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"I knew Victoria's Secret Compartment was secret, but this is just ridiculous."

"What kind of fourth-dimensional corset do these anime chicks wear that can turn a G-Cup into an ironing board?"
Zachary Rogers

Big-breasts are frequently considered attractive, so girls with shy personalities and/or a history of being harassed for their "assets" by either lecherous men or envious women (i.e. D-Cup Distress) may tend to hide them from view, either by wearing baggy clothes or by outright suppressing with bandages, tight bras, etc.

Not to be confused with Suppressed Mammaries, where a woman (generally an actress) keeps her assets "at bay" temporarily and with a specific goal/task/purpose in mind.

Compare Clark Kent Outfit and contrast Fake Boobs.

Note: Not every girl who looks like a boy who looks like a girl qualifies; possessing unambiguously large breasts is a requirement.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Tsukino Yukari from Ai Kora tries a similar approach, though she's quickly encouraged to not do anything that would interfere with her breathing and/or deform her breasts. Eventually, she gets more confident.
  • Casca from Berserk thanks to “trying” to invoke Sweet Polly Oliver hides her bosom beneath armour and tunics, Clothing Damage from lusty enemies however tend to reveal Casca’s ample breasts. Played straighter in the Golden Age movies where Casca has a bigger bust compared to the manga.
  • Hiida Sayuri from Best Student Council doesn't seem particularly large, especially when compared to some other fellow members of the eponymous student council. However, Puu-chan somehow gets a word of this and is the first to point it out, much to her chagrin. By the end of the episode in question, a swimsuit shot shows that she is indeed very well-endowed.
  • Bleach
    • One of the "Radio Kon" skits featured Tatsuki as a guest, during which, he called her flatchested. Tatsuki objects and says she's at least a C-Cupnote  but withholds her exact measurements. She is noticeably curvier post-Time Skip and it was confirmed years later by a set of official trading cards; including one of Tatsuki in a sports top, which shows she has large breasts.
    • Isane Kotetsu and Captain Unohana usually wear a correctly-arranged shihakusho, which hides their curves. Only during the Beach Episode are their body shapes revealed.
    • The voluminous cape Stern Ritters wear over their uniforms hides Bambietta's chest. It's not until she's taken off her cloak that her curves are fully visible, especially when her top is partially unzipped, accentuating her cleavage. Her Dark Action Girl personality subverts the timidness associated with this trope.
  • Shiemi Moriyama from Blue Exorcist apparently had hers hidden in her kimono as seen when she changed into the school uniform.
  • In the manga of Bocchi the Rock!, the titular protagonist is well-endowed under her baggy, nigh-ubiquitous hoodie. (Not so much in the anime, where she's instead nearly flat.) Considering she's deathly allergic to almost any kind of social interaction at the start, it's no surprise that she doesn't want that out on display.
  • Minor character Maru from Buster Keel! resembles a normal, mousy young girl wearing practical clothes and overall, and participates in a tag team tournament. For the first qualification test, they have to pose in swimwear, revealing that the very embarrassed Maru has actually some surprisingly big breasts for her age, though in the only two panels she appears in a bikini she's shown to be very flustered about the whole thing.
  • Captain Commando Manga: A handful of outfits Aya Maverick, Captain Commando's assistant when he works as Mars Carlyle, dons make her look flat chested. However, several of the tops she dresses in show she is much more stacked than she appeared to be.
  • In Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, Kiwi is mostly shown wearing a red overcoat. However, in the moments that don't show her wearing the coat, it's clear that she is tied with Lucy for the largest bust size in the crew. This is best seen when she's talking to Maine and David about work... all while being in her birthday suit.
  • In Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?, there is Lenny, an innkeeper's daughter, is ten years old and at first looks typical for that age, but when the girls of The Crimson Vow convince her to join them in a new bath they'd built, she's revealed to be quite well-endowed, already moreso than Reina and Mile combined.
  • An egregious case appears with Dragonar Academy's light novel's character Oscar Brailsford, a Sweet Polly Oliver who dons a male's shirt and gets away looking like a skinny male comparable to the protagonist. After the reveal, she reappears wearing a dress which shows her having one of the largest busts of the entire Unwanted Harem, many of whom have extraordinary large breasts themselves.
  • Cosette Sara from Excel♡Saga is actually a child-sized adult with disproportionately sized breasts, which she somehow manages to keep hidden until late in the series. Too bad for the resident Comedic Lolicon, who until then had been lusting after her (he's totally Squicked out and leaves, to her disappointment).
  • In Fairy Tail, one of Erza Scarlet’s Requippable outfits is a masculine-looking formal ball outfit that somehow also reduces her sizable bust by about 3 cup sizes.
  • Swordswoman Hyogo from Fuuunishin Daishogun: normally she wears man's clothes which make her appear flat as a board, but her feminine attire reveals a bigger but still reasonably-sized bust. Then she removes the sarashi underneath, revealing that somehow she has the biggest pair of breasts in the World of Buxom that's Fuuuishin Daishogun's Japan.
  • In Genzo, crossdressing raised-as-a-boy Kiyone has this: to be specific, while disguised as Chiyomaru the disguise is flawless, but after The Reveal her breasts become much more noticeable.
