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"You are all bad boys and girls for kidnapping my dear Elise. You'll die for it!"

You have a younger sibling. Either full-blooded, half-blooded, or just adoptive (or, in some odd cases, more than one of those at once). Especially a little sister. The kid is wronged somehow. What do you do?

Do you deal with the offender in a calm, civil manner?

Or failing that, perhaps you are a little upset, yet you keep control over your emotions, and keep yourself as restrained as you can?

Or do you go after the offender, the offender's friends, anyone connected to the offender, as well as anyone who even looks like they could be an offender sometime in the indeterminate future and kill them all in as painful a manner as possible?

If you are the latter, then congratulations! You are officially a Knight Templar Big Brother (or Big Sister).

This trope is what happens when a character takes the Big Brother Instinct to the extreme. They don't just protect the younger sibling, they absolutely destroy anyone who'd so much as even look at them wrong. Much like the Knight Templar and Knight Templar Parent, the Knight Templar Big Brother often genuinely believes that what they are doing is right and fully beneficial to the younger sibling, which often results in a clash of siblings later on within the show or work.

Contrast with Spartan Sibling.

See also Knight Templar, Knight Templar Parent and My Sister Is Off-Limits. If the characters aren't actual siblings, it probably is Yandere.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Urd from Ah! My Goddess, who makes it clear that she will do anything and use any power she has to in order to protect her sisters Belldandy and Skuld. Urd has to continually "punish" Aoshima after his latest rape attempt against Belldandy or Skuld (he tried to force himself on her when Skuld grew up after Yggdrasil crashed). Urd stood up to her own mother Hild, the Daimakaicho, telling her to stop tormenting "her little sister" Skuld after Skuld incurred her wrath. Also, Urd actually passed the test to become a First-Class Goddess (the highest level that every goddess tries to attain) but declines because First-Class Goddesses have to use their powers to protect everyone; Urd only wants to use her powers to protect her sisters. Since Belldandy goes absolutely postal if anyone even blinks wrong at Keiichi, it is easy to overlook that Urd is a Templar Knight Big Sister as well.
  • Akira's older brothers in Ai Ore! Love Me! are quite protective of him.
  • Shinnosuke from Apocalypse Alice, who tries very hard to be The Unfettered in wanting to save his little sister. To achieve that goal, he's sworn off anything unnecessarily detrimental to him, such as sticking his neck out for others as he can't afford to die before rescuing his sister. That said, keyword is tries.
  • Attack on Titan:
    • Mikasa Ackerman towards her adoptive brother Eren Yeager, since he killed her parents' murderers, saved her from them, and let her into his family. She's violently over-protective, to the extent that she will ignore direct orders or the greater good (such as helping evacuate citizens) to protect him. On numerous occasions, she's threatened the lives of even her True Companions, making it clear if forced to choose between Eren's well-being and their lives, she will kill them without hesitation.
    • Levi was one to his ill-fated surrogate little sister, Isabel, in the Spin-Off prequel about his past. When she came home beaten up and missing a pigtail, he went out. He comes home that evening, cleaning blood off a knife, and won't answer when their companion Farlan asks if he killed those responsible. When Isabel and Farlan both get eaten by an Aberrant, Levi loses it and utterly MASSACRES the Titan in question.
  • Mahiro from Blast of Tempest is this for Aika. He was insanely protective of her and demanded that she didn't get romantically involved with anyone. Probably had to do with the fact that he was in love with her without being aware of it.
  • Bleach has a few examples:
    • Ichigo adamantly believes the reason a big brother is born first is to protect all the little siblings that follow. He will force-feed this belief by the sword if he has to, to any big brother he catches not protecting their own siblings, as both Orihime and Rukia's respective big brothers discover. When he feels anyone he cares about is being threatened, he becomes single-minded about saving them, taking on both Soul Society and Hueco Mundo when Rukia and Orihime need rescuing from their respective hostage situations. When his entire family and social circle are brainwashed by a villain, he is left so isolated from the very people he is trying to save that he actually comes to accept that the only solution will be to kill the villain instead of simply defeating them. When Yuzu dies in the fourth movie after being exposed for too long to Hell's miasma, Ichigo completely loses control, enters his super-Hollow form, and destroys Hell's gate.
    • Byakuya once made two separate vows: a promise to his dead parents that he would always uphold the law, and a promise to his dying wife to protect her sister, Rukia. When Rukia is sentenced to execution, those two vows conflict and Byakuya is forced to choose the vow that was made to his parents, which trumps a vow made to a wife. Ichigo helps him resolve the conflict, freeing Byakuya to do what he wanted from the beginning - protect Rukia. He does so with a dreadful, single-minded purpose; when Zommari decides to kill an unconscious Rukia, Byakuya intervenes. When Zommari is defeated, he rants about Shinigami's arrogance in thinking they have the right to slay hollows. Byakuya corrects him, explaining that killing Zommari has nothing to do with being a Shinigami and that it's instead because Zommari dared to point a sword at Rukia.
    • Hitsugaya and Hinamori have been raised together by an old woman they both refer to as their grandmother. He is incredibly protective of her despite being the younger of the two to the point where he attacked a perceived threat to her with such force two nearby vice-captains were caught up in the power he unleashed (one of which was actually her). In the end, their relationship is exploited by Aizen, who tricks Hitsugaya into stabbing an illusion of Aizen — when the illusion disappears, it's revealed that Hitsugaya has stabbed Hinamori. As a result, Hitsugaya vows to become strong enough to protect Hinamori from everything.
    • A deconstructed case with Kokuto from the Hell Verse movie. His younger sister got killed and Kokuto killed her murderer, but Kokuto got punished later on and ended up in Hell in his afterlife. He could not accept his punishment and tries everything to break out of Hell, even going so far as to manipulate Shuren and his men to lure Ichigo into Hell and have him use his Hollow powers to break the chains that bind him to Hell. This is where the Foil part kicks in: after Ichigo's sister is revived, Ichigo returns to Hell to save his friends from Kokuto's hands and not to seek revenge on him, while Kokuto's desire for freedom comes from his hatred for his punishment, as he thinks that he doesn't deserve that for avenging his sister. Hell sympathizes more with Ichigo and lends him its power to defeat Kokuto, who then gets punished even harder.
  • Touya from Cardcaptor Sakura has shades of this because he promised his mother on her deathbed that he'd protect Sakura. For one, he jumped over a fence and tried to beat up a 10-year-old boy for bullying Sakura.
  • More than one Sympathetic Murderer in Case Closed is a brother or a sister seeking revenge for the death or ruin of their younger or older sibling. Some examples are:
    • Toshiya Tadakoro (kills his boss for causing the death of his ill sister while Moving the Goalposts)
    • Akiko Sayama (kills a corrupt PC programmer for causing her older brother's ruin and suicide)
    • Chieri Aki aka Eri Akechi (kills two Alpha Bitches for framing her long-lost younger sister for drug trade and making her commit suicide)
    • Masao Kouda (doesn't kill anyone but becomes a bank robber to hide his loot in the backyard of the man who killed his younger sister and forces them to dig in to find the girl's corpse)
    • Midori Nozaki (brews a mix of Fatal Method Acting and Thanatos Gambit to both commit suicide and take the woman who made her sister kill herself down with her) and others.
  • A Certain Magical Index:
    • When Last Order is kidnapped, Accelerator reverts back into the person he used to be, except in an effort to save her. Slaughter ensues. The lesson in all this? Only those who don't value their lives shall mess with Last Order
    • Mikoto also has shades of this herself when she discovers what's happening to her clones, whom she considers her younger sisters, and what she's willing to go through to stop the Level 6 Project.
  • In Chrono Crusade:
    • When Rosette Christopher's little brother is kidnapped by the Big Bad, she makes a Deal with the Devil and spends four years training as a Church Militant. The moment she discovers the location of her brother, she travels from New York to San Francisco, guns blazing, killing any demon that attempts to get in her way, all while being the only Badass Normal in the manga (the anime eventually gave her holy powers). In the manga, it all leads to a battle between her and Joshua Christopher himself who is strong enough to tear apart a massive army of demons with his bare hands. And she kicks his ass.
    • There's also Fiore, who considers herself as something of a big sister to Joshua. She seems gentle and demure at first, but when the time comes she doesn't hesitate to die in an attempt to protect Joshua, even going directly against her master's orders in the manga.
  • Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass.
    • After his younger sister Nunally was wounded in a terrorist attack (that also killed their mother), he ultimately started a war and took over the world, all for her sake. And when she found out, she got pissed. That said, it's shown she was given a skewed (to say the least) perspective of what Lelouch was doing by Schneizel and at the end when she finds out the truth she actually approves of what he did and just wishes it didn't end in his death.
    • In Season 1 Mao, a Stalker with a Crush to Lelouch's partner C.C. kidnapped poor Nunnally and strapped a bomb to her. Lelouch was already very pissed off at Mao since he first Mind Raped his poor, sweet classmate — and an innocent bystander which he had no business to involve — Shirley and then did the same to his Forgotten Childhood Friend Suzaku; needless to say, Mao did not meet a pleasing end.
    • Prince Clovis, whose utter hatred of the Japanese and brutal treatment of them is a result of them causing the (Assumed) deaths of his brother and sister.
  • Another Knight Templar Younger Brother is Fire God Apollo from Cyborg 009, towards his older sister Hunt Goddess Artemis. When the girl died very tragically, the already unstable Apollo went insane with grief and killed the culprit, then let himself die whispering his sister's name.
  • In the original manga of Death Note Light Yagami claims in an early Motive Rant that part of the reason he's killing criminals en masse is to make the world a safer place for his little sister Sayu. It might even be somewhat true. Sayu is, after all, the only person he refused to kill when it would be to his advantage to kill her. Then again, it could be that he just realized Mello would keep kidnapping people until he finally did something about it other than kill their prisoners.
  • Detective School Q: Kunihiko and Akihiko Ichinose become this, trying to protect their sister Kaoru from a Smug Snake aunt who wants to become her tutor and steal the fortune she inherited from their Missing Mom alongside a Phony Psychic accomplice. They kill the psychic first, and then they murder the aunt when she finds out and tries blackmailing them. Only the psychic was their mom under a disguise, having faked her death to save her business and watch over her kids. Whoops.
  • Mad Scientist Komui Lee of D.Gray-Man is very protective of his younger sister, Action Girl Lenalee. So much so that Link, wanting to go into a room which Allen had locked him out of, threatened him with, "you leave me no choice. I am forced to tell Supervisor Komui that you are in a sealed room with Lenalee Lee," to which Allen quickly apologized and let him in. There is also an anime-only filler episode where Komui mistakenly thinks that Lenalee is going on a date with one of the Order's scientists and has to be convinced to simply stalk them all over town instead of outright killing the guy. He then repeatedly tries to attack and is comically restrained, until eventually he manages to summon a huge robot to aid him. An excellent summation:
    Reever: Section Chief Peck, I would advise you not to look at Lenalee that way.
    Peck: Why? Does she have a lover?
    Reever: She has a brother.
  • Henry Wong from Digimon Tamers went from being the most rational and calm guy in the group to being temperamental, hasty, and reckless when his sister ends up in the Digital World.
  • Durarara!!'s Shizuo Heiwajima tends to act like this in regards to his little brother, Kasuka. While he has reason to be concerned for his brother's safety and privacy (Kasuka's a popular actor, and has been stalked by both rabid fans and the paparazzi in the past), Shizuo takes it a bit too far by immediately becoming suspicious of any mention of his brother by strangers, innocent or otherwise. Said suspicion usually escalates into tree-throwing.
