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She's big, she's beautiful and can literally catch a plane!

"But if it were me,
I'd really wanna be
A giant woman,
A giant woman!

All I wanna do
Is see you turn into
A giant woman.

So you want to have a monster in your movie? Great! But what kind of monster? A giant bug? Too gross. A huge lizard? It's been done, a lot. You could go with the tried and true human giant, but how can you make it different? I know, make it a woman!

One variant of Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever and Our Giants Are Bigger is to take a human female and make her giant. This tends to throw twists into the usual trope by having the giant woman as a Ms. Fanservice, Cute Giant or Cute Monster Girl. Because of her attractive qualities, it's not uncommon to find some people more thrilled than terrified of her presence, which usually ends very badly for said onlookers. If the giant female goes on a rampage, it is usually Played for Laughs or Fanservice more often than other examples of giant rampaging behemoths. It can also be used as an inversion for the classic Damsel in Distress trope, as instead of a rampaging monster kidnapping a beautiful woman, the beautiful woman is the rampaging monster, potentially kidnapping a man or, as a Shout-Out to King Kong, a regular-sized ape or monkey. One can also often expect a Shout-Out to the iconic "highway-straddling" Attack of the 50-Foot Woman poster to pop up in some fashion.


Another thing that sets the giant woman apart from other titanic beings is how her rampages typically end. While most giants and giant monsters are defeated and/or destroyed at the end of their stories, the giant woman usually survives to complete her havoc. She will stomp around causing destruction, torment, crush or eat her (typically male) victims, then strut away satisfied, receiving no comeuppance for her actions.

When this becomes a sexual fetish, it's called macrophilia.

Compare Statuesque Stunner, for sexy women who are taller than average, but not tall enough to be giantesses; Incredible Shrinking Man, which can have the same result of a woman looming over people, but with the size roles played in the other direction; and Tiny Guy, Huge Girl, which can overlap with this trope if the size differences between the two are more pronounced. Not to be confused with Big Beautiful Woman, which is about overweight but realistic-sized attractive women.



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  • A commercial for Puma footwear had a commercial that featured a giant woman attacking a city and eating a guy before being romanced by Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, and ceasing her rampage.
  • Katy Perry starred in a makeup commercial as a giantess stomping around a city and snatching up a dumbfounded guy. This was to advertise how the mascara made lashes gigantic.
  • The "Don't Flinch" campaign for Lee's Dungarees features model Natalie Adarvez as a "90-ft Babe", causing destruction and panic as she wanders the streets of a city before giving her number to some guy in a high-rise who, wearing Dungarees, doesn't flinch.
  • A promo for The Sci-Fi Channel's (now Syfy) had wrestler Sable in a spoof of Attack of the 50-Foot Woman, with color commentary on her rampage.
  • A 2000’s poster for Comedy Central UK featuring a giant 591 feet tall Sarah Silverman towering over London, arousing the London Gherkin.
  • A commercial for Costa Bingo had former Spice Girl Melanie Brown rampaging through London as a giantess.
  • Megan Fox appeared as a giantess in New York City in an ad for Lotus Watches.
  • The TV commercial for Need for Speed: Underground 2 depicts a street race minus the street - because the course is the body of a woman. Starting from her leg, the cars race up through her skirt, along her navel, and through her cleavage, with the winner eventually doing donuts in her mouth. Needless to say, nothing of the sort happens in the actual game.
  • A promo film for the 2017 Budapest FINA World Championship featured Olympic swimmer Katinka Hosszú as a colossal giantess, as well as other (male and female) swimmers in giant size, rambling around town.
  • A commercial by Qatar Airways for the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup featured female soccer players as giants, playing on a magical landscape.
  • In the 90's commercial "Veronica", a giant woman walks around a city until she comes across a guy driving a car. She picks up the car, smiles approvingly, and then leans down towards him (he flinches, seemingly worried she’s about to eat him) only to be surprised by a kiss that leaves the imprint of her giant lips over his face.

  • Happy Heroes: Well, more like "Giant Girl" than anything in this case, but you get the idea. In episode 50, Big M. manages to control Sweet S. with his Black Jewel, causing her to grow in size and wreak havoc upon the city.

