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Post-Kiss Catatonia

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You think True Love's Kiss is impressive? Nah. All that kiss can do is wake someone up, or change their species.

This kiss is a kiss most powerful and does the opposite; it sends the poor recipient into a stiff, rigid, frozen state of shock, unable to move, talk, comprehend their surroundings, or even remember their own name. This kind of kiss-induced shock is severe enough that not even a Colony Drop will snap them out of it.

The condition of Post-Kiss Catatonia can last anywhere from 24 seconds after the kiss, all the way up to 24 hours, during which time the recipient will see lots of imaginary fireworks, love hearts and oftentimes hear lovey-dovey music. An Accidental Kiss or First Kiss will exacerbate these symptoms.

This affliction overwhelmingly favors males. Something about this condition makes male characters look more dumbfounded, happy, and stupid than if this trope is applied to the opposite gender. It's worth saying that this is not an Always Male trope; female examples exist, they're just far rarer for some reason.

Not to be confused with Kiss of Death. Compare Distracted by the Sexy.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • When we first see Urd on Earth in Ah! My Goddess, she's pretending to be the clerk at a drugstore (with a Naughty Nurse outfit on) when Keiichi comes in to buy cold medicine for Belldandy. When the camera angle changes, we see the real clerk on the floor, KOed, with a big grin on his face and a Lipstick Mark on his cheek.
  • Assassination Classroom features it as a plot point: To stop Kayano's tentacle-induced rampage, Nagisa goes and delivers a 15-hit kiss to knock her out, so Koro-sensei can remove her tentacles.
  • When Umar kisses Pariya in A Bride's Story in order to convince her that he's willing to wait as long as it takes for her to finish sewing the bridal trousseau she needs to complete before they can be married (an act so shocking it would be grounds for a Shotgun Wedding if discovered, which is why he did it), she keels over and collapses on the spot, thinking to herself how happy she is while Umar panics and asks whether she's alright. At the start of the next chapter she's still in a complete daze, barely able to crawl back onto their cart, and responding to Umar's apology for kissing her with "IT... IT IS ALRIGHT SIR, PLEASE, THANK YOU!" She only snaps out of it when the axle snaps on their cart.
  • When Kurokawa spontaneously kisses Tomoe in Hinako Takanaga's Challengers, the latter is so stunned that he faints, mainly because he and Kurokawa are both men.
  • When Ryo Saeba of City Hunter plants a kiss on the forehead of his true love and assistant Kaori during the second series finale, the only reaction that Kaori can muster is for her to blush, with her skin literally becoming RED HOT under the rain to cause steam to literally rise from her skin. Kaori is later bedridden with a nasty cold as a result but when she recalls that "moment", her skin yet again becomes RED HOT with a fever of 107.6.
  • It's perfectly understandable that D.Gray-Man's Allen would react like this when Road kissed him; last time they met she stabbed him in the eye.
  • By the time Saiba Rei shows up in Digimon V-Tamer 01, Yagami Tachi hasn't seen a girl likely for months, so her explaining his reaction. Her reaction is half happiness in seeing another human being and half gratitude for his observation and planning allowing Zeromaru to save her from some hungry bugs.
  • A rare dramatic occurrence happens with Ryo of FAKE, after the second time Dee kisses him (not counting the Fake-Out Make-Out). This is because Dee was unexpectedly intense, telling Ryo to "Never dismiss [him] again" after Ryo treated the first kiss as a joke and Ryo was taken off guard that Dee was "such a good kisser".
  • In The Familiar of Zero Queen Henrietta offers Saito her hand to kiss, but Saito misunderstands what is meant by "kiss" and instead sweeps the queen off her feet in a deep embrace and kiss that leaves her stunned.
  • In chapter 75 of the Hajimete no Aku manga, Jiro is seemingly unaffected by Kyoko accidentally kissing him on the cheek. When Kyoko turns to him to demand he tell their teasing friends the kiss was accidental, he is still in the same position. Then, his legs give out.
  • In Hatsukoi Limited this happens to Megane-kun (can't remember his actual name at the moment) when Dobahshi makes the first move. In his defense, he had just worked up the courage to ask her to hold hands.
  • Shichika from Katanagatari not only passes out after Togame kisses him, but also forgets everything he's ever learned about swordplay, which was Togame's intention. He reverts to the same dazed state when she offers to make him "forget" again.
  • Sana almost has an Heroic BSoD in Kodocha, when Hayama steals her first kiss.
  • In Macross Frontier Sheryl sneaks into the command center of the Macross Quarter to watch the test run of the "Ranka Attack". Someone asks where security is. Cue cut to said security guard, who is stunned into pure bliss by the kiss Sheryl planted on his cheek.
  • During a flashback to Alma Torran in Magi: Labyrinth of Magic, Sheba literally melts when her lover Solomon kisses her on the forehead.
  • In the manga version of Mysterious Girlfriend X, Urabe manages to do this to Tsubaki even though she only kissed the other side of her photo that he was kissing.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi:
    • This is used for Negi's second kiss with Nodoka, and it lasts at least until he meets up with everyone else again. He does this in several of the other Pactios as well. You'd think the shock would wear out after a little while.
    • Negi induces it on Chachamaru in chapter 263, but that was extreme kissing.
    • There's Asuna after the Kissing Terminator Incident.
    • Paru-sama's infamous Nugi: "He boasts an impressive 23.5 centimetres!"
    • It happens to Negi again in chapter 340 when Ayaka kisses Negi with so much force, that not only does it leave Negi twitching on the floor, but almost reverses the Pactio!
  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion, Shinji found his and Asuka's First Kiss absolutely... breathtaking. But that was because she held his nose. His breath "tickled". He turns several interesting colors and stands stunned for a good half minute after she disengages, long enough for Asuka to conclude kissing is a bad way to kill time. During Asuka's Mind Rape, it's revealed that the kiss meant a lot to her and she was angry he didn't embrace her during their kiss.
  • Kakeru goes into this state in Onegai My Melody after he saves Uta from being kissed by Dar-chan — who possesses the Hiiragi brothers — twice; he pushes Uta away and takes the kiss in her place.
  • Peach Girl: When Kairi kisses Momo in the first episode, she reacts by going stiff and staring straight ahead in utter shock. Kairi thinks this means she liked it and tries to kiss her again but just receives a Groin Attack from Momo for his attempt.
  • Ash of Pokémon: The Series is always left speechless and sometimes in a daze when a girl (and, on one occasion, Team Rocket) kisses him. And it's his friends who have the peculiar reactions instead...
  • In episode 7 of Princess Princess Yuujirou kisses Tooru to drive Sayaka away and after the kiss Tooru is shown to stare ahead with a shocked look on his face.
  • In Sonic X, episode 45, Rouge defeats Tails in the face-off using this as her secret weapon. Which is probably referencing a scene in Sonic Battle where if you lose a fight with Rouge, she kisses you.
    Tails: Wh-wha?
    Rouge: Aww. You're blushing.
  • Nagisa faints just from getting a kiss on the forehead from Shizuma in the first episode of Strawberry Panic!.
  • Sunako Nakahara of The Wallflower went into severe catatonia after her kiss with Kyouhei, and often doesn't even need another kiss to go into it again, now. All one has to do is mention something that sounds like the word "kiss" to send her into a rampage or a relapse of catatonia.
  • In Yona of the Dawn, before temporarily parting ways in chapter 137, Yona plants a Forceful Kiss on Childhood Friend Hak, who's loved her for years and was completely resigned to having no romantic future with her. His initial response was to stare in shock, completely frozen with his jaw dropped.

