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"We psychoanalysts never use the crude term 'crazy'. You may merely suffer from Type 3 Psychomanic Derangement, which presents as craziness."
Dr. Klaus Angstrom, Broodhollow

Any tropes involving madness or insanity. Except those dealing with Hollywood Psych.

These can run the gamut from the weird but generally happy chaos that inhabits the Cloudcuckoolander's mind to the darkest corners of a person's shattered psyche.

Please sort tropes appropriately. Some tropes may fit in both the "Characters" index and the "Madnesses" index, but each trope should only belong in one section of each index.

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Character Tropes:

    Sane Characters 

    Craziness by Career 



Madness Tropes:

Tropes about the origins and instigations of mental disorder.

Issues, crises, things that are running through the sufferer's head.

Ways to show the audience that a character is not of sound mind.

    Remedies & Resolutions 



Alternative Title(s): Sanity Tropes