  • Both inverted and played straight in Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • Edward is multiple times in the series confronted with the question of how far he's willing to go to save Alphonse, but sanity and morality usually win out. However, in an early episode of Fullmetal Alchemist (2003), Alphonse comments that if something were to happen to Ed, Al might well go on a killer rampage just like Scar did.
    • Scar counted as one himself. The realization of his brother's death sent him into an uncontrollable rage, during which time he killed the Rockbells. He later moves on to hunting down and murdering State Alchemists to avenge him.
  • Ryo Mashiba from Hajime no Ippo was orphaned when he was in high school, so he had to raise his younger sister Kumi on his own. Being a borderline Sociopathic Hero, he ends up as this towards her, and it's both played for drama and for hilarity.
  • In Hell Teacher Nube, the demon Bakki can bounce between Laughably Evil and evil... but if you hurt his little sister Minki, you. are. DEAD.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers:
  • In Hunter × Hunter, Illumi Zoldyck's feelings for his younger brother Killua are...intense. He is extremely overprotective and possessive of him. Being creepy even by the standards of a family of assassins, his protectiveness manifests in twisted ways, such as shoving a needle into Killua's brain to make him into a coward who will flee from any confrontation against a powerful opponent. Threatening Killua is also Illumi's Berserk Button. During an otherwise civil conversation, the very moment Hisoka implies he wants to kill Killua, Illumi puts on a Nightmare Face and radiates a killing aura so intense that Killua can feel it from miles away. He immediately calms down when he realizes Hisoka was trolling him. Illumi only feels this way towards Killua. He seems indifferent towards Milluki and Kalluto and he wants to kill/enslave Alluka.
  • Tatsuya Shiba from The Irregular at Magic High School has this for his sister Miyuki. Even when she's quite capable of defending herself, it's best not to threaten her, or Tatsuya will make the culprits p a y.
  • Jujutsu Kaisen:
  • Ran Fujimiya in Knight Hunters is downright obsessively protective of his ill little sister Aya. He became an assassin in large part to pay her medical bills (she's in a coma), and he is not in the least bit rational about threats to her safety.
  • Shouri Shibuya, the protagonist's older brother, from Kyo Kara Maoh!. He always felt responsible for protecting Yuuri, so after learning his little brother's eventual fate to become the Maou of another world when both of them were children, Shouri decided to get strong enough to continue protecting him even as Maou. Unfortunately, he wasn't there yet by the time Yuuri actually went to the other world, and on top of that, his little brother found protectors in that world who were more capable than Shouri could hope to compete with. Neither of these things sat well with him, and his struggle to deal with this and learn to let Yuuri go be king is a major part of his character arc.
  • Subverted with Seimei Aoyagi from Loveless. To him, it doesn't really matter HOW you treat his younger brother Ritsuka. Seimei believes that Ritsuka belongs to him and will get rid of anyone in his way.
  • Caren, the Aloof Ally of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, starts dangerously close to this, having been perfectly fine until her twin sister was kidnapped. However, while she blames and berates the good guys as well as the bad, she does do a lot of reluctant rescues and admits that she was wrong instead of going off the deep end.
  • In Mission: Yozakura Family, Kyoichiro made a mistake that badly injured Mutsumi, stressing her so badly that she gained the streak of gray in her hair. Because of this, he's resolved to protect her no matter what, beating up or murdering anyone he sees as a possible threat to her. He even says he'll simply lock her in the house where she'll be under surveillance 24/7 to ensure that she's perfectly safe. Even after Taiyo marries Mutsumi, Kyoichiro continues to seethe with animosity for him and wonders if he can Make It Look Like an Accident. His obsession with Mutsumi is so extreme that he goes into withdrawal and gets tremors when he's separated from her for too long.
  • Naruto:
    • Kankuro becomes one of these as a part of his Character Development, reacting violently to anyone who badmouths his little brother Gaara in front of him and going after Gaara alone after Deidara and Sasori of Akatsuki kidnap him and Kankuro's teammates are nearly all killed in an explosion. Given that Gaara used to be an Ax-Crazy psychopath who regularly threatened to kill Kankuro, this is quite a drastic change. Sadly, it all goes horribly wrong when poor Kankuro gets his arse handed to him by Sasori, and Sakura barely manages to save him.
    • Kinkaku seems to fit here as well. He and his brother, Ginkaku, are Siblings in Crime who work well together. Ginkaku's most used word in his life being his brother's name. In their battle, Ginkaku is backed into a corner, and he calls for his brother's help, but him saying his brother's name gets him sealed, as he wasn't supposed to say his most-used word at the time. In response to this, Kinkaku flies into a rage and undergoes bijuu transformation. Kakuzu, who is nearby, states something must have happened to Ginkaku because it's been ages since he saw Kinkaku in such a state. Darui apologizes to Kinkaku, but he just states it's too late and attacks anyhow, and rips through the division like crazy. Special preparations had to be made in bringing down Kinkaku, with the Raikage stating he was unstoppable otherwise. Prior to Ginkaku's sealing, Kinkaku was rather stoic, averted in the anime.
    • There's also the Raikage. When he is told his brother Killer Bee was killed by Akatsuki, his response was to call an international meeting to stop Akatsuki. When he found Sasuke, he became so bent on revenge that he didn't even care if he lost his arm to kill him. And his leg, too, if Gaara hadn't stopped him. It's also possible that, despite all that, if Gaara hadn't stopped him, Sasuke would have died.
    • Itachi Uchiha towards Sasuke and the Leaf Village. The whole Uchiha Massacre episode was set up to protect Konoha from the coup d'etat his own father was planning, and though he was able to kill both of his parents, his best friend, and his girlfriend, he couldn't bring himself to kill Sasuke. He even went so far as to threaten to leak the village's information to every rival village if Sasuke was ever hurt due to something the leaders of Konoha had done or ordered. Let's not even discuss the deal with their fight to the death or the fact that Itachi let Naruto get away from him after said Idiot Hero promised to straighten the then-rogue Sasuke out. And after what happened to Madara when Sasuke saw his Sharingan, it's rather frightening to imagine the exact consequences of someone doing anything to permanently injure Sasuke.
    • Neji Hyuga becomes this for his younger cousin Hinata in Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth, where he beats up and kicks everyone who wrongs Hinata. He mostly does it to Naruto, because Naruto obliviously says inappropriate things to Hinata, which leads to Neji beating the crap out of Naruto. There is also this instance where Hinata timidly approaches Naruto, Neji, and Lee. Neji tells Naruto and Lee to be patient with her and wait for her to speak. More than twenty minutes pass and then Hinata finally gathers the courage to say something about the weather, which makes Naruto and Lee burst out That was it?!, making Hinata feel bad and depressed, which makes Neji kick Naruto and Lee into space.
  • Ninja Girl & Samurai Master: Nobunaga is this in regards to his sister Oichi. When Hideyoshi decides to "describe" Oichi by giving out her three measurements, Nobunaga's reaction is to point his gun at him.
  • Nisekoi: Haru, Onodera's little sister, is incredibly hostile towards Raku, the boy who Onodera has a crush on, due to his rumors and reputation of being a sort of Yakuza prince and playboy.
  • One Piece:
  • One-Punch Man: Tatsumaki is known to be fiercely protective of her younger sister Fubuki, to the point of threatening the lives of Fubuki's friends just because she thinks they're a bad influence on her.
  • Deconstructed in Overman King Gainer: Asuham Boone will react violently (and disproportionately) towards any slight to his younger sister Karin, even minor or imagined ones. The whole reason why he wants to capture Gain and thwart the Exodus is that he had convinced himself that Gain had seduced and abandoned her, while the truth is that Gain and Karin had a one-night stand and Asuham overreacted. It gets so bad that during the last episodes, Asuham goes insane with rage and decides to destroy both Gain and the Exodists by awakening the Overdevil, a world-ending Eldritch Abomination. He gets better, though... Perhaps too much.
  • PandoraHearts:
    • Vincent Nightray is one year younger than his brother Gilbert, but his obsessive love for him definitely qualifies for the trope. When they were children, Vincent used his Apocalypse Lad powers to destroy a city in order to save his brother. In present time, Vincent's stated goal is to erase his own existence so that Gilbert will be happier.
    • Another possibility is Xerxes Break, towards Sharon Rainsworth. While it's not specified if they had romantic feelings for each other or simply a strong familial connection, on the event of the latter, Break certainly qualifies. When Sharon is struck in the face by a Baskerville while trying to protect him, Break, despite being damn near collapsing from the strain on his body, absolutely refuses to stop massacring the Baskervilles until he avenges her resulting injury.
  • Kanba Takakura from Penguindrum, as of episode 21. It ends with his Redemption Equals Death.
  • During the years of Pretty Cure, many of the Cures who have siblings got angry when a villain dared to attack those said siblings, but the only one who got really mad was none other than Cure Black, who actually killed a villain (Gekidrago) for revenge of hurting her Annoying Younger Sibling.
  • Shuzen Akua/Akua Shuzen from Rosario + Vampire. So much as threaten her little sisters, and you die, regardless of who you are. Even her grandfather, the super-powerful and ancient vampire Alucard.
  • Inverted in Rurouni Kenshin in that Enishi is a Knight Templar Little Brother. So concerned about his older sister's well-being and so seething with pure hatred toward his brother-in-law for killing Tomoe's fiance that Enishi collaborated with a league of Shogun assassins alongside his sister in order to kill Kenshin - and this was while he was nine. After witnessing Kenshin's (accidental) killing of Tomoe, Enishi's hair went white from shock and stress and he dedicated his life to taking revenge on the man who killed his sister (going as far as selling weapons on the black market to fund his plans) as he felt he had nothing left.
  • Saint Seiya: Phoenix Ikki gets really violent when his little brother Andromeda Shun is involved, to the point that putting Shun in life-threatening danger became the default way to work Ikki into any given storyline.
  • Kagetsu of Shamanic Princess adores his little sister Sara. So much so, that when the Powers That Be give her as an offering to a powerful sentient magical artifact, he steals the artifact at the risk of causing the collapse of his world to save her.
  • Kayo's brother in the Vampire Princess Miyu TV series has a Big Brother Instinct at first and then becomes this, trying to kill Miyu for getting close to his baby sister.
  • This trope is revealed to be Folken Lacour de Fanel's main motivation in The Vision of Escaflowne. Having failed to pass the Dragon rite (and having been mutilated in the process), Folken joined Dornkirk in hopes that he could create a world where his younger brother Van won't have to fight as king.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
    • Yami Yugi is this towards Yugi (and later, Yugi's friends as well) in the earlier issues of the manga and season 0 of the anime, viciously destroying anyone (both teenage and adult) who bullies or otherwise hurts them by playing sadistic games or by invoking magical penalty games that drive them insane. Sometimes the bullies' actions are severe enough to warrant it, but most are Disproportionate Retribution. He also shows this to a lesser degree in the Duel Monsters anime, particularly in season 1 (before Yugi's influence mellows him out), and in season 4 (when Yugi's soul is stolen.)
    • And then, from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, there's Judai/Jaden's childhood spirit partner, Yubel; whereas Yami at least retaliated against people who geniunely meant Yugi harm, Yubel would indiscrimately put people in comas just for beating Judai in a duel, to the point where nobody wanted to duel or be friends with him. It got so bad that Judai ended up putting their card into a deck that was being sent off to space (long story). Unfortunately, due to the influence of the Light of Destruction, this only made Yubel worse.