    Comic Books 
  • Asterix: At the end of Asterix the Legionary, Asterix and Obelix get a Smooch of Victory on the nose from Panacea for bringing back her fiance Tragicomix. Obelix faints, but recovers in time for the ending banquet. Asterix on the other hand is seen sitting in a tree with a dazed expression.
  • The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck: Scrooge McDuck had this intentionally used to stun for a critical moment in The Prisoner of White Agony Creek. Goldie wasn't expecting it to become a rare case of mutual post kiss catatonia, though.
  • In the Spirou & Fantasio album The Origins of the Z (Aux sources du Z), where present Spirou meets past Seccotine, who then gives her a Big Damn Kiss. In this case, Seccotine is on the receiving end of it and is so dazed that she’s not even responsive anymore.

    Fan Works 
  • Advice and Trust: Rei gives Kaworu a kiss under the mistletoe during the Christmas special. He is temporarily rendered incapable of thought.
  • Ask Her Lustrousness, Yellow Diamond: Yellow freezes up when Bill Dewey kisses her hand. It takes a couple of calls from Blue in order to get her to snap out of it.
    Author's commentary: Sorry Susan, but Yellow.exe has stopped working.
  • Boldores And Boomsticks: Seeing Jaune stumble into Team JNPR's dorm and Pyrrha float by on Cloud 9 tells Ren and Nora that the two finally told each other how they felt.
  • Happens to Harriet Lily Potter at least once with much hilarity in A Butterfly Effect.
  • Chibi!Doctor seems to get this.
  • In Children of Time's "Dynamics of a Point", Beth Lestrade delivers a slap to Sherlock Holmes and immediately regrets it. She apologizes with her first kiss to him, and he can only stare at her, shocked that she's furious with him one moment and then kissing him the next.
  • Death Note Equestria has Twilight go into one of these when Fluttershy kisses her for the first time. Of course, this is her during her Memory Gambit — it's hard to say if Kira!Twilight would react the same.
  • In Dragon Age: The Crown of Thorns, Alistair goes through this after Gwen Cousland kisses him, right after the dwarven noble protagonist sets things up so that Gwen is at the door and hears Alistair ask him for ideas as to how to give Gwen the Lothering rose.
  • In the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story "The Other Smurfette", Papa Smurf stood in a daze that required Smurfette to snap him out of after Wonderette (who is Hogatha in disguise as a female Smurf) kissed him on the mouth.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers fanfic Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità: Let's just say Italy sent Germany and Japan into one after he french-kissed both of them.
  • In How the Light Gets In, a recently resurrected Laurel is traumatized by her death and Resurrection Sickness but feels well enough to kiss her husband, Dean. The kiss starts chaste but gets increasingly passionate, leaving him rattled and a little dazed when she suddenly changes the subject.
  • Downplayed in Infinity Train: Boiling Point: Luz is left blushing and gasping after Skara kisses her right before she leaves for the Boiling Underworld at the end of Act 1.
  • Happens several times in Kyon: Big Damn Hero, including once to Haruhi after starting a Forceful Kiss via Necktie Leash with Kyon and once to Kyon, whom Mikuru(big) kissed a few hours earlier.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton: Happens to Danny and sometimes his date after they kiss.
    • Both times that Felicia kissed him left Danny blushing and in a dreamy state.
  • In My Huntsman Academia, Izuku repeatedly suffers from this after he starts dating Yang. A simple peck on the cheek is enough to make him freeze up and leave his knees rattling even while he's in the middle of a fight. He briefly forgets how to stand after his First Kiss and has to be caught before he hits the floor.
  • In Naruto: the Secret Songs of the Ninja, Hinata gives Naruto a kiss on the cheek as "a good luck charm" after he confesses his insecurities to her in the lead-up to his epic duel against Gaara. She blushes, stammers a goodbye and runs for it while he's left staring after her in shock, gingerly touching his face where she kissed him.
  • Shy and nerdy research wizard Ponder Stibbons gets this when Johanna expresses her fondness for him in Nature Studies. The idea that the attractive red-haired Assassin might be attracted to him has not really gotten that far into his head, so when she kisses him for the first time...
  • The Omnitrix Hero: Trixie invokes this herself to help Flash Sentry. When Flash is being chased by monster frogs that want to suck out his blood to multiply, Trixie eventually realizes that the reason they keeping finding Flash no matter how far he runs is because they have a partly psychic link to him and can read his mind, and speculates that he might be able to lose them if he stops thinking. When Flash starts saying he can't just stop thinking and shut his brain off on demand, Trixie surprises him by suddenly grabbing his head and pulling him into a kiss. This successfully shocks Flash enough to cause his mind to go completely blank, and the frog monsters move on when they can't find Flash. Though it doesn't last very long when Flash's mind eventually recovers from this and reboots, especially when Flash notices the Rainbooms saw him and Trixie kissing, causing him to push her off him and explain it's Not What It Looks Like.
  • This parody of The Owl House has Amity going as stiff as a statue and then falling over that way after Luz kisses her on the cheek.
    Gus: She's dead?
    Willow: No, worse. She's in love.
    • Later continued in another comic by the same artist, in which numerous characters take advantage of Amity being left completely stunned after Luz kisses her.
  • In the Pony POV Series, after Private Running Gag saves the core cast of the Shining Armor Arc from a Hooviet attack squad by impersonating General-Admiral Makarov over the radio, his "just a friend, honest" Private Garnet Chambers gives him The Big Damn Kiss that freezes him up so much he has to be dragged onto the shuttle when the group evacuates the area (he also seems to not register Cadence promoting him on the spot).
  • A very innocent example happens in The Private Diary of Elizabeth Quatermain, when the title character kisses her self-appointed protector on the top of his head out of gratitude. He's stunned into silence.
  • The Progenitor Chronicles (Resident Evil): The MC falls into this right after his first kiss with Rebecca.
    The MC: [Rebecca] leaned even closer, and before I knew it, we’d locked lips, sharing a long, quiet, passionate kiss. And as she leaned back, away from me afterward, I stared, stunned, into her lovely green eyes.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines: During the day off battles of the Indigo League, Iris drags Ash into having a date with her, and at the end, she gives him a kiss on the cheek. After she enters their bunk house, he's left standing there in the entrance, his body not responding to his requests to move.
  • Happens to Cassidy McGuire on Lyoko in Return to the Past, NOW!
    • Aelita subjects Jeremie to this several times in its finale and Code Wings 3.0. However, the time it takes for him to come out of the stupor depends on the chapter.
  • This happens to Toji in The Second Try when Hikari gave him a kiss before the civilian evacuation. By the time Shinji and Asuka went home, he still hadn't moved an inch.
  • A downplayed example shows up in Slice of Souls! with Solaire after he gets a surprise kiss from Lady Maria.
  • Son of the Sannin: Just before she leaves Konoha once the Chunin Exams are over, Fu gives Shino a kiss full on the lips, leaving him blushing brighter than a tomato and completely stunned for the next two hours.
  • Spy X Family: In this (fandubbed) strip, Damian brags about getting 98 points on his latest exam, while Anya tells Becky she only got 8 on hers. To advance "Plan-B" (of Operation Strix) Anya goes up to Damian an kisses him on the cheek, causing him to just stand there motionless. When Anya goes home she tells Loid about what she did, and when he asks her why she would do that, she responds that she heard Yor would do that whenever Yuri got a good score on a test when they were kids, and Loid explains that Yor would do that because they're family, and orders her to apologize to Damian, specially since it seems like she made him go into shock. The following day, Ewen and Emile tell Anya that thanks to her, Damian "was like a dead man" and accuse her of kissing all the boys, only for Anya to say she only kissed Damian, which causes Damian to think Anya's in love with him and he runs away screaming, which makes Loid, who snuck into the school again, thinking that Anya messed up the apology, and created another setback to Operation Strix.
  • Luso after Maria kissed him on the cheek in The Tainted Grimoire.
  • Happens to a filly Twilight when Shining Armor and Princess Cadance kiss her cheeks in Twilight's First Day part 5. It lasts for a couple seconds.
  • The Ultimate Evil:
    • The first Forceful Kiss given by Shendu to Valerie Payne leaves her so shocked that she can't make herself do anything to prevent him from escaping from the Tibetian temple with the Pan'Ku Box.
    • After Shendu has told Valerie the fate of Lo Mei and why he became attracted towards her, he kisses her and is slightly given in. Both this and the revelations leave her stunned for a good while after he leaves.
  • In Waking Nightmares, Derpy suffers a bit of mental burnout when Painis Cupcake (aka Soldier suffering from a bizarre mental affliction) smooches her. Seeing as Painis primarily interacts with others by trying to eat them, this exception is highly notable. They end up as a couple later.
    Soldier: I am Painis Cupcake. I will smooch you.

