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So that's where she gets all those wonderful toys!

"Women have more hiding places than men."
Meryl Silverburgh, Metal Gear Solid

A woman hides an important item close to her heart — more specifically, between her (usually large) breasts. Once stowed, it does not rumple her Form-Fitting Wardrobe and is entirely invisible. This way, even if she loses her purse or is deprived of her Utility Belt, this thing will be safe until she dramatically pulls it out at a critical moment. This Mundane Utility of the Most Common Superpower lends a whole new meaning to the term "breast pocket."

This can be realistic, so that the character only carries objects that could plausibly be stashed this way: keys, notes, money, trinkets, or other small items. Or it can be ridiculous, as if somewhere in her cleavage is a portal to Hammerspace: she can somehow cram an entire Hyperspace Arsenal of massive equipment in her supportive Bra of Holding. If she is pleased by the way her voluminous assets give her access to such storage, it's a source of Big-Breast Pride, but if her Compartment is so unmanageable she accidentally loses stuff down there and struggles to find it, it's a source of D-Cup Distress. Either way, this Exaggerated variant is a form of Boob-Based Gag.

A MacGuffin hidden here is extra secure, not just against getting lost but against being seized. If she knows a male character is looking for something, the woman can exploit a Double Standard to play Keep Away. If she hides it with her breasts, he cannot reach or search there without violating a taboo or looking like a pervert. This is not foolproof, though. A smart antagonist will let his female ally do it. The Big Guy can get around this problem by holding her upside-down and shaking her. A dishonorable villain may subject her to a Pervy Patdown or Shameful Strip anyway, to her disgust (unless that's exactly what she hopes for).

Sometimes, there is an element of Fanservice to this. Seeing an object enfolded in Ms. Fanservice's voluptuous bosom can be enough to make some characters (and the audience) envious of that object. Expect The Vamp or The Tease to provoke this deliberately. The object of envy may be the Team Pet or other Ridiculously Cute Critter who gets the privilege of being carried around this way, peeking out occasionally to show how comfortable it feels. It looks so cozy and snug between those warm, soft pillows, others wish they could be take its place. And in extraordinary cases of an Incredible Shrinking Man or Giant Woman, they can — an extreme variation of Marshmallow Hell for extra Fanservice and Ship Tease.

An Action Girl might keep weapons here, which makes it a form of Unorthodox Holstering. For feminine-coded weapons, compare Chastity Dagger or Combat Haircomb. When breasts are weaponized, contrast Torpedo Tits.

The other secret compartment is Trouser Space. Both males and females have access to it, but for women, stashing an item in panties, stockings, or other Unmentionables has many of the same benefits of concealing in in a bra: it's hidden, secret, and off-limits.

When a character can carry an item literally inside her chest, contrast Person of Holding.

This is Truth in Television, of course. It often arises from the lamentable fact that many Simple, yet Opulent dresses lack pockets!

This is one of several trope names that could be a "Before & After" puzzle on Wheel of Fortune.note  Or, on the Game Show Chain Reaction: Victoria's / Secret / Compartment / Door / Stop / Short / Story / Time.


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  • One of the adverts for (a British website that sells insurance) has a brief scene where Sassy Black Woman Bertha pulls a large blue ice cream cone out of her cleavage for herself and a comically smaller one for the dog lying next to her.

    Anime & Manga 
  • 009-1: 009-1 has hidden the monkey with the implanted memory (containing data about a weapon of mass destruction by the Eastern Block) between her breasts when jumping out of a shuttle set to explode when it reaches a certain altitude.
  • The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You: Hahari has been known to store a variety of items in the space between her giant boobs.
  • In one episode of After War Gundam X, Ennil asks the guards preparing to kill her and Dr. Farzenberg for one last intimate moment (pretending that they're lovers). They agree, and she opens her jacket... revealing a set of flash-bang grenades, which she and Farzenberg use to escape.
  • Ah! My Goddess:
    • Skuld and her "Skuld-bombs". Actually, she has enough explosives down there to take out a battalion, despite having the body of a flat-chested thirteen-year-old. This was even Played for Laughs to an extreme in a recent arc where she pulled several tools out of her blouse before she realized she was out of weapons.
    • In one of the later chapters, Belldandy. When Keiichi stopped to think about holding an object that'd been nestled there...
    • In chapter 271, Belldandy uses it to hide an important item. It didn't work.
  • Angel Links has its main character, Meifon Li, keep her Empathic Weapon in her cleavage for easy access and consultation.
  • Ayakashi Triangle:
    • Matsuri keeps the god-sealing scroll that contains Shirogane's power under his bra. It's tucked in the back most of the time; it sticks out very conspicuously while in his cleavage, so he only keeps it there at night so he can sleep on his back.
    • Reo pulls a much more impossible trick, perfectly concealing a bottle inside her skintight bikini.
  • Hannah from Black Butler has all sorts of weaponry in her cleavage.
  • During one arc of Black Lagoon, Revy ends up hiding the documents they have to deliver in her shirt, only revealing this when they give them to the CIA agents sent for them. The agents then complain that the documents are sweaty.
  • Bleach:
    • Ururu possibly has a hidden compartment... down there. It's bigger than she is! Ah, the wonder that is Hammerspace.
    • Loly keeps her dagger down her shirt.
  • Blue Exorcist's Shura certainly invokes this trope with the tattoo seal on her chest where she can pull out her sword when needed—or store even Rin's.
  • In the second Blue Seed OVA Momiji Fujimiya stores her cell phone between her breasts.
  • In episode 3 of Armed Girl's Machiavellism, Nomura is attempting to retrieve a stamp from Mary. After defeating her in a duel, Mary sticks the stamp between her breasts instead of handing it over. This was more of an attempt to get Nomura to grope her rather than to keeping the stamp away from him, however.
  • In Case Closed, Kudou Yukiko, the resident Ms. Fanservice and Badass Biker, carries an unconscious Conan in her cleavage while riding a motorcycle across Japan. Conan is actually Shinichi, Yukiko's drug-induced de-aged teenage son, stuck in the body of a 6-year-old, and he logically is NOT happy when he wakes up and finds himself tucked inside her (rather tight) clothes...
  • In Ceres, Celestial Legend, Aya keeps Tooya's dagger in her bra. It's a wonder how she doesn't get cut.
  • Chobits:
    • Plum (Shimbo's compact persocom, designed to resemble the laptop), tries to hide in the cleavage of Chi because Hideki (with all the screaming around) is scaring her.
    • Yumi keeps her keychain-sized persocom in her cleavage (At least in the manga).
  • Played with in Citrus, where Harumin uses this compartment to hide her (normally banned) cellphone. The protagonist Yuzu later tries to imitate her… only for her phone to fall pathetically on the ground. She doesn't take it well.
  • Early in Code Geass R2, Kallen kept the activation key to her Humongous Mecha in her cleavage. Since she was undercover as a Playboy Bunny, she put a fake cigarette lighter top on the key to disguise it.
  • In Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou, Kikko keeps her (small) pet Uru in there. Said "pet" is shaped like a mini snowman with ears and has a human face.
  • Takada Kiyomi keeps a page from the Death Note in her bra. Similarly, Light (in volume 9) discusses with Ryuk keeping Misa's notebook in case he needs to relinquish ownership of his again so he won't lose his memories by binding it to his chest with a corset.
  • Yuri and Kei from Dirty Pair often store their guns, jewelry, money, and evidence for the crimes in their cleavage.
  • Dominion Tank Police, the animated OAV run: the Puma twins (guised in finery) take out their large heavy weaponry from their bras and underwear.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • Bulma does this with a diamond. It doesn't go in her bra. Krillin, upon being given the gem, holds it up to his noseless face, trying to see if it smelled. He doesn't have a nose.
    • Though she doesn't actually have a cleavage worth mentioning, Pan muscles her way into the first saga of Dragon Ball GT by dropping the control keys for the spacecraft she has stowed away on down her shirt. Trunk's long hesitation about whether to retrieve them or not was the cause of much (possibly unintentional) Unresolved Sexual Tension between the two.
  • Celty from Durarara!! keeps her cash payments down the front of her catsuit.
  • Fairy Tail:
    • In an omake chapter of the manga, Erza produces a lead pipe... Well, there's a reason it's on this page.
    • During the after-party of the Grand Magic Games, Erza cheers up Milliana by pulling out Happy, Carla, and Lily from her rack.
    • Cana is also prone to it, since she almost always wears a halter top. When she retrieves a card in episode 136 of the anime, it produces a Bicycle Horn sound.
  • Kirche von Zerbst uses this to store her wand in The Familiar of Zero.
  • Used for a quick gag in the second OVA of Food Wars!. When Erina and Alice are hanging out at a public pool, the latter taunts the former into confessing that she has someone she likes. Alice pulls out a recorder and replays what Erina said. Erina angrily tells Alice to put that thing away, and since they're only wearing bikinis at the time, that's the only place she can place it in.
  • In Futaba-kun Change!, the store clerk they meet while shopping for undies is so addicted to smoking that she has a tendency to try to sell underwear with multiple hidden compartments for cigarettes, just like the ones she wears to hide her smokes.
  • Giant Robo's "Ginrei Special" Omake OVAs parodied this by having the Action Girl in question pull a full-sized bazooka from her cleavage while she was wearing a motorcycle suit.
  • In the Volume 3 Omake of Girl Friends (2006), after Akko becomes doll-sized for some unknown reason, Mari decides to let her come to school with her by placing her under her bra. Unfortunately, the train she takes is overcrowded due to the rush hour, making that place too painful for Akko. So Akko decides to climb a lot more south and...
    Mari: I'm definitely not taking you to school anymore!
    Akko: But I didn't have any other place to go!
  • Godannar: Two of the characters keep their cellphones in their cleavage (though it's more like a cavern for both of them, really). Both also happen to keep them on vibrate, so everyone knows they're getting a call when their boobs start to rumble like the kind of volcano you run away from really fast.
  • Girlfriend, Girlfriend In chapter 60, Rika handcuffs herself to Maoya and sticks the key in her cleavage. Her success is VERY short-lived.
  • Tendou Rushuna from Grenadier not only stores extra bullets in her cleavage but manages to eject them when needed and catch them with her gun.
  • Izumi of Hayate the Combat Butler apparently keeps her cell phone here. Revealed when a guy (kitten) steals it, by diving into her shirt.
  • When Chypre and Coffret first ran into Tsubomi in HeartCatch Pretty Cure!, they hid in her shirt to escape from Sasorina. It works perfectly... until she creates a Desertrian.
  • In chapter 26 of Highschool of the Dead, Zeke ends up in Shizuka's secret compartment and stays there for the next five pages.
  • In the anime version of His and Her Circumstances, Yukino Miyazawa puts a photograph in her bra.
  • Haruna from Is This A Zombie? hides the secret scroll Maelstrom borrowed from Ayumu between her breasts, despite the fact that she's at least 3 cup sizes too small to "hide" anything there, much less a big scroll, as the hero Ayumu personally notes.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's Mariah uses the Stand Bastet, which appears as a wall outlet that, if touched, will gradually increase the target's magnetic attraction. To this end, she stores a veritable magnetic trail mix of nuts and bolts inside of her bra, to be used as a projectile weapon if her target tried to defeat her and deactivate her Stand. Said target, Joseph Joestar, ever the lech, is initially intrigued at what appears to be sudden Breast Expansion.
  • Following Boota's example is Touchoumaru, the pet mouse of Shigure from Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple. He's one lucky little rodent.
  • In one episode of Kill la Kill, Mako somehow pulls a large boxed lunch from beneath her blouse. Nui Harime also keeps the other half of the Sword Scissors in her chest.
  • Lupin III:
    • A few ladies in the manga hide things (microfilm, diamonds) "down there". Busty Fujiko's among the most frequent of practitioners.
    • The first opening sequence for the Lupin III: Part II series shows Fujiko dropping a diamond ring in her bikini top.
    • An episode of the second series has Fujiko in disguise, only for Zenigata to see right through it. After revealing her, the first place he looks for a hidden microphone is in her cleavage. And he's right.
    • Another episode of the second series has a giant Fujiko tuck a normal-sized Lupin into her cleavage for safekeeping. It Makes Sense in Context.
  • Sheryl in Macross Frontier drops Alto's talisman down her shirt in the 5th episode as "insurance" that he'll keep his word. And in the False Songstress movie she keeps a taiyaki-shaped cellphone in there, which wiggles so much when it rings that it actually leaps out!
  • In episode 4 of Medaka Box Abnormal, Medaka is battling Shigusa in order to obtain a flash drive with important information. When she finally gets her hands on it, she tucks it between her breasts to prevent it from being taken. Unfortunately, Shigusa reveals that the drive she obtained was a fake.
  • Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: While it never happens during the series proper, Cool-Kyou Shinsha released artwork on his Twitter account where Ilulu offers Taketo a box of Valentine's Day chocolate she has stored between her breasts. And given how it's been established that her breasts are supposed to be "flame bags" where she stores her dragon fire, the chocolate is presumably melted.
  • In Muhyo and Roji, Harumi Busujima hides tempering medicine between her breasts to prevent her friend Reiko Imai from finding out how reckless her magical law use is.
  • In Murciélago, the protagonist Kuroko hides a lot of things inside that cleavage. Somehow, this also includes a wrestling bell and hammer.
  • Kana from My Lovely Ghost Kana is the eponymous ghost. Being a ghost allows her to drop the temperature on the room that she's in as well as apparently cool a can of beer to the perfect temperature by putting it in her ghostly cleavage and rotating it slightly.
  • Naruto:
    • Temari in Naruto Episode 74 showned to have took out a healing bottle for Gaara down her clothes.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi:
    • Asakura holding Sayo in her cleavage.
    • Earlier on in chapter 35, she stores Chamo in there. Bet he enjoyed it.
    • In chapter 276, Mana pulls out an anti-tank rifle. It's lampshaded.
      • And in the sequel UQ Holder!, Mana again pulls a sniper rifle in a mock battle with Touta.
    • This rule isn't just limited to big-breasted girls in Negima, as Nodoka, who is flat-chested, is seen hiding one of the smaller versions of her Pactio item in her cleavage in chapter 280.
  • One Piece:
    • Kalifa apparently hides her key between her breasts.
    • Nami hides things in there rather often, including the staff she uses to fight (both before and after getting the Clima Takt). She also stored a Den Den Mushi in her shirt, which was more than pleased.
    • Also Robin, who once pulled a small paper from her cleavage in the Seventh Movie.
  • Sha Chi from Penguin Musume hides a katana (of all things) between her breasts in one episode.
  • Pokémon Adventures character Green is rather well-endowed for a twelve-year-old. Sabrina unfortunately found out why during her battle with her. Green was frozen in place, so she taunted Sabrina's "health" (read: bust size) and baited her into attacking her big, round... Poké Balls. Not a euphemism: Green apparently padded her top with them, and the attack released her Pokémon and allowed her to escape.
  • Princess Jellyfish In chapter 21, Inari prevents Shuu from driving by shoving the car keys into her cleavage.
  • Overlapping with Hyperspace Arsenal, Mami Tomoe from Puella Magi Madoka Magica magically pulls out a rifle from her chest area.
  • Ranma ½:
    • In an early arc, Shampoo hides an antidote shampoo down her shirt and then dares Ranma to retrieve it. When bartering an antidote or power item with Ranma for a date, she tends to keep them there too, to prevent him from stealing and bailing (it should be noted that Ranma, being able to transform into a girl, doesn't think much of searching in there, but doesn't want Shampoo to make a scene in public). She once hid a kitten in there, but that was to scare Ranma into accepting the date (Ranma's an ailurophobe).
    • Similarly, Kodachi has kept items in her bra more than once.
    • A mirror-duplicate of female Ranma hid a magic compact in her cleavage once. Naturally, the real Ranma didn't even think twice about stealing it.
  • In Saki, Yuuki, after losing a practice match, accuses Nodoka of hiding mahjong tiles between her breasts.
  • Fuu of Samurai Champloo has a pet flying squirrel named Momo, which seems to spend most of its time inside her kimono. Spoofed in an episode where two teenagers appear to be leering at her cleavage. At the end, Fuu is furious to discover they were actually interested in Momo. There was also the first episode, where she stuffs some bombs down the front of her shirt, which unlike Momo are quite easily visible.
  • In one chapter of Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei, Chiri comes to clean Nozomu's house, and wants to straighten things so there is less "dead space". Nozomu comments that she has her own dead space, wearing a bra that's too large for her. She responds that she uses the space effectively and pins him to the wall with knives. (During this scene, Nozomu specifically references Fujiko of Lupin III.)
  • In Sekirei chapter 62 Matsu pulls a tracking device out of her cleavage.
  • The drug dealing girls in Serial Experiments Lain hide their Accela inside their cleavage.
  • In The Seven Deadly Sins, when Diane and Elizabeth are shrunken by mushroom creatures (although Diane was a Cute Giant beforehand, so she ends up human-sized), Diane hides Elizabeth in her cleavage.
  • Princesses Gallet and Christina do this accidentally in Shina Dark when they are forced to leave the treasury/labyrinth of doom without any treasure... except what accidentally got stuck in their cleavage, much to Noel's jealousy.
  • Lampshaded in chapter 18 of Shuukan Shounen Hachi, when Ran carefreely pulls out a storyboard and a notebook from between her ample breasts. Hachi asks her if her cleavage leads to a fourth dimension − and is dead embarrassed to read the (still warm) storyboard.
  • In the Japanese version of episode 73 of Sonic X Rouge stores a data disk in her cleavage that had been given to her by a dying Leon.
  • Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale: During the movie's climax, as Kirito and Asuna's friends join in to battle Aincrad's final boss, a Navigation Pixie-sized Yui pops out of Leafa's rack. Given her expression afterwards, it's clear she didn't know Yui was hiding in there.
  • In the manga for the video game Tales of Symphonia there's an omake that says that Sheena has her exsphere equipped just under her left breast.
  • Boota of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann has ridden in Yoko's cleavage on multiple occasions, including the first day they met. Kamina and Simon's jealousy is obvious. What's even funnier is that after the time skip, when Yoko makes her dramatic entrance, guess where Boota goes.
  • Time Stop Hero: Kuzuno Sekai freezes time and strips Lovisa naked, only to find that she saw this coming and concealed pieces of paper with messages for him. He finds one in her cleavage, one in her vagina, and one in her butt.
  • To Love Ru:
    • In a chapter, Rito gets shrunk to roughly 4 inches tall. Lala keeps him all day in her Marshmallow Hell.
    • Her younger sister Momo has been shown tucking her summoning device into her cleavage.
  • Lum of Urusei Yatsura would occasionally pull some Oni-tech gizmo from her tiger-striped bikini top. It isn't like her usual outfit has many pockets.
  • Merle from The Vision of Escaflowne apparently has much larger breasts than viewers are led to believe because, in episode 8, she stores two boxes of Pocky, lipstick, a pager, a watch, and a discman in her cleavage.

