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"I'm seventeen. Looking at linoleum makes me wanna have sex."

In fiction, teens are ruled by their hormones. Be it boy or girl or something else, they want to attract attention from the opposite sex (and sometimes the same). They will think about this all the time and base their actions around it, with absolutely no moral or religious questioning present.

A teenage girl automatically wants to wear provocative clothes, date sleazy guys, do poorly in school, argue with her mother, and give her father a reason to be a Boyfriend-Blocking Dad. If she doesn't do anything like that, she still secretly wants to. There's likely to be a secondary character who averts this by being a tomboy or otherwise ostensibly uninterested in "girly" things, but even most of them secretly drool over guys, because in writer-land there's no such thing as a girl who isn't obsessed with boys (or occasionally other girls). If she's not interested in fashion at the start, she usually gets a makeover (unnecessary or otherwise) and subsequently winds up dating the male lead.

A girl is seldom allowed to be realistically uncomfortable with her changing body, or want to maybe stay a child a little longer. In Real Life, many young teenage girls have trouble adjusting to their changing bodies and the resultant shift in attention they receive, do not look forward to having a period, and/or are simply disinterested in dating until they reach their later adolescence. In fiction, a late bloomer is almost universally used only if she's going to become interested in boys and clothes, with the implication that there's something wrong with any girl who doesn't, or that a girl is 'incomplete' without a boy.

A teenage boy automatically wants to be buff, date fast girls, look at porn (one way or another), slack off in school, give justification for his mother to nag over him, and get into fights with his father. He often falls victim to obsession with the other sex, and will stop at nothing to go "all the way."

A boy is seldom allowed to be uninterested in sex. After all, all boys want to become manly men as soon as possible, right? Their other interests, if they have any, are second to girl-chasing because A Man Is Always Eager. This trope comes with the implication that there's something wrong with any boy that is not sexually active or that a boy is 'incomplete' without a girl.

If the writer is male, they may become better-thought-out characters because Most Writers Are Male.

(Younger) Sister Trope of All Women Are Lustful and All Men Are Perverts. For the more prepubescent and precocious version of this trope, see Dirty Kid. As with adult characters, there's no such thing as asexuality, and there are almost always No Bisexuals, especially among teen males. Older female teens will (very rarely) be allowed to be bi, but again that's because Most Writers Are Male. Gay and lesbian teens have been gaining increasing visibility and are often Played for Drama. This trope comes from the same sort of mindset as Everybody Has Lots of Sex since both tropes assume that involvement with the opposite sex is highly important to everyone, but usually not alongside it except in a particularly risqué depiction of the high school setting. Lastly, you can expect none of the moral, religious, or familial questionings that most teens go through in real life when confronting the issue of sex, unless the character is supposed to be the school's resident religious fanatic.

Though this is taken to severe extremes in fiction, many adults and even some teenagers (and this varies by community) will agree that this is Truth in Television. Its opposite is No Hugging, No Kissing. See also Bratty Teenage Daughter and Dumbass Teenage Son.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Albegas: Protagonist Daisaku is a 17 year old boy who constantly thinks about breats and looks at porn magazines. He has many Imagine Spots about Hotaru's chest and even thinks of her when looking at his magazines.
  • Discussed in Beauty and the Feast. Yuri plants the idea that Yamato will one day jump Yakumo because of her enticing figure. Just when it looks like it might happen... it's just Yamato wanting to save the curry for breakfast the following morning.
  • B Gata H Kei: The story is initially about a single, uncontrollably horny 15-year-old girl's desperate desire to have a hundred Friends with Benefits before she graduates from high school, despite her insecurities about her lack of experience and certain aspects of her physical appearance.
  • Tajima and his outspokenness about his sexual appetites in Big Windup! stands out in a series with mostly serious, focused characters..
  • Chainsaw Man: Denji is sixteen and easily strung along by any woman he finds attractive. Internally he really wants emotional relationships more than sex itself, but much of his motivation for part one's overall plot is a Quest for Sex with Makima. In something of a tragic twist, his Dark and Troubled Past shows he's rather accustomed to being exploited and ends up an outright Love Martyr for the object of his affection.
  • The Dangers in My Heart: Being set in middle school, it's understandable.
    • Adachi, Kanzaki, and Oota, especially Adachi. They have the barest amount of restraint about keeping their ideas on sex to themselves, which is to say they spout nonsense outloud amongst themselves, but just not in front of girls... and even then they're transparent. Kanzaki confesses outright how much he's into chubby girls right in front his crush Hara (Who he's trying to make feel better about her weight) and Yamada, who visibly felt a part of herself die from hearing him talk.
    • Ichikawa, while typically enraged by the boys above and far more restrained, is continually forced to go and relieve himself when Yamada gets too close to him. His libido eventually manifests into a black-winged, mental construction in his mind, who grows (or shrinks) in size depending on how aroused Ichikawa is.
      Ichikawa: So you're a dick?
    • Yamada herself. She displays a possessive streak when girls get too close to Ichikawa, sometimes to surprisingly chilling Death Glare levels. At other times she secretly tries getting his scent from his gym shirt and the men's wash while taking a bath at his house.
  • All the time in GTO: The Early Years, especially with the main characters. Their Quest for Sex drives much of the plot. Later on, Hot Teacher Nao Kadena exploits the male students' lust to get them to study hard and motivates the female students by showing them the hot guys who go to prestigious universities.
  • In Heavenly Delusion, a few of the teenagers within the Nursery show signs of this towards each other, such as Shiro towards Mimihime. Also, during the post-apocalyptic plotline, there is Maru who has an interest in older women and makes several romantic moves on his bodyguard Kiruko as a result. While she turns him down repeatedly, she does become good friends with him over time and learned she can get him to do dangerous tasks for her by using her sex appeal. However, after the events of the “Inazaki Robin” arc take place Kiruko is much closer to Maru than before, having saved her from Robin after he raped her
  • Iceland from Hetalia: Axis Powers. In the 2010 Christmas Bloodbath he gets distracted by Germany's muscles, and in the 2011 one he appears to have an Erotic Dream about Turkey.
  • High School Dx D: Issei Hyoudou, big time. In all fairness to Issei, others he surrounds himself with tend to also be hormone-addled themselves. From the likes of Rias and Akeno to Irina and Koneko. Lampshaded during his Training Montage in episode 6:
    Rias: Don't think I don't know you're having disgusting, sexually charged thoughts about me right now!
    Issei: Look, I can't help it. I'm a teenager. If I get within ten feet of a hot girl, I start thinking about what she looks like naked.
  • Referenced in Chapter 109 of Kaguya-sama: Love Is War. While Maki finds the idea of teenagers having sex before marriage incredulous, Ishigami points out the "1 in 3 teens have had sex before" statistic from earlier in the series and surmises that Kashiwagi and Tsubasa are deeply entrenched in this trope.
  • My Dress-Up Darling: Protagonist Wakana Gojo gets easily turned on when in the proximity of the beautiful Ms. Fanservice Marin Kitagawa. Doesn't help that she often likes to playfully tease him showing off some skin. It winds up going both ways once Kitagawa falls for him.
  • In Onegai! Samia-don, the early-to-mid teens Simon "Sil" Turner showed more than one shade of this. In one episode he asks the Psammead to turn him into a girl so he can chase away a boy who was interested in Anne, and in another, he was furious when the Psammead got to give Anne a kiss.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena is not your typical Shojo romance story to begin with, partly because of its unusually honest depiction of teenage sexuality. To start with, Ohtori Academy is a co-ed boarding school where There Are No Adults after the school day ends. Do the math. And while Slut-Shaming and Heteronormative Crusaders do exist, it's obvious that much of the student body is hooking up left and right off-screen, often experimentally. Even more unusual is that Utena also examines other reasons for teens to boink besides stupidity, namely manipulation or to provoke a jealous third party. In another twist, it's played almost entirely for drama, not humor, and has a low Fanservice-to-Plot ratio.
  • Ataru from Urusei Yatsura is always after any attractive girl or young woman who comes his way and always blows it because of his perverted tendencies. He is engaged to Lum but he doesn’t want to commit to one woman, and usually ditches her to chase after another girl.

    Comic Books 
  • The protagonist of Archie Comics, Archie Andrews is like this. He juggles two girlfriends, spends all his money on the rich one whose father loathes him, and puts himself in the way of any new girl who will pay attention to him as well. The comics just happen to put it in G-rated terms.
  • Blue Monday has a more realistic take on budding teenage sexuality, with an entire chapter being devoted to Bleu and Victor (separately) discovering masturbation. There's also plenty of angst about who likes who, and if they like the other person back.
  • The Dead Boy Detectives: Charles develops a crush on Marcia. When he gains the ability to use his ghostly form to observe others, he goes to spy on her and calls it a teenage boy's dream, then starts feeling guilty. Later stories will show Charles to be much more girl-crazy than his friend Edwin.
  • My Friend Dahmer deals with Jeffrey Dahmer's teenage years, during which time he fantasizes about a male jogger in the neighborhood...laying dead on his bed.
  • In Sex Criminals, after her first orgasm somehow grants her the power to freeze time, Suzie tries to suppress her urge to masturbate until she can figure out how. This doesn't last.
  • Superboy (1994): Kon-El is very easily distracted by a nice body or a pretty face, in Young Justice he's annoyed by his teammate and friend Robin being seemingly immune to the charms of the attractive sexbots (that Superboy had let distract him completely) Rob just blew up and claims "Dude, one day you’re going to grow a hormone and all will become clear."

    Comic Strips 
  • FoxTrot:
    • Peter Fox bases pretty much every decision in his life around how close it will get him to cute girls. He once bought a painfully bad rock 'n roll CD entirely because it had a half-naked girl on the covernote , and gladly submitted himself to a half-trained beauty school student because she was a former lingerie model; he called it the best haircut ever, oblivious to the fact that it looked like she'd taken a weed whacker to his head.
    • His sister Paige isn't much better, really. Her attempt to Imagine the Audience Naked failed because she was too busy ogling the guys ("Yowza! It's like a Chippendales show!"), and the route she takes to French class is twenty minutes of touring all the cute boys at their lockers before going right back to where she started (her locker is immediately next to the French classroom).
  • Zits:
    • Jeremy frequently finds himself ruled by his hormones — there was even a compilation book titled Lust And Other Uses For Spare Hormones. On one occasion (before he got his driver's license), he took the car in the middle of the night and drove past a girl's house some 50-odd times. When he says "It was just a random romantic impulse" his mom almost forgives him.
    • Perpetual Make-Out Kids Richandamy are literally always embracing, and usually kissing. The only times they physically separate are when they have separate classes or have to use the bathroom, and every time it's treated like a tearful goodbye.

    Fan Works 
  • Anyway, I've Been There: Dipper and Pacifica slowly falling for each other coincides with 1: the tragic breakdown of Pacifica's family life, and 2: both of their hormones spiking through the roof. Quite a lot of page space is spent on them both struggling to figure out if they actually like each other or if they just happen to be nearby when puberty is happening. Evidence points to the former, and they eventually start dating for real. Still, Dipper sometimes feels guilty for "taking advantage" of such things as holding her hand when she's sad. When Pacifica comes to live with them, Dipper's mom is very firm that the door to Dipper's room is to remain open at all times.
  • The Bolt Chronicles: Sixteen-year-old Penny's hormones kick in noticeably in "The Teacher" and "The Cameo." She develops a crush on her teacher and comes on to him in the former fic, and in the latter story she is first seen reading and laughing at smutfic featuring herself and later flirting with a teen heartthrob actor she's attracted to. Her first sexual experience with said actor in the latter story proves disappointing and snaps her out of it.
  • Child of the Storm
    • Harry, being thirteen at the start of the first book is just starting to become this, much to his consternation. Mostly, he finds it an unwanted, inconvenient, and very embarrassing distraction, especially since he's surrounded by a lot of gorgeous women. Inevitably, he frequently gets gently teased about it - though intriguingly, he does his best to put platonic relationships first (particularly with Carol) and gets snappish if someone implies otherwise. However, by the sequel, this is becoming increasingly apparent, as he and Carol start flirting in earnest.
    • Carol's somewhat cynical disposition and tendency towards mistrust is because of a combination of her having been able to pass for a hot college student at 14 and this trope, which inevitably led to a large number of guys trying to befriend her solely to get in her pants. For the most part, she averts this trope, showing very little interest in romance, boys, and shopping, instead favouring sports and aspiring to be a pilot. However, she does express... appreciation for Clint's arms, practically levitates out of bed when Jean-Paul (falsely) claims to have pictures of a shirtless Rhodey (or as she terms them, 'sexy man pictures'), checks out a swimsuit wearing Harry in chapter 1 of Ghosts of the Past, and starts flirting in earnest with Harry.
    • Jean-Paul, meanwhile, flirts with most things male and Ron displays most of the classic signs of this, to the point where Hermione inwardly notes his one-track mind and Harry resolves never to mention to him the snuggling incident with Carol in chapter 59/60 or he'd never hear the end of it.
  • Subverted in Coming Back, Broken. Having been together alone for months in inhospitable conditions, it was only inevitable that Jim and Claire would have to undress with one another. By the time they make it back to Arcadia, Jim has since become acclimated to Claire being nude to the point where he is confused by why other people would think that is weird.
    And you've completely separated the idea of a nude Claire from the idea of a sexual Claire.
  • Persona fanfic Foggy Nights and Phantom Flights: Humourously discussed. When Yu Narukami moves in with the Dojima family for a year, he ends up sharing a room with his uncle's foster child Goro Akechi, who quickly establishes some ground rules.
    Akechi: I also understand that you're a teenager and thus your hormones override your brain, but please. If you must do anything to...tend to said urges, I ask that you do so elsewhere. There's a grade schooler in this house, and the less she hears, the better.
    Yu: ...Already know about that stuff, huh?
  • Rei, Tome, and Mob in the Mob Psycho 100 fanfic Master and Student. They're thirteen, fifteen, and fourteen years old respectively, and have varying levels of obsession with the opposite sex, makeup, more mature clothes, and smutty "art books".
  • Downplayed for Soren from The Night Unfurls. Soren is a Kid Hero who is easily flustered around physically attractive women, ranging from those who simply look pretty (e.g., Lily) to those who are Ms. Fanservice level (e.g., Grace). In the original version, he is very eager to shadow Grace as per Kyril's instructions, with him thinking about the dark elf's charms more than once. His tendency to stare is often laid bare and Played for Laughs. Nonetheless, this trait is not a prominent part of his characterisation, and Soren has yet to say or do anything lewd.
  • Miraculous: Marinette's baby: Discounting the time they wound up conceiving Louis, Marinette and Adrien practically go at it like rabbits as soon as they make up. Granted, Marinette is pretty deep into her pregnancy at this point, so of course her hormones would be all over the place.
  • Many challengers at the Celadon Gym in Pokémon Reset Bloodlines were this, as they were apparently more focused on the girls of the gym being affectionate to each other than their battles.
  • Lampshaded and averted in What the Cat Dragged In; Tony notices that the teenage Adrien, while sliding underneath a villainess to escape her, actually closes his eyes to avoid looking up her skirt, which he comments is probably against the laws of the universe.
  • Wilhuff Tarkin, Hero of the Rebellion:
    • Tarkin hints at this trope and Glad-to-Be-Alive Sex when he suggests keeping an eye on his niece and Luke after they helped him routing a group of Tuskens and take down a Dark Jedi.
    • Later, Obi-Wan takes advantage of this when trying to get Luke to start his Jedi training by hinting that a Jedi's empathic abilities are quite useful in the bed (it works).
    • After being revealed as a Force sensitive, Rivoche Tarkin asks for being trained as a Jedi, or at least in their empathic abilities, as they could be used to help the Rebellion. She's also blushing.

    Film — Animated 

    Film — Live-Action 
  • In À ma sœur !, Elena and Anais are two teen girls and sisters who want to lose their virginity. They spend much of the movie talking about sex and love, which they have different stances on.
  • American Pie: The teen sex comedy centers on a group of high school boys attempting to lose their virginity the year before they go off to college.
  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High: Stacy wants to lose her virginity and is given advice on how to do this by the more experienced Linda.
  • The Hairy Bird: The boy-crazy Tweety and Tinka are overjoyed at the news that their all-girls school is planning to merge with an all-boys school, with Tinka saying it's "the best thing to happen since Midol!" Odie, who was sent to the school by her parents to keep her apart from her boyfriend, plots to lose her virginity to him.
  • In The Major and the Minor, "SuSu" gets dumped into a whole Military School full of younger-teenage boys who only get to see girls on special occasions. They spend a lot of time trying to get to first base with her and even draw up a schedule of who gets to see her and when.
  • The three boys in Milk Money have this as their defining characteristic and spend the first act of the movie (and all their money) trying to find a prostitute so they can see her naked. They're eleven, by the way.
  • In The Seeker, what's one of the first things fourteen-year-old Will wants to do with his powers? Get a girl. His brother's girlfriend, no less.
  • She's All That turns the female lead partly into this, complete with Unnecessary Makeover. It still possesses a good Aesop about staying true to who you are, though, even if it's slightly undermined by the implication that you still need to look like everyone else.
  • The Virgin Suicides: The story is told from the point of view of a group of neighborhood boys who are fixated on the Lisbon sisters and try to get close to them.
  • Young & Wild: Daniela to a tee. She's driven by her sex drive throughout the story, and all her problems stem from this since her community opposes extramarital sex of any kind. It also causes her to see two people at once, which results in both leaving her when they find out.
  • Youth in Revolt: Nick really wants to get laid. He comments when narrating about his parents and their partners that he's the only one who isn't getting any.

  • Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.. In all fairness, it was written in 1970, when discussing things like periods and puberty outside of health class was still somewhat taboo. Judy Blume was somewhat notorious for tropes like this, which gave a coronary to the Moral Guardians of the day, but back then the intent was to show girls that was all OKAY.
  • A Brother's Price has Corelle, who goes to chase the neighbour boy's pants, even though she should stay home and guard the farm; Lylia, who is looking forward to her wedding night so much that her sisters think she'll happily marry any relatively handsome young man; and Cullen, who is very interested in the dirty pictures his cousin Lylia provides. The Protagonist Jerin wants to stay chaste and pure until he marries, but his hormones make this very difficult.
  • Carter Finally Gets It is a book about a suspiciously Xander-like boy who's absolutely obsessed with BOOBS, as are all his male friends. This would be mostly acceptable, except that the title character is fourteen.
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: after the Pevensie kids return to England, the following books mention how Susan has become obsessed with flirting with boys, clothes, and so forth. The professor states she is "rushing to enter the silliest period in one's life, and wishes to stay there for as long as possible".
  • Cradle Series: When Eithan drops Yerin and Lindon off to train alone for a few months, he warns them not to get "distracted." Yerin blushes and says she has too much self-control to do something that stupid. Eithan just bluntly says they're teenagers.
  • By means of obvious subtext, this is Older Than Print: The narrators of Boccaccio's The Decameron are three men and seven women between the ages of fourteen and twenty-seven. An inordinate number of the hundred stories involve sex in some way—including several told by the women. And most scholars agree that at a minimum, all three of the guys are actively trying to get into at least one of the girls' pants—in the case of the wit/possible Author Avatar Dioneo, he's probably trying to get into all of their pants. And some of the girls seem like they might let them. (Yes it's the Middle Ages, but it's also the height of the Plague—the kids are unsupervised and Plague does funny things to traditional morality. Also, late-medieval Florence had... unusual... sexual mores for its day.)
  • In the Discworld "witches" plotline, both Magrat and Verence fall under this trope. As in many of the Discworld books, it's Played for Laughs (and Verence and Magrat are both presumably out of their teens, if not by much.)
  • The Dresden Files:
    • Molly Carpenter is a Perky Goth version of this. When she first becomes important to the story, she's dropped out of school, got a bunch of tattoos and piercings, started hanging around with the wrong crowd, and dresses like, in the protagonist's words, "Frankenhooker." When asked directly if she's sexually active she admits to being a virgin but states that she has "explored" all the other bases (this is admitted to after she openly propositions Harry). She avoids going home whenever possible because any conversation she has with her mother turns into a shouting match within ten seconds and develops a bit of a crush on Harry mostly because her mother hates him. She also started using Black Magic which leads to trouble. On the plus side, when she ends up as Harry's apprentice, she has to follow his rules moderating the worst of her behavior.
    • Discussed by Harry in Ghost Story: "Boobs are near the center of the universe, until you turn twenty-five or so. Which is also when young men's auto insurance rates go down. This is not a coincidence."
  • For the most part averted in The Hunger Games. Katniss and Peeta spend a whole lot of time making out but it's mostly an act because their lives depend on selling the "Star-Crossed Lovers" story. Peeta never presses his advantages when they are alone and even spends many nights sharing her bed but being perfectly chaste, and Katniss never implies that he appears to want to do more than that. The first two books only have two moments where Katniss lets her hormones take control and in the third book, she's got a war to worry about (until the end where she sleeps with Peeta and then declares her love for him).
  • In Bryan Miranda's The Journey to Atlantis, this is basically the main character's reason for most of what he does. Although it's not all hinged on it, it's the reason he goes to such lengths to appear to be The Hero.
  • Journey to Chaos: Despite Brother Neuro's Celibate Hero status, he is easily flustered by pretty girls. He blames his teenage body for this failure in self-discipline.
  • Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai: Played for equal parts drama and laughs:
    • Played for Laughs by main protagonist Sakuta Azusagawa, who is unabashed to admit how much he physically lusts after Mai Sakurajima, who becomes his girlfriend at the end of the first volume. She doesn't mind and enjoys teasing him about it.
    • Played for Drama with the core conceit of the series, a phenomenon called Adolescence Syndrome wherein typical teenage angst and emotional rollercoasters cause bizarre quantum mechanical phenomena. This includes sex-related incidents, such as Sakuta's Cute Bookworm friend Rio Futaba getting into the habit of posting erotic selfies on the Internet to deal with body-image issues and her unrequited crush on their mutual friend Yuuma Kunimi (who already has a girlfriend).
  • In The Red Tent, Dinah looks forward to having her first period (and thus becoming a full-fledged member of the Red Tent's inner circle with her mom and aunts), and undergoing the mysterious Ritual of Opening so that she is considered a woman and not a little girl. When that finally does happen, she actually looks forward to getting her period every month and the New Moon rituals in the tent done at that time.
  • Reign of the Seven Spellblades: Reconstructed: the series is pretty straightforward about the fact that most of the cast members, Kimberly Magic Academy's faculty excepted, are teenagers and young adults (the curriculum runs from age 15 to 22), so obviously they're going to be interested in sex to some extent, but mostly treats it as a normal part of growing up without making a big deal over it. Oliver and Chela even give The Talk to the other Sword Roses in volume 4, wherein Chela says that about four Kimberly students out of five will have had their first sexual experience by the time they graduate, and warns them to keep contraception handy at all times. Teen Pregnancy and sexual violence are also recurring topics, and there's an entire (heavily queer-coded) student club for kids with gender- and sex-related magical abilities.
  • Played straight in Dean Koontz's Phantoms, where it's specifically said that the fourteen-year-old girl is 'at that stage where most girls were obsessively concerned with boys, boys above all else' and opens the book with her arguing with her older sister about dating. She gains more personality as the story goes on. (In The Movie, she's been sent to live with her sister to get her away from a loser boyfriend.)
  • Skippy Dies: Nearly all the teen characters fall into this. All the boys are constantly talking and thinking about sex, and all the girls are very concerned with boys and making poor relationship choices (and are also interested in sex, though not as obsessively). The only exceptions are Skippy, who's a late bloomer (and has some other reasons to feel weird about that stuff), and Ruprecht, a TV Genius whose sexuality is somewhat unclear.
  • Lois Lowry's YA book A Summer To Die—Molly, the elder sister, is obsessed with boys and the idea of getting married, to the severe annoyance of her younger sister Meg (who is secretly jealous of Molly's boyfriends and good looks). Molly gets sick and Meg at first resents that all her parents' attention is paid to her sister until she realizes Molly's illness is something serious (it turns out to be leukemia) and she's going to die. Thoughts of boys and weddings help Molly keep some semblance of an idea that she's still a person, not just a terminal patient.
  • Played extremely straight in Twilight; all Bella does is obsess over Edward and how perfect he is. Most of the other female characters aren't much better. Edward is just as bad (if not worse, given his stalker-ish tendencies), and practically every other male thinks about little besides Bella.

    Live Action TV 
  • That '70s Show plays this straight but lampshades it frequently. In one episode, it's shown that the only thing that doesn't turn Eric on is the thought of adults having sex — specially if said adults are his parents. (He's totally traumatised when he walks on them about to do it, and even his Jerkass older sister pities him for that.)
  • 8 Simple Rules.
    • The elder daughter in particular is almost as stereotyped as you can get, and a complete airhead to boot.
    • The first of the two daughters to lose their virginity was the studious "good" daughter.
  • Alien Nation: Emily is rather eager to find out, how it would be to "do it" with a human, until she finds out that her human boyfriend only wants her for sex.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Cordelia's scenes consist of dancing, boys, and bitching at Buffy.
    • Buffy herself averts it, at first only because her responsibilities as The Slayer prevent it, but she finds lovers as the series goes on.
    • Also, as per the current page quote, Xander. In another episode, when Buffy reads Xander's mind...
      Xander: What am I going to do? I think about sex all the time. Sex. Help. Four times five is thirty. Five times six is thirty-two... Naked girls. Naked women. Naked Buffy. Oh, stop me!
      Buffy: God, Xander! Is that all you think about?!
  • Degrassi: The Next Generation: A teacher in the series mentions this trope by name (in an example of Alternate Character Interpretation) talking about Romeo and Juliet.
  • Hannah Montana: in her own words, she is a girl with "needs". Her father then asks if she means "knees".
  • iCarly follows the "tomboy" aspect to the letter with Sam, but averts the trope as a whole, but does the occasional episode like iDate A Bad Boy or iSaved Your Life, where the trope plays out pretty spot on.
  • Life of Riley: Both of Jim's children are typical teenagers, particularly Danny. Katy is a shopaholic fashion obsessive who loves campaigning for animal freedom while Danny is a lazy and insensitive sex maniac with no sense of personal hygiene.
  • In Season 3 of Outnumbered, a BBC sitcom about a pretty realistic, rather-dysfunctional family, all of Jake's storylines involve his new tendency to stare at women, making him pretty lecherous for a 14-year-old.
  • Pushing Daisies: The 14-15-year-old son of the dead lighthouse keeper in "Legend of Merle McQuoddy" is genuinely upset, but when Olive offers him a hug, he buries his face in her cleavage:
    Olive: There-there... *pushes him away*
    Elliot: *Moves to do the same to Chuck.*
    Chuck: Not here-here. *also pushes him away*
  • Violeta from ¿Qué Pasa, U.S.A.? is the most boy-crazy of the teens in the cast, always making sure to wear her cutest outfits and at one point, going off to see if Joe's friends have brothers her age. She even makes a play for her crush while attending a funeral
  • Quintuplets was this way with at least three of the kids. Youngest kid Patton was a tiny ball of lust who rarely thought of anything else (his father at one point says he could "move to Hornytown and fire the mayor"), while the episode "Quint Con" reveals that both vain daughter Paige and non-conformist daughter Penny are as well, once you get them behind closed doors.
  • The female guest stars on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, which also makes the titular twins interested in girls even before they've hit puberty.
  • Given that the murder victim in Twin Peaks is one, it's only natural that the scenes focusing on her high school peers would play out like a high school soap opera about Hormone Addled Teenagers.
  • Unhappily Ever After: Tiffany Malloy is a subversion; while she nearly always dresses skankily, she remains a virgin by choice throughout the series.
  • Discussed on The West Wing:
    Reverend Van Dyke: Show the average American teenage male a condom and his mind will turn to thoughts of lust.
    Toby: Show the average American teenage male a lug wrench and his mind'll turn—
    C.J.: Toby!
  • Nicole of Zoey 101 is so boy crazy that she was diagnosed with "Obsessive Male Gender Disorder".

  • Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want to Have Fun". Just what "fun" means in the context of this song.
  • Parodied in this song by Norwegian comedy group Kollektivet. A couple of teenagers who just got the right to vote lament that they get turned on by everything except for the Norwegian election of 2011.
    I can't get an erection
    From this election
  • The third installment of Paint's "After Ever After" series touches on this during Peter Pan's verse. The boy who never grows up stopped aging at sixteen, and while eternal youth might seem like a good thing, this means that he's stuck in eternal puberty... and given he's canonically a Clueless Chick-Magnet, this inevitably leads to him having a surprisingly busy sex life.
    Tee-dum, tee-dee, my teedle-dee's out to play
    It's one for all, the mermaids are wet for days


  • Played Straight, Played for Laughs, and Deconstructed in the musical Ride the Cyclone. The main characters are six teenager choir members who die in a horrific roller coaster accident, and the plot revolves around coming to terms with their sudden death while they're all stuck in a sort of limbo controlled by the robotic Fortune Teller from the Crappy Carnival where they died (who also serves as the narrator). Most of the teenagers express interest in relationships and sex, especially now that they've died (presumably) without the chance of getting any.
    • Noel complains that being the only gay man in their tiny town left him with no romantic prospects. His signature song — while very much a parody of the theatrical Bad Girl Song — imagines a world where he's allowed to lose himself in carnal pleasures and still have a meaningful life and death (as opposed to working in a Taco Bell and dying a virgin his senior year of high school).
    • Under his tough-guy "gangsta" veneer, Mischa was deeply in love with his internet girlfriend Talia, and dreamed of the day he could return to his birth country of Ukraine so they could marry.
    • Ricky's unfulfilled Make-a-Wish request was to "make love in zero gravity." His song describes a fantasy wherein he takes the role of a galaxy-hopping hero, saving a race of sexy cat-people from extinction with his "seed" and later teaching them the ways of free love and intergalactic peace.
    • Constance snuck away from the choir and had sex with a carnival worker in a porta-potty hours before she died. When the narrator forces her to confess this to the rest of the characters, she reveals that she wanted to "get it over with," and ended up doing it in the most embarrassing way possible out of a sense of self-loathing and self-sabotage.
    • The only teens who don't seem to care about sex or romantic relationships at all are Ocean and Jane Doe. Ocean is so wrapped up in her own academic success and the promising future she had before she died that she doesn't bring up anything else. Jane Doe lost all her memories of life on Earth when she was decapitated in the accident.

    Video Games 
  • In Fire Emblem: Awakening, while Inigo is the Handsome Lech of the Second Generation, boy!Morgan and Owain also play the trope straight once in a while. In Morgan's case, if he falls for Kjelle he ends up awkwardly admitting that he has what sounds suspiciously like erotic dreams about her, while Owain's supports with any of his dads features said dad catching him with is all but spelled to be a Raging Stiffie.

    Visual Novels 
  • Danganronpa: With its premise of "umpteen high school students stuck in a relatively closed space together", it'd be hard for it to not have at least some hormone addling. Special mention goes to Teruteru Hanamura, a sleazy, comically strange-looking chef who's constantly flirting with anything that moves, and Miu Iruma, a foul-mouthed Gadgeteer Genius who dresses in bondage gear and cannot resist bragging about her good looks and huge boobs.
  • Interestingly inverted in Double Homework. The whole reason for the sex experiment in which a bunch of socially isolated but attractive teens (and one unattractive one) were lumped into a separate summer school class together was that young people across the world were less sexually active than governments worldwide thought was healthy.

  • Ménage à 3:
    • Amber (who later moved to co-star in Sticky Dilly Buns) was allegedly quite a shy teenage girl, and flashbacks confirm this. However, after Zii introduced her to good sex, she got rather carried away and ended up working as a porn star. She is in her 20s and has just turned to straight acting when she first appears in the comic's present, and while she isn't bitterly regretful, she seems somewhat embarrassed by her porn career.
    • For her part, Lad-ette Zii just seems to have started as she meant to go on in her teenage years.
    • With other characters in the comic, it gets more complicated. Details of Gary's teenage years are somewhat shadowy; he claims to have been teased mercilessly and frustratingly by teenage girls, but he also admits to having been an Internet troll, so he may have been a bit of a hormone-addled creep. DiDi, the first of her age group to get breasts (and spectacular breasts at that), doubtless attracted male interest whether she wanted it or not, but she seems to have welcomed it well enough. And Ruby of Sticky Dilly Buns fairly consciously averted the trope after a really bad experience.
  • Twins Aaron and Sharon in Pixie Trix Comix are 19, and hence as old as a character can be and still qualify as a teen, but the pattern seems established with them (and a lot of characters in this setting act a few years younger than their age); Aaron is clearly somewhat obsessed by the hopes of sex (though he also has a lot of geeky interests), and frequently behaves like an idiot as a result, while Sharon has the trope-standard boy obsession and fondness for provocative clothes.
  • The various teenagers in Sandra on the Rocks are mostly a fairly mild-mannered (and frequently geeky) bunch, but Alex for one clearly has urges; his conversations with Sandra, a fashion model who he semi-secretly idolises, sometimes pause as his brain crashes.
  • Scary Go Round and its spinoffs in the Bobbinsverse, especially Bad Machinery, tend to play most with the male version; the adolescent boys in the cast are usually very susceptible to being distracted by any good-looking women or girls they see (though not always terribly successful in pursuing them). An older character says of one of them, "He's 16. His body is 73% hormones." The teenage girls in the cast are usually more rational and cool-headed, although they're not always entirely immune to the effect; along with a fair bit of snarky flirtation from the smarter ones, there's at least one teenage pregnancy reported from off-stage. Still, even when the teenage Sarah Grote becomes increasingly sexually frustrated and ends up dating a somewhat older man, she's quite sane and rational about it.

    Web Original 
  • Survival of the Fittest: many handlers feel the need to make their characters (especially female) Ms Fanservices that Really Get Around, or generally treating teenagers as acting more sexual than they really are.
  • Cheerleader in Teen Girl Squad is a parody of this type, with her desperate attempts to get "several boys" often resulting in disaster.
  • Whateley Universe: While a certain amount of this is to be expected at a Superhero School full of teens curious about Power Perversion Potential, the specific nature of some of the powers only exacerbates this. The power sets which seem to affect this the most are the Exemplar powersetnote , which tends to cause both monomania and loss of emotional stability due to heightened hormone levels; and the Avatar power, where an Avatar bonded to an animal-type spirit may start to develop a mating urge and season similar to that of the animal their spirit represents. However, while Hormone-Addled Teenager behavior is not uncommon at Whateley Academy, it is by no means universal, and quite a few students are shown with less extreme traits - though not surprisingly, the more cocky and self-centered Smug Supers tend to be shown being led around by their gonads the most.

    Western Animation 
  • Steve Smith of American Dad!. Many episodes that deal with Steve's sexuality portray him as a naughty young man with his perverted tricks up his sleeves to gain attention from girls.
  • Beavis And Butthead: Such as Beavis And Butthead Do America, where they go travel across the country just for the chance at sleeping with an attractive woman.
  • The entire premise of Big Mouth. The main characters are turning 13 and are fueled by the fact that they are being goaded on by Anthropomorphic Personifications of their hormones. Not all of the characters are driven to sexual lust though. For example, Jessi's Hormone Monstress Connie pushes her into other forms of delinquent behavior such as running away and stealing, with Jessi showing only a little interest in sexual matters. In contrast, the boys play the trope perfectly straight in being obsessed with sex and masturbation.
  • Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers will latch onto any boy or man older than her and never let go unless she realizes it is not meant to be.
  • Family Guy:
    • Chris seems to spend a lot of time masturbating.
    • Meg has also been known to pleasure herself and obsess over any guy she's interested in.
  • In Justice League Action, when Mr. Mxyzptlk inflicts a "Freaky Friday" Flip on the League, Batman ends up swapping bodies with Stargirl and goes from being The Stoic to a Mood-Swinger as he's not accustomed to having "the volatile emotions of a teenage girl".
  • One episode of King of the Hill deals with Joseph's disappointment at having become this when he hits puberty.
  • Morty Smith of Rick and Morty. He once talked Rick into buying him a Sexbot and he tends to spend a lot of his spare time jerking off. His older sister Summer is better in that she's not quite as open about her pervertedness, but still pleasures herself and has a few casual kinks of her own.
  • Downplayed with Star Butterfly on Star vs. the Forces of Evil. Star is the protagonist of the show and has developed separate from her love life, but she is also boy-crazy (especially in season 1) and gets excited at the chance of seeing 30-year-old Marco's Hunk body.
  • Total Drama: The contestants are all teenagers who often receive tons of Ship Tease with other contestants or blush whenever they're near someone they like. Best exemplified in "X-Treme Torture" where Harold was happy after seeing Heather's breasts.