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A graphic novel prequel series to the Odd Thomas novel series by Dean Koontz. Each book is illustrated by Queenie Chan and written by Dean Koontz and a co-writer.

  • In Odd We Trust (2008) (cowriter: Queenie Chan)
  • Odd Is On Our Side (2010) (cowriter: Fred Van Lente)
  • House of Odd (2012) (cowriter: Landry Q Walker)

These comics contain examples of:

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    In Odd We Trust 
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: When Odd catches up to the murderer, he says "This is for murdering Joey!" while kneeing him in the gut, "This is for kidnapping Sherry!" as he slaps him, and "And this is for saying my pancakes suck!" after delivering a HUGE punch to the face. Figures that the fry cook would be more upset about an insult to his craft, especially since he is considered a great cook in his hometown.
  • Mobstacle Course: Odd and Stormy are rushing to rescue Sherry and Pico Mundo's streets are very crowded because of a parade. Odd comments, "There's never a parade when you need one, only when it screws things up."

    Odd is on Our Side 
  • Bedsheet Ghost: Odd sees a little girl wearing a white sheet with eye holes and he comments that classic Halloween costumes never go out of style. She turns out to be the actual ghost of a child who was murdered on Halloween several years ago while wearing a ghost costume.
  • Mathematician's Answer: Odd and Stormy are discussing their hypothetical future children. Stormy asks, "What about names?" Odd replies, "They should have them."
  • Mundanger: Odd usually has to deal with supernatural threats. This time, the culprit is an old man who really, really hated kids trampling his prizewinning flower garden.
  • Symbol Swearing: Odd pulls a little girl from the path of a speeding car and the startled driver exclaims "!@#$%!" Odd narrates, "I really despise potty mouths who speak in symbols."
  • Talking with Signs: Ghosts are mute, but the ghost of a young girl communicates with Odd in the second manga via candy hearts with words on them. (She was murdered with poisoned Halloween candy, and still has her trick-or-treat bucket.)

    House of Odd 
  • Falling Chandelier of Doom: It's mentioned that some contractors were working in Nedra's house when a large chandelier crashed to the floor for no apparent reason. No one was injured, but this event frightened the contractors into quitting.
  • Malevolent Architecture: Nedra's house. Doors lock people in rooms even though there are no locks on the doors. A dark shadow with no apparent source is taped walking into the house. Disembodied screams are heard. Then the house starts becoming more massive, hallways twist and turn unnaturally, and the floor plan no longer matches the blueprints. Oh, and there's a portal to Hell in the basement.
  • Techno Babble: Vern Ainsley Smith loves to use large scientifically-sounding words to describe his ghost-hunting experiences. But he's really just a huge fraud and none of the Techno Babble actually means anything.