    Card Games 
  • The "Rodomontade" card in Munchkin Bites 2: Pants Macabre, which allows you to hold an extra card, depicts a card held in such a manner.

    Comic Books 
  • Poison Ivy (2022): For some reason, Harley keeps a phone in her cleavage.
  • In The Spirit, Satin, a thief, hides a stolen medallion down her bosom. Unfortunately for her, the title character chooses to turn her upside-down and shake it out, rather than reach in.
  • X-Men:
    • In one issue, Storm and Nightcrawler were enjoying a night out when she—wearing a revealing evening gown and no purse—suddenly pulls out a cell phone. When Kurt asks where she had been hiding that, Ororo responds, "My secret."
    • Another issue has a female antagonist hide a vial of something in her cleavage, only for Gambit to later charm her and dip her (dance move style). After he leaves she discovers he got the vial.
  • Jack of Fables #18: Hillary Page reveals she has the missing piece from the map to Americana. She stuffs it down her shirt for safekeeping.
  • At the end of Secret Six #7, it's revealed that Scandal has Neron's get out of hell card stuffed down her top.
  • Ant-Man hides in Black Widow's cleavage in an issue of Thunderbolts.
  • Where else would Catwoman hide the things that she steals? After all, she IS a jewel thief! And, of course, it's a pearl necklace.
  • In Galen DeMarco's first appearance in The Simping Detective, she draws a concealed gun on Jack, despite wearing nothing more than a thong. Jack's narration even muses, "No, I don't know where she kept the gun either."
  • In The Adventures of a Lesbian College School Girl, Jennifer hides the key to Petra's diary in her bra. Petra retrieves it with her teeth. Given the title, you can probably guess what this leads to.
  • She wasn't hiding it, but Madame Mirage once showed off by holding her pistol (by the barrel, grip facing outward) between her breasts. She even moved around a little to emphasize the fact that it was securely lodged in there. She's also seen to store a small video screen down there.
  • Mystique can actually hide weapons inside herself. In "Get Mystique" she pulls a 9mm Glock out of a pouch at the base of her spine and shoots Wolverine in the middle of the face; she is stark naked at the time.
  • Agent 327: Olga Lawina uses her breasts to hide all kinds of weapons there.
  • De Kiekeboes: In Het edelweissmotief Fanny hides Hitler's valuable handkerchief in her bra, so nobody can find it.
  • Spider-Man: In Spider-Man Unlimited (2004) #14, while Spider-Man and the Black Cat are breaking into the Latverian Embassy, she states that she hides her tools in her cleavage since her costume has no pockets.

    Comic Strips 
  • In Arlo And Janis, Janis tucks her cell phone into her bikini top when she's at the beach. Arlo doesn't realize this until it rings (set to vibrate), sending him into hysterics.
  • In issue #181 of Knights of the Dinner Table, Sara gets hold of the infamous cursed die Fitz and keeps it away from the rest of the knights by dropping it down her cleavage and zipping up her catsuit.
  • Modesty Blaise once used her bra to smuggle a saw into prison in order to create a rather elaborate escape plan.

