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The cover of Issue #0.3: Copycat Calamity.

Monsters are real. Monsters are feared. Monsters are threatened.
Unit-M Tagline

Unit-M is a web comic about a team of superpowered Monsters assembled to combat human-Monster violence and stand against prejudice.

The comic takes place a world where Monsters with bizarre features and amazing abilities live among ordinary people.

Each issue of the comic is designed to be a standalone story, though characters, themes, and certain plot threads can and do carry over from issue to issue.

Unit-M is published on the ComicFury platform.


Unit-M Team Members Include:

  • Meteor (Team Leader)
  • Shield (Second-In-Command)
  • Hawk (Operations)
  • Agent Orange (Operations)
  • Dreadlocke (Monster Expert)
  • Blackout (Covert)

Stories Include:

Unit-M provides examples of: