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Dracula: Ruler of the Night is a webcomic by RichieD.

This comic is basically a retelling of the original story but rather then follow it to the letter, focuses on some differences on certain aspects. For instance, Dracula bringing his brides with him when he heads for London rather than leave them behind and showcasing how such a change alters the story.

At the current, the comic is on hiatus due to the original site going under, the author is currently looking into a new site to upload the story.


Contains the following tropes

  • Adaptation Expansion: More of the point in this version, building on things that were either glossed over in the original novel or used more in full.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Dracula is killed as is his brides and Mina is saved, with Harker and she having a baby later on. However Dracula still manages to introduce vamprisim to London through the street urchins that the brides had bitten. While it won't be rampant and controllable enough for the hunters to take care of, it will still linger in a new foreign land. What's more, Lucy and Minerva Westenra escape into the night to continue their undead existence. Milly reconciles with Van Helsing and goes into a sleep to prevent herself from harming anyone with Helsing using her blood in the hopes of finding a cure and writing down his studies for future generations. As in the original story, Quincy likewise dies from his wounds and, after a funeral, his body is shipped off to Texas to be buried. However the curse takes hold within him and he turns not long after, soon introducing vampirism to American soil.
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  • Catapult Nightmare: Harker has one after escaping the castle, dreaming of the brides managing to invade the nunnery he was brought to and find him but not attack him... because he's already become a vampire. The nightmare ending with him gaining vampire features and going to bite the nurse near him.
  • Death of a Child:
    • Some street urchins end up exploring in a building where Dracula has set up shop after Carfax Abby is destroyed. The brides soon awaken and it doesn't take long to find them. They nearly escape but one is grabbed at the last minute, whisked back inside, presented to Dracula, and quickly bitten. Not long after he leads the brides to his friends.
    Dracula: (Morphing from a bat as Minerva holds the child down) Ah a child, I don't run into many of them back home. The peasants there were wise to keep their kin indoors past night hours. A pity that doesn't seem to be the case here. But I don't discriminate on my choice of dining. (He spreads his cape outward and vamps out) Old or young, the night welcomes all! (He growls and goes to bite the boy, who screams)
    • This is also the reason why Milly Van Helsing is admitted into Seward Mental Asylum after the death of her child that Abraham Van Helsing failed to save from illness.
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  • Does Not Like Shoes: Dracula's Brides all go barefoot, only wearing stockings on their feet. Lucy as well as Minerva, Milly and Mina near turning likewise display this as well.
  • Face-Revealing Turn: Minerva Westenra when the hunters are cornered in the basement of Carfax Abby by Dracula, his brides and Lucy. And Harker sees she has a Missing Reflection. She then turns and reveals she's now a vampire.
  • Holy Burns Evil: Crosses are used as deterrents to vampires, however they're more effective on "newborns" then centuries old one. Dracula and his brides hardly flinch at them, explaining that they've built up an immunity to it over time. Lucy however is forced back by it at first, she start to fight it over time, by the end she only slightly filches at the site of it, indicating her powers are growing
  • Lured into a Trap: The hunters go into Carfax Abbey in hopes of finding Dracula there to stop him. However Dracula is prepared for them along with his brides and the newly vampirized Lucy As well as a recently turned Minerva Westenra.
  • Messy Hair: The brides all sport this to varying degree. Lucy likewise goes into it after she turns and Mina's hair begins to grow after she's bitten. Oddly Minerva and Milly's hair doesn't reach these lengths when they turn.
  • Missing Reflection: Naturally the vampires have this, though in this case the clothes are still clearly seen with only the exposed areas not showing in mirrors. Harker catches Dracula at one point though his portable mirror without one, Lucy's fades over time after she's bitten And when raiding Carfax Abby and trying to rescue Minerva Westenra, Harker sees she doesn't have one when catching it on a old silver tray, outing her as a newly turned vampire.
  • Named by the Adaptation:
    • The brides are named here as Winnoa, Maria and Ursa.
    • Lady Westenra (Lucy's Mother) is name Minerva in this version
    • Helsing wife, only mentioned as a throwaway line in the novel, is named Milly.
  • Never Mess with Granny: Zig-Zagged. Minerva Westenra as a human was a fairly harmless woman in her late sixties, enjoying her twilight years and more then happy to see Lucy finally marry. Upon being bitten and turned however, the vampirism allows her to regain her stamina and, under Dracula's command, fights on par with her fellow brides. Near wounding Harker when she reveals her undead state, managing to keep a running pace with the escape carriage the hunters use to flee Carfax Abby until forced back and taking to hunting and feeding surprisingly fast. Helsing theorizing that her years of knowledge as a human transferred with her corruption to make her more then formidable.
  • Ontological Inertia: Dracula and the brides die and Mina is restored back to being a human. But Lucy, Minerva and Milly remain as vampires. Helsing explains that they pretty much died once drained of their blood and resurrected as walking corpses. So even if they had taken out the one who had turned them, they couldn't just undo death. The only reason Mina changed back because she wasn't fully drained and the vampirism change in her was slow moving enough to be counter-acted. Though even still there are some lingering effects (Her canine are slightly more pointed and it's commented her senses are still heigten a bit though for the most part she's human again)
  • Pointy Ears: The vampires in this version sport them. It's the first notable sign the curse is taking hold as Helsing notes when examining Lucy and seeing her ears becoming oddly misshapen.
  • Power Floats: The vampires here are capable of floating and do so with impunity.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: After Dracula and the brides are killed, Lucy and Minerva, along with most those bitten, flee
    Lucy: A pity, I liked [Dracula], but he seemed to have overreached himself. (To the hunters) The day is yours, my dear friends. However mother and I do not intend to share in our master's fate. (Purrs) We have a new life ahead of us and we intend to experience it! (To Mina) Hopefully we shall see you again see my dearest Mina. (She hisses before Minerva and she run off into the street, soon disappearing into the shadows)
  • Spared by the Adaptation:
    • Lucy isn't staked at the graveyard in this version, instead being rescued by Dracula just when it looks like she's cornered.
    • Both Lucy and Minerva Westenra flee after Dracula is killed.
    • While Quincy does die in this version. He ends up turned into a vampire at the end of the story.
  • Together in Death: Or more "Together in Undead" but this is the reason for Minerva joining Dracula's brides. When it was revealed to her after she was kidnapped that Lucy became a vampire (though only finds out what those were upon meeting Dracula. Van Helsing never informed her). She chose to become one as well to stay with her daughter since Lucy is the only family she has left, despite the fact that she'll become a monster in the process. A later flashback showing that her turning was quite peaceful and Lucy was even hesitant to bite her before Minerva assured her it was alright and that she still loves her as a daughter regardless if she's a human or vampire.
  • Transhuman Treachery:
    • Lucy naturally after she turns. She has no problem acting against the hunters on Dracula's will.
    • Likewise Minerva Westenra after she's bitten. The hunters are especially shocked that someone so elderly and cordial would take to being undead. But as she puts it...
    Minerva: (After being asked about why she's helping Dracula) True, the corruption is quite a factor. But death is death, you lot failed to protect my daughter and in turned I was claimed as well. There is no going back for us. While it is such a ghastly activity, I will endure it for the sake of being with my daughter. Even if it means I must go against you as well. That said (smiles her fangs) serving under such a gentleman as Dracul is far from suffering.
    • The street urchin that ends up bitten is quite happy with the change when he reappers to his friends.
    Urchin: It's amazing, lads! I thought I had died, actually, I did die. But when I woke back up, there was no more fear. I was still here and I felt great! Different! Stronger! It's like I'm living one of my dreams turned real! Everything feels so possible now, you gotta try it. All it takes is just a little...(he shudders and vamps out) nibble.
    • Milly, Van Helsing's wife, becomes a bride largely as thanks to Dracula for making her lucid again. When Helsing confronts her, she mentions it's nothing personal but he did leave her in an insane asylum to rot.
    • Finally Quincy Morris at the epilogue of the story after he rises as a vampire and discovers his friend had shipped his body home to Texas, unaware that he turned.
    Morris: (In a letter he's writing) Forgive me, my dear friends, but the hunger is so strong. I have no desire to run rampant with this curse over the planet or any excess cruelty. But...I find myself in the position of the one who had bestowed upon me this power. My ranch is my castle, three unfortunate woman now under my servitude and more to likely follow. As much as I should loathe this fate, I...find I cannot. (He lifts his head, his eyes glowing and fangs form as he smiles, his "brides" coming up behind him) I've embraced it.
  • Undead Child: Some street urchins are bitten by the brides after unwittingly exploring a building that Dracula had set up shop in after Carfax Abby is destroyed and bite a few others as well. During the raid on the Harker home, they aid Lucy and Minerva in capturing Mina.
  • Wham Line: Minerva when the hunters are trapped in Carfax Abbey's basement and Harker notes a curious lack reflection from her when he note it from a nearby metal surface.
    Minerva: Forgive me, dear I've been a tad deceitful. (she shudders and her fangs and pointed ears form on her) I've been dead for quite awhile. (She floats off the ground) There is no one here for you to save...but yourselves.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Dracula has no qualms feeding on children, though he mentions he doesn't see much of them in Transylvania. Regardless, blood is blood and vamprisim is fair game to any age group.