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Our main characters, Richard (left) and Seigi (right).

One night, while returning home from his job, university student Seigi Nakata rescues a beautiful British man from a group of drunks. The man's name is Richard Ranasinghe de Vulpian, and he is a jeweler who travels around the world selling jewels to clients. This is the beginning of Seigi and Richard's partnership as the duo uncovers the mysteries behind the jewels they encounter.

The Case Files of Jeweler Richard is an ongoing novel series written by Nanako Tsujimura and with cover illustrations by Yukihiro Utako. It received an anime adaptation in January 2020 by Shuka. A manga adaptation, illustrated by Mika Akatsuki, is being serialized in the Monthly Comic Zero Sum magazine since November 2019.


This series shows examples of:

  • Aborted Declaration of Love: Happens in episode 8, where Seigi almost confesses to Tanimoto, but didn't.
  • Adaptation Distillation: Due to the time and episode constraints of the anime, some cases from the novels are entirely left out of the anime adaptation, and the cases that are adapted are usually shortened, with some scenes cut out for brevity. For the latter, it's usually Seigi's thoughts that don't get fully adapted, as well as some less important scenes (see Everyone Can See It). That said, the anime still does a good job of adapting the novel content.
  • Arranged Marriage: Averted, but this almost happens to Tanimoto.
  • The Beautiful Elite: Aside from the beautiful Richard, his cousin Jeffrey isn’t too shabby in the looks department either. And they’re both part of the noble and wealthy Claremont family.
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  • Bishounen: Richard. Enough said.
  • British Stuffiness: Downplayed for Richard. He is always unfailingly polite and stoic and can be quite snobbish when it comes to tea and cakes, but he is all in all an open-minded and empathetic man.
  • Broken Pedestal: Seigi's friend Hase-senpai turns out to be this in episode 5. Seigi really looked up to him as his senior, but was distraught to learn that his senpai had tried to trick a disabled old woman to obtain money for the expenses like his father's medicines and his sister's school fees. What's worse is that after this ordeal, Hase tells him that he doesn't want to see him because it is too painful and then walks away, thus ending their friendship. However, thankfully, Richard is there to comfort him.
  • But Not Too Foreign: Richard is a quarter Sri Lankan.
  • Childhood Friends: Tanimoto and Homura have known each other since they were children, much to Seigi's surprise.
  • Cliffhanger: Episode 8 ends with Étranger being temporarily closed down and Richard about to leave for England.
  • Crush Filter: Seigi sees Tanimoto as an angel. Made even more explicit in episode 8 when Seigi finds her at the museum, and the light shining through the window behind her made her look even more ethereal.
  • Dark and Troubled Past:
    • Both Seigi's mother and grandmother had troubled pasts. Seigi is also hinted at having a troubled past, most probably issues with his birth-father.
    • Richard is also implied to have one as episode 6 reveals that he used to scam people before meeting Ranasinghe, whose name he's currently using, and his dislike for scammers stems from his own actions as a scammer. It’s later revealed that his family is still fighting over the inheritance his great-grandfather left behind. Richard fell out of his family, was betrayed by a friend, and was forced to break up with his girlfriend as she was afraid that she would end up choosing the money over him. Richard had no choice but to comply as he felt that persisting too much would only make him look more pathetic.
  • Eating the Eye Candy: Seigi does this so, so, so much in the novels towards Richard; he can't shut up about how beautiful Richard is, both in his thoughts and out loud (sometimes even accidentally). His internal monologue tends to be Purple Prose at times too. An example from volume 1, where Seigi first meets Richard:
    Seigi: "I had never laid my eyes on such a beautiful person in my life. High cheekbones, a straight nose, golden hair that had a habit of being loose, smooth white skin. There were shades in those blue eyes, and it felt like I could stare at them forever. A creature who seemed to have gathered all of their parts from the world’s most beautiful people, and they harmonized together with a miraculous balance. Even time, air, and dust particles flowed around this person in a different rhythm."
  • Everyone Can See It: In the novels, Seigi and Richard are often mistaken to be in a romantic relationship. The list of people who think this include Tanimoto, Homura, some of Étranger's customers, strangers, and even Seigi and Richard’s own family members. Both of them take turns to clarify that they're Just Friends. Of course, this has occasionally led to funny consequences. The anime so far has not adapted any of these instances, however.