    Fan Works 
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged: When Krillin confesses the truth to Maron, she reveals herself to be an agent for the government who recorded Krillin's confession to insurance fraud. When Krillin asks where she was hiding the mic, she tells him she hid it in her boobs.
    Krillin: Curses! The one place I couldn't reach!
  • G.I. Joe's The Baroness in this piece of fan art.
  • At one point in Yellow Submarine, Hermione stuffs Ron and Harry's wands down her blouse to keep them from hexing each other. However, Ron doesn't think that this is really a hardship. Unfortunately, nothing happens, which could inspire Fanfic Fan Fic Fuel.
  • Child of the Storm has Chloe Sullivan reveal in the sequel that after quickly rifling through the Arc Villain's office and just before getting caught, she stuffed some very important notes down her bra.
  • Equestria Girls: Friendship Souls: Sunset uses her cleavage as a temporary place to hold Discord’s Hogyoku until Rarity could craft something better.
  • Gensokyo 20XX:
    • In 20XXII, Kaguya isn't concealing a knife in her cleavage, but rather between her butt cheeks. Played straight in Mokou's case, in that she carries her cigarettes in her bra.
    • As we later find out in 20XXV, we find out that Shinmyoumaru (called "Shimmy") spends a lot of time between Yukari's breasts, chapter 38 mentioning her to be peeking out of them to watch a fight.
  • The first chapter of Bait and Switch has this line when Eleya is facing a Stripperiffically clad Orion matron who likes to use knives:
    Eleya: There's a muffled thrum from somewhere above me as the spinal phaser cannon finally fires, then she's upon me, having pulled two more knives from I'm-not-sure-I-want-to-know-where.
  • In one snippet in Dancing Sparks, Xander mentions that Illyria kept a bazooka hidden in her cleavage that she once used on a mugger. Justified however given that Illyria is an Eldritch Abomination in human form and a Reality Warper.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! The Thousand-Year Door Redux, when the Shadow Queen has Rave thrown into her prison, the demonic jailers have her searched, and while they take her deck, they don't bother confiscating a few cards that they consider obsolete. This proves to be a mistake because she decides to keep those concealed in her bra strap, and when Hyde finds her and another prisoner named Bianca in trouble later, she's able to use one of them—De-Spell—in combination with her Reality Warping powers to unlock Bianca's restraints.
  • New Game Plus: Where Nami seems to keep all her cash. And there's a lot of it.
  • In Friendship Is Magical Girls, Pinkie keeps all sorts of things down her bra, much to the confusion of everyone around her.
  • In the Discworld fics of A.A. Pessimal, female Assassins keep weapons of almost-last-resort in there, generally flexible stilettos (or working tools like lockpicks and Gigli saws) concealed as underwiring in their bras. They have heard about where Agatean ninja women are reputed to conceal a ''real'' weapon of last resort (in a specially designed sheath). To a woman, they consider this a Last Resort Too Far and proof that Agateans Are Strange.
  • In the pro wrestling story, The Return-Remixed, Trish Stratus regularly keeps a set of brass knuckles in hers.
  • The Loneliest Laundromat: Either this or Trouser Space is how Sonata gets money after stripping down for clothes laundering.
  • In Lady In White, Anna hides her phone in her bra while sneaking into a military base to rescue Elsa.
  • In Harry Potter and the Paradigm Shift Tonks pulls a posthumous pardon for Sirius, an underage magic exemption for Harry and her wand out of her cleavage.
  • In Bring to Order Ginny has a love note from Harry to Hermione and a vial of love potion in a special pocket in her bra.
  • In Violence Inherent in the System Sailor Pluto announces that Sailor Moon no longer owes her 500 yen shortly before dropping a Silver Millennium coin into her cleavage.
  • In Common Sense, at the end of Chapter 24 it's revealed that there's where Jessie hid the Pokéball containing the Pink Butterfree.
  • In The Thorny Rose Tonks suggests raiding Sirius' liquor cabinet (for the second time) to celebrate good news and Eva drops the key down her ample cleavage.
  • In Essence, Ash asks Erika where she keeps her Poké Balls. She doesn't have a holder and instead reaches into her kimono sleeves to get them. Erika whispers something to Ash that makes him turn red, implying she keeps her Poké Balls in her bra.
  • In Headfirst Slide into Latveria on a Bad Bet, part of the Sixes and Sevens series, Maddie hides the journal of Djordji Zindel Hungaros in her brassier so it can be passed on to a teenaged Victor von Doom.
    • Maddie is later revealed to have also concealed a pistol in her bosom in the following chapter.
    Robert: I thought you said you didn’t have a gun.
    Maddie: And lose the element of surprise? Please.
  • With This Ring: Dana Dearden keeps the pouch containing the magic coins that give her powers in her cleavage. When Kara Zor-El, under the influence of black kryptonite, steals the coins, she keeps them inside herself, but not in her mouth or backdoor.
  • I Woke Up As a Dungeon, Now What?: Maryk has a specially enchanted bra which he uses to store various small but important items, including secret messages and signet rings. It helps that he is a he (though he seems to exclusively use female disguises), so there's a lot more storage space in there than you'd think.
  • In The Feel of Feelings Rewrite Hermione sticks an acceptance letter from the school Harry applied to down the front of her shirt because he wouldn't even think of trying to get it out of there.

