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"I know that we are young.
And I know you may love me.
But I just can't be with you like this anymore.
Lady Gaga, "Alejandro"

In Hollywood, people have more sex appeal if, in their native language, the word for love is "amor" or "amore" (No, not a moray). We don't call them "Romance languages" for nothing.note  Latin men are hotter than jalapeños and usually Tall, Dark, and Handsome, and Latin women melt butter at a five kilometer radius with their Femme Fatale aura. Plus there's dancing. There's always dancing.

The "Poolboy" or "New Gardener" character fits this role often.

The Latin Lover was originally from Spain or Italy, but has expanded to include Puerto Rico (a colony of The United States), Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, and other Hispanic and Latin American countries—and, Once Upon a Time, men from the Philippines sometimes fit this description toonote . Mexicans are usually not considered exotic enough for Americans, but they can also fall under the trope if handsome and smooth-talking enough.

Even though they are not "Latin" in any sense of the word, Greeks, and occasionally Lebanese, Persians and Sephardic Israelis can be pressed into service in a similar role. In Russian pop culture, the "Latin lovers" are generally Georgian.

See also Dashing Hispanic and Spicy Latina. A related trope to Everyone Looks Sexier if French. The Romantic False Lead may be one. If his mate and/or children (assuming that he has any) are threatened, he may turn out to be a Dashing Hispanic Papa Wolf. Subtrope of Foreign Fanservice.


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  • Played for Laughs in a British advert. A women is in desperate need of help. In comes a very Spanish guy, complete with bad accent, who helps her… clear a stain off the table. It turns out its an advert for Plenty Paper Towels. Their selling point is that they're so absorbent you only need one… so the Spanish guy is Juan Sheet.
  • Played for Laughs in a Dutch McDonald's commercial as well. A woman says goodbye to her Latin Lover. The Dutch pride themselves on being able to speak a lot of languages. The woman thinks she understands Italian too. She does not. He tells her that he loves the fact that she paid a lot of stuff for him and that he is glad that she leaves. She tells him: "Oh dear, I love you too," in English. Then the ad proceeds to say you could better buy an Italian hamburger than go to Italy.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers:
    • Spain from is certainly attractive; it's a meme within the fandom that any discussion about him will invariably turn to "dat ass". But he subverts this by being extremely oblivious and ditzy. The Italy brothers are also a subversion: they both flirt incessantly, but Northern Italy apparently isn't very successful (in his very first appearance he mentions being a virgin) and is too much a Keet to really fit the type, while Southern Italy's a strongly Type-A Tsundere who turns on the charm when flirting and is moody and abrasive otherwise.
    • Seborga is very much one also — and apparently much better at being one than the Italy boys.
    • Also, Ancient Rome himself, who pretty much seduced everyone around him when he was alive. (Well, anyone who's a woman, that is - he greatly regrets not doing the do with a man in his lifetime.) He's almost always shown surrounded by women.

  • Lampshaded hilariously by Russel Peters in this skit by Russel Peters. He even uses the words "Latin Lover"
  • Referenced by Chris Rock in one of his bits, where he says bigots of any stripe will eventually suffer Laser-Guided Karma and have whatever they hate end up in their family. Hate gays? Your son will be gay. Hate Latinos? Meet your daughter's new boyfriend.

    Comic Books 
  • The Adventures Of Olivia has Mexican Lupe doubling as The Trickster in how she sells sex toys door-to-door and Italian Anna, a mother and grandmother of five, each that heavily averts Obnoxious In-Laws by openly having sex with her sons-in-law then winning a beauty contest by doing all five judges at once and the motormouth runner-up while on tour.
  • Marvel Comics has El Aguila (The Eagle), a swashbuckling Hispanic-American mutant superhero who can channel electricity through conductive objects, like his sword (he pretends that he carries a sword with a high-tech electrical gimmick, so opponents will think he's harmless if disarmed). His heroic persona is about 50% Zorro, 50% Errol Flynn, and he's flirtatious and gallant with the ladies whenever the opportunity presents itself.
  • New Mutants has Roberto da Costa, an Afro-Brazilian who's as handsome as he is charming, especially in comparison to his scrawny teammates.

    Comic Strips 

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animation 
  • Puss in Boots from the Shrek films, as voiced by Antonio Banderas.
  • Buzz's Spanish mode in Toy Story 3. He even dances flamenco!
  • Margo's first crush Antonio Perez in Despicable Me 2 is a KidAnova of Latin-American descent.
  • The Brazilian helicopter pilot that Riley's mom fantasizes about in Inside Out.
  • Being a pastiche of Mexican celebrities like Pedro Infante, Jorge Negrete and Vicente Fernández, Ernesto de la Cruz from Coco naturally invokes this, being the ideal Mexican man and implied to Really Gets Around.
  • Parodied with Mariano from Encanto, a very handsome and manly Colombian man who is very much In Love with Love, even getting a song lyric where he mourns that he has too much love inside. He doesn't particularly care when Isabela breaks off their engagement since she didn't truly love him, and happily moves on to Dolores who actually does love him back. He's also a bit of a Butt-Monkey, getting his nose broken twice.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Subverted with Rodolfo Tonetti in The Gay Divorcee (1934). Although he makes a living as "the lover" in divorce cases, he's actually a devoted family man whose motto is "Your wife is safe with Tonetti—he prefers spaghetti!"
  • One character in the first Police Academy movie deliberately invoked this trope by using a much thicker "Latino" accent than he actually had in order to score with women.
  • Gomez in the Addams Family movies is played by the Puerto Rican Raúl Juliá and is fluent in both Spanish and Italian, though his nationality is ambiguous. There's a brief Accent Slip-Up in a scene where he's half-asleep and taken by surprise that reveals his natural accent to be very close to Raúl Juliá's, suggesting Spanish is in fact his first language, though for most of the film it's slightly toned down and blended with a British one. (In the TV show, he describes himself as Spanish and spent his childhood in Spain, and it's also stated that he went to school in the UK for a while, which is quite fitting with the accent choices. At other times in the show, Latin American ancestry is implied. In the films little is said about his background.)
  • Salma Hayek, whenever she's paired with a white guy. Or a black guy. Or an Asian guy. Or a...
  • Similarly, Penélope Cruz and Paz Vega.
  • In Tin Cup, a woman asks her friend is she's ever been with a "Latin lover." Surprisingly, she's got her eye on Cheech Marin!
  • Rudolph Valentino is considered one of the American Ur Examples, due to his sex appeal and large number of fangirls. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, which made Valentino a star, also started a tango craze in America after the scene in which Valentino's character dances a passionate tango.
  • This trope is extended to Portuguese men in Magic Beyond Words: The J. K. Rowling Story. J.K. Rowling's ex-husband Jorge Arantes falls squarely into it.
  • Enrique, a pool cleaner, in Legally Blonde, who claims Brooke Wyndham murdered her husband so she could be with him. Subverted, as he was lying; he's gay and in a relationship with a man named Chuck.
  • Name-dropped in How To Be A Latin Lover, which stars Eugenio Derbez as a washed-up Gold Digger trying to get back on his game.
  • The Big Wedding: Nuria, a Colombian woman, is very beautiful and probably the most sexual person featured. She easily seduces Jared.
  • Head in the Clouds: Mia is a sultry, beautiful, very moody Spanish woman (played by Penélope Cruz, natch). It makes her stand out even more when she's alongside the buttoned-down Guy. Both he and Gilda find her quite attractive.

