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"Do you know what would be the best way to wipe out all of humankind if you were a space alien with a special mind-ray? Make all women telepathic. Cos' if they suddenly found out about the kind of stuff that goes on in our heads they'd kill us all on the spot. Men are not people! We are disgustoids in human form."
Jeff Murdock, Coupling

The tendency for all men within a work of fiction to think primarily with their penises. As such they will be constantly trying to peek up girls' skirts or into the girl's locker room and will go out of their way (often to absurd lengths) to either catch a glimpse of something naughty or gain a minuscule chance of doing the deed. Whenever they actually get a peek at a woman's breasts, they lose all brain function. This trope is often used as an excuse to hand male characters the Idiot Ball. Men will become catatonic, prove unable to think straight, get massive nosebleeds, etc. just because an attractive woman is in the room. If a man shows any amount of interest in a woman, it's assumed to be sexual. This trope is so prevalent that, if a male character is not being lecherous around women, he is often assumed to be either gay, completely asexual, or just not right in the head.


This leads to Unfortunate Implications for any male-female relationship between characters that would normally not involve sex. Any contact, be it between family members, at the workplace, or even in a celibate organization has the potential to be treated as perverted; especially when law enforcement is involved, regardless of the truth. Then there's the Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male, suggesting that if all men always want sex and would never turn it down, then they cannot be raped by a woman. This is ripe for exploitation by a villain(ess).

The internalization of the notion that men are incapable of self-control or seeing women as anything other than sex objects (or that sex itself is evil) leads to Sex Is Evil, and I Am Horny.

All Women Are Prudes is this trope's corollary and a harmful Double Standard because it promotes the idea that female sexuality and sexual desire are somehow abnormal, with Nipple and Dimed (or other body parts) applying only to women.


This is a Cyclic Trope. It was prevalent in the past that All Women Were Lustful, with men considered less sexually motivated than women as recently as the Renaissance. Everybody Has Lots of Sex is when both genders are considered equal in this, usually in a Free-Love Future.

Compare All Gays Are Promiscuous (what happens when there aren't any women involved to say no), All Women Are Doms, All Men Are Subs (as long as he has a chance to get some sex out of it), I'm a Man; I Can't Help It (focuses more specifically on the idea that a man can't function without sex instead of a universal perversion), A Man Is Always Eager (which purports that "real men" never say no to sex when presented with the opportunity, no matter the circumstances) and Nerds Are Virgins (just because you're a pervert doesn't mean you get laid).


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  • A good example of this is in the Paco Rabanne perfume adverts. In the one targeted at men, (the 1 Million perfume) a man clicks his fingers and a woman's dress falls off. In the Lady Million perfume advert, a woman clicks her fingers and a man with a wedding ring appears.
  • A Pepsi Max commercial starts off with a couple on a first date. The woman asks herself the usual questions of marriage and children, whereas the man constantly thinks about sex with her.
  • Commercials for Sling TV usually feature a couple being approached by another couple and being invited to a "Sling party," which sounds suspiciously like a sex thing. The woman is perplexed and uncomfortable, while the man is ready to go.
  • How many banner ads have you seen for "Hot Sexy Girls in [your area]"?

    Anime & Manga 
  • Due to her having an erotic author as a father who’s also a major pervert, Ao from Ao-chan Can’t Study firmly believes all the boys in her school only want sex out of girls. Hilarity ensues when Nice Guy Kijima takes an interest in her and she mistakes almost every situation as him wanting to get physical with her.
  • Battle Royale's Mitsuko Souma believes this trope, and is legitimately surprised when Yuichiro Takiguchi doesn't feel her up, despite giving him ample opportunity to do so.
  • Berserk, staying true to its dark nature, plays the trope straight and is (mostly) unsympathetic in its depiction of it.
    • When Guts saves Casca from a nasty fall: as she lays unconscious in their makeshift shelter, he briefly thinks about nailing her and blames himself for it right after. I.e. he considers himself a pervert, just a repressed and self-hating one.
    • After the Eclipse when Guts accidentally rips open Casca's gown, exposing her breasts, and Guts leans in, presumably to kiss her and then go and... Well, Casca had just gone through the horrific ordeal of being brutally raped to insanity — and Guts was Forced to Watch as it happened — so of course she frantically runs away from him, leaving Guts to hang his head in shame for his lapse of self-control.
  • Yami in Black Clover is a believer in this. He convinces the other males at the hot spring, except Asta and Yuno, to be this, stating that peeping on women is something a man must do. That said, his motivation comes off as more For the Lulz than personal perversion.
  • Case Closed: Considering this show is about a kid, it's wrong or at least weird in many ways. Conan/Kudo's caretaker Mouri Kogorou is the worst offender, often more interested in womanizing than in actually doing his job. His rival Hattori also ogles girls whenever swimsuits are involved. Even Conan/Kudo isn't immune to this, although he mostly lusts after Ran.
  • In The Princess' Skirt skit in Castle Town Dandelion, after knowing Akane is bottomless for the day and she would have to use the stairs, all the 10th grade boys stormed out of their classrooms so that they can have a peek on Akane's panties.
  • City Hunter: There's only one major male character, but the sheer amount of perversion that Ryo Saeba emits is enough to qualify for this trope. Many men who actually have any sort of role besides him aren't much better.
  • Colorful, where the fanservice-laden environment does nothing to deter this behavior aside from the occasional Megaton Punch.
  • Daily Lives of High School Boys has a milder example: the three main boys in the show have stolen Tadakuni's sister's underwear at some point.
  • In one episode of Eureka Seven, Renton inadvertently says something to Eureka that touches a nerve. It has to do with her not being human. He looks through the Gekko's magazine rack to see if something there might offer some advice on how to ease the tension between them, and gets caught looking through a porno magazine. Though it's clear (to the audience) that he had no idea what it was really about when he first picked it up, the other Gekkostate members take it as evidence that the visible tension between the two is due to Renton pressuring Eureka for sex. While the girls go talk to Eureka about standing up for herself and making sure Renton respects her boundaries, the guys come to Renton's room with a whole stack of porn and set about redecorating his room to create an atmosphere fit for seduction. And, of course, Holland finds them at that moment and Hilarity Ensues.
  • Played straight with the Shinryuuji Nagas (minus Unsui) in Eyeshield 21 who either start blushing, hollering, or hooting whenever they see a pretty girl since they attend an all-boys school. Also with Agon who is usually seen with A Lady on Each Arm and sleeps with several girls and then dumps them afterwards. Several guys line up to join the Deimon Devilbats because Mamori was handing out flyers. However, most of the other male characters avert this who rarely, if not never, shows an interest in romance.
  • Hayate the Combat Butler Hinagiku is ogled by both the majority of boys and the majority of girls of her school.
  • High School D×D. We start with Issei of course, but he's definitely not the most perverted guy ever. The only male character who doesn't seem to even be remotely close as a pervert is ironically Vali, his rival.
  • In I Don’t Like You at All, Big Brother!!, all recurring male characters are clearly this. To start with, male protagonist Shuusuke has a Porn Stash worthy to be the trope's page image, masturbates about five times a day, and his main social circle is an unofficial group call AGE Explorers, in which AGE stands for All Genre Ero. The group's main activity is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. His father seemed to be turned on with one of his SM porn. Even in preschool he played doctor with one of the girls specifically wanting to see her naked.
  • In I'm a Behemoth, an S-Ranked Monster, but Mistaken for a Cat, I Live as an Elf Girl's Pet, the entire male population of a city drools and leers over the female main character, Aria. Her Gag Boobs and official adventuring attire don't help. She's aware of it, but ignores it, most of the time.
  • Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl shows an interesting variety of this trope. After Hazumu swaps gender from male to female, she starts being chased by two girls. Their feelings for Hazumu are treated as pure and deep — and with a lot more reverence than those of Hazumu's male childhood friend. He gets treated as a pervert who only wants to get into Hazumu's pants since everybody knows that a lesbian only wants to hold hands with the girl she likes, right?
  • A Running Gag of Kotoura-san is Manabe's imagine spots about different ways of sexualizing Haruka and Haruka's Dirty Mind-Reading that immediately follows.
  • In Miss Machiko the entire school seems to be perverted toward the main character. Especially Kenta, who is often the ring leader of the boys and works out several plots to grope, disrobe, or otherwise act pervy to the eponymous Miss Machiko (or their female classmates).
  • Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun:
    • In Chapter 49, judo team members want some illustrated how-to's for grappling. Team captain Mayu draws some based on the shoujo-style art from his elder brother, the eponymous "Nozaki-kun", a Sequential Artist of that genre. The rest of the team boos at these, claiming they're not sexy enough. Mayu has to use Mikoshiba's racy manga and figurines as models, with increasing levels of raciness as fellow members demand more fanservice.
    • Chapter 59 sees Mikoshiba sending an email under the pseudonym of "Mamiko" to one of the judo team members who is posting the artwork under the guise that it's a blog for a female student in the team, because well, it'd be seen as a bit suspect if a guy sends a message to a junior high school girl right? The two judo team members promptly react to the email with cheering "HIGH SCHOOL GIRL! MINISKIRT! WHOOOOOOOOO!" after realizing the email has a female name.
  • All the main male cast from Need a Girl!, there are the more outspoken ones like Yo-Han, others who follow him like In-Young and Sul-Min, and the most composed one, Han-Kyul, who just can't help when a situation calls for the occasional drooling; even the unnamed male classmates who appear once a chapter shows signs of hormones fervor.
  • Onsokumaru of Ninja Nonsense has this to say on the subject:
    Onsokumaru: Perversion is a man's sin. Not to forgive it is a woman's sin.
    Sasuke: What are you talking about?
    Onsokumaru: I'm saying we're going to peep on them.
  • Outbreak Company. For example, when Shinichi needs to sneak by some guards in Episode 8, he just slips them a hentai doujinshi. It works. Twice.
  • In Please Tell Me! Galko-chan, the three boys in Galko's class — essentially the main male cast — are perverts to any degree. All of their conversations either deals with sex or fantasizing about Galko. Charao, particularly, as he often starts those discussions.
  • In Popcorn Avatar, this is played with by Kurando's male classmates to the hilt, to the point where they interpret Kurando's injuries after a battle as the result of him and Lisa "playing rough".
  • All the recurring male characters in Prison School are huge perverts. The five central characters start off the main conflict in the series by getting caught peeping in the girls bath. The principal of the school, whom you wouldn't suspect to be a pervert given his always stern expression, is quickly revealed to have a butt fetish.
  • This appears to be one of the underlying themes in Psychic Squad. Considering that a lot of those feelings are toward the 10-year-old leads, it's more a case of "All Men Are Lolicons". Even Kaoru, one of the three girls, is called out for her lust for big-breasted women as acting like a perverted old man.
  • Ranma ½: Where to start? Ranma often takes advantage of his female form to trick people in his various plots, Kuno's attitude towards girls he desires is blatantly lustful (he was at one point proclaimed Furinkan High's greatest pervert) though he's more Stalker with a Crush, Ryoga uses Akane's ignorance of his curse to play the part of her beloved pet, and Mousse sometimes tries to take a peek on Shampoo... all of which pale before the exploits of master pervert Happ?sai, whose entire existence seems to revolve around woman's panties. Most of the schoolboys seen are always obsessing over girls, rush to get nude pictures whenever they can, and once during the duel with Mousse when Ranma had a Wardrobe Malfunction, all of the boys leaped on stage to get a better look. Early in the series, when Furinkan heard of the Best Her to Bed Her proclamation about Akane, nearly the entire male student body was attacking her every morning.
  • Rosario + Vampire: The main character is one too, but he has much more control over himself than every other male student at Yokai Academy. They constantly lust for the pretty girls in the school, and actually comment on their breasts in public.
  • Due to the influences of her philandering father, Maka of Soul Eater believes this very strongly, and it doesn't help that her (male) partner gets Nosebleeds around hot girls. But other than her father, most of the males are actually pretty good guys.
  • So, I Can't Play H!:
    • Ryosuke is such a perv that he's known around school as, "Pervsuke" because he's an expert on anything dealing with eroticism. It even becomes the source of his power once he forms a contract with Lisara. Which enables him to repeatedly restore her power, since he's almost always thinking about sex.
    • Also applies to the rest of the male students at his school, with regard to Ilia. She's a buxom blonde babe and a popular Teen Idol. So when she enrolled at their school, she was immediately swarmed by crowds of fans and would-be suitors.
  • Sword Art Online plays this straight with more than one villain:
  • Tona-Gura!: Played straight and subverted. Kazuki's best friend Chihaya defends Chivalrous Pervert Yuuji by taking the understanding attitude that 'all boys are like that'-to the point of even flashing him some underwear.
  • Urusei Yatsura:
    • Ataru Moroboshi. In one episode, where a computer hooked up to his brain shows that he loves EVERY girl the most. (Even Lum, a girl who he has been trying to avoid for oh, the entire series?)
    • Not just Ataru; Mendou is stated to be just as perverted despite his polite facade, Jariten is a Dirty Kid who likes looking under the skirts of girls, Otaku Megane fanboys over naughty shots of Lum, and all of them try to peek in the girls in the Hot springs.
    • When a Hospital Hottie goes to work as the school nurse, its said every boy in school injured themselves as an excuse to ogle her. Another time, when a girl wasn't wearing a bra during PE, all the schoolboys tried to grope her during Rugby.
    • Pretty much the only Teenage boys to not be perverted in the series are Inaba, Rei, Tobimaro, Nagisa and a few one-shot characters.
  • Played straight in Yu-Gi-Oh! with most of the male cast. Jounouchi and Honda actually lifted Anzu's skirt with a ruler, Kaiba's machine in the Death-T arc touched her breasts, one minor character planned to rape Anzu in one chapter and episode, Honda's nephew buried his face in Anzu's breasts upon meeting her and even Yugi's grandfather commented on Anzu's breasts getting bigger. Yugi, of all people, actually fantasized about looking up Anzu's skirt in the first chapter. I guess Yugi isn't as innocent as he seems.
    • Mai and Serenity are also targets for this trope. The abridged series loves pointing out that Mai has large breasts, mostly in the original anime, and Joey and other characters state this multiple times. When Tristan's soul is trapped within the robot monkey, he snuggles against Serenity's chest... and she's his best friend's little sister!

    Comic Books 
  • Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space. Unlike most zombies, these lesbian zombies are quite attractive. In fact, the lesbian zombie "virus" will turn an unattractive woman into something more along the lines of a porn star. These creatures use their looks, and their lesbian behavior, to attract their male victims, and it tends to work on everyone in town. Maybe if the guys thought with their brains a little more, there wouldn't be so many deaths.
  • Robin Series: Tim, whose lack of perverted thoughts and chastity have caused many a reader to consider him on the asexual spectrum, has a brief moment of despair when he learns that Stephanie had to deal with inappropriate comments and touching when she was still in elementary school. In combination with the attempted rape his first girlfriend had to deal with, he wonders why women put up with and trust men at all.
  • Ultimate X-Men: Jean Grey, the Ms. Fanservice of the team and who has telepathy, has a Running Gag with her being annoyed that all men picture her naked or in her underwear. Even Ultimate Spider-Man, who is an otherwise good and loyal boyfriend to Mary Jane.

    Comic Strips 
  • This is a theme in Lynda Barry's comics. Many of her older comics feature men who seem only interested in sex. One comic features two male friends having a conversation that consists only of grunts and Sexual Euphemisms. Many of the men in her later comics are somewhat predatory.
  • One Zits comic has someone drop the "men think of sex every 7 seconds" quote in conversation. The girls think "That often?", the boys "That little?".

