reborn! (2004) was introduced as the most attractive girl at school; our protagonist, Tsuna, often describes her as as such to the point it feels like it’s her only redeeming trait.
  • Moka in Rosario + Vampire is described as very attractive a bit more often than necessary. By the main character who's madly in love with her, sure, but every time she changes outfits, his response will be something along the lines of "You're so cute in your <clothing type here> clothing too, Moka-san!"
  • Neviril of Simoun is supposed to be awe-strikingly stop-you-dead-in-your-tracks gorgeous.
  • In Soul Eater, once in a while the supposed gracious beauty of the female characters will be addressed and it's treated as one of their most defining traits.
  • In Tomodachi no Hanashi, Moe is apparently considered drop-dead gorgeous, which seems to be mainly because she's drawn with larger eyes than most of the other characters.
  • Toradora!: Ami Kawashima is presented as the most attractive female member of the cast, despite being drawn similarly to other characters. The only signs pointing to her beauty are the fact that she worked as a model and that most of the male class members are all over her once she joins class 2-C. In the Manga, one can notice that she has slightly longer legs than the other girls, but she's also the tallest of the lot, so it could easily be chalked up to that. We do have to keep in mind that boys stood in line to confess their love to the female lead, Taiga before she gained her nickname of Palmtop Tiger so Ami does have some stiff competition.
  • Chizuru Kawanami of Dream Eater Merry. She's the only female character that gets sexy sparkly bubbly glowy montages, the sexophone, and "oooohhhs" and "aaaaahhhs" from the guys. She's not very popular with the fanbase.
  • In an episode of Princess Resurrection, one of Hiro's classmates gushes about Riza's "firm muscles", even though she's drawn as rail-thin as every other character.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Homura is supposed to be beautiful, going by Sayaka's reaction of "Wow, she's gorgeous!" the first time she walks into the classroom (the rest of the class seems to agree). She used to be Hollywood Homely—before the Groundhog Day Loop got going—but apparently Letting Her Hair Down, ditching her glasses, and adopting a mild Death Glare was all it took to make her impressively attractive. She reverts to her old appearance in The Movie, probably because a large portion of the fans thought it was cute.
  • The Irregular at Magic High School: The surrounding characters praise Miyuki's perfect beauty even more than they praise her older brother's invincibility, to the point that her beauty staggers people who see her for the first time, and causes people not interested in relationships to fall in love with her. This has received dislike from some fans, as Miyuki isn't drawn particularly more cute or beautiful than any of the other girls.
  • In High School Girls, Yuna's younger sister Momoka is constantly being praised as cute and beautiful even though she looks pretty similar to everyone else.
  • Among the four school-aged characters in My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!, Katarina is considered the least attractive and Maria the most. Yet if you actually look at them it's hard to tell which one is supposed to be the prettiest or anything. Which may be the point since whenever Katarina hints at the issue people seem to be confused.
  • Osaragi from Kaguya-sama: Love Is War is apparently supposed to be one of the hottest girls in school (and if the bonus page for chapter 158 is to believed, the hottest girl in the history of the magazine the manga is published in). This is probably supposed to be Played for Laughs since half of her face is constantly hidden from the reader by her giant Opaque Lenses.

    Comic Books 
  • Wonder Woman is often described as the World's Most Beautiful Woman, having been blessed at birth by the goddess Aphrodite, even though she usually isn't drawn any more attractively than any other DC chick.
  • Tulip from the Preacher comics is treated by her male companions and female best friend like she's the perfect woman. Jesse is also referred to by several characters as incredibly handsome. They still have the same face as everyone else.
  • Mystique briefly infiltrated the X-Men as a new student named Foxx. Character dialogue constantly reminds us she is stunningly gorgeous, to the point she drove one character into insane lust and possibly seduced Gambit.
  • In Mandrake the Magician, writer Lee Falk sometimes went to extreme lengths to point out just how beautiful Mandrake's fiancée Narda is. She once won a secret contest arranged by a mad collector to determine who is the most beautiful woman in the world (not that she was happy to win it, since the collector was really mad, and wanted to include her in his collection). She also won an intergalactic beauty contest, competing against ten million alien women!!
  • In the Disney Ducks Comic Universe, Daisy Duck is considered the most attractive woman in all of Duckburg and has even done some modeling work. She looks just like Donald Duck in a dress.
  • Vanity Smurf of The Smurfs is constantly informing us that he's the most handsome Smurf in the village, though it's unclear if we're supposed to accept this self-critique. Physically, he's drawn identically to the rest of the Smurfs.
  • Maus: All of the characters are depicted as anthropomorphic animals, and more or less identically at that. Vladek tells us several times that he was quite handsome in his youth. He also notes that his late wife Anja was less attractive than the girl he left for her, but she had more personality and a wealthier family.
  • Steve Trevor is said to be quite attractive and during the Golden Age gained a lot of female attention.
  • Superman is a good male example with women such as Lois Lane, Ice, and others commenting on how good-looking he is. Even with glasses.
  • Spider-Woman is an interesting example as she's often drawn extremely attractive, but it's her pheromones that make men especially attracted to her.
  • Josie and the Pussycats: Melody is supposedly the most beautiful member of the band, constantly getting attention from guys, although she usually looks identical to the rest of the girls. They are largely distinguishable only by hairstyle and color.
  • Teen Titans: Starfire tends to catch a lot of gushing over her beauty, even when standing next to a young Amazon and a half-demon in a leg-revealing evening gown. One memorable scene in Gotham Central had every male cop - and both gay women - staring at her in wordless, slack-jawed awe.
  • Invincible: In the aftermath of the Conquest event, Eve reforms her body from scratch; Mark soon notes that her breasts look bigger. Eve remarks that when she rebuilt herself some "improvements" were unconsciously made. That said, her bosom doesn't look any different than usual - Eve was always quite busty since day one, the way Mark immediately notes how bigger she is now doesn't match the unnoticeable "change" in her actual design.
  • Veronica from Archie Comics is usually treated in-story (more commonly early on) as more attractive than Betty, despite being famously the same face & body with new hair. It's excusable when one considers that Ronnie dresses much better, often showing more skin, and Betty can compete on an even keel whenever she dresses in skimpy gowns/bikinis. One story even makes fun of this, when Archie thinks he's talking to Veronica, only to find out that it's Betty trying out a black wig.
  • Supergirl is usually described by male characters as stunningly beautiful and incredibly alluring even though she doesn't look more attractive than your run-of-the-mill DC heroine.
  • Spider-Man: When Peter Parker goes to college, while Ditko draws him looking a little older, he doesn't look much different than how he did while in high school. However, according to Sally Green and Gwen Stacy (in thought balloons), Peter is a dream-boat! Sally notes that he has a "dreamy smile", and with Gwen huffing that she never thought someone so "manly looking" could be so cowardly.
  • Les Nombrils: In some gags, Jenny is said to be more beautiful than Vicky, despite them looking almost the same, save for skin color, hair, and nose shapes.

    Comic Strips 
  • Nermal from Garfield is constantly said to be obnoxiously adorable.

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animation 
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Snow White is, of course, "the fairest in the land," while her wicked stepmother the Queen is the second fairest. Whether or not the princess's 1930s china-doll charms really do look like a kingdom's greatest beauty, or really are superior to the Queen's elegant, mature beauty, is naturally a matter of taste for the viewer. But it definitely helps that Snow White and her stepmother are the only two female characters in the film, so we have no one to compare them to except each other.
  • Beauty and the Beast: While Belle is certainly pretty, she's described as an unparalleled beauty in the movie, which also depicts many of the background women as busty and very attractive, particularly the Three Bimbettes. Her design is taller and more slender, thus giving her a different kind of beauty than the other women. Also, she shines because of her "pure" natural beauty because she doesn't play it up (until she starts dressing more elegantly while in the castle), in contrast to all of the young women appearing in the movie. Even the only other innocent girl in the town (the one with almost no speaking lines, asked in the song "Belle" how her family is) is more fashionably dressed than our heroine, while the rest — the Bimbettes, Babette, the woman teasing the baker — use a heavy dose of sex-appeal.
  • How to Train Your Dragon: Astrid is described as the most beautiful girl in the village. Considering that there only is one other girl in the village as far as the movies indicate, this doesn't prove much.
  • Doug's 1st Movie: Herman Melville, the Lucky Duck Lake monster, wears a Paper-Thin Disguise of a human female student, and yet all the girls in the school describe "her" as a "cute girl".
  • My Little Pony:
    • My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks: Twilight Sparkle says that legends describe the Dazzlings as being an impossibly beautiful trio during their time in Equestria. However, while their human forms are lovely, their Equestrian forms are monstrous. Being sirens, they may have mesmerized the ponies into thinking they were beautiful.
    • My Little Pony: A New Generation: Hitch is treated as a hunky knockout by pony standards, with Sprout saying he has "chiselled abs" and having a calendar dedicated to him wearing various Hot Men at Work costumes. However, in terms of appearance he isn't meaningfully different from the other male ponies.
  • Oliver & Company: Georgette the show poodle is an odd case, not just because she's a dog. On the one hand, she's depicted as a blue-ribbon knockout with a room full of tokens from admirers, and her musical number "Perfect Isn't Easy" shows her being fawned over by a pack of eager admirers. On the other hand, the film makes it clear that Georgette's opinion of herself is vastly overinflated, and of the main cast, only Tito expresses any attraction. Either way, her design is not that different from that of Rita, the other female canine of any significance in the film, save that Georgette is much more elaborately-groomed. It may be because Georgette is a purebred poodle and Rita is a mutt.
  • Wreck-It Ralph: An in-universe example occurs when Felix becomes enamored with Calhoun. From the perspective of the humans playing the game, Felix is a cartoonish 8-bit character whereas Calhoun is rendered on modern technology with a more realistic art-style to represent the better graphics of the gaming generations compared to previous ones. However, when seen outside of the game world, all characters are rendered in high-resolution CG and this distinction is lost.
    Felix: (referring to Calhoun) "Look at that HIGH DEFINITION!"
  • In the Golden Films/Pickwick Animated Classics version of "Snow White", the Wicked Queen is described as the fairest and most beautiful woman in all the land before Snow White gets older. This is not obvious to the viewers at all as she looks like a wrinkled old woman with big baggy eyes, a long nose, and a wart on her cheek. Averted in a second adaptation by Golden Films, where the Evil Queen looks much better.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In The Wolf of Wall Street, the stock brokers are throwing a party that has many attractive women, and they're all trying to get laid. The minute that Naomi (Margot Robbie) shows up, they all become obsessed with her, and the other women might as well not exist.
  • In Enigma, Saffron Burrows' character is continually portrayed as the more attractive of the two female characters (the other female character is played by Kate Winslet)
  • Lisa from The Room. The main characters state that she's "so beautiful" almost ad nauseam. There's even a side character whose only line in the movie is "Lisa looks hot tonight." To make matters worse, he says it to a woman who's possibly his date/wife.
  • Taylor Vaughan from She's All That is described as the girl that every other girl wants to be and every guy wants to nail. However, it's also implied that her reputation is mostly built on an illusion — she may be reasonably pretty, but no one in the film can honestly say that they like her.
  • Twilight: When Edward Cullen is first introduced (slow-motion entrance), Jessica describes him as "totally gorgeous" while Bella and Angela are practically drooling over him.
  • Princess Leia in Star Wars. Luke gushes "she's beautiful" upon seeing her for the first time in a grainy, miniature hologram. Of course, on his backwater planet he may not have had too big a reference pool - the only other female character seen on Tatooine in A New Hope is Luke's Aunt Beru.
  • Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls gets a lot of praise, especially for her breasts.
  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture has the Head-Turning Beauty Ilia, a Deltan whose beauty and pheromones give a sexual reaction in many species, so much so that she has an "Oath of Celibacy" on record. She's played by Persis Khambatta, a professional model and Miss India 1965. The male bridge crew all stare when she arrives, with Sulu having the most obvious awed reaction. They just return to professionalism once she announces the oath of celibacy. This is all in spite of the fact that she's completely bald, which one of the authors found quite sexy.
  • Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man is told by Harry that she's beautiful when she points out that he thinks she's pretty.
  • The plot of The Truth About Cats & Dogs is based around Uma Thurman's character being much more attractive than Janeane Garofalo's character, who is Hollywood Homely.
  • Any adaptation of The Iliad will use this trope with respect to Helen of Troy, who is the most beautiful woman in the world as selected by Aphrodite. Even in the nonmagical Troy, Helen is beautiful enough for Paris to start a war over.
  • In Harry Potter.
    • Gilderoy Lockhart, played by Kenneth Branagh, has a considerable in-universe fangirl following. He's also a Proud Beauty.
    • Fleur Delacour. In the books, she is described as a breathtaking beauty with Veela (a stunningly beautiful magical creature) ancestry, but in the films she is just conventionally attractive.
  • In Ocean's Eleven, Matt Damon's character moans, "This is the best part of my day," like he's about to orgasm right then and there as Julia Roberts walks down the stairs, basically acting like she's the hottest person he's ever seen in his life, an opinion backed up by all and sundry who get a look at her.
  • In Being There, Chance the Gardener is described by a senator's wife as "very, very sexy" to Eve, who agrees with that assessment. In the book, he's described as a cross between a young Ted Kennedy and Cary Grant. Interestingly, Sellers deliberately gained weight for the role, believing that Chance would live a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Kelly LeBrock in Weird Science is supposed to be the absolute teen dream girl.
  • In El Mariachi, Domino is supposed to be so beautiful that the local crime lord is willing to shower her with gifts to have her. The Mariachi sidesteps around this trope by saying, "She was the most beautiful creature I'd seen all day... next to the turtle." Director Robert Rodriguez apparently realized that his microscopic budget wasn't going to afford any supermodels, so he'd better not go overboard.
  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: Lucy and Johanna, whom the Judge goes psycho over. Sweeney himself as a youth was so beautiful that Mrs. Lovett is willing to become his grisly accomplice out of the memory of his beauty.
  • Summer Finn in (500) Days of Summer has an entire scene in the film that explains the "Summer Effect", which is basically this trope. There's a lot of work put into making sure that the audience understands that it isn't only Tom that's crazy about her. Tom gets into a bar fight over her with another guy for saying that she's too good for him.
  • In The Hottie & the Nottie Paris Hilton is the most beautiful woman in Los Angeles to the point where guys flock around her jogging route just to see her run. It may or may not be significant that Paris Hilton is one of the executive producers.
  • Amanda Jones in Some Kind of Wonderful is said to be the most attractive girl in school, while tomboy Watts is pretty much invisible to her best friend Keith.
  • In American Pie, Stifler's mom is considered something of a legend among high school boys and apparently even popularized the term MILF.
  • Silken Floss is repeatedly called "the most beautiful woman ever" by the Octopus' goons in The Spirit. Sand Serif, played by Eva Mendes, doesn't get this hyperbolic of an assessment. The people who make this statement, however, are simple-minded clones who were created by Floss to begin with.
  • In 25th Hour, Ed Norton's character is apparently supposed to be a pretty boy. Numerous characters cringe at the thought of "what they do to guys like him in prison." Norton's character is so scared that he's too pretty for prison that he forces his friend to pummel his face into hamburger so he'll be uglier in the critical first few weeks of his sentence.
  • In Nino's dream in Amélie, the headshots in one of his pictures come alive and argue over whether Amelie is all that attractive. Some will only say that she's rather pretty, but another insists that she's beautiful. Interestingly, the character was written for Emily Watson and was probably going to be somewhat Hollywood Homely before Audrey Tautou was cast. During the press tour, one reporter even asked Jean-Pierre Jeunet why he had bucked his previous tradition by casting such a conventionally attractive actor in the lead.
  • Characters in Clerks II describe Dante's Romantic False Lead as extremely beautiful. Not surprisingly, she's played by the director's wife. Few comments are so forthcoming about Dante's other interest, played by Rosario Dawson.
  • Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time's Princess Tamina is said to be beautiful and when we get to see her Tus says "for once the stories are true" which all then men leer at her. Even the Prince can't take his eyes off her.
  • Titanic (1997) features Rose DeWitt Bukater played by Kate Winslet. One character upon seeing her for the first time compliments her fiancé by saying, "Congratulations, Hockley, she's splendid."
  • Snow White and the Huntsman sees Kristen Stewart cast against Charlize Theron as "fairest of them all". The magic mirror does specify that it's Snow White's beauty of heart that makes her fairer than the Queen, but that is itself an Informed Attribute.
  • In the Barbra Streisand vehicle The Mirror Has Two Faces, her plain Jane character Rose undergoes a makeover to win over her inattentive husband. Suddenly, whereas no one gave her a second look before, every male within sight is fawning and gushing over her, even her 20-something years younger students, to the point where she needs to stop in the middle of a lecture to chastise them for ogling her. (Streisand also produced and directed the movie.)
  • There's Something About Mary: Everybody says that Mary is very attractive, but it's her looks combined with her personality that drives every man in the film wild for her.
  • The Other Guys portrays Will Ferrel's character as a Kavorka Man because he gets much more attractive women to fall in love with him. His partner, played by Mark Wahlberg, describes his wife, played by Eva Mendes, as "scalding hot." Ferrel's character keeps describing her as "plain" or "cute but not hot" until the end when he admits that she's actually beautiful.
  • No less than five characters make comment on the attractiveness of Geena Davis' character in The Long Kiss Goodnight. Of course, it was produced and directed by her husband.
  • In How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Andy's friend tells her that she's so gorgeous that she could barf all over a guy and he'd say, "Do it again."
  • Amelia from the Mexican film El Crimen del Padre Amaro is described in the promotional material as beautiful, there's one scene in which she takes the lead character, Amaro, to the construction site of a new hospital and while being there the construction workers constantly ogle and whistle at her, Amaro even makes a comment on this. Also, Amaro is described as "very young and handsome", with several women on the town sighting over him.
  • Inverted in all adaptations of Jane Eyre. Jane and Rochester are described as plain and ugly in the book, respectively. These descriptions get carried over into film and television adaptations because their romance is about a personal connection rather than physical attraction.
  • A Knight's Tale has numerous characters comment on the beauty of Jocelyn, even though her lady-in-waiting Christiana looks more or less the same and is much less of a Jerkass. Kate is also very pretty and more helpful to Will than Jocelyn.
  • Baywatch it hit hard with this with Kelly Rohrbach's C.J. Parker being treated as the hottest thing on the beach. The cast includes Alexandra Daddario and Priyanka Chopra.
  • The Neon Demon: A central driving force of the plot is that the main character, played by Elle Fanning, is almost supernaturally beautiful, to the point that she takes the modelling world by storm and instantly provokes lust and envy even from fellow runway models.
  • Thank You for Smoking: When Nick inquires about a reporter from the Washington Probe during his weekly "Merchants of Death" dinner, Bobby pointedly mentions that "she has world-class tits".
  • Moulin Rouge!: Satine is described as the most beautiful of all the women who work at the titular club. Costume designer Catherine Martin has discussed the effort she put into making Satine's costumes truly gorgeous so that even viewers whose tastes weren't suited by Nicole Kidman's looks would take away the impression of her character's stunning beauty.
  • The Lighthouse: Wake calls Winslow "pretty as a picture" early in the film. Later, he again mentions Winslow's good looks, saying he has eyes that "flash like a lady's."

  • In "Snow White", the fact that Snow White is the most beautiful woman in the land according to the magic mirror is the central plot point and the reason why she is targeted by the evil queen.
  • In The Chronicles of Narnia:
    • In The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the book had Lucy learning about a spell that would make her so beautiful that (according to descriptions of the spell book's illustration of her Imagine Spot) all of Narnia would be plunged into a bloody civil war as suitors fought for her hand.
    • In The Magician's Nephew, Jadis is described multiple times as dazzlingly beautiful, from Digory's POV. The text points out that Polly doesn't see anything especially beautiful about the witch.
    • In at least two books, Susan is said to be the most beautiful woman in Narnia and her beauty leads to a few subplots.
  • In Pride and Prejudice, Jane Bennet is the most beautiful of the Bennet girls, who are all extremely pretty (except for Mary, who is the plain one). Characters in the story agree with the assessment.
  • Lanfear in The Wheel of Time is described as the world's most beautiful woman.
  • Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame is so beautiful that everyone who meets her falls in love with her, in some cases to the point of obsession. It certainly helps that she's also very kind and compassionate.
  • A Brother's Price has a male character described as handsome, to the point of being shown off to visiting royalty. He's found stripped and murdered and the narration remarks that he was given no dignity in death and mentions a paunchy stomach and thin, hairy legs. Later in the book, a teacher whose family painted portraits tells Jerin that most women will see very few men without veils, so any of them with two eyes and all his teeth will be considered handsome; all the same, she'd seen many men and portraits of men, and Jerin is beautiful even with a standard of comparison. His attractiveness is remarked on throughout the book.
  • The titular character in The Picture of Dorian Gray is adored by everyone around him and described as enormously attractive, mostly by other men. The vanity that follows becomes the driving force of the plot.
  • The Forsyte Saga: Irene Forsyte is described as one of the most beautiful women of her generation. She's frequently compared to Venus and everybody is charmed by her. Actresses who portray her in adaptations have a hard time coming close to this level of beauty.
  • Kvothe spends a chapter in The Name of the Wind agonizing over how to describe Denna's beauty to the man transcribing his story. During this process, his companion Bast points out that from a physical standpoint, she wasn't as awe-inspiring as Kvothe claims. Kvothe eventually recognizes that there simply aren't enough words for the singular love he has for her and decides that a simple physical description and the fact that she is beautiful to him will have to suffice.
  • The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter has Princess Kaguya, whose extraordinary beauty drives a significant part of the plot. Five princes and eventually the Emperor of Japan himself ask for her hand in marriage.
  • Lara Raith in The Dresden Files is a White Court Vampire who is so stunning and alluring that Harry is incapable of describing her in anything but droolingly adoring terms. In the book where she's introduced, everyone in the room stops what they're doing to gawk when she enters. Harry has trouble keeping his wits together even knowing how dangerous she is, but to be honest Harry struggles keeping his wits around even attractive mortal women. The rest of the Raith clan are supernaturally attractive as well, something Harry always notes when describing them, including his half-brother Thomas, although Lara seem to have a particular pull over Harry.
  • The D'Angelines of the Kushiel's Legacy series by Jacqueline Carey are described as having a slightly supernatural beauty to them, as they are descended from angels. This doesn't keep them from finding people of other cultures beautiful, as well.
  • In the Star Wars Expanded Universe, female Twi'Leks. Female Twi'Leks are seen as sexy and beautiful.
  • A variation in The Silence of the Lambs; the narrator doesn't tell us Clarice Starling is beautiful, but comments from side characters do, and in a way that is nearly as blatant as if they came from the narrator. For example, when accompanying Crawford to a medical examination, two other cops watch her go in. One says that she doesn't look half as good as she thinks she does, the other replies that if she thinks she looks pretty damn good, he'd agree with her. These two people don't come up again, and literally their sole purpose in the text is to inform the reader that Starling is good-looking, a fact about her that serves no relevance whatsoever to the plot of the book or her job as a talented but inexperienced FBI trainee.
  • It almost seems to be a rite of passage in Honor Harrington for characters meeting Eloise Pritchart for the first time to mentally comment on how extraordinarily beautiful she is. Initially, this is contrasted with her cold, calculating public persona as a Political Officer. Later, it's usually remarked upon by characters noting that she's still impossibly gorgeous despite all the stress and strain of her position as a head of state. In no case does it seem to be an actual plot point — not that the fanbase cares, as she's an extremely popular character.
  • Warrior Cats:
    • Several characters are described as attractive. Frostfur has a "beautiful white coat", Fireheart is a "handsome ginger tom", Brindleface is a "pretty tabby", etc.
    • RiverClan is a clan full of gorgeous cats. They're so pretty that it's stated humans often "steal" them as their pets (though the only time this is actually depicted is with Graystripe, who was originally from ThunderClan).
  • Marguerite (wife of Sir Percy Blakeney) in The Scarlet Pimpernel is immensely beautiful — she's the most beautiful woman in any room and she's basically the hottest redhead in France, England and in all probability in the whole world.
    "There are many portraits and miniatures extant of Marguerite St. Just — Lady Blakeney as she was then — but it is doubtful if any of these really do her singular beauty justice. Tall, above the average, with magnificent presence and regal figure. (...) Marguerite Blakeney was then scarcely five-and-twenty, and her beauty was at its most dazzling stage. The large hat, with its undulating and waving plumes, threw a soft shadow across the classic brow with the aureole of auburn hair — free at the moment from any powder; the sweet, almost childlike mouth, the straight chiselled nose, round chin, and delicate throat, all seemed set off by the picturesque costume of the period."
  • In the Land of Oz books, Princess Ozma and Glinda are noted for being extremely beautiful. Several books even note that they're the two most beautiful in all of Oz. There's also Polychrome, the daughter of the rainbow, whose beauty is so extraordinary that even the Nome King (who hates everybody) falls hard when he meets her.
  • Jane Eyre: Rich Bitch Blanche Ingram is supposed to be extremely beautiful, so her appearance is described in great detail. She's tall and majestic; she has a fine chest, sloping shoulders, and a long, graceful neck; her olive complexion is dark and clear. Her face has noble features and her eyes are large and black and called as brilliant as her jewels. She has gorgeous raven-black hair, thick, long, and shiny and worn in beautifully arranged hairdo. She dresses well, too, and is very elegant.
  • The Neverending Story: Gaya, the Dark Princess, is described by Gmork as "very beautiful... to me anyway". Given that her admirer is a ferocious werewolf who loves the sinister and fiendish, a human might find her to be either a malevolent yet alluring temptress or a stark reminder that other beings' preferences may be a tad different than our own.
  • The Vampire Diaries: almost all of the characters frequently comment about how physically beautiful and drop dead gorgeous Elena is, and the reader is constantly reminded of her flawless skin, golden hair and lapis lazuli eyes.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer gets this to the point of being historically known as the demon with the face of an angel. This is continued in his spin-off series Angel such as in the first episode where he is spotted by a talent agent and in "The Bachelor Party" where the fiance of Doyle's ex-wife Harriet meets Angel and thinks that he is Doyle, saying that Harriet didn't tell him what a handsome man he was. Then he's introduced to Doyle and is relieved ("Oh, that's better").
  • Angela from Bones is frequently described as extremely attractive, hot, etc. Much attention is paid to her extensive and varied romantic history.
  • Our Miss Brooks: Apparently, the visiting English schoolmaster in "Hello, Mr. Chips" is attractive. You can tell by the reaction of Miss Brooks, Harriet Conklin, and even Mrs. Davis.
  • Friends:
    • In season 7, Rachel chooses to hire a handsome male assistant instead of a more experienced woman, risking her job because he's just so pretty! Rachel, Phoebe, and even Chandler gush about how good-looking he is.
    • Ross and Monica's cousin is so attractive that Ross forgets that he's related to her, and Phoebe temporarily turns gay.
    • Brad Pitt shows up in an episode that basically revolves around the main cast mentioning how attractive he is.
    • Likewise, the first season episode with Victoria's Secret model Jill Goodacre. Chandler is nearly hypnotized by her hotness.
    • Chloe, the girl Chandler and Joey constantly fawn over (before we're even introduced to her) and Ross eventually cheats on Rachel with. This one had the slight justification that, since she was referred to frequently as "the girl with the belly button ring," her attraction might have been less being astoundingly beautiful and more about her aforementioned navel ring and short, punk haircut might have made her seem "exotic" to the somewhat vanilla Friends.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Quite a few characters remark on Sansa Stark's beauty, most notably Tyrion, who calls her "A great beauty with a very old name."
