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Useful Notes on those places that are in the more Latin-influenced parts of the Americas.

Latin America is a name that has gained prominence in the 19th century thanks to the French, who were the first to propose the term. As its name implies, it is the part of the Americas that is mostly influenced by the countries of Latin heritage (Spain, Portugal and France); however, in culture, only some parts of the Francophone (particularly those in the Caribbean) would be considered Latin, while the others like Canada are more Anglo influenced.

As a whole, Latin America englobes most of the eponymous continent from Mexico to Argentina, with the exceptions of Belize, Guyana and Suriname, which are primarily Indo-Caribbean in culture. Historically, it was influenced by Catholicism, which in many of the countries has been designed the primary religion (but not state-endorsed), although Evangelicalism has recently gained considerable popularity.


The term itself has provoked some problems regarding the usage of the name Latin or Latino, given that these terms are also used commonly to refer to the people born in Latin America, although they originally meant someone born in Lazionote , Italy.


North America

Northern America

  • Mexico (Official Name: The United Mexican States)
Capital & Largest City: Mexico City

Central America

Capital & Largest City: San José
Capital & Largest City: San Salvador
Capital & Largest City: Guatemala City
Capital & Largest City: Tegucigalpa
Capital & Largest city: Managua
Capital & Largest City: Panama City

The Caribbean

Capital & Largest City: Havana
Capital & Largest City: Santo Domingo
Capital & Largest City: Port-au-Prince

South America

Eastern South America

Capital: Brasília
Largest City: São Paulo

Southern Cone

Capital & Largest City: Buenos Aires
Capital & Largest City: Santiago
Capital & Largest City: Asunción
Capital & Largest City: Montevideo

Andean States

Capitals: Sucre (constitutional and judicial), La Paz (executive and legislative)
Largest City: Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Capital & Largest City: Bogotá
Capital: Quito
Largest City: Guayaquil
Capital & Largest City: Lima
Capital & Largest City: Caracas


North America


Prefecture: Basse-Terre
Largest City: Pointe-à-Pitre
Prefecture & Largest City: Fort-de-France
Capital & Largest City: San Juan
Capital & Largest City: Gustavia
Capital & Largest City: Marigot

South America

The Guianas

Prefecture & Largest City: Cayenne

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