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I am loving this shit!

The Dark Id is a popular Let's Player on the Something Awful forums. He has (as of this time of writing) completed 26 Let's Plays (although, strictly speaking, two pairs of those were combined in two joint threads). All but two of them are featured on the LP Archive. Known for his wit, Alternative Character Interpretations, and low tolerance for annoying things.

Appears to have given up let's playing as of 2022. No word on why.

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     Games that The Dark Id has completed Let's Plays of 


The Dark Id (and his Let's Plays) provides examples of:

  • Aborted Arc: At the end of his Clock Tower 3 LP, Id showed off what appeared to be an LP of Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven. As of 2013 though, nothing has come of it.
    • Final Fantasy X initially ended this way as well after the death of Id's PlayStation 2. As of September 30 2015, however, it's subverted as he picks up where he left off.
    • The Fallout LP had to be ended because, in his words, "my life is a goddamn mess right now". The Silver Case, likewise, was unceremoniously dropped partway through.
    • Parasite Eve met the same fate, being abruptly locked without explanation in February 2022.
  • Actually Pretty Funny: Even Billy Fucking Coen finds it amusing when Rebecca shoots him in the ass with a grenade launcher.
  • Adaptational Badass: In his Shadow Hearts Let's Play, Yuri was already badass enough, but the fact the voice in his head Koudelka told him to go into a cave and fight a bear, this says something about Id's version of Yuri.
  • Ad Bumper: Id made a new bumper for the Gulag stream based on The Board.
  • A Good Name for a Rock Band: While looking at the early character score in Shadow Hearts: Covenant, he says this about his current stats.
    Id: The rankings on this screen sound like a series of awkwardly translated rap lyrics. MC Demon Sergeant could drop a beat.
  • Air-Vent Passageway: In the Resident Evil playthrough, he gives us this gem:
    Id: I've never actually seen a vent shaft a man could fit through. But, I assume they are, at all times, occupied by Special Forces commandos, lab technicians, children, or Bruce Willis.
    • It comes up in his Xenogears playthrough as well.
      Id: Alright... John McClane sized air ducts I can accept. Crouching dude sized ones I can barely tolerate. But I'm drawing the line at ducts that can accommodate seven foot tall pro wrestlers.
    • And two updates later:
      Id: Err... alright... I take back what I said about Rico and the absurdity of him being able to fit in the air vents. With a little more head room I think we could stuff Weltall down these things. Good grief.
    • He also discusses this trope's continued prevalence in video games after a particularly annoying set of special missions involving them in Ghost Babel.
      Id: I never want to see the inside of another air duct again. Unfortunately, I enjoy playing video games and that wish is a literal impossibility with that hobby.
  • All-Powerful Bystander: As a result of The Id playing Resident Evil with both Chris and Jill concurrently as if both characters are present in the mansion and exploring it at the same time (in order to follow the game's canon), a rather strange entity represented by static keeps following Chris and repairing gameplay-induced plot holes by warping reality around him while speaking in odd riddles and nursery tunes.
  • All There in the Manual: Id doesn't like that much of the backstory of The 3rd Birthday is hidden in the main console.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Invoked. He does this a lot.
    • Most notable of all, in Resident Evil 4, Verdugo, Salazar's right hand, is re-imagined as Leon's monster half-brother Todd, who convinced Leon to try auditioning for the main character role in the next Resident Evil game. Leon froze him and threw him off the Golden Gate bridge after walking in on him making out with Claire Redfield, who dated Leon for a while. And Chief Bitores Mendez is a fan of the Green Bay Packers and even wears a Packers cheese hat (thanks to Luis calling him the "big cheese.") Also the very first Ganado Leon comes across in the game is reimagined as just a normal villager who freaks out on Leon after the latter shot a bunch of birds in his front yard then barged into his home.
    • Resident Evil – Code: Veronica: Steve Burnside is an Emo Teen and has hormones that are playing havoc on his mind, his dad is an abusive git even when zombified, Nosferatu/Alexander Ashford is a very upper class, polite, monocle-and-top-hat-clad gentleman reminiscing about his ancestry, and the T-078 Tyrant is Mike Tyson.
    • Resident Evil 0: Billy FUCKING Coen is a Jewish uber-Jerkass who bullies, threatens, and treats Rebecca like a pack mule, Marcus' love for his leeches reaches a disturbingly sexual level, the leeches are portrayed as Gangbangers speaking Ebonics straight out of Boyz n the Hood, and Rebecca kills Billy at the end of the game for all his mistreatment of her.
    • Resident Evil 3: Nemesis: The eponymous Nemesis is a mutant who thinks he's a Blaxploitation character who thinks he's a Californian governor who thinks he's a Super Saiyan. And then he becomes a freakish amalgamation of all three (plus Bert) at the end. And Nicholai is nigh-on indestructible, to the point where when Jill blows up the chopper he's riding out on, Nicholai is instead sent blasting off again.
    • Resident Evil 2: Leon's just getting into his RE4 action hero groove and won't stop shouting Ada's name no matter how annoying she finds it, Claire doesn't seem to mind showing Sherry all sorts of traumatizing things they can find within the RPD and making her feel even more unwanted, and William Birkin makes eye puns, divorces his wife Annette monster-style (and muttered that he should have gotten one before he injected himself with the G-Virus), and is most likely into incest. Also, Mr. X is now Señor X, is mostly Spexican and, courtesy of Leon throwing it out a window after their first encounter, is constantly looking for his hat. At the end, he finally gets a new sombrero, loses it, and gets another one made of fire... and speaks English, much to Leon's surprise.
    • Resident Evil: Chris starts out mildly grumpy, goes through a Yawn-poison-induced acid trip, and later becomes a Manchild after an herbal binge with Rebecca, said medic keeps trying to convince Chris that her adventures with leech-men and trains really happened, Barry ends up with captains-at-attention at inopportune times, and Billy FUCKING Coen is now a ghost who annoys Rebecca and Chris, sexually harasses Jill, takes various shapes, learns how to possess monsters, and eventually takes control of the Tyrant.
    • Clock Tower 3: Corroder is a door-to-door salesman who constantly espouses the virtues of acid-based cleaning systems, even in the middle of his boss fight.
    • Drakengard: Inuart is a loser that Caim only tolerates as a pack mule, Verdelet is an old racist obsessed with whining about doom and destruction (and by the sequel is the true villain of the game for his various fuckups), and Caim and Angelus are Vitriolic Best Buds.
      • For the second game, Nowe is an utter moron who is clueless on just about everything, including things that as a Knight of the Seal he should already know (granted, this isn't that big of a change from his actual portrayal). Eris, Urick, Legna, and even Seere, however, are the Only Sane Characters (except that Eris is mildly pyromanical and Legna's contempt for humanity is a lot less veiled).
      • In the Drakengard 3 LP, so much has been written up about Four's personality as she tries to justify herself as a pure, chaste woman while really being a mental trainwreck — though, again, it isn't far off from her actual character. Just slightly more subtextual. Slightly.
    • Chrono Cross: Serge has a voice, and is the Only Sane Man in a world where everyone else's traits are Flanderized. ZOAH becomes his Captain Obvious wing-man.
    • Dirge of Cerberus: Vincent Valentine gets a lot more sarcastic, and his self-loathing switches from "I hate my crappy life" to "I hate my crappy game". Cid Highwind, on the other hand, is just stunned in disbelief at both Deepground's absurd plan, and the fact that the planet is stupid enough to fall for it. Meanwhile, Reeve is secretly in love with Cait Sith and constantly trying to pass off the first game's events as a "war" so he can pretend he's a grizzled veteran.
    • Xenogears: Fei and everybody else become far more sarcastic, and Citan is quite happily the biggest dick on the planet. Also, every outlandish thing he does, he learned in medical school.
    • Onimusha: Warlords: Samanosuke inadvertently advertises for top of the line scowls and is very disapproving of Kaede; Kaede, in addition to being the worst ninja ever, has knee problems preventing her from jumping when it would be helpful; Yuki is selectively lazy (which is better than everybody else in Inabayama Castle, who are just lazy period); Tokichiro is a paedophile; Marcellus is an emo; and Fortinbras states the obvious constantly.
    • Metal Gear: Ghost Babel: Black Arts Viper is a raving lunatic constantly shouting out his desires for revengeance. Snake's patience for bad guys and their sob stories slowly dwindles even as he continues to find himself asking his support staff about them beforehand, and Weasel is the only member of his support team who really knows what he's doing half the time, constantly telling Snake he should just shoot the bad guy dead.
    • Tenchu: Rikimaru is a bit of a nut with a stabbing obsession.
    • Final Fantasy X: Elma treats Solid Chocobo like a vengeful beast whose bloodlust cannot be sated.
    • For The 3rd Birthday, the reason Hunter "Boss" Owens really wants to kill Aya is because he's stuck in a shit game. As for Maeda, the reason he's now a pervert is that he's a self-insert of Scenario Director Motomu Toriyama.
    • In I am Setsuna, Endir is a rude and callous jerk whom everyone tends to ignore when he speaks (thus justifying his Heroic Mime status), and has encountered every one of the JRPG stories the game takes elements from in his time as a mercenary, which is referred a lot. Setsuna's sweet but has a habit of spacing out, Nidr's defence of his village is framed as level-grinding, and Aeterna's something of the Only Sane Man since she's seen almost all of it before.
    • During his let's play of Shadow Hearts: Covenant, someone posted a picture of Gepetto dressed as Lulu. Creepy crossdressing aside, it got to the discussion that all of Lulu's belts and jewelry are not only power limiters, but she would have to have some muscular legs from constantly wearing a belt dress.
    • Also from Covenant, anytime Joachim is the focus of the scene, the LP is written like it's a pro wrestling match and even treated like kayfabe is on.
    • During Anastasia's segment of Shadow Hearts Covenant, despite wearing a bright blue coat and picking obvious hiding spots, it seems the only reason nobody can see her is cause she rolled her points into stealth.
  • Alternate History: According to TDI, in a world where Caim's parents were not killed by The Empire and he went on to inherit their kingdom, he would have become Vlad the Impaler.
  • And the Adventure Continues: The finale of the Resident Evil remake's LP has Chris, Jill, and company riding off into the sunset following the destruction of the mansion, as Chris stares into the sun... then cut to Chris staring into the sun in Kijuju as he starts once again hearing the voice of Billy FUCKING Coen.
  • Animated Music Video: A bizarre variant, considering The Dark Id does screenshot LPs, but they usually start up when one character sees a rocket launcher and mistakes it for a boombox or a microphone. This pops up in...
  • Anything but That!: In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, he has this reaction to finding a Crest named Seere.
    Id: No, get that eternal five-year-old shitty kid and his murder golems the heck out of here! I'm not going through that crap again! Anyway, next time we're in Cannes we'll need to rub this in that Loud Croft guy's face.
  • A Rare Sentence:
    • Comes up fairly often in Limbo of the Lost.
      Id: I wonder if Jesus had alcoholic snot...? I can't believe I just typed that sentence.
    • In The 3rd Birthday, we have this sentence.
      Id: The burly brawl in this room concludes with a pair of upgraded Rollers coming in to play. Their efforts at attack are thwarted by some well-placed baby-back rib walls blocking their advance toward Aya and friends.
      Video games make you type some weird fucking sentences...
    • From NieR: Automata, there's...
      Id: The machines just merged together and birthed a Ken Doll Sephiroth. That's a kinda sentence you don't type very often.
    • After starting Disc 2 of Shadow Hearts: Covenant.
      Id: So Nicolai Conrad, the secret bastard son of the Czar of Russia, releasing the Catholic Church's supply of Malice into the world triggered the use of chemical weapons in World War 1. That is a sentence I just wrote summarizing the events thus far in a video game.
    • In Shadow Hearts Covenant at the end of Dog Shrine, they end up running into Garan who they already killed in the main story.
      Anastasia: Yuri, have you ever punched a ghost baby?
      Yuri: Yes...
      Anastasia: ...Really...?
      Yuri: It happens. But I have not punched an old man that looks like a baby and is a ghost. You don't see that combo a lot. Let's add that to the punch list.
    • This sentence happens in describing how Solomon is defeated.
      Id: Ultimately the ghost of the biblical first king of Israel was defeated by the fursuit-clad founder of the Boy Scouts of America summoned by a wolf's ghost horde. That's a sentence I can type about a video game.
  • Arbitrary Skepticism: In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Yuri and Blanca meet Carven, a wooden wolf doll as part of the Wolf Bouts that speaks.
    Blanca: Awroo...? (Huh? A carved wooden figure...?)
    Carven: Excuse me, folks. Just hold it right there.
    Yuri: <jumps back> Yikes! It moved! And it talked!
    Blanca: Awroo...? (All the things we have seen and this shocks you...?)
    Yuri: Yeah, boy. I cannot believe it either.
  • Artistic License – Geography: Id, as well as thread posters who are from New York City, call out The 3rd Birthday on mangling the game's version of the city.
  • Art Evolution: Starting with Drakengard, the chapters section was much more elaborate; also, the humor was less gross and juvenile than it was in previous Let's Plays.
  • Ass Shove: In Part 1 of his Final Fantasy X Let's Play, Tidus threatens a couple of kids like this while autographing blitzballs.
    Tidus: Alright. Remember, kiddos. If I see this on auction at Zbay, the next signature is getting crammed up your backend, got it?
  • Atomic F-Bomb:
    • Id lets one out in Onimusha when he sees he can't change the controls from D-pad to analog.
    • He lets one out in Nier after the conclusion of the Runaway Son quest.
  • Author Appeal: He's been loving games that he states "are incredibly on its bullshit" like Control, Pathologic 2 and Death Stranding.
  • Back to Front: The Resident Evil series (starting with then-most-recent Resident Evil 4, and ignoring side games other than two of the Survivor games) was played by him in reverse order release- and timeline-wise, with the exception of Dead Aim and then Zero after 2 and 3, and the first's Nintendo GameCube remake instead of the original.
  • Badass Boast:
    Serge: Dunno much about teaching people to be alive. But, I'm getting *pretty* good at teaching 'em how to be dead. Wanna lesson?
  • Badass Decay: invoked How Id feels about Aya's characterization in The 3rd Birthday.
    Id: Have you ever played Metroid: Other M? You know Samus Aran’s shitty portrayal in that game? Yeah. She may as well be fucking Ellen Ripley compared to Aya in The 3rd Birthday. It's incredibly bad!
  • Bag of Spilling: Id has a chain of tweets showing that Ichiban Kasuga blows his money catching up on Dragon Quest.
    Id: Ichiban Kasuga is right now losing his shit that there's fucking TWELVE Dragon Quest games out now?!

    Yakuza: Like a Dragon 2's excuse for doing a Mega Man on Ichiban and him being Level 1 again is because he spent the last year going full hermit catching up on the entire Dragon Quest series, slamming junk food he missed out on, and just completely let himself go.

    Your funds are at 0 because Ichiban got all the authentic cartridges, CDs, DVDs, consoles, handhelds, CRT TVs, and the works to play them all authentically.

    Emulation is not what a Hero would do!
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: In March 2021, a deepfake app called Wombo came around that allowed people to make people sing all sorts of songs. It was only a matter of time until someone combined Benjamin Spooner Briggs with Bakamitai.
    Id: Thanks! I hate it!
  • Become a Real Boy: In Shadow Hearts Covenant, when looking at the item description for Gepetto's weapon, Silver Thread, which allows puppets to have emotions.
    Id: Oh boy, Cornelia can become a real girl... and get completely skeeved out by the whole dress-up thing she has going on.
  • Berserk Button: Ada doesn't quite like Leon constantly shouting her name.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Id has this reaction during Route C of Nier Automata when Pascal stops being pacifistic and goes Papa Wolf on the Machine Lifeforms attacking.
    Id: You idiots fucked with the wrong kindly machine uncle... Let's go, partner.
  • Big "NO!":
    • When, at the ending of Limbo of the Lost, a character suggests they sing.
    • Near the end of I am Setsuna, Id gets very upset that the Time Judge brings Reaper/Fides back to life.
      Id: Oh for FUCK SAKE! No! We killed this guy... He evaporated into magical energy dust. That’s been the universal symbol for magic dude death in this game. C'mon!
  • Big "WHAT?!": Not only Id, but the entire Drakengard 3 LP thread had this as a response to Nier 2 being revealed at E3 2015.
  • Big "YES!": He has this reaction after finally getting everyone's ultimate weapons in Final Fantasy X, especially all the lunacy involved in getting them to begin with.
    • He also had this reaction after finally getting to properly play in Disc 2 of Xenogears after spending so much time in the Narration Zone.
  • Bizarrchitecture:
    • In The 3rd Birthday, Id points out how Club Sacrifice is so much bigger than any nightclub in New York City ought to be to the point it's taking up at least two city blocks. One example is that the fire escape is so big that he could do a three point turn with a car on just the landing.
      Id: [Lead Level Designer] Yuichi [Tsuchiya], learn scale on a level not designed for 15 foot tall ape people. Or maybe the size of a city block. Or the average spacing of any building in Manhattan, you clown.
    • In Resident Evil Zero, at one point Id takes an elevator in William Birkin's very much underground laboratory... and it deposits him right at the flaming train wreckage at the start of the Management Training Facility despite this being impossible if given even a little bit of thought.
      Id: We are back at the train wreckage in the basement of the Training Facility... Which means the training facility is apparently built right on top of the warehouse to Birkin's lab and is, in turn, right on the outskirts of Raccoon City. Except, we rode a cable car, underground again, mind you, from this facility to the same point as the elevator we just got off of. (puts up the usual Psyduck emoticon of pure confusion.)
  • Black Comedy Rape: Makes several jokes of this nature during Resident Evil 2 due to Brian Irons' brand of lunacy. The crowner has to be this, when a note addressed to him claims that "Annette will continue to be your contact throughout this affair":
    Birkin: P.S. Affair as in shady dealings. Do not rape my wife. Thanks.
  • "Blind Idiot" Translation: For his Let's Play of Shadow Hearts, while he'll let certain things like deciding how monster names are translated slide, what really stymies him is that the London section of the game falls into this compared to the rest of the game before that section or after.
  • Bowdlerize/Gosh Dang It to Heck!: Parodied in this exchange in the Ghost Babel LP:
    Brian McBride: Metal Gear's development was a classified Army project. Even the CIA is not aware of all the details.
    Ronard "Weasel" Lensenbrink: In other words, you know jack.
    McBride: Yes. Thanks for the clarification for the audience. You know, just rephrasing the obvious in a rude and suspicious manner doesn't make you clever. It makes you an asshole outlaw.
    Weasel: Identifying assholes outlaws. There's one thing the CIA excels at.
    McBride: It doesn't take CIA Intel in your case. It's written all over your face. Where'd you get the beauty scar, tough guy? Eatin' pussy pineapples.
    Mei Ling: That's enough, you two. Rated E. For 'Everyone'! Enough of the colorful language!
  • Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs: Has this to say about Ada Wong's questionable choice of attire in Resident Evil 2:
    Id: Is there some mandate that all women in this city dress ridiculous or like hookers? Or like ridiculous hookers, in certain cases?
  • Breather Episode: After suffering through The 3rd Birthday, Id's Livestream of Metal Slug was this to him.
  • Bring My Brown Pants: Let's just say the fiend invasion after the Blitzball Tournament, as well as Seymour summoning Anima, was enough to turn Bobba and Jimma's pants different colors.
    • Manah runs into this problem when she encounters Caim in Drakengard 2.
    • Brad can be seen with pee photoshopped on his pants at one point.
    • Late in FFX as the Fahrenheit passes by Sin at Zanarkand, Brother, in Al Bhed, blatantly mentions it. You'd fudge yourself too if you flew by the local Eldritch Abomination.
  • Breather Level: He considers Purgatory in Shadow Hearts: Covenant to be this after going through Hojo Laboratory due to there being a lot less random encounters and easier enemies to kill.
  • Broken Aesop: His LP of Chrono Cross makes a major point of calling out just how extremely broken the Green Aesop is.
    Dragon God: In order to survive, all living things in this world fight desperately and devour those they defeat... Must one kill other living things in order to survive? Must one destroy another world in order to allow one's own world to continue? The wounded in turn wound and torment those weaker than they themselves are... There are only the killers and the killed... The sinners, who are judged, and the victims that do the judging... What meaning is there to such a world?
    Serge: Oh my GAWD!! I. Do. Not. Give. A. SHIT! Shut up! GOD! Can none of you lousy demi-god things go more than three minutes without droning on and on about weak ass pseudo-stoner philosophy bullshit?! Good lord!
  • Brown Note: During Branch D of the Drakengard 3 LP, one of the links is a video where the cover is from Drakengard 1's Branch D. Subverted when the note in question is actually Mikhail singing a cute song about Zero.
  • But Thou Must!: The trope is mentioned by name a few times.
    Fei: I think this is one of those 'but thou must' sort of pleas for assistance.
    Bart: Crud.
  • Cain and Abel: Leon and Todd. Years ago, Todd convinces Leon to try to audition for the main character part of the next Resident Evil game. Leon gets the part and goes to tell Todd... only to find him making out with Leon's ex-girlfriend, Claire Redfield. Leon, angered, lays a trap for Todd, using a liquid nitrogen canister to freeze him and then lobbing him off the Golden Gate Bridge. 6 years later, Todd's now working for Ramon Salazar as his "right hand."
  • Call-Back/Brick Joke: Many and often, even across certain LPs.
  • Call-Forward: The first half of Resident Evil 3 has a number of these to Resident Evil 2.
  • The Cameo: When Weasel suggests that Snake play a Link Battle with a friend in the Ghost Babel LP, Seere chimes in with:
    Seere: No, Weasel. My mom wouldn't put out for a link cable to play Pokémon. She's certainly not doing it for Metal Gear Solid.
  • Camp Gay: Defied. He utterly dislikes this trope in Shadow Hearts: Covenant with the Magimel Brothers.
    Id: As we venture further into the area, we're stopped by these two... colorful gentlemen. I hope you're ready for some cringey dated gay stereotypes! I'd like to say this is the product of being from the mid-aughts and all. But Persona 5 only came out two years ago and had something exactly like this pair. It was probably actually way worse there.
  • Catchphrase: Quite a few:
    • <Character> is loving this shit! (Usually in regards to a character displaying a look of much glee on their face)
      • "<Character> is not amused", in regards to a character displaying a displeased or utterly uninterested look on their face.
      • Lampshaded in his LP of NieR:
        Id: How did that become the running gag for all my avatar changes, anyway? You guys are silly.
      • Likewise, parodied in his LP of Onimusha:
        Id: Guildenstern is loving this shit. Or...he just doesn't have lips. One of the two.
      • Continued after the death of his PS2, where until the Drakengard 3 LP started, his avatar on Something Awful was changed to an image of one with an Informal Eulogy stating "it loved the shit so that others would not have to".
    • "X out of fucking nowhere!" whenever someone or something suddenly appears without warning.
    • Drakengard! (Said in, quote unquote "The tone of a kooky sitcom catchphrase. Pretend someone is looking at the camera with a goofy face and shrugging their shoulders while saying it. In other words, it is not to be mistaken with abject rage as "NOOOOOOOMMMMMMMUUUUURRRRAAAA!!!" was...")
      • When characters die in Drakengard 2, they let out <Barf!> as a death cry. It briefly shows up in the first game's LP as well.
    • "Cavia hates children" as well as "Trolled by Cavia!", which in Drakengard 2 is occasionally turned into "Trolled by General Gismor".
      • It gets used again in Drakengard 3 when Zero fakes having a split personality to get info on where her other two sisters are. After stabbing Four, that's when we get TROLLED BY ZERO!
    • To the posters he likes in the thread: "I like the cut of your jib."
    • When faced with an excessively cheesy moment, he would describe it as "So cheesy I just shat pepperjack."
    • He also tends to describe various Nintendo Hard segments in games and various parts of games he utterly detests as "like having (his) dick in a vise".
    • Darkly-dressed characters such as Vincent Valentine with equally-dark personalities also tend to get described by TDI as "So goth they shit bats."
      • "So (adjective) s/he shits (noun)" could also be considered a Catchphrase. In Chrono Cross, he describes Harle's accent as "So French she shitz les baguettes."
    • Characters generalized as completely useless or counter-productive are described by him as "As useful as an asshole on my elbow".
    • No, fuck you, dad!
    • In his Resident Evil playthroughs, the appearance of a sub-boss, boss, or just a particularly-nasty regular enemy is usually followed by "Run away! RUN AWAY!" Like above, lampshaded in Resident Evil 1 when, following the appearance of Lisa Trevor, he precedes his use of the phrase with "what's the phrase I'm looking for, here?"
    • Sure, Sure, Why Not?
    • Frequently used by the characters in the games he plays: "I hate my life."
    • Every boss fight in Clock Tower 3 is preceded by the game overlaying the phrase "JUDGEMENT" on the screen; for the first few, TDI responds with "HEAVEN OR HELL?! LET'S ROCK!!"
    • With that said, let's (verb or phrase synonymous with "continue").
    • Spiffy.
    • In NieR: Automata, "This is not an invitation to proudly proclaim that you X," and variants thereof, with X being inane or silly ideas or approaches to aspects of the game that no one in their right mind would do, such as, for an example, not using 9S' hacking ability on at least one hundred machines by the time you reach the chest that rewards you for doing so, as hacking is an integral part of 9S' gameplay and anyone not using it is handicapping themselves.
  • Characterization Marches On: During his LP of Shadow Hearts, Id proposes that the characterization of Yuri as a pervert as well as the violent opening being more proof of concept for the game since the game never gets that violent ever again and Yuri tones down the creep factor once he and Alice meet Zhuzhen.
  • Child Hater: Cavia is presented as this, due to their propensity towards children dying violent deaths in their games, from Arioch being a Baby Eater, Caim chopping down Child Soldiers, and Nier cutting down baby Shades and the game's equivalent of Hogarth and the Iron Giant. Add Leonard's pedophilia and…
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Billy FUCKING Coen. The progressive form of the F word's even his middle name now, more or less.
    • In Clock Tower 3, when learning that he can carry only one Rooderstone in the Rooder Tomb area, Id lets off a most impressive one.
      Id: You can only carry one FUCKING stone at a FUCKING time. At no other time in the FUCKING game do they pull any sort of FUCKING inventory restriction malarkey. In fact, Alyssa is currently carrying eight FUCKING bottles of Lavender water, four FUCKING Sigil stones, three FUCKING invisibility bands, and enough FUCKING arrows to break FUCKING Legolas' FUCKING gay elf back! To make no mention that you can still easily be carrying the huge ass compass thing from earlier. BUT ONLY ONE FUCKING STONE AT A TIME!
    • There's another in Limbo of the Lost, in response to the Sequel Hook.
      Id: --oh FUCK YOU!!! FUCK YOU FOR EVEN THINKING YOU COULD PULL THAT OFF!! Fuck you ya stupid motherfucker you could research your goddamn way through a third grader's book report your untalented shit! (Angry Fist-Shake) And fuck you and your smug douchebag Briggs voice and your mumbling mush-mouth Nilmates voice and that was the only two shitty voices you had you cunt! (angry fist-shake)
    • And another at the very end of his Dirge of Cerberus LP:
      Id: Fuck this game. Fuck everyone behind the making of this game. Fuck Tetsuya Nomura. Fuck Square-Enix. Fuck Vincent Valentine. Fuck Final Fantasy VII. Fuck J-RPGs. Fuck Japan. Fuck you for enjoying my suffering. And fuck me for going 'hey, Dirge of Cerberus...there's a good game to LP' nearly 11 months ago.

  • Continuity Nod & Mythology Gag: Some of his LPs make slight references to his previous LPs.
    • At one point in the first Drakengard LP, Caim mentions having fought alongside a guy with a bitchin' moustache who took an arrow to the throat. He's talking about the Onimusha: Warlords depiction of Oda Nobunaga, the first game of which The Dark Id had earlier LPed.
    • Caim tells the story of how an ogre grand wizard approached him in the forest one day, offering him "some jewelry or gauntlet or bracelet" (which he thought was lame, so he killed them). Later, when Angelus reads the mind of a dying ogre, amongst many repeats of "stab" she notes the dead ogre as thinking "give gauntlets out to those who scowl". Another Onimusha reference, this time to the hero Samanosuke, whose possession of a magical gauntlet given to him by a Clan of Ogres and constant scowl did not evade Id's notice. One of the dying ogre's thoughts also happens to be about Jean Reno, referring to his role as Jacques Blanc in the third Onimusha, which Id attempted an LP of before handling this game.
    • When pointing out how the world of Drakengard is basically Europe turned 180 degrees, he gives the in-game versions of the various countries alliterative variants of their names — except for the Empire, situated in upside-down Spain, which he dubs Notspain.
    • Seere's bodyguards at the start of Drakengard 2 are referred to as Verdugos from Resident Evil 4, after which Id makes mention that it's good to see Todd S. Kennedy still getting work after the falling out with Leon (though there's no mention of "Second-Banana Heaven"). The epilogue, meanwhile, mentions how Gismor rented out his old clock tower to one Lord Burroughs, the principal villain of Clock Tower 3, although Gismor can't quite read the name.
    • Every so often, an update for the NieR LP will begin with a conversation between the ghosts of Caim and Angelus as Caim searches the world for Hymir's Finger and his other lost weapons.
    • In Metal Gear: Ghost Babel, when Snake expresses surprise at Delta Force being easily wiped out, Colonel notes that "Well-known elite special forces units are to Metal Gear related incidents as helicopter pilots are to bio-organic weapon related incidents." This is shortly followed by Id himself making a few more RE references, such as noting how the "jungle" in the first stage is suspiciously shaped like a hedge maze and reminiscing on the last time he LPed a game with a hedge maze in it (Resident Evil 4) and noting that, while Chris Jenner from this game being a woman in Delta Force is impossible in reality, it's at least still more plausible than Jill Valentine being former Delta at 23 years old. And to add to that, during Jack's special missions training, No. 4 makes mention of two deceased Black Chamber members that consisted of "[the] mercenary who claimed to be able to summon the spirit of a 1800s sea captain lost on a doomed voyage to change fates on the battlefieldnote , or the one who wore a straight jacket all the time but used robot arms that came out of his back to shoot pistols in battle. He also wore a jockstrap... on his face... Nobody knew why. note 
    • Near the climax of his Resident Evil 2, Ada mentions to Leon she's HIV positive. In the LP of the RE1 Remake, Jill finds John's letter where he mentions he got his test results back which told him he had "full blown AIDS," and recommends Ada go for a test too.
    • Another Let's Player, ddegenha, did an LP of Fallout 2, and he referenced Charlie from Id's Fallout LP.
    • In a meta sense, yet another Let's Player from Something Awful, Feinne, has been described as being to the Neptunia series as The Dark Id has been to Drakengard.
    • Two from his Chrono Cross LP:
      • At one point after accidentally making a remark to Skelly about his fate that he didn't like, Serge backpedals and hypothesizes that he was thrown into a vat of acid by a "disgruntled English showerhead salesman" — in other words, Corroder from Clock Tower 3.
      • When Serge-Lynx first meets Draggy, the adorable baby dragon asks where his family went, to which Serge-Lynx claims that they were killed by "[...]this angry quiet guy rolling through the area a few years back... REALLY wasn't a fan of dragons... Or non-humans... Or soldiers... Or really anything in general... But especially dragons. Which was weird because he rode a friggin' red dragon..." In other words, everyone's favourite murder-happy asshole, Caim from Drakengard.
    • During an endgame sidequest in FFX, he tells a kid to get away from giant flowers.
      Id: Hey kid, stay away from strange giant flowers. I've seen this go REAL bad for this one temperamental chick over in Notspain.
    • Endir in I am Setsuna has somehow encountered the plot of every JRPG while doing jobs as a mercenary and frequently takes bets or gets exasperated when encountering a familiar plot point.
  • Cool Old Guy: In his LP of Shadow Hearts Covenant, when an NPC says nobody's ever escaped from St. Marguerite Isle, he brings this up.
    Id: Actually, 1874 a 63-year old French Legion Officer named François Achille Bazaine rapelled 300 feet down a cliff with a rope tied to a fortress gargoyle and escaped on a boat with his wife. He was the only person to ever escape the prison. That's a pretty good display for a guy in his mid-sixties. I'll give him props for that.
  • "Could Have Avoided This!" Plot: In Shadow Hearts Covenant, after Rasputin has a This Cannot Be! at Yuri having turned into Amon despite the Mistletoe Curse, Id details more of Rasputin holding the Villain Ball.
    Id: Oh, shit, dawg! Did leaving your end game plans in the hand of unvetted subordinates come to bite you in the ass again? It's like you should maybe personally oversee a plan or two instead of outsourcing shit to hired hands that perhaps aren't entirely on the level. Granted, on the other hand, if you think about it... There is zero reason Yuri would have gotten involved with any of this adventure if not for Rasputin's mob starting shit. Like, I don't see a decent reason he would have stopped being depressed and drinking with Gepetto other than the occasional fucking up the German Army back in Domremy if he had not gotten cursed by Sapientes Gladio. Why would Yuri care about an underhanded but publically legit coup in Russia by Rasputin? The guy is The Godslayer not the Regional Politically Nebulous Usurper Slayer. There is so much of your planning that is just sitting on your own balls, Grigori.
  • Crazy-Prepared: He has a series of tweets about Barry Burton being this in the Resident Evil world.
    Id: You ever think about how Resident Evil is a world that is about 20 years deep into biological monster outbreak disasters happening every few years. And the Ur-Dad Barry Burton is the only one who ever showed up to one of these things with an automatic-rifle, sidearm and a magnum?[] Chris and Jill have been to twenty of these hoedowns and show up with the cheapest pistol in the budget this fiscal quarter. Barry shows up armed to the teeth and immediately adopts an orphan and teaches her to throw bricks at monsters.
  • Creator's Favorite: In-Universe, Id has characters that he likes that are the reverse of the Scrappy. Emil in Nier and NieR: Automata is this to the point he's called the "Top Boy."
    • For Shadow Hearts Covenant, Blanc has only just shown up in cutscenes at the start of the game and he's already one of his favorite characters in the game.
  • Crucified Hero Shot: After the teaser trailer for Frozen II came out, Id tweeted out this scene parodying the crucified Gears scene from Xenogears, but with Olaf in Chu-Chu's place.
  • Curse Cut Short: Nearly every time he's Trolled By Cavia in Drakengard 2.
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory!: For once, a positive example in this tweet.
    Id: Anyone kind of freaked out their muscle memory of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is still intact after not playing one of these for more than 20 minutes in over a decade since they've been bad?

    Was Superman some Manchurian Candidate activation code shit?!
  • Cut and Paste Environments: In Shadow Hearts Covenenant, compared to some of the dungeons he's had to do over the game which are the same reused assets over and over, he's impressed by the Doll House.
    Id: Who laid out this mansion? Who puts couches and other furniture at that kind of angles? It's like your dead grandpa's fucked up bed placement at the beginning of Stardew Valley up in here. This place was destined to be cursed. By the way, mentioning the earlier amount of detail this place gets? All those boarded-up windows have animated wind knocking around the crudely nailed in boards and they've not repeated windows either. A bizarre amount of craft put into this place after the copypasta hellholes the last few bonus dungeon sessions have put forward.
  • Darker and Edgier: invoked Although Drakengard 2 is Lighter and Softer than its predecessor, the LP's humor is far more scathing and ranting than previous LPs, mainly due to Id's utter fury at the sheer Idiot Plot.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Besides the man himself, he interprets the cast of Xenosaga as a world-weary gaggle of Jerks With Hearts Of Gold who have truly Seen It All.
  • Death by Adaptation: Rebecca kills Billy at the end of the Resident Evil 0 LP. He comes back as a ghost in the RE1 LP, replacing Wesker as the Big Bad and possessing the Tyrant for the final boss battle.
  • Déjà Vu: While it's one thing to be Crazy-Prepared in a game like Shadow Hearts Covenant by equipping everyone with Leonardo's Bears, the party discusses it before the boss fight in the Hojo Lab.
    Yuri: "Did any of you all get a weird sense of déjà vu like we already ran through that place once even though I know that this is the first time we've been here?"
    Karin: "Yeah, now that you mention it..."
    Gepetto: "Huh? You too?"
    Yuri: "Hmph... weird."
  • Denser and Wackier:
  • Department of Redundancy Department: Used for comedy in the "tune in next time for" section at the end of one Clock Tower 3 chapter, where the mentioned items include "BLIND PEOPLE! OLD PEOPLE!! DEAD PEOPLE!!!", all three accompanied by different pictures of Ray Charles.
    • He points out that the names "Nero the Sable", "Rosso the Crimson", and "Azul the Cerulean" mean "Black the Black", "Red the Red", and "Blue the Blue" respectively. "Weiss the Immaculate" could be taken to reference purity, which is usually represented by the colour white, but not one to be outdone, TDI names him "White the Clean", amongst others.
  • Deus ex Machina: Literally in the REmake LP. Since the RE canon states that both Barry and Rebecca survive, but in-game you can only save one or the other, Rebecca's death triggers the appearance of a literal living deus ex machina that rewrites reality to ensure her survival.
    • Happens again in FFX when Rikku pulls out a flashbang during the wedding scene despite never having done so anywhere else in the game or ever again.
  • Didn't Think This Through: After finishing the first branch in Drakengard 3, he then realizes he's still got to not only do all the other branches, but also do the Downloadable Content.
  • Dirty Old Man: One of the things Maechen is looking forward to with the prospective wedding between Yuna and Seymour? Bridesmaids with low self-esteem.
  • Doomed Hometown: The aversion in Chrono Cross is lampshaded.
    Id: Our hero resides in the quaint idyllic fishing village of Arni. Despite being a remote, harmless berg full of peaceful folk living simple lives alongside Serge, shockingly enough nothing bad ever happens to Arni. Really. It's never razed to the ground by an evil empire, its citizens are never butchered by raiding hordes of monsters, and Serge is never even exiled from the place. It just remains a chill little town. I know, it's bananas!
  • Dressing as the Enemy: This gets discussed in Part 97 of Shadow Hearts Covenant when the party needs to slip into the Hojo Research Laboratory.
    Kurando: "How about pinching their armor and just walking on in?"
    Gepetto: "Ooh! Nice!"
    Yuri: "Come on! Let's give it a try! I'm sure they'll have armor sized to fit a handful of adults, a giant, a squat old man, a twelve-year-old kid and a wolf."
    Joachim: "Excellent!"
    Yuri: "...I wasn't being ser--you know what? We'll figure it out."
  • Driven to Suicide: At the end of Episode 15 of his Limbo of the Lost LP, upon reviewing the notepad and seeing the list of locations in Darkmere, and realizing that a lot of backtracking is about to ensue, a long silence follows... followed by a declaration of "END OF LP..." and the "Suicide is the best side." Emoticon.
    • Also, the final posted image for the same LP is of somebody holding a gun to their own head.
  • Dull Surprise: In NieR: Automata, before taking on the "Culinary Researcher" quest, Id has a picture of 2B with a flat expression surrounded by bacon.
    Id: YoRHa No. 2 Type B. The Face of Gastronomy. You heard it here first, folks. You can see it on her face. Clear as day. Quite the foodie here.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: invoked Often, be it due to The Dark Id having some form of fondness for a character (or just making them more fun to read about), some characters become this. Examples include:
    Id: Holy shit that guy is a badass! Why doesn't he appear in the story? Or any story, for that matter?
  • Everyone Has Standards: Serge may be an apathetic slacker on the best of days, but even he won't just stand around and let a bunch of orphans die in a fire.
    Glenn: Really...? I thought you'd complain about it being too much trouble.
    Serge: Well, it's a pain in my ass, sure. But, I'm not gonna let a buncha kids friggin' burn to death in a fire. I'm not that much of a jerk. And can we not discuss my ethics right now? Fire!
  • Exact Words: Exploited by Aeterna to Endir when the latter asks whether he'll be able to return to the present after defeating Dark Samsara in the past. Aeterna answers affirmatively... but leaves out the part where he'll have to wait ten years, as she later confesses to the rest of the party.
  • Expecting Someone Taller: In the introduction to Meta-God, the final boss of Shadow Hearts, Keith has this to say.
    Keith: That is God? I thought He would be taller...
    • Also happens in Shadow Hearts Covenant with Rasputin meeting Yuri for the first time.
      Rasputin: Yes... I've heard of you too, Godslayer. I would have thought you taller.
  • Explain, Explain... Oh, Crap!: In Shadow Hearts Covenant, after a scene of Kato reading the Emigré Manuscript.
    Id: Masaji Kato, what on earth are you doing browsing through the Émigré Manuscript, young man?! You take your hands off that no good book immediately! Also, a reminder that despite Kato looking like he's well into middle age and having the deep dadass voice of Papa Nier, he is only 29 at this point...
    AND you're hanging out with Nicolai?! What are you doing?! You were a nice boy up until your superior officer crush got murdered by government agents right in front of you and you started hitting the gym hard, climbing the political ladder and dressing up in an unusually villainous-looking cape.
    ...Aww crud.
    • Happens again with Yuri and the party confronting Nicolai in Apoina Tower at the end of Disc 1.
      Nicolai: This vault is filled to overflowing with the hatred, malice, and despair, of the countless souls who've perished here. What if all that malice were to be suddenly released...?
      Yuri: Yeah, what if? Wait... that's not a proper noun "Malice" is it...?
      Nicolai: What if it were?
      Yuri: Crud.
  • Eye Scream: Constantly in Resident Evil 4.
  • Failure Hero: Id considers many of 9S’s actions during the second half of NieR: Automata to be these. Especially in Ending D when even after killing A2, he impales himself onto her sword, which was formerly 2B’s.
  • Faux Horrific: In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Yuri gets an Underground Film from the Chain of Deals sidequest from trading someone a straw. It's when he reads the description about a cat-eared woman and clumsy maid does he realize what he has.
    Id: Jesus CHRIST! This man just handed Yuri the first anime! My dude, throw that into the sea! SAVE CIVILIZATION!!
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: Some updates have something pop up in a seemingly ordinary picture, usually for such a short period of time that it's possible to completely miss it. Some examples include Resident Evil 1 when Chris finds the broken shotgun only for a mysterious force to repair it for him or in Shadow Hearts when the group discusses removing Alice's curse, Atman appears on the world map.
  • Freudian Excuse: Weasel gives Solid Snake some grief for this after more or less demanding to hear why Weasel killed his own brother.
    Weasel: Sheesh. Don't you get enough sob story monologues from the people you kill? What's with you anyway? You always leave the people you fight with enough juice to verbalize a damn novella before they croak. You need to get with the program, guy. Two in the chest. One in the head. Ain't nobody weeping about how mermen raped their mother or their puppy was run over by an American diplomat as a child they were cursed by Poseidon when they get a good old fashion Mozambique Drill.
  • Fluffy the Terrible: In his LP of Nier, Id points out that the sheep in that game are evil bastards who can knock him ten feet across the field.
  • Freudian Slip: During Xenogears, Bart calls Fei "Nowe" after the latter makes a particularly stupid statement.
  • From Bad to Worse: During the latter half of Drakengard 1 with the Grotesqueries invading the world, Id wonders how much worse it can get. Cue the Mother Grotesquerie.
    • Id had this Tweet about The Quiet Man.
      Id: How is The Quiet Man a real game that exists and SO MUCH WORSE with audio!?
  • Fun with Acronyms: Pulls this off with Nicholai when he points out Jill being with S.T.A.R.S, the R.P.D's special forces:
    Nicholai: I'm with U.I.'s U.B.C.S. on a mission to rescue civilians from R.C. with orders to move A.S.A.P.
    Jill: So what's the situation?
    Nicholai: FUBAR.
    • Done again in the LP of the first game's Remake, during a puzzle revolving around people's initials:
      TDI: Alex Bechet has a spastic colon.
      Clark David is inflicted by chronic man sausage gobbling syndrome, doing immense damage to his esophagus.
      Ed Fisher drinks like a fish, because he works at Umbrella and this is not only acceptable behavior, but encouraged. Unfortunately, this is killing his liver.
      And finally, Gail Holland took up chain smoking waiting around for someone to find the other red gem to get into the office every morning. This has had ill effects on her lungs.
      Thus, we get our answer:
      (image of Cell)
      John was a dork.
  • Funny Background Event: There are several going on when Leon and Todd head to the sequel department to try and get Leon a new role (during a flashback in the Resident Evil 4 LP), such as Solid Snake sneaking around in a box, or Mario staring at Taki's ass as she bends over to pick up a can of soda, then she spots him and drags him through the window to slam him to the ground.
  • Future Loser: This is the best way Id describes Silent Hill over the last several years.
    Id: Silent Hill is that guy that peaked playing high school football and will still brag about his glory days from 20 years ago as he went on to be a day manager at a Denny's .... Sir, the last two items on your résumé are a Playstation Vita loot game and we tried to call this "P.T." you have listed and the number has been disconnected for four years. When was the last time you were employed...?
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: After getting the Fahrenheit in FFX, Tidus is now able to at least understand Al Bhed due to all the Primers he's been picking up.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: During the blitzball FMV in Final Fantasy X, Id points out the disparity between the cinematic presentation and then when you get to play it.
    Id: Decking players so hard they're ejected from the magic levitating water sphere and into the crowd, potentially injuring several spectators and shattering the spine and/or neck of the player slammed into the bleachers? Totally okay in the rule book as well! And Tidus feels damn proud of himself for doing it.

    But, keep in mind that this is all FMV Land Blitzball. Later in Final Fantasy X we will actually be able to play the game ourselves. And it is BORING. AS. FUUUUUCK!
  • Gangbangers: How the leeches from Resident Evil 0 are portrayed here, speaking quite like typical gangstas out of Boyz n the Hood amongst others.
    • Nemesis himself actually talks like a Pimp.
  • Gender Flip: This tweet describing Halle Berry in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.
    Id: This movie whipped ass by the way. Casting Halley Berry as Jack Slate of Dead to Rights fame was a bold choice.
  • Genre Savvy: Pretty much the entire cast of Metal Gear: Ghost Babel, up to and including Snake. He still lets defeated bosses exposit their backstories, but shows mounting irritation as he does so, lighting up a cig- I mean FOGGER in anticipatory annoyance. Campbell points out how when it comes to Snake's type of adventures, world renowned special forces agents meet the same fate as helicopter pilots in the Resident Evil series. Snake even points out exactly how his adventure will go. However, none are more so than Ronard "Weasel" Lensenbrink, who commonly extolls the virtues of just shooting the bad guy without even giving them a word in edgewise. This reaches a point when, at the very end, when Brian McBride holds the entire support team hostage, having been working for Black Chamber all this time, Weasel comes out of his bathroom break to find McBride waving a gun around and ranting about "revengeance" or some rot. Without even giving McBride another second, Weasel kills him instantly with a textbook Mozambique Drill (two shots in the chest then one in the head). He even not-so-sincerely apologizes to Snake for not letting McBride give his backstory.
  • Gilligan Cut: Done in the Clock Tower 3 LP when Alyssa finds a crowbar. Id says "I wonder how that got in there... Oh well, I'm sure nobody else is going to need it." Cue cut to scene from Half-Life 2 as Gordon Freeman runs out of ammo, finds he's lost his crowbar, and is killed by headcrab zombies.
  • Groin Attack: In Shadow Heart Covenant, when it's shown Nicolai in the Japan arc has been kept in stasis, the game makes it look like it's shocking his area. Kato even comments on it.
    Kato: Minister Ishimura says that you plan to extract a monster from his soul force.
    Dr. Hojo: Yes, much has happened in this last month. The monster within him has been deeply submerged and has become quite weakened. We must act now before his health returns and he regains control over it.
    Kato: Hmm. Is that why you're applying electricity to his genitals?
    Dr. Hojo: Well it is A reason.
    Kato: ...Hmm.
  • "Groundhog Day" Loop: Discussed in this tweet about the titular movie.
    Id: Bill Murray was stuck in a Tuesday in Pennsylvania for 10,000 years in 1993. He can wear whatever the fuck he wants!
  • Guide Dang It!: Invoked in Shadow Hearts Covenant when it comes to the drawbridge puzzle early on in the game.
    Id: Having the game auto-solve the bridge puzzle results in that Hit Area Expand evaporating. No rewards for puzzle skipping Yuri. You'll never get ahead in life doing that. Look up a FAQ with a solution like a respectable adult. This game is old enough you can still easily do that. Meanwhile, I want to know where one goddamn Blue Orb is in Devil May Cry V and I have to float through a fifteen minute long Youtube video and now my recommendations have all decided I need 18 lore analysis videos or basement dwelling British goblins telling me why the game I am playing is actually bad. God DAMMIT, I just need to know an obscure spot to jump up to. ::angry fist shake::
  • Here We Go Again!: He has this reaction with the final boss of Drakengard 3. Especially since it's a rhythm game like Drakengard 1's final boss was.
    • He has it again when on February 25 2021, one of the updates for Final Fantasy VII Remake, besides bringing in Yuffie, involves DEEPGROUND from Dirge of Cerberus.
  • Heroic BSoD: Billy Lee Black's frequent response to either the antics of his fellow party members or the plot of Xenogears in general is a Psyduck emoji.
  • Heroic Comedic Sociopath: Several Alternative Character Interpretations create characters like this. Billy FUCKING Coen, Serge, and Caim are the main ones, though in Caim's case all it took was a few pieces of internal monologue.
  • Hijacked by Ganon: A Let's Play exclusive example. Billy Fucking Coen returns as a ghost near the end of the Resident Evil Let's Play, replaces Wesker as the Big Bad and possesses the Tyrant for the final boss battle.
  • High-Class Glass: Donned by El Gigante and Nosferatu/Alexander Ashford.
  • Hurricane of Puns: Fires off one in his REmake LP:
    Id: If there's a survivor in this residence, then I hope they have dead aim. Personally, I would give them zero chance against any evil nemesis they might encounter. I couldn't fit Code Veronica into a silly sentence, I tried.
  • Hypocritical Humor:
    • In Resident Evil 2, TDI notes at one point that the autopsy room in the police department would be the last place any sane person would go to during a Zombie Apocalypse. He then immediately states that the only reason Leon isn't entering it at that moment is that he doesn't have the key, and then he takes both Claire and Leon into that room as soon as he grabs that key.
    • An excerpt from the FFX LP, while discussing the rules for suggesting new names for Shiva:
      Id: No puns! We used a pun name last time! And there’s ten billion ice/snow puns out there thanks to Batman & Robin existing. Puns are officially on ice.
    • During the final exchange between Snake and Black Arts Viper from Ghost Babel, Snake calls out Viper's use of the word "Revengeancenote " with:
      Snake: You cannot smash two similar words together on the spot to place extra emphasis. The English language does not work that way! That is retardumb!
    • In Shadow Hearts, Yuri's first meeting with Fox Face has this exchange over Alice.
      Fox Face: What a lovely face.
      Yuri: Stop staring at her butt, you perv old man.
      Fox Face: You are one to talk lately...
  • I Am the Noun: The first update of each new chapter of his I am Setsuna let's play has this used. In the last four updates leading to the ending, it becomes an Idiosyncratic Episode Naming, especially since he's ready to end the game by then.
  • I Call Her "Vera": The shotgun in Resident Evil 0 is named Dixie by Billy.
  • I'm Standing Right Here: One sidequest in Nier is started by talking to a man at the bar Devola is playing in. He wonders if they've done...other things together. She shouts out she's right here.
  • I Need a Freaking Drink: Id expresses this after particularly unpleasant stretches of gameplay or irrational plot points. States his intentions as such after his Dead Aim and Clock Tower 3 LPs.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: With a few exceptions, almost all of the updates for Final Fantasy X are titled in the format of "(Verb) My (Noun)", following the pattern set by the thread title (Listen to my story). After the LP caught up to Zanarkand, each update is now titled "Our X Y".
  • Idiot Plot: invoked The main reason that Drakengard 2 and the main characters are despised is because the story revolves around Nowe and Manah's idiocy dooming the world. While Manah is secretly guided by The Watchers in her actions, Nowe has no such excuse except for The Dulcinea Effect.
    • One of the most constant irritations in the Resident Evil series is the nonsensical plots, such as Los Illuminados actively trying to prevent Ashley from being rescued despite the goal of their plan being to insert her as a sleeper agent in the White House.
  • Imagine Spot: Frequent in a few, most notably Dirge of Cerberus.
    • The Resident Evil ones had entire sequences, including Chris Redfield's acid trip (he ended up in an old-style text adventure) and a truly bizarre showdown with Billy Coen's ghost in Resident Evil 1, culminating in a battle that goes through 2D sprite style, The Movies, and Soulcalibur 3.
  • Impossibly Tacky Clothes:
    • Dirge of Cerberus had an entire segment devoted to mocking Nomura's character designs, lovingly titled "Fuck Tetsuya Nomura". His only reaction to Vincent's Chaos form was derisive laughter and a "fuck you" to Nomura.
    • And he's back at it again in his Final Fantasy X Let's Play.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: Inverted for Alfred Ashford, who is a horrible shot with his custom sniper rifle that has a laser aiming module AND a scope. With a rather...strange set of crosshairs. Much jokes about Alfred's inability to aim are made.
  • In Which a Trope Is Described:
    • The title of the Clock Tower 3 LP's thread is in this form: "In Which a 12-Year-Old Takes a Sledgehammer to the Face".
    • This is also how each update in his Drakengard LPs are titled.
  • It Can Think: This exchange between Caim and Red in the opening scenes of Drakengard.
    Angelus: Kill me if you desire. But, you can never dirty my soul, wretched human.
    Caim: Holy shit, dragons can TALK?!
    Angelus: Holy shit, the hairless monkeys can think?! Color me surprised.
  • I Was Quite a Looker: In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, the Ring Soul laments that this has happened to him.
    Ring Soul: My luxurious mane of hair. It was a sight to behold. Young Triple H golden flowing locks. Stunning. All... lost to the ever marching passage of time...
  • Jerkass:
    • Id gets like this towards things that annoy him, i.e. most everything he LPs. Everything else is free of it, though.
    • The most notable ones in his Let's Plays would be Billy FUCKING Coen, who spends two LPs insulting, harrassing, and trying to kill the heroes for little to no reason; and Benjamin Spooner Briggs, whose crowning achievement of dickery was slamming a clamp over some poor bloke's eyes with no provocation, just to get a pen to attack a monster that had done nothing wrong to him.
  • Karma Houdini:
    • In Drakengard 2, Nowe and Manah manage to get a happy ending in the Third Ending of the game, despite being responsible for practically everything wrong.
    • In Xenogears, Krelian gets to go off with the Wave Existence at the end, despite 500 years of scientific atrocities and being responsible for helping to kill off nearly all humans on the planet.
  • Kids Prefer Boxes: The Cat Experience, using Morgana as a reference.
    Turning away from: Fancy cat bed.
    Approving of: Shitty cardboard box it came in.
  • Laughing Mad: The Dark Id is reduced to this at the very end of his Limbo of the Lost LP.
  • Late to the Realization: Chapter 112 of Shadow Hearts: Covenant has Yuri finally connect the dots that Joachim is Keith's brother from the last game.
    Joachim: Remember how little brother Keith said he wanted to follow Yuri to the very end? Well, I understand how he felt. I can't waste my life. I've got to pour some energy into it, do something worthwhile! I've been alive for hundreds of years, but, right now, this is the first time I finally feel really alive!
    Yuri: Wait... Keith the VAMPIRE guy from Romania?! That's your brother?!
    Joachim: ...Yes, of course.
    Yuri: Wha?!
    Joachim: You... didn't realize that...?
    Yuri: NO!
    Joachim: I am a Romanian vampire with the same surname of Valentine.
    Yuri: That doesn't narrow it down!
    Joachim: We met in your previous adventure.
    Yuri: We did?!
    Joachim: I was the golden bat. A form I have frequently morphed into...
    Yuri: ?
    Joachim: I challenged my brother, Keith, in the basement of Blue Castle for the Demon Sword, Tyrving.
    Peach Bat: Tyrfing.
    Joachim: Translations are rarely consistent.
    Yuri: Yeah, totally spaced out for that. I'm kinda checked out if I don't get to punch something...
  • Let Me Get This Straight...: For the FFX LP, Id lists all the bulletin points about what's wrong with Operation Mi'ihen before it even starts.
    Id: So let me get this straight… The Crusader’s plan is…

    Gather a bunch of boss monsters and sentient doom whale dandruff. Possibly poke them with sticks.
    Wait around in hopes Sin gets pissed and lumbers over.
    Shoot Sin, the creature that can level entire towns by just floating near it, with Al Bhed machina.
    Kill Sin and become Big Damn Heroes!