    Films — Animation 
  • The beginning of Beowulf shows a girl sneaking a gold coin down her corset.
  • Brave: Maudie the maid drops the key to Merida's cell down the front of her dress. It doesn't stop the Triplets, though...
  • Dola the Sky Pirate from Castle in the Sky somehow manages to find the time to fill her cleavage with jewels even as she and her crew are making their last-minute escape from the fall of Laputa.
  • In Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, Cousin Mel often hid things between her breasts like Austin Bucks' phone number, Santa's letter, and some money she received from Bucks.
  • In Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Esmeralda pulls a hankie out of her cleavage when she prepares to escape Frollo's guards.
  • In Interstella 5555, the Big Bad drops a card with some important information. The only female member of the cast notices it when no-one else does. Down her dress it goes.
  • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. Nausicaä's pet foxsquirrel Teto hides in Nausicaa's shirt at one point.
  • The Road to El Dorado: Lampshaded, when Chel reveals to the boys that she managed to swipe Tulio's loaded dice.
    Tulio: How did you get those?
    Miguel: Where was she keeping them?
  • Shrek 2: The Fairy godmother pulls the love potion from between her breasts and gives it to Harold.
  • Maggie seems to have learned this at an early age, as witnessed in The Simpsons Movie when she grabs Bart's "Babyblaster" game and shoves it down her baby jumper during church.
  • In Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, while Lottie anxiously waits for the Prince to arrive at a party, she ends up sweating profusely and stuffs some napkins into her armpits and cleavage.
  • In Thumbelina, during the "On The Road" musical number, Mrs. Toad is shown storing her makeup down her large Non-Mammal Mammaries.
  • In Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Greasy the Weasel assumes Jessica has one of these and takes great pleasure in searching for it. Turns out Jessica does have one... but due to her character, she only uses it to punish perverts like Greasy. All Greasy finds there is a cartoon bear trap — a literal Booby Trap. Greasy yells in pain and Jessica gives him a "serves you right" smirk.
    Eddie Valiant: Nice booby trap.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy: The Femme Fatale pulls a gun from her shirt. However, since she was dressed for the desert it takes opening a few buttons to get it out and putting them back when putting the gun away.
  • The Adventures of Pinocchio: In the monastery scene, Bebe Neuwirth's Felinet picks up and puts the coin Pinocchio gave as an offering in her cleavage.
  • All About Steve. Mary stuffs a cookie wrapper into her bra, further reminding us that she is insane.
  • Angel (1984): After Angel gets a bad feeling about the motel room and tries to break off her their 'date', her john persuades her to stay by shoving a large roll of cash down her cleavage.
  • When Blackbeard overturns the table in the tavern in Anne of the Indies, his wench starts stuffing the silver coins that spilled on to the floor down her cleavage until Dougal lands on top her.
  • In Army of Frankensteins, Alan's landlady Mrs. Henderson keeps a sizable roll of banknotes stuffed down her cleavage.
  • In the Marx Brothers film At The Circus, Pauline (Eve Arden), places a $10,000 wallet down the bodice of her costume, leaving Groucho to make the Aside Comment, "There must be some way of getting that money without getting in trouble with the Hays Office."
  • In Bad Boys (1995), Téa Leoni's character manages to hide a handcuff key in her bra and uses it to escape at the end. The mook guarding her sees her reach for it but doesn't think to check her.
  • In the film adaptation of the comic book Barb Wire, Barb (played by Pamela Anderson) hides a pair of contact lenses in a little tube down her cleavage. Then it turns out they were fakes and she was wearing the real ones. Still, the compartment stands.
  • In Batman (1989), Vicky Vale attempts to conceal the film containing a picture of Batman unmasked in roughly that neighborhood if her dismayed grab at her left breast in one scene is any indication.
  • In Batman Forever, Bruce Wayne asks Sugar (one of Two-Face's babes) how to turn Edward Nygma's machine off. He takes the glowing green battery from her and goes in, and then Sugar produces a second, identical battery from down her cleavage and switches it on again.
  • Birds of Prey (2020) Harley stuffs her egg sandwich down her top towards the beginning of the film as she flees the authorities.
  • In Bonnie and Clyde vs. Dracula, Bonnie (Tiffany Shepis) keeps a straight razor tucked in her stocking top.
  • The Bounty Hunter gives us this line:
    Gerard Butler: Something tells me I should frisk you.
    Jennifer Aniston: Why? Do I look like I have a weapon between my breasts?
  • Bratz: The over-the-top Hispanic stereotype takes the chocolate and puts it in her bra.
  • Bullshot. 1930s Damsel in Distress Rosemary Fenton hides the secret formula in her... underthings.
  • In The Butchers, Auntie May keeps a flask in her cleavage for when she needs a Quick Nip.
  • In Call Me Bwana, Matt is given a radio to wear around his neck. For safety's sake, Frederica gives Matt a fake radio and hides the real one between her breasts, where only a cad would look.
  • The Cannonball Run: Marcie (Adrienne Barbeau) tucks her license into her bra as part of her strategy for beguiling cops out of giving her speeding tickets. It works, too... until she's pulled over by an equally busty female police officer.
  • Carry On:
    • In Carry On Cowboy, Belle carries a tiny pistol in her cleavage.
    • Lady Joan Ruff-Diamond keeps a tiny pistol there in Carry On Up the Khyber and promises to save a bullet for the rest of the British governors.
  • The Clark Gable film China Seas does this twice. First, when China Doll (Jean Harlow) steals half of the hundred pound note down her dress. When asked where it was, she kept cupping her breast, not so subtly. The typhoon leaves her soaking wet, but somehow the note survives intact. Later, when the ship is boarded by pirates, two of the girls in the lounge drop their earrings down their tops. Little good it does them, as one of the pirates sees them do this and with one gesture, gets them to take the valuables out again.
  • Circus of Horrors: When working as a prostitute, Elsa carries a stiletto down her cleavage.
  • Clue: Miss White produces a handkerchief from her cleavage. That's probably all that could fit there considering her dress. We imagine that Yvette and Miss Scarlet could have easily hidden all of the evidence away given how their attire complimented their *ahem* tracts of land.
  • In Countess Dracula, Ziza the town whore drops the 100 krona Dobi pays her for her services down her cleavage. Or, rather, she drops the first coin and Dobi drops the second.
  • In Desperate Hours (1990), a woman is topless while FBI agents tape a wired mic between her breasts. (Earlier in the film, the woman also snuck a gun into a police interrogation room by taping it between her thighs under her skirt.) The director, Michael Cimino, was notorious for putting the lead actress in nearly all his films in a gratuitous nude scene.
  • In Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, the boys rush their friend to the hospital after he gets hurt in a Drive-By shooting. The receptionist makes them fill out a bunch of paperwork, giving them a pen from the front of her shirt. When one of the boys asks to get a drink of water, she pulls out a paper cup already filled.
  • In the 1970's Blaxploitation movie Foxy Brown, Pam Grier's character hides a gun in her bra.
  • In the 1974 The Four Musketeers, Constance (Raquel Welch) got her hands on a key which she triumphantly dropped into her cleavage — having forgotten that her friends needed that key to unlock the chains and rescue her. And then, being a very small key, it slipped further down and she couldn't dig it out. She eventually tried jumping up and down in hopes that it would fly out.
  • The Funhouse Massacre: While preparing to seduce Warden Kane Miss Quinn pulls some ring-shaped thing out of the front of her shirt.
  • In The Girl in Lovers' Lane, Sadie takes a $20 from Danny's wallet and stuffs it down her cleavage. Bix takes it back.
  • In Gypped in the Penthouse, a short film by The Three Stooges, Jane is able to steal two diamond rings from the Stooges using her cleavage. When Shemp helplessly watches as his ring is stolen, he turns to the camera and remarks “There must be a way to get that ring without getting into trouble with the censor.”
  • In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Gamora pulls out a photo of Quill and his grandfather out of her top.
  • During the "Runyonland" number in the film version of Guys and Dolls, a pair of well-dressed dolls pickpocket a (stolen) pocket watch off Rusty. One of the dolls examines the watch and then conceals it down her cleavage.
  • In the documentary film Harlan County U.S.A. miner's wife Lois Scott, who is drumming up support for the strike, pulls a gun from her bosom. A Real Life example!
  • In High Heels and Low Lifes, Shannon briefly tries keeping a revolver in her bra before deciding this is a bad idea.
  • Played around in High Risk, when Helen, a tabloid reporter secretly filming the kung-fu star Frankie to expose him as a fraud who uses stunt double in his action scenes, gets caught by Frankie's bodyguard Kit. When Kit tells Helen he saw her filming and demands she hands her recorded footage over, Helen obnoxiously shoves the tape with the footage into her bosom and tells Kit to "come get it yourself". Kit obliged... by grabbing Helen, lifting her upside-down, and literally shaking the tape out.
  • In The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard, when Michael complains about his broken ribs after getting shot through Soft Glass, Sonia pulls a vial of lithium pills from under her boobs to give to him as "pain medication".
  • Played with in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Alfrid disguises himself as an old woman, complete with loose-fitting dress, in order to avoid having to fight in the eponymous battle. Upon finding scattered gold coins, he stores them all in the dress, giving him the illusion of a large chest.
  • In Hot Pursuit Daniella (Sofia Vergara) stores her cell phone, credit cards, and dollar bills in her cleavage.
  • Willie hides the cure to the poison that infected Indiana Jones there in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Later, while Indy attempts to retrieve and Willie mewls, "I'm not that kind of girl!", Short Round comments: "Hey, Doctor Jones, no time for love! We got company!" Indy finally retrieves and downs the antidote while Willie indignantly snaps, "I hope you choke!"
  • Inkheart, twice. Teresa keeps a portrait of her family hidden in her blouse, while Mortola keeps the prison key tucked between the "mounds" barely constrained by her corset.
  • In the mostly forgettable Jeff Goldblum/Michelle Pfeiffer vehicle Into the Night the heroine doesn't produce the diamonds she is smuggling until after a very suggestive shower scene about halfway through the movie. Hint: they weren't in her cleavage.
  • In Into the Woods, the Witch keeps her second set of magic beans down her cleavage.
  • In It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Ethel Merman's character drops the car keys down her cleavage, prompting the male characters to turn her upside down and shake the keys out. Parodied and subverted in one master stroke.
  • James Bond:
  • Johnny Dangerously: Lil uses this a couple of times.
  • Jonah Hex (2010): Played for Laughs when the title character and his prostitute girlfriend are taken prisoner.
    Jonah: You still got that derringer in your bustle?
    Lilah: No, he took it.
    Jonah: What about that knife in your garter?
    Lilah: Took it.
    Jonah: What about that—
    Lilah: Took it all, Jonah.
    Jonah: Well, searched you pretty darn good, didn't they?
  • Love Wrecked: Jenny smuggles a store-bought fish down her top so she can dive underwater, take out the fish and then claim she caught it.
  • Mad Money, where the trio stuffs every single scrap of clothing with money.
  • Magnum Force. The prostitute in the taxi cab pulls double duty on this trope, hiding large sums of money in both her bra and panties. Then her pimp arrives to shake her down (knowing all of her secret compartments) before killing her for trying to hold back some of it. Later the pimp tucks a small revolver between his legs when a motorcycle cop pulls him over, but even then he's taken by surprise when the cop turns out to be a Vigilante Man and he's shot before he can reach for it.
  • Max Knight: Ultra Spy: One of the villains conceals a compact disk (with important information for her boss) in her cleavage and then charges into a fight with the titular spy. Surprisingly Realistic Outcome — the compact disk is a delicate (and big) object and placing it there during a situation wherein she moved a lot caused it to be crushed.
  • The contestants in Midnight Madness all take forever to decipher the clue, "Look between the two giant melons." It doesn't help that the place serves honeydew melon halves.
  • Throughout Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears, Phryne has a habit of concealing important objects down her cleavage, starting the scarab that she gives to Professor Linnaeus.
  • The 1959 B-Movie Missile to the Moon has the villainous Alpha pulling a dagger from her ample cleavage so she can murder the Lido.
  • In Mission: Impossible II, Nyah attempts to hide the expensive necklace there. Ethan then forces her to give it back, right in front of the head of security.
  • Mythica: Borlund and Caia-Beck both hide the last shard of the Darkspore in their cleavage. It doesn't stop first Marek, then Dagen from retrieving it.
  • In Napoléon (1927), Charlotte Corday puts a knife down the front of her dress when she goes to assassinate Jean-Paul Marat.
  • Nikita. To celebrate the successful completion of her training, Nikita's handler takes her to a fancy restaurant where she's suddenly given a Desert Eagle and her first kill assignment. As she's only wearing a Little Black Dress, she tucks the spare magazine into her cleavage.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean:
    • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl: Elizabeth Swann and the Aztec medallion that — due to a gold chain's magical length-fluctuating ability — would pop down from her cleavage into her corset for a handy spider hole.
    • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End: Even Barbossa could not figure out whence Miss Swann pulled that hefty blunderbuss. Jack, however, mocked this, given Miss Swann's figure.
      Jack Sparrow: So unless you've got a rudder and a lot of sails hidden in that bodice— [scans her briefly] —unlikely...
  • In Il Postino, the girl hides her love letters here. Given that she wears low cut tops and that she is hiding them from her mother and grandmother, the letters are retrieved in pretty short order.
  • In Reform School Girls, Jenny hides the kitten she finds in the field in the top of her dress to smuggle it back into the school.
  • In the 1995 film Restoration, Robert Downey Jr. plays a 17th-century doctor who is losing all his money in a shell game and searching desperately for more. Meg Ryan is playing his mentally disturbed wife. She shouts loudly "My money's up my skirt!" much to his embarrassment. Sure enough, she then produces a coin from up her skirt. And wins the game for him.
  • The Ribald Tales of Robin Hood: When Friar Tuck wins a bet on a dice game, Will Scarlett drops his winnings down the cleavage of one of the camp wenches.
  • In Riot Alena tucks a pen and later the sprayer into her bra to carry them.
  • In The Rocketeer, Jennifer Connelly's character hides the stolen reverse-engineered plans of The Rocketpack she finds in a secret Nazi bunker.
  • In Runaway, the girlfriend of the Big Bad is scanned for tracking devices by the cops, who find one planted in her bra. A definite subversion, as it was one of several bugs hidden within her various garments, and she herself didn't know it was there. The scene is played for Fan Disservice as, when she strips off to remove the bug, she reveals the bruises he left on her body.
  • Toward the end of The Running Man, Amber (who, as a contestant in the Deadly Game, is wearing a spandex bodysuit) produces an incriminating tape. Leading to...
    Richards: Where did you hide that?
    Amber: None of your business.
  • In The Saint (1997), a female scientist hides the notes to her invention on scraps of paper tucked into her bra. So the title character seduces her in order to get them.
  • Inverted in Sherlock Holmes (2009) where Holmes handcuffs Irene Adler and drops the key down her breasts for another man to have to fish around for. Plus the earlier scene when Irene reaches down the front of her dress for an envelope containing information on the case. Holmes grabs her arm and prepares to defend his life, suggesting she's kept more lethal items there in the past.
  • Sleeper. Woody Allen and Diane Keaton's characters have infiltrated Big Brother HQ to bring down the dictatorship. She produces a gun, he asks "Where were you hiding that? ...don't tell me."
  • The Spirit: Silken Floss hides the Octopus's still-living finger down her blouse. Squick.
  • Super Cop 2 has this happening during Jackie Chan's Disguised in Drag cameo, where he hid his holster between his legs. When his suspect tries fleeing, cue Chan splitting his legs, with the sound of fabric being torn as a pistol dropped out underneath his skirt...
  • In Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Mrs. Lovett hides the purse of Sweeney's first victim, Pirelli, down the front of her bodice.
  • Toward the beginning of Tammy and the Bachelor Tammy indignantly comments that she's a "woman fully growed" and drops a key down her dress, only for it to fall to the floor. When she repeats this action at the end of the movie and it stays in place, she says in a tone of soft wonder "Why, I am a woman fully growed."
  • Subverted in Juzo Itami's A Taxing Woman. Early in the film the female main character, newly promoted to tax investigator, arrives late to a raid on the apartment where a suspect's girlfriend lives. Confronted, she appears to drop a key she keeps for the target into her bra, giving the otherwise all-male group of agents the excuse to ask her to undress. The heroine points out that she really dropped it through her shirt and it's on the floor beneath her.
  • The Three Musketeers (1961): Constance Bonacieux hides a handkerchief with the initials of the Duke of Buckingham in her cleavage in order to deliver it to the Queen in Part I. Milady de Winter does the same with a message of the Cardinal Richelieu in Part II.
  • The Three Musketeers (2011): In the opening scene, Milady keeps a stolen key in her cleavage, where she later places Richelieu's carte blanche.
  • In the Thunderbirds movie, the Hood's female assistant stuffs some of the stolen jewellery down her cleavage when no-one is looking.
  • In Time After Time, Jack offers a prostitute a shiny coin. She quickly deposits it down her corset.
  • The Animated Credits Opening of Tomcats has a woman retrieving a cellphone from her very ample bosom.
  • In the 2002 film Trapped, Charlize Theron's character hides a scalpel between her buttocks. She then gives a Groin Attack to the main villain with said scalpel.
  • True Lies, twice. Juno Skinner keeps her business card in her bra. Also, Helen hides the transmitter bug between her breasts, however she quickly loses it when her Dress Hits the Floor.
  • In Truth or Dare (2012), Eleanor keeps her credit card tucked into her bra: seemingly just so she can mess with the cashier at the service station.
  • In Tuff Turf, Jimmy borrows a pocketknife from a girl who smuggled it to school in her bra.
  • In The War Wagon, Lomax drops coins down the cleavage of a pretty Mexican girl as payment for the location of the Bandito camp.
  • Parodied in Laurel and Hardy's Way Out West. Trying to keep the deed to a gold mine from a femme fatale, Stanley stuffs it down his shirt. This doesn't deter her at all and she accosts the extremely ticklish Stan.
  • What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?. Jane threatens Blanche with the note that she wrote for help that she kept tucked away in her blouse.
  • In The Witches, this is where The Grand High Witch produces her mouse potion she uses to transform the main character.
  • In the 1927 Academy Award-winning film Wings, Mary procures the order to cancel leave down the front of her dancer's dress.
  • Wonder Woman reverses the compartment: Going into the ball, Diana puts the GodKiller sword down her back, with the hilt looking like an unusual brassiere strap. The storage capacity is shown to be the same as the normal VSC configuration, otherwise the length of the blade would have interfered with her walking and dancing.
  • In Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Stacy carries her chihuahua in between her breasts. Of course, considering how natural they look, it's probably not very comfortable.

  • An older woman went shopping and tucked her $50 into her brassiere for safekeeping. While on the bus, a young man reached in and grabbed it, and ran. Afterwards, the police asked why she took so long to raise the alarm. "I didn't realize he was going for my money," she protested.
  • Redd Foxx told a similar joke early in his career, about a woman accosted by a mugger. The rather Savvy mugger figures she might have some more money hidden away, and begins to search her thoroughly. After a while, the woman tells him that she doesn't have any other money "But if you keep doing that for five more minutes, I'll certainly write you a check!"
  • A young woman with a cold was invited to a formal party. Lacking pockets, she put a handkerchief in each cup of her brassiere. Partway through the party, she steps aside and pulls out a handkerchief to sneeze and blow her nose, afterwards discarding the handkerchief in lieu of stuffing it back in. Later, she feels a sneeze coming on, so she reaches in for her second handkerchief. Not finding it, she starts rummaging around when she realizes the room has gone completely silent. She looks up and sees everyone staring at her. "What?" she said, "I know I had two when I started tonight!"
  • A comedienne had this as her whole routine during a stand-up showcase, possibly Comicview on BET. At first she started small, pulling a handkerchief out of her bra to dab away sweat while telling a story, but then the things she pulled out got increasingly outlandish, including a sandwich (that she started to eat), and ending with a bottle of wine. In case you're wondering, she was a larger woman wearing a loose-fitting blouse, so everything was fully concealed at first.