  • Handsome Girl and Crossdressing Boy: Hazuki has surprisingly large breasts when she takes off her shirt.
  • Meguru from Hatsukoi Limited wears a too-small bra, and actively avoids both her favorite pastime and the guy she likes because she's embarrassed by her large breasts.
  • Itsuki Myoudouin from HeartCatch Pretty Cure! is shown in a one-off more or less "safe-for-work" omake page from the otherwise pornographic doujinshi Inazuma Silhouette by Inazuma of the Highschool of the Dead fame.
  • In Hellsing, Seras Victoria is notably more buxom out of her police uniform. Of course, given that she'd been wearing a bulletproof vest at the time, this is fully justified.
  • Hungary of Hetalia: Axis Powers gets this most prominently on the cover of a volume of the manga compared to having very obvious big breasts when shown later in-comic in a swimsuit. Truth in Television as she wears a military uniform on the cover, which is not an article of clothing meant to be very flattering.
  • I Couldn't Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job: The hoodie Fino wears when she first meets Raul is so good at hiding her breasts, he actually assumes she's male. He only notices Fino's actually a girl when he has to go Undressing the Unconscious after she got knocked out in wet clothes, with her breasts popping out as soon he unzips the hoodie, much to his shock. Naturally, she wakes up soon after and has a Naked Freak-Out and assumes he's a pervert.
  • Charlotte Dunois in Infinite Stratos shows up to the school disguised as a male. The charade persists through a locker room interaction with the only other male at the school and a battle wearing the male combat uniform, which includes a top that it would be generous to call a tank top, yet does not reveal her sizable breasts.
    • Another one would be Honne Nohotoke from Ichika's class. Due to her wearing her Pika-tan outfit so much, one really wouldn't be able to tell.
  • Invoked by Satou in Interviews with Monster Girls. She's a succubus but is unwilling to seduce anyone, so she tends to make herself less attractive than she is, like wearing baggy clothes in an attempt to conceal her curves. She's so busty that doing so makes her appear above average, which still counts as a success since she's a lot bigger when relaxing in house clothes.
  • Oharu the teahouse girl from Jōjū Senjin!! Mushibugyō appears normally endowed at a face value because of her form-hiding kimono. Being an Innocent Fanservice Girl, she also has the biggest pair of breasts in the show, make more evident when she ends up unrobed or when her kimono top loosens, revealing mammaries the size of her head.
  • Fubuki, the ninja maid in Kamen no Maid Guy, is revealed to be more endowed than she usually appears because her clothes have a slimming effect. Unfortunately, this makes her ineligible to help Naeka with her math.
  • Kinnikuman: When wearing a dress, Medium Rare Alexandria looks average-sized. When she dons a swimsuit, she shows herself as more stacked than her dress suggested.
  • Darkness from KonoSuba is an interesting example. Her armor does not hide the fact she has large breasts, but what Darkness' armor does hide is how utterly massive they are.
  • Kumin in Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!'s breast size only showed up in the seventh episode of anime, when she changed to casual clothing.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED has Lacus Clyne, who may not look like much at first glance, but by the time Destiny rolls around she's either grown rapidly in the two-year gap between the two series or she's a more well endowed than she lets on if the post-commercial intro is any indication. It's subverted because the Lacus with the larger breast size was actually a Body Double named Meer Campbell. And though Meer did get plastic surgery to look more like Lacus, her breasts are her natural ones; we get to see pictures of her from before she became Lacus's body double, and she already was very well-endowed. Double-subverted, because turns out, the real Lacus is indeed more or less just as stacked, at least by the time Destiny rolls around.
  • Moriarty the Patriot: James Bond has an ample bosom that they manage to conceal when wearing men's clothing.
  • Toru Hagakure in My Hero Academia is permanently invisible, but whenever she's wearing clothes that would show her figure off, she reveals that she's also got the Most Common Superpower.
  • Played with and discussed in My Dress-Up Darling. There are two instances of girls intentionally doing this for cosplay purposes. Rather realistically for this trope, however, this ends up being rather harder than just wearing different clothes. Shinju struggles with this for her Souma-oniichan cosplay, as she is very well endowed. In order to accomplish a level of flatness that would help her pass as a man, she ends up needing to combine both a sarashi and a b-holder to flatten her down enough, and even then they eventually snap from the pressure of holding in her chest. Kitagawa, though not as bad as Shinju, is fairly busty in her own right, but she manages a similar effect with a set of specialty body-flattening underwear. Gojou even mentions how, contrary to popular portrayals in media of cross-dressing, even something as deceptively simple as hiding a large chest can be much more difficult than changing a set of clothes. Let alone the other efforts that would go into a woman feasibly passing for a man.
  • Naruto:
    • Although there is nothing canonical to indicate that she is actually embarrassed by it, Hinata Hyuga hid her assets under a baggy jacket Pre-Time Skip. This could actually be said to be symbolic of her hiding herself from others, especially her crush Naruto. Her clothing in Shippuden better displays her growth. More accurately, after the Time Skip her breasts have grown so large that even her loose-fitting coats can't hide them very well. Additionally Played for Laughs in the "Road to Ninja" manga special, in which she attempts to cover her bust until Sakura assures her that there's no need to be self-conscious. Cue Sakura getting very, very jealous.
    • During Tsunade's introduction, a short montage of her comings and goings is made, including pointing out the fact that she has a near-permanent transformation jutsu up to make herself have a younger body, typically in her early-to-mid 30s, but at one point looking like a modestly-endowed 19-year-old.
  • In New Game!, the Hot-Springs scene in S2E05 shows that Nene has a rather impressive rack (bigger than Aoba and Hotaru's comparatively modest chests, at least), which up to this point has been hidden by baggy, frumpy and childish clothes. A Beach Episode in the Prequel has Aoba and Hotaru discussing how big they are when sketching a bikini-clad Nene.
  • Seishiro Tsugumi of Nisekoi is able to completely pass off as a boy when she wears a male school uniform. When she puts on a dress, she's a contender for the largest bust amongst the female cast.
  • One Piece:
  • Melfina from Outlaw Star typically wears a cloak when out and about which covers up how well endowed she is for her size.
  • Ranma ½ used it as a plot point twice, concerning Ukyō:
    • It was first used to setup the Gender Reveal at the end of her introductory arc. The students at Furinkan thought she was a boy, until she and Ranma fought and he inadvertently wound up with a handful of her melons, while grappling her.
    • Ryoga also thought Ukyō was a boy when she challenged him to a fight. Just as he's about to finish her off, Ranma intervened by pulling Ukyō's jacket open; exposing her sarashi bound cleavage. Thereby stunning Ryoga long enough to KO him.
    • During the Ryuugenzawa story arc, Akane disguises herself as a boy to fool the woman-eating Yamata-no-Orochi, and this includes binding her own breasts to fit into a boy's school uniform. It works wonderfully, at least until the Orochi gets a direct taste of her and realizes she's really a girl. Later, to save Ranma's life, Akane strips off the uniform's jacket and displays the binding to the Orochi, causing it to chase her.
    • An early chapter cover art displays female Ranma in this manner, as Ranma is supposed to have a "man to man" fight with Mousse while stuck in female form. However, the story itself goes the complete opposite direction: Ranma does pretend to be a boy under extremely baggy clothing, but is actually wearing a Playboy Bunny outfit underneath to humiliate his opponent.
  • In RPG Real Estate, Kotone's bust looks to be average in sizewhile in her witch clothes or work clothes, but when she's in more revealing or tighter clothing, she's revealed to be the biggest of the main girls and close to Satona in size.
  • Though she doesn't really try to hide it, the somewhat shy genius Ami Mizuno in Sailor Moon has been shown sometimes to have a busty figure on par with her friend Makoto Kino.
  • In Saki Achiga-hen, Yuu Matsumi, due to being easily chilled as a result of her condition tends to wear thick clothing most of the time. It's not immediately obvious, but she has very large breasts, almost as large as Nodoka's.
  • Class president/magical girl cosplayer Mai Ootsuka in School Rumble is said by the boys in her class to be concealing a gigantic bosom, but she does a good job of keeping it hidden.
  • Kazumi Yoshida from Shakugan no Shana, she does not look different from other students in her dresses, but ever since a bathroom scene where she is shown to have hidden her assets, her large breasts are used for Fanservice in every Beach Episode and parody that follows, contrasting with Shana.
  • Aya Tojo in Strawberry 100% has a D cup size, but nobody in the school notes this until her change of look (that is relative only to face). Manaka discovers this when is stuck with her and Nishino in a closet.
  • Ryuunosuke Fujinami in Urusei Yatsura is forced to wear a tightly-wrapped sarashi by her insane father who really wishes he had a son to the point he insists (loudly) that she is a boy, and making that official by falsifying school records. Any time she points out the obvious, he claims her breasts are "bee-stings" that will heal if enough pressure is applied. In one anime episode, she lost her sarashi and was shown to have one of the largest chests in the school (though the actual size of Ryuu-chan's bust depended heavily on the artist).
  • Akira Hiiragi of Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid also masquerades as a young man (supposedly the only one on the island, in fact) and binds her breasts to pull it off. When she's first seen without the bindings, her breasts are enormous (as big as her head), being among the largest in a cast that's already mostly busty women.
  • Wandering Son: Trans boy Takatsuki is upset by his chest growth and hates wearing even a sports bra. He overhears a classmate mention how her friend wore bandages on her chest while acting as a male character. Takatsuki gets the idea to do the same, however instead he finds out about binders online and gets one.
  • The World God Only Knows has Yui Goidou, who tends to wear rather form concealing clothes like kimonos and later boy's uniforms. During her capture arc, a bored Keima briefly (and nonsexually) plays with them while bathingnote . In chapter 158, the goddess Mars attempts to weaponize this, to Vulcan's dismay.
  • Yuzuki in Taisho Otome Fairy Tale starts the series at 14, and looks even younger. After her bout of heat exhaustion, Yuzuki develops breathing difficulty due to the tight sarashi wrapping she’s wearing. With no way to remove it one-handed, Tamahiko has to cut it with scissors. He’s already nervous, but he gets a shock when this unleashes her Hidden Buxom, complete with a “boing” sound effect.

    Comic Books 
  • Captain Marvel: Carol Danvers' Captain Marvel uniform often does this, being less form-fitting and more like a uniform, unlike her previous costumes which kept her considerably sized attributes on full display, and shots of her in civilian clothing show that this isn't just a general Art Shift.
  • H.E.R.O. (a revival of the old DC comic Dial H for Hero) sees the male (originally) protagonist transform into a tall, busty female superhero. After some turmoil, he (she?) loses the costume for a larger, more concealing Batman sweatshirt. In the later Dial H revival of the series, one of Manteau's stated reasons for wearing the same mask and long cloak whatever the Dial turns her into is to cover up overly buxom and Stripperiffic looks.
  • Rat-Man: Parodied in a story with the top model Jessica Lovebol: she has some visibly large breasts, but when she loses her bikini bra they're revealed as large as the entire beach.
  • Seven Soldiers of Victory: In Seven Soldiers, Shining Knight binds her breasts to conceal her true gender.

    Comic Strips 
  • In Safe Havens, the high school girls' basketball team decide to stand in for the boys' team (It Makes Sense in Context). They do this in part by buying bras four sizes too small.

    Fan Works 
  • Date A Re:Live: Nia Honjou's disguised form as her canon appearance works like this, as she makes herself appear flat when she's using it. Later justified when it's learned the disguise is the form of her mentor Souji Hasegawa.
  • In Guardians, Wizards, and Kung-Fu Fighters, Jade suspects this is the case with relatively plain-looking Miranda, in light of the fact that Shapeshifters are normally extremely beautiful in their human forms.
  • Overlady:
    • Done realistically with Kirche where she has to use a whalebone corset which causes her a great deal of pain and breathing problems. After she's forced to remove it, it's revealed she broke one of her ribs.
    • Inverted with Louise whose armor is designed to make her look more endowed than she actually is.

    Films — Animation 
  • In The Simpsons Movie, there is a brief moment during the Green Day concert where Edna Krabappel removes her coat, revealing a larger bosom than she is typically drawn with.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Albert Nobbs: Hubert reveals to Albert that he'd been assigned female at birth by unbuttoning his shirt to reveal large breasts.
  • The Bronze: Hope has quite a large bust for her height and build; she finds it awkward for a gymnast, and her size wasn't evident until she undressed. Ben even asks whether she'd taped them down while doing gymnastics (she doesn't answer, but it seems likely, given they would get in the way).
  • In the Italian comedy Le Comiche 2 there is a peculiar instance of this trope. A male character undergoes an accidental breast augmentation at the beginning of the movie. Once he reappears, much later, the outcome of the surgery is kept hidden until a comedic underwear exposure reveals him possessing large breasts and wearing a bra. It is clear in retrospective the character’s intent to shamefully hide them from view and also the additional comedic effect to wait for the reveal.
  • In Fantastic Voyage II: Destination Brain by Isaac Asimov, the protagonist Morrison notes that the matronly Russian scientist Boranova has "a most opulent figure," which he only discovers when they are showering together in preparation for entering a clean lab. He reflects that it's "amazing what clothes will obscure when not designed to reveal."
  • In-Universe in Les Misérables (2012). Éponine painfully binds up her torso with wraps to look like a boy during "One More Day".
  • Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby: After being dumped by Carly, known for her 'perfect breasts', Ricky Bobby begins to reciprocate (his personal assistant) Susan's feelings for him. By the end of the film, he's so in love with her that he's even willing to turn down Carly to be with her. It's only then that Susan opens her ever-present woolly jumper and flashes Carly, revealing that she has boobs so large that when somebody tries taking a picture on their phone, he has to ask her to turn around so that he can take a picture of the other one because he can't fit them both on the screen at once. Even Carly cheerfully admits that she's impressed.
  • Werewolves Within: Cecily's postal worker uniform conceals her large bust effectively, which is shown when she's changed into a low cut shirt afterward and dances around. With her though it doesn't appear to be intentional concealment, as she shows this without hesitation after changing.

  • In The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl, it turns out Kyra has a large chest and uses baggy clothing to disguise it, due to her belief that All Men Are Perverts. And then she flashes Donnie. And Brian Michael Bendis.
  • Willie Connolly does this in J.R. Lowell's 1972 novel Daughter of Darkness. She has so much invested in her Deliberately Cute Child presentation that she fears changing any part of the status quo. If her parents saw she was becoming a young woman, they'd start making decisions for her, and she knows they've considered sending her to a "lovely" boarding school in Switzerland where she would have no freedom or independence. She keeps her breasts (and her hair) bound tightly for over two years.
  • Discworld:
    • Averted in Monstrous Regiment, much to Polly Perk's shame.
    • Apparently quite a few girls hoaxed their way through the Assassins' Guild School with heavy strapping and a habit of changing under a towel after PE. After the school became co-ed and girls were officially admitted, at least one woman who bluffed her way through was invited back as a teacher to the first openly female students.note 
  • Zig-zagged in Labyrinths of Echo. At one point the male main character is magically disguised as a woman but has to go into town incognito as a man — so he pads his (illusive) waist and binds his (illusive) bust the way a real, non-illusive woman would achieve the same, checking the result in the mirror.
  • Delfina in Diane Stuckart's Leonardo da Vinci mysteries is a Sweet Polly Oliver who binds her breasts and apprentices herself to Leonardo under the name "Dino". She goes to great lengths to conceal her bandages.
  • The protagonist of Parrotfish, Grady, wears Ace bandages to make his chest appear flat because he is a transgender boy.
  • Happens to Kel sometimes in Protector of the Small. Her breasts are more noticeable when they first start growing in Page; all the muscle she builds makes them less prominent. Her build, height, and short haircut result in occasionally being taken for male, especially if she's wearing a heavy shirt.
  • Alanna the Lioness, from Song of the Lioness, uses bandages to disguise herself as a boy while training as a knight, and eventually upgrades to a special corset. She is eventually found out by the court during a sword duel with the villain, who cuts through her shirt and the corset accidentally, exposing her to the entire court. He was quite surprised.
  • In Peter David's Star Trek: The Next Generation novel Imzadi, there's an Orion scientist called Mary Mac working in Starfleet who wears baggy clothes to help avoid unwanted male attention.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Beggars And Choosers included an early role by Christina Hendricks. She did not bind herself, but her outfits did make her seem modestly endowed — to the point that when we see her in a bra, the effect is truly surprising. You can see it here: [1]
  • Gotham Knights (2023): Most of Harper Row's outfits, though not modest exactly, don't show her figure either. She's shown to have a large bust when she puts on a rather tight shirt in "City of Owls".
  • Killing Eve: The first Villanelle killing Eve hears about was supposedly committed by a flat-chested woman, but we see that Villanelle had strapped down her breasts as part of a disguise.
  • Done in the opening scene of the pilot of Lois & Clark, where Lois Lane enters the Daily Planet office in disguise as a bearded man for undercover work on an assignment. Before removing the beard she reaches under her shirt to unfasten the binding on her chest, and she expresses clear relief once it is off.
  • Cynthia of Malcolm in the Middle starts wearing a baggy sweater all the time after she hits puberty. When Malcolm discovers why, she admits that she doesn't want to deal with the constant teasing and unwanted attention. Reese's response when he finds out suggests she has a very good point.
  • Invoked on Alex Dunphy on Modern Family as she has gotten older due to Real Life Writes the Plot, with the show styling her in increasingly baggier clothes that also befits her characters Brainy Brunette, Endearingly Dorky personality. Her actress, Ariel Winter, has spoken publicly about her self-consciousness regarding her early and quite severe development and later underwent breast reduction surgery at the young age of 17.
  • Played with in Skins when Sketch binds down her breasts to try being more appealing to Maxxie, who is gay.
  • Stargate Universe: Lt. Vanessa James conceals her bust when in military gear throughout the series.

  • Billie Eilish normally wears baggy clothes and hoodies in order to cover up her very large breasts, mainly because she didn't want to be objectified and wanted instead to keep the focus on her music. (That, and she was underage when she first got famous.) She was quite disturbed when paparazzi photos of her in a tank top elicited a very horny reaction. This was why her photoshoot for Vogue in 2021, clad in lingerie and corsets, was so shocking: not only was this the first time that she'd ever really played the Ms. Fanservice, but a lot of people also saw for the first time just how buxom she was.
  • In Katy Perry’s music video Birthday, there’s a character by the name of Yosef Shulem (portrayed by Perry). Throughout the music video, Shulem is wearing a suit as normal. Once the closing credits hit, there’s a brief scene of Shulem in underwear (which reveals Perry’s large breasts hidden underneath).

    Video Games 
  • Advanced V.G. II: Kyoko's default character portrait makes her appear semi-flatchested, but her defeat portrait reveals that she binds her breasts with Sarashi. She's actually packing a pair of D-Cups underneath.
  • Saki, one of the main heroines from Ar Tonelico Qoga usually goes around in a large, bulky sweater. During times when she removes it, she reveals to have both a fairly prominent bust and well-defined curves despite being on the shorter side height-wise.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • In Final Fantasy V, Faris is actually a woman who pretends to be a man since it'd be a rather bad idea to be the sole woman on a pirate ship. A passing comment by Galuf states that she's actually very buxom and simply hides it under heavy clothing.
  • Fire Emblem Heroes:
    • Sharena wears armor large enough that her upper body can't really be seen, but other official art shows her without it and she is quite buxom.
    • The same game features Caeda in a bride outfit and that outfit shows off a larger-than-expected set of breasts which her default practical armor hid rather well.
    • The game gives Robin and Corrin swimsuits that show they're both considerably more buxom than their normal outfits would suggest.
  • Girls' Frontline has quite a few T-Dolls who reveal hidden busts in their damaged artwork, but the Fanon has mostly zeroed in on HK416. As the Fanon says, "416's chest hides a little monster.
  • The female player character preset "Scholar Ling" in Jade Empire already appears to be the bustiest of the three such models, but how tightly she's bound up hints that she could be even more so.
  • KanColle has several characters whose damaged sprites' Clothing Damage reveal surprisingly large busts; It's especially glaring for the ones that are destroyers (Ushio being arguably the most [in]famous example), as destroyers generally have petite body types.
  • While the two share a similar appearance, there are several hints that Eurasian Eagle-Owl/Assistant from the mobile game Kemono Friends 3 is this compared to her friend Northern White-face Owl\Professor (most notably a line from the latter's in-game introduction [link]), possibly owed to the difference in size of their respective species.
  • Vice from The King of Fighters. Her measurements seem to indicate that her assets are slightly bigger than those of Mai Shiranui. But it's not at all evident (and she looks fairly flat too) when she's fighting in her usual tight-fitting office outfits.
    • This actually applies to many of the KOF gals thanks to a combination of this trope and Depending on the Artist. Shermie (92cm), Angel (92cm), Vice (90cm), Elizabeth (90cm), Mature (88cm), Blue Mary (88cm), and Foxy (87cm) officially equal or measure larger than the 87cm Mai, with King (86cm), B. Jenet (86cm), Diana (86cm), Chizuru (85cm), and Leona (84cm) being not too far behind her in terms of cup size. However, most of them are usually depicted wearing more conservative/less revealing attire than Mai and being modest up top in comparison (can't outdo SNK's sex symbol, after all). On top of this, Mai, partially modeled after the then-94cm Fumie Hosokawa, is always drawn bigger than her measurements would indicate. The trend seems to be reversing somewhat due to the new art style introduced in XII, although Mai is still portrayed as chestier.
    • King played this trope straight in Art of Fighting where she passed herself off as a man. If she is defeated with a special attack, though, her breasts spill out of her suit.
  • Jack is noticeably bustier in Mass Effect 3 than 2 despite wearing more. She mentions to Miranda at one point that the leather straps she wore flattened her out some because "bouncing everywhere is a bad idea in a maximum-security prison".
  • Zigzagged with Samus Aran from Metroid, some of her slimmer suits e.g the Fusion Suit are flat-chested which becomes Fridge Logic considering what she's packing underneath she'd be painfully crushing her bosoms. Hand Waved with other armors like the common Varia Suit which has a big enough chest piece that Samus could fit herself inside comfortably.
  • From the Neptunia series:
  • Mei from Overwatch usually wears very heavy coats that hide her figure. When wearing more form-fitting clothing, like her pajamas, she is shown to be busty and overall very curvy. Would have been an even bigger example in an earlier design, Mei's Concept art had her be even more busty.
  • Ash from Paladins wears heavy armor in-game, but concept art revealed that her character model is quite busty under the armor.
  • Persona 4's Naoto Shirogane is hinted at being this in addition to being a Bokukko. When Rise is reading a doctor's chart, she is shocked at Naoto's bust size but is quickly shut up before she can say what it is. Her Hot Springs Episode picture does show there is more there than she normally lets on.
    • The anime also reveals that she is packing a lot under there (specially seen in the animated rendition of said Hot Springs Episode), but like the above, Fanon tends to exaggerate her actual bust size.
    • The sequel Persona 4: Arena has Akihiko complain that she's completely underdeveloped everywhere except her chest, but adds that that is just fat (In actuality, Akihiko doesn't say this. Labrys's Shadow makes Naoto think Akihiko is saying things that are designed to hurt her). While aware of this, she doesn't seem to like having it pointed out.
    • The extended epilogue in Persona 4 Golden shows her assets more clearly, due to her wearing a form-fitting blouse and no longer binding her chest, and she is indeed quite stacked. This is further confirmed in Persona 4: Dancing All Night, which takes place after Golden's epilogue.
    • The light novel Persona x Detective NAOTO, which takes place a year after the game, also shows Naoto wearing clothes that don't hide her figure, and she's got some nice tracts of land.
  • Castile from Phantom Brave is a wheelchair-bound girl who's always shown wearing a loose-fitting nightgown. She gets better at the end of the game, however, so this doesn't apply to her cameo appearances in other Nippon Ichi games, and it turns out she's not cut from the same cloth as Etna, Flonne, and Marona after all.
  • In the Resident Evil 2 (Remake) Claire wears a bulky jacket that covers her assets, when Claire gives the jacket to Sherry later we see that’s she’s fairly well endowed. Ada also has a bulky coat, which hides the fact she’s curvaceous.
  • Character customization in the third and fourth games in the Saints Row series includes a "Sex Appeal" slider, which for females adjusts breast size, with the maximum being bigger than the character's head. Both games also have a brief playable opening sequence before character creation where the player character is completely covered up in an outfit that always has the same proportions. This could feasibly contain a woman with an average bust, but the game allows you to go far, far beyond that.
  • Charlotte Marie Colde in Samurai Shodown actually has the same bust size as the infamously buxom Mai Shiranui; however she wears armor that hides that so you wouldn't know it. (Which makes Charlotte a surprising rare straight example of this trope in a Fighting Game.)
  • Samurai Warriors: Aya, the resident Token Wholesome of the series, is shown to have a fairly stacked chest in many of her more fanservice-y DLC outfits.
  • Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike: Used as Makoto's dizzy animation, where her dogi slips partway down her shoulder and exposes her cleavage. Which is also what finally cleared up the confusion about whether she was a girl, or not.

    Visual Novels 
  • Doki Doki Literature Club! is an odd example in that the hidden buxom isn't actually revealed within the game itself but through official art on a separate Twitter account. While Monika's uniform is tight enough to accentuate her curves to some degree, it's only in pictures on her Twitter account that it becomes clear just how stacked she really is. Of course, Monika is later shown in-game to be a major subversion of the timidness that usually comes with the trope.
  • In Dracu-Riot!, protagonist Yuuto's convinced that Nicola's boobs contain some kind of space time magic that allows her chest to look flat while dressing as a guy when in reality they are just huge.
  • Fate/stay night's Sakura Matou, of all people, turns out to be an E-cup note , according to Taiga. It's not really visible outside of the H-scenes, though it's slightly more prominent in her casual clothes. Note that this is a Japanese E-cup, which has its letter derived from centimeters instead of inches and scales to the same ratio - still well-endowed, but not as much as it sounds to an American reader. There is also the fact that the art in earlier Type Moon works aren't that great at emphasizing curves. This is also present in Tsukihime and Melty Blood in regards to its curvy characters.
  • Ayu from Kanon is a 17-year old teenager who looks like an elementary school girl, but when she takes off her cloak, you can see that her breasts are around the same size as the other female leads'.
  • Katawa Shoujo: Some of the girls' nude scenes reveal their breasts to be bigger than you might have expected, partly because the way that different artists draw the same characters is rather inconsistent. This isn't so much an issue with Lilly and Shizune (who are clearly bigger than the others), nor with Emi (who's small, but not flat), as it is with Hanako and Rin:
    • Hanako in her standard school uniform sprite set has the chest-hugging button-down shirt that girls wear, which shows her chest is substantial, but in that set, she's drawn with somewhat unflattering proportions that make her torso look too big and her breasts seem smaller by comparison. The sprites for her street clothes and nightgown, as well as most of the CGs, make her whole body look more slender and delicate while at the same time de-emphasizing her chest. When she takes everything off it looks as if her breasts are actually in the same league as Shizune, which is to say, pretty big!
    • Rin Tezuka also clearly has a significant bosom, as you sometimes see in profile, but most of the time she wears a loose-fitting boy's shirt that gives you only a vague idea of the relationship between her chest and body. The good path in her route takes you to her second sex scene, where you see that her breasts may not be as big as Shizune or Lilly's, but they're still nothing to sneeze at. The fact that by that point she's been worryingly undernourished from how she Forgets to Eat while she's painting actually makes her breasts stand out in greater relief.
  • A Sky Full of Stars: While Hikari Houkiboshi's winter jacket might make her look modestly-endowed at best, her other outfits make it obvious that she's stacked; at 91 cm, she's second only to Orihime in terms of chest size.

