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Webcomic / Khatru

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These four things make the world go round.

"Move in day at Bosley Hall. Pandemonium reigns."
-A caption from the first comic

Khatru began in April 2008 and stopped in March 2013. It is set in an American college administration building that has been converted into student housing. The 16 residents of Bosley Hall House 4 have the dubious honor of living in the building's basement. A lot of strange people live in House 4, or "The Hidden House" as they call it, and this comic is the chronicle of their stories.

It can be seen here.

This webcomic has a list of characters. It has nothing to do with the Yes song Siberian Khatru besides the name, which sounded like a good Webcomic Nonsense Title.

Khatru also features occasional B-Side Comics and Filler Strips. These take the form of random Dada Comics (Real and True Adventures of Driving Through Wisconsin One Time) and Cut and Paste Comic (the upcoming Gordon Knot strips).


This comic provides examples of: