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Master-Apprentice Chain

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"You forget that he was once my apprentice, just as you were once his."
Count Dooku, regarding Qui-Gon Jinn, to Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones

In fiction, a common revelation is that the protagonist and antagonist were trained by the same mentor. This is occasionally taken even further by the revelation that another important character is the one who trained the mentor, and so on up the line.

When done well, this can add to the drama and development of the story and characters. It also allows for the comparing and contrasting of characters using similar skill sets at varying levels of mastery. When done badly, it can come off somewhere in the range of an Ass Pull or Contrived Coincidence. Either way, it's generally a concession to the Law of Conservation of Detail .

As noted above, an inevitable result of this chain, if it gets long enough, is one link having to fight another. Also, the problems of one of the prior masters may end up dropped in the lap of the latest disciple.

Chains should consist of at least three characters who can be connected in a straight line (in other words, character A trained character B who went on to train character C). The chain can branch out in more than one direction, but just one master training two apprentices doesn't count.

Depending on how the Master Apprentice relationship is depicted, this can lead to a not-blood related version of Badass Family. See also A Pupil of Mine Until He Turned to Evil. If two generations of such a chain team up, it's a Student–Master Team; see also Rule of Two. If the members of the chain pretend to be the same person to create a false legend of immortality, it's Legacy Immortality. Passing the Torch and From Hero to Mentor is also not uncommon.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Naruto has a significant chain that starts at the founding of the village and continues even into the sequel series. Tobirama Senju (the Second Hokage) trains Hiruzen Sarutobi (known as the God of Shinobi and eventually the Third Hokage), who trains Jiraiya (one of the Legendary Sanin), who trains Minato Namikaze (the Yellow Flash of Konoha and becomes Fourth Hokage), who trains Kakashi Hatake, (the Sixth Hokage), who trains Naruto Uzumaki (Minato's son and the Seventh Hokage). Naruto apprenticed himself to Jiraiya, his father's former master. Then informally, Naruto is a mentor to Konohamaru Sarutobi, who trains Boruto Uzumaki (Naruto's son and star of the sequel series Boruto).
    • The chain also branches out at several points.
      • Hiruzen Sarutobi also trained Orochimaru (one of the Legendary Sanin), who later trains Sasuke Uchiha, who becomes a mentor to Boruto Uzumaki. Similarly, he trained Tsunade (granddaughter of the First Hokage -and, by extension, grandniece of the Second-, the third member of the Sanin, and the Fifth Hokage), who trained Sakura Haruno.
      • Jiraiya also trains Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan who end up being the founders of the Akatsuki; because of this, at one point Nagato says that he should be considered Naruto's senpai. That organization is then taken over by Tobi, who is actually Obito Uchiha, a student of Minato Namikaze.
      • Although we don't know the details, it is likely that these chains extend into prehistory. The Senju, Uchiha, and Hyuga clans are all descended from Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, the semi-mythical Sage of Six Paths and the inventor of the art of ninjutsu.
    • Aside from the branching point of the chain from Hiruzen Sarutobi (aka the Third Hokage), there's also a chain of passing down the legacy of the two most iconic finisher jutsus, which are also among the few special techniques that are actually passed down mentor to student. Most fighting styles and special techniques are taught through familial clans, with the unrelated master just helping you to bring out your potential:
      • Rasengan: Minato → Jiraiya and Kakashi → Naruto → Konohamaru → Boruto Uzumaki
      • Chidori: Kakashi Hatake → Sasuke Uchiha → Sarada Uchiha
    • From Iwagakure: Mu (Second Tsuchikage) → Onoki (Third Tsuchikage) → Deidara (a member of the Akastsuki)
    • The "Youth!" chain: Might Dai → Might Guy → Rock Lee → Metal Lee
  • Ranma ˝, with Happosai → Genma Saotome and Soun Tendo → Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo.
  • One Piece:
    • Luffy's pirate role model Red-Haired Shanks was once an apprentice pirate on the ship of the Pirate King Gold Roger. They even passed down the same hat.
    • Franky, his fellow apprentice Iceberg, and their mentor Tom are the latest in a chain that spans centuries, as indicated by the fact that they passed along the blueprints to the Ancient Weapon Pluton as a countermeasure against the potential revival of an already existing Pluton via the Poneglyphs. In the present day, Paulie is Iceberg's primary apprentice carrying on the chain.
  • Dragon Ball provides several good chains.
    • The primary ones begin with Mutaito, who died pre-series to defeat King Piccolo. When Master Roshi first sees Chichi fight at a tournament, he doesn't recognize her, but he does recognize that her fighting style is very similar to his.
      • Mutaito → Master Roshi → Son Gohan, Sr → Son Goku → Son Gohan, Pan, and Uub
      • Mutaito → Master Roshi → Ox King → Chichi → Son Goten
      • Mutaito → Master Roshi → Krillin & Yamcha
      • Mutaito → Master Shen → Tien & Chiaotzu
    • One chain changes due to time travel. In the original timeline, without Future Trunks' interference, his father is dead and Gohan's father died after Trunks was born, without conceiving a second child. The global disaster going on also means he spends his time constantly fighting, not going to the high school where Present Gohan met his wife. Because Future Trunks prolonged his father's and Goku's lives, Present Trunks was never trained by Gohan. They're still good friends, but Trunks has no need for a male role model with his dad alive. Instead, Gohan ends up training his younger brother and future wife.
      • Piccolo → Son Gohan → (Future) Trunks
      • Piccolo → Son Gohan → Videl & Son Goten
    • Also Goku (+ the teachings from his chain) and Piccolo (Namekian techniques) → Gohan → Goten, combined with Vegeta (Saiyan techniques) → Trunks gives Gotenks one of the most versatile move-set of the entire series, probably only passed by Cell who could use Freeza's techniques as well.
  • The Hokuto Shinken style from Fist of the North Star is passed on through a singular line of successors that spans over 1,800 years and 64 grand masters. At the tail end of the chain is Kenshiro, who inherited the deadly martial art from Ryuken (Kasumi Ramon), who succeeded his older brother Kasumi Kenshiro, main character of Fist of the Blue Sky, who learned the art style from his father Kasumi Tesshin.
    • It's worth noting that the chain has a number of offshoot links - each master of Hokuto Shinken teaches several students, but only one will learn the full art, while all the others must either abandon the style, be crippled, or die. Needless to say, not every student accepted those terms.
  • In I'm Gonna Be an Angel! Mikael is a mentor to Noelle, just as Raphael was a mentor to him.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist (2003): Ed and Al were trained by Izumi, who was trained by Dante. The symbol on Ed's coat, Al's armor, Izumi's collarbone, and Dante's wall seems to be a sort of crest, to indicate who studied under whom.
  • The Saint Seiya anime has the Aquarius Gold Saint → the Crystal Saint → Hyoga. In the Manga, Aquarius Camus was Hyoga's mentor instead.
  • In the Saiyuki anime and manga series, this is how the Tenchi Kaigen sutras are passed from one sanzo priest to another (at least in East Asia, it may work differently in Tibet). Of the current crop of sanzos, Ukoku and Genjyo both inherited their sutras directly from the sanzos who trained them, Koumyou and Goudai, respectively. Koumyou and Goudai both studied under Abbot Jikaku (not a sanzo but still one of the most powerful Buddhist priests in China up until his death) as novices, making a 3-generation chain on either side of the current Minus Wave conflict.
  • In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Tonpeti taught William A. Zeppeli, Dire and Straits the Ripple technique. Zeppeli went on to mentor Jonathan Joestar, shortly before Straits adopted and mentored Lisa Lisa, who decades later would teach William and Jonathan's grandsons, Caesar Zeppeli and Joseph Joestar. Dire had no successors that we know of.
  • Bartender: Wakui Tsubasa is at the end of the chain Kaze Gorou → Sasakura Ryu → Wakui Tsubasa, and is shown a great deal of respect as Kaze-sensei's first grand-apprentice.
  • In My Hero Academia, a Master-Apprentice Chain exists between Nana Shimura, All Might, and Izuku Midoriya, respectively the seventh, eighth, and ninth users of the Quirk "One For All". Originally, the past users of One For All would entrust the Quirk to a surviving comrade, shortly before their death at the hands of All For One. Nana came up with the idea of training her future successor to inherit One For All. All Might trained Deku in a similar fashion.
    • After Nana Shimura's demise, her best friend Gran Torino had completed All Might's training. Years later, All Might's disciple, Midoriya went to Gran Torino to briefly train under him and made great progress.
  • Lyrical Nanoha:
    • As a child, Fate was tutored by her mother's Familiar, Linith. At the end of StrikerS, Fate takes on Teana as an apprentice to become an Enforcer. By the time of Force, Teana was training Wendi. Fate's older brother Chrono and the Liese twins might also count as part of the chain, but Fate never formally served as Chrono's apprentice.
    • Teana and Wendi were also part of another chain, as Teana and the other Forwards were trained by Nanoha, who in turn was taught by Yuuno. In fact, Teana holds the unique honor of being the only character to have been personally trained by both of the series' leads (as well as the only one to have been taught Nanoha's signature Starlight Breaker spell).
    • In a somewhat less conventional example, Einhart was "taught" by her ancestor Claus Ingvalt (and coached by Nove), and later took on Fuka as her apprentice.
  • Dr. STONE has this for Scientists before and after all of Humanity was petrified for 3700 years. Senku after stumbling across Ishigami Village decides to take on Chrome as his apprentice in learning Science and about the technologically-advanced world from before that was built on the backs of 2 million years of Science and innovation. Later on when heading to America to try and find the source of the "Stone Beam" in order to depetrify the rest of Humanity that was still trapped in Stone, Senku and Chrome encounters Dr. Xeno Houston Wingfield; Senkus' original mentor that was open in his desire to use Science to subjugate Humanity should he get the chance to (and is quite possibly Senku's biological father).
  • Planetes shows that even Astronauts have their own masters and apprentices with Main Character Hachirota "Hachimaki" Hoshino of Debris Section taking on newcomer Ai Tanabe as his apprentice. A few episodes later, we are introduced to Hachimaki's mentor Gilgalt Gangaragash who was also in Debris Section before being moved up the ladder into the OSA. Later on we are introduced to Gilgalts' own mentor Harry Roland who helped to pioneer the voyage to the Asteroid Belt.
  • The Ancient Magus' Bride focuses primarily on the master/apprentice relationship between Elias Ainsworth and Chise Hatori. However we are also introduced to Elias' master, Lindel and his master, Rahab. The relationship between the group has a familial air, as Lindel refers to Chise as his granddaughter.
  • In ARIA, Female gondoliers, called Undines in the setting, work like this. Senior Undines take care of the formation of a younger one, who will later go on to train a apprentice of her own. Akino Aketsuchi trained Alicia Florence, who trains the protagonist and Aqua newcomer Akari Mizunashi. At the end of the series, Akari, now a Prima and the new head of Aria Company, becomes the teacher of Ai (who also doubles as her penpal in the anime continuity).
  • Kinnikuman: The chain can be seen in the Devil Choujin faction throughout the reboot's Perfect Origin arc. The lower ranked members, the Seven Devil Choujin, were trained by the Devil Knight Sneagator. The Devil Knights, in turn, are the direct disciples and followers of Akuma Shogun. Akuma Shogun, back when he went by the name Goldman, was the disciple of a powerful Choujin known simply as "The Man". When Akuma Shogun does battle with the Man, now going by the name Choujin Enma, he brings this trope out in full. He declares that the Man taught him that it was a student's duty to surpass the master, and proclaims that he can not expect his followers to do that if he can't surpass his own master.
  • In The Case Files of Jeweler Richard, Saul trained Richard as a jeweler, who trains Seigi as one until Seigi receives his license.

    Comic Books 
  • In Daredevil Master Izo was one of the Hand's founders and a teacher of Stick, who was Matt Murdock's master. Daredevil (Charles Soule) adds a new link to the chain with Matt's own student, Sam Chung.
  • "O-Sensei" → Richard Dragon (Richard Drakunovski) → Batman (Bruce Wayne) → Nightwing (Dick Grayson) → Robin (Tim Drake) → Spoiler (Stephanie Brown) note 
    • Batman #700 introduces a chain of Batmen: Bruce Wayne → Dick Grayson → Damian Wayne → Terry McGinnis.
    • There's also note :
      • "O-Sensei" → Richard DragonBatman (Bruce) → Nightwing (Dick) → Robin (Damian)
      • "O-Sensei" → Richard Dragon → Black Canary (Dinah Lance) → Spoiler (Stephanie Brown)
      • "O-Sensei" → Richard Dragon → Oracle (Barbara Gordon)
      • "O-Sensei" → Richard Dragon → The Question (Vic Sage & Renee Montoya)
      • "O-Sensei" → Richard Dragon → Huntress (Helena Bertenelli)
      • "O-Sensei" → Richard Dragon → Conner Hawke
      • "O-Sensei" → Richard Dragon → "Kitty Kumbata"
      • "O-Sensei" → Richard Dragon → "Wam Wam"
      • "O-Sensei" → Richard Dragon & Bronze Tiger → Jane Lewis
      • "O-Sensei" → Bronze Tiger (Ben Turner) → Cassandra Cain
  • The Flash: Barry Allen is the teacher to Wally West, who would later have Barry's grandson Bart briefly under his wing.
  • Ancient One had taught two students - Doctor Strange and Baron Mordo. Strange would later go and take on apprentices his later wife, Clea and alien Rintrah, while Mordo would pass his knowledge to his daughter, Astrid.
  • Tales of the Jedi introduces a master-apprentice chain of Sith Sorcerers spanning over a thousand years. Simus trained Naga Sadow, who trained the fallen Jedi, Freedon Nadd. Freedon Nadd trained another fallen Jedi named Exar Kun, who took many fallen Jedi as his acolytes, headed by Ulic Qel-Droma. Each master was betrayed by his apprentice.
  • Astro City has an unnamed Legacy Team that always consists of two avian-themed super-heroines, a "bird of light" and a "bird of shadow". When the elder partner retires, the younger one chooses a new apprentice. Members shown have included Nightflyer, Sunshrike, Nightingale, and Sunbird.

    Fan Fiction 
  • Things We Don't Tell Humans provides several chains, most of them involving Terratron and Prowl at some point:
    • Terratron → Prowl → Bluestreak, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Barricade, Bumblebee, Faust, Optimus Prime, others; Terratron → Arcee, Chromia → Elita-One; Terratron → Prowl → Sunstreaker → Skids, Mudflap
  • Harry Potter: Pokémon Master has the legendary Pokemon Lugia teach Pokemon Tracker Jack Kenway The Lost Art of Speaking (allowing a person to communicate with a Pokemon and eventually inherit some of their abilities). Jack in turn teaches his brother Jonas and his adopted daughter Jasmine how to Speak and it is hinted that Jack will be training Harry as well.
  • The God Squad gives us Fausticorn→ Lord Tydal→ Celestia→ Sunset Shimmer and Twilight → Starlight Glimmer. We also get Fausticorn→ Lord Tydal→ Luna and Sunset Shimmer (Tydal taking over her training).
  • A Brief History of Equestria has Star Swirl the Bearded → Clover the Clever → Mimic the Great and Powerful.
  • Child of the Storm has Gaius → Merlin → Doctor Strange a.k.a. Taliesin → Wanda Maximoff → Harry Dresden.
    • Also, Gaius → Merlin → Doctor Strange → Harry Potter/Thorson
    • Additionally, Gaius → Merlin → Strange → "Baron" Mordo → Doctor Victor von Doom.
  • The Bridge
    • Starswirl the Bearded → Clover the Clever, Princess Celestia, and Princess Luna —(Celestia)→ Princess Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer.
    • Godzilla Senior and King Kong → Godzilla Junior → Mariner Chibi Moon.
  • The Apprentice, the Student, and the Charlatan - Star Swirl the Bearded → Prince Luxius, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Clover the Clever. —(Celestia and Luna)→ All of the Night Apprentices and Faithful Students, including Clover, Nova Shine, and Twilight Sparkle.
    • By the time of The Archmage's Last Bow, it has been added on with Twilight Sparkle → Starlight Glimmer, as in the show, and Nova Shine → Bright Gleam.
  • Fairy May Cry has Sparda → Modeus → Wendy.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Paradox has Kiryu Fudo Nagare → Akiza Izinski → Flay Allster.
  • We Must Be Killers: There is no secret involved, but there are long chains of mentors and Victors in District 2. Ronan, their eldest Victor, personally mentored at least three Victors, including Luna and Caius, but it is unclear if the next steps in some of the chains below were mentored by Ronan or one of the other earlier victors.
    • Iris → Adessa → Nero → Enobaria (who never mentors) and Lyme &rarr → Misha and Claudius → at least one fallen tribute Misha mentors.
    • Odin → Brutus → Emory, Devon, and Petra → at least six fallen tributes Emory or Devon mentor.
    • Hera → Callista → many fallen tributes Callista mentors.

    Films — Animated 
  • Cars 3 expands from Cars to get Smokey → Doc Hudson → Lightning → Cruz. The film spends a lot of time showing the ways history repeats, as well as how it doesn't.
  • Kung Fu Panda has Master Oogway → Master Shifu → Tai Lung and Po.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Star Wars
    • The entire Jedi Order trains students in this way. No Master is allowed more than one Padawan at a time, no one can become a Jedi Knight without having been taken as a student by a Master, and no Knight can become a Master without first training a Padawan to completion. From the prequel trilogy we learn that the main lineage goes: Yoda → Count Dooku → Qui-Gon Jinn → Obi-Wan Kenobi → Anakin Skywalker → Ahsoka Tano. This directly contributed to Anakin's Start of Darkness, as Ahsoka was pressured into leaving the Order before officially being promoted to Knight which led to Anakin's Passed-Over Promotion feeding his Inferiority Superiority Complex and causing him to resent The Order.
      • Ahsoka adds Sabine Wren as the latest link to the chain.
      • In Legends, the Master-Apprentice line above actually goes Master Unskette → Thame Cerulian → Dooku → Qui-Gon → Obi-Wan → Anakin → Ahsoka. Yoda mentored Dooku, but was not officially his Master. By contrast, Dooku Jedi Lost re-establishes Yoda as Dooku's Master in the official Canon.
    • In the original trilogy, on his deathbed Yoda entrusts Luke with passing down what he has learned from Obi-Wan and him, thus it becomes: Obi-Wan and Yoda → Luke Skywalker → The new Jedi. Unfortunately in the Continuity Reboot, Ben Solo fell to the Dark Side and either turned or killed Luke's other students, but Rey would become his newest (and final) apprentice.
    • Darth Bane codifies this as the Rule of Two for the Sith, and they stick to it for over a millennium: Darth Bane → Darth Zannah → (lone Sith lords) → Darth Plagueis → Darth Sidious → Darths Maul, Tyranus, and Vader.
      "Two there should be; no more, no less. One to embody power, the other to crave it."
      • The Expanded Universe bends the Rule of Two, with Sidious, Tyranus, and Vader each having other students, but none of them being "true" Sith apprentices. It also fills in several of the missing links in the chain between Bane and Plagueis. There have also been cases of Sith masters taking multiple apprentices (as with Darth Sidious training both Darth Maul and Darth Tyranus simultaneously and hiding them from each other), or Sith apprentices taking apprentices of their own. Violations of the Rule of Two are generally self-correcting; when an apprentice takes an apprentice, they're plotting to replace their master, and when a master takes a second apprentice, they're usually planning to dispose of the first one. In the case of Darth Bane and Darth Zannah, both had taken apprentices, and Darth Bane's second apprentice ended up serving Zannah.
  • Red (2010) brought up in this exchange when Moses has Cooper in an arm-lock;
    Moses: Kordeski trained you?
    Cooper: Yeah...
    Moses: I trained Kordeski.
  • Rocky
    • Mickey Goldmill → Rocky Balboa → Tommy Gunn (who later turns on Rocky in one of the standard plotlines associated with this trope).
    • In Creed, Rocky trains Adonis Johnson, the son of his friend/rival Apollo Creed.
  • Star Trek
    • Christopher Pike → James T. Kirk → Hikaru Sulu.
    • Chekov also appears to be a protegee of Kirk at first, but takes a different career path after the second movie (moving into Starfleet Intelligence rather than becoming a starship captain himself).
    • Star Trek Into Darkness introduces Fleet Admiral Alexander Marcus, who talked Christopher Pike into joining Starfleet.

  • Ranger's Apprentice has a slightly unusual version. Halt trained Gilan. Gilan became a full Ranger, and Halt took on another apprentice, our protagonist Will. Gilan then at various points helped teach Will. Will himself has helped train a few apprentices, but briefly and he wasn't their master. He gets an apprentice in Book 12, Maddie, daughter of Horace and Cassandra.
  • Myth Adventures gives us a chain consisting of Garkin and later Aahz → Skeeve → Massha. As of Class Dis-Mythed, one could also argue for Garkin/Aahz → Skeeve → Jinetta, Pologne, Freezia, Bee, Tolk & Melvine. Bee also trained briefly under Massha, which would extend the Garkin/Aahz chain above by another link.
  • Arc of a Scythe has one fairly traditional example and one odd case.
    • Scythe Xenocrates → Scythe Goddard → Scythe Rand → Tyger Salazar though it turns out she was just training him so she could revive Goddard in his body.
    • The weird one happens with Scythe Faraday who trained Scythe Curie early in life and later started training Citra and Rowan, however he had to fake his own death and Rowan and Citra finish their training under Scythes Goddard and Curie respectively.
  • The Dresden Files
    • Develops a chain with Ebenzar McCoy → Harry Dresden → Molly Carpenter. McCoy also taught Harry's mother, and Turn Coat reveals that McCoy is part of a long one stretching back all the way to the original Merlin.
      • Harry and Elaine's original mentor was Justin DuMorne, who was the student of Simon Petrovich. Meaning that the line also goes Petrovich → DuMorne → Harry (and Elaine) → Molly.
    • There's also the Doom of Damocles, McCoy offered to sponsor Harry when he was on trial for killing his prior mentor in self-defense and the Senior Council voted to put him under an extreme probation with McCoy responsible for making sure he didn't break the Laws of Magic again, including killing him if necessary. Then when Molly was on trial (in Proven Guilty) for enthralling her friends (to stop them from taking heroin), Harry sponsored her Doom of Damocles.
  • Harry Potter received more than the standard Defence Against the Dark Arts training - Lupin, for example, gave him some exclusive tutelage. Harry then founded Dumbledore's Army and passed everything he knew to them. Later Neville, formerly a trainee of the D.A., continued Harry's legacy. Harry is clearly invoking it when he speaks to Neville for the last time in Deathly Hallows, making sure there are always more people to keep fighting after the previous heroes are dead.
  • Done by entire species in the Uplift series. A species is formally designated by its chain of uplifters and by those species it has uplifted, and a species' prestige in galactic society is largely determined by the prestige of their chain; an element of this prestige is how many species of the chain are living.
  • The Matthew Swift series has Robert Bakker → Matthew Swift → Dana Mikeda; as of the end of the second book Matthew has acquired another apprentice, Penny Ngwenya.
  • Discworld:
    • In the novel Lords and Ladies, Granny Weatherwax lists a series of witches, her master, her master's master, etc. Only one of those witches had even been mentioned in any other book.
    • There's John Keel → Sam Vimes → Sam Vimes (via time loop) → Virtually everyone else in the watch. And since Vimes's training is highly valued across the Disc, we can assume there are a few watchmen being trained by his graduates.
  • Fitz of Robin Hobb's Farseer and Tawny Man trilogies is at the center of a few of these. Fitz was apprenticed, in different areas, to Verity, Burrich, and Chade; later, Fitz becomes master to Verity's son Dutiful, Burrich's son Swift, and...Chade himself.
  • In Circle of Magic and Circle Opens there's Lark → Sandry → Pasco, Niko → Tris → Keth (and maybe Glaki), Frostpine → Kirel & Daja → Nia & Jory, and Rosethorn → Briar → Evvy
  • In Steve Perry's Matador Series, the chain of training in an unarmed martial combat form called "The 97 Steps" is Diamond → Pen → Khadaji → the Matadors. A Master/Apprentice reversal chain also figure into the works with Red teaching Khadaji to use spetsdods, then Khadaji teaching Red The 97 Steps. Additionally, one of the antagonists in the book, The Machiavelli Interface Massey, is revealed to have learned under Khadaji as well, by enrolling in the Matador's training school.
  • Since every clan cat in Warrior Cats has a mentor, there are often long chains of apprentice to mentor. This can get really convoluted when cats switch clans, seeing as the more recent ThunderClan medicine cats can trace their roots back to the early ShadowClan. Also, there are other funny coincidences.
    • Since medicine cats always mentor one another, the chains can be traced back all the way to the prequels.
    • Bramblestar, the current leader of ThunderClan was mentored by Firestar, who was mentored by Bluestar, who was (partially) mentored by Sunstar, who was mentored by Pinestar. The best part is, it's all purely coincidental.
    • Dustpelt trained both Squirrelflight and Ashfur. Ashfur hates Squirrelflight with his entire being.
  • In Barbara Hambly's Dragonsbane series knowing a mage's Master-Apprentice Chain or 'line' tells you all kind of things about the type of spells they are likely to know and avoid.
  • The Exile's Violin: At the start of the story, Jacquie is a rookie under the wing of a veteran detective, Serge. At the end of the story, she has become the veteran and has her own rookie in Clay.
  • In Mistborn: The Original Trilogy, we have a chain of Mistborn teachers and students that goes Gemmell (in the backstory)→KelsierVin Elend (and, indirectly, Spook).
  • Journey to Chaos: The immediate chain presented is in the Dragon's Lair mercenary company. It is Basilard Bladi→Eric Watley→Zettai Centurion/ Bladi. Looming Shadow extends the chain back two thousand years by stating that Dengel Tymh taught the first batch of Dragon's Lair mages. Then it goes further back to Ariek Valeten, who taught Dengel.
  • In Shannara we have a chain of High Druids who each mentored their successor either directly or as a Spirit Advisor: Galaphile → (various Druids)→ Bremen→ AllanonWalker BohGrianne Ohmsford→ Khyber Elessedil→ Aphenglow Elessedil.
  • In Dan Abnett’s Warhammer 40,000 novels, Inquisitors Gregor Eisenhorn and Titus Endor were trained by the renowned Inquisitor Hapshant. Eisenhorn went on to train Inquisitor Gideon Ravenor, who in turn trains the inquisitor-to-be Carl Thonius.
  • Prior to Will, in His Dark Materials, each bearer of the Sutle Knife for the Philosophers' Guild was trained by his predecessor.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Buffyverse gives us The Master → Darla → Angel(us) → Drusilla → Spike. Spike even once refers to Angel as his "Yoda", in reference to the Star Wars list above.
  • Inspector Morse / Lewis: Morse → Lewis → Hathaway → Maddox. The previous link in the chain (MacNutt) put in an appearance in "Masonic Mysteries".
  • Highlander: Connor → Duncan → Richie
  • In the Ultra Series, there is UltrasevenUltraman LeoUltraman Zero. Zero is Seven's son, BTW.
    • In Ultraman Z, the titular Z Hero-Worships Zero and desperately wants Zero to accept him as the next link in the chain, much to Zero's annoyance; and while Zero does help Z out from time to time, Z is ultimately able to make a name for himself without Zero's direct mentoring. Z also has a Transformation Trinket that can strengthen him with powers from three other Ultramen at once, and the very first form he gets is based on the Seven/Leo/Zero chain. In addition, he recognizes Ultraman Geed as a student of Zero's, though Geed protests that their relationship wasn't quite like that (they had worked together and Zero was vastly more experienced than Geed, but it was more of an equal partnership).
  • Used in 30 Rock Don Geiss → Jack Donaghy → Liz Lemon → Hazel Whassername
  • Open All Hours: Arkwright → Granville → Leroy.
  • In Criminal Minds episode, "The Apprenticeship" not only are the UnSub's mentor and student, but the mentor UnSub had his own mentor.
  • In Doctor Who, there is the academic chain Rassilon → Borusa → the Doctor, and the Doctor mentored Sarah Jane and Captain Jack, amongst others, making this the Doctor → Sarah-Jane Smith → the kids from The Sarah Jane Adventures, the Doctor → Captain Jack → Torchwood Three, and the Doctor → far too many others to count.
  • ER, has this to go along with the show's Revolving Door Casting, illustrated with a bit of leadership advice passed down from one Chief Resident to the next, from David Morgenstern to Mark Greene to John Carter to Archie Morris.
    David Morgenstern: You set the tone.
  • In Star Trek: Discovery, post-Burn couriers work this way. A successful courier will take an apprentice, and when they die or retire the apprentice takes on their name, customer list, and goodwill, essentially becoming a Legacy Character. According to the Cleveland Booker who is a regular character from S3 on, he is the fifth courier to bear that name (his birth name was Tareckx).
  • In the backstory of Power Rangers Mystic Force, the Snow Prince mentored the original five Mystic Wizards. The leader of the Mystic Wizards, Leanbow, then mentored Daggeron, and in turn Daggeron acts as the mentor of the current Mystic Rangers.

    Multiple Media 
  • The Karate Kid and its Sequel Series Cobra Kai, unsurprisingly for a martial arts series, features a few of these;
    • Johnny Lawrence, who studied under John Kreese at the original Cobra Kai dojo, begins mentoring Miguel Diaz and other students. Flashbacks in the third season reveal that Kreese, along with his war buddies including Terry Silver, was trained in Tang Soo Do (which Kreese would later develop into Cobra Kai Karate) during the Vietnam War by Captain Turner, who in turn studied under Kim Sun-Yung during the Korean War. After Vietnam, Kreese and Silver sought more Tang Soo Do training from Kim Sun-Yung himself, whose Way of the Fist was passed down to his granddaughter Kim Da-Eun and her team of elite sensei known as The Fist.
    • Nariyoshi Miyagi was trained by his father alongside his friend Sato Toguchi, Sato being the first exception ever made to Miyagi-Do karate’s tradition of being exclusively passed down its founder Shimpo-sensei’s family line. Miyagi, of course, went on to train Daniel LaRusso, who would go on to train his daughter Sam, Johnny’s son Robby Keene, and others. Sato, meanwhile, went on to train his nephew Chozen. Chozen later underwent a Heel–Face Turn and taught Daniel-san a few techniques that Mr. Miyagi had left out due to going against his philosophy.
    • The Next Karate Kid also establishes a branch of the Miyagi chain that starts with Mr. Miyagi, who teaches karate to fellow veteran Jack as thanks for saving his life, who subsequently teaches karate to his son-in-law, who then gives rudimentary instruction to his daughter Julie Pierce, who gets full training from Mr. Miyagi just like Daniel.
    • Due to several characters switching allegiances over the course of the story, there’s also a bit of cross-pollination between the chains, especially once Daniel & Johnny combine the Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang dojos together, with Chozen as an instructor. As far back as the original trilogy, Daniel received both Miyagi-Do training and lessons in Cobra Kai taught by Terry Silver and would eventually combine the two in a final battle against Silver himself. Another noteworthy example is how Robby starts with Miyagi-Do, then switches to Cobra Kai, during which he tries to teach what he knows to Kenny Payne to stand up to his bully (Anthony LaRusso) only for Kenny to adopt the worst parts of Cobra Kai’s aggressive style and remain with its bullying ways even after Robby leaves and eventually gives Anthony some pointers on Miyagi-Do’s defensive style to protect himself from Kenny.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • To Japanese fans, a particularly famous chain is Karl Gotch → Hiro Matsuda → The Great Muta → Akebono. (in USA, Muta's connection to The Great Kabuki is played up instead) This was parodied in Fighting Opera Hustle, where the Great Muta's mist "impregnates" Yinling The Erotic Terrorist with "Monster Bono".
  • Rick Michaels trained a significant amount of the NWA Wildside locker room, and this was most noticeable when the students of his student, Slim J, were turned against Michaels by the NWA Elite.
  • Chris Hero was apart of several, such as Ian Rotten teaching Hero how to be a Garbage Wrestler in IWA Mid-South and Hero going on to teach many others such as Trik Davis, Mickie Knuckles, Bryce Remsburg and Nadia Nyce. Dave Taylor taught Hero the art of chain wrestling, which he would pass onto Claudio Castagnoli, who would go on to help Hero and Mike Quackenbush train more wrestlers in Chikara.
  • Scott Hall and Larry Zybysko trained Chasyn Rance, who went on to train their sons, Cody and Tim.
  • Pro Wrestling Guerilla had London and Kendrick, who trained one of the promotion's proverbial founders Joey Ryan, who trained Willie Mack.
  • The main three members of Team Ambition were Tony Kozina, who trained Davey Richards, who trained Kyle O'Reilly.
  • Referenced in SHINE Wrestling when Malia Hosaka was running down The Buddy System and ensured whatever her trainee Daffney was teaching them would not be enough.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Ars Magica has a Master-Apprentice chain back (in theory) to the Founders. Every mage is nominally descended, parens to fidelius, from the Founder of one of the Twelve (or Thirteen) Houses, although adoption is common from outside the Order; only four Houses require direct descent. This is part of the basis for Hermetic social structure - if your master is revealed to have betrayed his oath, you have a legal problem. Further, if you go bad, your master has already sworn to hunt you down and slay you.
  • Warhammer:
    • Every Battle Wizard in the Empire can trace a chain back to the first Supreme Patriarch — Volans — or another of the original pupils of the High Elf mage Teclis, who founded their Colleges of Magic after the Great War Against Chaos some two centuries before the present day. Teclis himself trained at the feet of Loremaster Belannaer. Belannaer's tutors during the reign of Bel-Hathor the Sage have not been revealed, but it is possible that Bel-Hathor himself was among them.
    • The knowledge of magic was passed down this way on a species-wide level as well. Magic in the Old World originated with the mysterious Old Ones, who taught the art to their Slann servants. The Slann Mage-Priests, in turn, are thought to have taught the first rudiments of magic to the Elves who, through Teclis, passed it down further to humanity.

    Video Games 
  • The second Knights of the Old Republic notes Revan had such a chain. However it may or may not be a slip up that Kreia and Arren Kae, the handmaidens mother, are both identified as having been both his first and last. Unless they are both the same person.
    • Kreia serves as the teacher of the Exile. In turn, the Exile agrees to unofficially train the Handmaiden in the ways of the Force, since this would technically not break the Handmaiden's oath to Atris about never learning the ways of the Jedi.
    • It should be noted that the Exile had several other proteges, though they don't qualify since the Disciple already had Jedi training, Visas Marr was a reformed Sith and Atton, Mira and Bao-Dur were convinced to develop their Force-Sensitive abilities, but recieved no formal training.
  • The Sith Inquisitor character in Star Wars: The Old Republic is part of such a chain: s/he is an apprentice to Lord (later Darth) Zash and, from Act II onwards, the master to the ex-padawan Ashara Zavros. Late in Act III, the Inquisitor also takes an official apprentice from the Sith Academy, much like themselves at the beginning of the game.
    • Each of the Jedi and Sith classes go from being an apprentice to having an apprentice of their own. The Jedi Knight has Kira Carsen, the Jedi Consular gets Nadia Grell and the Sith Warrior gets Jaesa Wilsaam (who will either end up good or evil depending on how you recruit her).
  • Namu Amida Butsu! -UTENA-: Amida mentors Shaka mentors Miroku.
  • In the Street Fighter series, Ryu and Ken were trained by Gouken, who himself was taught by Goutetsu. Ken would later go on to (unofficially) take Sean in as his student (as well as begin training his own son, Mel), while Ryu would indirectly mentor Sakura (who based her fighting style on his own).
    • As of V, we have the newcomer Luke, who was mentored by Guile, who himself was trained by Charlie.
    • As of 6 Luke continues the chain with the World Tour avatar and Bosch.
    • Also in 6, there's Zeku → Guy → Kimberly.
  • In Final Fantasy VII, Angeal is the mentor of Zack, Zack is the mentor of Cloud, and Cloud goes on to mentor Denzel after Advent Children.
  • Big Boss was trained by the legendary soldier known only as the Boss. In turn, he trained Grey Fox, who tutored Solid Snake. After Snake also learned from Big Boss directly and defeated both his mentors when they go rogue, he passes his knowledge onto Raiden.
  • From Ace Attorney: Marvin Grossberg → Diego Armando → Mia Fey → Phoenix Wright → Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes (although Apollo did most of his initial training under Kristoph Gavin). That "the only time a lawyer can cry is when it's all over" creed that Phoenix teaches Apollo and Athena came all the way from Diego telling Mia that when she lost her first case.
  • In the Modern Warfare series, a clear line of progression can be seen between the various viewpoint characters, going in the order MacMillan → Price → Soap → Roach. Unfortunately, the chain is cut short by the deaths of Roach and Soap.
  • In Diablo III, the crusaders of Zakarum each had an apprentice. When the crusader fell in battle, their apprentice would take on their weapon, shield, name, and an apprentice of their own.
  • Atelier:
    • The Arland series has one of these: in Atelier Rorona, Rorona is taught alchemy by Astrid. She then becomes Totori's master in Atelier Totori, and Totori herself ends up becoming Meruru's teacher in Atelier Meruru. Atelier Lulua adds a new branch starting from Totori: she teaches alchemy to Piana, and Piana teaches alchemy to Lulua.
    • In the Mysterious series, Sophie completes her training under Plachta, and then goes on to teach Firis.
  • In the Mega Man ZX series, such a chain is started with Giro mentoring Aile/Vent in ZX with important advice before his death and gives some more to them when he becomes a Cyber-Elf. In turn, they end up providing similar advice to Grey/Ashe in Advent. The chain is more obvious with Aile and Grey, however, as Aile explicitly cites Giro's words to Grey, who takes them to heart and throws them right into Master Albert's face come the final battle.
  • Soul Series:
    • Edge Master trained Kilik with his staff fighting, which would be passed on to his son Xiba.
    • Taki was trained by the ways of demon sealing and the Fu-Ma clan's Musou-battoryu sword fighting by her adoptive father and master Toki. In Soulcalibur V, Natsu possesses the same style as Taki as she was the one who mentored and raised her after Taki suffered a survivor's guilt where she was unable to defeat the demon Arahabaki and she could not bring herself to kill the infant Natsu at the time after the demon chose her as its new host.
    • Setsuka was taught her battoujutsu style by her adoptive father Shugen, and in Soulcalibur V, it was said that she had settled in Istanbul and taught swordfighting to children there, one of whom was Patroklos Alexander, Sophitia's son.
  • A subtle one in The Legend of Zelda. The Hero of Twilight from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is mentored by the Hero's Shade, who is really the Hero of Time from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Then, in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the Hero of Twilight can be summoned in his wolf form to aid the Hero of the Wild. The link goes Hero of Time / Hero's Shade > Hero of Twilight > Hero of the Wild.