    Comic Books 
  • Asterix: Corsicans. This is what happens when a Corsican asks you if you like his sister. If you say you don't like her, he'll feel you've insulted her. If you say you like her, he'll kill you for daring to flirt with her.
  • The Avengers: Marvel Comics: Quicksilver Quicksilver]] for the Scarlet Witch, except that he is her twin, not big brother. But recent portraying of Wanda's power suggest that if you attack Wanda, you are lucky if Quicksilver kicks your ass before she has to use her power.
  • Batman: Nightwing once killed the Joker with his bare hands when he thought he killed Robin. Batman quickly revived the Joker afterwards, but even still.
  • Destroyer Duck: Beryl is prone to get rough to protect her younger sister Opal from anyone.
  • Finder: Lynne to Marcie. He wouldn't give his older sister Rachel the time of day, though because he figured out she's only his half-sibling and isn't actually a halfbreed like him and Marcie.
  • The Mighty Thor: Thor's brother Loki is a manipulative, deceitful god of lies and mischief, and he often does bad things and sometimes gets punished for them... but if you dare hurt him unjustly Thor will smite you from the face of the Earth.
  • She-Hulk: She-Hulk and the Hulk are cousins, but they have a Brother/Sister relationship. She-Hulk can take care of herself most of the time, but pity the poor fool who harms She-Hulk within proximity of The Hulk. She-Hulk herself can be extremely overprotective of The Hulk as well. Iron Man got his ass handed to him by She-Hulk when she found out Stark exiled Hulk into space.
  • Strangers in Paradise: Katina Choovanski is quite capable of taking care of herself, but her crimelord sister still keeps interfering in her life - sometimes by killing people horribly because they tried to hurt Katchoo, sometimes by trying to ensure that she ends up with the "right" love interest. Our heroine does not appreciate this.
  • Superman: Kal and Kara are cousins but have a sibling-like relationship which is even closer than usual due to being the last ones of their kind. Hurt her and Superman will pummel you and pin you to the physical limit of the universe, even if you are a god of Evil. Hurt him and Supergirl will beat you to death, even if you are a multiverse-eater.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Mirage): Raphael, while not being the most even-tempered character, is psychotically protective of his little brother Michelangelo — to the point where he states that the "thought of Mikey being hurt makes him experience violent rage" (see The Other Wiki). And considering how violent Raphael is usually...
  • X-Men: Colossus will go through hell and back for his siblings, especially toward his sister Magik, to the point where he allowed himself to be possessed by the demon Cytorrak and became the new Juggernaut to protect her, losing his humanity and the love of Kitty Pryde in the bargain.
    • Subverted in Avengers vs. X-Men when Illyana reveals she had manipulated him into becoming the new Juggernaut to make him see that she wasn't his sweet little sister anymore but a monster he shouldn't care for. Right off the bat Colossus vows that he would kill Illyana if they ever met again, but later they make up.