    Films — Animation 
  • Aladdin: After his first kiss with Jasmine, Aladdin falls over backwards with a sigh, letting the Magic Carpet catch him.
  • The Amazing Maurice: When Malicia dips Keith and kisses him, he first goes as stiff as a board, and then completely limp.
  • In Bambi, this happens to the title character as well as his friends Thumper and Flower when they get "twitterpated" by their respective female mates. Unfortunately for Bambi, his catatonic state gets rudely interrupted by Ronno, a rival male deer who challenges him for Faline.
  • This happens to Leon and La Shawn in Bébé's Kids, after Khalil pushes him into her and makes them collide with their lips. An angry La Shawn runs off and comes back trying to crush all three boys with the mallet from a nearby Strength-testing game.
  • In The Book of Life, Maria appears briefly disoriented after The Big Damn Kiss with Manolo. Considering the context, it's probably justified.
  • In Hercules, this happens to Megara after Hercules kisses her on the cheek. First is the frozen moment, then she gives a crooked smile and touches the warm spot with her hand.
  • Hiccup momentarily freezes in How to Train Your Dragon (2010) after Astrid's "Shut Up" Kiss.
  • In The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2, Quasimodo's Love Interest plants a chaste kiss on his forehead. The poor fellow then completely forgets to breathe, resulting in him fainting on the floor a few seconds later, his face still plastered with a blissful smile.
    Victor: I hope it's not contagious.
  • Mickey Mouse goes through one of these after he's kissed by Minnie Mouse in Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers.
  • Stanley, the title character of A Troll in Central Park, overdoes it in response to a toddler kissing his nose.
  • A hilarious moment in Toy Story 3 when Spanish Buzz kisses Woody twice on the cheeks.
  • A hug-instead-of-kiss variation for Kung Fu Panda 2, when Po hugs Tigress.
  • Another hug variation in Megamind. Obviously, since Megamind has never been close to anyone, he has never received any physical contact whatsoever. When Roxanne hugs him as Bernard, though, he is so stunned that he takes a moment or two before responding.
  • Rango plays with this trope. One of the characters, Beans, has a "condition" that causes her to go catatonic (and amnesic) for a moment whenever she gets angry or scared. At one point, she goes catatonic, and then Rango kisses her on the cheek and quickly leaves, but she comes out of it smoothly and has full memory of what happened, showing that she was faking it.
  • Rio After Jewel plants one on Blu, he completely blisses out for a few moments, his body going on autopilot.
  • In Steven Universe: The Movie, Connie kisses Steven on the cheek. All he can do is stand there and blush.
  • Jane Porter in Tarzan is rendered to a dazed smile after Tarzan kisses her, which is quickly broken when she realizes the gorillas are watching.
  • WALL•E seems to go through one of these when EVE first kisses him, even if the "kiss" is an actual shock of static electricity...

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Bertram in Ball of Fire suffers from this when Sugarpuss shows him what "yum yum" is. She kisses him three times until he loses balance and collapses into an armchair. Then he rushes out of the room in embarrassment and arousal to calm himself down and returns, shyly asking Sugarpuss to do it again. This fourth kiss makes him wander around with a dazed grin on his face, making his work colleagues realise that he's developing a crush on Sugarpuss. Considering that he's a shy, socially-awkward professor of English language that has no friends other than the professors he works with, those "yum yum" kisses were probably his first.
  • In A Foreign Affair, Phoebe is so taken with her three kisses that she waltzes into the wrong room with a man there, wondering why she’s at the foot of his bed.
  • This trope is used twice as a distraction in the 2008 Get Smart movie.
  • The Goonies: Mikey being kissed accidentally by Andy in a cave while Stephanie is watching. Then Mikey walks dizzy afterwards.
    Stef: (Andy has accidentally kissed Mikey) OK, you kissed. Now tell.
    Andy: There's something weird.
    Stef: What? What is it?
    Andy: Does Brand wear braces?
    Andy: (Stef bursts into laughter) Why are you laughing? Stef, it was beautiful.
    Stef: Next time you kiss him, do it with your eyes open. It's a whole different experience.
  • In Hitch, after Albert and Allegra kiss for the first time, Albert gets this huge grin on his face kind of wanders down the street.
  • From In & Out, Peter unexpectedly kissing Howard. Peter even holds his arms for a bit afterward, like he's making sure Howard won't fall over.
  • In the 2005 film Just Friends. Samantha James French kisses Mike Brander (who has a massive crush on her) to bribe him. As a result Mike faints from glee.
  • The Mask of Zorro: After Zorro beats Eléna in sword fighting and corners her he kisses her. Eléna is left speechless and looking flushed.
  • Meet Me in St. Louis has a rare female example. After John kisses Esther, she says something stupid and wanders back to her house in a daze with an idiotic grin on her face. When her mother says, "Your ice cream is getting cold," Esther dreamily responds, "Isn't it?" Then when her mother asks if there's something wrong with her, Esther thoughtlessly replies, "Yes, Mama," and then goes to say something, but stops. It takes her two youngest sisters mocking her to snap her out of it.
  • In My Girl 2, the title character shares her first kiss with her uncle's stepson just before she goes home from her visit. Afterwards, the boy walks through the airport looking completely blissed out and dazed.
  • In Raiders of the Lost Ark, when Marion Ravenwood kisses Sallah goodbye, he stands stunned for a few seconds, before smiling broadly and walking off set, boisterously singing, "A British tar is a soaring soul, as free as a mountain bird..."
  • In Spider-Man, it happens twice.
    • After the first iconic upside-down kiss between MJ and Spider-Man (Peter Parker), both are so gobsmacked at how good it had felt, they go silent for a few seconds. They leave their mouths hanging open and eyes closed, and MJ reverts to a blushing, giggling school girl.
    • When the two kiss for the second time (MJ thinking it is their first, being ignorant to Peter's secret identity), they display the same symptoms.
  • Supergirl (1984): Linda Lee/Supergirl walks around in a daze for a while after Ethan kisses her after being put under a love spell.
  • In Woman of the Year, Tess has a form of this after Sam kisses her goodbye at the airport. She is clearly distracted when speaking to her aunt and secretary afterward, and she actually bumps into the door as she heads out toward the waiting plane.

  • Piers Anthony has featured some examples of this in some of his series, as a side-effect of the general freak-out effect that exists in some of the worlds he creates.
  • A strange woman meets Jerin's eyes in A Brother's Price, then lifts his modesty veil and kisses him soundly before scarpering. This has the effect of basically stunning him as he berates himself for letting a random woman kiss him and wonders if he's a slut. When Eldest sees him with his hand pressed to his mouth she assumes he's about to be sick. In the narration he says that yeah, mental illness might be part of it.
  • Harry Potter suffers pre-Kiss Catatonia in The Order of the Phoenix, getting scared stiff when Cho comes at him under the mistletoe (he's pretty stunned afterwards, but not so badly that he can't move).
    • This takes on a much more sinister slant with how a person reacts after getting the Dementor's Kiss. Their soul is sucked out forever, leaving them an Empty Shell.
    • In Order Of The Phoenix Hermione exploits this trope by giving Ron a kiss for good luck before his first Quidditch match so he'll be too dazed for a while and won't notice the "Weasley is our king" badges the Slytherins are wearing to psych him out.
    • In Deathly Hallows, Ron is described as being a bit starry-eyed (well, took a Bludger to the back of the head) after he and Hermione (finally) have a serious kiss.
  • In the fourth book of the Percy Jackson series, Annabeth gives Percy a kiss as he goes off on a presumably suicidal mission. He sits there in a daze trying to remember his own name for a while until he hears approaching doom.
  • In Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle, Lux suffers this after being kissed by Celis. He was expecting a chaste kiss on the cheek or forehead, but Celis was previously taught by Yoruka how to kiss someone, so she instead pushes him down on the sofa and kisses him full on the lips for over ten seconds. Unsurprisingly, he's unconscious for the rest of the scene.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Brady Bunch:
    • Marcia meets and gets a kiss (on the cheek) from her teen idol, Desi Arnaz, Jr. The Tag showed her still walking around in a daze a week later, holding her cheek and wearing a huge dopey grin on her face.
    • When Bobby gets his first kiss he sees skyrockets. Later he goes to her house and kisses the girl who kissed him to see if it repeats; it does. Then he finds out she might have Scarlet Fever...oops.
  • On Castle, the titular writer and his muse are pretending to be a drunk couple in order to sneak into a warehouse to save Detectives Ryan and Esposito. To fool the look out, Castle draws Beckett into a long, steamy kiss. When the guard falls for it and turns around to go, Beckett whirls around and whacks him while Castle just stands there, too wowed by the kiss to even care. Then he mutters, "That was amazing" and Beckett gives him an awkward look, causing him to fumble and say, "T-The way you hit that guy, that was amazing."
  • El Chavo del ocho plays this straight, and just plays with this in the same Paty episode. When Paty kissed Kiko, he fainted, prompting Chavo to wake him with bucket-full of water. When Chavo and Chilndrina asked about why he fainted, he told them what happened, and Chilindrina tried it with Chavo, which produced this exchange:
    [after kissing Chavo and he does not faint]
    Chilindrina: Chavo, didn't you feel anything?
    Chavo: I did.
    Chilindrina: [hopeful] What?
    Chavo: Anger.
    Chilindrina: [cries angrily]
    Chavo: What's wrong now?
    Chilindrina: None of your business! [continues crying]
  • In a episode of Cheers, Rebecca, in a the-hell-with-it moment (she had no genuine intentions), passionately kissed Cliff Clavin right on the lips. Cliff stood in the bar all night in a catatonic daze, muttering "Thank You" over and over...
  • Chuck goes through this when Sarah unexpectedly pins him on the floor and kisses him in "Chuck Versus the Truth". (It was all for the cover!)
  • In The City Hunter, Na Na freezes when Yun Sung unexpectedly kisses her in the second episode. She only snaps out of it when he then sticks a hundred dollar bill in her dress. A judo beatdown then ensues.
  • Doctor Who:
    • The Tenth Doctor tends to go glassy-eyed for a few seconds when he's unexpectedly kissed — see "New Earth" and "The Girl in the Fireplace".
      Tenth Doctor: [squeaky-voiced] Yep. Still got it.
    • In "Smith and Jones", Martha is stunned when the Doctor gives her a kiss — but purely so he can leave some of his DNA on her lips to fool the Judoon.
    • "The Time of Angels" opens with a guard stumbling about in a daze thanks to being kissed with hallucinogenic lipstick.
    • "The Vampires of Venice": Following the Big Damn Kiss, Rory looks like he's just been hit over the head with something heavy, and dazedly follows Amy right where he doesn't want them to go.
    • The Twelfth Doctor has this reaction in "Dark Water" when Missy snogs the living daylights out of him. This being the Twelfth Doctor, his catatonia is not one of bliss, but rather one of confusion and horror.
      Twelfth Doctor: [whispers] Clara... is it over now?
  • Friends: After Chandler pleads for someone to kiss him for New Year's, Joey plants one just to shut him up, which stuns Chandler.
  • Good Omens (2019): After being kissed by Crowley, Aziraphale is utterly stunned and dumbfounded to the point that he initially cannot say a word.
  • On Haven this is Nathan's reaction to Audrey's Smooch of Victory after he helped her track down the name and address of someone important to her past. He is so shocked he can't even really react to the kiss, just sort of standing there letting it happen, and then unable to move after she steps away. This one is more justified than most, since Nathan's Trouble is that he can't feel anything, except Audrey, who is immune to the Troubles. He's definitely in love with her, so that's part of it, but she also just seriously sensorally overwhelmed him.
  • iCarly: Freddie did this twice in iSaved Your Life, when Carly finally kissed Freddie on his bed, the show abruptly cuts into a commercial break. When the scene resumes, Freddie became stiff and wide-eyed as he and Carly continue kissing throughout the half-hour absence of his mother. In the extended version, Freddie was dumbfounded and even tased himself to prove that Carly had really kissed him.
  • Happens with both sides in Jonas. After Joe and Stella share a Slap-Slap-Kiss in the episode "Double Date", they both get so distracted that Stella grabs a watermelon instead of her purse and Joe accidentally falls down trying to sit.
  • Legends of Tomorrow. In "Meet the Legends", Sara Lance bends Ava Sharpe over for a Gone with the Wind-style Big Damn Kiss. Ava gets a silly grin on her face and faints.
  • Lois & Clark: Happened to Lois after her first real kiss with Clark. So much so, that it took a frickin' car bomb to snap her out of it.
  • The Monkees: In "Monstrous Monkee Mash" a vampire's niece uses a necklace to seduce three of the four Monkees, all of whom have the exact same response of freezing in place and wonder.
    Davy/Peter/Micky: What a kiss. I've never felt this way before.
    Lorelei: You fool, it was not my kiss, but the magic necklace!
    Davy/Peter/Micky: What a necklace. I've never felt this way before.
  • The Nanny:
    • In "A Star Is Unborn", after Fran Fine and Maxwell Sheffield re-enact a scene from Romeo and Juliet. Stunned, Fran stumbles all the way back down the stairs due to weak knees.
    • Also happens in "A Kiss Is Just A Kiss" as Fran passionately kisses Maxwell to prove that she actually won a kissing contest when she was young, leaving him totally stunned this time.
      Fran: I'm sorry I had to get tough with you, but you had to learn!
  • On Nick Arcade, the enemy space in Cape Cosmos had the Giant Smooch Aliens, who would slobber Mikey with kisses whenever he landed on it. And considering that they're NOT Green Skinned Space Babes...
  • In the episode "Eagleton" of Parks and Recreation, Ron Swanson tells Chris that it's his birthday on Friday after telling him to freeze Leslie and April's bank accounts so they can't throw him a surprise birthday party. Chris responds by wishing Ron a happy birthday, then kissing him straight on the lips. This leaves the staunchly conservative and libertarian Ron frozen in this position for God knows how long.
    Ron: I'm ending this right now, I'm just gonna leave early and go home.
  • Our Miss Brooks: When Miss Brooks kisses Mr. Boynton in "Madame Brooks Dubarry", Mr. Boynton mind goes so blank, that when the kiss ends he doesn't know where he is or what had happened.
  • Person of Interest. Detective Fusco gets a mild case after getting a Smooch of Victory from supermodel Karolína Kurková (As Herself)
  • This happens in one episode of The Practice between characters Helen Gamble (played by Lara Flynn Boyle) and Richard Bay(played by Jason Kravits), who received the kiss from her.
  • The Piemaker of Pushing Daisies is particularly prone to this. Not only does he freeze up when his girlfriend, whom he can't touch, manages to plant one on him, but his brain turns off at the mere mention:
    Ned: You can't touch me.
    Chuck: So a kiss is out of the question?
    Ned: [long pause] ... I've lost my train of thought.
  • Radio Enfer: Vincent is telling the other main characters that, while having a CPR course with Sarah Gagné (an unseen character often considered by guys to be one of the hottest girls at school), his mouth-to-mouth practice with her, which became a kiss, was so good that she fainted. The others have a hard time believing that, so he decides to kiss the nearest girl to prove it, which ends up being Camille. The latter's reaction after being kissed by Vincent is this trope.
  • In Smallville, Clark has the unfortunate habit of dumbly standing there after a girl kisses him, although the symptoms usually don't last too long.
    • Maxima's kiss literally sends men into catatonia.
  • The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Arwin tends to have this reaction whenever Carey kisses him. One episode actually has everyone present surprised when he takes a kiss without fainting... for a few seconds.
  • Supergirl. Subverted when Kara and James have a Big Damn Kiss at the end of "World's Finest". James appears to be a case of this trope until Kara realises he's Not Himself (due to everyone falling under the control of a Mind-Control Device).
    Kara: Was that good? (no response) Was it not good? (Kara gives nervous laugh) Too good? (laughing) I don't...James? James, are you okay? (James walks out of the room with a blank expression) James!
  • Taxi: Louie suffers a version of this in an episode guest-starring Danny Devito's real-life wife Rhea Perlman.
  • An adorable one on True Jackson, VP after True and Jimmy, while celebrating, accidentally kiss. He bashfully says goodbye and leaves. True waves goodbye and then faints after he leaves with a lovestruck grin on her face.
  • Not exactly romantic: Whose Line Is It Anyway? had Mike McShane plant a big wet one on Brad Sherwood. It probably would've lasted longer had Brad not been buzzed out.
  • Wizards of Waverly Place: Zeke faints every time Harper kisses him.