  • Subverted by Raphael Kerna in Arcia Chronicles, who comes from a Fantasy Counterpart Culture of Spain (and he is a toreador, to boot) and is the most popular guy among Arcian noblewomen thanks to his looks and mannerisms. However, he has never entered relationships with any of them. Also, his little sister Dariolo is acknowledged as the hottest girl in Arcia and even hooks up with future king Alexander, but is faaar away from a Femme Fatale,
  • Ruy Sanchez de Casador y Ortiz in 1632. This is lampshaded in one book where an "uptimer" character meets Ruy and ruminates on how the fellow bears a striking resemblance to certain Latino actors such as Ricardo Montalbán and Giancarlo Giannini whose looks improved as they aged. Ruy is described several times as having an exceptionally fit physique that contrasts strikingly with his gray-haired, lined face.
  • Flaco Jimenez from Rapture Of The Deep counts, even though Jacky only has eyes for Jaimy.
  • The Dresden Files: Subverted to amusing effect with Carlos Ramirez, a Spanish or Latin American (his nationality is never given, though he's based out of California) Warden of the White Council who plays himself up as The Casanova. Then he's introduced to Lara Raith of the White Court, who reveals him to be a virgin in passing (which Harry finds absolutely hilarious).
  • Without Seeing The Dawn had Luis Castro, son of feudal landlord and The Ghost Don Diego Castro, both of them of Iberian/Spanish descent. This being the Philippines, Latin Lovers are not as dark or tanned as the general populace, and instead are lusted over for their fairer skin and hair. Lucing, the married country girl who falls for him (and whom he falls for), even compared him to the heroic Hispanic princes in local folk plays.
  • More Filipino (or at least Philippine-set) examples in My Brother, My Executioner, with Luis Asperri, the Basque/Ilocano mestizo. He's a pretty mild version of this, but still pretty affectionate towards Trining, and makes a few green (i.e. dirty) jokes towards her, though more so after they're married. His landlord father Don Vicente, even more Basque, is even more so, having had affairs with various women in his youth and still going to whorehouses in his later years—not to mention the two main girls in his life: his Spaniard wife, and the Ilocana Nena, with whom he sires Luis.
  • All over the place in Junot Díaz's The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, seeing as most of the characters are Dominican. The womanizing narrator Yunior considers virility to be a defining trait of Dominican masculinity and disparages the nerdy, sexless, and unattractive Oscar for not living up to this standard. Ultimately, Díaz gives this trope a proper deconstruction. Many men in the novel exploit and abuse women due to their misogynistic "macho" culture, and Yunior's womanizing costs him a relationship with a woman he truly loves.
  • Discussed in Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself. Sally’s friend Andrea waxes rhapsodic over the idea, leading Sally to ask her mom about Latin lovers. Her mom brushes off the question, probably believing Sally is too young to learn about the implicitly erotic topic.
  • Reign of the Seven Spellblades: Ytallian student Tullio Rossi styles himself a swashbuckling dandy and makes more than one pass at Nanao Hibiya over the first few volumes, though with no success since she only has eyes for main character Oliver Horn.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Ricky Ricardo from I Love Lucy.
  • Gomez Addams from The Addams Family is Spanish by birth (albeit played by Anglo-Saxon actor John Astin).
  • Carlos Ramirez from The Flying Nun.
  • In S03E01 of How I Met Your Mother Robin briefly dated Gael from Argentina (played by Enrique Iglesias) after she broke up with Ted.
  • Carlos "the Barracuda" DelGato of Frasier tries to be one of these. How well he succeeds is a topic for another day.
  • In one episode of Blood Ties (2007), they meet a Hispanic incubus.
  • On The Ben Stiller Show, Ben had a recurring character called The Pig-Latin Lover, essentially a stereotypical Latin Lover, but he spoke in Pig Latin.
  • Subverted in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia when a suave Latin lover approaches Dennis and gives him advice on how to be a gigolo. It turns out the guy is just a lowly dishwasher whom Frank paid to manipulate Dennis.
  • Noah's Arc: Ricky, though he mostly focuses on the physical side of love, he is very charming, suave, and flirtatious.
  • Franco from Rescue Me.
  • Subverted in Star Trek episode "Space Seed" and movie The Wrath of Khan. Ricardo Montalban typically played the Latin Lover in his other performances, but on Star Trek, he plays a Sihk, who acts very much like a Latin Lover.
  • Carla from Scrubs doesn't necessarily behave in this way, but this trope is part of what attracted Turk to her in the first place. Later on, Nurse Martinez is mentioned as eye candy for the men around the hospital (and referred to as a 'young Carla').
  • Jack gets one in Torchwood: Miracle Day. It doesn't end well.
  • The chocolate elf on Wizards of Waverly Place.
  • One gets conjured up as a birthday present for Piper in the Charmed episode "Prince Charmed".
  • In the BBC's series The Musketeers, although the character's ancestry has not been outright stated (so far), Aramis is a Casanova / Chick Magnet who speaks fluent Spanish and is played by Chilean-British actor Santiago Cabrera.
  • In Castle, medical examiner Lanie Parrish and Detective Javier Esposito spend some time as the Beta Couple, and in the episode where this is revealed Esposito is shown hitting on her in Spanish in one scene.
  • A male nurse Ramon from Kevin From Work S01 E09.
  • On Married... with Children, Bud faces off against a Latin Lover named Rodrigo on a dating game show, guest starring political comedian Bill Maher as the host. He loses the girl, but gains a female fan base because of his sympathetic performance.
  • Probably the reason why Lapeño in Fur TV is The Casanova is because he's a Brazilian frog-puppet.
  • In Riverdale, Veronica is this due to the Race Lift; she falls in love with Archie upon meeting him for the first time, and he’s instantly taken with her.
  • Burnistoun: The owners of Burnistoun United are worried that all their fans are ugly. The solution? Recruit a bunch of Spanish football fans so the team can have some hotties in the mix. When the new fans are introduced to the press, one of the fans passionately makes out with the reporter instead of answering a question.
  • Sexy Brazilian Carlos dos Santos from the Australian series Wonderland, played by sexy Brazilian Glenn McMillan, is made of this trope.
    Grace: So what does "dos Santos" mean?
    Carlos: [smoldering gaze] It means "sex god from South America".
  • Schitt's Creek has Dr. Miguel, a handsome vet that advertises his practice by holding puppies shirtless with the caption: "Animal, Lover". Alexis goes out on a date with him, but he turns out to be a Nice Guy that is uncomfortable with her previous relationship with his rival, Ted.
  • Cuban intern Rodolfo Fuentes on Bones, although he has problems because the women he hits on are Brennan and Cam, who aren’t thrilled about it.
  • Milf Manor: There are several Hispanic contestants, but Jose plays this up the most, wooing the women with his accent and generic Nice Guy routine. His mother Pola is popular with the younger men as well, as they both got picked as the most popular mother-son duo in episode 4.

