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After Yusra lost her parents in a military conflict in the Middle East, she was sent to America to live with her aunt. It was there that she found Joseph, a Jewish boy. They discovered that they were able to talk through telepathy and through that they were able to stay close friends.. However, there is something more to them than just telepathy..or their friendship.

Joseph and Yusra: A Complicated Friendship is an OEL Manga Webcomic that follows the life and difficulties of these two friends, and the problems they end up in.

On the May 2015, the author announced that this comic would be a Series Hiatus. And later she told that she had discontinued Complicated Friendship and now it has been rebooted in a different universe (can be read here.)

Now it has a Character Sheet.

This series provides examples of:

  • Compressed Hair: Without her hijab, Yusra's hair goes all the way down to her knees. It's actually discussed in a short the author made.
  • Confessional: Played for Laughs when Mary uses her portable confessional on Joseph (a cardboard box placed on his head). However, the advice she gives is genuinely helpful.
  • Double Consciousness:
    • Yusra's life-style is really controversal for conservative Muslims. Despite looking incredibly religious to non-Muslims, she dislikes wearing long skirt, plays music, and even does not hesitate to talk with men.note 
  • Muna is non-pragmatical as she does not wear hijab and torelates Yusra's life-style. Add to it, after she held back people who blame Yusra, a women who always patronizing them told Muna that the reason why she cannot have her own family is she "leads astray" Yusra and does not "easy things" such as wearing hijabs.
  • Friend to All Children: Joseph babysit a number of kids, including Bracha, and is a camp counselor at a Jewish summer camp.
Joseph: Are you out of your freaking mind?
Mary: Maaaaaayyyyy-be?
  • Nun Too Holy: Mary, dear god, Mary. She curses, encourages violence, carries firearms everywhere, and then there was this:
    "Jesus, help a sister out would you?"
  • Odd Friendship: It's right there in the title
  • Power of Love: Can activate Joseph and Yusra's superpower.