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Sakurai Ayaka has always wanted to be like her older brother, a university student working hard to become a teacher. While an intelligent honor student, Ayaka tends to choke when taking exams, resulting in her going to a different high school than her brother. After becoming class president, her teacher, Ms. Egawa, asks Ayaka to get truant student Honda Sora to attend school in exchange for a glowing letter of recommendation to her university of choice. Determined to not fail an entrance exam because of nerves again, Ayaka agrees and visits Sora's house to convince her classmate to go to school.

Unfortunately, Sora becomes aware of the deal between Ayaka and Ms. Egawa and uses that as a means of getting Ayaka to fulfill her demands in return for going to school.

Can't Defy The Lonely Girl, also known as I Can't Refuse Lonely Girl's Request or Lonely Girl ni Sakaraenai, it was written and illustrated by Kashikaze and appears in the Comic Yuri Hime magazine.


The manga provides examples of:

  • An Offer You Can't Refuse: Egawa ensnares Sakurai in a deal by promising to send a letter of recommendation for her in return for getting Honda to come to school.
  • Class Representative: Sakurai is the president of her class.
  • Delinquents: Honda, especially when she not only skips school, but she also skipped the entrance ceremony.
  • Genki Girl:
    • Honami is very energetic which goes along with her status as a social butterfly.
    • Wakana Morinaga is shown to also be very hyper the moment she entered the classroom.
  • Love at First Sight: Honda falls for Sakurai when she switched her strawberry milk with Sakurai's coffee milk.
  • Meganeko: Sakurao's homeroom teacher Egawa.
  • Secret Keeper: Morinaga learns about Honda's crush on Sakurai, but promises her that she wouldn't tell.
  • The Stoic: Honda typically is emotionless, but when she does smirk a few times when she gets Sakurai to do one of her requests.
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  • What Is This Feeling?: After not being around Honda for five days, Sakurai felt bothered by it only to further question what she was to Honda when some of her friends began to speculate that there was something more to their interactions.


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