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"Boys pure in mind and heart, almost children, are fond of talking in school among themselves, and even aloud, of things, pictures, and images of which even soldiers would sometimes hesitate to speak. More than that, much that soldiers have no knowledge or conception of is familiar to quite young children of our intellectual and higher classes."

Near opposite of the Dirty Old Man or Dirty Old Woman, where a kid is ridiculously young, but still has some signs of… "interest".

What's most notable is that often, kids or babies are allowed to cop a feel, simply because it's said that they don't understand what they're doing.

Note that there seems to be some level of Double Standard, since most of the examples seem to be male. When growing a bit, he becomes the Hormone-Addled Teenager.

Sub-Trope of Troubling Unchildlike Behavior.

See also Kidanova, which deals more with the romantic aspects, as opposed to the sexual ones. Fille Fatale is for a female child acting sexually promiscuous.

Not to Be Confused with The Pig-Pen, who is filthy in a different way.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Isidro in Berserk. Has frequently displayed incredibly lewd behavior, at one point even fantasizing about having sex with five prostitutes at once.
  • Ooeyama, the series' resident Gian clone from Chinpui. The difference with Gian is that, being the main character (Eri) a girl, he just play pranks like lifting her skirt.
  • In an episode of City Hunter, Ryo must protect a woman and a young boy from another country from being abducted by foreign agents. Kaori soon discovers that the young boy's actions and demeanor are exactly as Ryo's when he start to grope her and take photo while she is undressing.
  • Shin from Crayon Shin-chan. His sister Himawari also seems to have a thing for guys.
  • Junpei from the manga and first series of Cutey Honey, the younger brother of Seiji and son of Danbei. He is perverse as his father, trying to peek Honey in the bath and grope her.
  • Detective School Q gives us Kazuma Narusawa, who somehow got a hold of the exact measurements of the teenaged Megu's Gag Boobs
  • Dejiko from Di Gi Charat is ten years old and also a big Yaoi Fangirl, even considering drawing "naughty doujinshi" of people she knows!
  • In the 11th episode of Dirty Pair a group of kids have taken over Kei and Yuri's ship, as they are rounding them up and trying to get them to leave, one of the boys lifts up Yuri's dress and touches her butt causing her to slap him.
  • Doraemon:
  • Oolong from Dragon Ball was this in the past. Puar explain that Oolong was kicked out of "transformation kindergarten" for stealing the teacher's panties. It's also revealed that he's actually three years younger than Goku, making him only 9 during the first arc of the original series. Bulma lampshades it in the original Japanese:
    Bulma: What kind of kid acts like a middle-aged pervert?
  • In contrast with his notoriously Chaste Hero anime counterpart, 10-year old Ash in The Electric Tale of Pikachu is just as big of a perv as Brock and likes to drool over girls.
  • Dai Daichi from The Family's Defense Alliance. Whether being the continuous skirt lifts he gives to his teacher in every episode or the fact that he has a naughty picture collection in his room, Dai definitely plays this trope straight. The opening of the show even has him groping all the female characters of the show (two being part of his family) often resulting with violent repercussions.
  • Chapter 61 of Food Wars! has one of the elementary kids of the substitute cooking classes take a peek under Tadokoro's dress
  • Gravion:
    • Anya, one of the three Token Mini Moes. Best exemplified in the episode where she and some of the older maids have Eiji trapped in a game of Strip Poker.
    • Brigitta as well when it comes to Eiji's "physicals". The only one not an example of this trope is Cecile.
  • Tomoki from Heaven's Lost Property. His parents left him to stay alone and travel around the world when he turned 10. Without parents, Tomoki lived with his grandfather, who inspired him and made him become an "ecchi, hentai" person with pervert quotes.
  • Tsurugi in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8. He likes touching Yasuho too much.
  • In Kill la Kill, Mako Mankanshoku's younger brother Matarou knows the teenage Ryuko Matoi is sexy and is always trying to peep at her bathing or changing clothes. Ryuko never likes it when she catches him doing this.
  • Mihairu/Miguel from episode 33 of Lupin III (Pink Jacket), he's a 10 year old boy genius who idolizes Lupin, he also loves to grope women's butts, flip up their skirts, and steal their panties.
  • Aladdin from Magi: Labyrinth of Magic likes groping breasts a bit too much…
  • Rabi from Majokko Meg-chan had an arsenal tricks aimed at catching his "big sister" disrobed, from yanking the sheets off Megu's bed in the morning to using a fishing rod to lift her skirt.
  • In Minamoto-kun Monogatari a nameless young boy loves to caress Hanada's (one of the love interests of the protagonist, Terumi) breasts and ass on a day to day basis. The mother regularly scolds him but only when Hanada unintentionally gives him the cold shoulder (after she had sex with Terumi) he became meek and finally started acting his age.
  • All of the boys in Miss Machiko fit this trope but particularly Kenta, who is often the ring leader of the boys and works out several plots to grope, disrobe, or otherwise act pervy to the eponymous Miss Machiko (or their female classmates). Seriously. While his comrades have some standard, Kenta live just to sexually harass every cute female in the show with Machiko as primary objective.
  • Monster Musume: Papi occasionally has water gun fights with the local neighborhood kids... who are mostly there to see her in her Sexy Soaked Shirt.
  • Naruto: Both Konohamaru (eight) and Naruto (twelve) have a rather precocious interest in sex. In the second episode, Konohamaru and Naruto get kicked out of a store for reading adult magazines. Naruto created a jutsu called "Sexy Jutsu" where he turns into a nude woman just to troll his teachers, and he taught it to Konohamaru a few years later.
  • In the manga adaptation of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, Link uses his small Minish size to look up Anju's dress. Even after he narrowly avoids getting accidentally trodden on as a result and then told off by Ezlo, it's clear he regrets nothing.
    Ezlo: (mortified and trying to look away) WHAT SORT OF HERO DOES THAT?!
    Link: (with an enormous grin) Juuuuuuuuuuuust curious...!
  • Despite just turning 16 in the My Hero Academia School Festival Arc, due to his short stature, Class 1-A’s Mineta Minoru really takes the cake, and, to a much lesser extent, Kaminari Denki.
    • In the beginning arcs, of Season 1, Mineta was the sole pervert. His primary target was the hot recommendations student Yaoyorouzu Momo, he also commented on Asui's breasts, saying "she’s got pretty nice boobs for a frog". Asui did not take this well, throwing him with her tongue on the evacuation ship.
    • In the Sports Festival, Mineta used his Pop Off Quirk to stick to Yaoyorouzu Obstacle Race. Kaminari also joined him in tricking their female classmates in wearing cheerleader uniforms after the cavalry battle.
    • At the end of the Hero Killer Arc, Mineta noticed there was a small hole in the wall between the boys' and girls' locker room. Then he started frantically shouting his fantasies of the girls of Class 1-A (except Jiro) Luckily, Jiro notices and poked his eye through the hole with her Earphone Jack Quirk. The other girls thanked her, but Jiro felt disheartened he didn’t mention her.
    • During the Breather Episode, Mineta and Kaminari go to the school pool to catch the girls in hot swimsuits, and use the Nice Guy protagonist Midoriya as a decoy to ask Mr. Aizawa to use the pool for exercise training. Their Laser-Guided Karma is Midoriya believes they are actually doing exercises, so he invited the rest of the class. As the cherry on top, the girls were wearing their modest U.A. swimsuits.
    • When Class 1-A had a contest to see which guy has the best dorm room, Mineta later mentions that if the girls got to see the boys' rooms, then the boys needed to see the girls' room. They eventually cave in.
    • In the Hero License Arc, Midoriya told Uraraka and Sero who met up with him that Camie a girl who, disguised as Uraraka, became nude because of her Quirk after she revealed herself. Sero interrogated Midoriya, asking if the girl was naked WHILE she was Uraraka, then Midoriya answers she was wearing Uraraka’s costume. Later, Sero stretched the truth to Mineta saying he was with the hot Shiketsu girl Camie buck naked. Mineta and Kaminari quickly attacked him, and Midoriya explained that she’s actually scary.
    • The School Festival Arc divides the line of Mineta and Kaminari perversion. Kaminari's suggestion for the event of Class 1-A is to have a maid café, with the Class 1-A girls (again without Jiro) pampering the customers, or in the case of Kaminari's thought cloud, him. Mineta somewhat objected, saying they should have something more revealing, but Tsuyu quickly tied him up.
  • In Mushoku Tensei Rudeus is very much this from infancy to his teen years due to being the reincarnation of a rather dirty otaku. This is largely overlooked by others not because he's a child, but because he's a Greyrat, everyone of whom has weird tastes. As as an infant is noted to always feel for the breasts of whoever picks him up. So long as they're female it's fine, but if it's a man he immediately starts crying.
  • One Piece has Momonosuke from the Punk Hazard Arc. He uses his cuteness to get away with ogling the Straw Hat ladies' breasts and get to sleep in the ladies bedroom with them. And to protect him from the insanely jealous Sanji, Brook, and Kin'emon while taunting them by hoggling Nami's breasts. It's in the family: his father used to frequent red light districts from the tender age of six.
  • Pastel plays this off within the first chapter, when the kid named Okuto falls purposefully onto the main female lead,Yuu .He ends up grabbing her breast , infuriating the main character Mugi.
  • Momoka from Penguindrum. She went missing as an elementary schooler. Her Diary is very detailed and specific about how her future life would have gone. This includes sexual activities with her prospect Victorious Childhood Friend, Tabuki.
  • Rosario + Vampire: Yukari Sendo is only 11, but is openly bisexual and often fantasizes about having a three-way with Tsukune and Moka.
  • Subverted with Meliodas from The Seven Deadly Sins. Though he looks like a kid that fondles Elizabeth a lot, he's actually Older Than He Looks. He's more like a Dirty Old Man without actually looking like one.
  • Lum’s little cousin Jariten who is around 4-5 years old from ‘’Urusei Yatsura’’ loves to nuzzle his face in girls breasts, they don’t mind because they see him as an innocent little kid, he also wanted to marry Sakura the school nurse and told her to get naked with him.
  • Tatsumi Yamada from Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches. She isn't very old, but 90 % of what is on her mind seems to be hot guys on Yamada's age. She cannot meet or see any of Yamada's male friends without commenting that they are hot.
  • Nate, Bear, and Eddie from Yo-Kai Watch show signs of this, such as when they gawked at a woman passing by or when they tried (and failed) to watch adult shows at a sleepover.
  • Johji from the Death-T arc in Yu-Gi-Oh!. He would never give up a chance to fondle Anzu's breasts. And he's just a baby!
  • The Nishigori triplets from Yuri!!! on Ice are only six years old, but there are some indications that they're fans of male figure skaters for more than just their skating skills. They mention that there's going to be a "boob flash" in the preview for Episode 2 (the "boob flash" in question is from resident Mr. Fanservice Victor), and in Episode 8 they comment on Seung-gil Lee's sex appeal.

    Comic Books 
  • Cliff Baker, son of Buddy Baker alias Animal Man, was really happy when his family take care, for a brief period, of Starfire. He also gets a photo of her sleeping in their bed to make his friends jealous because he has a "totally hot alien princess" in his home.
    Cliff: (upon finding Starfire unconscious on his doorstep) "Wow, she's like ET — but with double DD's! Can we keep her?"
  • Jose, Von Reichter's clone-son from Cybersix is a depraved rapist trapped in a 7 year old's body. Even in the Lighter and Softer animated series he often gets rather… grabby around beautiful women.
  • Konstantinopel from De Kiekeboes is also less innocent than in his earlier appearances. He is in love with an older woman in Schiet Niet Op De Pianist and at times intentionally makes sexual remarks.
  • The main character of Le Petit Spirou. He goes towards a magazine store to buy adult magazines and is in love with his sexy math teacher (pictured). Hell, even just looking at the cover art of the collected editions gives you a brief indication that he's sexually attracted to older women. A repeated gag is the kids trying to ogle naked women, from buying porn mags to spying on Vertignasse's older sister in the shower or the teacher skinny-dipping.
  • Titeuf of the comic book named after him. Quite often, he makes sexual remarks and makes works that have sexual references (whether or not intentional).
  • The Hiro Okamura incarnation of Toyman has a bit of a dirty mind, considering Superboy and Robin discovered he's create robot duplicate versions of their female Teen Titans teammates and once Power Girl is sent to distract him. This got carried over to the Animated Adaptation of Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, where he tried to use x-ray goggles on her.
  • Hilde in Journey into Mystery, who simply grins with pleasure upon seeing a fully naked Thor out of bed in the middle of a situation while everyone else covers their eyes.
  • Played for Drama in The Boys during a flashback in the Dear Becky epilogue miniseries. Their Alternate Company Equivalent of Shazam would use his adult form to rape people, and the Boys' solution was to use The Female to lure him into a bathroom and cut out his tongue so he can't use his powers anymore. Compared to how they deal with most "heroes", the kid actually got off easy.
  • Eddie Puss in "The Complex Adventures of Eddie Puss" by Chris Savino (that Chris Savino). As seen by his name he has a strong... preference towards his mother and constantly tries to one-up his dad (such as getting his mom to breastfeed him when his dad wanted to fool around) or peeping at her.
  • Jeremy, the best friend of the title character of The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius, tends to be obsessed with seeing girls naked. Barry lampshaded this in "How the West was Weened" when he tested a teleporter on Jeremy and Jeremy expressed interest in using it to beam himself into the girls' locker room.
    Barry: It wounds me a little when I show you a new invention and you immediately think with your dick...

    Fan Works 
  • In Break Your Heart, Scootaloo is definitely one.
  • In Grim Tales from Down Below, Junior's part-ghost half-sibling, Manny, already has a thing for boobs despite clearly being a pre-teen. Then there's first thing Manny thinks of doing after discovering that ghosts can turn invisible is to go streaking. On the other hand, he's still in his Girls Have Rabies phase and is thus repulsed when girls his age touch him.
  • Lucy from Promise on the Festival Knight is well aware of sex, and often dreams of doing such things with Kouta.
  • In the second Weasley Girl story, twelve year old Lavender Brown has a developed interest in sexy men and is very open about thinking Guy-on-Guy Is Hot... much to the annoyance of her dorm-mates.

    Films — Animated 
  • Neil Downe from ParaNorman. He watches his mom's exercise tapes and he likes to freeze frame the parts with the aerobics instructor.
  • Baby Herman from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. He complains, at one point, about having "a fifty-year-old lust, and a three-year-old dinky." and even pass under a woman's dress while having a look (or worse) when leaving to his trailer. In a subversion, Baby Herman is really that old, he just looks like a baby. The character he plays as in the shorts may have elements of this, though, with Roger finding an adult magazine (complete with centerfold of Jessica) in his carriage at some point.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In the TV movie Atomic Twister, a teenage girl asks the little boy she's babysitting if he wants to do anything, as they are stuck in the house due to the weather. The boy gets out the game Twister, which she appears to accept as innocent fun, but it's obvious the boy is enjoying the physical contact the game involves.
  • Curtis one of the three killer kids from Bloody Birthday is very perverted, he spies on his friend's older sister while she changes, looks at pornographic magazines, and he murders a couple after watching them have sex.
  • In telling his origin story, Don Juan De Marco claimed to have started out this way (but he was lying).
  • A number of old horror films have a sub-trope where younger brothers spy on their older sisters voyeuristically.
    • Elves the main characters younger brother spies on her then tells her that he's going to brag to people about it.
    • The Funhouse opens with the main characters younger brother spying on her in the shower.
    • Night of the Demons (1988) has a weird example in that the main character's younger brother is the one perving on her. He is introduced hiding in her closet while she changes so he could jump out to scare her. By the time he leaps out of the closet, she is in a see-thru bra and a skirt with no panties. He delights in the view and tells her she has "Bodacious boobies", then runs off.
  • Mathilda Lando in The Professional read her step-sister's naughty magazines and learned about sex from an early age. Additionally, she has a sexual interest in Leon and tries to kiss him.
  • Freddie from Splash was a pervert even as a child. He would drop coins and lean down to pick them up — and look.
  • The Cuties to an unnerving degree in Cuties, and they end up egging on the naive Amy to take a picture of a boy's private parts who was peeing in a urinal (she fails, obviously).