    Anime & Manga 
  • In Attack on Titan, the humans discover a unique female titan among all the generic male-looking titans, far more agile and intelligent than them. It is eventually revealed to be a traitorous and transformed human, their once thought ally Annie Leonhart.
  • The Big card in Cardcaptor Sakura has turned Sakura gigantic.
  • A variant in Doraemon: Nobita's Little Space War, where Doraemon and friends enters a planet of Lilliputians and have to shrink themselves with Doraemon's shrink light in order to blend in with the locals. Right before the climax, the shrink light's effects on the heroes begin to wear off, firstly on Shizuka who grows back to normal - from the perspective of the finger-sized aliens, she's practically a giantess taller than their skyscrapers. The other heroes follows suit.
  • EDENS ZERO has the mysterious entity known as "Mother", a beautiful blue-skinned woman who is said to be larger than any of the planets in the Sakura Cosmos. She apparently spends her time reclining on a throne of planetoids somewhere in uncharted space and is worshipped as a space goddess by adventurers.
  • The main female character of the aptly titled Gigant after a dying half-naked old man from the future stuck a weird device on her wrist which allows her to increase her size.
  • Hell Girl:
    • In the episode "The Street Corner of Bitterness" of Three Vessels, the hallucinatory punishment of the person sent to Hell involves a giant-sized Ai Enma standing taller than the surrounding buildings and chasing after him, ultimately crushing him under her foot.
    • The punishment from the episode "Bury Me Deep" of Fourth Twilight involves the victim being folded like a paper origami, before getting crushed by a giant-sized Kikuri. Ai and Wanyudo can be seen next to her for comparison, standing no taller than her knees.
  • In The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated!, during the climatic battle between the Demon King and the Being of Light, the two of them grow to giant size. Though unlike most Behemoth Battles, they exclusively use magic attacks rather than physical force.
  • In the last episode of Jungle de Ikou!, Mii grows into a giantess in order to fight Ongo. Complete with Breast Expansion and loads of Fanservice. Well, more than usual at least.
  • In the Episode "Madame Prefers Them Hand-Dipped" in Lupin The Third, Lupin comes across a block in the road, which is revealed to be a giant Fujiko (she promptly puts him in her chest for safe keeping).
  • In Macross, female Zentradi (also known as Meltrandi) is this trope combined with Human Aliens, though they can use technology to shrink themselves down to human size. Milia Fallyna Jenius from Super Dimension Fortress Macross and Klan Klang from Macross Frontier are probably the two best known from the franchise.
  • My Hero Academia has a giant woman superhero named Mt. Lady. When not in battle, she's normal-sized, but her Quirk lets her grow to the height of a multi-story building. She intentionally makes use of the fetishistic side of this trope to gain media attention in-universe.
  • One Piece:
    • Princess Shirahoshi is one gigantic mermaid, far larger than the Ryuugu Kingdom merfolk or even her big brothers. She's the only one retaining the gigantic size of her father, Neptune. (One wonders how her mother even managed to give birth to her as she was already 4-5 times her mother's size when she was still a baby.note ) She's also very pretty (it's often said the seat of World's Most Beautiful Woman is shared between Boa Hancock and her) and surprisingly delicate in personality for her size. She's still a Person of Mass Destruction, but rather than being because of her size it's because of her ability to command the awesome power of the Sea Kings as the current incarnation of Poseidon.
    • Aphelandra of the Kuja Pirates. While the others, being Amazons, are taller than average, she is at least twice as tall as them.
    • The anime series has Lily Enstomach, who, due to eating the Mini-Mini Fruit, now stands only a few centimeters tall. However, she still retains her giant strength and is able to regain her full height, which is higher than the masts of the Straw Hat's ship.
    • Big Mom of the Four Emperors definitely qualifies. While she's not a member of the giant species herself, she was an inordinately large and powerful child who was abandoned to live among the giants and even posed a threat to them. As an adult, she's nearly 30 feet tall, making her one of the largest humans in the series, though nowhere near as big as an actual giant.
  • Onideka is centered around the gigantic Kiryuin Hanao as she battles fellow giantesses that all pose the threat of world destruction.
  • On their second trip together to the Otherside, Sorawo and Toriko from Otherside Picnic encounter "Hasshaku-sama" from the urban legend of the same name. Hasshaku-sama is, unsurprisingly ("hasshaku" means "eight shaku," "shaku" being a somewhat obscure unit of measurement close to one foot), a inhumanly tall woman. With her long flowing black hair and white dress, she looks like she could pass for a Cute Monster Girl until one gets a good look at her face.
  • The manga Oversized Sextet takes place in an all-female school for adventurers populated by by various subspecies of Giants, all of whom are some variation of a Cute Monster Girl.
  • There is a scene in the first episode of Queens Blade: Grimoire where Alicia grows to giant size (in Wonderland fashion) even outgrowing her clothes, much to her embarrassed frustration.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins has a giant woman as a heroine, Diane the Serpent Sin of Envy. She is also very powerful in terms of controlling the earth around her.
  • Mana Eimiya, the title character from Super Dreadnought Girl 4946. The 4946 is her height in centimeters (about 162 feet).
  • The aptly-named Giant in 'Tis Time for "Torture," Princess. Downplayed, as she's only about a foot or so taller than the other members of the Hellhorde, but she's still the tallest character in the series.

  • The art project Tokyo Gigantic Girls has photographs and video of young Japanese beauties of enormous size carrying out their daily activities without disturbing the citizenry.
  • The paraphilia known as "macrophilia" involves a sexual or romantic fascination with giant women, who feature in macrophile, ahem, "artworks". If you'd like to know more, Google it - the advertisers would have our heads otherwise.

    Comic Books 
  • During Season Eight of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawn grows to giant size, and stays that way for a while. Interestingly enough, she is not as proportionally strong as she is tall.
  • In the Doctor Who (Titan) Twelfth Doctor story "The Swords of Kali", the titular alien superbeing (who impersonates the Hindu goddess on Earth) possesses Clara Oswald and turns her into its new physical host, giving her two extra arms and blue skin along with a size upgrade. She admits being a giantess was kind of cool when it's all over and she's returned to normal.
  • Garganta and Tara Fremont from Femforce gained the ability to grow to 60 feet or higher after ingesting a Super Serum.
  • Marvel Adventures:
    • Giant-Girl, aka Janet van Dyne, whose size-changing powers allow her to grow up to 120 feet in height. She cannot however maintain a size of over 60 feet without proper concentration.
    • Janet's mainstream counterpart, The Wasp, also has the ability to grow to giant size, but prefers to use her size-changing powers for shrinking.
    • There is also Cassie Lang, daugther of Ant-Man Scott Lang. Exposure to Pym Particles made her able to grow and shrink at will, using her powers under the mantle of Stature.
  • Giganta, one of Wonder Woman's regular enemies, is a woman with the ability to change size, which she often uses to turn into a giantess.
  • The page image is Elasti-Girl of DC's Doom Patrol, real name Rita Farr, a former actress who after an accident gains the ability to change size. She's more famous for growing than shrinking, though.
  • Ms. Marvel (2014), Kamala Khan, has various shape/size-shifting abilities and prefers embiggening herself when it's combat time. Unlike other examples, this appears in conjunction with Noodle People proportions - either a limitation of her power or simply reflecting a lack of experience.
  • Robin (1993): The villain Macro is a giant woman, though she's a bit smaller than most examples being only about ten feet tall.

    Fan Works 
  • The Star Trek: Voyager fanfic Attack of the 50-Ft Half-Klingon has an oversized B'Elanna Torres appearing in the Captain Proton holodeck program to wreak revenge on a philandering Tom Paris.
  • Jaredthefox92's Sonic fan series, Dimensional Wars and Flawed Deities, both have an entire cast of size-changing superheroes and villains, many of whom are female and utilize this power for either evil or good. However, being essentially gigantic monsters that demolish everything in their path, many females that fall under this category are antagonists. Characters like Dr. Ophelia Daniel, Lilith the demon and Scylla Bradanksa use this power for their own selfish ends with little regard about who gets destroyed, but heroines, like Helga the Jotunn, cause as little collateral damage as possible.
  • Sailor Moon fan manga GS-130 and its sequel, GS-260, have Mimete and Rini who took the potion that Mimete made.

    Films — Animation 
  • In Alice in Wonderland, Alice grows into a giant four times in the movie.
    • The first time she eats a candy which causes her to grow to giant size while inside a hallway, growing so big her tears flood the room.
    • The second time Alice eats another candy while inside the White rabbit's house and she grows so huge she fills the house and her limbs are sticking out of the windows and doors.
    • The third time, she eats a piece of a mushroom and grows as tall as the trees.
    • The final time she grows is when she is on trial; just before she can be executed she remembers that she kept 2 pieces of the mushroom (one for growing and one for shrinking), and eats both to grow to giant size again (even being accused of being a mile high). She takes the opportunity while she is in control to scold the queen... Until she realizes she is normal size again.
  • Ginormica is the Giant Woman of Monsters vs. Aliens, and as a deliberate Expy of the 50-Foot Woman, officially stated to stand at 49 feet and 11 inches. She was originally a human woman named Susan Murphy, who grew to giant size and strength after exposure to Imported Alien Phlebotinum.
  • In The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge out of Water, when SpongeBob and the crew arrive on a beach, there is a scene where Squidward is sent flying and lands on a sunbathing woman's back (she is a giant in comparison). His attempts to get off the woman's back are mistaken for a massage.
  • A soldier falls asleep on a boat in Waltz with Bashir and dreams that one comes aboard, swims off with him, and takes his virginity.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • One of the most iconic examples is Attack of the 50-Foot Woman, where a woman named Nancy Archer becomes a giantess after contact with an alien. She seeks revenge on her philandering husband.
  • In The 30 Foot Bride Of Candy Rock, the titular character (Lou Costello)'s young bride (Dorothy Provine) turns into a giantess after being exposed to radiation.
  • Alice in Wonderland has Alice use growth mushrooms at some points. The Knave of Hearts even gets attracted to her, probably out of a macrophilia fetish.
  • The direct-to-video exploitation film Attack Of The 60 Foot Centerfold is a parody of the "50 Foot Woman" movies. A "Plaything Magazine" centerfold-of-the-year contestant (and eventually, her rival) becomes a giant after trying out a strange "beauty injection".
  • Another spoof is Attack Of The 50 Foot Cheerleader, in which a college girl (and again, her rival) grows to 50 ft. tall. Both lean heavily on the producing genius and resulting stylistic influence of Roger Corman, though the low-budget legend is uncredited in the first.
  • In Village of the Giants several giant women appear alongside the males, taking over a small town after eating the growth-inducing "Goo".
  • Federico Fellini liked this trope:
    • In the segment, "The Temptation of Doctor Antonio" of the sketch-film Boccaccio 70, a giant billboard of Anita Ekberg comes alive to teach a lesson to the titular character, who claimed that the sexy billboard image is immoral.
    • In his Casanova, he hired the tallest woman in the world at the time, Sandy Allen, to play Angelina the giantess. Casanova gets attracted to her for a little while, though without attempting anything to woo/bed her.
  • Dude, Where's My Car?: As the silliness of two idiots looking for their car descends into a plot involving aliens and a mysterious device, the climax of the film has the leather-clad female aliens combine to form one giant, hot alien chick in a miniskirt. Cue many, many a gratuitous Panty Shot. The film even provides an example of onlookers being more interested in ogling her than getting to safety in the form of the movie's Jerk Jock. The giant woman eats him without a second thought.
  • In the climax of Honey, I Blew Up the Kid, Diane Szalinski (Marcia Strassman) is turned into a 250-feet tall giant, in an attempt to stop and pacify her accidentally giant-sized baby son, Adam. She grabs a helicopter in which the villain attempts to shoot Adam with a pacifier gun.
  • Gulliver's Travels (2010):
    • When Gulliver ends up in Brobdingnag, he gets captured by a giant girl who uses him as a toy.
    • Another example: Gulliver's love interest Darcy, who follows him to Lilliput, is a giantess compared to the Lilliputians. Despite this, she's pretty much a Neutral Female who doesn't use her size to help Gulliver fight the villain.
  • Madame Maxime in the Harry Potter films is a half-giant and as such much taller than a normal human. Unlike her book counterpart though, she's not very attractive.
  • In one scene from Beyond Sleep, Alfred has a dream in which he's climbing a mountain and digs where he hears running water, only for the mountain to sit up and reveal itself to be a giant, slumbering nude woman who's stomach he was picking at. Alfred waves hello to her and she swats him without a second though, waking him up.
  • In Ella Enchanted there is Brumhilda the Giantess and Slannen's love interest (played by Heidi Klum).
  • When Mrs Which first appears in the 2018 A Wrinkle In Time movie, she's about the size of a house. She shrinks to human size later on though.
  • This was the entire focus of the Classic 2001 Giantess film ‘TAG’ (Trailer) by Dream Country, Keep Circulating the Tapes has allowed the film to survive through the internet. Starring The Price Is Right Model Rebeca Pribonic and Brandi Fletcher, the story is basically a collection of the two giant women Stomping, Sitting on, and eating shrunken guys they have captive.

  • In Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift, Gulliver finds himself in Brobdingnag, a land peopled by giants. There he meets a giant girl, who keeps him in a dollhouse, as well as the Queen of Brobdingnag and her handmaidens who, um, have fun with him.
  • Harry Potter:
    • Rubeus Hagrid is the son of the giantess Fridwulfa and a regular-sized wizard. Not much is known about her, except that she abandoned Hagrid when he was three, and then had a second child named Grawp, this time with another giant.
    • Downplayed with Madame Olympe Maxime, a half-giant like Hagrid ("[Harry] doubted whether there was an inch difference in their heights"). She's very tall, but nowhere near monstrous (twelve feet tall at most). She's described as a handsome woman who dresses in satin and opals and moves elegantly.
  • Fifty Feet of Trouble has Pilar O'Heaven, a literal 50-foot woman and pinup.
  • The climax of Moving Pictures saw the creatures from the Dungeon Dimensions attempting to invade reality by taking the forms of the characters being projected on the cinema screen, meaning they were giant versions of the protagonist's Victor and Ginger. The Victor one is destroyed before it can make it out of the screen, but the Ginger monster rampages through Ankh-Morpork, at one point grabbing The Librarian (an orangutan) and climbing up a tower while holding him. Onlookers can't help feeling that there's something not quite right about the scene...
  • In the Give Yourself Goosebumps story Scream of the Evil Genie, the Golden Ending involves the Jackass Genie Jenna growing into a giant, and you have to chase after her to retrieve a ring from her in order to make your final wish to turn everything back to normal. If you're not careful, you risk getting stepped on...
  • Swynmoor has Topaz growing to an immense size due to enchanted pickles, and wreaking havoc on Reynaud's military camp, earning the respect of him and his army.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Amazing Extraordinary Friends: In "Attack of the Atomic Bombshell", a nuclear genetic accident results in Hot Scientist Dr. Dominique Brioche Hulking Out into the 50-foot tall Atomic Bombshell when she gets angry.
  • The first episode of Dark Temptations on Investigation Discovery features a man with a fetish for being crushed to death, and at one point his fantasy is described and depicted as a giant Roman goddess going on a rampage in a village, crushing several men including himself beneath her sandals.
  • Malcolm in the Middle: One episode late in the series featured a giant, scantily-clad woman—originating from the billboard Reese, Malcolm, and Dewey were pretending to protest to avoid getting in trouble with Lois—appearing in Reese's dream. She teases him about his small size not being able to hurt her, and even plants a giant, lipstick kiss on his face.
  • The Nevers: Primrose Chattoway is a young girl who appears to be at least ten feet tall.
  • Ultra Series:
    • From the original Ultraman, we have that one time when Akiko Fuji was enlarged by Alien Mephilas to 50 meters tall.
    • In Ultraman Taro, its revealed that Yuhko Minami is capable of becoming a giantess as well, in that one episode where she helps Ultraman Taro make rice cakes.
    • In Ultraman Ginga S The Movie: Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors!, Sakuya, after overcoming her fear of bugs while being pursued by an illusion of a giant stag beetle, then turns the illusion around where this time she gets to grow kaiju-sized, towering over the previously humungous insect.
  • One episode of V.I.P. ends with this. As a reward for protecting them during the episode, the band Lit has Val star in their latest music video. In it, Val plays a giantess who lets the band stand and walk all over different parts of her body while she lounges around in high heels and a bikini and occasionally smiles and flirts with them. At the end of the video Val turns on the guys and one by one, eats them alive.

  • The Tubes have a song titled "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman." Which is about the singer's 5'2 girlfriend suddenly turning into a giantess, scooping him up, and going on a man-squashing rampage "to get her kicks."

    Music Videos 
  • Los Retrovisores' music video for Me Olvide Ti featured a beautiful woman turning into a giantess and stomping around a city. When she finds the band inside an apartment she reaches inside, grabs the lead singer (who the video implies might've been her boyfriend), and eats him alive.
  • The video for Kylie Minogue's "Giving You Up" has Kylie as a 15-foot tall giantess roaming London's night scene. Male bystanders seem more enthralled than frightened. Thankfully Kylie doesn't seem to want a snack.
  • Lit's "Miserable" has the band playing for (and occasionally on) a giant Pamela Anderson (as her V.I.P. character Val; the video premiered at the end of one episode). In the end she - surprise, surprise - eats them one by one.
    • This music video actually became very popular and is oftentimes better remembered than the song itself. The video might've been partially responsible for the popularity of the "sexy giantess eats the band" trope since when the video first aired it got a lot of people talking.
    • The band's original idea for the video was just going to be them performing the song in a concert arena. Then the producers (who, interestingly enough, were both women) brought in their treatment for the video, which had the band performing on a giant woman in a bikini, and that she would eat them at the end. The members of Lit thought it sounded a little cheesy at first, but decided it could work and they would gladly do it if they got Pamela Anderson to play the giant woman (they were guest starring on V.I.P. with her at the time and enjoyed working with her). Upon being pitched the video Pam signed on immediately and the video wound up being a huge hit and arguably the thing the band is most famous for.
  • The video for "Maneater" by Eric Zayne has a giantess thrashing Los Angeles while going after Zayne. Despite the title, she is never seen eating anyone.
  • The video for Neil Finn's "She Will Have Her Way" is a spoof of Attack of the 50-Foot Woman, featuring clips from the movie as well as the lesser-known The 30-foot Bride of Candy Rock.
  • The music video called Panic by the band Lucie features the singers interacting with and singing to a giant woman who ultimately eats one of them.
  • The music video for Ninja Sex Party's cover of "Pour Some Sugar On Me" by Def Leppard has the band playing in a gingerbread house surrounded by three giant women clad in candy-coated bikinis. The song ends with one of them reaching in and picking up lead singer Danny Sexbang for the final chorus, giving him a smooch as the video cuts to black.
  • The video for Lana Del Rey's "Doin' Time" has her as a giant woman strolling through Los Angeles in a movie playing at a Drive-In Theater. When a man cheats on his girlfriend (also played by Del Rey), Giant Lana steps out of the screen to avenge her.

    Video Games 
  • Alice: Madness Returns includes a segment during which Alice grows into a giant by eating some cake, prompting her to go on a destructive rampage.
  • An All Just a Dream example occurs offscreen in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, where a Lazy villager may send you a letter about a dream they had where a 40-foot Isabelle was rampaging in the village.
  • Blood of Bahamut is a Nintendo DS Square Enix game about fighting "Gigants", massive creatures across the world, to defend the cities built atop the Gigants themselves. One such Gigant is Final Fantasy's Shiva, who is now big enough to completely dwarf a mountainside castle, even when squatting. In the game's cutscenes and in battle, you can easily see the size difference between her and your party's characters.
  • Corruption of Champions has quite a few big women, some like Minverva (8'5") and the Sand Mother (8'6") straddle this and Statuesque Stunner. Izumi the Oni (9'0") and the Corrupted Driders (10') are on the smaller side of this trope, while Venus the turtle-girl truly deserves being a called a giant woman as she's big enough to hold the player character in her hands. Shouldra, a ghost you can befriend, has spells that can backfire and make the people she possesses much, much bigger, almost as big as Venus. Finally, the player character can grow up to 10 feet tall, making them a small giant/giantess, but this is largely ignored.
    • Vala, a Faerie, is this compared to her much smaller compatriots as she was forced to grow to 4 feet by a toxin demons forced her to drink, the same that grew Venus. And then she becomes this to the player character. Shouldra, being a ghost, can possess can control other people. She posses Vala when Shouldra's spell misfires. Shouldra tries to pleasure herself and the female/Hermaphrodite Champion with a shark-girl acting as Shouldra's body.
  • Cala Maria from Cuphead is a gigantic mermaid, who later turns into a gorgon. Probably inspired by Eliza from Parodius below. Curiously, she only appears to be about Cuphead and Mugman's height in the game's epilogue.
  • The Daibijin on PS2, also known as Demolition Girl in Europe, is a game in which you must pilot a helicopter in order to stop a bikini-clad girl that has been turned into a giant by aliens.
  • EXTRAPOWER: Malice, a high-ranking secretary of the Demon World. She's first alluded to in Attack of Darkforce, controlling the faction of demons who constantly target V for his magical ore heart, and responsible for the death of his sister. When we finally see her in person in Star Resistance when playing as her minion Nemuri, we see that Malice-sama is a massive giant of a woman against whom Nemuri is but a speck. When summoning Malice's aid in Nemuri's EXTRAPOWER attack, her head alone is nearly as tall as the screen.
  • In Granblue Fantasy, this applies to female humanoid Primal Beasts, who are sometimes depicted to appear as large as the Grancypher. Though the playable ones can shrink into normal skyfarer sizes.
  • One of the playable giant monsters in I Was An Atomic Mutant is She-Beast, a woman mutated by a nuclear explosion. Along with her enormous size, she also has Eye Beams and a sonic scream.
  • In Knight's Contract, player character Heinrich is accompanied by Gretchen. In addition to assisting Heinrich with her spells in combat, Gretchen has some special moves of her own. One of them is Witch's Embrace, which has her turn into a nude giantess who proceeds to dispatch mooks in a cutscene. Some of Gretchen's attacks are executed with the usual strength one would expect of a giantess (such as positioning the enemies on her palm and crushing them by clenching her hand into a fist), but a handful of them have Gretchen use more sensual parts of her body to take down enemies before looking seductively at the camera, all played for Fanservice; one has her place the enemies on her leg and then slam the other on top of it, crossing her legs and crushing them between her thighs; one has Gretchen lie down on her stomach, flattening foes beneath her breasts; and one has her forcefully sit down on the mob of mooks, taking enemies out with her butt.
  • Great Fairies from The Legend of Zelda tend to be pretty big, usually doubling the hero Link in size at their smallest. In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, they're featured at their largest, with Link looking like a doll when he's next to them.
  • Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight has Lubella Dim, the Witch of Decay. She's big enough that Kaho is roughly the height of her ample breasts, a comparison you'll easily be able to see when Lubella is fought as a Background Boss and only visible from the chest up. Since her breasts are level with the ground Kaho is on, this means they also make an excellent target.
  • Parodius is in love with this trope:
    • Chichibinta Rika is a gigantic showgirl that appears in Parodius Da!, Gokujō Parodius, and Jikkyō Oshaberi Parodius. She cannot be defeated; the player can only avoid her attacks until she leaves. In Gokujō, she is so big that she can't even fit on the screen.
    • Parodius Da! also features a giant woman in a bed sheet named Honey as a boss.
    • Gokujō Parodius second boss is the giant mermaid Eliza (who also appears in Otomedius).
    • Jikkyō Oshaberi Parodius is the only game since the original not to feature Hikaru and Akane as playable characters. This is because they actually serve as bosses in that game, although under the name "Enormous Hikaru and Akane". Take a guess why.
    • Sexy Parodius featured Medusa, who was so huge only her head could fit on the screen, Tanuko the Tanuki, who can sometimes take the form of a beautiful giant girl, and Yuko, a giant woman whose appearance was inspired by The Birth of Venus. However, the most blatant example was Kaori, the "final boss" of the game: an absolutely titanic, completely naked woman, covered only by a bedsheet, huge enough to completely crush the main villain of the game under her butt by accident.
  • Pokémon Black 2 and White 2: One of the film series you can shoot at Pokéstar Studios is called "The Giant Woman!", and involves the eponymous woman turning into a towering giant after getting trapped in a strange Poké Ball. She ends up causing destruction everywhere she goes, and the protagonist (playing the role of her boyfriend or little sister) has to keep her calm.
  • Lady Alcina Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village, is an elegant, aristocratic woman of very great height (initially estimated at around eight feet but later officially stated to stand at nine foot six), which combined with her considerable vampiric strength allows her to easily overpower anybody who gets in her way... and that's before you get into the Wolverine Claws. The pretty tall actress Maggie Robertson provided both her voice and her Motion Capture.
  • ShadowVerse has Gunnlod, based on the jotunn of Norse myth. Also a Yandere.
  • Shantae: Half-Genie Hero has Giga Mermaid, the Large and in Charge leader of the other, more human-sized mermaids, who's been chained up by Techno Baron at Mermaid Falls. The boss battle against her initially sends Shantae scuttling around the scaffolding surrounding her to break the locks keeping Giga Mermaid in place. Throughout the fight, the camera is zoomed out to fit more of Giga Mermaid in view, and even then she only appears from the waist up; Shantae herself is about as tall as one of Giga Mermaid's fists.
  • Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves sees Inspector Carmelita Fox temporarily becoming one of these in the final mission of Chapter 2, "Rumble Down Under". The initial growth spurt is due to the Mask of Dark Earth (the chapter's antagonist, which can increase the size of those who wear it) getting onto Carmelita's face, and when Bentley tries to sedate her with his tranquilizer darts, they only make her even bigger. She eventually ends up so huge that the big truck the Cooper Gang subsequently uses to escape from her doesn't even pass her boots, and ultimately, Sly has to climb up Carmelita's clothes to get up to the mask and remove it.
  • Spelunky 2: The Final Boss of 6-4 is Queen Tiamat, a giant mermaid who sits atop her throne and attacks from there. While most characters are a bit under one tile tall ingame, Tiamat comes to just over nine tiles with her tail curled up. Her sitting position allows you to jump onto her left shoulder and attack her head with your whip; just be careful for when she roars.
  • In Super Mario Galaxy, Rosalina appears as a giantess in the ending cutscene where she discusses the death and rebirth of the universe, reflecting her deity-like presence. Whether you're playing as Mario or Luigi, who floats in front of her during this, neither looks to be any taller than the heels on her high heels.
  • They Came From Hollywood is a giant monster game that features a giant woman—inspired by the film Attack of the 50-Foot Woman—among its cast of monsters. Unfortunately, the game has been stuck in Development Hell since 2001.
  • While it's technically not a real woman, Alice Margatroid from Touhou uses a humongous doll in Touhou Hisoutensoku known as the "Goliath Doll" that looks the part. For bonus coolness, it also dual-wields rapiers, each easily twice the length of a person.

    Visual Novels 
  • In Time Tenshi 2, the antagonists use a technology called Quantum Guardsnote  which have a variety of "assault modes". One of these modes grows the user into a towering giantess, as used by the already-tall Bunni in one of her fights with the heroines. Another mode is used by Princess Neferu-re to turn herself into a hulking amazon who needs to duck to keep from hitting her head on the ceiling. At the end of the game, the heroes reverse engineer the Quantum Guards as well as they can, allowing Tessa to grow to giant size for the final battle. At the same time, Neferu-reabsorbs enough chronal energy to turn herself into a mountain-sized goddess with the power to re-write reality.

    Web Animation 
  • 1/1 Heroine is a video series that combines this with a parody of Overworld Not to Scale. All those old-school JRPGs where the Player Character looks like they're huge on the overworld? In this series, it's not a stylistic choice and Yuu really is as big as that trope would make her out to appear. The game runs on normal JRPG tropes that fail to account for this, resulting in situations like the heroine kicking level 1 mooks into orbit and a villainess accidentally destroying her lair when she enters the overworld.
  • hololive's resident Speaker of Space, Sana Tsukumo, is amongst the most extreme examples of this trope out there. Now, normally, she wears a Power Limiter that keeps her to a human size, and even then, she's still quite tall and busty. However, whenever she takes it off, she becomes as big as the freaking sun, with her breasts each being as big as Jupiter. You know, just... the biggest planet in the solar system. No biggie.
  • An episode of the animated web series "Whirlgirl" had the titular super-hero character grow to giant size.

    Web Comics 
  • Every plot of Bronze Skin Inc is about this trope. The story shows the daily life of the staff of a company based on tanning giantesses.
  • Giant Girl Adventures: The protagonist of the series is a woman who can change size from very small to well, giant.
  • Girl Genius:
    • Queen Albia is a Sizeshifter but when Agatha and Zeetha are brought to greet her, she's busy pruning the top of a rather tall fir tree. It's quickly revealed she can "compress" herself down to human size. Which, if either, is her default height is unknown.
    • Gritha is a Giant woman capable of holding Gil in the palm of her hand who works on Castle Wulfenbach. Her "lab-sister" Susa is at the other extreme at around a foot tall, their creator Dr. Quintus Varangius was obsessed with size.
  • El Goonish Shive:
  • Maliki: In the two-part story "Lex Naturae", Nanie, a representative of Nature, grew to a size of several meters in order to seize Tiko by force. Fénimale retorted by growing to the same size, under her human form, in order to face her. In the second part of the comic, Nanie decides to up the ante by doubling in size once more to leave Fénimale and Maliki with no way of stopping her.
  • In The Order of the Stick, the most powerful warrior among the group of frost giants that attack the heroes' airship is a female berserker.
  • In Unit-M, the team faces off against a pair of twin sisters that have created a duplicate of themselves that’s the size of a mountain.

    Western Animation 
  • Adventure Time:
    • The episode "Memory of a Memory" has a scene where Finn and Jake emerge from a mouse hole in one of Marceline's memories, across the room from the now-giant Marceline herself. From the ground, they see her breaking up with her then-boyfriend Ash over him selling her beloved teddy bear, leading to her angrily stomping away from him, and causing Finn and Jake to shake when Marceline stomps past them. Given the setting, it's not clear if the duo is shrunken or if everything else is just huge.
    • Canyon, a minor character introduced in "Billy's Bucket List", is the ex-girlfriend of fellow giant Billy, who becomes a friend to Finn via their shared history with Billy. Her exact size in relation to Finn tends to fluctuate; sometimes he's taller than her boots, sometimes they're about equal, and sometimes he's shorter than them. Canyon's typical size is roughly three times Finn's size at minimum, and at her (unintended) largest she appears about six times his size.
  • In the Archie's Weird Mysteries episode "Attack of the 50-foot Veronica" Veronica gets hit with a size ray that causes her to grow into a 50-foot tall woman. At one point she sews all her swimsuits together to make just one that will fit her, and when she grows again she has to quickly use the roof from a party tent as an improvised dress in order to maintain some modesty. When everyone starts staring she of course briefly gets angry and goes full "Godzilla" on Riverdale before she starts crying and is comforted by Jughead. She is able to return back to normal size, however.
  • Chowder has Endive, but only sometimes. At her smallest she tends to be just a few feet taller than people like Schnitzel and Gazpacho, but other times she's big enough for characters to execute a Colossus Climb on her. The plot of "Chowder's Babysitter" in particular revolves around Gazpacho and Chowder trying to find a toilet big enough to flush the latter down, and the two eventually decide on Endive's "super toilet"; in this instance, she appears to be the size of a Kaiju compared to the two of them.
  • In the Dexter's Laboratory short "The Big Sister", Dee Dee becomes a giant, yet she is able to strip Dexter to his underwear as if he were a doll.
  • Futurama has Amazonian women who are all giant women with a deep hatred for men. Although they are dressed accordingly, there is also some Fan Disservice with their "death by snu snu" for men...and the results aren't pretty.
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy had the episode "The Incredible Shrinking Mandy", which is about... the very opposite. After getting cursed by Billy, Mandy grows into a destructive giant and eventually keeps growing until she outgrows the entire universe.
  • Harley Quinn (2019): Psycho was married to Giganta before she reveals on live television that he mind controlled her into thinking she loved him. When Poison Ivy briefly becomes huge, Psycho offers her money to put him in her pocket noting that everyone knew he had a type.
  • Jade from Jackie Chan Adventures becomes giant-sized in the episode "Little Valmont, Big Jade" after she casts a spell on herself to make her grow older and instead she becomes huge. And with her being a 12-year-old girl, her gargantuan size makes her just so CUTE!!!
  • The Misfits from Jem have a song called "I Am A Giant". It is an "I Am" Song about Pizzazz's self-confidence and ego. In the music video to it, Pizzazz turns into a giant woman and parodies King Kong.
  • An updated version of Giganta appears in Justice League. In this version, she is a Gorilla City native who Grodd somehow made human and gave growth powers.
  • Rosa from Kid Cosmic is The Big Girl of the team, as her ring allows her to turn into a 40-foot giant. It's not played for any fanservice, because she's a 4-year-old girl.
  • In Littlest Pet Shop (2012) in the episode “The Very Littlest Pet Shop” Blythe interacts with ‘Dolores’ a Slow Loros who puts a shrinking curse on the Pet shop, the pets, and herself (by accident). When Blythe interacts with her she is a giant by comparison and even carries Dolores in her shirt pocket (which is likely the closest that a kid’s show can get to Victoria's Secret Compartment)
  • This happens in The Magic School Bus whenever the class gets miniaturized and come across female characters at that size. Sometimes even going inside her body. Such as in the Episode “Works Out” where the Magic School Bus shrinks to microscopic size and Ms frizzle picks it up and instructs them to drive into her nose in order to enter her body.
  • Season 4 of Miraculous Ladybug introduces the villainess known as "Sole Crusher", whose ability allows her to absorb people through her boots, which makes her stronger and also makes her grow bigger the more people she absorbs. Initially starting out by kicking people, once she's grown big enough, she makes good on her name and starts stepping on people.
  • In Monsters vs. Aliens, Susan Murphy/Ginormica is reduced to normal size in the first episode. By the end, she gains the ability to return to giant size at will. Presumably, this was to allow the character to interact more readily with others.
  • On Phineas and Ferb, Candace uses a growth potion the boys made in order to grow an extra two inches; it makes her gigantic instead. The episode was aptly called "Attack of the 50-Foot Sister".
  • In the Rick and Morty episode; "The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy", Summer uses a machine called the Morphizer-EX to enlarge her breasts to get Ethan to like her again after he dumped her for another girl. but it doesn't turn out so good when she gets so huge, she gets stuck in the garage. so Beth and Morty try to help, but Beth fails by turning her skin reversed.
  • One Robot Chicken sketch, christened "Twin Peaks" by the official UK Adult Swim YouTube, centers around a group of Micronauts scaling a ruffled gray mountain. Eventually one member of the group reaches the top and sees another Micronaut who climbed a parallel mountain, leading them to yell across the canyon to each other. This causes a violent shaking, leading to the reveal that the strange "mountains" were actually the blanket-covered breasts of a sleeping woman who's been woken up by the Micronauts' antics. Her following line ("Every night with this!") suggests that the Micronauts have made a hobby out of climbing her "peaks".
  • Schoolhouse Rock!: Halfway through "Unpack Your Adjectives", we are introduced to a very tall girl and a very short boy. As the boy starts laughing at her, she starts to grow taller and taller, until only her legs are in frame; meanwhile, the boy is shrinking smaller than he was before. By the time he realizes what's happening, the girl crushes him flat under her flip-flop.
  • Steven Universe:
    • Discussed in "Giant Woman", when Steven learns about Gem Fusion and desperately wants to see Pearl and Amethyst form into Opal. He even sings a song about how he wants to see a giant woman.
    • Every Fusion is a giant woman, though Garnet, Rose, and Jasper are pretty big by themselves, with Rose and Jasper towering over the rest of the cast. In the Season One finale, however, it's revealed that Garnet is a Fusion of two Gems who are around Steven's height. It's established early on that the more Gems involved with the Fusion, the larger the product. Alexandrite, who is a Fusion of Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, is the size of a small Kaiju, and possesses six arms, two mouths, and the powers of all the Gems involved.
    • Later on, the show introduces the Diamonds, who are easily about as tall as Alexandrite, if not taller. Even the relative 'dwarf' of the Diamonds, Pink, stands roughly 12 feet tall and towers over the human-sized Pearl.
    • In the final episode of the original series, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven fuse into Obsidian. She is even larger than Alexandrite and has eight arms.
  • Superfriends:
    • The Challenge of the Superfriends season contains recurring DC Comics villainess Giganta, an Evil Redhead who gained growth power similar to that of Apache Chief by stealing his powder.
    • The All-New Superfriends Hour episode "The Fifty Foot Woman" has Dr. Amy Zahn, who drinks a potion she invented (intended to just increase her strength) that makes her exactly that and drives her slightly mad in the process. She eventually battles Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman in this form before being returned to normal size at the end of the episode.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987); Irma is accidentally enlarged to giant size by a device invented by Krang. Her size causes her to get hungry very fast; the Turtles are able to deliver the cure by filling a cement mixer with ice cream and placing the pill inside it.
  • Totally Spies! has an episode in which Mandy and Clover are enlarged by the Villain of the Week. There's even a shout out to Attack of the 50-Foot Woman when Mandy straddles a freeway overpass.
  • Played for Laughs in a Uncle Grandpa short. All you see of the woman is her legs and a portion of her skirt, so at first, it seems that Uncle G is just small. That is until the next scene it shows that she's huge as she smashes through the front of her house when she leaves with her husband. When she returns she slams through the roof to get her legs to the main room.
  • In Marvel's What If...?, Hope becomes a giant to aid her fellow Avengers in the episode "What If... Zombies!?"


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