  • First-Name Basis: Richard and Seigi, to each other. To be fair, Richard is a foreigner who doesn't come from a culture of addressing people using last names, and Seigi was the one who first referred to Richard as "Richard-san". (And "Ranasinghe de Vulpian-san" is too long and difficult to use.) But Richard said he wasn't used to being referred to with honorifics, so that was dropped as well.
    • Tanimoto refers to Seigi as "Seigi-kun", though curiously Seigi calls her "Tanimoto-san" instead.
    • Interestingly, both Shaul and Jeffrey refer to Seigi as "Nakata-san/kun".
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: The current Richard is this. A beautiful blonde man, he is also an ‘ethical jeweler’ who only sells jewels if the customer truly wants it, lends out large sums of money to acquaintances, and has no tolerance for scammers.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: By the time volume 9 rolls around, Seigi wants to at least be this with Richard, if not romantic partners. Though it can certainly be argued that the two of them have probably already reached this point earlier. Also, the hetero part is debatable.
  • I Have This Friend...: A variation. When Seigi has trouble deciding whether he should stop Tanimoto from marrying or not, Richard aids him in his decision by quoting Machiavelli and narrating the story of a "certain man in England". Unbeknownst to Seigi, said "certain man" in the story is nobody but Richard himself.
  • I Hate Past Me : Implied in episode 6 with Richard of all people, as the flashback at the end reveals that he used to be a scammer in the past.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Seigi. While he is a kind person and usually bears no ill will towards others, he has the tendency to speak without taking into consideration how his speech might affect the other person, making him come off as rather pushy at times. Richard even calls him out for this.
  • Love Interest: Tanimoto is this for Seigi until he gives up on her for good in volume 9.
  • Manly Tears: Seigi, a lot:
    • In episode 1 after he makes peace with the owner of the ring that his grandmother stole as he realizes that the misdeeds she committed were for her family's sake.
    • In episode 5 after his last conversation with Hase-senpai. After he sits inside Richard's car, he breaks down in tears, saying that he's no hero, and that he's not right at all. Richard comforts him, telling him that his kindness is something he admires and at times, even envies it.
    • In episode 10 after Richard confronts him over his reckless acts and tells him the people Seigi loves want him to be happy.
    • Twice in volume 9: once after he speaks with Tanimoto and he allows himself to give up on her, and once at the thought of Richard getting back together with Deborah.
  • Meaningful Name: Richard's grandmother's hometown, Ratnapura, means "City of gems" in Sinhala
  • Memento MacGuffin: Seigi's pink sapphire ring is an heirloom from his deceased grandmother, and that is what kickstarts his relationship with Richard.
  • Motifs: Jewels, of course. In the novels, most of the chapters/cases have jewels in their names. The anime does the same with episode titles. The more major characters also tend to have jewels associated with them.
    • Seigi: pink sapphire.
    • Richard: white sapphire.
    • Tanimoto: aquamarine.
  • Mysterious Past: Why and how did Richard fall out of his family? And why exactly is he working for his 'master'?
  • Nice Guy: Both Richard and Seigi. Most of the time.
  • Platonic Declaration of Love: Seigi keeps doing this to Richard. Richard also replies with this sometimes. Though the platonic part is debatable.
  • So Beautiful, It's a Curse: Richard's beautiful face has given him quite a few issues as people just keep judging him by his face and not his actions. Though he may not show it very often, it is clear that such code of behavior upsets him.
    • Taken to horrifying levels in volume 7 of the novels, where Richard gets sexually harassed because of his face.
  • The Stoic: Richard. He always keeps his calm and it is quite rare to see him get angry or distressed over anything.
    • Not So Stoic: When it comes to scammers.
      • In the novels and manga, Richard is less stoic and more expressive than his anime counterpart.
  • Woobie of the Week: Though not every week, the first part of the series is episodic stories that each deal with a different customer and gemstone, in which Seigi and Richard find out the reasons behind why their customers come to their store, which is usually more complicated and tragic than at first glance.

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