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Webcomic / Uh-Oh, Itís a Dinosaur

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"I am a bundle of pure trouble!"
Kyra, Uh-oh, it's a Dinosaur

Uh-oh, it's a Dinosaur (which began life titled Paul and Kyra) is a Life Embellished Webcomic by Andrew Bilitz (who also does Phil Likes Tacos) which updates three times a week.

The main character is Kyra who, as the title indicates, is more than likely a dinosaur in modern times. She's highly energetic and intelligent, even understanding and speaking human languages. She is also some bizarre escaped lab experiment with an occasional genius for mechanics and killing and slashing things that pops up at rather unexpected times.


Kyra lives with washed-up artist Paul, who works a thankless retail job, is rather timid, and is loath to venture beyond his apartment. While the comic takes place in what seems to be our regular world, every adventure they stumble upon ends up becoming over exaggerated and insane.

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