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Dracula Everlasting is an original English language manga-style comic by Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir (creators of Amazing Agent Luna), with art by Rhea Silvan. It tells the story of teen-aged Nicholas Harker, who after losing his parents to a car accident, learns he's the heir to a vast family fortune. But this comes with a price as he learns the hard way that Dracula was based on a true story, and he's descended from the Harkers of the story.

Nicholas is seventeen years old and just starting his senior year of high school. He is dark haired and at the start a little meek. He doesn't have as much confidence as he could and tends to blend into the background. When his parents die, he is left somewhat broken, an empty shell of himself. It is his friendship with Jill that gives him strength. And then he finds a Harker heirloom—a locket with the word "Everlasting" engraved in it.

Jill is the prototypical girl next door. She's friendly and kind but also very introverted. Raised in London, she proves herself quite adaptable when her mother uproots them and moves to Boston. Shy herself, Jill is really good at being a best friend, but that makes it all the harder when she actually realizes that she quite "likes" her new best friend. She's an avid reader and loves fantasy. She also descended from Van Helsing.

The series spans three volumes. Originally published on, Seven Seas Entertainment cancelled their Webcomics division, but continues to publish the volumes in comicbook form.

Dracula Everlasting contains examples of:

  • Bad Boss: Surprisingly subverted, Dracula gives the Reinfields more then enough chances on their servitude before ultimately offing them (save Mason) when they prove unreliable and is shown showing concern for his brides.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Vanessa, a hooker who became the first of the modern day brides. She becomes a bit defensive when more women are turned to serve Dracula.
  • "I Know You Are in There Somewhere" Fight: Cate has to do this to her vamprizied mother. She manages to get through and she turns on Dracula and the Renfields.
  • Last-Second Chance: In the climax, Cate offers this to Manson as he dangling from a second story window. He refuses and winds up falling to his death while trying to shoot her.
  • New Powers as the Plot Demands: For a teenager, Cate sure seems to have a wide range of spells for every occasion that comes up.
  • The Renfield: Karl Renfield is the direct descendant of the original, along with his sons. Compared to the older three boys, Karl is almost normal looking. His youngest son, though, is a handsome young man, for which he gets harassed for by his brothers.
  • Shōjo Demographic: The series has a definite shojo look, though it does get Darker and Edgier than most examples.
  • Staking the Loved One: Cate to her mother, though it's helped that she's not in Dracula's control and content with dying. Even telling her daughter she loves her.
  • Spirit Advisor: McAllister becomes one for Cate after his death. Even after he's unbound from her. He decides to stick around to see the case through to the end.
  • Transhuman Treachery: Vanessa, one of the first girls Dracula bites, was a fairly nice high school girl while human. After turning, she takes to being a vampire very quickly and being one of the more devoted to Dracula.
  • Vampire's Harem: In the third volume, Dracula decides he'll need more servants for his plans and starts raising the girls he had bitten previously. Of the first three brides, are Vanessa, one of Nicholas' classmates he had a crush on, a hooker that the Reinfields gave to him for food and Cate's mother who was looking to stop Dracula, but Dracula quickly stopped her. In the final battle, he adds at least a few more to bolster to his forces (much to Vanessa's slight jealously).
  • You Have Failed Me: After one blunder too many. Dracula ultimately kills Karl and he and his brides feed on the sons save Mason who turns out to be the most trustworthy.