    • Cersei Lannister is constantly referred to as one of the most beautiful noblewomen of Westeros.
    • Daenerys Targaryen's attractiveness is also referenced very frequently.
    • Ser Loras Tyrell is regarded as one of the most good-looking men in the Seven Kingdoms.
    • Lord Renly Baratheon is acknowledged as being very handsome.
    • We're shown through various characters' expressions that Edmure's bride Roslin Frey is much more attractive than the rest of the Frey girls.
    • Margaery is frequently referred to as the most beautiful woman in the kingdom.
    • Jon Snow is commonly described as desirable, pretty, and handsome.
    • Characters constantly refer to Lyanna Stark as beautiful, though they are pretty biased, particularly Robert.
    • Many say that Rhaegar Targaryen was remarkably beautiful - even Oberyn, who despised him.
  • Ginger on Gilligan's Island was supposed to be a glamorous movie star of whom Mary Ann was jealous.
  • Justified: If any character, male or female, encounters Ava Crowder, you can rest assured that they will voice an appreciative comment or four about her looks.
  • Ally McBeal:
    • Nelle Porter is characterized as a sort of blonde goddess in which factors heavily into her unlikely relationship with nebbishy John Cage.
    • Everyone thinks that Ling is immensely hot. She thinks that as well, which helps.
  • In The New Adventures of Old Christine, Mr. Harrison is supposed to be so hot that Even the Guys Want Him.
  • Gilmore Girls: Paris tells Rory, "You look like little birds help you get dressed in the morning." Later, Luke tells Lorelai that "You have a daughter that looks like she belongs on top of a Christmas tree."
  • House:
    • Cameron was told she got her job because she's pretty ("it's like having a nice piece of art in the lobby"), and could have breezed through life on looks alone, yet became a Doctor, which said something for her dedication and how much she cared.
    • Chase is constantly described as extremely handsome, such that Even the Guys Want Him.
    • In the episode "Skin Deep," the team treats a 15-year-old model. The repeatedly stated assumption is that she's so beautiful that no man could possibly pass up an opportunity to sleep with her including her own father. This is a major assumption in their diagnosis.
    • In "Ugly" House is horrified to realize that he has been so entranced by Dr. Terzi's beauty that he has overlooked serious deficiencies in her medical skills. He worries that he's doing the same thing with Thirteen, but when she correctly diagnoses the patient of the week, he says something like, "She's getting uglier by the minute."
  • Hollyoaks: Sarah Barnes, a part-time model, is lusted after by just about everyone. Hannah Ashworth is so jealous of Sarah's looks and popularity that she develops a severe eating disorder in an attempt to look more like her.
  • Stargate SG-1:
    • Very early in season one especially, Samantha Carter is mentioned several times as being exceedingly beautiful. Nearly everyone who talks about how beautiful she is says this after only seeing her in baggy, unflattering military uniforms.
    • Another notable example is Hathor, who even without her seduction drugs was supposed to be irresistibly attractive.
  • WKRP in Cincinnati had two regular female characters. One, Jennifer, was invariably treated as a sexpot. Her photo was frequently stolen from the lobby, she maintained her job despite refusing to do much of the work associated with her position ("Get us some coffee, Jennifer" "I don't do coffee." "Oh, I'll just get it myself." "Thank you, Mr. Carlson." "No, Jennifer, thank you."), and she had an endless series of (usually rich) suitors at her beck and call.
  • Sex and the City has Carrie Bradshaw, who is depicted as incredibly sexy and sought-after by men, and many of her friends are envious of her looks at times. Additionally, many of the men on the show are described as attractive.
  • Star Trek
    • Vash was supposedly so hot that she managed to attract virtually every male character on both Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, including Q.
    • Star Trek: Enterprise: The production team loved to frame Jolene Blalock as Ms. Fanservice repeatedly. But on the show itself, her Vulcan character of T'Pol was presented as essentially shunned by the human crew early on. It was actually a symbol of Character Development on both sides when she was considered reasonably attractive "for a Vulcan". When stranded on a shuttlepod and thinking they were going to die, Reed mentioned to Trip how he thought T'Pol had a "nice bum", while Trip was dismissive of that. Ironically, Trip started to form a romantic relationship with her in the third season.
    • Star Trek: Picard: In Season 1, a few characters spontaneously remark on Narek's attractiveness to remind Soji (and the audience) that he's an irresistible Honey Trap.
      • In "Maps and Legends", a female Trill scientist (in her only appearance) spots Narek and is immediately intrigued:
        Dr. Naáshala Kunamadéstifee: Who is that?
        Soji: That's Narek. He's new here, too.
        Kunamadéstifee: I didn't know Romulans could be so hot.
        Soji: Me neither.
      • In "The Impossible Box", Hugh is unsurprised that Soji is in danger and suspects that Narek is involved:
        Hugh: And something about the dashing young Romulan spy who showed up two weeks ago, pretending not to be asking questions about her.
  • Mary Shannon of In Plain Sight. We're constantly told that she's gorgeous, a "hot blonde" and very attractive.
  • Parodied by the "Mango" sketches on Saturday Night Live, with the notion that Chris Kattan wearing gold-colored hot pants turns straight guys gay. And Ellen DeGeneres straight. And that the talent was genetic, coming from his father Papaya... played by Danny DeVito.
  • Brian Kinney in Queer as Folk is written as if he were impossibly attractive.
  • The West Wing:
    • A number of men fall all over themselves to sing paeans to CJ's sexiness.
    • A number of women fall all over themselves to sing paeans to Josh's sexiness.
    • There's a running subplot in the show's fifth season dealing with CJ's ex-boyfriend, Ben. Carol swoons when talking about him. CJ swoons when talking about him. Even the First Lady comments on how handsome Ben is.
  • In the 2006 version of Robin Hood, the character of Kate is introduced in season three, replacing Marian and Djaq as the main female character. It's love at first sight for Much, and Allan isn't too far behind. Robin tells her that she's "beautiful", Archer isn't at all interested in joining the outlaws until Kate's life is endangered, and even Little John seems rather taken with her, referring to her as "a treasure". Prince John locks her up with the intention of raping her, Rufus the tax-collector kidnaps her and forces her to dance in front of him, and even a random tavern patron tries his luck.
  • On Lizzie McGuire, Kate is the quintessential Alpha Bitch, including the fact that she's sought by every guy and supposedly the prettiest girl in the class. The earlier episodes stated Kate's bustiness had something to do with it, but the later episodes ceased from mentioning it.
  • Every single woman that Major Nelson dated for the first five seasons of I Dream of Jeannie. Even Jeannie would go on and on about how beautiful they were, though part of this is because Jeannie is massively jealous of all these women because she's in love with Nelson.
  • That '70s Show:
    • Jackie. Played for Laughs once; when Eric asks Hyde why he'd hook up with Jackie. Hyde tells Eric to imagine being stranded on an island with Jackie in nothing but a coconut-bikini, he still doesn't get it. Then he tells Eric to do what he does and tune her out. So Eric re-imagines the same thing but without sound, only to realize Jackie is kind of hot.
    • In the episode "Eric's Hot Cousin," Eric's cousin is supposed to be so hot that Eric lusts after her, and Donna and Jackie feel upstaged by her.
    • Kelso goes on and on about how hot he is, and is never corrected. Apparently, his hottitude is a matter of record in the T70S 'verse.
    • Throughout the whole series, everyone touts Donna as Point Place's single hottest girl, so much so that Eric is supposedly way out of his league to be with her.
  • Done somewhat oddly in Jekyll: when Tom Jackman becomes Hyde, his features alter, which is reflected in actor James Nesbitt's makeup (different hairline, jaw, etc.). People keep referring to Hyde as a "pretty boy" and the like, but little mention is given to Jackman's attractiveness.
  • In Burn Notice, Gabrielle Anwar's character is repeatedly referred to as attractive, even getting into parties, VIP club sections, et cetera solely on her looks.
  • Law & Order:
    • Pretty much every two-man (and they were all men in the early days) cop team consisted of an old cop and a young cop, with the young cop always "informed" as being attractive. The phenomenon usually expressed itself in the form of women hitting on them, giving them phone numbers, asking them to call, or generally indicating it with body language.
    • In the episode "Navy Blues", the audience is reminded ad nauseam of the suspects' good looks during the detectives' investigation. They deduce that she's lying about her whereabouts the day of the murder when no one can remember seeing her at any of the places she claimed to be — "and this is a woman you'd remember" — and her alibi is further sunk when various men remember seeing her with the victim at places she denied being, all because she was apparently so gorgeous that within minutes of meeting her they were fantasizing about her.
  • Similarly, on an episode of Cold Case, virtually every man who met or knew the Victim of the Week (or one of them, being the female half of a married couple) was instantly awestruck by her beauty and even 16 years later in the present day couldn't stop commenting on it—even Lily, a woman, uses this to taunt one of the suspects, suggesting that he killed her because of his obsession with her (ironically, she's wrong about this guy, but this is precisely the reason that the real killer acted as he did).
  • In Law & Order: UK, it's Ronnie, the much older partner, who is explicitly stated to be handsome.
  • In Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, it is made extremely clear that everyone in-universe finds Olivia Benson extremely attractive. Guest star Rose McGowan also plays a swinger/con artist who is some type of Dude Magnet who has almost every male in the episode falling at her feet.
  • The character of Michelle Richardson in Skins is depicted as the best looking girl in school.
  • In the BBC's adaptations of the Sally Lockhart stories by Philip Pullman, they cast Billie Piper as Sally. Now Pullman is a writer who does not go in for physical description on the whole and yet on the first page of The Ruby In The Smoke, he described her as 'uncommonly pretty'.
  • Parodied in The Kids in the Hall with a film showing us "The Most Handsome Man in the World!", who is barely real-life average, strutting down the street, acting up to his title.
  • Dallas:
    • In an early episode, Sue Ellen gushes over how handsome Cliff Barnes is.
    • This also happens in later seasons when Cally (JR's second wife who is a twenty-something blonde hottie) is insecure about how desirable fifty-something Vanessa Beaumont is.
  • The Poirot television series played this trope as a Running Gag, with Poirot's friend Hastings regularly gushing over any suspect who is an actress, model, aristocrat, or glamour-queen. Lampshaded in The Mysterious Affair at Styles, in which Poirot tactfully hints that his friend needs to shake his "Beauty Equals Goodness" assumptions.
  • On one episode of Cheers, Cliff is ashamed that the woman he's dating is ugly (you'd think that he'd be glad to have anyone at all; think again). She ends up getting a makeover and having men drooling over her.
  • Jane on Coupling is certainly flirty as well as reasonably pretty, but in several episodes, she's hyped up more than would seem believable. One particular episode has Susan being impressed by Jane's breasts.
  • Nip/Tuck makes Julia McNamara's character the object of undying affection for both Sean and Christian. The guys (and later a girl) behave as though she is extremely beautiful. Christian gives her an eight out of ten.
  • This trope was played with on an episode of Jonathan Creek in which a pop starlet's husband is only sexually interested in her if she's wearing the tarty makeup and outfits that have made her career so successful.
  • In Gossip Girl, Serena is treated as THE ultimate beauty of the circle by most of the characters, despite the cast being full of other very attractive actresses.
  • The plethora of alien beauties in Farscape. All the main female characters (Aeryn, Zhaan, Jool, Sikuzo) are considered or have been described as "beautiful" or "attractive" within the show, but special attention is always given to Chiana, who gives off a sexual vibe that men respond to. Given the fact that these alien babes aren't human, we just have to take other characters' words for it. Though, notably, the only human we watch doesn't seem remotely attracted to Chiana and instead focuses on Aeryn.
  • Necessary in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys when the time comes to play out the myth of Cupid and Psyche. According to the legends, Psyche was the most beautiful woman in existence, so much so that Aphrodite herself was jealous of her beauty, though the episode makes it clear that the "real" story has nothing to do with their looks.
  • Sally on 3rd Rock from the Sun gets plenty of attention for her looks.
  • How I Met Your Mother:
    • Much dialogue, and indeed entire subplots, are devoted to Robin's beauty. Apparently, she is used to getting her morning coffee and bagels for free through her looks alone, and she doesn’t even have to pay rent.
    • In "Girls vs Suits", the cast makes a big deal about the hotness of a new female bartender, though it's ultimately decided that she's hot because she's a bartender, not because she's hot and a bartender.
    • In "Twelve Horny Women", Marshall's lawyer friend Brad is so handsome that the entire jury and the male judge (who has a wife) fall completely in love with him, giving him a huge advantage in the trial. This is especially jarring since Brad spent the entire previous episode disguised as a disgusting hobo.
  • Drake from Drake & Josh is a Kidanova and his looks are hyped up a bit.
  • The 2008 miniseries of Tess of the d'Urbervilles took this to great lengths with the character of Angel Clare. During the course of the series, he has four milkmaids (including the title character) who worship the ground on which he walks.
  • Hyacinthe from Keeping Up Appearances has an unusual number of men over the course of the series get the palm sweats over her. It's usually the Major, whose advances Hyacinth tolerates to some extent because he's very-well-connected-socially. Rule of Funny, really, and usually lampshaded. Same goes for Onslow. His wife Daisy is unaccountably fascinated with his body. Even Onslow is at a loss to comprehend it.
  • In an episode of A Touch of Frost entitled "Deep Waters" a girl is pushed down a flight of stairs by a stalker. Throughout the entire episode, she is repeatedly referred to as being one of the most attractive women in Denton by everyone including: Inspector Frost, her best mate, her boyfriend, her Dean, her stalker's best mates.
  • On The Golden Girls, we are constantly informed how beautiful and sexy Blanche Devereaux is. Most often by Blanche herself.
  • Charmed:
    • People on the show talked about Phoebe Halliwell as if she were the most gorgeous creature to ever walk the Earth, despite the attractiveness of her sisters.
    • Also neighbor Dan in season 2. His first introduction featured all three sisters' jaws dropping in unison.
    • Leo is also introduced with Piper and Phoebe checking out his ass as he cleans their chimney. They spend the next couple of episodes fighting over him. Later in Season 8, a married woman called Eve flirts shamelessly with him.
  • Edie, Susan, and Gabrielle are praised for their appearances on Desperate Housewives.
  • The Russian/Argentine telenovela titled ''Tango's Rhythm." One of the characters is repeatedly showered by compliments throughout the show regarding her intelligence, charisma, but most of all, her "great beauty," that supposedly made her a searing Femme Fatale and had all the men literally fighting for and throwing themselves on her.
  • Special attention has been drawn to the attractiveness of Sarah on Chuck in practically every episode.
  • On Sports Night, Sally Sasser is discussed as if she's the best-looking woman anyone in the show had ever seen.
  • On Glee, Quinn is the prettiest girl in the school, and everyone thinks so. When Rachel is considering a nose job, she brings Quinn with her to show the type of nose she wants. This trope is later deconstructed though when Quinn reveals her fears that all she'll ever be is pretty.
  • In an episode of Medium the main character Alison Dubois spends half the episode talking about how attractive a woman she has dreamt about is.
  • Played with in an episode of Corner Gas where Lacey discovers that every girl in Dog River thinks Brent is the most attractive male in town.
  • Family Matters: Steve regards Laura Winslow as the most beautiful girl in the world (as do several of the other boys who show interest in her), remaining in love with her to the point of obsession throughout the show's duration.
  • Brenda Chenowith in Six Feet Under has no problem seducing and having casual sex with lots of very good-looking men who tell her she's gorgeous.
  • Flight of the Conchords: Bret sings about a girl he's obsessed with: "She's so hot she's making me sexist!"
  • The Brady Bunch: This trope is the very reason why Jan Brady will spend most (if not all) of her adult life cursing the name of her sister Marcia (to a long line of therapists trying to reconstruct her self-esteem, most likely), having spent her entire childhood being told Marcia is prettier than she is.
  • In Being Human, several women mention how attractive they find Mitchell, usually while talking to George.
  • Doctor Who:
    • Played with in regards to Rory in Doctor Who When Rory is first introduced, he's presented as much less attractive than another friend of Amy's. The Doctor expresses some shock that Amy, who is played by a former runway model, would go out with someone who looks like Rory. Making fun of his nose is also a Running Gag for several episodes. The Dream Lord who is actually the Doctor's split personality refers to the Doctor as the "handsome hero" in comparison to Rory. Later, however, the TARDIS refers to Rory as "the pretty one," to the Doctor's shock. Amy also calls him "the most beautiful man in the world," though she seems to be talking about him as a person.
    • The Inhumanly Beautiful Race the Thals in "The Daleks", especially Alydon, a man considered to be unusually beautiful even amongst the Thals and is even described by Susan as "perfect." The actor playing Alydon is highly attractive but not so much more than the Common Beauties Ian and Susan.
  • Mary on The Mary Tyler Moore Show was constantly referred to as being, as one of her co-workers put it, "terrifically attractive and desirable," and virtually every male guest character fell for her and wanted to date her. MAD made this the entire focus of their satire of the show, only to subvert it at the end by having Ted give a bouquet of flowers to Rhoda because she was the only level-headed woman on the show.
  • Parodied in Son of the Beach where everyone (apart from the Only Sane Woman Kimberlee) seem to consider Notch Johnson as having the perfect male physique. In reality, he is ordinary-looking, skinny, pasty-white, middle-aged, and balding.
  • Supernatural:
    • Dean Winchester is often referred to as "the pretty one" or "Abercrombie". Even Lilith describes the brothers by saying "one's really tall and the other's really cute." One standout example is an episode where he comes back in contact with "the one who got away." One scene at a picnic features two women whose entire role is to talk about how attractive he is, while he stands around posing, unaware.
    • Castiel's attractiveness is consistently pointed out and commented on by various other characters throughout the show.
  • In Beverly Hills, 90210, Kelly (Jennie Garth) is often touted as "the pretty one" of the group.
  • In the Danish cop show Rejseholdet (known in English-speaking circles as Unit One) Detective Chief Inspector Ingrid Dahl is described in the first episode as having "the best arse in the force."
  • In the drama Wizards of Waverly Place: Just look at how cute Maxine is!
  • Coronation Street acted as if John Stape was the most attractive human being on the planet. His introduction is literally Sophie gushing about how cute he is. Fiz is immediately persuaded to leave her steady relationship with Kirk for him, Sally dolls herself up and gushes over him when he gives her English lessons, and Rosie transfers to Weatherfield High just so she can seduce him. His old colleague Charlotte is also desperate to get him to leave Fiz, and even a random woman he rents a B&B room from seems to want to get him into the sack.