  • The only account in Arthuriana of a woman donning armor has her pretending to be an attacking knight in order to startle her suitor out of his rapturous contemplation of her beauty.

  • Elisabeth: Overlaps with the Kiss of Death in the Toho production, with Shirota Yuu as Death and Furukawa Yuta as Rudolf. Inverted in that Rudolf is the one that initiates the kiss, and also the one who's left staring blankly as Death walks away. He then shoots himself.
  • Khanuma: The first time Khanuma gives Akop a kiss and runs off, he goes into a dreamlike state and begins speaking in verse (as in, more in verse than before) before calling himself out on it.

    Video Games 

    Visual Novels 
  • The Fruit of Grisaia: On Michiru's route, she doesn't understand what "going to the first base" means, after repeated attempts of explanation by protagonist Yuuji she says it would be easier if he simply showed her. This unfortunate request turned her into a mumbling vegetable, constantly walking into the same bucket, ending with her trying to eat all the candy she had on stock at once and then throwing up.
  • The protagonist of Melody gets this after Xianne gives him a good-bye kiss on the lips after a massage session.
    Protagonist: [thinking] What the....
  • Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: If the player chooses to kiss Sakuya Morimura as an answer to his confession, several dialogue boxes of '...' go by and he stutters 'Ah?! Wha...?' before he calms down.
  • In Yo-Jin-Bo, Sayori can give Ittosai a kiss on the cheek which turns him into a "moaning zombie" - and has a similar effect on the rest of the guys who are looking on.

