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Chocolate is a well-liked sweet, but in fiction, it's treated as the Trademark Favorite Food and occasionally even G-Rated Drug for not only the Sweet Toothed but an entire gender. Adult or child, the female sex in general absolutely adore chocolate in fiction and many jokes are themed around female characters' love of it. Whether it be normal mood, PMS, or pregnancy, this trope is usually stereotypical.

Contrast with Real Men Hate Sugar, where male characters hate anything remotely sweet. Compare to Chocolate of Romance, with which it sometimes overlaps, and Heartbreak and Ice Cream. Truth in Television for some, but not for others.


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    Anime & Manga 

    Comic Strips 
  • Cathy Guisewite's noseless protagonist Cathy routinely consoles herself with chocolate after a stressful day. Often, if Cathy has to lose an "AACK!", she'll dive into a box of chocolates facefirst as though it was a hog trough.
  • Rocky: Parodied in one strip where Rocky and his friends talk about the summers new ice cream commercials, specifically the chocolate-heavy Magnum brand, and how they shamelessly target women, only for the punchline to point out that men are targeted as well, albeit with a different appeal.

    Fan Works 


  • In some Loud House gender-bend fanfics, Linka (Lincoln's female counterpart) is the chocoholic.

Specific examples

  • In Glitter Force: Into the Glitterverse, Nagisa's username is "chocolatelover1".
  • In Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail, Chloe is shown having a Black Forest cheesecake for her Unbirthday in The Library of Flying Books Car and in the Plush Penguin Car — which is a car where penguins like making ice cream treats — she's shown having a mint chocolate ice cream cone. Future chapters have her indulge in more of these sweets like wanting to dip food into a large chocolate fountain or melting chocolate down to mix it with tea. The author notes reveal that she loves mint-chocolate sweets and her love of mint chocolate ice cream comes from her father.
  • In the Futari wa Pretty Cure drabble "Nagisa's Invention", Nagisa invents a machine that can coat things in chocolate, her favourite food.
  • Discworld fic Strandpiel sees a young witch join the City Watch Air Division. Whilst at the Air Station at Pseudopolis Yard — one of the best-guarded places in the City — a young assassin who is enamoured of her risks arrest to sneak in. A man in black, braving danger and peril, all because the lady loves Higgs And Meakins' Milk Chocolate Platter. It works. She is absolutely delighted and kisses him for the first time. He even bribes a Watch sergeant with her favourite chocolate so that she lets him off with a caution. The link takes you to the works of author A.A. Pessimal.
  • In the Harry Potter fanfic What Witches Really Want, Harry gains six girlfriends purely because of his unique ability to conjure up bars of chocolate that taste exactly like the real thing with none of the calories.

    Films — Animation 
  • Both Anna and Elsa in Frozen like chocolate, with Anna having more than a few lines mentioning it. According to the book A Frozen Heart, they inherited their Sweet Tooth from their mother Iduna.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Alita: Battle Angel. When asked what her favourite food is, Alita explains that she can't remember anything about her past so she doesn't know, but so far it's oranges. Hugo then buys her a chocolate bar. She squees at the taste, later asking Ido for some when she gets home.
  • Parodied in Down with Love. The first chapter of Ms. Novak's book teaches women to abstain from sex altogether until they can learn to enjoy life the way a man does. To deal with the difficulties with this, they are taught a self-pleasuring technique (All men lean forward in interest) in the second part of her book, titled "Up With Chocolate" (All men fall back in disappointment).
  • In My Fair Lady, Higgins manages to mollify an angry Eliza by physically putting a piece of chocolate into her mouth. She stops talking and eats it quietly, and then mutters, "I wouldn't 'ave 'et it, only I'm too ladylike to spit it out."

  • Bridget Jones is described as eating copious amounts of Milk Tray, Dairy Box (boxed chocolates sold in the UK), and chocolate croissants.
  • Discworld:
    • Zigzagged in Thief of Time. Susan loves chocolate but has a strict regime of how much she allows herself (well, fairly strict — it doesn't count if it was nougat). Myria/Unity is drawn to it (but doesn't dare eat any until the end, given what even a piece of dry toast does to her taste buds). Meanwhile, Lu-Tze thinks it's OK, but doesn't really see the appeal, preferring liquorice.
    • In Soul Music, it's mentioned that Susan's mother Ysabell was fond of a dessert called, not merely "Death" but Genocide by Chocolate.
  • In Only Ever Yours, Freida secretly craves chocolate despite her eating disorder (and the School's strict enforcement of target weights). Chastity-Ruth even tells her it's obvious chocolate is Freida's favorite food.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Big Bang Theory: In "The Gothowitz Deviation", Sheldon subtly uses chocolate as positive reinforcement to train Penny to behave in manner more to his liking. Leonard is insulted on his girlfriend's behalf, but the modifications do work.
  • In The Nanny, Fran says that one of the rules of the Official Girlfriend's Code is that when it comes to chocolate, it's every girl for herself.
  • Like their movie counterparts, Elsa and Anna in Once Upon a Time both love chocolate. During one scene, Elsa prepares a chocolate-themed party for Anna, including chocolate fondue and chocolate pastries. She briefly considers chocolate ice cream but decides that would be too obvious.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation: Troi has a ritual regarding eating a chocolate sundae. "Chocolate is a serious thing." Ironically enough, Marina Sirtis, the actor who played Troi, hated chocolate. However, this is downplayed as it is clearly a Troi thing, not a lady thing. Dr. Crusher, Yar, Ro, and Guinan are not seen eating or talking about chocolate, and several male characters are seen eating chocolate in alternate realities. note 
  • Geraldine in The Vicar of Dibley. In "Animals" she deals with stress by eating 562 Crunchies in one night and in "The Easter Bunny" she has a hollowed-out Bible with a giant Galaxy bar inside. When the villagers got her a chocolate fountain for her birthday in the 2004 Christmas Episode, she gave up on dipping things in it and just stuck her head in.
  • The "Menstruation Orientation" sketch from Key & Peele climaxes with the instructors telling their audience to "get your bitch some CHOCOLATE!"

  • In the poem Oranges by Gary Soto, the narrator is a boy walking with a girl for the first time. They go to a drugstore and he asks her to choose something. She chooses a chocolate that costs a dime, but he only has a nickel. When he puts the nickel and one of the oranges he's carrying on the counter, the cashier silently understands and accepts it.

    Video Games 
  • A turn-of-the-millennium RTS game called Alien Nations features 3 factions: blue-skinned aliens called Pimmons, generic insectoids called Sajiki, and a matriarchal human-like race called Amazons. Pimmons and Sajiki featured mostly male characters, while Amazons were mostly female. Each race had their specialty product: Pimmons had "Mushroom juice", Sajiki had "Maggot lollipops" (not-so-subtle expies of alcohol and cigars, respectively). Amazons had chocolate cakes.
  • Ashley of Another Code likes sweets and candy in general, so she likes it as well. It's one of the first things that allows her to bond with her father, who's an even bigger fan of the stuff than she is.
  • Beatrix from Battleborn has a thing for chocolate. One of her projects she sought approval for in the Battleplan 30's lore was Project LIMOS (Lingual Impulse Modulation by Olfactory Supersession). It apparently was a proposal to research the effects of chocolate on the behavior of Arch-Sciences researchers. When asked about this by the Mistress of Sciences, Lady Vurien, Beatrix's response was, "Everybody likes chocolate".
  • In BlazBlue Kokonoe, being a Genius Sweet Tooth, loves sweets, but especially Ferrero Rocher chocolates.
  • Crush Crush: Well, every girl can be given chocolates to get them to like you more, Ayano has them as her preferred Gift, and others request them too, as requirements to get to the next Relationship Level. Like Big Eater Bearverly, who wants 50 boxes to get through Frenemy Level.
  • In Ninja Pizza Girl, chocolate is one of the items Gemma can buy to restore her Sanity Meter after it's taken a beating.
  • Ibuki from Street Fighter states she loves and desires chocolate cake after battle as one of her win quotes. According to her, it is the "breakfast of champions".

    Visual Novels 

  • Guenevere in Arthur, King of Time and Space, to the extent that in the baseline arc she has a vague sense that chocolate exists and is depressed it won't be discovered in her lifetime.
  • In Shortpacked!, Robin DeSanto once ate a whole cereal bowl of Cadbury Cream Eggs and, because she is so hyper already, she blacked out for four months and woke up a U.S. Representative.
  • The titular character of The World of Vicki Fox enjoys chocolate.

    Web Videos 
  • When CinemaSins dissected Frozen, each instance of the trope gets lampshaded.
    Jeremy: Ha ha. You women and your chocolate.
  • In the Italian Web Series Insopportabilmente Donna, Tess Masazza often eats incredible amounts of chocolate sweets, especially Nutella.

    Western Animation 
  • 6teen:
    • Caitlin Cooke is established as being a huge chocolate lover—it's to the point where, after she got a job at a chocolate shop that lets its employees have all the free chocolate they want, she got fat enough to the point where she could've easily been mistaken for being pregnant (she didn't realize that she was getting overweight until after she had trouble trying on a pair of jeans that she had been wanting to buy).
    • Caitlin's friend, Nikki Wong, is established as hating chocolate—however, much to Nikki's distaste, she develops a strong craving for the stuff when she's on her period.
  • Angelo Rules: In one episode, Angelo tries to get Elena out of her room to search something in it. One of Angelo's plans involves baiting Elena with the smell of a chocolate muffin since, according to him, the smell of chocolate is irresistible to girls. However, he soon finds out that chocolate also attracts younger brothers.
  • Wanda from The Fairly Oddparents has been shown to love chocolate on several occasions. Specifically:
    • In "Where's Wanda?", Cosmo has been revealed to have hidden Wanda in Chocolate City, Utah. This results in her being put on Level 14 probation.
    • In "Just Desserts", Timmy keeps reminding Wanda of chocolate. This gets her to approve his "All the food in the world is dessert" wish.
    • At the beginning of "Fairy Idol", Norm the Genie bribes Wanda with a hunky chocolate bar as part of his plan to get Cosmo and Wanda to quit being Timmy's fairy godparents.
  • Family Guy: Peter assumes this will apply to Brian after he's been neutered (even though chocolate is poisonous to animals like dogs and cats), as shown in a cutaway gag.
    Brian: [now morbidly obese] I love chocolate! But I can't eat it or I'll get fat! But it's so good!
  • Tehama from Fillmore! likes chocolate quite a lot. Ingrid even once bribed her into teaching her how to dust for fingerprints in exchange for chocolate.
  • According to Kaeloo's official Facebook page, the female Kaeloo eats a lot of chocolate.
  • In Little Princess, the Queen, Maid, and Princess love chocolate, but it's more like Everyone Loves Chocolate than Girls Love Chocolate as the King, General, and Chef are seen greatly enjoying it too.
  • On the Looney Tunes short "Porky's Romance", Petunia at first rejects Porky's overtures of love until she sees the box of chocolates in his hands. So she quickly brings him inside and starts scarfing down the chocolates. Later in a Dream Sequence, a now morbidly obese Petunia is seen reclining on the sofa eating chocolates, while Henpecked Husband Porky does all the chores.
  • The Loud House: Lincoln's ten sisters span the full spectrum of girly to tomboyish, but all of them go crazy for chocolate. It's implied that Clyde's grandmother loves chocolate as well, to the point of saying that you should never trust anyone who doesn't.
  • In Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, one nibble of chocolate turns Daphne into Gollum.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Subverted in "Chocolate With Nuts" when Spongebob and Patrick attempt to sell chocolate to a couple of old ladies.
    Shriveled Old Lady: Chocolate. I remember when they first invented chocolate…sweet sweet chocolate... I always HATED it.
    • Gender Flipped with Tom the Fish who spent the entire episode chasing SpongeBob and Patrick so he could buy all their chocolate.
  • In Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Eclipsa Butterfly admits to having self-control issues when it comes to chocolate. When she was briefly released from stasis by a young Moon, her first request was to be given chocolate from a nearby vending machine. When she's released for real in "Stranger Danger", she eats through a bucket's worth of the stuff.

    Real Life 
  • Women who're menstruating or pregnant often crave chocolate because it's a source of iron and magnesium. And calories, which an active uterus needs to burn a ton of.


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