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From left to right, foreground: Kimiko, Erika, Largo, and Piro. From left to right, background: Ed, Junpei, Ping, Miho, Seraphim, and Dom.

"You see, nothing in the real world will ever live up to what I feel inside. I came to terms with that a long time ago... Maybe it's because the feelings I have work only in fantasies, not the real world. That's why I want to be an actress. It's a way to live what I feel, even if it is just part of a story."

The story of MegaTokyo starts off when two American video game otaku — Piro and Largo — hop on a one-way flight to Japan, then find themselves unable to get back after a credit-card-maxing shopping spree.

Piro meets an aspiring voice actress called Kimiko and awkwardness ensues. Largo becomes steadily more demented and awkwardness ensues. Kimiko's flatmate Erika has to deal with her past as a popular Idol Singer and awkwardness ensues. A schoolgirl called Yuki gets a crush on Piro and awkwardness ensues. Piro gets stuck with a Dating Sim Robot Girl called Ping and awkwardness ensues. And a mysterious goth called Miho stirs things up for her own amusement, leading to awkwardness for all concerned.

Debuting in 2000 and still ongoing, the comic has gained a great deal of infamy for its erratic schedule, along with the Filler Strips Dead Piro Days and stick-figure Shirt Guy Dom comics (a takeoff on the "Shirt Guy Tom" comics from Sluggy Freelance).

Has been called the Lost of webcomics for its complex plot line and character histories, most of all the enigmatic Tohya Miho. Quite intentionally, it includes a number of anime tropes.

In 2013, creator Fred Gallagher launched a Kickstarter for a Visual Novel game based on the comic. The funding request was wildly successful but for a variety of reasons the game never shipped and now appears abandoned. Gallagher continues to publish new Megatokyo comics as of 2023.

MegaTokyo contains examples of: