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"You are reading 100% genuinely authentic fake manga!"
— Notice at the beginning of each chapter of Apricot Cookie(s)!

Graphic novels and comic books that are inspired by and that utilize manga techniques, yet were originally written in English, instead of Japanese. Since these are generally targeted at North American, Australian and British readers, they are often (though not always) read left-to-right like other Western works.

Some purists may not consider Original English Language manga as "real" manga, as the latter is sometimes defined as an exclusively Japanese creation. That Other Wiki has a section describing how the term "OEL Manga" came to be the prevalent name for these foreign works, along with a summary of the criticism the name has received.

See also Comic Books (more languages than just English), Manga (Japanese), Manhwa (Korean), Manhua (Chinese).

Note that many manga-inspired Webcomics are also originally written in English, and thereby qualify for this index.

Compare Animesque, the animated version.