  • Lucy in Dracula, believing that she may be killed imminently, conceals her potentially final diary entry in her bosom so that her companions will know as much as possible when it is discovered: "I shall hide this paper in my breast, where they shall find it when they come to lay me out."
  • The entire plot of His Brand Of Passion, a romance novel by Kate Hewitt, revolves around an incident where this trope is used. At her sister’s wedding, Zoe notices a man named Aaron constantly texting on his phone during the ceremony and confiscates it when he isn’t looking. When he eventually confronts her, she sticks it down the front of her dress. The trick works at first, until Aaron follows her into the women’s restroom and retrieves the phone himself.
  • When Melissa stumbles upon the talisman—the main MacGuffin in Abandon All Hope—she quickly hides it in her bra when she hears Teresa approaching.
  • The Great Greene Heist: This is implied when Megan has to hide a miniature microphone somewhere near her mouth and she has a strapless dress with no pockets. She takes the microphone and heads toward the restrooms, while Hashemi gets quite embarrassed.
  • A plot point in Ring for Jeeves. Bill is attempting to steal Rosalinda's locket—with the best of intentions, It Makes Sense in Context—and succeeds in unclasping it, but to his horror, it slips into the bosom of her dress.
  • Velvet from The Malloreon sometimes keeps a small, virulently poisonous snake there. Her love interest Silk is not amused. For that matter, neither is the snake's owner. Later she keeps a bunch of them down her dress after the snake has babies. She also mentions that initially she got the creeps from keeping the snake there—she did it because she's an assassin, and it was a useful emergency weapon. She ultimately uses it to assassinate Harakan, though Sadi (the snake's owner) chides her for yanking his pet out of a nice, warm hiding spot and throwing it in someone's face.
  • In Robert A. Heinlein's Between Planets, Isobel apparently hides a very important ring there. Heinlein was writing for the juvenile market, and in The '50s, so he doesn't connect the dots for the reader.
  • In Take A Chance On Me by Jennifer Dawson, Gracie does this to Maddie’s phone to prevent her from calling Mitch during a party. Much to her embarrassment, Mitch happens to walk into the room once Maddie attempts to fish her phone out of Gracie’s cleavage.
  • In "Trill Coster's Burden", one of Manly Wade Wellman's Silver John stories, The Vamp tucks a giant ruby into her cleavage, and tells John that if he wants it he'll have to reach in and get it; he declines, and she gets away. (This ends badly for her since the reason he wanted it in the first place is that it has a curse on it he's trying to break.)
  • Discworld: Nanny Ogg keeps all sorts of things in her knickers, including alcohol and cash. But since she's a dumpy old lady, this is Fan Disservice. It helps that a witch wears several skirts, several pairs of pants, several stockings, and "knicker pocket" can only be the first layer in their underwear. But that's putting way too much thought into it.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire: Similar to the Xena example below, Asha Greyjoy keeps a dagger sheathed between her breasts. Being one of the few female ship captains, she's quick to show it off and refers to it as her "suckling babe".
  • In A And M, this causes a clerk to nearly faint, and just brings his crush on the girl full-circle.
  • In one of The Indian in the Cupboard novels, Patrick gets sent back in time to The Wild West and is a few inches tall. When he finds a sympathetic lady who wants to carry him around, she considers her shoulder, decides it's too slippery, and goes with her cleavage.
  • Tiny Gulliver in Gulliver's Travels also gets a cleavage ride. He's just nauseated by the hygiene factor, though. After hearing his description of the experience, so are most readers.
  • In Tom DeHaven's novel It's Superman!, Lois hides a metal tag that could be used to incriminate Lex Luthor in her white cotton Gamble's brassiere when questioned by the police.
  • Sheen from Piers Anthony's Apprentice Adept series carries small tools in her breasts. Note that because Sheen is a robot, this is entirely literal; she actually detaches her breasts to reach these items.
  • This is also present in The Three Musketeers during the scenes with the French Queen.
  • Enola Holmes uses this trope as both a means to disguise herself by exaggerating her bust for disguise purposes and hiding important items, most notably a dagger with the protruding pommel posing as a brooch.
  • The Scarlet Pimpernel:
    • In the sequel Eldorado, Sir Percy's wife Marguerite smuggles letters from him to his League out of prison in her kerchief... or, as her husband puts it, "... on your exquisite bosom where I so love to pillow my head."
    • In another sequel, Sir Percy Hits Back, the Scarlet Pimpernel himself sends a secret message to Fleurette, his latest rescuee, by slipping it into her Victoria's Secret Compartment... while disguised as her prison warden, which freaks the poor girl out.
  • In the Land of Oz books by L. Frank Baum, the sorceress Glinda is forever pulling her wand or some other useful magic doodad out of her "bosom". She probably wins the trope because on one occasion she pulled out a magical handkerchief which turned into a camping setup for a dozen people!
  • John Updike's short story "A & P" features an attractive, bikini-clad customer who pays with a dollar bill pulled from her top.
  • The Hollows: Rachel sticks her cell phone here for a wedding since her dress lacks pockets. It rings loudly and rudely. Takata finds it amusing when she says she "had it on vibrate. Really."
  • The title character of Orlando: A Biography carries the manuscript of "The Oak Tree" in her bosom for a couple centuries before publishing.
  • In Some Golden Harbor, Adele and Tolvera use a false bosom used by Elemere to hide a pair of machine pistols for use in a raid on a paranoid councilor's mansion, knowing that they would be scanned for weapons on arrival, while a seemingly restrained Elemere wouldn't.
  • This is how Gwyneth of The Ruby Red Trilogy takes her mobile phone to the past with her despite it being forbidden.
  • In Margin Play, Amber carries (at different times) a business card, a thumbdrive, and a gun in her bra.
  • The very first Nero Wolfe novel by Rex Stout, Fer-de-lance, features a young Italian housemaid who carries her money rolled up in the top of her stocking. Given that the novel was written in 1934, only a cad and a bounder would try to get to it there. (Archie does, anyway.) It later turns out that she's also had an envelope full of documents sufficient to convict the killer pinned to "whatever she wears under her dress", in Archie's words. Again, 1934 — women's undergarments were quite a bit more substantial, especially compared to now.)
  • In The Goose Girl the princess keeps a handkerchief with three drops of her mother's blood in her bosom. Losing it in a stream gives her maid, who finds it, power over her.
  • Wax and Wayne: Shapeshifting Face Stealer MeLaan hides a gun not just in her bra but in her breast itself.
  • Happens during the climax of the Mercy Thompson novel Moon Called. After giving Adam her sweatpants, Mercy shoves an extra magazine for her SIG into her bra as she “didn’t have any better place to store it.”
  • The Elminster Series: The prostitutes at the Velvet Slipper are mentioned putting their coins in a pouch inside the bodices they wear.
  • In If Life is a Bowl of Cherries — What Am I Doing in the Pits?, Erma Bombeck waxes poetic about the sport of tennis, including the fashion. She complains about the lack of pockets in women's clothing in which to store stray balls. Her solution was to stick a tennis ball down her cleavage and go around looking like she had three breasts.
  • Stim: In Kaleidoscope, Chloe carries her plane ticket in her bra.
  • In Girls Kingdom, Lady Angelica pulls out a map of the school from between her breasts to show where a number of ghost sightings have occurred. Misaki is so surprised by this that she thinks she deserves an award for not openly reacting.
  • In Shock Point, Hayley secretly prints instructions for how to use the compass in Cassie's watch and hides them in her bra. She smuggles the paper to Cassie, who puts it in her own bra.
  • In Beautiful Music for Ugly Children, Paige lets Gabe in on her secret: she wears a scrap of her childhood Security Blanket in her bra close to her heart because it still makes her feel safe.
  • The Vazula Chronicles: In A Kingdom Threatened, the mermaid Merletta has missed months of training and is going to be expelled from the program to become a record keeper. She finds a record that says trainees can be forgiven for missing more than five days of training only with the approval of one of the instructors, so she plans to show the record to Agner, one of the few instructors who wants her to succeed. But first she hides it in her Seashell Bra so it won't be confiscated by one of the many merpeople who want her to fail.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In 24 season 3, subverted when Sherry Palmer actually has the vial of pills taped to her back. Played straight in season 5 when Martha Logan hides a phone conversation transcript in her blouse. The item in question is retrieved both times while the women are unconscious and the man only looks for the item, ignoring all cleavage.
  • In Agent Carter, the ladies at the Griffith Hotel regularly sneak food from the communal dining hall to their rooms. One girl even had her mother knit a special pocket into her sweater so that she could smuggle out an entire chicken.
  • In the All in the Family episode "Mike's New Job", Edith sticks a slip of paper (on which is written the phone message that will lead to Mike and Gloria's move to California) in her bra to keep it away from Archie. Archie doesn't hesitate to go in after it.
  • Angel:
    • In "Reunion", Drusilla, in an attempt to update to the 21st Century, kept a cell phone in this area, however she forgot about it and thought that she was ringing.
    • In "Redefinition", Lilah kept a Hidden Wire between her bosoms in an attempt to frame Lindsay. He had no problem reaching to yank it out.
  • Arrow: In "Trust but Verify", Thea tucks the capsules of Vertigo into her cleavage. Not that there was anywhere else to put it in that dress.
  • In Battlestar Galactica, D'Anna Biers hides a video camera tape in her shirt and hands over a fake one to be confiscated.
  • In a skit on The Benny Hill Show, when Benny and Jackie Wright order tea at a diner, the waitress pulls two tea bags out of her cleavage to make it. She then asks them if they want sugar and gets sugar packets out of her cleavage as well. When she asks them if they want milk, they quickly say "No!"
  • The Big Bang Theory: Amy asks Bernadette to hide a recording device in her "ample cleavage" to spy on Leonard's new girlfriend for Penny.
  • Bones: While pretending to be a carefree married couple with Booth and trying to gain some information off some guys, Brennan walks up to them and casually takes out a wad of cash from her low-cut dress.
  • In Broad City, more specifically the appropriately-named episode Pu$$y Weed, Abbi learns how Illana walks around New York with weed and never gets caught. She puts bags of weed in her vagina, and by the end of the episode, Abbi does too.
  • Subverted in an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine where everyone THINKS Amy has a camera in her bra because "The cleavage cloaks the camera with its curves."
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • In "Who Are You?" Faith (while in Buffy's body) stuffs money in her bra.
    • Willow tells Buffy she would keep 'stinky yak cheeses' in her bra for magical reasons.
  • The Carol Burnett Show: One skit had Carol's character pull things needed for songwriting out of her cleavage: paper, pencils. When it's pointed out that the pencils aren't sharpened, she sticks one back in—and the grinding sound of an electric pencil sharpener is heard.
  • Discussed in one second-season episode of Charlie's Angels: one of the Angels asks "How do you hide a gun in a bikini?" Bosley's answer? "Very carefully."
  • Chuck:
    • In the episode "Chuck Versus the Three Words", Sarah is seen stuffing a knife in her bra. Notably, it isn't clumsily concealed in between her cleavage but is instead housed in a special sheath near the straps.
    • She does the reverse motion and pulls it out in "Chuck Versus The Other Guy".
  • In Community:
    • "Cooperative Calligraphy": Annie is accused of hiding her pen here. To rule it out, everyone in the study group has to strip down to their underwear.
    • "Intro to Recycled Cinema": While playing a part in Abed's movie, Annie improvises a scene where she pulls a laser bomb out of her cleavage. Britta decries it as exploitative ("Improvise pockets!") but Abed and Jeff later note it as one of the film's few high points.
  • A hilarious misunderstanding in Coupling (best not to go into exactly what said misunderstanding was, for fear of text walls) led to a discussion about why men don't smuggle. One given reason was a lack of "concealment crevices"...
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: The song "Heavy Boobs" is all about D-Cup Distress. Rebecca jokes about her massive breasts and the awkwardness they cause. She lists a bunch of things that fit under them, proving it by stuffing each one into her shirt.
    Here is a list of all of the objects
    That I can hold under my boobs:
    Stapler, ten pencils, paperback copy of
    Arabian Nights
    Dog bone, remote control, hardback copy of
    Wuthering Heights
  • Dark Skies. The Soviet agent played by Jeri Ryan keeps a silenced pistol in her cleavage.
