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Kotomi and Haru

Cross Heart is a series of Web Original yuri manga by Ana Cristina Sánchez a.k.a. AnaKris, originally published in Spanish (and partially, English) on DeviantArt. The series follows the story of Haru, a cheerful schoolgirl who finds herself falling in love with her aloof but beautiful schoolmate Kotomi. Simultaneously, Kotomi is losing an uphill battle against some very serious childhood traumas underneath a Stepford Smiler facade. The story is divided into four (or five, depending on how you count) chapters:

  • Cross Heart (2008, 31 pages): Haru and Kotomi, both 15 years old, become friends.
  • Someday (2009, 26 pages): Haru and Kotomi are 17 and heading for a Relationship Upgrade.
  • Breakdown (2010-11, 108 pages): Set about half a year after Someday, this chapter consists of three parts:
    • Part A — Unheard Feelings: Kotomi struggles with telling Haru that she has to move away.
    • Part B — The Distance That Keeps Us Apart: Haru tries to deal with the pain in all the wrong fashion.
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    • Extra 1Rumors
    • Part C — The Time That Has Passed: Haru, now 20, is still waiting but starts losing faith in her own feelings.
    • Extra 2Happily Ever After
  • Melody of Sorrow (2015-17, 92 pages): Grown-up Haru and Kotomi live together, but Kotomi still struggles with one last painful memory from her childhood.

To call this manga, particularly the third chapter, "Emotional Torque" would be an understatement—there wasn't a single dry eye among the readers back when the final pages of Breakdown were published.

Cross Heart was made available for purchase on paper, fully translated to English and shipped worldwide, but is sadly sold out. A complete bound volume containing all three chapters was published in 2014.

However, as of December 2017 the complete edition is once again available in print, along with Melody of Sorrow, via the author's online store.


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