    Fan Works 
  • We All Need A Hero inverts this trope with the Yagami siblings. Sayu is so aggrieved by the idea of her older brother Light wasting his incredible potential on an unrewarding police career that she's willing to embark on a one-girl war against crime to prevent it.
    Ryuk: And so you think by wiping out crime, you’ll save them. Daddy and your big brother will be free from their obligations and you’ll be a nice happy family again. But how many people are you willing to kill to make that happen, kid?
    Sayu: As many as it takes.
  • In "The Red Monarch", Sousuke Miyabe is one for his little sibling Tatsuki. To put things into perspective, 10 years ago, he kills several Center agents, nearly kills M.O.M and Colin Price and kills his own parents when they try to protect Colin. Tatsuki saw ALL OF THIS, which comes back in literal nightmares. To get the full story, if you read the spoilers, read The Red Monarch until you reach the most recent chapter, as it is still ongoing. The link directly to the story is provided for convenience.
  • In "Murderer's Row", a Prison AU of Red vs. Blue, Grif and Simmons were thrown in prison for murdering a man who hospitalized Sister.
  • In Magica Madoka Veneficus Puella, Sayaka adopts an orphan. Someone kidnaps her. Do the math.
  • In Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox, Neji is a Knight Templar Older Cousin for Hinata, going to varying lengths to keep Naruto away from her, up to and including attempting to manipulate events so Naruto will get kicked out of Konoha High School. Hiashi approves, especially after they find out Naruto was one of the legendary Nine Terrors, but Hinata herself is not pleased.
  • This Bites!:
    • Ace, as per canon. Cross has a distinctly This Is Gonna Suck reaction when he's about to reveal to Ace and Luffy that their other brother Sabo is still alive because he knows that not only will Ace not believe him but will see it as nothing more than an extremely cruel manipulation. Cross promptly gets subjected to near-strangulation and the full force of Ace's Conqueror's Haki. This is the best-case scenario Cross imagined - Luffy later confirms that if Cross had gone about it with any less delicacy he would likely be dead.
    • When the SBS accidentally broadcasts everything that happens on Omatsuri Island, the people who are traveling with Ace have to constantly keep up their own Haki to avoid being incinerated just from standing near him.
  • In the PandoraHearts post-series fanfic Beyond the Winding Road, Anderson is this to Oz, doubting that Oz can take care of himself due to his past mental health issues. He goes after Gilbert, whom he sees as a stalker, with all the viciousness of a bull shark. It's sort of justifiable, though, as Oz is implied to have had problems with stalkers in the past and had too many psychological issues than to deal with it himself. Anderson even accuses Gilbert of going along with his brother's "delusions" just so he can find a psychological trigger.
  • In the Bleach Peggy Sue fic Hogyoku ex Machina, when Ichigo learns of Toshiro Hitsugaya's interaction with his sister Karin (soccer game, anime filler), and is led to believe that she had developed a crush on her, the first words out of his mouth are "He dies." Toshiro, who is eavesdropping along with many others, is understandably disturbed. Later, after Ichigo reenters the Final Getsuga Tensho form... What makes this particularly effective? Ichigo always addressed the Squad 10 captain as Toshiro, regardless of how many times the latter demanded to be called Hitsugaya-taicho instead. The circumstances surrounding the above interaction make it so that, when he finally uses the preferred title, the captain immediately begins praying that Ichigo would call him Toshiro again.
    Ichigo: You saw everything? All of you?
    [Yamamoto nods]
    Ichigo: Good. Hitsugaya-taicho.
    [flash steps next to Toshiro and puts his hand on his shoulder, one finger dangerously close to his neck, and the cloth Ichigo is touching begins to burn away from contact with Ichigo's Physical God state]
    Ichigo: Stay out of the living world.
  • In The Hunger Games fic Spectator, Peeta and Thresh act as this for Prim and Rue respectively, Thresh making it clear that he doesn’t want to hurt Rue (leaving it open to the viewers’ interpretation what he’d do if it comes down to just the two of them) and Peeta vowing that he’ll make sure Prim gets home for Katniss's sake even if he has to die for her.
  • Rules: Deconstructed. Light tries to rationalize his use of the Death Note as a way to protect Sayu. A bad car accident later, Light almost kills the innocent drivers of the other car with the Death Note. After Elijah/L manages to make him see sense, Light comes to the bitter realization that even if he manages to make sure criminals will never harm Sayu, he can do nothing to stop random accidents or diseases from doing the same.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines: Belladonna is murderously protective of her girlfriends, so it is no surprise she is this for her potential half-brother Ash. When she learns that he has suffered loss at the hands of a jerk, she vows to make that person pay.
    • The older Eevee Brothers also show shades of this, as they become a tad aggressive towards Ash when he shows up at their party, thinking that if their little brother Mikey tries to emulate him by not evolving his Pokémon, he's taking a huge risk of failing as a trainer.
  • Jon is this to Abby in Legacy Series. If you so much as lay a finger on her without her consent, he will get very, very protective. And since he's the new incarnation of the Arrow, you really don't want him mad at you.
  • In a prequel Craig Of The Creek fanfiction inspired by the South Park episode "The Poor Kid", Wildernessa develops her Wildernessa persona as a means of protecting her younger brother, and it shows quite well when some kids pick on him. She later uses her persona when she becomes the protector of the animals of the Creek.
  • In The Loud House Rule 63 fanfic One Girl with Ten Brothers, Linka's overly-protective brothers go into this when she goes on a date with Robbie Dan (Ronnie Anne's male counterpart), who used to bully Linka.
  • Call of Darkness:
  • Chase, Rex, and Ryuusei all show signs of being protective of Seika, but none so much as Ryuusei. Even when he was trapped in the Spirit World, the mere threat of a Summer King angry at her for offending his little sister Seika was enough to cause Marguerite to back down.
    • Also the case with Yukio Yamada. His primary concern for demanding to kill Kiyoshi is because Kiyoshi tried to kill his twin and his cousin. Later, Chase has insight into Yukio's motivations to protect his twin brother and cousin, but find Seika lacking, because he doesn't know if she can measure up to provide adequately for all three of the Yamada cousins.
  • In Kara of Rokyn, hurting Kara is one of the few things that might make Superman drop his pacifist stance.
    Superman: That crazy Lex Luthor, if he really had hurt you, I don't know if I could keep that oath about not harming anybody.
  • Ren from A Gift of Love loves his sister Lien. Don't look at Lien the wrong way. In fact, don’t even look at her. You’ll die for it.
  • In Run Girl Run, an AU fic where The Umbrella Academy are supervillains, they retain their canonical protectiveness of little Vanya...but it's warped. When she has trouble sleeping, they offer to brainwash her into doing it. When she runs away from them and their blood-bought luxuries, they put a bounty on her head.
  • Parodied in this Persona 5 comic. Yusuke asks the Joker for his blessing to date Futaba. Joker responds by grabbing Yusuke by his shirt and holding a knife to his throat, questioning what did Yusuke do to his baby sister. And then Futaba steps in and asks what they are doing in a deadpanned tone since this was 4th time this happened (meaning the entire series of events was most likely an act).
  • Played for Drama in Family, where Goro and Futaba are half-siblings through Shido, and Goro was adopted by Wakaba. After Wakaba's suicide and Futaba being framed as a cause of her death that led to strings of abuse from her relatives causing her deep trauma, Goro has become greatly protective of her. So when Ren asks him and Sojiro about her (which should be impossible since she remains hidden in their home), Goro freaks out and slams his wall to trap Ren, furiously demanding the other boy to tell him how he learned of her. It's only when he sees Ren's terrified reaction that Goro pulls back.
  • In Dead Last Blossom, Kakashi and Obito are brother figures to Naruto and Sasuke. During one of Team 7's mission reports, they run into Kakashi, and he recognizes something is wrong when Naruto swats away an Affectionate Gesture to the Head. He then deduces that it is because Naruto doesn't want that side shown to his third teammate Sakuyanote , and id the boy as a stress factor to the blonde. Obito quickly realizes Kakashi's conclusion and steps in to protect his student from any hostility from his old teammate.
  • Archer in Lancer Gets Serious collaborate with Caster in secret for his own long-term plans. That is until he discovered that Caster had taken control of Berserker after capturing Illya due to being the Lesser Grail, then he starts his counterattacknote .
  • Katsuki Bakugo in Viridescent might still be an arrogant ace like in canon, but here he is also a Big Brother Mentor for Izuku. When the Sports Tournament match between Izuku and Todoroki pushed Izuku into using his quirk at max power, revealing him as the son of feared villain Heat Viper, Bakugo faces off against Todoroki in an unexpected Tranquil Fury as he seemingly trashes Todoroki in their match effortless, when in truth pushing his own body to the limit with his explosive quirk.
  • In The Gender Bend Omake: Big Brother Zeref, Zeref, the darkest and most deadly mage in black magic history and the tyrannical emperor of the most dangerous, richest countries in the world, goes out of his way to personally assassinate Luca Heartfilla. Zeref was initially going to do his best to ensure he remains alive due to being friends with his mother, but that changed when he found out Luca was in a relationship with Natsu, his little sister.

    Films — Animated 
  • BIONICLE: Mask of Light: Makuta has deluded himself into thinking that keeping the Great Spirit in eternal sleep is "protecting" him from disturbances.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Alpha Dog. When Jake Mazursky learns that Johnny Truelove has kidnapped his little brother Zack to get back at Jake, he promises his estranged stepmom that he will do anything to get Zack back. Jake immediately goes on a rampage, crashes a local house party held by some of Truelove's friends by beating up half the people in the room and when Truelove calls him up, Jake threatens Truelove with enacting brutal and painful vengeance unless he releases Zack. Deconstructed, however, in that this doesn't help Zack's return at all and just prompts Truelove to relocate with his victim.
  • American History X: Derek threatens to feed Cameron's heart to him if he continues trying to corrupt Danny as he did with him.
  • Haru from Beverly Hills Ninja: "I may not be the Great White Ninja, I may not be one with the universe but I know this...NO ONE MESSES WITH MY BROTHER!"
  • The Blind Side: Michael is usually a Gentle Giant, but a drug dealer hits Michael's Berserk Button by making sexual comments about Collins, and Michael flies into an Unstoppable Rage.
  • This is one of the main plot points behind Dead Man's Shoes. After the main protagonist, Richard, returns from the war to discover that his brother was pulled by a group of thugs, Richard puts justice into his own hands and murders them all.
  • Four Brothers: Bobby Mercer is already pretty violent and short-tempered to begin with, but hurt his younger brothers and he will put you in either the hospital or a body bag. He proves this multiple times throughout the movie, especially when he goes on a murderous rampage against Detroit crimelord Victor Sweet and his cronies after the murder of youngest brother Jack.
  • The titular character of Ginger Snaps starts out as a Knight Templar Big Sister and gets steadily worse over the course of the movie, as her transformation into a werewolf makes her more and more aggressive. For example, she kills the janitor because she thought she saw him look down Brigitte's top earlier in the movie.
  • The Li Sisters in How To Train Our Dragon are a Badass Crew of five Knight Templar Big Sisters all dedicated to making sure their baby brother never gets a girlfriend so he won't have his heart broken.
  • Will and Mickster hunt down, torture, and murder the man who raped Davey in "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead".
  • Jason's Lyric: Jason confronts and gets into a vicious fight with his girlfriend, Lyric's, brother, Alonzo "A-1", upon learning the latter viciously tortured his younger brother, Joshua, for messing up the task in the bank robbery.
  • In the 1938 Yiddish film Mamele, Khavkhe (Molly Picon) takes care of her whole family. A gangster, Max Katz, recruits her brother into a burglary gang and courts her sister (with the intention of turning her into a prostitute). Khavkhe manages to pickpocket Katz's gun and makes him write a letter breaking up with the sister. ("You may be a Katz (cat), but you'll leave here as a kitten.")
  • Prey for Rock & Roll: Animal beats his stepfather to death for raping his sister Sally. Later, after Nick rapes Sally, Animal has to be stopped from covering his mouth and nose with duct tape to smother him.
  • Leon: The Professional: This is the reason why Mathilda Lando wants to kill Norman Stansfield and his gang of corrupt DEA agents and cops since they murdered her 4-year-old brother alongside their father, stepmother, and stepsister.
  • Prom Night (1980): Inverted; Alex Hammond is Kim's younger brother but will attack anyone who looks at her funny or harasses her, as shown when he picks a fight with Lou Farmer and his cronies when he forcibly kisses Kim. And that's not going into what he has planned for whoever killed his twin sister Robin...
  • The Sabata Trilogy: In the third film, four men face Sabata in a duel to the death because he got their sister pregnant and didn't stick around afterward.
  • Tony Montana from Scarface (1983) is just a tiny bit overprotective of his little sister Gina, even going as far as murdering Manny Ribera, his best buddy, for sleeping with her behind his back. However, unbeknownst to him, said friend had married Gina the day before. Worth noting that more than one critic has observed an incestuous undertone to some of Tony's actions of which Gina also accuses him when she tries to kill him in revenge.
  • When the protagonist of Sick Girl finds out her little brother's being bullied, she hunts the three bullies down, kills one of them, and forces the lead bully to drown the other, then ties him up in her barn and spends several days torturing him to death.
  • Do not hurt Molly in Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers, emotionally or physically. Angela will kill you for it. Just ask Ally, who was drowned in an outhouse for committing that crime!
  • Something Wicked: Bill is a police officer who is violently protective of his sister Which she later takes advantage of by manipulating him to kill her murder accomplice and pin her crimes on him.

  • Gretchen Richter in 1632 is a gender-switched version of this, for her brother Hans.
  • Cal Leandros:
    • Niko Leandros would burn the world to protect his brother. The only reason Cal ever gets near to any combat is that Nico is a firm believer that the only way to be ready for combat is to actually participate in it.
    • Cal reciprocates the sentiment just as strongly. And considering he's slowly slipping into a Sociopathic Type V Anti-Hero over the course of the series with Niko as his sole Morality Chain...the question isn't if he kills you, but how much he'll make it hurt before he does so.
  • A Court of Thorns and Roses: After her young sister was tortured and killed, Amarantha was obsessed with getting revenge on the murderer, fighting an entire army to get to Jurian. She even refused her king's summons to focus on Jurian and after capturing him, she spent weeks torturing him to death, then used magic to link his consciousness to his eye and fingerbone, which she made into jewellery and wears constantly.
  • The Dresden Files: You do NOT mess with Thomas Raith's siblings, not even if you're their father. Especially his younger siblings Inari and Harry (who, though younger, reciprocates the sentiment as the Relative Button is a pretty big frickin' deal to him).
  • In Hell's Children, by Andrew Boland, you never, ever mess with Acheri, or her de facto big Brother, Precision, will Mind Rape you.
  • Thresh in The Hunger Games seemed to take Rue, the girl from his district, in as a sister because when she died, he was infuriated by her death. During the feast, Thresh overhears Clove bragging about Rue's death to Katniss. He then kills Clove to avenge Rue.
  • Max in Maximum Ride. She's normally a calm and easy-going person. However, she treats the flock like her own brothers and sisters. If you're foolish enough to threaten one of them, you're gonna regret it.
  • In Le Morte D Arthur, Gawain goes absolutely berserk after Gareth, his youngest and most innocent sibling, dies, swearing to kill Lancelot for it. He changes his mind before dying.
  • James Vane from The Picture of Dorian Gray. His little sister Sybill killed herself when he was working abroad, so when he found out, he swore to kill the culprit, Dorian Gray. He almost got his wish, but was accidentally shot to death.
  • In Piece of My Heart, It's obvious Charlie loves his younger brother and is willing to do anything to protect him, but he's also in deep denial about the severity of Daniel's mental issues and the danger he poses to others. Daniel's ex-wife Roseanne says that because of Charlie using his influence as a cop to pull strings, Daniel wasn't sent to jail or institutionalised even after he violated a restraining order and attacked her with a knife in front of their daughter. Charlie also tried to block the court orders Roseanne sought to keep Daniel away from her and Bella, believing it was wrong of Roseanne to take Daniel's child away from him. When the protagonists realise Daniel has Johnny in Rehoboth Beach, Roseanne warns them not to contact the local police, believing that Charlie would warn Daniel and make him panic.
  • If you decide to kill and eat Hannibal Lecter's baby sister, don't be surprised when her brother tracks you down and makes a shish-kebab of your cheeks. With mushrooms.
  • Wings of Fire: Darkstalker's father, Arctic, kidnaps and mind controls his sister Whiteout. Darkstalker responds by doing a mind-control spell on Arctic himself and forcing him to disembowel himself with his own claws.
  • Wonder Woman: Warbringer: Jason has lots and lots of security hired, and is paranoid about Alia's safety. After The Reveal of his true intentions, it's questionable whether he actually wanted to protect Alia for any reason beyond ensuring she lived long enough to start the war she's destined to bring.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In Arrow, Oliver's sister Thea takes a new drug called Vertigo and drives under the influence due to family issues. So Oliver does the reasonable thing and visits her in the hospital, and then he tries to support her legally, especially after the judge wants to make an example of her, and tries to help resolve the family issue that led to the car crash. So why is this entry here? Because he also tracks down the drug lord that made the drug and sells it, known as The Count, and injects him with the very drug in its purest form in an insanely large quantity, leaving him insane due to the drug making him imagine being in the most excruciating pain possible. The episode ends with him spasming violently and screaming strapped to a hospital stretcher as a doctor explains his extreme condition. And he never got NEAR Thea, only being an indirect cause!
  • Cesare Borgia is this to a somewhat frightening degree in regards to his younger sister Lucrezia. By the third episode, he's threatening to cut her husband-to-be's heart out with a dinner knife if he's "ungallant". He shows some signs of this towards one of his younger brothers, Gioffre. Not so much with Juan.
  • Bridgerton: the eldest child, Anthony Bridgerton, is famously this. In season 1, he shut down all of his sister, Daphne's, suitors. He's even more outraged upon finding out about Daphne and Simon Basset (his best friend and a notorious rake) getting closer. When he catches her making out with Simon, he calls for a duel between them in a misguided attempt to protect Daphne's honor. He even gets into a bloody fight with his own brother-in-law upon sensing the trouble in her sister's marriage.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Buffy warns her friends in the Season 5 finale that she will kill anyone who tries to lay a hand on her little sister, Dawn, True Companions included, even though Dawn's death might prevent the apocalypse, and Dawn is a magical creation only a few months old instead of a natural-born sibling.
    • In Season 2, Willow is kidnapped by a group of vampires looking to revive The Master, intending to use her (and a few others) as a human sacrifice. Xander, who blames this on Buffy being depressed and distracted after being clinically dead, threatens to "kill [her] myself" if Willow isn't rescued unharmed.
  • Jing Tian from Chinese Paladin 3 boomerangs from having a simple Big Brother Instinct to full-on Knight Templarhood. For example, his reaction to seeing his best friend "threatening" his little sister with a Healing Shiv is to attack and nearly kill him.
  • Burn Notice:
    • Do not pick on Nate, Michael Westen's little brother. It is unhealthy. As those involved with Nate's assassination in Season 6 discovered.
    • In the episode "Comrades", there is a deconstruction. Michael meets a Russian woman named Katya whose little sister Elena is kidnapped by the Russian Mafia. Michael has to convince her that being a vengeful big sister might not actually be in the little sister's interest.
  • Carnivàle: Don't get in between Iris Crowe's little brother and...anything. Just don't.
  • Chuck: No matter how he tries to negate it, John Casey seems to take that road in regards to Chuck, even though he always claims it's to protect the Intersect. The Casey Doth Protest Too Much, indeed.
  • Firefly: Don't mess with Simon's little sister. Just don't. And don't mess with River's big brother. Pity the poor Reavers.
  • Friends — Ross attempts to be this to Monica after she got engaged to Chandler, stating that if Chandler ever hurt her, he was going to "...hunt him down, and KICK HIS ASS!". The rest of the friends (including Chandler himself) found this hysterical.
  • Game of Thrones: Jaime plays the role of "the protector" to both of his siblings, who are disabled and female respectively. As the able-bodied brother, he has spent a lifetime protecting both of them. He's one of the very few people who genuinely loves and cares for Tyrion, and he thus reacts badly when Tyrion's safety is threatened. Cersei also mentions that he would have killed Robert if he found out about the Domestic Abuse in "You Win or You Die". Given that his siblings hate each other, this sometimes gets messy between the three of them. He refuses to kill Tyrion when Cersei asks him to after Joffrey's death.
    Jaime: He's my brother. He's our brother.
  • Big Bad Kanzaki Shirou from Kamen Rider Ryuki very definitely fits this trope. His whole Evil Plan was just one big scheme to save his little sister from dying.
  • Reika Shindai in Kamen Rider Saber is definitely this, despite being a little sister. God forbid you should even get too close to her older brother or be another woman interested in him, lest you incur her wrath.
  • It is revealed in one episode of Malcolm in the Middle that Reese is this to Malcolm, and that was the only thing keeping him from getting beat up for his smart mouth. Malcolm finds this out when his brother decides to be nice for the rest of his life.
  • Mr. Robot: Even if she is his younger sibling, Darlene will not let anyone manipulate and hurt her older brother Elliot and use his mental illness against him. She was slightly mad at Angela, whom Elliot was in love with for using his split personality for Stage 2 plan and working with the Dark Army behind their backs.
  • Don Eppes of NUMB3RS. Not just towards Charlie, even (although Charlie is definitely the primary trigger for this). Don behaves like this towards the team in general.
    • "Trust Metric": When given a choice between boarding a foreign ship illegally and possibly letting Colby die, the only question Don poses to make the choice is whether Colby's death is a likely outcome or not. The fact that a rescue operation would require breaking international law is clearly not relevant to him.
    • Watch very carefully when Don blows up at Nikki in "The Decoy Effect". It's not the case he's worried about, it's that Nikki could have been hurt or killed.
  • Though he isn't the oldest, Tommy Shelby of Peaky Blinders is very overprotective of his younger siblings, especially Ada and Finn — in fact, much of Season One is taken up with Tommy doing his damndest to get Freddie Thorne away from his sister because he believes Freddie is just using Ada to get at the Peaky Blinders and leak information to his Communist allies. It's only towards the end of the season that he finally decides to let them be together when he's convinced Freddie loves Ada more than anything.
  • Prison Break: Don't mess with Linc or Michael will come up with an elaborate plan to destroy you. Don't mess with Michael or Linc will kick your ass.
  • Sons of Anarchy: At six years old Abel is shaping up to be one that would make even Buffy the Vampire Slayer herself scared: after learning Gemma killed his mother he attacks another boy, claiming it an accident. He is caught swinging a hammer around to protect his younger brother Thomas. When Gemma is given birds as a gift he takes a page from Vito Corleone and kills them before putting them in her bed, then goes one step further by stabbing his toys and painting threats on the wall. And to top it off he reveals to Jax what happened.
  • Supernatural has the Winchester brothers. Both of them.
    • If you think of putting even a single finger on Sammy, you should be fist and gun proof. Or, if you're an angel, messing with Sam to get Dean's agreement is a very bad idea.
    • After making Sam watch Dean die over a hundred times in one episode to try to desensitize Sam to losing Dean (it doesn't work; after Lilith kills Dean, Sam turns to The Dark Side for vengeance and the power to save the world) the Trickster/Gabriel comments that:
    "Whoever said Dean was the dysfunctional one has never seen you with a sharp object in your hands."
    • You probably don't want to mess with Castiel on Dean's watch (or vice versa) either, although they are more like unofficially adopted siblings
    • Lucifer and Michael might have been trying to destroy one another, but Lucifer got pretty vengeful when Castiel Molotov'd Michael.
  • Justin, from Wizards of Waverly Place, tells his younger sister, Alex, that he always thought he would intimidate her boyfriends if they got out of line, and in "Wizards vs. Werewolves" he fights Mason (who is in full werewolf mode) for her with his bare hands.
  • In The X-Files, Scully's big brother Bill. It's really annoying since this is a woman who has been shown to be able to handle herself time and time again amongst a predominantly male-oriented workplace. She goes out of her way to never be accused of special treatment because she's a woman. And yet she lets Bill push Mulder around all the time.
    • It's not all the time. Bill and Mulder meet about twice in the entire course of the series, and though Bill bad-mouths Mulder, the fights between the men usually happen when she's not around. Mulder is capable of holding his own in those fights. The annoyance of this trope comes more from the fact that Bill is making assumptions with half the story.
    • Also slightly justified when it comes out that Bill has always acted like this as a result of having to be "the man of the house" when his father was away at sea, and that Dana has always taken his opinion with a grain of salt. It's not only Mulder Bill has a problem with, but her having a life different from what was expected of her: joining the FBI rather than practicing medicine, not getting married, having a child out of wedlock...Mulder is only a part of it, though a substantial part.
    • And though his little sister is gone for the entire series, Mulder could most definitely count. He's spent his entire adult life searching for and avenging his sister's kidnapping. Samantha Mulder is the reason Mulder works on the X-Files and why he is so determined to uncover the conspiracy. He does not hesitate to hurt or kill someone in the process of finding her.
  • On Youngers, Jodie's brother is this. He threatens to beat Jay up for just looking at her and when Jay breaks up with her, she tells him, which leads to a beatdown.