    Web Animation 
  • In RWBY:
    • Every Huntsman's training can be traced back to Headmaster Ozpin in some way. In particular, he directly trained Qrow and Taiyang, who would respectively go on to train Taiyang's daughters Ruby and Yang before they went on to train at Beacon.
    • On the evil side, we have Salem → Cinder → Mercury and Emerald.

  • Girl Genius Gilgamesh is taught by Klaus himself (among others), and we know some of the people who taught the baron himself.
    Dr. Sun: He does his teachers proud.
  • In Kill Six Billion Demons, certain warriors take the name of their master as their second name with "ten" used to denote "student of". Mathangi Mantra commonly goes by "Mathangi ten Meti" after her master (or "Auntie Maya" to people she's not interested in fighting). Meti herself was known as "Meti ten Ryo" (Ryo, in turn, was known as "Ryo ten Riyam"). In the final book, Solomon adresses Jagganoth as "Yaun ten Jantris", implying this is the name under which he was first known and tying him to an earlier story of a peasant boy called Yaun who is forcibly conscripted into the Corpse Legion of Jantris Storm-Crowned. Incubus, meanwhile, was also (incompletely) trained by Meti but refuses her name, implying he never saw her as his master.

    Western Animation 
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra have several:
    • The Avatar can ask the spirits of previous incarnations for advice, usually starting with the one immediately preceding him/her. Thus the entire Avatar line was an uninterrupted chain until Vaatu, at least.
    • Sky Bison → many generations → Gyatso → Aang → Tenzin → Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, Korra → New Airbenders.
    • Badgermoles → the original Earthbenders and (separately) Toph → Aang, Lin, Metalbenders
    • The Moon → many generations → Pakku (and Hama) → Katara → Aang, Korra, presumably Kya
    • Dragons → original Firebenders, Sun Tribe, Iroh → Zuko → Aang, with the dragons also directly helping all of these characters
    • In chi-blocking, Amon → the Equalists. Presumably, Amon was either trained by Ty Lee or one of her students.
    • Toph → Lin and Suyin → Kuvira, Huan, Wing & Wei, Korra (for metalbending).
  • Gargoyles: This is how leadership works in gargoyle clans. In the Wyvern (later Manhattan) clan, the leadership passed from Hudson to Goliath, then temporarily from Goliath to Brooklyn.
  • Miraculous Ladybug: Applicable to Marinette, Fu, and past guardians, but far more direct with Knight Owl and Sparrow, per a series of images in the New York Special.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003): The turtles were taught by Splinter, who learned how to fight from Hamato Yoshi, who was the disciple of the Ancient One, who was the disciple of the Ninja Tribunal.
  • Star Wars Rebels: Ezra Bridger is being taught by Kanan Jarrus, who was taught by Depa Billaba, who was taught by Mace Windu, who was taught by Cyslin Myr (new canon) and/or T'ra Saa (legends). Also, Garro → Yoda → Obi-Wan → Anakin → Ahsoka Tano.
  • Defenders of the Earth has Enigma → Theron → Mandrake → Kshin. Enigma is an interdimensional being who was exiled to Earth in the form of a magical book, though he is eventually restored to his true form. Theron found the book, which taught him the ways of magic; he then passed that knowledge on to Mandrake, who, as the series progresses starts to train Kshin.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Starswirl the Bearded taught Princess Celestia and Princess Luna with the former having mentored both Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer; the chain moved to Twilight mentoring Starlight Glimmer; and most recently Starlight is poised to continue this chain with Trixie. Twilight also became a new mentor for Sunset who eventually takes the human Twilight under her metaphorical wing.
    • Taken even further in Season 8 when Twilight, the rest of the Mane Six and Starlight open a school and start mentoring the Young Six. The Distant Finale reveals that three of the Young Six (Smolder, Silverstream, and Ocellus) have themselves become teachers at the School of Friendship, passing their knowledge on to a new generation of creatures.
  • In Men in Black: The Series, we have Alpha → Agent K → Agent J.