    Fan Works 
  • Shows up quite often in fanfic. After all, most fanfiction is anonymous or pseudonymous and written by young people. Indeed, it often becomes the characterisation equivalent of a Plot Tumour, with sex overriding everything the characters are canonically interested in.
  • Kalash93 enjoys this trope, though he never pushes it too far. Example.
  • The Child of Love: Invoked. In this story, Asuka gets pregnant with Shinji's baby after a one-night stand. When they are blaming each other Shinji argues she provoked him and Asuka replies he couldn't not want it since he is a guy and all guys are perverts.
  • Hell, even alien men are perverts. "The Universe Doesn't Cheat" uses it for a throwaway joke when Captain Haelivthras th’Shvrashli, an Andorian, wonders "who the shen with the great rack" is.
    Commander Steven Hackett: Captain!
    Thrass: Hey, I’m bonded, not dead. Look, but don’t touch, eh?
  • In The Legend of Total Drama Island, Cody lampshades this when Heather flirts with him.
    Cody: [makes a sexual innuendo]
    Heather: Down, boy! I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves, you little horndog.
    Cody: Hey, I’m a dude. It comes with the territory.
    Heather: You do have a point.
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness: As stated on at least one occasion, just about every boy at Yokai Academy is either a bully, a pervert, or both.
  • Olivine Romance: The protagonist, Jasmine from Pokémon, is a firm believer in this concept. Her childhood friend/tormentor and modern-day would-be Casanova Morty gives her ample reason to continue believing it.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines: Erika comes across as believing this during her first appearance. It's not completely unjustified: given that she and her gym staff are portrayed as an openly lesbian community, many male trainers lost their matches due to being more focused on the girls being affectionate rather than the battles.
  • Played straight and subverted at various points in Kyubed: Shinobi's Revenge on Naruto. Several foreign leaders are convinced to make political deals that benefit the kitsune nation with sex and Naruto makes a fair bit of money selling (fake) pictures of Tsunade bathing to the Raikage and Tsuchikage. However, in the latter case, both buy the pictures because they realize the implications of someone successfully spying on the Hokage in her own home.
  • Discussed in The Loud House fanfic Boys and Girls, where Lori thinks that the reason it's OK for her to fawn over Hugh but not OK for Bobby to fawn over other girls, is because boys are more likely to cheat, but Lincoln chews her out for her Double Standard.
  • In the Law & Order: UK fanfic "Choices", DS Matt Devlin — a man himself — states "all men are pigs" after he sleeps over at Alesha's place to look after her after she has a Convenient Miscarriage (of her rapist's baby) and wakes up the next morning with. . .what most men wake up with. Despite it being a completely normal physiological reaction, he's disgusted with himself, given the ordeal Alesha's been through.
  • The Night Unfurls: Obviously, not every single male character is depicted as lustful in this fanfic, but several characters, like Maia and Grace, assume this to be true, noting that a normal man would stare or ogle whenever any Ms. Fanservice is present. There's also the fact that the Black Dogs are a male-exclusive mercenary group who literally want to build a Sex Empire...

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The 40-Year-Old Virgin while it's also Virgin-Shaming, what the main character is subjected to by his "friends" shows just how bad each of them are. The main character, however, is ultimately something of an aversion, as he's actually not that concerned with sex, being more interested in love, and is certainly a lot more mature and grown-up about it than most of the other people around him (including some of the women).
  • Nearly all men in Act of Vengeance ogle women, make lewd comments, and treat rape as nothing serious: suggesting the women want it, and should just lie back in enjoy it. Sgt. Long may be the sole exception. Two guys who joked at least make apologies when the women they're talking with furiously berates them, revealing that she'd been raped herself.
  • American Pie: Granted, it's a sex comedy and focuses on that issue, but the sheer lengths the main characters go to for their goal is ridiculous. All they want is sex and that takes priority over everything else. Sure, by the end of the first movie, they decide it's not that important, but they get it anyway and after that, it's all they ever talk about. Even Eugene Levy's character, who as far as we can tell is in a loving relationship with his wife, falls into this: for example, when he buys hardcore pornographic magazines in order to give his son The Talk.
  • Almost any Paul Thomas Anderson movie. Sexual voyeurism in Boogie Nights, a call to a phone sex line in Punch-Drunk Love, etc. But The Master, with its severely sex-addicted main character, takes the cake. There Will Be Blood averts it by going to the other extreme; there are almost no interactions at all between two characters of the opposite sex (with the exception of a touching romance between two secondary characters).
  • Jekyll in Ayoy Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde does stare at Lolita, but it's Johann who utterly, hilariously pervs on Ann, trying for a grope even while getting slapped by her.
  • The Bronze: Subverted. Hope bluntly hits on a couple Black guys she meets in a bar, offering them a threeway. They first act interested but then turn her down and tell her to leave them alone. She acts surprised, so presumably this had worked before.
  • The male characters in The Burning are all quite the horndogs.
  • In Conan the Destroyer, Malak offers to apply a medicinal salve to Zula's injured thigh. She lets him at first but then has to remind him that the wound is lower. Indeed, when the camera pulls away, the trail of medicine has journeyed far north of the injury.
  • The Hairy Bird: Mr. Dewey, a male teacher at an all-girls school, leches on his female students. A group of boys at an all-male school plan a bet that humiliates the girls.
  • Dr. Jekyll & Ms. Hyde: Helen's allure attracts every man in the office she works in, even attracting the attention of the homosexual Yves (much to his confusion).
  • In Just One of the Guys, the annoying little brother Buddy is a 15-year-old obsessed with sex.
    Terry: “Sometimes I just wish I were a guy.”
    Buddy: “No, you don't. The male body needs sex at all times. It's a living hell.”
  • Subverted in Killshot. The mafia girl at the beginning thinks the Professional Killer Blackbird, after finishing his job killing someone else that she was aware of, disturbs her while she's showering because he very blatantly wants to sneak a peek. Instead he shoots her in the head for having seen his face.
  • Lockout:
    • Treated rather interestingly when one villain, Hydell, is sex-crazed for the female lead (Emily) he ends up stabbing his own brother, Alex, in the chest for a chance to get at her. But his brother — prior to being stabbed — inverts this trope by being pretty fed up with his obsession and complains "you're shouting about THAT when we have a serious problem!"
    • The protagonist, Snow, also uses this trope interestingly. At times he mocks her with his sexuality (such as when she falls face-first onto his crotch and he tells her that "you don't have to do that, a simple thank-you is enough") but at other times he seems distinctly uninterested in her as a sexual being (such as when he's looking at her leg wound and saying "ew! yuck!" even though it's on her thigh, practically in her crotch).
  • Monsters Crash the Pajama Party. One of the girls asks to make sure the place is warm since they won't be "dressed" for the cold while holding up her red nightgown. One of the guys says, "Igor like sex," and the girl says, "Yeah, we know."
  • Virtually every male in Ms. 45 tries to come on to Thana or her co-workers. At least, that we see through her eyes.
  • Not Another Teen Movie is meant to be a parody, so it's understandable, since most of the characters are not really meant to be sympathetic, but there are many instances that invoke this trope such as male students peeking in on a girl's bathroom.
  • This is an effect of the Other Halves app; it happens to women, too.
  • The Party Animal has a plot that revolves around a young college student desperately trying to lose his virginity, and the incredible lengths he will go to achieve these ends.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest: Overlapping with Idiot Ball when Elizabeth disguises herself as a man aboard a ship and they find her dress. The captain then announces that the stowaway lady is probably naked — cue a mad rush to find her (Elizabeth joining of course for pretenses). None of the sailors think that the woman would have put on men's clothes?
  • Porky's. Peeking in the showers of the girl's locker room? Check. Soliciting a girl because you hear she's wild in bed during school hours? Check. Being so desperate for sex that you rely on hookers? Check. Being tricked multiple times with the promise of sex when you should know better? Check.
  • In Repulsion nearly every male in the film is lecherous, condescending, crude, unfaithful, or all of the above.
  • Of the three male characters in Revenge (2017), one is cheating on his wife with a beautiful young woman, the second rapes her first chance he gets, and the third lets it happen and then gleefully helps cover it up. The latter two also spend nearly their entire screentime before the rape doing nothing but ogling the female lead.
  • Revenge of the Nerds. The things the protagonists do over the course of the movie include: installing cameras in a sorority house so they can watch them on their television, hiding in women's showers, and selling pies with nude women hidden in the tin for fundraising. At the beginning of the movie, you see the characters calculating the number of breasts in their school. One of the main characters dresses up in a costume in order to trick a woman into having sex with him.
  • Road Trip starts off with an I'm a Man; I Can't Help It moment and quickly devolves from there.
  • There are two male characters in Shame and both are depicted as sex maniacs.
  • In Sheitan, the city boys Bart, Ladj, and Thai are only interested in getting into the panties of Eve and Yasmine. Their obsession blinds them to all of the weird events going on around them until it is far too late.
  • You would think that Clarice Starling is the only woman in the universe of The Silence of the Lambs that the majority of men have ever seen because nearly every single man hits on her. In the novel, this is played with more. Aside from the homoerotic implications of her sleeping in and thus needing to share a shower with her roommate, she realizes that Dr. Chilton hits on her because he's socially inept. In contrast, one of the entomologists asks her on a date because he really does like her, and it's implied she'd be tempted but for, y'know, the serial killer on the loose.
  • X-Men: The Last Stand invokes this, with Rogue telling Bobby, "You're a guy, your mind's only on one thing." Whether he's straying or she's jealous is up to interpretation.

  • A man goes to have dinner with his girlfriend's family. While there he notices the girlfriend's 18-year-old sister is particularly welcoming, wearing a low-cut dress that jiggles whenever he looks at her. She's also particularly clumsy that evening, as she keeps dropping small objects and bends over to pick them up. During dinner, he feels her hand on his knee making its way up. Finally, after dessert, she grabs him by the necktie and hauls him off into her room, lies down spread-eagle on her bed, and tells him to take her then and there.
    The man says nothing, turns around, leaves the room, and already has his car keys out as he passes the front door when the rest of the family emerges from the bushes outside and congratulate the man on passing the test of faithfulness, the father putting down his baseball bat to embrace his son-in-law.
    Years pass, during which the couple get married, settle down and have a son. And when the son reaches his 18th birthday, the father passes on his wisdom:
    "My boy, if there's one thing I learned from courting your mother, it's this: Always keep your condoms in the car!"

  • K. A. Applegate's Animorphs:
    • Justified; the main characters are all teenagers, after all. Marco's libido is often brought up, and he does everything from trying to get Cassie and Rachel to make out to using the internet to look up scantily clad women. Jake makes fun of Marco for it, but when Cassie's in a bikini, Jake can't stop staring. Even Ax is portrayed as being a poor student because he's always thinking about girls (he's a teenager too, albeit an Andalite teenager). Tobias is the only one unaffected, most of the time.
    Tobias: <I am never a Peeping Tom,> I said way too quickly, then added, <I cannot use my superpowers for evil.>
    • Tobias's affected by other things. In The Pretender, when he watches Rachel transform into an eagle, he gets waaaaay too into it.
  • Invoked: Kyra of The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl is incredibly paranoid. Her friendship with the male main character comes to an end partially because she believes this (although said character doesn't really fit this trope.)
  • In Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber, The Snowchild includes a man who is implied to have sex with the corpse of a young girl for this very reason. It should be noted that Carter was a very outspoken feminist who was divorced multiple times. Writer on Board indeed. It should also be noted the other stories within the collection holds the view that "sex is not evil unless one party is completely dominated by the other", which is why while a lot of male characters are portrayed as sexually predatory, a large number of heroines are shown to be just as willing to embrace their sexuality.
  • Jerin Whistler in A Brother's Price can resist no pretty woman. Every attempt of seducing him is at least halfway successful. As his eldest sister points out, though, this is not entirely his fault — he was raised to never say no to any woman, as the polygamous culture he lives in would fall apart if one of the rare men insisted on being monogamous or even celibate.
    Andre: Take a look around the world, girl. Men don't never grow up. Get a bunch of us together with no ladies around and it's all boner jokes and headlocks. Your daddy just had enough money that he didn't have to hide it like the rest of us.
  • Mentioned by Andre in Futuristic Violence And Fancy Suits when confronted with his former bosses Stripperiffic hologram housekeeper.
  • Referenced in combination with the idea that "boys will be boys" and therefore troublemakers In-Universe in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Girls are allowed to enter the boys' dormitories, but try to do the opposite and you get magically rebuffed. Ron finds this out the hard way and immediately points out the double standard. Hermione admits it's an "old-fashioned rule".
  • Introducing Media Studies: A section criticizes the portrayal of women in the media, illustrated by women with comically enormous breasts, and stick-thin limbs. Also in the illustration are two drooling men looking at the women, eyes literally bulging out of their skulls. Paging Double Standard...
  • The Kingkiller Chronicle: In The Name of the Wind, Kvothe often scoffs at perverted men and how they gawk at pretty woman, yet when he discovers Fela Sleeps in the Nude when she answers the door late at night with only a Modesty Bedsheet barely covering her, he similarly struggles with the urge to gawk.
  • Mark Twain employs the trope in Letters From The Earth, during a casually outrageous swat at organized religion, as one of the hazards women face in a confessional:
    [One priest] admitted that in his thirty years as a confessor none had escaped him except the elderly and the homely.
  • Danny Capistrono of Paraiso Street has absolutely no shame in eyeing women. This gets him into trouble numerous times, namely when the local PD use this as a honey-trap to arrest him and when he draws the ire of his employer by running off with Isis Arnaz.
  • Jane Rizzoli of the Rizzoli & Isles series seems to think this of every man she meets with the exception of her husband; she's disgusted and disappointed with her partner Thomas Moore when he falls in love with Dr. Catherine Cordell, telling him, "I thought you were different, but here you are, falling for the same thing every man falls for — tits and ass". This is in reference to the fact that Cordell is a very attractive woman who couldn't possibly have any other qualities that a man might find appealing. She's similarly annoyed with another partner when he becomes attracted to a beautiful witness and basically disgusted with any man with an attractive wife or girlfriend. However, her attitude stems from jealousy — she herself is in love with Moore and hurt that he's never given her a second look and she's resentful of beautiful women because she's plain.
  • Every male character in Christopher Moore's Sacré Bleu. Especially Henri.
    Once it was determined that Lucien and Henri were, indeed, wretched creatures with ethical compasses that pivoted around a point at their groins, which is to say, men...
  • What The Hell Did I Just Read: A Novel of Cosmic Horror: When Marconi enlists online message board members to describe the appearance of John, Dave, and Amy, a large portion of the comments on Amy's appearance are perverse.

    Live-Action TV 
  • These are precisely the words said on Amen by Reverend Reuben Gregory after wife Thelma blasts him for his fawning and gushing over his father-in-law's gorgeous new girlfriend (played by Halle Berry, so you can't really blame him). He also frequently displays some Hypocritical Humor along these lines — among the men on the show, he is the first to chastise the others for eyeballing attractive women and making comments about them — before wholeheartedly agreeing with them.
  • Babylon 5:
    Londo: Gentlemen, of all things in life, are females not the finest?
    G'Kar: On that, Mollari, we can at least agree.
    • In another episode, a female journalist interviewing President Sheridan points out the button-camera next to her cleavage "so that men will look in the right direction". Then she has to go and throw up all over that nice dress. It's like she's never traveled through quantum space before.
  • The Benny Hill Show, of course. The "Yakety Sax" chases are parodied in this sketch by Ben Elton and Harry Enfield.
  • In The Big Bang Theory, Howard follows the trope closely. Leonard has his moments, including being willing to go to Jennifer Aniston movies just to have sex. Subverted with Sheldon, who finds relationships baffling and repulsive.
  • Bones: In "The Body In The Bag", Sweets and Booth have to watch a woman's sex tape to look for clues about a murder. The video was recorded in a hidden camera by the woman's boyfriend because he enjoyed watching her having sex with other men, and both Sweets and Booth seem to think less of him for it, yet when they watch it, they also both seem entranced by how skilled she is in bed.
    Booth: She's very energetic.
    Sweets: [nodding] Paisley's very flexible.
    Sweets: Does this qualify as porn or work?
    Booth: ...There's an overlap.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Xander isn't a pervert but is shown to suddenly think about sex at random intervals. Which, thinking about it, strikes oddly close to home. The most prominent example takes place in Season 3's episode, "Earshot", where Buffy gains mind-reading powers.
      Xander: [thinking] What am I gonna do? I think about sex all the time! Sex! Help! 4 times 5 is 30. 5 times 6 is 32. Naked girls. Naked women! Naked Buffy! Oh stop me!
      Buffy: God, Xander! Is that all you think about?
      Xander: Actually... bye.
    • And earlier in the episode:
      Buffy: ...and the boys of this school are seriously disturbed.
    • And Wesley's thoughts, too, centering on Cordelia.
      Wesley: I'm a bad man, I'm a bad bad man. [runs away]
    • Xander's ill-fated attraction to Faith begins in "Faith, Hope & Trick" when she's sharing a story about how she once got into a fight by three vampires while she slept in the nude and didn't bother putting her clothes on before jumping out and going on a Full-Frontal Assault.
    Faith: [now telling the story about wrestling alligators]
    Xander: —So was this, um, ahem, also naked?
    Cordelia: Xander? Find a new theme.
    • In "Innocence", when Xander and Cordelia talk their way into the (rather less than) secure munitions storage on the local army base to steal a rocket launcher (partly by telling the guard he wants to show her weapons to get her excited):
      Coredlia: Does looking at guns really make you want to have sex?
      Xander: I'm 17. Looking at linoleum makes me want to have sex.
    • Spike has his moments of perversion too, especially in Season 5. Highlights include breaking into Buffy's house to sniff articles of her clothing, stealing her panties, and ordering a Sex Bot made in her image. When Xander finds out about the Sex Bot, he says that it's every guy's dream. Faced by the disapproving looks of the female Scoobies, he says there's too many girls in their group. "I miss Oz. He'd get it. He wouldn't have said anything, but he'd get it."
  • Castle:
    • "A Death in the Family": The Victim of the Week is practically a saint...
      Ryan: Staff just went through all the files, no other red flags. Any dark secrets in here?
      Esposito: Yeah. Dr. Leeds had a weakness... energy bars.
      Ryan: [snorts]
      Esposito: Volunteered at "Doctors International", did pro bono work; the guy's a boy scout. Hell, he didn't even have any porn on his computer.
      Ryan: That's weird.
      Esposito: I know.
    • Meanwhile, there's Castle himself, who is unapologetic.
      Kate Beckett: Ahem. What's the deal with men and boobs, anyway?
      Rick Castle: Biological. We can't help it.
      Beckett: But doesn't it bother you that they're so obviously not real?
      Castle: Santa's not real. We still love opening his presents.
    • And in a later episode, there is a catfight between a man's wife and his fiancée... Castle asks to stop for popcorn on the way and Ryan wants him to take pictures.
  • An episode of Chappelle's Show has a parody of What Women Want called What Men Want, where a woman develops the ability to read men's minds. She walks into an elevator, and one by one, every man has some sort of thought about her looks. She's relieved when an eight-year-old walks into the elevator, but then he turns out to be even worse.
  • Community:
    • According to Jeff on "Anthropology 101", the central message of Twilight is that "all men are monsters who crave young flesh".
    • Britta asserts the same thing in "The Psychology of Letting Go".
      Britta: And you know the reason why we raised more money in 5 minutes of oil wrestling than we did in 2 days of fundraising?
      Annie: Because men are even grosser?
      Britta: And when we forget that, they win!
  • Coupling:
    • Jeff thinks that all women would be disgusted by men if they read their minds.
    Jeff: Do you know what would be the best way to wipe out all of humankind if you were a space alien with a special mind-ray? Make all women telepathic. Cos' if they suddenly found out about the kind of stuff that goes on in our heads they'd kill us all on the spot. Man are not people! We are disgustoids in human form. Women think we are normal... like them, cos' we talk to them like normal people: 'Hello, how are you? Haven't seen you in this place before... What type of music do you like?' But all the time in our brains we got the word 'Breasts' on a loop. If we ever lost control for a second we all start shouting: Breasts! Breasts! Breasts!
    • Steve gets several glorious rants about how All Men Are Perverts And Proud Of It! In the same episode as the title quote, Steve is worried because Susan found one of his porn tapes (it was early in their relationship) and that she might think he is some kind of masturbating pervert, to which all three men immediately agree they all are. Steve made it very clear that just because he liked seeing porn in no way meant he was any less dedicated to Susan and their relationship.
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Lampooned on "Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Wants Revenge" song "Let's Generalize About Men". Rebecca, Paula, Valencia, and Heather commiserate about their relationships, but instead of just focusing on the men in their lives who have wronged them, they fall into misandry and admittedly generalize that all the men in the world only think about sex, are disgusting, emotionally stunted, and don't listen to women — except for gay men.
    Rebecca: There are no exceptions / All three billion men are like this
    Valencia, Heather, and Paula: All 3.6 billion men!
  • Devs: Stewart and Lyndon use their groundbreaking Devs technology to watch Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller have sex. When Katie catches them, she wonders why men always immediately try to use any new technology for porn.
  • In The Doctor Oz Show, Dr. Oz admits it's true: one guest stated that the reason most men would rather skip the foreplay is that, "to a man, sex is about having your penis touched and waiting to have your penis touched." He agreed with her quite readily.
  • Frequently seen on ER. Numerous scenes of the female staff ogling attractive male staff members, patients, or relatives of patients are presented as perfectly normal and healthy female sexuality. But when the genders are flipped, the men are made out to be jerks while the women react with disgust at their behavior. An especially bad example occurs when a male doctor is accused of groping a female patient during a breast exam (he didn't, but his attempts to put her at ease by joking about it backfire on him). Without ever hearing the man's side of the story, every woman in sight believes that he assaulted the woman. One even goes so far as to suggest that all male doctors go to medical school solely to have an excuse to ogle and grope women, and all sanctimoniously (and falsely) insist that they have never and would never harbor improper thoughts about an attractive male patient.
  • Family Matters plays it straight, with just about every guy Laura dated (except, of course, for Urkel) being a misogynistic pig. Maxine's pre-Waldo love life isn't much better. Even Urkel isn't exempt from this, with the revelation that his locker combination corresponds to Laura's bust, waist, and hip measurements. It borders on Fridge Horror to wonder just how he found that out, not to mention realizing that he must think about that every single time he opens his locker.
  • Frasier:
    • In "Sleeping with the Enemy", Frasier thinks his new Love Interest and rival is possibly using sex to manipulate him and calls her a "conniving Femme Fatale" which leads to this exchange with Daphne:
    Daphne: Oh, come on Dr. Crane. It's not as if men have never used sex to get what they want.
    Frasier: How can we possibly use sex to get what we want? Sex is what we want!
    • In another episode, Roz is complaining about how she's been flirting with the guy who regularly sits behind her at professional basketball games, but he doesn't appear to fall into this trope. It gets so bad she begins to worry about whether there's something disfiguring about the back of her head that he can see but she can't. Frasier points out that he might be married, gay, or — inconceivably — attending a basketball game to actually watch the game and not trying to score with women.
  • Friends: The list of things done by Joey and Chandler is quite extensive. They give up their apartment in order to see Monica and Rachel kiss for one minute. They often go to great lengths for porn.
  • Game of Thrones: In "Dark Wings, Dark Words", Shae cautions Sansa that men have only one reason for wanting to help pretty girls and never see themselves as too old.
  • Invoked in The Golden Girls when Blanche thinks Father Frank is attracted to Dorothy:
    Dorothy: Blanche, the man is a priest!
    Blanche: The man is a man!
  • House. In "Fidelity", a female patient being examined by House turns out to have some impressive breast implants. House decides to call in Wilson for a second opinion just so he can appreciate them as well.
  • Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother has slept with almost every woman in New York, and will use elaborate schemes to get to that point. It helps that most of these women are gullible. Then there's also his long-term plan, involving hypnotizing Marshall and learning Teppanyaki in order to touch Lily's breast (who was pregnant at the time). And while he won't admit it, Ted will often go along with Barney's schemes or follow him to the strip club.
  • The protagonist of I Just Want My Pants Back begins the show incredibly distraught over not having had sex for six whole weeks. However did he keep from slitting his own throat after Week 1?
  • Just Shoot Me!:
    • This is overdone in a season in which "Kaylee", is added to the cast and the three main male characters began falling all over each other to try to date her — despite that they all work in top positions at a Fashion magazine, where supermodels practically ooze out of the woodwork — and with whom Jack (and Elliot) regularly have affairs, and even the geeky Dennis Finch is able to marry a supermodel played by Rebecca Romijn. In contrast, "Kaylee" is rather psychotic, and is fairly average-looking, being short with a heart-shaped face.
    • It's also parodied in the episode "Two Girls For Every Boy" in which Finch is able to get a ton of errands taken care of and get numerous men to assist him upon explaining that he needs to get these things done in order to get to watch two women having sex, or even better, participate. In particular, the passport official who helps him renew a passport that isn't his (which is illegal, as the man himself tells him), and the gang members who go from being ready to beat him up to help him paint an apartment. At the episode's conclusion, the plan falls through, and although disappointed, the throng of men who were rooting for him still applaud his efforts.
  • Legend of the Seeker: Richard might be a formidable warrior, but he's still a young man and his libido causes him to get in trouble a couple of times.
    • In "Elixir", Richard accidentally walks on Kahlan as she's taking a Waterfall Shower and gets a view of her naked back with only some strategic placed leaves preserving her modesty. He gets so distracted that he misses the fact a thief snuck into camp and is stealing the horses. Later when Zedd scolding him on "What can distract a seeker", Kahlan can only look at him accusingly.
    • In "Mirror", a pair of thieves in possession of a Magic Mirror that lets them change their appearance wants to steal Richard's Sword of Truth and the thief claims she will use the one tool even someone like the Seeker will be defenseless against. Which is taking Kahlan's appearance and trying to seduce him by convincing him to go Skinny Dipping with her, complete with a Dress Hits Floor, which Richard quickly obliges. All while his partner sneaks in and steals the sword without Richard noticing. When the real Kahlan finds out, she's again pissed off at him.
  • One NCIS: Los Angeles episode has the other team members get surprised when Sam, who is married with two daughters, speaks favorably of a picture of a pair of attractive call girls. He shrugs it off with, "I'm married, not dead."
  • Never Have I Ever: Overlapping with Hormone-Addled Teenager, the principal accuses Ben of this — specifically, just wanting to see "teenage boobs bouncing around" when he mentions his girlfriend's upcoming field hockey game.
  • The Professionals.
    • At the end of "Killer With A Long Arm" Cowley catches Bodie and Doyle sniggering over a long-range sniper rifle they've captured. He takes a peek through the telescopic sight and sure enough finds it pointed at a scantily-dressed girl in an apartment a couple of miles away. Cowley chews out the shamefaced pair...then corrects their estimation of the girl's dimensions.
    • "Black Out" opens with our heroes eagerly speeding across London to investigate a case involving an unconscious blonde wearing only a pink bra and panties.
  • Seinfeld:
    • The infamous episode "The Contest" revolves around men's ability to refrain from masturbation as the main cast competes to see who can go the longest without doing so, with the winner getting $100 from each of the losing men and $150 from Elaine, who had to pay extra to be allowed to enter the contest since the other three assumed that, as a woman, she would have the advantage. She was the second one eliminated. Then again, she is One of the Boys.
      Jerry: It's easier for a woman not to do it than a man! Men, we have to do it. It's part of our lifestyle. It's like... shaving.
      Elaine: Oh, that is such baloney. I shave my legs!
      Kramer: Not every day.
    • "The Abstinence" showed what happened to a man or woman if they abstained from sex for some time. George's girlfriend gets mono and they can't have sex for six weeks. In that time, George ends up becoming significantly more intelligent and starts fixing most of the problems in his life along with learning at a great pace. Jerry explains to him that previously, 99% of his brainpower was focused solely towards getting sex, and now that he's resigned himself to not getting any for a while, that part was finally free to think about other things for the first time ever. After the six weeks are up, George decides that he prefers being smart and breaks up with his girlfriend, planning to abstain from sex from the rest of his life... until the Portuguese he learns helps him pick up a hot Portuguese waitress (he did the math in his head and determined that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so he took it). After he has sex he immediately reverts back to normal. Meanwhile, Elaine sees what has happened to George and stops having sex with her medical intern boyfriend so that he can get smart enough to finally pass his doctor's licensing exam (he's failed it several times already). While this works, Elaine herself becomes significantly dumber without sex, and Jerry explains that the reverse is happening to her: Men's obsession with sex means that women can normally get it so easily they take it for granted, and don't have to think about it at all. Without sex, most of her brainpower has been diverted to thinking about sex instead of other things. We don't see how the lack of sex affected George's girlfriend, but after the six weeks are up she makes it very clear that she needs sex as soon as possible, so presumably the same thing that happened to Elaine happened to her.
    • In "The Nose Job", Jerry is dating a woman who's very attractive but also very dumb and unlikable, and he's debating whether or not to break up with her. He says this inner struggle is like a chess game between his brain and his penis... and he's letting his penis win. This eventually leads to a rather humorous visual metaphor. His brain finally wins and he breaks it off, though this is treated like an upset.
      George: You're not letting him win. He wins 'til you're 40.
      Jerry: Then what?
      George: He still wins, but it's not a blowout.
    • In "The Secretary", George refuses to hire an attractive woman to be his secretary, knowing that he'll be too Distracted by the Sexy to get any work done at all. As he tells one, "If I hire you, it's only a matter of time before you file a sexual harassment complaint." He ends up hiring a dour-looking woman... who proves to be so hypercompetent that it becomes a Geeky Turn-On for George and he ends up having sex with her anyway.
  • Used subtly for the odd throwaway joke in Stargate SG-1.
    • In "Singularity" Jack is revealed to be an amateur astronomer. Carter points out that the telescope on Jack's roof isn't there to spy on neighbors. Jack makes the side comment, "Not at first." Since Jack isn't a conspiracy nut, we can assume that the spying would be only on his female neighbors.
    • In "Lost City" Jack is speaking in tongues due to having the knowledge of the Ancients downloaded into his head and fills out a crossword with words from the Ancient language. Sam remains skeptical because he also answered "celestial body" with "Uma Thurman".
    • In another episode, Sgt. Siler catches sight of Sam and Vala in street clothes (instead of BDUs) and walks right into a door.
  • Between Quark and Grilka in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine while celebrating (prematurely) Quark's apparent success in saving her house. "I really am grateful for all you’ve done, Quark. That’s why I’m going to let you take your hand off my thigh, instead of shattering every bone in your body."
  • On That '70s Show, it's rare for Kelso and Fez to not think about anything other than perverted thoughts or hitting on almost every woman they met, even if it is their friends' mother. Though Kelso somewhat grows over time, especially after he has a daughter. Eric and Hyde are just as bad as well with the former often wanting to have sex with Donna, even at the most inappropriate time such as next to a feminist rally.
  • In one episode of Three's Company, Jack is pushed by Janet and Larry to sue his new boss because of her sexual harassment. He ends up losing the case because the judge sees his use of cologne and style of dress as "just asking for it", reprimanding him for luring women in to take advantage of them.
  • Some of Jay Leno's jokes come from this premise. Kevin Eubanks often gets treated as an exception, but in general it's assumed in the jokes that this trope holds.
  • True Blood:
    • Sookie Stackhouse is telepathic. She gave up dating because she was tired of hearing all the disgusting things that men were thinking about while she was out with them. One reason she falls for Bill Compton, a vampire, is because she can't hear his thoughts.
    • It's later invoked when Pam and Sarah are being watched by Mr. Gus' Yakuza thugs who don't speak English, but suddenly perk up when Pam mentions the whorehouse she used to run.
      Pam: Oh they understood that.
  • UFO naturally, given the shows' in-your-face Fanservice. In one episode the aliens are using a weapon that freezes time. Straker enters the film studio used to disguise SHADO headquarters and sees an actor permanently "glancing" down the cleavage of the well-endowed actress opposite him. Even The Stoic Straker is apparently not immune — in "Close Up" he uses a sophisticated macroscope to look up the skirt of a posing Lieutenant Gay Ellis. Supposedly it's part of a demonstration on how it's impossible to judge magnification without reference points, but even after he gets the point Straker zooms in for a second look... you're not fooling anyone, you sly dog!
  • Discussed in an episode of The West Wing, similar to a Buffy example above:
    Rev. Van Dyke: Show the average American teenage male a condom and his mind will turn to thoughts of lust.
    Toby Ziegler: Show the average American teenage male a lug wrench and his mind'll turn...
    C.J. Cregg: Toby!
  • Xena: Warrior Princess:
    Kids: Pervert. Loser. Fat creep!
    Joxer: I'm not fat! I'm not fat you little monsters!