  • In The Big Bang Theory, most male characters who have met to Penny comment on how attractive she is. It's taken to even more insane levels later on with Amy constantly gushing about how "hot" Penny is while bluntly dismissing Bernadette as "passably cute".
  • Doctor Drew Bair from 30 Rock - he's so hot, he managed to graduate from med school despite being an idiot simply because everyone was amazed at how handsome he was. Helps that he was played by Jon Hamm.
  • In Continuum, some of the other cast members mention how pretty the main character Kiera Cameron is upon meeting her and bring it up time and time again thereafter, and various other recurring/one-episode characters regularly do the same.
  • Eve Polastri of Killing Eve is often said to be very attractive, especially by Villainelle but also by other characters.
  • In The Office (US):
    • Pam is said to be attractive hot by several people in the office, often within her earshot, though often in a slightly insulting way. In one scene, Ryan describes her as hot for Scranton, but not so much elsewhere.
    • Ryan has both Michael and Kelly fawning over him all the time.
  • In the series Doc starring Billy Ray Cyrus as Dr. Clint Cassidy, every episode went out of its way to tell the audience how good-looking Dr. Cassidy was: female patients would become giddy in his presence; female background characters, including extras with non-speaking roles, would frequently look at him with lust in their eyes; any female character he met for the first time would almost always make some flattering remark about his appearance; he even had a gay guy hitting on him in one episode.
  • Played for Laughs in Malcolm in the Middle. One episode revolves around Lois being encouraged to wear makeup at her job due to some secret shopper evaluations. Despite Lois finding her makeup ugly, men suddenly find her significantly attractive.
  • Summer Heights High: Ja'mie King is a beautiful Alpha Bitch whom everyone describes as being "hot." It's Played for Laughs because she's played by a middle-aged man in a wig (Chris Lilley).
  • In the Only Fools and Horses prequel Rock and Chips, Joannie is subject to gushing over her looks.
  • Modern Family has two examples: Sofia Vergara and Haley Dunphy.
  • 19 Kids and Counting: Many people refer to Jessa Duggar as the prettiest daughter. Or just the pretty daughter, period.
  • Played for Laughs in 'Allo 'Allo! with Renee Artois. Regarded as fat, balding and cowardly by many men in the show, but almost every woman and Ambiguously Gay man in the show reacted as though he were the most desirable man to have ever lived.
  • Reba. Cheyenne constantly talks about how pretty she is, as does everyone else around her.
  • The Young Pope: Pope Pius XIII's handsome appearance is an important plot point. Many people comment about how handsome he is. In fact, Pius explains that he's been hiding his face from the general public so that, when he finally does make a public appearance and people see how angelically handsome he is for the first time, they will do whatever he tells them to.
  • The Deuce: Several people tell Candy that she's got the looks to be in movies, whether mainstream or pornographic.
  • According to Jim: Cheryl's looks are constantly praised, especially how "out of Jim's league she is".
  • Schitt's Creek: Multiple characters point out how pretty Alexis Rose is, including Alexis Rose herself. These include Ronnie, Ted, Mutt, and Rachel.
  • Scrubs:
    • A lot of characters point out how "handsome" Keith is, particularly J.D. Even the Janitor refers to him as "Handsome Doctor."
    • Molly is apparently so hot that a man would kill to have sex with her according to Turk, and he and J.D also claim she's the second-hottest woman in the entire hospital.
    • Dr. Miller as well, despite being a massive Jerkass, she's treated as being exceedingly attractive to the point most of the surgical team have crushes on her even though she treats them like dirt.
  • Peaky Blinders does this with Grace, with several characters frequently calling her "the pretty barmaid", though given the lack of women in the first season, you have to wonder if the Blinders don't just think so because she's the only (relevant) woman they know who isn't related to them.
  • The White Lotus: Nicole calls Rachel "pretty" even though she's pointing her out to call her a terrible journalist. The only compliment that Rachel's new husband gives her is that she's "hot," and it's implied he married her purely for her looks. After besting Rachel in a conversation, Olivia's smug smirk vanishes when she sees Rachel in a bikini.

  • 2D of Gorillaz fame is supposed to be the "pretty boy singer" of the group, who Murdoc describes as "a blue-haired, black-eyed god"' with "an arse like a satsuma".

    Myths and Religion 
  • Helen of Troy is described as the most beautiful woman in the world in Greek mythology, as determined by the goddess of love, Aphrodite. Homer, in The Iliad, encountered the problem of describing her beauty, so he simply stated she was worth the war. Artists had a much harder time. One of them tried to draw her with golden paint, after which everyone complained she's supposed to be beautiful, not dressed up.
  • Psyche, Eros' wife, who was so beautiful people began to follow her instead of worshiping Aphrodite. She ended up marrying Eros because Aphrodite had sent her son to make Psyche fall in love with some hideous beast in retaliation, and instead he instantly fell in love with her.
  • In The Bible Saul, David, Absalom, Esther, Rachel, Abigail, Abishag and the three daughters Job had post-Trauma Conga Line are all described as beautiful or good-looking. Of Job's daughters in particular it is said that they were the most beautiful in the land.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Pro wrestling is very prone to this, showing up in two ways:
    • They seem to randomly assign somebody as more attractive than the others and frequently talk them up as such. Kelly Kelly had somehow gotten the reputation (mostly thanks to Jerry Lawler obsessing over her) as the most beautiful Diva on the roster. Eva Marie, and later Mandy Rose, also get this, especially from Corey Graves.
    • A (usually female) stable will frequently become a group of Alpha Bitches, will be considered, by themselves and others, the most beautiful and start to attack other female wrestlers they don't see as worthy. LayCool did it, as did TNA's The Beautiful People, who said point-blank they were "Cleansing the World, One Ugly Person at A Time."

    Puppet Shows 
  • The Muppets: Miss Piggy is so hot that even human men have hit on her at various points in the franchise. To a lesser extent, Camilla (a non-anthropomorphic chicken) gets this treatment too, and not just from Gonzo.

    Tabletop Games 

    Video Games 
  • Suikoden V: Lyon gets a lot of attention from the males, more than any other female, even more than Jeane!
  • In Tales of Phantasia, during a Skinship Grope scene, Arche claims that Mint has a really nicely-sized pair of breasts. Arche is often described as attractive too.
  • Lucia from Lunar: Eternal Blue has just about everybody drooling over her and telling her how pretty she is, to the point where soldiers are second-guessing putting her to death because "nobody that beautiful can be evil."
  • Yomi from Jewels Ocean is said to be the most beautiful being, even envied by the gods for. One NPC even outright states, "Her beauty surpasses even all of the jewels around the world".
  • Super Mario Bros.:
    • Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door:
      • Played for laughs by regularly claiming that Mario is the sexiest thing on two legs. Every female party member gives Mario a smooch before joining him on his quest. This is the same slightly pudgy plumber whose love interest is a Pretty Princess Powerhouse with hinted mutual affection, so it's not new to him by any means.
      • Likewise, Goombella is considered almost as attractive as Mario is, getting hit on by quite a few minor characters throughout the game herself. However, while Mario is clearly a human male, Goombella is still a Goomba (a Badass Adorable Goomba, but a Goomba nevertheless). Though she's certainly cuter than your average Goomba, most people wouldn't consider dating a walking mushroom with no arms, which is probably the entire joke. Then again, as seen with Bowser's Villainous Crush on Peach, interspecies attraction is nothing new in the Mario universe.
    • Mario & Luigi: Dream Team also plays this for laughs with Dreamy Broque Monsieur stating that Dreamy Luigi is much like the real Luigi except taller and more handsome, even though the only change to Luigi's appearance is that his sprite is seen from a Side View. This may be a result of Luigi having become a Dream Sue.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Cyan in Final Fantasy VI is supposed to be extremely attractive, with women all over the world calling him 'handsome' and making a fuss over him (or even flashing their breasts). He's not a classic Bishōnen like Edgar or Locke or a classic Hunk like Sabin, has a sunken, craggy face, thin hair, and a questionable moustache, and is usually drawn with a slightly goofy expression. His chivalrous and earnest personality might be what women are responding to.
    • In Final Fantasy VII Tifa is repeatedly described as being ridiculously good-looking ('famous for being cute', according to one NPC) and it's suggested she's the most beautiful of the girls in the cast. Aeris' looks aren't described despite her having a striking smile, and she gets a mixed reception after picking a sexy dress at Wall Market, but can make money off overcharging creepy men for flowers. The in-game graphics give everyone Generic Cuteness, so besides character art, there's no visual indication that Tifa's any hotter than Aeris (who some players prefer) or, say, Yuffie or Elena. For the boys, Cloud is referred to as being 'handsome', 'nice-looking', 'cute', etc., but characters also observe that he's scary, intimidating, skinny, and has a terrible hairstyle. Most fans preferred to present him as a conventionally beautiful young man with a stylish emo-kid haircut, which carried over to the sequels and prequels - enough that when Final Fantasy VII Remake showed Cloud as good-looking but unpleasantly thin and pale, it was a shock.
