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Billy: We're a special combat unit with the United States Marine corps, and we've been tracking some Libyan terrorists. In fact, I think we've got them trailed to a bagel shop around the corner.
Pawn Shop Clerk: Gimme a break.
Billy: Alright, we’re four escaped lunatics.
Pawn Shop Clerk: This I believe.

Some characters are just psycho. Then, there are times when every character is. It may be because of a Freudian Excuse, it may be because they're horribly broken, Brainwashed and Crazy, going mad from the revelation, or any number of reasons, but one thing's for sure: None of this cast has all the eggs in their basket.

The types of crazy can range from harmless (Cloud Cuckoolander) to dangerous (Ax-Crazy) to somewhere in between (Broken Ace, Heroic BSoD). Some characters are better at hiding it than others.

A type of Dysfunction Junction. For obvious reasons, this trope goes hand in hand with Sanity Slippage and Break the Cutie. Compare Big, Screwed-Up Family. Often the Only Sane Man will be found in conjunction with this trope. He won't usually stay that way. Only Sane by Comparison is essentially, without an Only Sane Man in the cast, the least crazy and/or flawed character in a cast full of wackos is the most sane one by default. The difference between this and Cloudcuckooland is that the setting along with the characters are crazy.

Beware of using this trope, as there is a risk of alienating your audience, especially when all characters, even The Hero, become morally iredeemable and crazy, suicidal and/or there's no sanity improvement over the course of the story, as no one is truly good in this setting.


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    Anime & Manga 

    Comic Books 
  • Batman: Madness is a recurring theme, as all of Batman's rogues gallery is portrayed as mentally ill in some way or other (with Arkham Asylum serving as the resident Cardboard Prison) and the man himself has varying issues (mainly stemming from the murder of his parents) Depending on the Writer.
  • A French comic titled Seven Psychopaths employs 7... well, people with various mental diseases sent to kill Hitler (a paranoid man to get them in, a depressive sniper, a disguise expert with no personality, a berserk mercenary, etc.). They end up killing Hitler... but the disguise guy (who went as Adolf) ends up being used by the German high command to sign papers and agree with the generals, since they keep running out of body doubles (the original Adolf was killed in a 1942 bombing).
  • Spider-Man: Spider-Man’s rogues gallery is stuffed with crazy people, most notably Norman Osborn/the Green Goblin. Other notable highlights include the Lizard, Carnage, the Hobgoblin, and Doctor Octapus.
  • Watchmen: If the heroes aren't outright crazy, then they clearly deep emotional issues that they have trouble dealing with, with the suggestion that for some of them at least, use violence as an outlet for those issues. Two of the members are so detached that they can vapourise people without blinking or calmly discuss how an unprecedented scale of mass murder was committed by his hands just the half hour before to his colleagues. It gets somewhat amusing when two of the cast remark that everyone seems to be crazy but them. Both happen to be well-known Sociopathic Heroes.

    Fan Works 
  • Bird features this as an aspect of the setting. Due to it taking place in Alchemilla Memorial Asylum- a sanitarium for parahumans - and over a third of the characters being patients there, the trope is justified. Also zig-zagged in the sense that not all of the patients are actually insane, Alchemilla is used to contain parahumans that cannot use their powers freely, or who have no control of their powers.
  • Brainbent, as a logical result of being set in a mental health clinic.
  • Christian Weston Chandler in Survivor: Kujira-Jima's cast is mainly composed of stereotypes, subverted stereotypes, stock characters and Chris-chan, and they're all being played off of each other.
  • Fantasy of Utter Ridiculousness: Between Marisa's kleptomania and desire to ride Megas, the chronically ill and traumatized Patchouli chucking Gensokyo's primary incident resolver at said mech, Reimu herself being okay with it, and Coop and Jamie's near-total obliviousness towards the damage they're causing to Gensokyo just by being themselves, this is Reisen's opinion of the entire situation during the Extra Stage. That's without getting into the antics of those who are present during the conflict but have no bearing on its outcome.
  • Pretty much everyone in With Pearl and Ruby Glowing suffers from PTSD or similar issues, since the story is set in a rape survivors' support group. Many characters have other issues on top of that, such as several having Cluster B disorders of various types, Eliza's ability to talk to animals being replaced with childhood schizophrenia which makes her hallucinate animals talking, and Julian having suffered Gas Lighting until he believes he actually did commit the murders he was framed for and refuses to believe Anneliese and Erika are really alive.