  • Days of Our Lives: A character uses her breasts to hide money used to buy cocaine.
  • Seen repeatedly in Deadwood, HBO's Western Drama Series. The prostitute Trixie carries a tiny derringer handgun, and practically never goes anywhere without it. The weapon always stays hidden until she produces it — usually from her cleavage.
  • Casey Jones from Decoy hides her badge in her bra while she's working undercover.
  • Doctor Who:
  • Dollhouse, "Grey Hour". Bank robber-imprinted Echo loses her memory of what she's doing, so the Dollhouse uploads the same imprint into Sierra in an attempt to walk Echo through the heist. Sierra tells Echo that she has a bottle of resin on her person. When Echo can't find it, Sierra remarks "Bra's a good place".
  • Due South, "All the Queen's Horses": Fraser and Thatcher are handcuffed together in the train's horse box, but Fraser may be able to pick the lock using one of Thatcher's hairpins — once they have it. Their hands are unusable because they're cuffed in an inaccessible place, so Fraser has to remove the hairpin from Thatcher's hair by mouth... but then he drops it. Guess where it lands? He then has to retrieve it, again by mouth (but only after asking permission of his superior officer). Thatcher's expression as he recovers the would-be lockpick is priceless.
  • The Dukes of Hazzard: In “Money to Burn”, Daisy locks a policeman in a barn with her and drops the key down her top in order to prevent Bo and Luke from being arrested. Unfortunately, the officer simply breaks down the door.
  • Everybody Loves Raymond: Whilst trying to keep the car keys from Frank, Marie drops them down her blouse.
    Frank: I'll walk!!
  • Firefly:
    • "War Stories": Zoe successfully attempts to ransom back her husband Wash and Mal from Niska. After averting Niska's attempt to pull off a Sadistic Choice by picking her husband when Niska says the ransom is not enough for both men, he re-evaluates saying that the ransom was really a little too much and has his Dragon cut off Mal's ear which Niska then hands to Zoe wrapped in a handkerchief. Zoe calmly takes it and carefully tucks it into her shirt (though not her bra). Although, being the Captain's faithful sidekick, Zoe might have felt that shoving it into a pocket was simply disrespectful.
    • In "Shindig," Mal lifts a big wad of money off a guy in a bar. He gives it to Inara for safekeeping... and she immediately sticks it in her top.
  • In the Friends episode "The One Where Rachel Is Late", Phoebe puts a 50 dollar note in her bra while saying: "General Grant, why don't you set up camp right there". In "TOW The Lottery", Monica keeps some of the extra lottery tickets she bought just for her and Chandler tucked into her bra.
  • Gilligan's Island: One episode concerns Mr. and Mrs. Howell hearing their financial empire had collapsed while they were marooned and start squirreling away their money to rebuild it when they returned to America. Mrs. Howell briefly hides some of the money down her shirt, but quickly changes her mind when a radio update explains the Intimidating Revenue Service would be going after all their money.
  • On Glee, Santana gets Sebastian to confess that he purposely injured Blaine by lacing a slushy with rock salt before throwing it in his eyes. Turned out she hid a tape recorder under her breast the whole time.
    Santana: Hello?! I taped it to my underboob! If Kurt taped it to his junk, we'd never hear the end of it! We'd be singing songs about it all week!
  • The Good Place: Eleanor's mom keeps cash hidden in her bra.
  • In episode 6 in the first season of Growing Up Twisted, Jesse’s mom Suzette shoves his motorcycle keys down her top in an attempt to prevent him from participating in an event.
  • In an episode of Happy Days, a female gang has captured Richie, Ralph, and Potsie because Chachi had been dating the younger sister of the gang's leader and dumped her. The leader puts the key down her blouse and taunts Richie, "Come and get it, if you've got the guts!" Later, Richie has the key and he puts it down his shirt and says the same thing, so the gang leader rips his shirt off.
    Richie: That is a gutsy lady.
  • On the short-lived Harper Valley PTA series, Stella chained herself to a tree to prevent it from being bulldozed. She put the key to the chains down her blouse.
  • iCarly: Conversed in "iMake Sam Girlier"; a bully shoves french fries down Sam's shirt. After Sam beats her up, she pulls a fry out of her blouse, eats it, and remarks that it's a pretty good place to keep french fries.
  • In a famous I Love Lucy episode, Lucy and Ethel are working in a chocolate factory. As the conveyor belt goes faster and faster, they scramble to hide the extra chocolates, and one of Lucy's hiding places is down her blouse.
  • It's Awfully Bad for Your Eyes, Darling...: As revealed in "A New Lease", Virginia keeps postcards from Dominic in her bra.
  • Lucifer:
    • When searching Charlotte wearing a Little Black Dress, Chloe Decker searches between her legs ("Oh detective, you're being very thorough") and her breasts (using the back of her hands to avoid Skinship Grope). Subverted when it's later revealed that Lucifer palmed the object beforehand.
    • Played straight when Candy steals Lucifer's ring and hides it in her cleavage.
  • Mama made frequent use of this trope on Mama's Family, using her bra to hold, among other things, a set of jail keys, a winning Lottery Ticket, her debit card PIN, and a hidden microphone.
  • Married... with Children:
    • Parodied in one episode when Marcy, notorious for her flat chest, attempts this trick—and the object falls through her shirt and onto the floor. Played straight with Peg, though—who should be the poster woman for this trope. (She even does it in the opening credits.)
    • Played straight in another episode where Kelly cheats at cards by hiding extra ones in her bra strap.
  • On M*A*S*H, Margaret and a friend from nursing school talk about how they kept cheat sheets to their nursing exams in their bras.
  • On The Mindy Project Mindy is seen using a specially designed bra to smuggle booze into a dry Christmas party.
  • An episode of My Two Dads had the Judge taking a cell key from a cop and locking herself in with Joey, then ostensibly storing the key in her chest when the cop demands it back. She then handcuffs herself to Joey and has a picture taken to aid his protest against beach pollution (what got him jailed in the first place was dumping oil on a CEO's desk or something similar).
  • NCIS: Los Angeles: Kensi uses a bra holster in the Season 3 episode "Neighborhood Watch".
  • In episode 7839 of Series/Neighbours, Sheila begins working at her job that she had quit in the previous episode. When her boss reminds her of this and demands that she leaves the office, she locks the door and shoves the keys down her blouse, refusing to give them back unless she is re-hired.
  • In Nichols, Ruth keeps a derringer hidden in her cleavage. In the pilot, she shoots Mitch in the arm while aiming at Ketcham.
  • Night Court:
    • In a first season episode, the gang received a sealed file containing Harry's criminal record. To keep Dan from opening it, Lana stuffs the file down her blouse. It didn't fit very well in there.
    • In another episode, Bob and June Wheeler say that they inherited a bunch of money and that June is currently hiding it in her bra. June then looks at Christine and comments "You have a nice nest egg yourself".
  • Discussed on Once Upon a Time: When Snow White is about to go negotiate with her wicked stepmother to save Prince Charming, she disarms as requested. Grumpy the Dwarf advises her to "keep the small knife between your tuffets" as a hold-out weapon in case Her Majesty was going to play dirty.
  • Orange Is the New Black: The prisoners will often hide contraband in their bras when they need a quick hiding place. McCullough also hides a phone and charger in her bra when smuggling them into the prison.
  • Karen pulls an emergency escape tool in this fashion in Other Space.
  • Series/Outlander Claire hides a ring down her corset in episode 7.
  • The Penn & Teller: Bullshit! episode on gun control featured a Real Life example - an elderly lady shop-owner even shows the audience how to hide a (suitably small) firearm.
    Penn: Mabel puts a new meaning to the phrase, 'gun rack'."
  • In the pilot episode of Police Woman, Detective Sgt. Pepper Anderson has to wear a Hidden Wire under a very tight dress. The solution is to put it in her bra, though it is never shown how she manages to fit the rather bulky early-1970s device there.
  • Apparently, Aunt Vivian from Pushing Daisies keeps money there, as seen in "Circus, Circus". And in "Frescorts", Veronica Villanueva seems to keep everything in there.
  • In an episode of Rizzoli & Isles, Maura smuggles a blood sample out from a prison by hiding the test tube in her bra.
  • The Rockford Files: Jim talks about going to the police with what he knows about a case he's working for Beth. She grabs his car keys and drops them down her blouse to stop him. She's his off-and-on girlfriend as well as his lawyer, and he says, "If you think that's gonna stop me you've got a short memory."
  • In the episode "Un-Tag My Heart" Selfie, Eliza (nigh-constantly on her phone) is shown at one point dancing in a club when she gets a text and pulls her phone from her bra.
  • Sherlock "A Scandal in Belgravia": Mrs. Hudson hides a camera phone down her blouse.
  • Silk Stalkings: In "Going to Babylon", Rita hides Chris's holdout gun down the top of her Little Black Dress.
  • In a Dream Sequence episode of Sister, Sister, Lisa hides money in her bra.
  • Smallville, "Odyssey". Lois concealed a flash drive with incriminating evidence on Lex in this area.
  • Stargate SG-1: Vala Mal Doran will do that to hide something she stole. Notably in episode 2 of season 9, with a gold medal from the Ancient Cavern of Glastonbury.
  • Variant in Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Charlie X". Charlie shows Yeoman Rand a "card trick" where he throws the Ace of Clubs over his right shoulder and Yeoman Rand, sitting on his left, gives a startled expression before pulling the card from out of her low-cut uniform.
  • Mariah Carey pulled a $100 bill out of her bra to give Jimmy Fallon on his first night of The Tonight Show.
  • In The Two Ronnies:
    • In "Hampton Wick", there is a sequence in which the female protagonist works as a pickpocket. She is shown stealing watches, wallets and other valuables, hiding them in her blouse, and later extracting them to give them to the crooks who employ her. After a few iterations, she is seen with an uncomfortable expression on her face; then she drops a stuffed alligator onto the heap of loot.
  • Three's Company:
    • After informing Jack and Larry of the possible hiding places for a wad of money she used at first, Cindy says that she was finally able to think of the safest hiding place—inside her blouse.
    • In another episode, in an attempt to score some action with Jack, Lana takes some money off of him and puts it into her cleavage, telling him to "make a withdrawal." Jack obviously isn't amused, but Chrissy finds it hilarious, saying, "It's a treasure chest!"
  • Victorious:
    • Done by Victoria Justice's character. How suitable. Lampshaded in the episode "Freak the Freak Out", when an exhausted and sleep-deprived Tori blows her nose, and, unable to find a garbage can, just shoves the tissue down her shirt.
    • One episode has Cat keeping candy in her bra, which she offers to her friends.
    • Played with in the prom episode: Jade manages to secrete a large shrimp in Tori's bra, much to Tori's astonishment when she discovers it.
  • V.I.P. has Valerie Irons (Pamela Anderson) hiding everything the propmaster could find, but she's outshone by Kay Simmons (Leah Lail), who had a laptop (or perhaps toptop) computer hidden there.
  • Wheel of Fortune:
    • In a 2011 episode, Pat was talking to Vanna about being cold, and how you have "handwarmers or footwarmers or..." and she pulls two warmers out of the top of her dress, saying "They have to stay warm." note 
    • The trope name itself was the answer to a Before & After puzzle on October 16, 2013.
  • Alex Hunter from White Collar hides a knife here. She and Neal use this to escape the Big Bad's Death Trap in one of the season finales.
  • Whodunnit? (UK): In "Before Your Very Eyes", a Stage Magician's Lovely Assistant keeps the remote control that is part of the trick concealed in the left cup of her bra.
  • Will & Grace:
    • Subverted: when Grace hides something from Karen here and she goes and seeks it. Grace enjoys this.
    • Karen hides something from Rosario in her cleavage, and Rosario promptly goes after it. Karen enjoys this and calls out suggestions as to where Rosario's hands should go.
    • Lorraine Finster also pulls this off later, whilst trying to smuggle some of Karen's jewellery out of her house, though not just in her cleavage...
  • Xena: Warrior Princess: Xena keeps a knife down her cleavage. Well, she keeps weapons everywhere she can. Gabrielle's efforts to copy her are hampered by her "less impressive" assets.
    • In “Blind Faith”, Xena accidentally blinds herself by spilling a bag of oil into her eyes. She handcuffs her and Palaemon‘s wrists together and forces him to guide her for the day, and keeps the key to the cuffs in her cleavage.
    • Xena once again utilizes her cleavage in “When in Rome”, when she puts Crassus’ ring there.
  • The X-Files: In one instance, Scully hides an audio recorder in her clothes, and places the mic there. Deconstructed later on, when the person she's spying on becomes suspicious and has her wear a dress with cleavage, preventing her from concealing the device.
  • In Zoey 101, one of the female teachers was shown to be hiding a can of ravioli and a spoon in her bra.

  • This cover for a 1962 issue of Detective Magazine.

  • An Israeli song called something like "Where Are Those Girls?" mentions women carrying a few hand-grenades and a small gun in their bras in case of sudden battle. "But of course, today's cleavages can barely hold what's already there..."
  • The video to Kesha's song "Blow" has her pulling out her bra at one point.
  • In the video for "Shipwrecked" by Alestorm, several of the wenches are shown secreting coins in their cleavage.

  • The end-of-game match sequence for Capcom's Breakshot (1996) has a cue ball that bounces off the table, hits a glass, and knocks a lemon that lands between a woman's breasts to reveal the match number.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • "Portugal's Perfect Athlete" Shanna stored her earning here after learning WSU's fans paid her money every time she removed one of her tops.
  • WOW Women of Wrestling. From Eye Candy's profile:
    "Keeps healing crystals in her bra when she wrestles. Seriously."

  • Khanzarina Misha from Open Blue hides a handgun in her cleavage. Rumor has it that she keeps her saber in there too.
  • Survival of the Fittest v4 pre-game has a bizarre example, where a character puts around 6 to 8 jello shots down her bra. Needless to say, this is mocked among many handlers, to the point of borderline Memetic Mutation. In a previous game, Maxie Dasai—somewhat more realistically, stows a pistol in her shirt. This is lampshaded by the student she's fighting, who has to restrain himself from ranting at her about gun safety. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the more serious afterwards, as her opponent, Adam Reeves, tore her shirt and bra open to get to the gun, leading to him raping Maxie.

  • This trope gets mentioned in the 1948 Alan Jay Lerner/Kurt Weill musical Love Life in the song "Economics":
    Now Edna used to slip her husband's
    Pay down her chest
    And just to keep it extra safe
    She never undressed!
    Now that's good economics,
    That's good economics,
    That's good economics
    But awful bad for love!
  • Older Than Radio: In Die Fledermaus (1874), Eisenstein has a ladies' watch that he charms pretty girls with. He is disguised as a Marquis at a dinner party, and his wife (unbeknownst to him) is disguised as a Hungarian countess. He tries to seduce her, and three guesses where she stows the watch. (It is intended to be worn like that, mind, as it's a highly steal-able item.)
  • Playfully subverted in Annie Get Your Gun. After Annie's younger sisters lock up her guns before her big showdown against Frank, each of them tries to tuck the keys down the front of their dresses for safekeeping. And each time, the keys fall right to the floor. Annie's little brother decides to keep the keys in his pocket instead.
  • Near the beginning of Kiss Me Kate, Lilli receives a bouquet of flowers and a love note from her ex-husband Fred. Unfortunately these items were meant to be delivered to a DIFFERENT woman that Fred was in love with. Fred attempts to prevent Lilli from reading the note, but she tucks it dowm the front of her bodice so she can read it later. All hell breaks loose once she does.

    Video Games 
  • Elirin from Advanced Variable Geo keeps a lighter in the cleavage of her bunny suit, and uses it for some of her Ki Attacks.
  • Granny Crotony from the adventure game Armed & Delirious uses her support bra as her inventory.
  • Batman: Arkham Series:
    • Batman: Arkham Asylum: Well, it's probably not so secret considering how much cleavage she's displaying, but Batman steals the Joker's party list from between Harley Quinn's breasts after defeating her.
    • In Batman: Arkham City Harley Quinn's Revenge Robin steals a security card from the same location. The speed with which they both look there suggests this is a common hiding place for her.
  • In one of the cutscenes in Bayonetta, she hides a round in VSC. In the second game, she puts Loki (companion character who can turn into a squirrel) there.
  • Mad Moxxi in Borderlands 2 seemingly stores an unbelievable number of items in-between her not unremarkable breasts, which she will reach into when offering the player an item. These can range from submachine guns to pistols to even shields or relics. This may be excused, however, because of the game's use of small, digitizing "storage decks," one of which she could conceivably have tucked conveniently into the front of her shirt.
  • In an otherwise short-and-forgettable flash game, Bush Royal Rampage, while being guarded by George W. Bush, Queen Elizabeth II has her tiara shot off, which only serves to anger her. She then pulls out a piece of plastic no bigger than a poker chip from her cleavage... which expands into an uzi!
  • Crazy Tracy from Captain Rainbow (originally from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening,) keeps her pocky between her large breasts, as well as a cellphone that she leaves on vibrate.
  • In the first Discworld game, when one of the gods puts an illegal monster on their gameboard (read: Discworld), The Lady saves Rincewind's life by hiding him in her cleavage.
  • Fate/EXTRA CCC:
    • B.B. pulls the Golden Grail out from her cleavage to use in her Aurea Boura attack.
    • Meanwhile, Passionlip has an incredibly disturbing version of this as her boobs' cleavage function as digital Hammerspace that she dumps high amounts of data into. Anyone who's unlucky enough to fall innote  usually never finds their way out due to a.) infinite space and b.) she has no clue on how to pull them out. As of later appearances, she's figured how to get them out but would rather not risk the chance of actually having to do it.
  • Fate/Grand Order:
    • Mascot animal Fou frequently pops out of Mash's shirt (or her form-fitting armor). She never knows when or how it got in.
    • Francis Drake stashes the Holy Grail in this. It's not initially noted when she takes it out to share a drink with you and the aura's location on her portrait initially appears to be a risque graphical coincidence... but when she puts it away, she remarks on how uncomfortable it makes her bodice.
    • Lancer Artoria Alter pulls a box of chocolate from her cleavage on Valentine's Day and gives it to you. She pretends not to know how it got there.
    • Caster of Nightless City stores her story scrolls in her cleavage at the end of her Noble Phantasm animation.
  • In Fear Effect 2, Rain and Hana have to infiltrate a high-class party to carry out a mission. In the elevator, Rain expresses distaste of Hana's Stripperiffic evening gown and wonders why she doesn't just attend the party naked. Hana responds that if she did that, she'd only have one place to hide a gun.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • In Final Fantasy X, this appears to be where Yuna and Lulu keep potions, judging by the animation when they use one. Hilarity ensues when you teach Yuna the Use skill. Apparently the girl keeps grenades in there.
    • Judging by a trailer for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, a Selkie named Belle appears to pull a crystal out of her cleavage.
  • Camilla in Fire Emblem Fates pulls a map out of her bra during a support conversation with the Avatar. Lampshaded when she says there was nowhere else for her to put it (her outfit doesn’t have any pockets).
  • In Genshin Impact, the Raiden Shogun manifests her magic sword by pulling it out of her chest, just above her Cleavage Window.
  • The Guild Wars' female assassin underwear has a dagger between the breasts.
  • In Guilty Gear, Elphelt Valentine's Instant Kill Magnum Wedding shows that she keeps some very special bullets in her cleavage. Close-up included. She also retrieves a fairly large marriage certificate from there in her winning animation.
  • The King of Fighters: Mai Shiranui Kachou-sen!
  • Although he is a man, this appears to be Link's Hammerspace in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • In MadWorld, the three geisha you save in the Asian Town level appear during the final boss battle, pulling health-restoring items from their cleavage and tossing them off to you if you're running low. Oddly, the announcers make no comment on this.
  • This is where Trish keeps her Cool Shades in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. A cutscene from the Special Edition of Devil May Cry 4 shows her keeping her lipstick in her corset as well.
  • Meryl Silverburgh of Metal Gear Solid fame stored a key card and Desert Eagle pistol inside her cleavage, as well as an untold number of magazines for said pistol.
  • A swimmer trainer seems to be indicating she’s doing this in Pokémon Black and White
    Swimmer: If I’m wearing a swimsuit, where do I keep my Poké balls? Tee hee, women's secret.
  • Sengoku Basara:
    • Nohime apparently keeps a massive arsenal under her kimono, including a rifle, a two-barrelled Gatling gun and a rocket launcher.
    • That's nothing compared to Magoichi, who is apparently capable of summoning hand grenades, a shotgun, a machine gun and a bazooka from her corset. Either that or some sort of secret dimension. Though she does at least keep her pistols strapped to her thigh. All infinity of them.
  • This is a common hiding place for secret ninja scrolls in the Senran Kagura series. In the first game, everyone kept it there (in part to everyone sharing the same pre-baked Transformation Sequence), later games started varying it by personality, particularly the flatties (a minority around here), who sleight-of-hand the scroll from between their thighs.
  • In Silent Hill 2, Maria keeps the three keys to a triple-locked door tucked into her short skirt, in her boots, and in her cleavage, in that order. While she's opening the door, James attempts to sneak a peek to no avail.
  • Nurse-ninja Valentine of Skullgirls stores a number of objects between her quite sizable breasts (which is saying something, considering the rest of the game's cast), including throwing stars, syringes, and a thermometer.
  • In Wild ARMs 3, Maya Shroedinger has an attack called "Calamity Jane" where she shakes her skirt and a Gatling gun falls out. Yikes.

    Visual Novels 
  • In ATOM GRRRL!!, Big E has a bomb hidden in her vagina. In case of emergency.
  • During the Closing Argument of the fourth class trial in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, Miu Iruma is shown retrieving a bottle of poison and a cellphone from her cleavage.