    Web Animation 
  • hololive:
    • Airani Iofifteen is a Downplayed example, as her first two outfits were a loose-fitting t-shirt with overalls and a sweater with ruffles across the chest (generally worn to make small chests look bigger), though in both cases there was enough bare skin to show that she wasn't totally flat. It took until her third outfit for her to properly be able to show off her bust size on stream.
    • Amelia Watson appeared to have a modest bust during her debut stream, but about halfway through she shed her deerstalker hat and Inverness cape, proving that there was nothing "modest" about it. As her less "blessed" teammate Ina'nis put it later on, "I thought she was one of us [...]. But Ame, she... she hid her boing-boings!"
    • Anya Melfissa zig-zags this trope. Her initial character art showed her as petite, but upon debut, she was revealed to be rather bouncy for her stature. However, she continued to use art that depicted her as flat-chested for her video thumbnails, and when asked about this, said that she was in fact flat and her appearance to the contrary was an error in the rigging on her first Live2D model; her second outfit supports this by having no apparent bounce.
  • In the pornographic animation Party Games by Derpixon, shy, nerdy Fiona actually turns out to have the second biggest bust after Valentine. They're just concealed by her hoodie until the end.

  • An unusual variant in Avialae: Bailey uses his trans brother's old bandages to bind Gannet's wings so that he can hide them under his shirt.
  • Bifauxnen Gunslinger Soli from The Meek wears a bandage bra. It's not immediately apparent why. It may be simple poverty, but given the Victorian and frontier character of the setting bras may not be available and a wrap may be the only practical alternative to a corset.
  • Megatokyo's resident cute robot girl, Ping, did this at one point in an attempt to return to her "plain" appearance. Upon learning the truth, Junko Ibara berates her for doing this, saying, "It's not good for them!"
  • Tai from Questionable Content mentioned that she did this at one point to pass as a boy; she still does it occasionally for a pretense of androgyny. (In her earliest appearances, she distinctly has no bosom, as opposed to later.)
  • Ryan, in Rain, is a trans guy, and more than a bit annoyed at his chest. When Ky lends him one of their binders (unworn, thankfully) and Rudy remarks on it, Ryan jokes, "I didn't need them anymore, so I popped 'em off and threw 'em out the window."
  • Rascals: If you're wondering about how much the average breast size would hinder passing for male, the answer is no.
  • Yuki of Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki tried to do this, but ended up passing out due to her inability to breathe. Being a victim of Gender Bender and all that.
  • Natani from TwoKinds had her soul severely damaged by magic, and the only way to save her life was by bonding what was left of her soul to that of her twin brother. Since she's also trying to pass as a male most of the time, she uses this trope to keep her physical gender a secret.
  • Unsounded: Elka most of her screen time wearing a metal breastplate. When out of it, she's revealed to be absolutely stacked. Even lamenting that her "Antibreast plate" was restricting her full power.
  • Vampire Cheerleaders: You don't usually get to see Charlotte's, because she's shy and dresses conservatively. But on the few occasions that you do, you can see she's stacked.
  • One character in Venus Envy is a trans boy who wears bindings. Someone else catches a glimpse of the bandages and jumps to the conclusion that he's a street fighter; Larson's response is basically Sure, Let's Go with That.
  • White Dark Life has Eloria. She's normally seen in a metallic suit and has the same body style as the male characters (read, totally flat), but when she's wearing a less constricting outfit she sports a pair of giant boobs.

    Web Original 
  • In Pixiv, this is denoted as "隠れ巨乳". note 

    Western Animation 
  • Ty Lee from Avatar The Last Air Bender is more buxom than her usual attire would suggest.
    • Katara counts as well, with her figure being more pronounced when she’s in bathing wear than her usual bulky Water Tribe garments.
    • Likewise, Azula, whose usual Fire Nation uniform armor conceals a more buxom and pronounced figure seen when wearing more casual beachwear.
  • Janet van Dyne a.k.a. the Wasp in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes qualifies as such, in a possible superhero first, her outfit generally playing down her figure. When we see her in swimwear, though, it becomes apparent that she's got a generous figure.
  • Sypha from Castlevania primarily wears a big blue cloak, when she gets Clothing Damage we see that’s she’s got a more feminine figure underneath. It’s even more apparent in her concept art.
    • In Season 3 Lenore and especially Taka have more curvaceous and well-endowed figures than their regular clothing suggests. As revealed in their naked sex scenes with Hector and Alucard respectively.
  • Daria Morgandorfer of Daria fame typically dresses in ill-fitting and/or otherwise unflattering clothing. But in one episode, where she starts dressing like her sister, the formfitting outfit revealed that Daria actually has a noticeably curvier/more buxom build than Quinn does (such as having a more ample chest and wider, rounder hips).
  • Some accuse Velma Dinkley from Scooby-Doo of this, especially in recent years — in quite a bit of the more recent work for the franchise, Velma's shown to have a rather curvaceous build whenever she's dressed in something that's much more formfitting than her signature outfit.


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