  • Nothing in music, nay, not even Lords of Acid, plays this as unabashedly straight as Tonedeff's song, "Pervert." The lyrics in full are too filthy to reprint, but the chorus goes like this:
    You'd better check up on your girl 'cause I'm a pervert.
    I'm a pervert, down to do some dirt.
    You'd better button up your shirt 'cause I'm a pervert.
    I'm a pervert, biggest freak on earth.
    You'd better cross your f####### legs 'cause I'm a pervert
    I'm a pervert, eyeing up your skirt
    I said, my mind is in the gutter. I'm a pervert.
    I can't help it, that's just how I work.
  • "Maenner Sind Schweine" ("Men Are Pigs"), a song by Die Ärztean all-male band.
  • The Cole Porter song "Most Gentlemen Don't Like Love."
  • Studio Killers demo of their song, All Men Are Pigs, is exactly what it says on the tin.
  • Urban Dance Squad's song "The Devil".
  • This Pharcyde lyric:
    Should I pursue to do you, or just stroke my knot?
  • Psychostick puts it very simply: "Because Boobs!"
    ("And some chicks, too!")
  • The men in many Frank Zappa songs are quite perverted, especially rock musicians in the presence of groupies, as albums like Chunga's Revenge, Fillmore East, June 1971, 200 Motels, Joe's Garage demonstrate.
  • "Je Loopt Je Lul Achterna" ("You Walk Behind Your Dick") by Doe Maar from their album Virus about a man who was adulterous and lost his partner as a result.
  • "Frosty the Pervert" by Bob Rivers twists "Frosty the Snowman" into this trope.
  • W.A.S.P.: Self-Ironic interpretation of the name of the band (one of interpretations): "We Are Sexual Perverts". And if you listen to early songs by them...
  • Pervert by Descendants, Exactly What It Says on the Tin. This song is also featured in the Video Game Grand Theft Auto V in the "Channel X" radio station.
  • Afrikaaner singer Bok van Blerk gets right down to it in Appel, Lemoene(Apples and Oranges). In which two zef delivery drivers make a very big leery nuisance of themselves in a greengrocers' shop until Sally, the lady owner, forces an apology at gunpoint.
    Ons skree nou — Wys my jou lemoene! Of jou boer-pamploene! note 

  • Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!:
    • The NPR program reported on a Harvard Business School study into the use of social networking. As described by host Peter Sagal: "In an unsurprising finding the lead researcher calls, quote, 'surprising,' the number one thing men do on Facebook is look at women they don't know... Harvard Business School also found that looking at women is the number one reason men read Playboy, watch National Geographic Channel, and open their eyes."
    • Citing a British study, Peter asks panelist Maz Jobrani what men talk about at a barnote :
      Maz: Sex?
      Peter: Not according to the study.
      Maz: Uh, sports!
      Peter: Not according to the study.
      Maz: Um, sexual sports?
      Peter: Again, not according to the study.
  • This trope was mentioned and joked about in one round of Notes and Queries on I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue.
    Humph: Graeme, this is your question. Is it true that men think about sex every seven seconds?
    Graeme: That is a complete phallus. ...Fallacy!
    Tim: There's a woman in the front row who said "yes"... how would you know?
    Barry: I didn't hear the question, I was miles away.

  • Avenue Q, of course, has the song (and the trope) "The Internet Is for Porn". All the male characters admit to masturbating to Internet porn. Mind, Kate Monster, Christmas Eve, and Lucy the Slut are all pretty lustful themselves, though the play is fairly mum on whether or not they're frequent masturbators.
  • The Starkid musical Me and My Dick begins with the main character personifying this trope.
  • Best summarized in The Threepenny Opera, in "Die Ballade von der sexuellen Hörigkeit" ("The Ballad Of Sexual Serfdom"):
    Und er beginnt nun zu verstehn (And he's starting to understand)
    Daß ihm das Weibes Loch das Grabloch war. (That to him, a woman's hole has been his grave)
    Und er mag wüten gegen sich und toben — (And he could resist and rage against himself —)
    Doch bevor es Nacht wird, liegt er wieder droben. (But before night falls, he's lying right on top again.)

    Video Games 
  • Ar Tonelico 3 has Saki's level 3 Cosmosphere, where Saki is forced to perform a strip show in front of every male, and apparently they are drooling all over her. Lampshaded after The Hero rescues her.
  • Henchmen in the Batman: Arkham Series (except TYGER guards and Arkham Knight's militia) always have pervy dialog when talking about the female characters, despite the fact that they will try their best to punch Catwoman and Batgirl to death while making those remarks in combat challenges.
  • From the game Blazblue, we have Nine, who seems to make this trope her personal mantra. She has this, sometimes justified, other times irrational, phobia that men are perverts looking to take advantage of her younger sister Celica. It doesn't help that Celica is a Naïve Everygirl who'll trust anyone she meets. This nearly had her frying Bloodedge alive with fire magic when she thought he was trying to make a move on Celica. And him trying to explain the situation to her doesn't seem to change her mind.
  • Most guys in Devil Survivor 2 belong here. Daichi and Joe in particular. The Hero, too, if you play him that way. There's even a part when you can join in a peeping excursion at the girls' medical examinations.
  • The Jemnezmy family of enemies in Final Fantasy VII will use a move that Confuses male party members. Including Vincent. Including Cait Sith. Including Red XIII, who explicitly states that he has no sexual interest in bipeds.
  • Laura's overprotective mother in Gateway II: Homeworld thinks so, despite the girl in question having only met her neighbor Mike within a few days with a simple ride home. Eventually, the mother believes that her only solution to this problem is to kill herself by driving the family car into a telephone pole. Oh, and Mike is who you play as, in case you didn't figure that out by your character's shape.
  • Kreia in Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords assumes the player (if male) only accepts Visas and the Handmaiden into the party because he might get to have sex with them. Those dialogue trees have some insanely funny Unusual Euphemisms, including such gems as "charge up her loading ramp."
  • Leisure Suit Larry: In several games, virtually all the males talk about sex constantly. For example, in Love for Sail all the males on the cruise are eagerly competing in the competition to sleep with the ship's captain.
  • One of the first quests in Lunar: Walking School deals with the male students stealing all of the female students' food and laundry. When confronted, the masterminds of the scheme declare that the girls would get too fat if they ate too much, and without extra clothes, they'll have to be totally naked whenever they wash what's left. Glaringly, while the students were going through a Secret Test of Character for their entrance exam, there's no indication that the boys received any punishment from the school staff for their actions. (Magic School Lunar notably completely removes this whole sequence of events.)
  • Metal Gear:
    • Hilariously, you can go through a fair amount of Metal Gear Solid 2 by laying Girly Mags on the floor. The guards almost always stop to look at it. The magazine items continue to appear in subsequent games, but their effectiveness varies.
    • In Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence's now-defunct online mode, only canon gay Raikov is immune to the magazine. In MGS4's online mode, not even female PCs are immune.
    • Women are immune to the magazine in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, making female-guard-filled areas a little more difficult to get through. The "Artist" ability makes male characters immune to magazines. Raikov has this ability, incidentally.
    • In Metal Gear Solid 4 you don't even need the magazine; the Metal Gear Mk2 can decloak and flash some risque images on its LCD screen.
  • Almost all of the residents of Mogeko Castle are explicitly out to 'play' with Yonaka, considering her a 'highly valuable high school girl!' When she meets the first of the special Mogeko, the Slightly Strange Mogeko, it's noted that what makes him slightly strange is his total lack of interest in her.
  • Nathyrra in Neverwinter Nights Hordes of the Underdark is almost completely oblivious to this trope. She has trouble figuring out what you are talking about if you ask her if her expression of concern that you might be disoriented by the Underdark constitutes flirting among the drow.
  • Persona 5: Male party member Ryuji Sakamoto talks your male Protagonist into calling a maid service at the end of May based on a rather questionable flyer. Another male classmate, Yuki Mishima, also barges into your plan after hearing Ryuji.
    Ryuji: Maids! M-A-I-D-S! That will do anything! For! You!! So? ...So!?
  • Specifically the ghosts in The Sexy Brutale, and it's justified since nobody can see or hear them. Most of them seem perverted particularly toward Tequila Belle and Willow Blue. There's a large number of ghosts where Tequila is or would be, such as the music rooms and theater. It's implied that Willow was in the library on Saturday morning, where there's another ghost complaining about the lack of smut. Moreover, one ghost rummages through Willow's room for naughty material and then Willow has to tell him off for trying to feel up Tequila.
  • A common occurrence throughout the Shadow Hearts franchise, starting from Edward visiting a monastery because he heard the new owner "had quite a lot of harlots" in the first game, Koudelka.
  • The narrative itself in Silent Hill 2 doesn't seem to really support this (Eddie, for example, is a man, but isn't implied to have a sexual Otherworld), but Angela tells James that she fully believes all men are only after sex, her view of them having been warped by severe sexual abuse at the hands of her male relatives. James himself also has an extremely sexualized Otherworld, influenced by his frustration at not being able to sleep with his wife during her terminal illness.
  • Referenced briefly in StarCraft when Kerrigan (a telepath) meets Jim Raynor for the first time and promptly calls him a pig for thinking about her in a dirty fashion. In the novels, we learn that female ghosts have to deal with this issue all the time, Raynor is just more straightforward.
  • Subverted in Tales of the Abyss. During a short skit in the desert, the female members of the party all express a strong desire to shower as soon as they find enough water, and Luke also starts musing to himself, out loud. All the women immediately start berating him, to his genuine confusion... prompting Jade to make an aside to Guy about his luck that they didn't notice Guy was the one actually drooling at the thought of women showering.

    Visual Novels 
  • Basically all of the male cast in Higurashi: When They Cry, except arguably Satoshi. Gone so far as to be used as an explanation for why a pro baseball player likes sweets over meat. Keiichi uses this to his advantage and bribes him to throw a baseball game.
    • And the other team starts a cult after him after he says that it's okay to be a pervert.
    • In a more serious example, Rena believes that men are physically unable to resist when a hot woman tries to seduce them... and that's why she hates women who use that to control men.
  • In Majikoi! Love Me Seriously!, excluding Cap, all men seem to be perverts. There is even a secret but very popular meeting in one of the routes where many of the students (and at least one teacher) buy more or less risque photographs of girls at the school.
  • Yo-Jin-Bo. All six bodyguards are some degree of Chivalrous Pervert, even the otherwise classy Bo and the Blood Knight Ittosai. This is purely for comedic purposes — for example when Sayori reties Jin's belt for him, all of the other guys suddenly claim their belts are loose too (except for Ittosai, who complains that he can't get his loose). Aside from the heroes, there's also Dirty Old Man Yahei, who likes to watch Hatsuhime bathe.