  • A non-funny example occurs in Avialae, where Gannet literally loses consciousness during his first kiss with Bailey. In this case, it isn't actually the kiss itself that causes him to pass out but the "tightness" he feels in his chest turning out to be his chest/wing bindings being too tight. Bailey has to cut them open for him to regain consciousness, and subsequently avoids him for three weeks afterwards out of guilt/sheer awkwardness.
  • Deconstructed for slightly dark laughs in The Boy in Pink Earmuffs—turns out the top of a rock is not the best place to have this happen to you, as poor Danny learns after JJ kisses him.
    Danny: It's okay. These bottles broke my fall. You don't happen to have, like, 13 or 14 bandaids do you?
    • Later, it happens again when Danny's getting patched up in JJ's bathroom. This time, JJ stops him from falling and quips "maybe I should stop kissing you." Danny is immediately horrified at the idea.
  • This was used as a battle tactic by a mind-controlled Mai Shiranui in this Captain Gamer: OOC strip (#68), to which the title character practically hangs a lampshade, monologuing, "Hormones. My greatest weakness!"
  • This happens a lot to Dave Jones of the webcomic College Roomies from Hell!!! early on, and it didn't require a kiss (though that worked as well), just seeing (or thinking about) any of the female characters in something sexy. The other characters called this phenomenon a "brainwarp".
  • Vincent in The Cyantian Chronicles' Darius faints after getting a "Shut Up" Kiss from a vixen, telling him to pretend to have fun beforehand.
  • Occurs in Drowtales after years of Ship Tease between Faen and Ariel results in The Big Damn Kiss. Ariel is in a daze for a good page afterward.
  • Gilgamesh Wulfenbach gets a mild form of this in Girl Genius, when Agatha on an adrenalin rush lays one on him. He's still with it enough to react to the imminent danger that shows up soon after, though.
  • In Gunnerkrigg Court Kat suffers this briefly after a kiss from Paz.
  • Peanut from Housepets!, after receiving a (platonic-ish) kiss from Grape, who he'd nursed a crush on since ever. Not so much catatonia as motor function failure, but he doesn't mind.
  • Happens in League of Super Redundant Heroes in these panels.
  • In The Order of the Stick, both Durkon and Vaarsuvius are caught in a version of this after Belkar kisses V while in a drunk stupor on New Year.
  • Poison Ivy Gulch: Ace, a little boy, reacts this way when his guardian Lotta kisses him or when saloon girl Lorraine did during her Establishing Character Moment.
  • Vincent of Precocious stumbles around in a loopy daze after his puppy-love crush Autumn kisses him. Still leaves Vincent's love unrequited, though: Autumn just wanted her blackmail folder back.
  • Faye falls victim in this Questionable Content strip.
  • The title character in Sabrina Online gets a surprise snogging from her new boss, Zig Zag, leaving her frazzled.
  • User Friendly, starting here, including the next strip, and then continuing after a different story arc.
  • In Weregeek, Mark falls into stunned silence after Ravenia planted a kiss on him — understandably though, because as far as Mark knows, Ravenia is the girlfriend of his pal Dustin.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • In Adventure Time, Simon opens a portal to the past to say goodbye to his fiancée Betty, since he couldn't do that after he transformed into the Ice King. Betty decides she wants to be in the future with him and kisses him senseless after jumping through the portal. Simon faints.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball: In "The Party", Darwin helps Rachel clean up her home, where the party has been at (and all the kids had ruined it) before her parents come home. She rewards him with a kiss on the cheek, resulting in him crashing head first to the floor with a goofy smile on his face.
  • It takes Katara a while to realize her "Shut Up" Kiss has ended on Avatar: The Last Airbender. She then spends several moments gazing after Aang, blushing madly, and has to be reminded they're in the middle of an invasion.
  • Batman: The Animated Series: In the episode "Pretty Poison" Pamela Isley gives her boyfriend Harvey Dent an especially lengthy goodnight kiss so passionate he's left dazed for a few seconds in the aftermath.
  • In the Mickey Mouse short "Brave Little Tailor", Mickey is offered the hand of Princess Minnie if he defeats the Giant, and she runs up and covers his face with kisses. He stumbles around for a moment before shouting "Whoopee! I'll cut him down to my size!".
  • Code Lyoko: To wrap up the episode "XANA's Kiss",note  Aelita kisses Jérémie, and he gets this reaction. The reason Aelita does this is to callback to an earlier scene in the episode, where a specter of Jérémie kissed Aelita before bumping into the real Jérémie, and this was her way of checking if she was correct in her assumption that Jérémie would "never kiss me like that". The others laugh at him while he's still frozen, Aelita walts off exclaiming "I knew it", since they all realize (Odd especially) "He'll need some time to get over that one."
  • One episode of Codename: Kids Next Door had Hoagie turned into a teenager through mad science. Teen enemy Cree falls for him and after she kisses him, all he can say is "N-i-i-i-ice," even while his team mates are being attacked.
  • Danny Phantom: Sam's first Fake-Out Make-Out has this effect on Danny in "Shades of Gray."
    Sam: Danny...? Danny...?!
  • Darkwing Duck is so out of it after Morgana kisses him, he drives his motorcycle into a lamppost.
  • The Dragon Prince: Rayla briefly induces this in Callum since he was not expecting such an intimate gesture from her after comforting her during a moment of despair. An episode later it would prove to be the first kiss of many.
  • In the Season 2 finale of Duck Dodgers, "Of Course You Know This Means War and Peace", Commander X-2 (played by Marvin the Martian) rescues Queen Tyr'ahnee from the treacherous General Z-9, and she kissed him full on the mouth(?) in gratitude. After Tyr'ahnee kisses him, he's reduced to stumbling in a circle, making odd sounds.
    • It happens again at the end when Tyr'ahnee is back on the throne with X-2 as her "newest squeeze", and he makes the same dopey lovestruck noises.
  • In Gargoyles, Elisa kisses Goliath, surprising him and he is turned to stone as the sun rose before he could react.
  • Kim Possible: Ron falls into one of these when Kim first kisses him under the influence of the Moodulator.
  • In the King of the Hill episode "And They Call It Bobby Love" Bobby has befriended an older girl named Marie, at one point they encounter a couch Kahn had thrown out and Hank and the gang were using, she tells him that people make out on couches and she kisses him as an experiment, after she's done he remains unmoving in the same position for several minutes.
  • Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts: In episode 1 of season 2, “Paw of The Jaguar”, Benson is left completely stunned after being kissed on the cheek by Troy.
  • In Motorcity, this happens to Dutch by Tennie in "Fearless." Then again to Chuck by Claire in "Mayhem Night."
  • Sheldon on My Life as a Teenage Robot plays this trope exceptionally well in the Christmas episode, especially since it wasn't even on the mouth, it was just a peck on the cheek. He is frozen in position then slowly and rigidly tumbles down the stairs.
  • Happens to Spike in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic when kissed on the cheek by Rarity.
  • A Running Gag in Ned's Newt; whenever Ned got a kiss from Linda, he'd babble gibberish with a goofy smile on his face before collapsing.
  • The Owl House: At the end of "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", Amity gives Luz a kiss on the cheek in the heat of the moment before immediately realizing what she's done and hurrying back inside her house. Luz just stands there the entire time before falling to her knees in shock.
  • Peanuts: "It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown" has the title character finally getting a shot at kissing The Little Red-Haired Girl at the school Homecoming Dance. The kiss puts him into a hallucination-filled euphoria which ends with him waking up the next day, with no memory of what happened after the kiss. Linus informs him that, during his blackout, he was the life of the party, amazing everyone with his dancing skills. Charlie Brown is both disturbed by his "split personality" moment, and annoyed by the fact that he doesn't remember what was probably the greatest night of his life.
  • Phineas and Ferb:
    • In the Christmas Episode, Baljeet induces this on a female friend named Wendy after he kisses her Under the Mistletoe. This solidified his role as the show's resident KidAnova, despite also being the resident Butt-Monkey.
    • Ferb enters this in "Vanessassary Roughness" after a platonic peck on the cheek from Vanessa, the subject of his Precocious Crush.
    • Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars: Phineas swoons with a big dopey grin on his face after Isabella gives him a Forceful Kiss.
    • Parodied a few times as well, with relatively tamer Ship Teases also resulting in catatonia, such as Jeremy returning Candace's missing shoe in "Interview With a Platypus", or Phineas hugging Isabella in "Summer Belongs to You".
  • Kris has a version of this after receiving a kiss on the cheek from future wife Jessica in Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town. He doesn't go exactly catatonic, but his eyes roll around in his head and he speaks like an idiot for a minute.
  • Subverted on Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM), in one episode, it seems like Sonic's gone catatonic after being kissed by Sally, but he gets back up and says he was just kidding, and that the kiss wasn't that great. He then pulls her in and shows her what a real kiss is.
  • In a scene that seems to be directly inspired by that one, in The Spectacular Spider-Man, Peter stares after Gwen after she kisses him and runs off. After a moment, he composes himself enough to whisper, "Wow..."
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012):
    • This occurs when April O'Neil kisses Donatello on the cheek for finding a retro-mutagen, leaving him with hearts in his eyes and babbling like an idiot before he faints...and then as an Imagine Spot that must be seen to be believed.
    Donatello: I LOOOOOOVE BEING A TURTLE!!!!!
    • Occurs again in the third season, where this time, it's on the lips. Donnie's reaction is priceless.
    Donatello: I understand... nothing.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures: Happens at the end of "My Dinner With Elmyra". After Elmyra plants a big one on Montana Max, he was left shocked and then went to his limo, saying to himself:
    Montana Max: I think I'm in love.

    Real Life 
  • When asked about the best screen kiss she'd ever had, Sally Field — who, it must be noted, has kissed many, many men onscreen over the course of her career — named James Garner, her co-star in the 1985 romantic dramedy Murphy's Romance. According to Field, he kissed her so well and so thoroughly that she was left dazed and unable to film for some time afterward — the first and last time this had happened to her in her career.


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