    Web Comics 
  • Modern MoGal: In one of the strips, Dino is trying to put his cellphone in silent mode while trying to watch a movie at the theater; unable to figure out how, he just shoves it under Beth's breasts.
  • Ronin Galaxy: At the beginning of the second chapter, Leona manages to keep her sword hidden in the upper folds of her kimono, even past the gaze from possible onlookers such as Cecil.
  • Spoofed in this Ask Altair comic—the method makes no sense in the character's case.
  • A The Devil's Panties strip shows Jen and one of her friends getting ready for a night on the town. Club clothes for women often have no pockets and they were helpfully wearing corsets. Jen and a group of corseted women also used this trick during a Medieval Re-enactment weekend, storing assorted melee weapons. When the ladies are attacked by bandits thinking them unarmed, Hilarity Ensues.
  • Parodied with a rare female "down there" version in Last Res0rt, where Jigsaw hides her Hammerspace inside her... wait for it... marsupial pouch. Late to the Punchline moments ensue when she reaches in to get anything.
  • PMJ the Hamster's personal assistant Helga provides her boss with transportation this way in Sequential Art. One could say it's the "breast seat in the house".
  • Justified and discussed in The Zombie Hunters. Disaster Scavengers Maureen and Sammie make use of these to smuggle lipstick and cigarettes on the sly while on salvage missions for their Island Base of Zombie Apocalypse survivors. As Sammie puts it, "That's what tits are for." Their teammate Jenny later plays this for laughs when she crank calls her team captain (and longtime boyfriend) for their amusement:
    Milo: What're you wearing?
    Jenny: [having shoved two comically large cans down her tank top] Oh, I got a nice, tight shirt on. It really shows off my cans... they're nice... and... cylindrical.
  • Genderbent in Prequel. Gharugg keeps things in his abs.
  • In Dubious Company, after capturing the pirates, Marty frisks Tiren. The Extended Disarming sequence leaves a mass of weapons greater than her, and he is creeped out by where she keeps her shuriken. Also noted on her profile page:
    Through intense training, Tiren has learned to hide an innumerable amount of weapons on her person, regardless of what she happens to be wearing.
  • Shredded Moose did this with a word bubble's tail. It was allegedly so vile that even the most caustic critics were afraid of comment on it beyond pointing out that it's there, And That's Terrible.
  • Girls with Slingshots:
    • Jamie lovingly cuddles her kitten to her chest. It disappears, and she is confused until she hears a muffled meow.
      • Later, kitty dreams what are implied to be Past-Life Memories. He is a soldier wounded in a heroic rescue mission, and as he dies he mentions he'd like to come back somewhere soft and warm. The next panel shows him tucked snuggly between Jamie's prodigious breasts.
    • And Jamie's sister uses it for a hidden liquor stash, which she dares Hazel to get for herself when Hazel's nervous about going underwear shopping with her. The bottle contained water that time, it was a Magic Feather ploy so Hazel would stop freaking out about her boobs.
  • As Busty Girl Comics shows us, this compartment is good for other things aside from weapons, such as:
  • El Goonish Shive:
    • Lisa pulls out photos from between her breasts to prove that a guest comic is canon.
    • In "Goomanji 2", this is Hanma's justification for why playing the physical transformation card "Busty" lets you take extra cards.
      Hanma: Sizable cleavage means extra storage capacity! It can be used for weapons, booby traps, talking cats...
      Susan (thoughts): What sort of anime does she watch???
  • In Wapsi Square, Atsali collides with Castela and her smartphone falls between her embarrassingly ample breasts. Castela outright searches to find the phone (and the next page, while non-canon, reveals more loot).
  • In Drowtales Sara'hilana hides two vials, one containing a potent poison and the other the antidote, in her chest plate after an escaping Ninja passes them to her prior to being captured. Later, this leads to a humorous misunderstanding when Sara attempts to tell Chrys'tel and phrases it as "I have something for you inside my chestplate" and Chrys, assuming Sara is flirting with her, curtly reminds her that she's in a relationship with her brother.
  • Ship Tease version in The Night Belongs to Us. To transport Ada safely while the sun is out, Hank wears a leather jacket and ferries a bat-formed Ada in her shirt.
  • Alej the busty cow girl boss from Las Lindas keeps her cellphone in her cleavage. Although her much less busty assistant Tootsie has to rely on Trouser Space.

    Web Videos 
  • The spectacularly busty Winter Pierzina and her viral "Bra Purse" series spoofs this, although she admits that she really does this on a regular basis.
  • Channel Awesome:
    • MarzGurl plucks a folded stack of money from her bust to pay Linkara for one heckuva night in "Linking Up with Linkara".
    • While reviewing Interstella 5555 with other crew Paw Dugan, Nella and Elisa, Jew Wario is skeptical at the sight of the female lead tucking a card between her boobs. Lisa responds that it's just one of those special things about being a lady. To demonstrate, Nella pulls several tins of food out of her bra. Shocked, Jew Wario turns back to Elisa, who has produced three books and a pair of sandals from her cleavage.
  • In the "King of Tokyo" episode of Table Flip, Suzy gets a card that prompts her to roll a third die. She only has two, so a staff member tosses her one from offscreen. She misses it with her hands, and while the guys assume it landed on the floor, she sheepishly fishes it out of her showgirl costume. Cue laughing from everyone.
  • In one episode of Gayle, Gayle smuggles a pot of Chobani yogurt into a Yanni concert in her bra. Which is kinda impressive considering Gayle only has, by her own admission, B cups.

    Western Animation 
  • A male version is implied in the 3-2-1 Penguins! episode, "Invasion of the Body Swappers" when Kevin-In-Zidgel's-Body talks about the time he lost his wallet between his pectorals.
  • Æon Flux, "Utopia or Deuteranopia?" Aeon hides the key in the top portion of her costume, only to depose of her top a few seconds later. She later retrieves the key from her Thong of Shielding, bordering on a case of Trouser Space.
  • American Dad!:
    • In "Max Jets" Roger's girlfriend Gina hid their marriage documents that wouldn't leave her any of his money after he died in her cleavage.
    • In "Faking Bad" after Hayley gives Francine her cut of the money she and Steve made from fake driver's licenses, Francine stores them in her cleavage.
  • Animaniacs:
    • The teacher stores her markers inside her Compartment. When he sees this, Yakko comments, "What else you got in there?"
    • The key to Minerva Mink's diary in "Moon over Minerva" is kept in her cleavage.
    • In "The Sound of Warners", Dot pops out of Hello Nurse's cleavage.
  • Batman: The Animated Series: in "Pretty Poison", Poison Ivy retrieves her poison lipstick from her cleavage.
  • Betty Boop often retrieves items from the front of her dress, usually a compact mirror with makeup. Makes sense since her usual flapper dress doesn't have any pockets. In "Mask a Raid" she manages to retrieve two swords from the front of her dress.
  • DC Showcase: Catwoman features Selina retrieving her whip and a golden cat collar from inside her suit by way of her undoing her top. This is quite impressive considering just how tight we see the suit really is.
  • Cornfed's girlfriend Tamora from an episode of Duckman hid things like Cornfed's phone number and her note to him in her enormous breasts.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: In the episode "A Twist of Ed", Lee locks the Eds in her bedroom and drops the key down her shirt.
  • Evil Con Carne shows Major Doctor Ghastly pulling a steak out of her cleavage while feeding dolphins in the episode "The HCCBDD".
  • Family Guy: Chris' substitute teacher hid everything in her boobs, including a whole class' worth of tests. She even had a machete in there. And then there's the time the raccoon that kept attacking Peter jumped out from between Lois' breasts after she undid her blouse. It was the third time the raccoon attacked Peter.
  • Futurama: Corporate tycoon "Mom" hides the controlling device of the world's robots in her bra. At the end of the episode, it's also shown that Professor Farnsworth keeps the controls of his giant albino shouting mutant gorillas in his pants.
  • The Gandy Goose short "The Frog and the Princess" shows the princess putting the key to the guest bedroom down her blouse after locking it to keep the frog in there.
  • Mabel has pulled a few things out the top of her sweater throughout Gravity Falls, including polaroids of her with Waddles, and even her grappling hook at one point.
  • In the Goof Troop episode "The Ungoofables", Peg's lookalike in Goofy's story hid a soda recipe in there.
  • Harley Quinn (2019): Harley is able to carry around and never lose her smartphone by tucking it into her top. The "The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour" comic shows Harley pulling jerky to feed her pet hyenas from the same location.
  • A Rare Male Example in Hazbin Hotel. The character of Angel Dust is a gay adult film star taking the form of a demon covered in fur. He has extra fluff on his chest that he accentuates to resemble cleavage, and is shown to keep things in there such as his phone and sunglasses.
  • Daisy Duck, of all people, did this in the Mickey MouseWorks short "Daisy's Road Trip", which later aired as part of an episode of House of Mouse. After she interferes with Mickey and Minnie's plan to ride alone, she at one point finds a coin in their car and stuffs it down her blouse.
  • Justice League Unlimited: "Dark Heart" features a sequence where Wonder Woman carried The Atom in her cleavage. Good thing she didn't inhale...
  • A use of not getting past the radar in KaBlam!: The Kablammy Awards episode ended by giving the award to the winning cartoon. Where's the envelope? In June's dress. But seeing as she's ten and well, doesn't have anything, they got away with it.
  • Luanne in King of the Hill stuffs dollars in her top to hide them from Bobby in the episode "Joust Like a Woman".
  • In the Mr. Bean episode "Bean in Love", when Mr. Bean tries to get his favorite singer Roxy's autograph her bodyguard wheels him away before she can sign, leaving his pencil with the teddy bear eraser behind, she finds it and sticks it between her large breasts for safekeeping.
  • Near the end of Pepé Le Pew cartoon "For Scent-imental Reasons", Pepe is looking for Penelope, thinking she might have returned to the perfume shop. Penelope, who finds a blue Pepe to be extremely hot, comes in behind him, closes the door, and drops the key down the front of her coat. It's a Poetic Justice ending: Pepe had been chasing her throughout the cartoon because a spill of whitener had left her tail with a skunk-like streak. Towards the end, she fell in a rain barrel (removing the white on her tail and giving her a cold so she can't smell anymore) while he fell in the blue paint (covering up the BO that made her run away earlier). Now she's chasing him. Several Pepe Le Pew cartoons have these turnabout endings.
  • Played with in some old Popeye cartoons: Olive pretends to hide things (mostly money) in her cleavage, but her hand descends all the way to her boots/shoes.
  • Granny hides the hotel key here in the now-famous Tex Avery cartoon Red Hot Riding Hood.
  • Ruby Rocket Private Detective keeps her cigarettes in this particular area.
  • Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, "The Mystery Solvers Club State Finals": Principal Quinlan keeps her very moist cell phone in between her highly visible cleavage. Don't misread that, the phone is moist because she fell in the pool and lost the top button of her blouse, along with her glasses and ponytail.
  • In "The Shooting Of Dan McGrew (1965)" after Dan and the stranger kill each other Lady Lou takes the stranger’s gold from his coat and hides it in her cleavage.
  • Sit Down, Shut Up: Miracle Grohe keeps a list of all the students who are on the starvation drive in her blouse.
  • Cliché from Stripperella.
  • The Simpsons: "Treehouse of Horror XII" features a HAL-9000 Captain Ersatz who is given to Patty and Selma at the end. Selma shoves the self-destruct switch down her shirt, leading to the comment, "No, not there!"
  • Steven Universe: Amethyst's powers and equipment are all summoned from the gem in her chest.
  • Total Drama:
    • In "The Aftermath I: Trent's Descent", Izzy is enjoying crackers in the waiting room when she's called in to appear on the Aftermath. Not done snacking, she places some food into her cleavage and eats from it during the interview.
    • After Sierra drools all over the slot machine lever in "Niagara Brawls", Blaineley, who is up next, takes a cloth out of her cleavage and drapes it over the lever so as not to touch it directly.
    • Sierra has one of Cody's epipens stored in her cleavage. In "Chinese Fake-Out", she gets it out when the love-me tea she's brewed causes Cody an allergic reaction.
    • Anne Maria keeps the key the Mutant Maggots find in "Finders Creepers" with her in her cleavage. She gets it out when they find the lock it goes into in a tombstone.
    • Julia sneaks several phones into the island in “Meet the Victims”. She surrenders three phones, and then Chris uses a metal detector to find a fourth one in her cleavage, and it turns out even that wasn’t all of them.
  • The Venture Bros.:
    • When the Monarch proposes to Dr. Girlfriend, they're about to have sex and she's completely naked. He's therefore understandably baffled when she pulls a list of concessions he needs to make out of nowhere, though his reference to how it's "undoubtedly moist" shows that the Monarch has his theories.
    • "I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills": Doctor Girlfriend pulls an aerosol can from her cleavage, while wearing her Queen Etheria costume to boot!
  • Young Justice: Madame Xanadu in "Denial" puts her money in her cleavage.


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