    So is “Mi’ihen” an old Spira name meaning “Red Shirt” or am I just terribly pessimistic here…?
    • Happens again in the Endgame of FFX.
      Id: And that concludes our business in Bevelle. So the plan is, if I understand it correctly:

      1. Have everyone in Spira sing the Hymn of the Fayth.
      2. Hope that is enough to lure out Sin and calm it down enough so we can attack it.
      3. ?????
      4. Get inside Sin and kill Yu Yevon.

      I think that's it. I think that's the plan. Kind of unclear on the whole breaching the doom whale's armor and crawling around in its guts to find some kind of immortal summoner dude in the center. But hey. I'm sure Final Fantasy X will bullshit a way.
    • In Shadow Hearts Covenant, this is the conversation Minister Ishimura has with Garan after Astaroth is let loose.
      Ishimura: "So the lab has been destroyed, Hojo has been killed and Kato has gone missing, chasing after a monster..."
      Garan: "Y-yes."
      Ishimura: "And Hojo spent the last of the department budget deploying a robot armed with buzzsaws and drills after he created the monster Kato vanished pursuing? Which immediately failed and killed him. Am I reading this report correctly?"
      Garan: "Y-Yes, as well..."
      Ishimura: "<slams hand on knee> Hojo, that miserable failure!!"
  • Let Us Never Speak of This Again: Id has this reaction in NieR: Automata after discovering the Emil graveyard.
    Id: OK. 2B’s just going to go ahead and shove herself in the nearest vending machine, never to speak of this again. What? You have questions about the giant Emil head graveyard in the desert? You know... some things are best left unanswered. Maybe one day we’ll sit down Emil and find out what in the flying fuck that was all about. And maybe that region will become relevant later. Much later. Like towards the end of the LP later. For now, let’s uhh... let’s just get the hell out of here and finish this photograph quest, eh?
  • Lighter and Softer: Although NieR is just as depressing as Drakengard, if not more so, Id's Let's Play of it is much easier on the snark and rage than his previous LPs, as he actually enjoyed the game. He also takes a moment or so in the introduction to gush over the game, noting how it does everything Drakengard got wrong right and finishing up by calling it his game of the year.
  • Long Game: Id goes into detail about how much of a long con NieR: Automata was by not just showing off the YoRHa play, but also that it's been hidden in the soundtrack of Drakengard 3.
  • Long List: The final page of Id's Xenogears Let's Play is one called Dr. Citan Uzuki - Xenogears' Greatest ASSHOLE detailing every last bit of dickery he did to his friends throughout the game.
  • Made of Iron: The moment Id finds out Nicholai Ginovaef survived being blown up in a gas station, he ends up joking about his almost ridiculous unexplained survival in this way after his second meeting with Jill in a shack (which also helps explain how he would survive to write a file in Survivor).
    Id: Thus, Nicholai abruptly departs. Along the way he falls into a sink hole, lands in a sewer passage full of poisonous gas. This gas also happens to be flammable and the place goes up like a match when Nikkie stumbles over a stick of TNT left by bank robbers who's heist ran afoul due to the viral outbreak. He is then blasted clear across the park and lands in a ravine filled with bees. Zombie bees. He will emerge without a scratch in the final act.
  • Malicious Misnaming: Near the end of I Am Setsuna as Fides joins the party, Id/Endir names him "Dingus" instead.
  • Manchild: Chris Redfield becomes one midway through the Resident Evil 1 LP, thanks to brain damage from going on a herbal binge with Rebecca Chambers. I need an adult!
  • Mark of Shame: Played for laughs since even though he has full achievements on Steam, the “Not That I Mind” (spend 1 hour with 9S in his underwear) achievement is this to him.
    • During Shadow Hearts: Covenant, he reveals that he doesn't like that his final achievement was the "What Are You Doing?" (Look up her skirt 10 times) achievement.
      Id: Following that Hojo Laboratory fiasco, and a subsequent complete waste of time dungeon, we find ourselves back at Mukyo-An with Yuri impatiently pacing back and forth while Karin flashes the camera for the umpteenth time in any given 20 minute stretch of the game. Seriously, it's been a trial to get shots of assort battles and avoid Karin upskirts. The default character action select camera is at a low angle facing a set of possible random directions and half the time for Karin it's oh hey. Could we not? It's bad enough the last achievement I have in NieR: Automata and the one always staring me in the face if I hit that game on Steam is the 2B upskirt achievement. You're making me feel skeevy, video games. :angryfistshake:
  • Meaningful Name: The title of his The 3rd Birthday LP makes so much more sense when Eve has to kill Aya to keep the Twisted from happening.
  • Minecart Madness: The trope name is used as the chapter name for Chapter 15 of his Shadow Hearts Covenant LP.
  • MST: His treatment of Resident Evil: Survivor midway through the Code Veronica LP. Whilst their cargo plane is being flown remotely by Alfred Ashford, a bored Claire and Steve discover it gets cable TV. Claire notices the title screen of Survivor as Steve flicks through channels. Cue the two hitting Survivor as a regular Mike and Crow as they rename Ark Thompson to "Hernando" and upon him being called Vincent, give him surnames from every other Vince they know of, take the Andy route (since it fits the tone of the game best), mock the Cleaner enemies, reusage of character models, and other such stupidity.
  • Mood Whiplash: In Drakengard 3 while going over the Downloadable Content for the game which includes costumes for each of the previous Drakengard games, it's when he get's to Nier's part when the whiplash hits. It starts off just fine when he's showing off Nier's Blade as he imagines Mikhail and Emil getting into shenanigans, and then Kainé's Swords story which has her Dying Alone after Ending D.
  • Mushroom Samba: In Nier Automata, 2B ends up in one of these after taking an E-Drug. She finds out what happened after it's over.
  • My Friends... and Zoidberg: From his Chrono Cross New Game Plus;
    Id: After the battle, Solt and Peppor come to investigate the unstoppable end game squad that could murder their entire army busting through the front gate. And Pierre.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: In Shadow Hearts Covenant, Joachim is surprised to learn that he's killed every enemy he's fought since joining Yuri's group.
    Joachim: What's going on? We're locked up for three days and then suddenly they let us out?! I still don't understand why we didn't fight those men after battling five other fiends in the same room.
    Lucia: You know how it is. They didn't even investigate us. I guess they don't care anymore. I thought for sure we were all on the hook for multiple homicides.
    Joachim: H-Homicides?!
    Lucia: Of course, silly. All those soldiers we beat up are sleeping with angels now.
    Joachim: I only beat my foes into submission with a KO!
    Lucia: Tee hee. Yeah, maybe you and your fists. We killed everyone without a character portrait. Yuri turns into horrible monsters with huge claws. Karin and Kurando have swords. Blanca bites out throats. Anastasia has powerful magic. I have a bladed fan like Kitana from Mortal Kombat.
    Joachim: ...I don't get that reference.
    Lucia: Hehe. It's lethal!
    Yuri: Where have you been? We killed all of Sapientes Gladio other than Nicolai.
    Joachim: ...What have I involved myself in?
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: "My name is Fei Fong Wong." "...Really? That's what you're going with?"
  • Never Heard That One Before:
    • Yes, he'd well and fully heard of Drakengard 3!
    • In the opening post for an LP of Koudelka, after making mention of the greater Shadow Hearts series, one of the fake questions asks if this means he's going to LP the entire series in reverse-order, like he did with Resident Evil. His response indicates that he's quite tired of people suggesting he has to do so:
      Id: Yep. I'm totally going to do the entire Shadow Hearts series right after I LP Parasite Eve 1 and 2. Or maybe the rest of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII? Or perhaps Clock Tower 1 and 2...? I haven't decided yet...

      If that's too intricate an answer: No.
  • Never Trust a Title: A Running Gag across the first half of Clock Tower 3 is him following up mentions of three things the next update will include with a statement that one thing it won't include is an actual clock tower.
  • New Powers as the Plot Demands:
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero:
    • In Two's Prologue in Drakengard 3, Id is very upset at Cent for the reason Two went into a catatonic state.
    • In Final Fantasy X on the boss fight during the SS Liki, Id thinks that Sin was gonna leave the ship alone until the pesky humans went and stuck him with harpoons, leading to it destroying Kilika.
  • Nightmare Face: Id has this reaction to seeing Furiae have one of these in Drakengard (SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS FUCKING H. CHRIST!!), Yunalesca's third form in Final Fantasy X (JESUS TAP-DANCING IN SPACE CHRIST!!) and Rasputin's Asmodeus form in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. (Oh, WHAT THE FUCK?!)
  • No Animals Were Harmed: Very much averted in Chapter 91 of Shadow Hearts Covenant where the episode is titled "Animals Were Harmed in the Making of This Update."
  • No Budget: Id mercilessly lampshades the rather severely abridged nature of Xenogears' Disc 2. Some of the characters comment that the Final Fantasy VIII development team has been stealing their game's funding.
    Fei: ...Hey. Isn’t that the Solaris ship Sophia rammed into 500 years ago...?
    Zephyr: It... Err... I guess Krelian re-built it as a central core for Merkava.
    Fei: (looks around room) ...Is this the same ship she used to ram into that thing?!
    Zephyr: It got better, alright?! Quiet! We’re way over budget with the last of our funds and we’re re-using props and sets! Just go along with it without making a fuss!
  • No Cutscene Inventory Inertia: The Dark Id makes his feelings on Resident Evil 4's TMP clear (he thinks it's a waste of money). Naturally, every single cutscene featuring actual shooting arms everybody with them. Even Leon.
  • "No. Just… No" Reaction: Id's made it clear that he will not be going through all of the other difficulties in The 3rd Birthday, so he just shows off all the outfits you get in-game.
    • At the endgame of his Koudelka Let’s Play, this is the party’s reaction to Elaine getting up even after Edward shot her and made her fall on her neck.
      Koudelka: Oh HELL!
      Edward: Fuck. That!
      James: <already running for the exit>
  • Nominal Importance:
    • Elly during the Xenogears LP sadly notes over a dying soldier: "I'm afraid he lacks a character portrait. It's no use..."
    • In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Yuri brings up this trope when being directed to Katsuragi Village.
      Kawashima: You'll know when you get there. But believe me, that person will be able to help you on your search.
      Yuri: So they'll have a character portrait?
      Kawashima: <nods> Indeed. I believe they will, young Yuri.
  • No-Neck Chump: Id discusses the horrific biology of Crash Bandicoot.
    Id: I feel we as a people need to discuss Crash Bandicoot's disgusting neckless mutant physiology. His gaping maw is just connected to his torso. He is a fucking MONSTEROUS being.
  • Non Sequitur: Id starts putting these in place of the magic attack description for most of Drakengard 2's weapon stories, because 90% of the weapons have the exact same magic attack. By the end he's gone off on a tangent about Street Fighter II spanning multiple updates because the magic attack in question is named "Sonic Burst", which prompted him to respond one time with "go home and be a family man".
  • No-Sell: It’s not only the title of Chapter 24 for his Shadow Hearts Let’s Play, but also shows Yuri no-selling Wugui’s Game of Death attack.
  • No Smoking: Metal Gear: Ghost Babel's replacing Solid Snake's cigarettes with a "fogger" device that looks and acts like a cigarette. Played with at one point:
    Snake: Well, I did manage to smuggle in a pack of ci-
    Colonel: SNAKE!!!
    Snake: Er...right...I have the FOGGER.
  • Not Completely Useless: In Shadow Hearts Covenant while going through the Creator level of Solomon's Trials, Id brings up how while the fights in the level are a cakewalks since by then you'll have to have gone through each character's Brutal Bonus Level (minus Joachim's), the Tin Lion only has 10 HP, is invincible to everything you can throw at it and will utterly obliterate you even if everyone has their Infinity +1 Sword and Armor. The only thing that kills it... is Joachim's Drain Touch, which does Scratch Damage, is the only spell able to kill this thing. Id wonders how back when the game was new how anyone was supposed to figure that out on their own.
  • The Nothing After Death: In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Raiden seems to have discovered this is what's there after he and Hien died in Shanghai the first time.
    Raiden: You and me both died once in Shanghai. What do I have to be afraid of now? I can't think of anything more frightening than being blown to bits by a giant monster lady and finding there is nothing but cold oblivion waiting on the other side.
  • Not Hyperbole: In the second half of Shadow Hearts, the Sword Mask makes it clear to Alice that if she goes to save Yuri's soul, the Masks will come for her.
    Sword Mask: Set one foot in there… and you must bear the lad’s karma with him. Even so, will you go? The Four Mask’s curse is binding. In return for opening the Gate, we will one day come for your soul. Do not take this as some vague metaphysical mumbo-jumbo. Just to be clear, we will LITERALLY manifest in the material realm to claim your soul. Ask the lad about it. He can vouch for the validity of the claim.
  • "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer: He has a tweet about the Product Placement in Death Stranding being a Scenery Censor.
    Id: I just took a shit with Norman Reedus and it had an ad for Norman Reedus' biking show now available on AMC and I don't know what the fuck to think of that.
    • During Shadow Hearts Covenant, when Anastasia asks what kind of guy is in danger of dying from seasickness, the game goes to Yuri with an arrow pointing to him.
      Id: I did not add this arrow in post. Also yes, Yuri is scratching his ass.
    • Happens again before the superboss fight with Orobas where its... stinger has an eye.
      Id: Yep... Yep, that sure is a dick with an eyeball growing out of it... That sure is exactly what we're all looking at right now in Shadow Hearts: Covenant for the Sony PlayStation 2 home video game entertainment console. Yep.
  • Obviously Evil: Id has this to say about concept art about Rasputin in Shadow Hearts Covenant.
    Id: This is the most blatantly evil as soon as he's introduced guy since Seymour Guado. He's even got them yaoi hands going on.
  • Oh, Crap!: Id has this reaction in NieR: Automata when the machines decide to "become as gods."
    Id: Oh CHRIST! The robots have already jumped to the death cult phase after two days of finding religion. Pascal, we’ve got to fucking cheese it out of here NOW, my dude!
    • Happens again during Route C when Pascal's village comes under attack.
      UH OH!
    • He has another one in Shadow Hearts Covenant when Kato gives Yuri the Emigré Manuscript.
      Kato: Don't you want to see Alice again?

  • Once Done, Never Forgotten: Occurs in Shadow Hearts during the Orphanage arc.
    Id: "The other side of the door is enveloped in total silence." If we try to return to the mansion, this is the ominous message we receive. Boy... we're sure gonna run into a bunch of dead orphans, huh? Geez, you title one LP "In Which a 12 Year Old Takes a Sledgehammer to the Face"note  and suddenly there's a bunch of dead kids in everything you touch that point forward. That seems entirely unfair.
  • The One Thing I Don't Hate About You: While watching the credits for The 3rd Birthday, Id criticizes every single member of the development staff for their part in making this hot mess of a game. Except for the music composers.
    Id: You both did the only good jobs in this game. Nice work. Most of that soundtrack was lovely.
  • Only Sane Man: Id's version of Endir in I am Setsuna is this.
  • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: In his LP of NieR: Automata, while there is dialogue depending on who you take to face Emil for the superboss battle against him in the desert, he uses 9S since he feels he had the most interaction with him than 2B or A2.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: In FFX, Auron getting worked up just before the Yunalesca fight and delivering his emotion-filled speech to rally the rest of the cast causes Id to finally update the "Number of Fucks Given by Auron" tally from 0 to 1, the only time it ever gets updated in the LP.
    • He normally takes the piss out of the Resident Evil games he plays. Come Resident Evil 2, Brian is played as dead assed serious terrifying as a corrupt ax-crazy rapist cop could possibly be.
  • Parental Neglect: In a late-game sidequest in FFX, Id calls out a mother on why letting her son wonder around the Macalania Forest is a bad idea.
    Id: Jesus H. CHRIST, lady! What the fuck?! This is woods full of literal monsters. The vengeful souls of the dead twisted into grotesque creatures that live only to kill the living. There is a living crystal groundhog that is four feet tall! A creature the size of a bear with scissors for hands! Lizards the size of a large dog. FOOT SIZED WASPS! A flying set of geometrical shapes that just drowns people with its mind. That's all it does! That's its purpose. Wandering human drowning. It just does that! Those are all in these woods with your child!
  • Parrot Exposition: Eventually, Serge and Harle get so sick of this in Chrono Cross that they start following up repetitions of plot points by repeating them AGAIN, with as much sarcasm as they can manage (and they can manage quite a lot).
    Radius: Only the dragon sword, Einlanzer, can break the seal of Masamune.note 
    Norris: The Einlanzer? The sword forged by the ancient Dragonians?note 
    Radius: Yes... The legendary holy sword, forged by the Dragonites...note 
    Harle: Monsieur Lynx, did jou know ze legendary zword Einlanzer waz forged by ze Dragonianz?
    Lynx: No way!
    Harle: Oui! Zes iz true!
    Lynx: Get out of town! The ancient sword I've been hearing so much about. Forged by the Dragonities, if you didn't know. Amazing!
  • Party Game: In-Universe along with Language Barrier in Final Fantasy X when Tidus is rescued by the Al Bhed, he has no idea what Brother is communicating so he has to play Charades.
    Tidus: "Uhh... Okay?"
    Brother: *caveman grunts and motions in the air*
    Tidus: "Err... What...? Charades? Ain't you supposed to have like at least a six pack in you before doing this...? Whatever. Subject is umm... something you want me to do? (Brother does more pantomiming) OK. Second word... Umm... Err... Pushing? Pushing through a crowd? Looking through a closet? In the closet? ... ...I don't like where this is heading."
  • Pass the Popcorn: A Running Gag in the Xenogears LP is that, for lengthy cutscenes/infodumps/dialogue/etc., the characters not directly involved usually bring sandwiches to pass the time while watching from the sidelines.
  • Plot Hole: During the Bevelle Cloister of Trials in FFX, Id considers it this since for all the talk about the Church of Yevon being anti-machina, the Bevelle temple is full of machina.
  • Power Limiter: During his stream of Fast Five, the chat joked that Hobbs' tactical vest is one of these, especially when he gets faster in his fight against Dom in that movie.
  • Press Hat: While playing Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, he makes fun of the Antiquated Linguistics by assuming the reporter wore a hat with his press credentials.
  • Rage Against the Author:
    • He displays a venomous attitude towards Steve Bovis, the director of Limbo of the Lost, at the end of the game's LP.
      Id: And you! Hope I never meet you. Fucking pray I never meet you. I don't know what a Bovis sounds like but I'll bludgeon your lumpy head in until the mush it makes causes that sound. (Triple Angry Fist-Shake)
    • He also went into a massive one during the credits of The 3rd Birthday, going off on every single one of the staff... with Nomura ironically getting the least flak.
  • Rage Quit: During his Twitch stream of Drakengard, he talked about how when he played Drakengard 3, he got so pissed at the Kaizo Trap at the end of Route D that he threw the controller so hard he broke it.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech:
    • In the Drakengard 2 LP, Gismor and Seere each eventually give one to Nowe and Manah for destroying the world while trying to "save" it.
    • In the Xenogears LP, Fei gives one to the Queen of Shevat, describing her (and by extension, Shevat's) many unhelpful actions after she gives a rather lame vote of confidence.
    • And in the Resident Evil 2 LP, Señor X gives one to Leon in their final fight:
      Señor X: Your discrimination over de country of my origin is most disrespectful, mah. At least I can hold a job. What are you doing, eh? Lost your job on your first day? Itz pathetic, ese. What kinda cop are you?
      Leon: Shut up! Shut up! I hate essays! I cheated on my final exam at the academy! No... I never even went to an academy. I got my certification on some website I Googled. I put down I had 20 years of law enforcement experience I was on a Counter-Terrorist team on my application... That was a fucking Counter-Strike clan... How was I to know they'd actually hire me?!
      Señor X: Man, too much information...
    • Id himself delivers one towards Capcom near the end of the Code Veronica X LP. After putting up with the game's copious Fetch Quests and backtracking surprisingly well, he finally snaps when a puzzle element forces him to backtrack through most of the Antarctic base to deliver two gems to a room just a few steps away for a puzzle literally copy-and-pasted from an earlier part of the game.
  • Remember the New Guy?: He takes the piss out of Resident Evil 4 for introducing Krauser in this manner.
    Ada: You... knew each other?
    TDI-as-Leon: Well, the script says I did, but hell if I've ever seen that guy before the cutscene just after the fight with Todd.
    Actually Leon: More or less. Maybe it's about time you told me the reason you're here?
    TDI-as-Leon: You know, since you're an actual reoccurring character and not someone pretending to be one?
  • Revolvers Are Just Better: Already in high spirits after acquiring Resident Evil 3's shotgun in just two updates, he decides he likes the game even more after also acquiring the Magnum just one update later.
  • Retcon: In Chapter 124 of Shadow Hearts Covenant when going through Tiffauges Castle, Yuri meets Albert Simon who explains it's where he made his soul pact with Amon, then describes what the trope means.
    Albert Simon: I made my soul pact with Amon here.
    Yuri: That sounds like a retcon, Albert.
    Albert: Retroactive continuity alterations involve changing pre-established facts to more convenient to the current narrative's molding in a way that is incongruent to previous information given. I possessed a Soul Pact with Amon before you stole it away. There was never information of where I obtained such power previously. This is merely new information you have obtained. Please use terminology properly, young man.
    Yuri: Tch. If you say so.
  • Right Hand Versus Left Hand: During his The 3rd Birthday Let's Play, the thread had believed this to be the case with the game with each department not being told anything about anything and then just mashing it all together to make the final product.
  • Sand In My Eyes: In Part 4 of FFX when the Ghost Kid appears before him.
    Ghost Kid: It begins. Don't cry.
    Tidus: Hey! Who said anything about crying? I just got some smoke in my eyes is all!
    Ghost Kid: Whatever you say to help you sleep at night.
  • Sarcasm Failure: The endings to Dirge of Cerberus and Limbo of the Lost were so bad that the commentary devolved into "I have no words for this", followed by Cluster F Bombs directed at the cast & crew.
    • This happens in Nier during the fight against the Jack of Hearts.
      Id: "It would appear Nier is going with the old tried and true method of magically punching the shit out of monsters. Hey, it worked pretty well last time with Hook, no? Maybe he can just avoid quite as much collateral damage as what happened to The Aerie. Dark Hand goes long and high for the hit and... (Dark Hand rips off Jack's left arm) FAKEOUT! Nier decides to just latch on to a limb and tear off the damn thing at the last moment. He's gonna feel that one in the mo- (Jack grows it right back) -ing..? Huh. Well, that is uhh... Well, Nier sums up my thoughts pretty well."
      Nier: "That...that ain't good."
  • Say My Name: "NOMURAAAA!"
  • Schedule Slip: invoked Played for laughs in his FFX LP when he jokes that him not finishing the game is what caused Final Fantasy XV to be stuck in Development Hell.
  • The Scottish Trope:
  • The Scrappy: invoked A lot of characters end up as this, due to The Dark Id's hatred for them. These include:
    • Steve Burnside and Rebecca Chambers.
    • Kaede
    • From Drakengard, there's Verdelet, for being a useless sack of crap whose pact beast is a petrified dragon and does nothing but constantly proclaim doom and gloom whilst spouting the occasional racism; Inuart, for being the incarnation of pure failure; and Seere, because he's the requisite annoying kid. The second game adds Nowe, for being the biggest Idiot Hero ever seen (he's unaware even of things he should know as a Knight of the Seal, and his entire adventure consists of following an Obviously Evil sorceress everyone else keeps telling him is bad news because he thinks she's pretty) as a successor to a protagonist who was basically the god of murder; amusingly, it also rescues Seere, where by the endgame he turns out to be the Only Sane Man.
    • Poshul, Steve, Pierre, Korcha
    • Rico, Citan, and Chu-Chu (though Rico is disliked less for personality than his prohibitively slow movement in battle and boring introductory level)
    • Cent is on this list for not only acting like he's smarter than he is, but for using a bit of Two's song magic to make her soldiers stronger, which resulted not only in them turning into zombies, but all of her orphans becoming a congealed... mess of whatever it is, enough to break her mind as she puts it down.
    • He dislikes Parker.
    • Hunter "Boss" Owen jumped onto this list for gassing the control room as well as leaving Aya to die in the past. All because he'd rather have a desk job during the apocalypse! Maeda also makes this list due to going from well-meaning scientist to creepy pervert between Parasite Eve 1 and this game.
    • Kir is this not only because his physical attacks hit like a wet noodle, but also because he's a squishy mage even when buffed, and his spells aren't that useful. There's also Fides, not just for being a blatant Magus expy, but also for joining the party at the final dungeon just before the final boss and not even having much to do with the endgame.
    • He really hates Big the Cat.
    • Jean Paul not only for the fact he sees him as an overblown windbag, but for the fact that Id did his quest chain long before he found out there was fast travel and is most definitely not bitter about it. Speed Star from the same game irritates him too because he stars in the worst sidequest of a game which is worst because you have to outrace him while you have to go by ground and he flies. At least he explodes at the end.
    • He definitely does not like Minoru Mineta, or as he calls him, "the grape diaper child."
    • For Koudelka, Patrick Hayes is this for the fact that he had killed 200+ women within a year all to try and resurrect his dead wife Elaine.
    • George Bailey is this for him on Christmas now.
      Id: George Bailey was an asshole who over-lent at his failing bank, lost a bunch of money that wasn't his to the previous generation due to his fuck-up uncle who got a job out of nepotism, and then drunk drove his car into a tree.
      Fuck that guy. Fuck that movie.
    • He doesn't like Chadley.
      Id: I refuse the Chadley. A despicable creature.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: invoked
    • The box puzzle in Metal Gear: Ghost Babel damn near drove him into a frothing rage.
    • He really doesn't like using the chakrams in Drakengard 3.
    • Also from Drakengard 3, he really hates Chapter 3-3 and Chapter C-1 for not only how large the levels are, but for the gimmicks of health draining unless you're in the shade in the daytime or by a torch at night. He also doesn't like the Guide Dang It! needed to find the chests for that level, including one that has a weapon in it.
    • The Bevelle Cloister of Trials is this for how slow and tedious it is, even with a guide in front of you. It also gets worse when it's found out that in FFX-2, all those floors Tidus rode over are solid and he could've walked over them.
    • For Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Lucia's Tarot deck is this, especially when during the Janus boss fight, she pulled the Reverse Hierophant, making everyone's SP drop to 0 and go Berserk, having no control of the party at all and leading to a wipe. On the humorous side, he did find out that when Berserk, Blanca does an attack where he pees on a target. During Solomon's Trials when he's forced to take every caster member, including Lucia, he gives her one last shot with the Tarot cards to redeem herself. She pulls the Reverse Lovers which makes everyone's HP, MP and MP drop by 50%!
    • Also from Shadow Hearts Covenant is Battleship Mikasa due to having to split the party up into A and B teams, a confusing dungeon layout, backtracking to unlock doors that also isn't helped by the in-game map left untranslated.
      Id: Fuck you, Battleship Mikasa! I hope you sink and all hands aboard are swallowed by the sea.
  • Screaming at Squick: Samanosuke has this reaction at seeing Hecuba's transformation from human form to insect form. Especially since her abdomen comes right out from between her legs!
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here: After the final battle with Adam in NieR: Automata, 2B gives 9S a What the Hell, Hero? and a "The Reason You Suck" Speech before leaving him to die while getting Ending I.
    • On a meta level: TDI left the Something Awful forums in late June 2020 in light of now-former owner Lowtax being faced with a credible allegation of domestic violence and moved exclusively to Patreon. That said, the website completely changed hands in October 2020, and as of November 1st TDI had come back, picking up where he left off.
  • Seen It All: In Shadow Hearts Covenant, Id theorizes that after the second and last Garan boss fight, considering the party has them treating them getting sucked into a hell dimension while in the middle of a tranquil Japanese forest as "That was weird," and all because of weeks, if not months of traveling with Yuri.
  • Serial Numbers Filed Off: invoked Id points out that even for I Am Setsuna using Chrono Trigger's combat system and overworld map, the plot in general is pretty much like Final Fantasy X.
  • Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness and British Stuffiness: El Gigante. All of them. Except Ada's first one, who's Mid-boss.
  • Sexiled: Played for laughs during the Russian chapter of Shadow Hearts Covenant when a guard knocks on Rasputin's door.
    Rasputin: "Yes, what is it? Was the "Do Not Disturb. Sex in Progress!" sign on the doorknob not adequate to deter interruptions?"
    Guard: "Th-there's no sign like that out here, sir..."
    Rasputin: "Oh, bother. I knew I had forgotten something."
  • Shotguns Are Just Better: His opinion of Resident Evil 3 starts off favorably when he acquires the shotgun before the third update.
  • Sidetracked by the Analogy: During Route B in NieR: Automata after 9S gets smacked by the Engels in the beginning of the story, Id is confused when Pod 153 asks him to fix the access impairments to his memory blocks. He goes on to talk about memory storage since the PlayStation. By the time he's done, he forgot he was supposed to be playing the game and he ended up getting Ending F.
  • Show, Don't Tell: Lampshades the violations of the rule during his LP of Xenogears. Unfortunately, the game gives him quite a lot of opportunities to do so, especially in disc 2.
    Shevat lackey: Your majesty, the Omnigear underground is moving! The girl named Elly was nearby and it reacted to her!note 
    Queen Zephyr: Is that so? How did it react?
    Shevat lackey: No clue, your majesty. We're violating the hell out of the "show, don't tell" rule the next few scenes.
  • Show Within a Show:
    • His treatment of Resident Evil: Survivor with a dash of MST in the middle of his Code Veronica LP. While their cargo plane is being controlled remotely by Alfred/Alfrexia, a bored Claire and Steve discover it gets cable and Claire spies the title screen to Survivor as Steve flicks through channels. Cue the short playthrough...
    • He later transcribes the entire IdeaSpy radio play found in Metal Gear: Ghost Babel, with the eponymous spy 2.5, his ex-girlfriend Call Now, and his ally 714 played by Gillian Seed (wearing a moustache), his wife Jamie, and Jonathan Ingram (also wearing a moustache) respectively.
  • Shown Their Work: His LP of NieR shows incredibly detailed information on the backstory garnered from Grimoire Nier.
  • Signature Headgear: Señor X's sombrero, which he spends the whole LP looking for after Leon's first encounter with him ends with Leon trying it on, not liking how it looks, and tossing it out a window. Later on he gets a second sombrero within the underground lab, and when he becomes the Super Tyrant, he gains a sombrero made of fire.
  • Sinister Subway: Totally subverted in Shadow Hearts Covenant when Id expects to go through one in Paris.
    Id: I suppose it is time to trek through the undoubtedly monster-infested Paris Metro. What sort of untamed horrors could await Yuri and company in the decre— (It ends up leading out to a normal, non-monster infested subway) ...Wait, what? It was just a twenty-second walk to a subway platform? Gepetto did you just find a maintenance tunnel hatch and have been using it to bypass paying for metro tickets? What the hell, old man!?
  • Snipe Hunt: An in-universe one in Shadow Hearts Covenant during the end of Lucia's sidequest.
    Carla: "Sorry about the wait. I never thought I'd get to work with a real Adriatic Magnolia again! It'd been so long I was starting to suspect I made the thing up as an excuse to feed shady people to my cat."
  • Soft Glass: Discussed, lampshaded, and averted in the Chrono Cross LP.
    Serge: GAAAAAAHHHH!!! THIS HURTS WAY MORE THAN IT LOOKS IN THE MOVIES!!! WAY MORE!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!
  • Solve the Soup Cans: A pet peeve of his; especially the more ridiculous (and unnecessary) ones.
  • Something We Forgot: Chapter 199 of Shadow Hearts Covenant has Yuri, while going through a clip show of his life from past to present, make him realize that while he and his party have spent the last couple months on sidequests, Kato had cast a spell that was about to destroy the world.
    Yuri: ...Oh shit! We... we should probably check in on whatever Kato was up to. How long has it been? There was something about bells tolling? Ugh. Thank hell all these villain's end of the world estimates go way past initial dates or I'd be screwed several times over.
  • Spexico: How Mr. X/Señor X is portrayed: Wearing a sombrero in his first and last appearances, sporting a bandito moustache, and speaking Spanish right up to the final fight against Leon. Leon is stymied by Señor X's guttural babbling.
  • Squee: Id pretty much loves Mad Max: Fury Road.
    • He now loves Baahubali 2, calling it, in his words, the best anime of 2017.
    • After playing the demo for NieR: Automata, he's pleased that Weapon Stories from other Drakengard games are back.
    • He has a big one in finding his favorite weapon, Iron Will in Nier Automata.
  • The Stinger: The final scene of the Resident Evil LP is of Chris waking up in Kijuju just in time for Resident Evil 5, with the voice of Billy Coen ringing in his ears.
    Chris: Ugh. I really need to stop looking at the...sun? No. No!
    Billy: Welcome back, Topher... It has been a while... Are you ready? Got your make-up checked? Bwahaha.
  • Sudden Downer Ending: Id finishes the Fisherman's Gambit chain in Nier and finds out that the old man who teaches Nier how to fish suddenly died offscreen.
  • Sugar Apocalypse: After reading the Snow Chronicles segment of Serendale, Id has this to say.
    Id: I'm just picturing a Berserk style hyper violent town massacre of the villagers by mascot character penguins, cutesy beach ball seals, and derpy walruses. Someone with some art talent get on illustrating that.
  • Summon Magic: Played for laughs in a tweet in the wake of Joe Biden winning the 2020 Presidential Election.
    "Being married to someone from Philadelphia, it is a little known fact they're all capable of summoning Gritty to their location once per year and having him go shithouse on a target.

    They can now perform this action twice a year and it's a terrifying increase in power.
  • Sunglasses at Night: Wesker gets put through the wringer with this. Id usually notes his creepy habit of wearing them at 11PM, and in Code Veronica makes it a point to photoshop various bits of eyewear on Wesker's face, up to and including Cyclops' visor (complete with the reveal of Wesker's cat eyes briefly being played with when he reveals a spare set of shades he had on...which Chris promptly punches off as well), and by the LP of Resident Evil 1, Id makes a tiny running gag of Wesker bumping into things due to still wearing his sunglasses in the rather dark Spencer Mansion.
    Wesker: Still securing the area. It's proving to be a bit more difficult than anticipated. Keep bumping into things for some reason. Wonder what's up with that.
    • Id also points out that Auron does this in Final Fantasy X, noting, "Auron will wear his sunglasses at any hour he damn well pleases."
  • Take That!: To the Resident Evil movies, ironically during two of his RE LPs. In the RE4 LP, Ada finds a locked door and says she hears someone whimpering on the other side (it's Ashley) and Id quips that "Someone has just finished watching the Resident Evil movie." In RE Zero, when Rebecca stumbles upon a hidden torture chamber, one of the torture instruments is a portable DVD player showing the first RE movie.
    • Also, this gem in his Drakengard 1 Let's Play:
      Caim: Heh. Ooh! Tell him if Furiae and Inuart were to enter the seeds together, the best he could hope to produce would be an effeminate mullet sporting nancy boy that was so gay everyone would see him and just go "no way!"
      Angelus: Come on, Caim. No need to stoop to notions so childish. That's just absurd.
    • Another small one during his Fallout LP:
      Charlie the Vault Dweller: One more thing. Do you know what a Water Chip is...?
      Shady Sands resident: I know about the Potato kind. I hear they still eat ‘em way out east. Pre-war bags. Decades old. They just shove ‘em into their mouths.
      Charlie the Vault Dweller: That does not sound wise or healthy.
    • In his Shadow Hearts: Covenant LP, during Yuri and Kato's first meeting since the last game, there's this gem.
      Kato: It's a tough job, being a diplomat. I just arrived from New York this morning.
      Yuri: Back from the new world, huh?
      Kato: Indeed. I wouldn't recommend it.
  • Take Your Time:
    • While it still applies to the endgame sidequests of I Am Setsuna, Aeterna is upset that the party isn't immediately dealing with the Dark Samsara after clearing their way through the Time Judge.
    • In Final Fantasy X, Id gets to this after finally getting everyone's last Infinity +1 Sword and dealing with all the Optional Bosses he's willing to put up with.
      Id: Hey, remember when Final Fantasy X had a plot and wasn't an eternal spiral of poorly designed mini-games and tedious diversions? Maybe we ought to get back to that sometime... It's a good thing Sin has waited patiently out at sea for the party to get their shit together and progress with the plot. It wouldn't look too great if the protagonists allowed a village or two to get razed while they were out catching butterflies and watching home movies.
    • Just before the final boss of Shadow Hearts Covenant, Hien and Raiden, the last two Mutant Apes are waiting for the party when it's discussed.
      Raiden: Hien! Look! They finally showed up!
      Hien: Finally! How long have has the master had us standing here?
      Raiden: We're in a construct of Japanese divine forces that warps time and space, Hien. I'm not quite sure...
      Hien: That's a fair point, Raiden. It feels like ages, either way.
  • That Came Out Wrong: During the endgame of NieR: Automata, 9S is missing an arm after being blown up by a clone of 2B.
    Id: 9S, I know you’re having a rough time lately. But this is really skirting the line between sad/touching and also real creepy. Maybe you should think about doing something about that sparking arm stump of yours. 9S rips off the 2B clone's arm and puts it on his own stump Jesus Christ 9S! That’s not what I meant!
    • Happens in the early game of Shadow Hearts when Yuri (then Rude Hero) and Alice (then Girl in Danger) first talk to each other.
      Alice: N-no... Stay away!
      Yuri: Stay away?! I haven’t even done anything yet. ...... ...OK. That sounds kinda bad phrasing it like that.
  • Theme Naming: A few of his LPs have had themes behind the names for their chapters.
    • Resident Evil and Clock Tower 3 follow Shout-Out Theme Naming, with each chapter in the former named after a song, and each in the latter named after another video game with a premise related to that of the chapter.
    • Drakengard's follow "The One With" for the five different "loops" (i.e. the separate playthroughs for all five endings, such as "The One With The Canon Ending" for the first loop and "The One Where Cavia Hates You" for the last), and In Which a Trope Is Described for the individual chapters (e.g. "In Which Caim Goes All Silent Protagonist On Us", "In Which Inuart is a Fuckstick", etc).
    • Metal Gear: Ghost Babel follows the FOXHOUND tradition of codenames for the main playthrough, naming each chapter in an alliterative manner such as "Exposition Elephant", "Handcuffed Hedgehog", etc., the exceptions being the chapters centered around boss fights (which are named after the boss in question) and the IdeaSpy 2.5 interludes. The updates for the External Gazer playthrough are all named "Tactical x Action".
    • Final Fantasy X follows two themes, starting with "(Verb) My (Noun)", then after catching up to Zanarkand, "Our (x) (y)".
  • There's No Kill like Overkill: Outside of the game mechanic, in part 5 of his Final Fantasy X Let's Play, it's how Auron deals with bug problems.
    Id: So Auron's solution to a giant bug infestation is to drop a goddamn skyscrapper on the lot of them. Auron takes his pest extermination VERY seriously. I heard once he saw a cockroach skitter across his apartment's kitchen. So he turned on the gas on his stove and tossed a box of lit matches in the window from outside. Razed the entire apartment complex to the ground. But damned if there wasn't a single cockroach left in sight.
  • This Cannot Be!: Id has had this reaction ever since Drakengard 3 was first announced. He still has it even after finally finishing off Branch D.
  • This Is Unforgivable!: Very late into Nier, after Devola and Popola "borrow" a portion of Grimoire Weiss's power, he starts slurring his speech.
    Id: The twins gave Weiss a fucking STROKE?! What the hell! You can't just give my snarky sidekick a crippling speech impediment. He's a friggin' floating book! That is all he has going for him! Goddamn, Devola and Popola... Working for the Shadowlord all along was bullshit enough, but this is not cool girls... Not. Cool!
  • Title Drop: Happens in his The 3rd Birthday LP. Specifically, the title of the LP turns out to be the very last moment of gameplay. Nobody is pleased, especially Id.
  • Toilet Humor: In Shadow Hearts: Covenant on unlocking Yuri's Level 1 Wind Fusion.
    Id: "A smile fills your heart once again..." Yuri will always laugh at a fart or fart joke.
  • Too Awesome to Use: Lampshaded in Shadow Hearts Covenant when after defeating Lenny's Godhand form, he gets a Thera Extract.
    Id: Thera Extract is the best health curative consumable in the game. Now to never use it!
  • To the Pain: In I am Setsuna, during the Fridging Caves, the party catches up to a weakened Reaper. Endir has all sorts of ideas about how to deal with the annoying jerk who's been trying to kill them all game long.
    Endir: But I don’t play that kinda game. Life is cheap, dirty, and can be ended for a reasonable price in my book. Let’s finish him off. Step aside. I’ll make it quick. Wanna test this new blade anyway. I betcha I can cleave his head off in one swipe.
    Setsuna: What? No!
    Endir: Oh. You want it to be drawn out? Right to the gut, good disembowelment. Y’all gonna need to step back. The blood spray from those kinda wounds can get real messy.
    Setsuna: No, Endir. We’re not go—
    Endir: Oh... Huh? You wanna go the savage route, huh? Take off all four of his limbs but suture the wounds so he doesn’t bleed out, then let nature take its course with one of those bearmen wandering the cave descending upon him and ripping him open like a meatbag? That’s a bit cruder than I usually operate. But this guy does kinda deserve it...
  • Trivially Obvious: In Limbo of the Lost, when Briggs is about to do The Summation at the end of the Darkmere chapter.
    Id: This should be... Well... It should be a thing...
  • Twinkle in the Sky: Nicholai suffers this courtesy of Jill blowing up his chopper with him in it at the end of the Resident Evil 3 LP, mainly thanks to Nicholai's newly found invincibility.
  • Underestimating Badassery: In Shadow Hearts Covenant, the final boss of the Wolf Bout sidequest, Ernest, is not only in a wolf costume, but is quite capable of putting up a fight even when prepared.
    Id: "Why is this middle-aged man in a fursuit so strong?!"
  • Unfortunate Names: The main villain of Clock Tower 3 is "Dick" Hamilton (not Richard, the game never calls him Richard) who discovers he is a descendant of the late Billy Brown. The Dark Id realizes that this means that with the game and Dick's insistence on using the name "Dick", his name is essentially Dick Brown.
    Id: Does he have a cousin named Penis von Fecal?
  • Unskippable Cutscene: Id has this fear about skippable ones when talking about Death Stranding.
    Id: Does anyone else possess a creeping dread in playing new games and wondering if hitting the start button will pause the game or just skip the cutscene? It's the worst. (You can pause the Death Stranding cutscenes if you're wondering.)
  • Unspoken Plan Guarantee: Parodied and averted in the Resident Evil 4 LP. Just as the axe Ganado is about to cleave a bound Leon and Luis in half, Leon shouts "NOW!"...except Luis has no idea what Leon's shouting about so they both get cut down to size. Don't worry, Luis figures it out upon reloading.
  • Unusual Chapter Numbers: Episode VI.5 of Limbo of the Lost, which only consists of the rotten floor puzzle being solved and the encounter with the demon dogs.
  • Verbal Tic:
    • James Marcus ending most of his sentences with "Leeches!!" or some variant. Soon enough, it slips into some of Id's own sentences. LEECHES!
    • Billy FUCKING Coen's "Bwahaha!" might also count, to the point that several people have assumed Billy came back as Tyrann in NieR primarily because of the latter laughing in the same manner once or twice.
    • To say nothing of Decadus' masochistic groans of pleasure. Unngh...
  • Viewers Are Morons: He has this gripe about the endgame of Death Stranding's plot in his Twitter.
    Id: There is an entire sequence in which literally you are sat down, like a child, as a character walks around you and explains parts of the plot you got fucking 10-20 hours ago and also some clever wordplay they did with character names if you didn't notice, you simple shit.
  • Villain Ball: In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, once Rasputin's plan to assassinate Tsar Nicolas is foiled by Yuri and especially Anastasia, Id details how Rasputin clutched on tightly to this ball.
    Id: Let's just back up for a moment and review the events that got us to this point. Anastasia, a twelve year old, is the only member of this idiot royal family that sees that Rasputin is clearly evil as shit. She sneaks out at night, manages to acquire a camera she commissioned (and a weapon too in case she needs to dirt, mind you) and manages to tail Rasputin without the guy noticing. Out in the open, with an underground crypt literally five feet away where this could have been done instead, he discusses plans with his hired hitman about assassinating the Emperor and said assassination target's daughter takes a picture of this clandestine liaisons. At this point, Victor is just burned. He's not your guy anymore. He's done. Slit his throat and drop him in the river.