    • According to NPC chatter in Final Fantasy X, Seymour is quite the catch and Yuna is lucky to have him. Seymour is apparently one-quarter plant, with disproportionately large, long-fingered and longer-clawed hands, a pattern of ridges on his face that resembles nothing so much as veins, blue hair that grows into tree-root-like stalks, and a handful of other strange features. His robes are also loosely tied giving him an Absolute Cleavage outfit. However, it gives him the distinct look of having a hairy beer-belly. Part of his appeal is apparently his status as a maester and talented summoner - he's the local equivalent of a Sexy Priest in a world where virtually everyone is extremely devout about religion, so there's a cultural reason for it as well.
  • Pokémon:
    • For both the games and anime, Milotic is stated to be the most beautiful Pokemon in existence.
    • Later generations of Pokemon games introduce Pokemon Contest, which includes beauty as one of the Pokemon's primary stats, though a Pokemon with a maxed out beauty stat is going to look exactly the same as one with nothing invested in it.
  • Dragon Age:
    • Dragon Age: Origins generally assumes that you're going to make your PC attractive, and a number of characters, male or female, will tell you that you're the sexiest thing since sex, no matter what you make your character look like. Any other reaction from NPC dialogue could risk alienating the significant number of players who base their characters on their real-life appearance. For example, on the way into Lothering at the beginning of the game, the Warden and their party will run into a group of bandits. If the Warden is female and human, the chief bandit will guess that "the pretty one is the leader", while pointing directly at the Warden. Your companions, a Hot Witch and a hunky warrior, get no attention.
    • Dragon Age II has many characters describe the player's character as attractive. The notable (possibly only) exception is Viveka, a hostess at the local brothel, who will say that Hawke isn't much of a looker should you insult her appearance.
  • Street Fighter:
    • Chun Li has been officially stated to be the most beautiful woman in the entire roster, personal preferences be damned.
    • Vega (a.k.a. Balrog in Japan) refers to himself as being incredibly beautiful to the point of being The Fighting Narcissist. He might be a biased source.
  • In Knights of the Old Republic 2, the six Echani Handmaidens are supposed to look identical except for differences in the last, who had a different mother and takes after her mother. She is also supposed to be more beautiful than her half-sisters. Guess what? Her model is exactly the friggin' same! It is at least Lampshaded when she expresses surprise that you noticed her supposedly different appearance at all.
  • In Rise of the Kasai, the twins are apparently supposed to be attractive female sorceresses who are able to enslave the whole Horde (the all-male army of the Kasai cult) through magically assisted seduction, and even manage to do this to the main hero, Rau. How much of their power was meant to be based on actual attractiveness and how much was meant to be pure magic is never really addressed.
  • Princess Kaguya of Touhou Project is meant to be, well, Princess Kaguya of "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter", whose beauty was so magnificent that mere legends of it resulted in her being desired by nearly every man in the country, including the Emperor.
  • Theme Park's DS release has Crystal, a 26-year-old adviser, commented as attractive by the "main" adviser.
  • Gingiva: The protagonist of this game is a woman with a turnkey for a head. Yet apparently she is ravishingly beautiful to the point where monsters profess their wish to marry her on sight. This makes absolutely no sense at all, but that is the entire point.
  • The Sims Medieval has a Legendary Trait called "Seductive", which gives the Sim a huge boost to romantic interactions but doesn't affect their actual appearance, meaning they're anywhere from this (if they were generic-looking or attractive to begin with) to a Kavorka Man if they were not. There's also a piece of Gossip that says "I heard (Sim Name) is so handsome/beautiful he/she gets discounts at all the market stalls just by smiling!" Cue amused player reaction when the name of an average or ugly Sim is randomly plugged into this.
  • In The Darkside Detective, Dooley thinks the villain of the "Malice in Wonderland" case is very attractive. She has exactly the same featureless pixel art face like every other character.
  • Everyone in Pathfinder: Kingmaker gushes about how gorgeous Valerie is, and in fact, her stated motivation for not becoming a Paladin of Shelyn is how irritating she found the constant fawning attention and marriage proposals. Whether you actually think she's attractive, of course, is up to you, but your character certainly seems to think so (even non-romantically).
    • The nymph called the Guardian of the Bloom also is always described as incredibly attractive. You, the player, may feel otherwise. In any case, as she is using a Honey Trap to get you and at least two other would-be kings to ruin each other, her beauty is definitely a powerful asset. Additionally, a nymph in this setting would have an extraordinarily high Charisma score.
  • Ensemble Stars! revolves around a high school for upcoming Idol Singers, so it naturally has a Cast Full of Pretty Boys. However, Midori in particular is often described as especially good-looking, mostly by his fellow first years. (Maybe it's the height?) If he really is unusually beautiful, that would help explain why everyone thinks he's so fit to be an idol despite his active lack of interest.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Cordelia of Fire Emblem Awakening is supposedly very beautiful, even though her fellow Shepherds are also comprised of other beautiful men and women and she's noted to be quite flat under that breastplate of hers, to the point her own daughter is bustier than she is.
    • Camilla from Fire Emblem Fates also gets hyped up as World's Most Beautiful Woman, and though she is attractive, there are other women in the games who are also very pretty who don't get the same amount of focus in their looks, especially cutscenes dedicated to showing off Camilla's body. It may be because she's a main character and is the most scantily-clad of the female Royals of the game, though Charlotte and Kagero in particular are just as busty as Camilla.
    • Ingrid of Fire Emblem: Three Houses gets a lot of fawning over her looks from Dorothea, Mercedes, and Annette, with Mercedes even dragging her off to put make-up on her and dress her up for the White Heron Cup, even though all the aforementioned girls are very pretty in their own ways and Ingrid isn't drawn or dressed any more attractively than they are.

    Visual Novels 

    Web Animation 

  • The Order of the Stick has a number of these because of its medium, what with them all being stick figures. Whoa, that was a nice Samus Is a Girl reveal of the beautiful Miko there, wasn't it? And you can totally see why all the boys are chasing Julia, mreeow! This has resulted in fans widely assuming nearly every character is attractive unless specifically stated otherwise. Elan and Julio Scoundrel at the least are implied to have this associated with their maxed charisma. Elan is the most obvious example of this, as he's stupid and childish, and wouldn't be perceived as attractive without such cues ... and the fact that Haley loves him. Vaarsuvius, on the other hand, is only implied to be attractive by virtue of being an elf, but if you're into Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness, you'll immediately get the picture that V is very attractive.
  • All of the females in Sonichu, except for Mary Lee Walsh, who has Informed Great Age instead.
  • Dominic Deegan has a few, particularly Luna, who is said to be quite fetching despite her tusks.
  • 8-Bit Theater. White Mage is described as really hot (at least by Black Mage). Being a Sprite Comic, it's rather necessary to let the reader know. Similarly, Thief is described as having "roguish good-looks".
    • The finale draws nearly all the main characters (with the exception of Black Mage) using illustrations rather than sprites. Whether the attractiveness remains an Informed Attribute is up to the individual reader.
  • In the character bios for Keiki, Peter Paltridge admitted that he couldn't draw beautiful girls very well back then, and asked the readers to "take [his] word" about Marie Magnolia's beauty.
  • Looking for Group has Cale: he's frequently referred to as an attractive woman. Given the large number of Shirtless Scene episodes, in which he's quite fit and masculine, it's a little puzzling to the readers.
  • In Sinfest:
    • The angels are astoundingly beautiful because Lil' Evil says so — probably necessary in the cartoony style. Of course, this is also playing with Beauty Equals Goodness to show how profoundly Amnesiac Dissonance has affected him. (For Halloween, he dresses up as an angel.)
    • Also, 'Nique is held to be so attractive that fifteen seconds in a sexy outfit is enough to persuade hundreds of men to the devil. Even though her figure is exactly like the devil girls, who don't get nearly that response.
  • Homestuck:
    • Karkat is called cute a few times, and though he most definitely is when members of Hussie's art team draw him, we never really get to see it from Hussie himself due to the simple cartoony style used most of the time. Even Karkat's "Hussnasty mode" portrait depicts him with the same basic face as the other trolls (though it is an adorable one).
    • This is done to a much greater extent with Jake. All three of his friends (Jane, Roxy, and Dirk) seem to think he's really attractive (Jane going so far to tell him "You're lucky you're so hot"), though once again he isn't drawn any differently from the other kids. The Epilogues, freed to incorporate more explicit sexual content due to the characters being adults, run with this and spend huge chunks of prose ruminating on the perfection of Jake's butt.
  • In Questionable Content, Dora claims that one of her previous boyfriends could not stop staring at her mother's chest when he met her - "Imagine my head on Heidi Klum's body," she tells Marten when he is about to meet her. Marten later confirms to Faye that Dora's mother is very generously endowed. And yet when we see her during the actual meeting, her chest is comparable in size to Dora's own.
  • DiDi of Ménage à 3 is certainly drawn as a convincing Statuesque Stunner, at least since Art Evolution made her look like a human being rather than a mannequin, but her nigh-supernatural sexual attractiveness (complete with Even the Girls Want Her effects) just has to be taken on trust — especially as artist Gisèle Lagacé tends to draw almost all her characters as lookers.

    Web Original 
  • Played for laughs in the CollegeHumor Hardly Working shorts. Sarah is the only recurring female character. In some sketches, every man in the office will be lusting after her, while other times they'll talk about how sad it is that she can't attract a man.
  • Played for laughs in The Spoony Experiment's Party Mania video, where "the two hottest guys in school" and "two creepy, socially awkward Nerds with personal hygiene problems" are played by the same guys.
  • Downplayed with The Nostalgia Critic (Ask That Guy as well), The Nostalgia Chick, Spoony himself, Linkara, Benzaie, JewWario, Allison Pregler, and MarzGurl. They're considered the pretty ones on the site, and if you're not into them, the constant perving they get both in-universe and out can get a little overbearing.
  • Played for Laughs in The Nostalgia Critic's review of Scooby-Doo, which he does along with his past and future selves. In the present, he becomes excited when he discovers that Isla Fisher is in the movie, only for him to be disappointed when he finds her less attractive than expected. His past self becomes confused, describing her as "okay." His present self insists that she's supposed to be a bombshell. The reason for their harsh reaction is apparently because she has blonde hair for the role instead of her natural red.
  • Given that Welcome to Night Vale is an audio-only medium, it's impossible to tell if Carlos the Scientist is actually as beautiful as he is described, or whether Cecil is just blinded by love.
  • Couette from Noob have been several times elected as a local "miss'' in real life and mentioned to have gotten her avatar voted as cutest of the whole game in the comic.
  • Games Repainted fan mod of Super Mario Bros.:

    Western Animation 
  • Played for Laughs on Adventure Time. Slime Princess has an evil sister named Blargetha, who waxes mournfully that she's So Beautiful, It's a Curse. This is what their species looks like, and the only real difference between the sisters' appearances is the kind of crown they wear.
  • In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Ty Lee calls Azula "the most beautiful, smartest, perfect girl in the world", Azula treats this as an "As You Know". Explainable in that Ty Lee has a history of Azula fangirling (as well as living in perpetual fear of Azula's wrath), and Azula herself is just a tad egotistical.
  • Quinn Morgendorffer's attractiveness is mentioned frequently throughout the Daria series and even the other highly popular girls of the Fashion Club can be jealous of the attention she gets. Quinn's sister Daria is mostly ignored, though one episode showed that she can look rather like Quinn if she puts forth the effort.
  • A flashback in the Earthworm Jim cartoon depicts the birth of Queen Slug-for-a-butt and her twin sister, Princess Whats-her-name. Even though the Princess is obviously the more beautiful of the two, the rest of the royals regard her appearance with horror and shock but praise the hideous Queen's stunning good looks. The narrator quickly explains that the beauty standards of slug creatures are quite different than our own.
  • Nazz on Ed, Edd n Eddy is treated by all of the boys (except Jimmy and Rolf) as to be the perfect thing of beauty. Could be partially explained that they aren't many females in the cast to be compared to (and Sarah is too young to be lusted after, and the Kanker sisters are all aggressive in pursuing the Ed boys.) Also, Nazz was Formerly Fat so the boys may be gushing over her not because she is beautiful, but because she looks MUCH better than she used to. It may also be because Nazz is possibly the only consistently nice girl in the cast and is friendly towards everyone, even the Eds, so her kindness may be a factor in how attractive she's perceived to be.
  • Parodied in The Fairly OddParents with Blonda, Wanda's identical "yet somehow hotter" twin sister. The joke is, of course, that Everyone Loves Blondes.
  • Lois Griffin from Family Guy is often described as very attractive and would normally be way out of Peter's league. Inverted by her daughter Meg, who is treated as though she were the single ugliest thing ever to exist in this or any other universe. What makes this really funny is, the only physical difference between them drawing-wise is that Lois is taller, slightly thinner, and red-headed.
  • Futurama:
    • Played for laughs in Bender's Game. Hermes turned into Hermaphrodite, the most beautiful of centaurs. He merely looked like a centaur version of Hermes with a boob job and blonde hair.
    • Zig-zagged with Leela. There are a lot of men who find her very attractive. Other men are too put off by her big cyclops eye.
  • Kaeloo: Mr. Cat and Pretty would seem normal-looking compared to the rest of the cast if everybody else didn't act as if they were good-looking.
  • Lu-Shi in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness is played as being Po's dreamgirl, and he is instantly smitten with her and calls her "cute" multiple times. She is just a typical looking goat with some makeup, however, none of the other characters find it odd that Po is attracted to her. What's more, Po doesn't really seem to notice more "conventionally attractive" female characters like Song, who couldn't seduce Po despite throwing herself at him.
  • Rarity from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is stated to be the most beautiful mare in Ponyville. Fluttershy is considered so attractive that she had a highly successful (but brief) career as a model. It's worth noting that 90% of the mares in the show, Rarity and Fluttershy included, have the exact same body type and differ only in coloration, cutie mark, eye shape, and hairstyle. Part of the motivation for writing Spike's crush on Rarity was to demonstrate Rarity's great beauty in her first appearance. It's worth noting that these two ponies commonly place high on real-world polls on which pony is the prettiest, so this is not coming totally out of nowhere even though they have the common body type.
  • The Simpsons:
    • Marge was not designed with the intention of being attractive, and is in fact described as plain or even homely looking multiple times early on. However, as the writers became more aware of the Perverse Sexual Lust parts of their fan base had for her, they turned her into a Dude Magnet who is way out of Homer's league, despite not altering her design at all.
    • Early episode "Principal Charming" has Selma claim that Patty is the better-looking of the two. The only difference between the two is hairstyle.
  • South Park has a lot of Informed Attributes in general due to its decidedly simple art style.
    • The fourth grade girls made a list ranking all of the boys in their class from cutest to ugliest. They must have been going by hair, since in all other respects the boys all look exactly the same except for Cartman (fatter), Token (black), Timmy and Jimmy (physically disabled).
    • A few episodes indicate that Stan's mom, Sharon, is supposed to be rather busty, despite the fact that she's designed in a way that makes her look completely flat. Except when she's shown in her bra or wearing a sports tank top.
    • Parodied in "Quintuplets 2000"
      Kyle: Those contorting Romanian chicks rule!
      Cartman: Yeah, especially that second one from the left. She was fine!
      Kyle: Cartman, what the hell are you talking about?! They're identical!
      Cartman: Not that second one from the left; she had it goin' on!
  • In The Spectacular Spider-Man, Mary Jane is presented as so stunning even the popular girls are instantly jealous of her, even though really she and geeky Gwen having basically the same design; Gwen just wears glasses and less fashionable clothes. Late in season 2 Gwen stops doing that, and everybody comments about how stunning she is. Though the fans see this as an Unnecessary Makeover as it pretty much just makes her look like a blonde MJ.
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks:
    • Mariner thinks Barnes is crazy hot, and Rutherford later confirms that she's pretty.
    • Tendi considers P'jok (who doesn't appear onscreen) to be a snack, and she imitates the clawing gesture of a feline to further accentuate how "tasty" he is: "Meow!"
  • Starfire from Teen Titans is constantly praised for how beautiful she is by the heroes, villains, and bystanders.
  • Justin from Total Drama Island takes this to ridiculous extremes; nearly every female character (as well as a few male characters and most animals) become dreamy idiots whenever he walks into the room (or rips off his shirt, which he does ridiculously often). Alejandro seems to be getting even more attention than Justin ever did, though they look nearly the same. To a lesser extent Heather gets this too. Geoff called her "the hottest girl on the show" (after she had become bald) and Harold expressed his attraction to her early in Total Drama Action (again, when she was bald).
  • BoJack Horseman is described as being extremely, ruggedly handsome, with a 'natural charisma' and a cute little pink patch on his nose. He's so attractive that he's considered to look like a bankable leading man despite his has-been reputation and the fact that he's been typecast as one particular character; he's also irresistible to extremely hot, decades-younger women despite being aging, overweight, a sexual underperformer (sometimes) and having a disastrous trashcan-fire of a personality. None of this is available to the viewer on account of him being a horse.
  • Played for Laughs in Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi. King Chad from the episode "In The Cards" is apparently the sexiest thing on two legs, to the point of making both Ami and Yumi fall in love with him the second they see him, with Ami calling him a "super hunk" and Yumi calling him a "bad boy". To the viewer, he appears to be a nerdy-looking teenager, with pale skin, a snub nose, freckles, buck teeth, a scratchy voice, a Jerkass personality, and a single-minded obsession with a children's card game. Naturally, the plot of the episode revolves around the two fighting over him.
  • Hey Arnold!:
    • Lila. Nearly all of the boys are attracted to her (especially Arnold) and even most of the girls (Helga in particular) seem to agree that she's the most beautiful girl in Arnold's class. Yet she doesn't really stand out from the other girls that much, aside from those with exaggerated features, such as Helga or Sheena.
    • Olga is constantly being praised as being beautiful, intelligent, and just generally perfect in every way, though as Olga is a borderline Parody Sue, this is probably intentional.
  • Linda Belcher and her sister Gayle from Bob's Burgers frequently have men hit on them or at least refer to them as attractive.
  • Inversion: In the Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines episode "Camouflage Hoparoo," the narrator describes Dick Dastardly as "deadly," "diabolical" and "despicable." Dastardly himself adds "dashing and debonair."
  • Miraculous Ladybug: Kagami is often described by others characters (no matter if they like her, or not) as very beautiful. Still, she does not look quite different from others girls in the show, beginning with Marinette. In fact, there are moments when her looks are frightening like her unsmile. Being a Perpetual Frowner does not help either.