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Urban Dance Squad is a Rap Rock band. Or rather, the Rap Rock band, having been formed in 1986 and influencing nearly every band that has had anything to do with the genre (Rage Against the Machine, in particular, took a great deal from their sound, and The Beastie Boys toured with them in support of Check Your Head). This Dutch band released its debut album in 1989. Over the course of five studio albums, a live album and a singles collection, UDS continued to play with Heavy Metal, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Funk, Jazz and Ska, producing many catchy classic Rap Rock tracks. The band broke up in 2000, and despite earning higher amounts of critical acclaim than most Rap Rock bands, they never had much mainstream success. They briefly reunited in 2006.

Tropes associated with this band include:

  • Alliterative Name: Silvano Matadin, the bass guitarist, choose Silly Sil as his pseudonym. Singer Patrick Tilon picked Rudeboy Remmington for that purpose. Turntablist Arjen de Vreede picked [DJ DNA] as his artist's name.
  • All Men Are Perverts: "The Devil"
    All the lights are red and attract
    like a magnet, a dragnet is swung
    I'm kept in tension, so tense
    believe something has got a hold of my pants
  • The Devil: Talked about in a Psychedelic Rap track about sex with prostitutes.
  • Funk Metal: Shows traces of this, too.
  • Genre Mashup: The mix of rap and rock was particularly original when this band first debuted, but their overall mix of styles continues to be unique.
  • Rap Rock: Pioneered this, and sometimes cross into Rap Metal.