  • Xeus from The Beast Legion isn't exactly a pervert but ends up in this situation in the 300th page of the comic.
  • Bug wants NASA to know that when it comes to space travel, all anyone cares about is whether the astronauts have sex in space.
  • El Goonish Shive: Of the three male lead characters, Justin and Tedd are like this. Even gender-bent female characters do this. As for Elliot, though...
  • Ghastly's Ghastly Comic, by the nature of the beast. It seems most characters in this webcomic are rather lacking in control over their sexual whims, male or female, and some of the exceptions are male.
  • In Gosu, after Song Yerin and Gang Ryong discover that the late Lord Hong had hidden "clothesless martial arts tomes" in his treasure chest, Yerin tries to defend Lord Hong's honour while they burned the tomes. However, Gang Ryong notes that the pages of the tomes were very well used and had stains on them, noticeably (and humorously) irritating Yerin...
  • Ménage à 3. The main characters are bad enough, but background characters are completely incapacitated if DiDi so much as walks in, let alone when she turns up at a strip club...
  • MegaTokyo: None of the boys in Largo's class object to his demand that everyone takes their clothes off, though Largo himself is oblivious to the issue. Played more seriously later, when a vast legion of fanboys obsessively try to get photos of Kimiko's panties; some of them cease this behavior when she calls them out on it, but many of them just continue treating her like a sex idol. Her voice-acting role in an H-Game sure doesn't help.
  • Drake and Daniel are probably the only males in Moon Crest 24 to avert this trope.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • It's a plot point when paladin Miko captures the party. Despite her readily apparent bitchiness, Roy remains continuously attracted to her and remains blind to her continually abrasive behavior. Ironically, it's after he becomes a woman himself and changes back that he does see Miko as more than a love interest. Then, naturally, he goes off on her, having realized how much of a bitch she really is.
    • Off the whole titular party, Vaarsuvius is probably the only chaste character, having already a mate. Besides Roy, Elan thinks it's a bard duty to seduce female villains (until he gets in a relationship with Haley), Belkar continuously spouts innuendo and treats women like sex objects, and even Durkon had a fling with an evil female dwarf. Haley isn't off the hook either, blatantly ogling or fondling Elan even before they're an item.
    • Haley seems to cause this. Roy's (dead) father seems to enjoy spying on Haley in the shower, an old halfling colleague enjoys staring at pictures of her in the bath, and the men of the team make her check for traps twice because it's like watching her pole-dance.
  • With the notable exception of Mike, Sexy Losers, again by the nature of the beast. (Mike's still a pervert. He's just not interested in sex with anyone but himself.)
  • Sluggy Freelance. When asked to paint her apartment, Torg painted Zoe's walls with a nude portrait of her. Riff seems to forget all about his quest to stop Aylee once she grows a pair of Non-Mammal Mammaries. Bun-Bun is practically addicted to Baywatch. And that's just the main characters. Supporting characters like Sam or Dr. Schlock often get it a lot worse.
  • In Something*Positive, even God himself is a pervert who thinks Girl-on-Girl Is Hot and only said homosexuality was a sin so that he would be alerted to lesbian couples having sex to spite him. See here.
  • In Unit-M, when Shield posts a photo of herself in a low cut workout top online, she’s quickly deluged with vile, sexually explicit messages.
  • Waste of Time shows this off with its own comic (comic 89, if you're wondering).
  • In The Word Weary, Elly's breasts are the recipient of an inordinate amount of attention on a number of different occasions.
  • To varying degrees, almost all of the males in The Whiteboard have made sexually charged comments about female characters, or in the extreme cases attempted to sneak peeks of the women in varying states of undress.

    Web Original 
  • Can You Spare a Quarter?: Due to previous bad experience, Jamie always assumes that any man who takes him in will eventually want sex with him and other children. Graham eventually succeeds in persuading him otherwise.
  • Discussed and subverted in a Cracked article about how the Media is sexist and bad at math. The article also goes out to disprove All Women Are Prudes at the same time.
  • Subverted with the "I bet he's thinking about other girls" meme template, where an angry-looking woman is throwing a Death Glare to her pensive boyfriend in bed, but the boyfriend is thinking of some completely unrelated tangent ("would fish smoke cigarettes in their mouth or gills", "could Superman beat Goku", "could Jack fit on that door", etc.), replacing All Men Are Perverts with a different stereotype.
  • Things I need to tell my teenaged daughters about boys explicitly describes all teenage boys attempting to have sex with a young woman as little more than rapists who cannot comprehend the idea that women might actually enjoy sex. Ironically, the list itself makes little reference to the idea a young woman might enjoy sex, except for the segments stating that she's probably not going to get it from men, and if she tries to teach him, it probably won't be very effective for very long. It frames all male sexual desire in terms more suitable for a dog in heat. The only way for a woman to get a man to stop trying to have sex with her is apparently to present the very idea as ludicrous. No, she can't simply tell him she's not interested, she has to actively mock the idea that she would ever possibly be. Ironically, the article seems to be written by a man.
    However, in both cases, it is nearly unstoppable — and I say "nearly" because the only possibility of getting out clean lies in your ability to generate substantive and believable ridicule. You must be totally disappointed in him. Presuming you're not dating a rapist ... letting your male friend know the prospect of sex with him is a major yawn is probably the best deterrent.
  • Played With in the Whateley Universe from time to time. The school has a number of transgender students but only the standard male/female sanitary facilities and a policy that students are supposed to use whatever a person seeing them on the street would expect them to. Phase's ogling of the "real" girls in the showers is something of a Running Gag. Also, Nikki's glamour works on this principle. It's also a serious part of Hank's character. He was born a girl, but pretty much acts like this. Played with since everybody in Poe showers is looking, but some of them have more "evidence".

    Web Videos 

    Western Animation 
  • A rather mild version of this appears in some Animaniacs and Tiny Toon Adventures shorts; the male cartoon characters can't control themselves around Hello Nurse or Minerva Mink. (Amusingly, the female characters also have a tendency to lose control of themselves around good-looking guys.)
  • Virtually every male character in Aqua Teen Hunger Force are obsessed with women in some way. Master Shake and Carl Brutananadilewski are probably the biggest offenders, being porn-addicted casanova wannabes who will do anything to get laid. Frylock or Meatwad are the least perverted, but not even they refrain from having sexual desires.
  • Actually Subverted in Beavis and Butt-Head. The titular duo are the only ones who constantly go on a quest to have sex with women. All the other guys seem to be just as annoyed as the women.
  • Not just the men, but the dogs too apparently in Courage the Cowardly Dog.
    • Courage himself demonstrates this trope after accidentally opening a door and seeing a woman showering behind it. The second time he opens it is on purpose. And he was still a pup when that happened!
    • And in an earlier episode where Courage and Muriel are looking on the internet for a recipe to cure a sick Eustace, Muriel accidentally presses a button on the keyboard and opens another page. Hers and Courage's reaction combined with the accompanying Sexophone heavily imply he was looking at an adult website.
  • Danny Phantom: Danny and Tucker are definitely perverts. Danny is caught going into the girl's locker room and talks about going in there in one episode. Tucker loiters by the girl's locker room. He even gets in trouble for it in the first episode and he smiles slyly when it's mentioned.
  • Pretty much every male in Drawn Together is sex-obsessed. Of course, the female characters aren't much better. In sheer number of sexual partners, Foxxy beats everyone until she makes a bet with Toot, who finds a way to have sex with millions of men (against their will).
  • Family Guy. Peter and his friends are this but the only one who stands out the most is QUAGMIRE.
    • Chris and Brian. Also many of the male characters like Carter.
  • Referenced in King of the Hill episode "Aisle 8A", where Connie gets her first period and spends much of it being angry at Bobby. At the end of the episode, he comes by and asks if it's a good time. She says her mother told her not to be alone with Bobby anymore because men only want one thing. Bobby asks if she knows what that thing is because he's just plain confused.
  • Tex Avery created the Ur-Example with the Red in Red Hot Riding Hood who has this effect on all men. Jessica Rabbit and Hello Nurse are largely homages to Avery's Red.
  • South Park:
    • Season 14 episode "Sexual Healing" has this as its basic plot, with nearly every man in the world pretending this is not the case and that the rich, successful men who go out and have sex with as many women as possible are suffering from a disease.
      It was an alien! Who was also a wizard! He was casting a spell! *eyes dart around at the nearby female companion*
    • In "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy" the only reaction that the titular news gets out of various adult men, including police, is a quiet "...nice!"
    • In The Lord of the Rings episode, all the boy's fathers are very knowledgeable when it comes to porn, much to their wives' disgust. Subverted somewhat by Mrs. Broflofski and Mrs. Cartman describing a sexual act from the titled movie with unusual accuracy.


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