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Femininity Tropes

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For royal ladies** , there is nothing wrong with looking pretty and elegant.

"I stand for poofy dresses, flowers, ribbons, and all that is girlie!"
Wedding Peach:, Wedding Peach Abridged

While "feminine" simply means "any attribute associated with women", culturally, the term also means the traits that are expected of women to perform and have, encompassing things like beauty, grace, elegance, and good social manners. Unfortunately, the latter often involves things like demureness and timidness, which has also led to women being expected to be weak-willed and fragile, while bringing rejection and ridicule to those women who fail (or refuse) to comply.

And, of course, some women take advantage of these associations, which may result in Nothing Nice About Sugar and Spice.

Regardless of the exact form (such as whether one is "girly", "lady-like", or "matronly"), these are the tropes about femininity.

Contrast Tomboy, Bifauxnen, Masculinity Tropes.

Compare/Contrast Gender-Blending Tropes.