    Real Life 
  • This trope is Truth in Television as regards the birth of Western philosophy. Aristotle was taught by Plato, who was taught by Socrates, from whom several other strains of Philosophy (such as Stoicism) occasionally claim mentorship. Just to cap off the chain of historical celebrities, Aristotle was the tutor of Alexander the Great.
  • Homer to Virgil to Dante, sort of: Virgil saw Homer as his greatest inspiration and Dante felt that Virgil had been his guide in the epic poetry, but no two of them were contemporaries. John Milton read all three of these poets assiduously in their respective languages and set out to surpass them; and the age of great epics doesn't end with Milton...
  • Teaching has always been considered part of the job of every eminent musician. For instance, virtually every professional pianist today is a seventh-, eighth- or ninth- generation pupil of Franz Liszt.
    • Organists (especially French ones) consider their "pedigree" a mark of pride. As with pianists, most organists trace their lineage back to Franck, who (with a little bit of juggling) traces his back to Johann Sebastian Bach.
  • Conservative news media has had this chain: National Review (specifically Bill Buckley) → Rush Limbaugh → Fox News
  • Conservative politics works this way. Bill Buckley (again) → Barry Goldwater → Ronald Reagan.
  • Documented for mathematicians and many scientists by The Mathematics Genealogy Project. Some of the lineages of student-and-advisor have been traced back more than 500 years. For example, Steven Hawking's advisor-tree traces back along one branch to George Hermonymus, who taught the ancient Greek classics at the Sorbonne in the 1470s.
  • Lineage can be important in certain martial arts, and different lineages of the same martial art will practise it in a slightly different way.
    • Since the 14th century there was a German school of sword-fighting descended from the pupils of master Johannes Liechtenauer, and other school of fighting in various countries and time periods. Unfortunately the line of masters who knew the art was broken when the weapons they taught fell out of fashion, and all that was left were the books in which they wrote their teachings. Today there is a new plethora of fencing organizations trying to revive historical European martial arts from these old fight-books and establish new chains of masters and apprentices.
    • On the other side of the world, you have Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu, a kendo school founded by Miyamoto Musashi in the early seventeenth century. Nearly four-hundred years later, it's still there and the current headmaster is the twelfth generation.
    • It is especially emphasized in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to show the instructor is legitimate. It will usually trace back to either Helio Gracie, Carlos Gracie, Luiz França or Oswaldo Fadda, and then back to Mitsuyo Maeda, which itself will then trace to Jigoro Kano, founder of Judo.
  • Christian churches that follow the episcopal form of church government (Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, and some Lutherans) generally use the system of apostolic succession, which is a variant of this: each priest must be ordained and each bishop consecrated by a previous bishop, with a chain that would eventually lead back to one of the Apostles, who were chosen by Jesus himself. There are Lutheran denominations that do not hold to the doctrine of apostolic succession; only those characterized as "High Church" preserve it. The Methodist churches, which are breakaways from the Anglican, also have very complicated views on the subject.
    • Interestingly, the Corinthian church was becoming divided by this sort of thing, and Paul told them to cut it out: "For when one says, “I am of Paul,” and another, “I am of Apollos,” are you not carnal? Who then is Paul, and who is Apollos, but ministers through whom you believed, as the Lord gave to each one? I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase. So then neither he who plants is anything, nor he who waters, but God who gives the increase."
    • Mormonism holds to the concept of priesthood succession, positing that Joseph Smith received the priesthood at the Restoration and gave it to his followers and that, since, no one can receive priesthood unless from someone already ordained and who has been allowed by priesthood leadership.
  • In traditional Japanese arts, a tradition called iemoto is respected, where the sensei who leads a particular lineage of the art selects one of his apprentices to be his personal successor. The iemoto is essentially considered a family, and becoming the successor effectively means being adopted by the sensei (if there wasn't already a blood relation). Like everything else related to the traditional arts, this is extremely Serious Business.
  • Lau Kar Leung, Master of the Hung Gar style and Hong Kong cinema superstar, is at the end of the chain: Lau Kar Leung < Lau Cham < Lam Sai Wing < Wong Fei Hung (Yes, that Wong Fei Hung).
  • Several of Nintendo's leading lights have such a chain. Gunpei Yokoi, creator of the Game Boy and several respected franchises, was a mentor to Shigeru Miyamoto, who is now in charge of nearly all of Nintendo's first-party titles. Miyamoto, in turn, mentored Masahiro Sakurai, creator of Kirby and Super Smash Bros., and Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokémon.
  • Judaism's rabbinic tradition contains the term סמיכה‎ semikhah (literally means "leaning on hands"), which is essentially accreditation/ordination that the new rabbi has the skills and knowledge to advise and make rulings in Jewish law and traditions, and is granted by a quorum of existing rabbis, typically including the new rabbi's mentor, and involves a formal blessing ‘Yoreh Yoreh. Yaddin Yaddin’ (‘May he decide? He may decide! May he judge? He may judge!’). According to tradition, the chain of Semikhah extends in an unbroken chain back to Moshe Rabbeinu (Moses) at Sinai and the giving of the Torah and the Ten Commandments.
  • How are most blue collar professions (and even some that require a college degree in other places) taught their trade in German speaking countries? Why of course through a master-apprentice relationship. Complete with some medieval sounding traditions like dressing in special clothes and moving around the country to work. Unlike other examples on this list master-apprentice chains are not as easy to track down as records are sketchier, but it is entirely likely that the master of a brewer trained today was the apprentice of another master who was the apprentice of another master... all the way back to before the law specifying beer can only be hops, barley-malt and water was first passed — five hundred years ago.
  • In a major chain of anime directors, Hayao Miyazaki launched the career of Hideaki Anno, who in turn mentored Kazuya Tsurumaki.
  • A "coaching family tree" is often mentioned in sports, especially in American Football, where there are a large number of assistant coaches and coordinators serving under a head coach.
  • According to the rules of several professional psychanalysis organisations, no one can be admitted as member unless he had undergone a training analysis from a member. After World War 1, the first organization to have done so was the Berlin Psychoanalytic Institute by mandating a training analysis of a year at least.


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