  • Pretty much every male singer that rose to popularity during the "Latin Music Boom" of the late-90's was painted with this. Marc Anthony and Ricky Martin were the two most prominent (one of which became Hilarious in Hindsight a few years later.)
  • Christina Aguilera released a song called "Infatuation", about a Latin Lover.

    Music Videos 
  • The music video for Madonna's song' "Say Goodbye", is about her having a short love affair with a Latin Bull Fighter.


    Pro Wrestling 
  • Eddie Guerrero (RIP), back during his Latino Heat gimmick. For that matter, his nephew Chavito heat too.
  • "The Latin Heartthrob" Jorge Estrada, or "Hexxy" to fans of NWA and ECW.
  • Carlito Colón in real life if hearsay is to be believed. On screen he had this role in WWE but actually did not like it, thinking his persona was too assholish to be a believable example of this trope.
  • Black Pain was repackaged as "Sweet Papi Sánchez" in the revived version of Florida Championship Wrestling, a Big Beautiful Man take on this trope. The fact not many people watched this version of FCW was a mixed blessing, as it allowed Black Pain to quietly slip back into his more successful gimmick after trying to make his new one work for eleven months and return to Latina America and the Caribbean, where there was a hot new company in great need of a scary Wrestling Monster and not so much in need of Latin lovers, already having such strapping men as Phenomeno BJ, Mr. E, Sexy B, Wonderful Xander and even Chavo Guerrero (Jr).
  • Melina Perez for John Morrison and Batista.
  • Alberto Del Rio is the upper class variant of this trope.
  • In TNA, Kayfabe cousins Sarita and Rosita tried to seduce Eric Young with their latina heat. It almost worked but he had eyes only for his bride-to-be ODB. It's also a dose of Fake Nationality since Sarita (real name Sarah Stock) is actually Canadian though has wrestled in Mexico for most of her career.
  • Mexican Wrestler Victor Resendez actually wrestles under the name Latin Lover.
  • Best known for his work in World Class Championship Wrestling (Dallas) and Pacific Northwest Wrestling (Portland, Oregon), Al Madril's Red Baron was "Latin Lover."
  • "The Precious One" Gilbert Cruz likes to think of himself as one, in WWC at least. If he is, he keeps his love and professional lives otherwise separate.
  • Angel Garza, "the Lethal Lothario", never passes up a chance to flirt with backstage interviewers.

    Tabletop Games 

  • Cesare - Il Creatore che ha distrutto: It's a musical about the Borgias, it can't not include some of this. For a twist, the Italians (Florentines) are portrayed as really nerdy in contrast to the Spanish. And for bonus points, Michelotto is also Jewish in this version.
  • Aldolfo from The Drowsy Chaperone. Sort of. He probably thinks he's greater than he is.
  • Julio from Paint Your Wagon.
    "You see how I walk? That's Castillian."
  • Vittorio Vidal from Sweet Charity.
  • Gentlemen Prefer Blondes has the song "Mamie is Mimi," about how an American girl went to Gay Paree and became "the baby they call bébé."
  • Cactus Flower has Señor Arturo Sanchez, a passionate South American nicknamed "El Bravo" who doesn't let Stephanie's plain nurse's uniform or his own marriage deter him from making passes at her.
  • Parodied with Juan in Altar Boyz
  • Theatre/Fame has Joe