    Myths & Religion 
  • The Bible
    • Absalom from Books of Samuel, who learns that his sister Tamar was raped and humiliated by their half-brother Amnon and, instead of going to a higher authority, like their father, David, he goes and kills Amnon himself. Subverted Trope as David was already well aware of what had occurred (2 Samuel: 22-23). His response was to be 'greatly upset'... and do absolutely nothing to punish Amnon. Absalom decided to take justice into his own hands - it was obvious none was forthcoming from their father, the king and for the time, this was an understandable course of action. This is then Double Subverted, when after getting revenge for Tamar and being forgiven by his father for killing Amnon, Absalom starts plotting to overthrow David at all costs out of revenge. Notably as slow as Absalom sunk, he never stopped loving his sister, even naming his daughter after her.
    • In a similar incident in the Book of Genesis, two of the sons of Jacob killed everybody in a village for mistreating their sister. Presumably they wished the feud to end right away. To put it into perspective, Jacob's daughter Dinah had been raped by a prominent member of the village who fell in love with her. Despite the circumstances, he and his father wanted to smooth over relations with Jacob's family and offered to pay for her dowry as if she'd still been a virgin, which was actually quite a generous offer at the time. Jacob seemed to warm up to the offer, but his sons demanded that all the men of the village circumcise themselves to become part of Jacob's tribe. The men agreed, with the idea that they would now be able to intermarry with Jacob's tribe. After all the men were circumcised and helpless, though, Dinah's brothers Simeon and Levi took advantage of the situation and slaughter the entire village, taking only women and children alive as slaves. When Jacob criticized them for the actions, saying that no one would trust him now, they only replied: "Our sister should not be treated like a whore." Jacob went along with this right up until just before he died, at which point he called them in and disinherited them for wiping out a village for the actions of one man.
  • Mabinogion:
    • Efnisien gets hugely angry when his half-sister, Branwen, was married to the king of Ireland while he was away and couldn’t give his opinion:
    And thereupon he rushed under the horses and cut off their lips at the teeth, and their ears close to their heads, and their tails close to their backs, and wherever he could clutch their eyelids, he cut them to the very bone, and he disfigured the horses and rendered them useless.
    • When Branwen's husband starts treating her like a slave as retaliation for Efnisien's Disproportionate Retribution, all her brothers go to war to defend her honour.
  • Apollo of Greek Mythology tricked his sister Artemis into killing her almost-Love Interest Orion because he didn't want her to break her vows of chastity. (Though technically, he's her younger twin.)

  • Lenny Priestly of Survival of the Fittest v3 will do anything to make sure his twin sister Elizabeth is safe. Anything, as he kills people for this reason. Though possibly a subversion, as it has been implied that he used her as an excuse to kill, especially since he went Ax-Crazy and stopped being an Anti-Villain.

  • The filecards for G.I. Joe members Barrel Roll and Bombstrike, and the filecard for Cobra operative Blackout contain a story where Barrel Roll acts as Knight Templar to rescue his sister Bombstrike after Black Sheep brother Blackout kidnaps her.