    Instead, Rasputin is terrible at thinking on the fly and jumps straight to attempting to murder the princess. Except, he half-asses that by outsourcing it to his hired goon who in turn outsources that to a dumb bird monster. And he fails. Your hitman failed to assassinate a tween girl. And now a photo of you and your assassin is out in the wind somewhere. Again, at this point, you break Victor's neck and leave his body in an ally. Go get Ewan, The Page or Elio, the Tippler or literally anyone else to be your assassin instead of the SINGLE dude where there is concrete photographic evidence of your involvement within this assassination plot. Hell, it's established you can STRAIGHT UP POSSESS and mind control people remotely. If Yuri showed up and uppercut anyone else's head off too and the assassination is a bust, like it went here, at least you've still got plausible deniability, Grigori.

    But no. Victor was still your dude. The one single dude you should not have let be the assassin. That is a hell of a goof, Greg. That's a hell of a goof...
  • Villain Has a Point: In Shadow Hearts Covenant, after Nicolai tells Rasputin he can't defeat Yuri, Id says why that's the case.
    Id: Nicolai should point out it is only Disc 1 of 2 and Rasputin has managed to accomplish pretty much fuck all compared to his Disc 1 predecessor, Dehuai. As easy as it was to clown on that dipshit sorcerer, he did have a fairly high body count, including Yuri's parents, and a not-insignificant number of named, portrait possessing characters during his tenure as first half villain. And Dehaui already had a swanky doom tower he was chilling in the whole time and was the de facto ruler of the city he was based within.

    Meanwhile, Rasputin I guess has bombed some civilians and managed to get most of his forces killed.
  • Villains Out Shopping: At one point, the Gazel Ministry are shown playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
  • Wham Line: In the Resident Evil 4 LP, when Leon meets Verdugo for the first time...
    Todd Kennedy: It's been a while... Leon...
    Leon: You! But it can't be!! You were...
    Todd: Killed? Now... no need to bring up the past... dear brother.
  • Welcome to Corneria: In the FFX LP, Dona can't get past the Crusader checkpoint with the guard only able to say "Sorry ma'am! No exceptions!"
  • Wham Episode: The Reveal in The 3rd Birthday that you're actually playing as Eve, a 12-year old girl in Aya's older body did not sit well with the thread.
  • What the Hell, Hero?:
    • In Final Fantasy X, Yuna gets this from Ghost Kid, aka Bahamut, due to Id allowing the thread to put in a different name.
      Bahamut: ...Trogdor? Really?
      Yuna: I... well... It just kind of came to me after much internal debate...
      Bahamut: What was wrong with Bahamut?
      Yuna: Well... You know...
      Bahamut: No... I do not 'know'...
      Yuna: *rubs neck and laughs sheepishly*
    • Id's party in I am Setsuna is quite peeved that Setsuna wants to spare Reaper, someone who's been trying to kill them all game long.
    • In NieR: Automata, 9S gets this when he decides to murder everyone in Pascal's Village, getting Ending N.
    • In NieR: Automata after the battle against Adam in the Copied City, 2B gives one to 9S for dropping a nuclear bomb on her without warning during their fight against Grun in the previous chapter, leaving him to die and getting Ending I.
    • In Shadow Hearts Covenant, when Yuri gets the Emigré Manuscript and considers resurrecting Alice, Id has to put his foot down.
      Id: Yuri Hyuga! No! BAD! Do NOT under any circumstances consider resurrecting Alice Elliot with the Émigré Manuscript! There are two crazy soulless bug lady people I can point you to clearly demonstrate that is the worst idea ever conceived in this universe. One of them needed capital G actual God to show up and sort it out.
    • A more minor one in the endgame of Shadow Hearts: Covenant when the Blue Virgin Dress for Gepetto's doll, Cornelia is unlocked. Especially since it's modeled after Alice.
      Id: Yuri, did you remember that Alice was Gepetto's niece and dressing his magic doll up as a dead family member is a little fucked up and in poor taste? Just saying, my guy.
    • Played for laughs when Id reacts to the ending of Tomorrow Never Dies.
      Id: James Bond did you really have to kill the villain of Tomorrow Never Dies by forcing him into an industrial drill?
  • Where Are They Now: Drakengard 2 ends with a Fallout: New Vegas-style epilogue.
    • Final Fantasy X has Yuna giving Tidus a good catch-up on what's happened since the events of ''FFX-2'. Especially since Id has made it clear he's NEVER doing a Let's Play on that game.
    • He does this at the end of Shadow Hearts Covenant as well.
      • Gepetto was found passed out drunk in a public park in a Parisian suburb with a young child and a trunk full of assorted dresses deemed scandalous in nature. He was taken into custody by local authorities soon after. The child has been placed into protective care until her identity can be confirmed. Gepetto is currently awaiting a bail hearing in a jailhouse outside Montmartre.
      • Princess Anastasia Romanov remained in Japan with her true love Kurando Inugami. This would allow her to avoid the execution the rest of her family would suffer by Bolshevik revolutionaries in the following years. Kurando and Anastasia's descendant would go on to become a popular VTuber over a century later.
      • Joachim Valentine went on to become a legendary champion of wrestling circles. He would eventually immigrate to Rio de Janeiro to spread his talents to new audiences. Years after that, he would turn to the United States and establish a modest but popular professional wrestling circuit in New Mexico. But due to lack of business management skill and membership, it would go on to be absorbed by an ambitious evil businessman from North Carolina whose villainy even Joachim could not thwart. Some say Joachim still remains competitive in wrestling circles under a new identity after this disgrace to this day...
      • Lucia returned to Florence.
      • Awroo, awroo. Awroo, awroo... (The adventure over, Blanca went to live with the amicable Kawashima family who gave him pets and treats asking for little in return. Blanca enjoyed the rest of his days in this pleasant, mellow life after his travels with the disaster cursed hobo that forced him into dog fights, demonic battles, and dancing...)
  • When All You Have Is a Hammer…: Discussed in Part 94 of Shadow Hearts: Covenant when Soshi is attacking the city of Yokohama.
    Anastasia: It'll destroy the city!
    Karin: What do we do?
    Yuri: I'll figure out something!
    Karin: Is it going to involve punching it?
    Yuri: ...How'd you guess?
  • White Magician Girl: Discussed in Shadow Hearts Covenant about how cliched it is even for the time period the game was released.
    Id: There is a chest in here containing the Crocell Crest which provides both a 6 MP Cure spell, which does exactly what you would expect, and an 8 MP Aqua Edge spell that can add the Water element to a character's physical attacks. We're gonna stick that on Gepetto for now. I prefer using him as a utility/healer character. Karin could fill that role as well, but having the one female character always being the healer is a little played out at this point... back in 2004. It's still extremely played out in 2019.
  • Who Names Their Kid "Dude"?: Id wonders who the hell would name their son Blind.
  • Who's on First?: In Chapter 98 of Shadow Hearts Covenant at Floor 98 of the Man Festival, Anastasia has this and It's Personal with Egg Curry after learning that his idea of using "egg white" is to use the ENTIRE EGG (as in the white shell of the egg) and not the egg white yolk.
  • Who Would Be Stupid Enough?: Lampshaded in Shadow Hearts Covenant after Yuri and the gang board the Battleship Mikasa.
    Captain: It seems intruders have boarded the ship, Lt. Col. I'll leave the matter to you. As you were the one who vetoed stationing sentries outside the ship saying, and I quote, "Who would possibly board this ship? Guards are a waste of time!"
    Terada: Yes... Hmph... Good. This is what I was hoping for!
  • Who Writes This Crap?!: Some of the more random/nonsensical in-game dialogue gets called out on, with the characters usually offering the excuse of "That's what the script tells me to say."
    Elly: The translation for after that boss made NO sense.
    Billy: My apologies. I’m just starting here. I...kind of have to stay on script...
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: If his Resident Evil LP's are anything to go by, TDI is not a fan of spiders and insects.
  • Why Don't Ya Just Shoot Him?: Weasel commonly tells Snake to stop wasting time letting the bad guys give a sob story and just straight up shoot them.
  • Why Won't You Die?: His Nier LP has this to the Disc-One Final Boss of the game, Jack of Hearts, especially while pummeling him with Dark Hand.
  • Word Salad Lyrics: In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, any time he checks the in-game stats which have titles for each stat, he makes it sound like it's a Piss-Take Rap.
  • Word Salad Title: He considers the title of Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] to be this.
    Id: One hour remains (10:00 PM EDT) until Kingdom Hearts Cutscenes. Dream Drop Distance...? What does that even mean? Goofy, what the hell does that even mean!?
  • The Worf Effect: In Shadow Hearts Covenant, Id name drops the trope to show Kato got this at the hands of Astaroth!Nicolai.
  • Worthy Opponent: In Shadow Hearts Covenant, Id treats Garan like an afterthought while Lenny, Dumb Muscle he may have been, was a much bigger and sturdier challenge. It even translates to after the end of Garan's second boss fight.
    Id: Garan is fucking dead, by the way. Literally, nobody in the game acknowledges this. He was that much of a jobber.
  • Wretched Hive: Id's LPs of Koudelka and Shadow Hearts paint the country of Wales as a bleak hellscape. In-Universe, it's probably why the boss Mammon, a botched resurrection from the Emigré Manuscript, has less HP than Elaine in the previous game because one was done in Wales. note 
  • Writers Cannot Do Math: In his Shadow Hearts Covenant LP, he points out that Southampton is at least 135 miles/213.2 kilometers from Wales. Even when the party goes to Rhondda, it's still a 150 mile/242 kilometer trip, then a 90 mile/145 kilometer trek to Aberstwyth where Nemeton Monastery is.
    • Happens again when he does math for the timeline in Part 2 of Covenant when it's May 1915 considering all the months that have been spent getting to this point, it should be May 1916.
  • Yaoi Fangirl: Anastasia is this in Shadow Hearts Covenant especially once The Man Festival is unlocked.
  • You Are Not Ready: He says this in Shadow Hearts Covenant after Amon!Yuri gives a Megaton Punch that blows up Rasputin's airship.
    Id: You were not prepared for how fucking hard Yuri Hyuga finally punched Grigori Rasputin.
  • You Bastard!: In his LP for NieR: Automata, he considers anyone who killed the Party Tank to be monsters.
  • You Just Told Me: In Part 95 of Shadow Hearts Covenant, in a bit of Leaning on the Fourth Wall to also explain away a plot hole.
    Yuri: First, you take the Émigré Manuscript and then you take Nicolai.
    Kato: Wait a moment, Yuri. You weren't present for when Nicolai handed over the Émigré Manuscript and I have not mentioned I had it in my possession. How do you know I have it?
    Yuri: Ergh. I watched the earlier cutsce—err! I had a hunch! Yeah! And now you've confirmed it!
    Kato: <narrows eyes> I see...
    Yuri: Let's just move on from this script oversight!