    Films — Live-Action 


    Live-Action TV 
  • Everybody Loves Raymond, in which every cast member might take a turn at being the Only Sane Man, if only to contrast the unbalanced personalities of all the others. We get:
  • The cast of The Muppet Show is eccentric, to say the least. Even Kermit, the Only Sane Man (er, frog), is Not So Above It All; as he once points out, he's the one who hired the others.
  • 'Experimental' soap Night and Day does away with all pretensions of sanity in its characters. Evil ‘Aunt Rachel’ Culgrin is perhaps the most outlandish, but sociopathic snarker Ryan Harper also deserves an honourable mention. Towards the end of the run, Frankie Radcliffe and Kate Ellis lose the plot with their book-burning Virgin Army – but in truth, most other characters also display considerable crazy at one time or another.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Warhammer 40,000: Strangely enough, every faction is this to at least one other.
    • The orks are an entire race of war-loving maniacs who will happily charge into melee firing hopelessly inaccurate guns.
    • Chaos has a very strong tendency to warp the minds of those who follow it, and sometimes deliberately sabotage their allies' plans (even if it costs them the victory) because the voices told them to (and sometimes because it would empower said allies' god at the expense of the traitor's).
    • The Tau are viewed with suspicion by humanity, as they lack the "defend to the very end" mentality that's been drilled into them for millenia. Conversely, the Tau view the humans as completely insane for fighting to the death over a worthless rock instead of retreating to save lives and resources.
    • Imperials are seen as willfully blind fools by Eldar and Chaos, worshipping a god who was never one in the first place and clinging to traditions that cause them more harm than enemy actions.
    • Craftworld Eldar and their evil(er) cousins the Dark Eldar were split when the Eldar Empire succeeded in birthing a new Chaos god(dess) of excess and hedonism, with the latter now having to cause (and receive) pain to survive lest their souls be eaten by Slaanesh, and the former being a dying race unable to bear the weight of their hubris.
    • "Only the insane have strength enough to prosper. Only those who prosper may truly judge what is sane."


    Video Games 
  • It seems like the eponymous Ink Machine of Bendy and the Ink Machine — or perhaps just studio conditions in general — have driven most named employees of Joey Drew Studios insane.
    • Sammy Lawrence eventually turned to worshiping Bendy.
    • Susie Campbell began identifying with Alice Angel to the point she called "herself" an "angel". It got to the point where she agreed to take part in Joey Drew's experiments to bring his cartoon characters to life and ended up becoming a physical version of Alice Angel and died during the process.
    • Norman Polk ended up sticking a projector on his head and turning into an ink monster.
    • Grant Cohen was driven utterly mad by the company's money problems, up to turning his office into a Room Full of Crazy.
    • Bertrum Piedmont grew so obsessed with making sure people recognized his work that he was corrupted by the ink and had his head implanted into a merry-go round.
    • It's uncertain what happened to Wally Franks, but in a Twitter AMA, it's been implied that his mind is "waaaay outta here". Chapter 5 reveals he took off to Florida. Which still counts, if you think about it.
    • Joey Drew himself seems to be the first (or among the first) to lose his mind; in an old recording, Wally Franks complains about Joey's attempts to "appease the gods" and then comments that he thinks he's lost his mind. In the epilogue, it's shown that Joey has changed his ways over the past 30 years and is no longer the crazy, power-hungry, and money-grubbing Bad Boss he was when running the studio, even asking Henry for help in person to destroy the Ink Demon (AKA a failed attempt at creating Bendy).
  • Borderlands: Holy shit. Almost everyone you meet on Pandora is a psycho to some extent ,due to a combination of the Destroyer sending out mental broadcasts to lure people to the vault, driving many insane in the process, Eridium causing brain poisoning in the second game, and the sheer stress of living in a Death World, especially after the Dahl corporation (which first colonized the planet) abandoned most of the colonists with barely enough resources just to survive. Calling Pandora a fucked up place would be an understatement.
  • Die Anstalt is an Adventure Game whose main characters are patients in the eponymous asylum, each suffering from a different trauma or disorder.
  • In Don't Starve many characters seem to have had mental issues from even before the events of the game (Willow I'm Looking At You). Also, insanity is a game mechanic, so even those who would normally be the only sane men will end up qualifying at some point.
  • The party of Drakengard is made up of a sociopathic Blood Knight, a human-hating dragon, a Yandere bard, an elven Child Eater, a Pedophile Priest, and a six-year-old boy who kills his own sister in one route. Also, the Messianic Barrier Maiden they're trying to save has incestuous feelings for her brother. A Let's Player explains:
    The Dark Id: Welp. It looks like nobody in this game is making it to the end without some deep irredeemable aspect to their character. Before you say there's still Seere, no. The kid is fucked up too. We've just yet to see it.
  • Fire Emblem Engage: This particular entry in the Fire Emblem series has a very quirky and zany cast of characters. Ranging from a prince obsessed with muscles to a happy-go-lucky thief to a a priest who's a party animal and so much more. And that's just the main party! Surprisingly, the protagonist is usually the most normal of the bunch, despite their strange character design compared to everyone else.
  • Mass Effect 2: The crew Shepard puts together comprises of everything from a genetically engineered Broken Ace to a girl who was stolen as an infant and conditioned to be an Ax-Crazy killer to a genetically engineered teenage Krogan who is also Ax-Crazy to an alien girl who can't leave her suit without risking serious illness. The last is probably the most normal out of any of them.
  • Outlast. Aside from the protagonist, every character met is some form of raving lunatic. At the end, the protagonist becomes part of the crazy when he gets possessed by the Walrider .
  • This describes nearly everyone in Psychonauts. Ranging from mild neurosis to full-blown psychosis, everyone has issues. A good part of the game is spent trying to cure some of them.
  • Puyo Puyo: Everyone in this cast is weird in their own way. You've got dancing fish (Suketoudara), flamboyant fashionista skeletons (Dapper Bones), lovestruck fighters (Rulue), and the list goes on. Not even the main characters are exempt from weirdness. Arle may be the snarky Straight Man to everyone's Wise Guy, but she's not above being playful or a complete screwball in print media.
  • SINoALICE: Every single Character in Library is bloodthirsty to the extent that they'll kill each other for their own selfish desires, and more than a few of them display violent mental instability. Makes sense, considering that one ending reveals that they were all made up by an extremely troubled young girl.
  • Another example from BioWare; the player parties in Star Wars: The Old Republic can certainly fall here, especially on the Imperial side. The Agent's party (probably the weirdest of the lot) has a bomb-throwing anarchist, a diplomat who went native with an insect species, a brilliant operative-scientist who experimented on himself with rakghoul DNA, and can transform into one, a human who was raised among the Chiss (because she's a low-level Force Sensitive and would have been killed by the Sith otherwise), and a sociopath gynoid who openly dislikes organics and was built by a race of Precursors.
  • Team Fortress 2: The Heavy speaks to his sandwich and has a little bed for his minigun next to his own, the Medic has a love of mad science, the Demoman is a drunken workaholic, the Soldier is a delusional warmonger who insists he's the greatest despite having been rejected from every branch of the military, the Sniper has a bit of cold sociopathy to him (and fights with a jar of his own pee), the Spy acts like he's classy but childlishly mocks his opponents, the Scout shows extreme narcissism and bragging from kills, and the Pyro... dear god, the Pyro. The closest member of the team to sane is the Engineer, who's friendly but still shows some signs of sociopathy and paranoia beneath his kindly demeanor.
  • The only explanation for the gleeful Vehicular Combat carnage in Twisted Metal is that all of the cars' drivers are really messed up. Special points for insanity go to the Monster Clown who drives a burning ice cream truck. Black even has a cast mostly composed of inmates from an insane asylum.