    Video Games 
  • Battlefield 1 has Luca Vincenzo Cocchiola, an Italian soldier who massacres his way through whole squads of Austro-Hungarian soldiers in search of his younger brother Mateo. This makes sense considering that the two brothers are in the middle of World War I, and placed on dangerous missions apart from each other.
  • The Big Sisters from BioShock 2 are the sister equivalent of this trope. To make matters worse, they are incredibly fast, can easily kill you with a few hits, have a lot of health, climb walls, plus they often make mooks spawn and occasionally flood the area which results in visual impairment. They are the reason why most players were happy when the fight for a Little Sister was only against a Big Daddy.
  • Konoe A. Mercury, better known by her nickname "Nine", of BlazBlue is one of the Six Heroes who battled and defeated the Black Beast. And she happens to be fiercely protective of her baby sister Celica. If she so much as suspects that you might cause trouble for her, she will roast you alive with her magic. Merely being male is enough for her to have such suspicions. Worst case scenario, you are blown to oblivion by one of Nine's creations, the GODDAMNED Nox Nyctores Kill Sat Take-Mikazuchi, which is exactly what she did to the Beast.
  • In Borderlands 2, it's implied that Scooter acts like the trope towards his sister, Ellie, despite Ellie telling Scooter to leave her alone and stop setting her customers on fire.
  • Bug Fables has Riz, a paranoid damselfly who lives in an isolated fishing village deep within the treacherous Far Grasslands with his little sister and father. He loves his family deeply and is fiercely protective of them to the point that he tries to fight Team Snakemouth to the death when they approach his home. Even after beating him and earning his trust, he still doesn't completely trust them around his family and will go ballistic if they give his sister a snack.
  • In Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Raul Menendez is willing to bomb Los Angeles and start a world revolution that could get millions of innocent people killed to avenge the accidental death of his sister Josephina at the hands of Woods.
  • Albus in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. Does everything he can to protect Shanoa in the first half of the game, going so far as to appear a villain for it, until Barlowe is outed, anyway.
  • Kaito in Digimon Survive is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold who spends the entirety of the game laser-focused on protecting his Annoying Younger Sibling Miu and thrashing anything & anyone that gets in his way. This leads to conflict between the two as Miu feels suffocated by his strict overprotectiveness while Kaito struggles to take her feelings into consideration and yells at her for talking back to him.
  • Disgaea:
    • Targeting Axel's little brother is not a good idea, something a repo man learned the hard way at the end of the Axel story. And as aforementioned Dark Hero learned the hard way, do not abduct Adell's siblings or Rozalin's "servants". For any reason at all.
    • The plot of Disgaea Dimension 2 can be summed up as this given that Xenolith would allow the Netherworld to transform into something similar to Celestia as well as give up his life if it means saving his little sister Etna. Alas, Etna constantly refuses to acknowledge that Xenolith is her older brother even with her life on the line. One particular bad ending has Xenolith fail to save Etna when she refuses to acknowledge that Xenolith is her older brother and destroys the artifact that is destroying the Netherworld with her powers in it. That power ends up killing her and everything he has done had been for nothing.
    • The Big Bad of Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance, Void Dark, started his interdimensional conquest across all Netherworlds to gather enough power and the right Overloads to resurrect his sister, Liezerota, and create the ideal world for him and his sister to live in, the lives of everyone else be damned. Even after he dies in the final battle, the evil spirit within his heart goes on a violent rampage to protect his sister at any cost, even possessing her.
  • The rewritten version of Dormitabis had Garvey start out his killing spree when he wanted to avenge his brother John after the Bite of '83 incident. Once he tasted the blood of children, the rest was history, and he began to wish John would grow up to stop him after he loses himself completely.
  • In Dragon Age II, the player character can act like this towards their younger sibling, Bethany or Carver. And considering what can potentially happen to them throughout the game, including the inevitable death of one of them, it's no wonder. It's much more prominent with Bethany, however, such as when Ser Wesley identifies Bethany as being an apostate in the prologue, causing Hawke to immediately step in front of her and stare down the Templar with a Death Glare. This even happens if Hawke is a mage, putting themselves potentially in the line of fire to protect her. Should Bethany go to the Circle, Hawke similarly threatens to disembowel any Templar who touches her, only relenting when Bethany explains she's going peacefully and on her own accord.
  • Dirge of Cerberus messes with this. It's actually the little brother, Nero, who goes completely batshit when his big brother is threatened.
  • A possible sidequest in The Godfather 2 involves you being told to beat up or kill someone taking advantage of the quest-giver's sibling.
  • In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, CJ finds out that some construction workers have been calling his sister Kendl a hooker. Not only does he bust up the portables at the construction site, but he also traps the foreman in a porta-potty and uses a cement mixer to bury him alive. And all the while, the poor guy is screaming "OH GOD, WHY?!"
  • Elro in Iconoclasts was already protective of Robin from the start due to the passing of their father, but he takes it too far after his wife and daughter are killed and Robin decides to keep fighting One Concern against his wishes. His aggressiveness and refusal to do anything that would put Robin in danger (even though any idiot can see that Robin is clearly capable of handling herself) makes him The Millstone of the party, resulting in him trying to take on The Dragon alone by locking himself in with her (this gets his arm ripped off and scatters the party across the world) and being very uncooperative in a plan that’s vital to saving the planet. The cruel irony is that, while he never admits it, Elro is the initial cause of all the dangers Robin goes through; before the game started, he performed a petty act of rebellion against One Concern (whom he blamed for his father’s death), which killed Agent Grey, which caused Agent Black (the aforementioned Dragon) to become bent on getting revenge on Elro and his family, as Grey was the one person who treated Black with genuine kindness and it's strongly implied she was in love with Grey because of this. At the very end of the game, he grudgingly admits that he could probably stand to ease up a bit on his overprotectiveness. Robin had to single-handedly kill the being worshipped as an all-powerful creator god by One Concern for this to happen. Granted, this "god" was really just some alien trucker's spaceship, but Elro doesn't know that.
  • Axel of Kingdom Hearts, towards Roxas. He raises the amnesiac keyblade-wielding Nobody... but he's also a really Psycho Supporter.
  • It's implied that Joel from The Last of Us was this for his younger brother, Tommy. Considering that they've spent the last twenty years living in a Zombie Apocalypse and Joel lost his daughter within the first hours of the outbreak, you can't blame him for being scared. However, it's implied that Joel did much more than kill people and Infected.
  • The plot of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is set in motion when Link's little sister Aryll is kidnapped by a massive bird. He then proceeds to journey through perilous dungeons, slay legions of monsters, a few of which are thirty times his size, smash the bird's skull in with a giant hammer, murder the man who sent it by stabbing him through the forehead and leave his petrified corpse at the bottom of the ocean, all over the course of several days. Also, the bird's master was the King of Evil who turned Hyrule into a desolate ruin ages ago. Oh, and not only is this the goofiest Link to ever exist, he isn't even a "real" Link! He's not descended from the original Link like all the others, he's just some random kid named after the legendary Hero of Time like probably a hundred other boys out there. There's no prophecy or destiny backing him up on any of this, and yet he manages to pull it off anyway because someone kidnapped his sister and he's pissed.
  • Mega Man:
    • Mega Man and Proto Man are teaming up together in 10 to get the vaccines for Roboenza and cure Roll. Mega Man goes after Wily before he goes after the Robot Masters. Whoever created this virus better have good life insurance. Yeah, Wily's life insurance is up to date. Bastard's still alive.
    • Blues in Mega Man Megamix fits the 'morally questionable actions' part of the trope (what separates it from Big Brother Instinct), up to and including threatening to kill Kalinka Cossack if anyone gets involved in the Mirror Match between Mega Man and Copy-Mega Man. Not only was there the risk that they'd shoot the wrong one if they'd tried to help, but Dr. Wily had given Shadowman orders to take advantage of the chaos to kidnap Kalinka. Blues couldn't help Mega Man fight without letting Kalinka get snatched, and he needed some way to keep the other robot masters present from trying to help Rock and causing the Fog of War Wily was going for. If he hadn't threatened her, they would have tried to go through him, and Shadowman would have taken her while he was distracted. By the side of the one with the shield was the safest place for a human among a lot of robot masters with itchy trigger fingers, and he did succeed in saving everyone except Copy-Mega Man. There are plenty of other examples.
    • Consider that Wily based his own robot designs on Proto Man's specs. Bass would then be multiple inversions of the trope: he's on a constant mission to destroy Mega Man, and if Wily pisses him off he'll gladly take it out on the other Wily bots...who are also Proto Man ripoffs.
    • Any attempt to harm Mega Man X or Zero in the other's presence will result in the survivor of the pair bringing the Big Bad's fortress down on top of you. In later games, if you take out Axl, you now have to deal with TWO pissed-off Knight Templar Big Brothers.
  • The protagonist of the Japan-only NieR Replicant is The Unfettered when it comes to protecting his sister Yonah (in the Western version, he's instead a Papa Wolf).
  • In Persona 4, acting this way and throwing Namatame into the TV after Nanako's apparent death will get you the worst ending.
  • Played for Laughs in Persona 4: Arena, where Yu is given the Embarrassing Nickname "The Sister Complex Kingpin of Steel". Additionally, when Yosuke is forced to face a flanderized version of Yu based on this nickname, Yu gets pissed no matter what Yosuke says about Nanako, to the point where the fight between the two is initiated by Yosuke pretending to insult her.
    Yosuke: (to himself) Ahem… sorry, Nanako-chan. (to Yu) Haa haa! That Nanako-chan! What a dummy, right!?
    Yu: That's it… your life is forfeit!
    • Whatever happens, whoever you are, whatever the reason, never never never harm Dana Mercer in any way, because the consequences for doing so come in the form of her big brother, Alex. Alex is a shapeshifting, superstrong, superfast, superagile, incredibly resilient Humanoid Abomination with issues, and Dana is the one thing in the world he cares about. Alex once prevented Dana's capture by punching through the torso of a soldier wearing body armor. Alex ate a few dozen people who happened to be vaguely connected to Dana's location when kidnapped, and two monsters, and the mastermind herself. Alex is already not wholly stable. Try something safer, like playing Chicken with the sun. And in a wholly depressing twist, Alex isn't even really Dana's brother, simply a virus wearing her brother's corpse like a suit. The real man cared so little about his younger sister that he knowingly condemned her to a hideous death with the rest of the world when he released the virus before he died and it consumed his remains. This was a man so devoid of love that a flesh-eating virus designed specifically to wipe out humanity cares for his sister more than he did. What a dick.
    • In the sequel, Alex appears to have dropped this trait, alongside almost any positive traits he had. Though despite Dana working against his evil plan, he chooses to capture her, rather than just kill her like he did Heller's other contact, Father Guerra.
  • Tales of Symphonia:
    • Zelos Wilder. Though Seles seems to hate him for being born since her mother tried to kill him so that Seles could be The Chosen One instead, but Zelos' mother saved him, and as a result, Seles' own mother was executed, he will "throw anyone who so much as looks at her wrong down the Palmacosta harbor". Whoa, dude, chill.
    • Mithos Yggdrasil from the same game. He split the world into two and caused everything that leads up to the main plot. His goal? To resurrect his sister Martel.
    • Guy Cecil from Tales of the Abyss — his older sister Mary may be dead, but he practically raised Luke. Guy's a pretty chill person normally, but if you so much as threaten one hair on Luke's head, you press his Berserk Button. Especially evident during the Summit, when Jade suggests Luke die in Asch's place, and Guy grabs Jade by his collar, actually yells, and calls Jade a bastard for it.
  • In Tales of Xillia 2, this ends up being inverted if you choose to see the bad ending by making Ludger refuse to kill his older brother Julius (Something the latter wants, as he's doomed, and it's the only way to extract a Soul Bridge from him, a key that the party needs to save the world). Gaius proceeds to state that he'll do the deed himself, then things get ugly from there.
  • In the Team Fortress 2 comics, the Heavy is revealed to be this to both his three younger sisters and his mother. After his father was executed for being a counter-revolutionary, the Heavy and his family were sent to a gulag in 1941; they remained prisoners for three months until he broke them out after setting the camp on fire. It was later found that all the other prisoners had escaped and that all the guards had also been tortured to death. He then moved his family to an isolated cabin in Siberia, where he hoped they could be kept safe from any would-be pursuers, and took a job as a mercenary to provide for them. Deconstructed in the present when his sisters confess that they're sick of eating bear meat every single day and living in the middle of nowhere, and that they want to leave Russia. Then it's reconstructed when they reveal that not only have men already come for them while Heavy was working in America, but that his sisters "butchered them like hogs" and saw to it that they all died screaming, deliberately neglecting to tell their brother because they did not want him to worry. While Heavy is conflicted by the revelation, he is content with the knowledge that his sisters are strong enough to look out for themselves and agrees to help them move (and even promises his mother that they will never have to eat bear meat again).
  • Miguel Rojo of Tekken, a Spanish brawler who entered into the King of Iron Fist Tournament to have a chance to kill Jin Kazama after he ordered an air strike that claimed Miguel's sister's life. He was like this back when she was alive too, having almost murdered her fiance after he heard about their marraige plans.
  • In Until Dawn, Josh turns out to be this. Ever since his sisters' tragic deaths, he went into a great depression and was even went through a major Sanity Slippage. The whole reason for the return to Blackwood Pines lodge was just to get revenge against those whom he blamed for Hannah and Beth's deaths. Depending on the choices made by the player, he may succeed in getting his revenge.
  • Beat from The World Ends with You makes a Face–Heel Turn in reaction to Rhyme getting erased; he becomes a Reaper in the hopes of restoring her to life.
  • Gulcasa of Yggdra Union. Serious harm befalling his younger half-sister Emilia induces Berserk Button-level rage, and towards the end of the game — directly after he learns that she has been killed by the Royal Army — said rage causes him to reject Yggdra's repeated pleas for a cease-fire to the war that has effectively destroyed most of his country. Usually, he's a shrewd and reasonable ruler, but in this case...
    • Emilia actually inverts the trope in one of the routes of Blaze Union where Gulcasa never discovers his powers (or that they're related), and purposely risks going permanently Ax-Crazy in order to get the power to protect him and the rest of her adoptive older siblings in Gram Blaze. On the chance that she actually does go insane, Gulcasa is left Staking the Loved One, after which he crawls into his Shinji corner and doesn't come out..

    Visual Novels 
  • Played for Laughs in Cafe Enchante as Misyr isn't related to Il or Kotone but more often than not, he acts a very protective older brother towards them. He hesitated in letting Il leave the café on his own (since the last time Il did, he was almost kidnapped) and is the most openly disapproving of any hint of interest of Rindo towards Kotone.
  • Both Keiichi Maebara and later, Shion Sonozaki, from Higurashi: When They Cry fall prey to this syndrome when their non-blood-related "sister", little Satoko Houjou, is abused by her uncle. Winds up leading to some of the most tragic endings of the games in Keiichi's case whereas when it happens to Shion she does get convinced that murder isn't the only solution, even if her friends initially also think there's no way to get rid of her uncle. Satoko ends up saved later on in that arc through the power of lawyers and nepotism, only for everyone to be murdered by the Big Bad. It is also shown that Satoko's actual brother, Satoshi did the same regarding the aunt.
  • Clover in Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors has a suspicion on who killed her older brother, Snake, in Door 3. In the Axe Ending, when she calculates who the murderers are, she acts on said misconception, killing both Santa, Seven (the suspected murderers) and June for defending them, before turning against the protagonist himself. Though depending on how well the game is played, the players can get the True Ending, where Junpei befriends her and inadvertently stumbles across a crucial clue that indicates her brother is still alive.
  • Kaoru "Sou-Banchou" Ichimonji from Tokimeki Memorial 2 is revealed to be this if you romance his younger sister, Akane. And this is the main character's own fault: Sou-Banchou witnessed first-hand how utterly heartbroken the poor girl was was when you-as-the-MC moved outta the city, so he swore to punch any guy who made her cry.

    Web Animation 


    Web Original 
  • In Brennus, Amy is very very protective of her younger brother Basil, although she doesn't tell him about everything she does. He still thinks some of the Hemogoblins got away. She tore them limb from limb.
  • In Dead West, Cedric, big time. His finer moments include burning several churches (only the first was warranted) and dropping a teenager into a huge, steam-powered meat grinder. Feet first. He kind of deserved it. And the way he killed his best friend for molesting his little brother belongs to the Nightmare Fuel page.

    Western Animation 
  • Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory may appear to be a flake, but you do NOT harm her little brother. Or she will kick your ass.
  • Glenn Quagmire from Family Guy is a horrible man, but when he finds out that his (presumed younger) sister's boyfriend is abusive towards her, he ends up running over said boyfriend, killing him.
  • Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls can be this. Though he and his sister Mabel are twins (and he's the younger one), he is perfectly willing to exact some revenge on those who wronged her... even if she doesn't want revenge herself.
  • While they're on separate sides, Protoman from Mega Man (Ruby-Spears) certainly fits. No one, save Protoman himself, is allowed to touch Mega Man — not even Wily. True, he states that wants to defeat Mega Man himself, but not really.
  • Rick and Morty sees the titular Morty Smith gradually become this as he becomes a darker, more jaded character thanks to Rick's influence, though Morty is the younger brother. The best example is in "The Whirly-Dirly Conspiracy"; Summer develops issues with her self-esteem and body image after her boyfriend breaks up with her, and tries to change her body using an invention of Rick's, which goes horribly wrong and which Morty and Beth have to fix. Afterwards, Morty uses this same invention to horrifically disfigure Summer's now-ex-boyfriend as revenge for breaking her heart.
  • Kenny McCormick from South Park displays this in the episode "The Poor Kid". If you have the gall to mess with Karen McCormick, Kenny proves that he would smash your face in quite viciously, as Jessica Pinkerton finds out. The rest of the school gets the hint that the girl is off-limits.
  • In the Star vs. the Forces of Evil episode "Princess Quasar Caterpillar and the Magic Bell," Ludo finds out that his younger brother, Dennis, is rebuilding their family's old castle. Due to his unpleasant memories regarding their family, Ludo initially objects to this, until it's revealed that the castle's landowner is a JerkAss who tricked Dennis into rebuilding the castle with no intention of giving it back. So how does Ludo get his hands on the castle's deed? He confronts the landowner and has his minions, Bird and Spider, eat him.
    Landowner: You're crazy!
    Ludo: No, I just love my brother. But I'll do crazy things to protect him!


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