    Video Games 
  • The page image is Fernando Martinez from the Grand Theft Auto games. A parody character introduced in GTA3 who was exposed as a non-Latin Caucasian pimp during an interview, he's appeared in most of the continuity's subsequent prequels and the unrelated GTA4 as a DJ with this act.
  • Ezio Auditore da Firenze from Assassin's Creed II. He might be unique, given that he's the main playable character instead of a supporting one.
  • A lesser-known example would come from Vulcano Rosso, a flame-wielding Italian man with Elvis Presley-styled hair and a ridiculous getup, from the Street Fighter EX series. Sadly, his lover is killed, sending Rosso on a quest to avenge her. He enacts his revenge after EX2 and mellows out. Oh, and he definitely has the look.
    • From the main series, there's Rose. She doesn't act the part, but she definitely has the appeal. There are also more than a few fans who believe that she resembles Monica Bellucci.
    • Vega from the main series as well, with just a little bit of Depraved Bisexual. He even woos Eliza Masters (Ken's wife) in the UDON comics and comments on the beauty of Ken's eyes in the Anime series, his purpose isn't so innocent, however.
  • A fantasy version would be Zevran from Dragon Age: Origins, who speaks with a Spanish accent and comes from Antiva, the Fantasy Counterpart Culture to Italy.
  • Played with Diego Armando in Ace Attorney in the international version, but in the original version he is 100% japanese.
  • Santiago of Fallout: New Vegas puts on an accent in order to charm his way out of any situation. Of course, he can also be made a gigolo for the Atomic Wrangler of Freeside.
  • This is Brad Burns' whole character, he re-enters the world martial arts tournament to meet ladies.

    Web Comics 
  • Enriqué from this strip of Order of the Stick strip. Also, Julio Scoundrél, who states he a son or daughter in about every port of the continent.
  • Irritability had one show up for a one-shot gag, touted by the narrator as "the Latin lover". It turned out to be a nerdy guy who really loved the Latin language.
  • In Ansem Retort, Zexion sold New Mexico to Spain in exchange for sexy Latin names (ex: Guillermo del Zexiero lo Marquis) to try to invoke this trope. He succeeds with Belle, and later with Namine.
    "I am so getting laid with this new name."
  • Domenico of Sandra on the Rocks is an Italian fashion photographer and the comic's Mr. Fanservice who wears a permanently open shirt, can also engage in Destructo-Nookie with his ex-wife for over an hour, has an Ignored Enamored Underling in Tatiana, and was apparently able to permanently convert a lesbian to bisexuality (Cammi) through his sheer manliness and sex appeal.

    Web Original 
  • Don Sebastiano of the Whateley Universe. Tall, dark, and extremely handsome, he loves the ladies. He has a long string of girls he has wooed, screwed, and abandoned (in the most humiliating way he can arrange). Campus girls still fall for him, even though everyone knows he's the biggest bastard in the entire school.
  • Parodied in this The Onion article.

    Western Animation 
  • Zita Flores from Kim Possible.
  • Parodied with The Fairly OddParents!' Juandissimo Magnifico, who is never in a scene without talking about how muy, muy macho he is. He also has a habit of tearing shirts to shreds by flexing his muscles. And then magicking a new shirt into existence. And then flexing that one to pieces. The lady fairies love him (except for Wanda, who is the one Juandissimo wants most).
  • Played with in Generator Rex. The titular character does draw the attention of several female characters, but Rex is the one being perverted.
  • Another subversion is found in 6teen where one of the characters fall for someone who she thinks only speaks Spanish, although the viewer can see it was his unattractive friend talking in Spanish. Consequently, she attempts to learn Spanish herself. He doesn't actually speak Spanish, though, and he tries to learn Spanish himself to communicate with her. The phrase "Latin Lover" was even thrown around in the episode.
  • Alejandro from Total Drama World Tour is a rugged and charismatic Mr. Fanservice who makes all the ladies (and a few of the guys) swoon with his presence. Unfortunately for all of them, he uses this to manipulate them and get them eliminated.
  • Paulina from Danny Phantom fits somewhat, as she is the Alpha Bitch whom every boy seems to like.
  • The French dub of Pepe LePew gives him an Italian accent, making him a subversion.
  • Liz from The Spectacular Spider-Man
  • Mermando, Mabel's love interest in one episode of Gravity Falls, is a merman from the Gulf of Mexico. He has a Latin accent and speaks Spanish.
  • Parodied in The Proud Family with Papi, an old Mexican man who blatantly insults Suga Mama to her face in silky-smooth sounding Spanish and cackles maniacally as she takes everything he says as something romantic.
  • Season 21 of The Simpsons introduces Ricardo Bomba, a character created through a fan contest. The winner, Peggy Black, created him because she thought Springfield needed "something like a Casanova"; he's a safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant by day, spends his time wooing the ladies at night, and his catchphrase is "soon you will be mine". Subverted in that we see absolutely none of this in the show itself; he is killed off suddenly and unceremoniously in a fiery car crash right after he is introduced, before he can even finish saying his catchphrase.


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