    Visual Novels 

  • Girl Genius, being about a world run by Mad Science, is unsurprisingly full of mad scientists.
  • Where do we start with Lackadaisy? Rocky was manic and reckless from the start, and his head injury in volume 2 has only exacerbated his mental instability. Freckle succumbs to murderous rage in dangerous situations. Mordecai is a sociopath who is devoid of warmth, empathy, or mercy. Serafine is another sociopath with a sadistic streak, and if she truly believes in Maitre Carrefour, is living in a fantasy world. Her brother Nico isn't much better. Wick is an insomniac who works too hard, drinks too much, and is haunted by the ghost of a dead duck. Mitzi is so obsessed with keeping Lackadaisy going that she verges on The Unfettered.
  • The sex comedy webcomic Ménage à 3 has a cast full of characters with various anxieties, dysfunctions and obsessions. The main three characters are an Extreme Doormat nerd with serious self-esteem issues, a bisexual Yaoi Fangirl who would go for any gender, and a Dumb Blonde with an unspecified mental disorder and the inability to get an orgasm, and they are just the tip of the iceberg. Even the sanest characters will be caught in crazy sexual hijinks from time to time.
  • Everybody in Narbonic is nuts, from the crazed intern, to the hyperintelligent gerbil, to the mad scientist who hires Dave in the first place. It turns out that Dave is a nascent mad scientist during the whole thing, so he's not an exception after all. The same goes for Skin Horse, where the Only Sane Man is a Canadian bio-engineered war canine, and even she's not all there.
  • Schlock Mercenary: Every member of Tagon's Toughs really, really likes violence and big guns and/or explosions. When Petey tells Schlock he's trying to put a bunch of dangerous sociopaths out of commission, Schlock's response is to power up his plasma cannon and ask where they are.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Archer: Just about the entire top tier of ISIS personnel is borderline insane, and in Kreiger's case, almost certainly well past it. Him aside, almost all of them are sociopathic hedonists who seem incapable of thinking of anything other than drink or sex long enough to actually accomplish their missions.
  • Family Guy: In the later seasons, it becomes apparent that everyone in Quahog all clearly have some major issues going on. This is played for laughs.
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. The Only Sane Man is The Grim Reaper. That really says it all.
  • You could probably count the number of perfectly sane Looney Tunes characters in one hand, and even those are easily prone to Sanity Slippage now and again. The title should give it away.
  • Every single character on Kaeloo is unstable and unhinged, and it's stated in-universe that the four main characters are all in need of serious therapy for their issues.