  • In John R. Powers' The Last Catholic in America, we're introduced to one of Eddie Ryan's fifth-grade friends, Felix "The Filth Fiend" Lindor, thusly:
    Felix Lindor had enough dirt in his mind to apply for statehood. He had to have gone through puberty during his preschool years because he was already a dirty old man by the time he got to the first grade. He constantly made snide remarks about “Dick and Jane,” and once when we were talking about “Superman,” Felix told me what he’d do if he had X-ray vision.
    • In the sequel, Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?, Felix the Filth Fiend returns, this time attending the same high school as Eddie. Of course, since he's now a teenager, his character doesn't really qualify for this trope, but Eddie, the narrator, does mention:
    Felix the Filth Fiend Lindor started taking an interest in the opposite sex the moment he realized which one he was opposite. Before he was old enough to attend school himself, he was already hanging around playgrounds with his pockets full of candy. In grammar school, during a civics class, the nun once asked Felix what would be the first legislative act he’d pass if he were a congressman. Felix said he’d outlaw slacks.
  • Oberyn Martell from A Song of Ice and Fire had his first child when he was about 12.
  • Bill Bryson recounts quite a few instances of lewdness in the memoirs of his childhood the Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid.
    • Once, after he and his youthful partners in crime built a tree house, they immediately used the opportunity to strip in front of each other. He recalls how he himself particularly wanted to see one rather pretty girl do it, but who would always leave when they started; he would then follow her, pretending to be equally disgusted. She then, to his dismay, only did it when he was on holiday visiting his grandparents - out of respect to him, no less.
    • Another instance was after his discovery of his dad's Porn Stash, mostly including pictures of woman whom he describes he would pay not to see naked, due to his dad's frugality, but which were very popular among his peers. The included annotations and missing cover when he returned them were never mentioned by his father.
    • He remembers his friend Willoughby's magnifying lens stock depleting suddenly when Playboy allowed models to show pubic hair.
    • An earlier and somewhat of a defied instance involved his older sister and him (he was six at the time). In order to see a movie without her parents knowing, she had volunteered to babysit him, and on the way there she told him that people in the movie would be having sex. A very grown-up sounding explanation later, he understood it as being a man putting a thing in a woman's thing ("His hat in her hatbox?"), leaving it there for a bit, and then their having a baby. The movie turned out (to him) to involve a lot of people talking to tables and curtains, making it a bit of an anticlimax.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Frederick Crane, on Frasier, grew up in a state of mutual adoration with Daphne Moon. Taking after his father with the ladies, Frederick exploits her maternal streak when he hits puberty, and hugs perhaps a little closer and more intimately than is appropriate. The only person not to notice the change in Frederick's focus is Daphne…
  • Ko in Gosei Sentai Dairanger. One of his favorite hobbies is grope Rin's breasts or, alternatively, flip her skirt. He stopped doing those things within five episodes of his introduction. But because those five episodes were chock full of instances of him doing it, and because what he did was completely inexcusable, he's become mostly known for this in retrospect.
  • One episode of House featured a young boy who was quite… interested… in Cameron, pinching her butt and attacking Chase when he displayed his "interest" in her as well. Turns out, the father's testosterone cream had rubbed off on his kids, causing his 8-year-old son to experience puberty and all the psychotic hormone changes that brings.
  • How I Met Your Mother:
    • Lily is a kindergarten teacher; in the pilot episode she comes home with a painty handprint on her (white) shirt. Three guesses where.
    • A later episode shows Lily and Marshall debating names for their upcoming child, looking for something gender-neutral that Lily won't associate with an obnoxious kid in her class. They settle on 'Jamie', but the next day she comes to the bar angrily with similar handprints, and says "NOT JAMIE!"
  • A Chappelle's Show sketch was a Gender Flipped spoof of the movie What Women Want called "What Men Want", with the entire premise being that there's only one thing that men want. After having to endure Dirty Mind-Reading all of the grown men's perverted thoughts, the female protagonist is relieved to encounter a little boy... only for his thoughts to be even more perverted than any of the men.

    Video Games 
  • In the Eden level of Dragon's Lair II, the Cherubs—who look no older than kindergartners—seem a little too interested in climbing around on Dirk, tickling him, holding him down and spanking him.
  • Nils Lutefisk from Psychonauts tries to use his budding psychic powers to spy on the girls' cabin.
    Nils: My parents let me watch R-rated movies, so I think I know a little more about this than you do.
  • Elize Lutus of Tales of Xillia. Teepo, which is controlled by her thoughts constantly tries to motorboat Milla and praises her breasts.
  • The protagonist of Undertale can flirt with several monsters in the game, including main characters such as Toriel and Papyrus.
  • The Walking Dead Season Four has Willy, who rather flippantly admits to chronic masturbation. While he was 4 or 5.

    Visual Novels 

  • Several kids in Forest Hill are quite dirty, mainly due to being influenced by pedophiles.
    • According to the author, Benni possibly would have raped Tanya if Kaleb hadn't stopped him. He also has raped other children, but only because he was forced to by his father. He has also expressed interest in having sex with Colin.
    • Talitha forces Hunter to have sex with her because she doesn't understand that this isn't the right way to show affection. She also enjoys watching porn and masturbating.
    • Flora fell in love with a pedophile when she was a child and didn't realize anything was wrong with this until she discovered that her lover was also abusing her brothers.
    • Jestan and Laroy are the worst of them; they tie up and torture Tanya with the intent to rape her.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • The Amazing World of Gumball: Sarah is a Loony Fan of Darwin and Gumball whose obsession is at times blatantly sexual, especially compared to the much-more-innocent attractions shown by the other children (or even most of the adults). This includes smelling Gumball's clothes, hiding in Darwin's bathroom while he takes a shower, and drawing comic books whose protagonist is a muscular, scantily-dressed version of Gumball constantly putting his pecs and ass on display.
  • The titular protagonist of Allen Gregory is this and has a crush on his 60-year old principal, due to his father Richard's toxic influence.
  • Bob's Burgers:
  • In the Brickleberry episode "Two Weeks Notice", one of the blind kids Ethel attempts to supervise gropes her ass while grinning.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy:
    • Eddy is twelve at most. He likes flirting with girls, already has a Porn Stash, and is rather hormonal. He apparently gets it from his brother.
    • The Kankers are middle school girls who are obsessed with the Ed's. Their attraction is implied to be less than chaste.
  • Stewie Griffin from Family Guy is definitely depraved and has shown attraction to several people of both genders (such as Brian).
  • Hey Arnold!:
    • Helga Pataki is probably the horniest nine-year-old girl in the history of western animation, being a Stalker with a Crush for Arnold who obsesses over him all the time in way that are outright lustful. She sighs dreamily and damn-near passes out when she once sees Arnold disrobe, and again when he hugs her.
    • Although not as extreme as Helga, Curly's attraction to Rhonda manifests in a number of highly suggestive statements. He's also a lot more aggressive, forcibly kissing her on two separate occasions, the latter of which occurs while he blackmails her into pretending she's his girlfriend.
      Give Daddy some sugar.
    • When Arnold visits a Bizarro Universe populated by Country Cousin version of his friends, Lila's counterpart Lulu hits on Arnold in ways that he specifically objects to because they're so young. Although the whole episode was All Just a Dream, so maybe that says something about Arnold.
  • Kaeloo:
    • Despite presenting herself as pure and innocent, Kaeloo is just as prone to perverted tendencies as other characters - at the end of Let's Play at Reading Books, it's implied that she saw Mr. Cat's... ahem... "goods" and that she liked it, and in another she gropes Chippendales Dancers.
    • Stumpy has some perverted tendencies, like accepting a job as a police assistant so that he can question strippers, trying to spy on Pretty in the bath or imagining Mr. Cat in a G-string.
    • Quack Quack can sometimes be a pervert, like in "Let's Play at Reading Books" when he was looking at a book with pictures of skimpily dressed girls. Though he's a case of Ping-Pong Naïveté.
    • Mr. Cat is the worst of the bunch, as he not only enjoys magazines like Quack Quack does, but he has outright attempted to sleep with Kaeloo in some episodes.
    • Pretty also acts perverted towards boys, especially Mr. Cat.
  • The Loud House: Most of the Loud sisters lust over Lincoln's tutor Hugh in "Study Muffin", from 17-year-old Lori to 4-year-old Lisa. Lily, the baby, doesn't appear in the episode.
  • From The Simpsons, Bart Simpson seems to swish back and forth. Sometimes, he is well aware of sexual topics, other times he is innocent as a normal child his age would be.
  • The South Park kids, though they suffer from Ping-Pong Naïveté (not Kenny, he's dirty through and through!). Clyde Donovan is also an honorable mention; he wrote a school report about lesbian cheerleaders and ditched the World of Warcraft battle against the Griefer to read Playboy magazines.
  • In Animaniacs, the Warner brothers are always quick to catcall any pretty women entering the scene (usually with their Catchphrase "Hello Nurse"). And the Warner sister is no better when it comes to handsome men. Though considering the characters originated in the 1930s, calling them "kids" is questionable.
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog:
    • The titular duckling from "The Precious, Wonderful, Adorable, Lovable Duckling" at one point tries to peep on Muriel while she's bathing. Courage notices and smacks him upside the head.
    • One of the flashback sequences of "Remembrance of Courage Past" has Courage as a puppy looking for his missing parents. He ends up stumbling upon a woman showering and happily takes a second look before continuing his search.


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