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Reena and Madison in their police uniforms

Danger Zone One is an action/adventure OEL Manga webcomic written by Midnight and drawn by Katsu (Chapters 1 & 2), Zen Jirakun (Chapter 3), and Salaiix (Chapter 4-current).

Reena Saffron is fresh out of the academy and eager to begin her first day as a full-time officer with the Pallad City Police Department. But her idealistic nature and unwavering belief in justice is put to the test when she’s partnered with ‘Maniac’ Madison Wynter, a loose cannon officer with the Department’s Special Crimes Unit, whose methods stretch the law to its very limits. Even thought the two officers are polar opposites, they’ll need to find common ground if they intend to survive in Pallad City: a district so dangerous, it's known as 'Danger Zone One.'

The story takes place in a near future setting where megacorporations run the world. There are elements of science fiction and cyberpunk incorporated in the series, with appearances by rampaging power suits, synthetic black market super drugs (only featured in the novel series), and tentacle mecha (also only in the novels).


Danger Zone One updates weekly (every Sunday).

There is also an ongoing Danger Zone One novel series, which can be found exclusively on Amazon via eBook format. Midnight also writes another weekly webcomic, Welcome to the Machine

Danger Zone One provides examples of:

  • Action Girl: Madison. Aside from being a skilled hand-to-hand fighter and proficient with a firearm (she won the annual Pallad City marksmanship pistol competition two years in a row) it's been alluded to that Madison was once a member of the Death Widow private military company.
  • Animesque: The design and visual style is specifically drawn to appear like a manga, although it's not Japanese in origin.
  • Attack Drone: Reena and Madison are attacked by one when investigating Volkan Island.
  • Boobs of Steel: Reena and Madison are both highly competent cops, and stacked as heck.
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  • Brutal Honesty: Madison holds nothing back, especially when getting saddled with a new partner.
    Madison: I've run across your type a million times. Young. Inexperienced. Still have that innocent look on your face. This city can smell that a wild beast would its prey. You're fresh meat. Nothing more. And this city's carnivorous.
  • Catchphrase: Reena typically says "You're busted, pal!" while attempting to arrest a criminal. This is more prevalent in the novel series.
  • Clothing Damage: After surviving a missile attack in chapter 1, both Madison and Reena's police uniforms are left in tatters.
    • the sole surviving member of the Volkan Island research base..
  • Cowboy Cop: Madison's a loose cannon, but the Chief is hesitant to rein her in, due to her impressive track record and the undeniable results she achieves.
  • Da Chief: Subverted with Chief Hardiman. Despite crippling department budget cuts, Madison's cowboy cop antics, and a shortage of officers, Hardiman stays relatively calm, albeit biding his time for retirement.
  • The Dreaded: The mere mention of Madison's name sends most of her fellow PCPD officers into a panic.
  • Fanservice: The main characters' outfits qualify, even before they get torn.
  • First Day from Hell: Reena's first day as an officer in Pallad City involves her trying to bring down a rampaging power suit.
  • Going Postal: Raymond Finkler, the first "villain" of the comic, goes on a rampage in a power suit he designed after getting fired die to budget cuts despite being a very loyal employee while sparing the latecomer-for-a-whole-month Langdon the same boot. On top of that, Gene Stayroff, the guy he was going after, took credit for his work, and his own wife told him not to come back home, having always expected him to be a failure.
  • Halloween Episode: Chapter 2. And Madison hates the holiday, presumably because the required costumes could make her look less of a hardass.
  • Law of Inverse Recoil: The standard Halvok 99 firearm has too much recoil for Reena to handle, as evidenced in the firing range and again during actual combat.
  • Lovely Angels: Reena and Madison.
  • Macross Missile Massacre: Piloting the VX-II power suit, Raymond launches a barrage of missiles at Reena and Madison.
  • Mad Bomber: Drezz Vargo gets his kicks from starting fires and creating explosives, so much so that he lost his hands during an earlier ill-fated misadventure (not that it deterred him, once he refitted himself with cybernetic replacements). Drezz has yet to appear in the Danger Zone One webcomic, but is the primary villain in the audio drama
  • New Meat: A young rookie at the Pallad City Police Department, Reena gets this often.
    Madison: When we see action, hang back and stay out of my way. Don't need a dead rook on my hands, makes filing paperwork a bitch.
    Reena: I'm not a kid, you know! I'm an officer, just like you!
    Madison: Yeah, whatever.
  • Oh, Crap!: Reena literally says this when the VX-II power suit launches a salvo of Viper-R9 mini-missiles at her.
  • Panty Shot: Reena, frequently.
    • Reena also demonstrates Gainaxing on occasion
  • Red Baron: Madison doesn't get along with nearly anyone else in the department, causing fellow officers to refer to her as the "Ice Queen of the PCDP." She's also known as "Maniac" Madison for her reckless police tactics.
  • Revenge Before Reason: When Raymond's laid off from his job at Horizon Global Solutions, he steals the VX-II power suit and goes on a rampage, targeting the supervisor responsible for letting him go (the very same supervisor who handed off Raymond's work to the higher ups as his own!).
  • Rollerblade Good: Turbo Joe's "Street Boosters" can qualify for this, which he uses to temporarily escape from Reena.
  • Rule of Sexy: Reena and Madison don revealing Halloween outfits when they're assigned as undercover security to protect the mayor at the Halloween parade.
  • Shout-Out:
    • The "Halloween Hang-Up" Danger Zone Onesies features Madison choosing to dress up like Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise. One of the previous costumes she tries on is Christie's bondage attire from the video game, Dead or Alive 5.
  • Supervillain: Mr. Jack qualifies as one in Chapter 2, complete with jack-o'-lantern mask, costumed henchmen, and a criminal scheme that involves kidnapping the mayor and detonating a bomb in downtown Pallad City.
  • They Fight Crime!: Despite being polar opposites with little in common, Reena and Madison have been assigned to work together.
  • Title Drop: Chapter 1, Page 14:
    Madison: Now you'll see why they call Pallad City 'Danger Zone One'.
  • 20 Minutes into the Future: Though no explicit date is ever given, the story seems to take place in the not-too-distant future, judging by the inclusion of power suits, bio-chip identification, and a one-off mention of combat androids.
  • Who Wears Short Shorts?: Madison generally wears short shorts with her police uniform. In the novel series it's suggested that Madison doesn't dress in the standard PCPD uniform because she's with the Special Crimes Unit.
  • World Building: Mainly done in the descriptions on the pages.


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