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Ojou Ringlets

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And she's supposed to be hiding her status.

An easy way to tell if a female character in Japanese media is of high social standing is to not look for a crown or an Ermine Cape, but to look at the front of her head. Specifically, look for two curled locks of hair draping the sides of her face. The rest of the hair may be straight, curly, or anything in-between, but she must have two curled locks from either the hair directly in front of or directly behind the ear, and falling in front of her shoulders rather than behind, if it is long enough. If she has these, she either is high class or acts like it.

Needless to say, this is common among Ojou. Some Elegant Gothic Lolitas also sport this hairstyle.

Also known as "drill hair", and derived from the Regal Ringlets hairstyle, popular in Roman times. For the distinctly Japanese princess' hairstyle — straight black with level bangs and ear locks — see Hime Cut.


Do not confuse them for the sideburns Orthodox Jewish men wear, called peyot (pronounced "pay-ott") (peyos, pronounced "pay-ohs," if you're Ashkenazi).

A Sub-Trope of Regal Ringlets. Compare Mega Twintails and Quirky Curls.


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    Anime and Manga 

  • Mia Rinaldi from Vampire Academy is described as having "blonde ringlets". Comes with her pseudo-royal, popular status at the Academy.

    Video Games 
  • A strange inversion with Aerith from Final Fantasy VII in that while she definitely has the curls in her incarnations, she is a flower girl...from the slums, and acts energetic rather than refined. It could be a nod to her being a Cetra or Ancient, which is a mystical people with special powers.
  • Capcom seems to like this hairstyle, as many characters from their collection of games sport them:
  • Rose Bernstein from The King of Fighters has two large ringlets that start behin her ears and rest on her shoulders. No real social status, but she's the Rich Bitch daughter of Rugal Bernstein, so...
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • The eponymous character Midna has an unusual variant of this in her true form at the end of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, in that the two curls are tied together around her neck like some kind of brooch. The other eponymous character has a variation of them as well: they're not curled, per se, but there are two braids of hair tied up in lots of ribbon.
    • Princess Zelda herself usually has some variation on this, particularly in recent cartoonier games in which they're lightning-bolt-shaped sidelocks. Naturally, this includes Tetra.
    • Rich Bitch Mila from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker has parted bangs that are curled into ringlets. She loses them after her family goes from Riches to Rags.
  • Soul Series:
    • Ashlotte, robotic gothic lolita bonus character from Soul Calibur IV, has two ringlets at the side of her face.
    • Viola from Soul Calibur V who's also an Elegant Gothic Lolita has two ringlets that go down to the front of shoulders.
    • Several variants are available in the Creat-A-Character mode.
  • Susie Evans from Valkyria Chronicles has two large ringlets that fall in the front of her shoulders. She's the daughter of a rich tycoon and only enlisted in the war to protect her family's honor.
  • Rosalia in Angelique is from a noble family and the Privileged Rival of the main character. She sports two corkscrew curls framing the side of her face.
  • Reika Minazuki from Ouendan 2 has straight hair with two ringlets in the front framing her face. Her profile mentions that she's from a traditional family and attended a super elite academy.
  • Quite a few characters in Fire Emblem Awakening sport the Ojou Ringlets in varying degrees:
    • The first is Exalt Emmeryn, leader of Ylisse and symbol of peace. Large tight curls fall on each side of her face.
    • Next, Maribelle, daughter of a Ylissian duke and an Ojou in every sense of the word. Maribelle's hair is exclusively tight curls from the crown of her head back. Two of these curls are draped over her shoulders while the rest hang behind.
    • There's also Sumia, a clumsy Pegasus Knight with some shades of Ojou in her personality. Her curls are much less rolled than the other two but are still apparent flanking her face.
    • Flavia, West-Khan of Ylisse's neighboring country, has a slight curl to her hair, sporting two strands of hair fore of the ears while the remainder of her hair is tightly bound in a ponytail. Unlike the first three examples, Flavia shares very few traits of an Ojou, though she does hold a position of power.
  • Mitsuru of Persona 3, up until junior high, as seen in FES's flashbacks. When she was a child, she had two curled ringlets at the sides of her head. She carries this even in high school, but she keeps one loose curl instead. Well, she is the daughter of Takeharu Kirijo, a founder of Kirijo Group, the group who owns the school where she is studying.

    Visual Novels 

     Web Animation 
  • Winter Schnee from RWBY has a single curl on the left side of her hair, as befitting the eldest daughter of a powerful businessman.

     Web Comics 

    Real Life 
  • It was a popular look in Lolita Fashion during The '80s. It's fallen out of style since, but a lot of people still love it. It's really hard to do without a wig though. Rag curls can look like it.

Alternative Title(s): Drill Hair, Princess Curls