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"Nothing's more destructive to the metaphysical fabric that binds us than the untimely murder of a human."

Tropes relating to that most heinous crime.


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    Categories and indexes 
  • Adult Fear: Tropes related to realistic fears an adult could have.
  • Disposing of a Body: Hiding or destroying a murder victim's corpse to avoid getting in trouble for killing them.
  • Genocide Tropes: The organized mass-murder of a very large group or entire category of people, often committed as state-sanctioned atrocities executed by governments and military forces.
  • Human Sacrifice: Killing people as part of a religious ritual for honoring their deity.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: Human cannibalism, in which people eat the flesh of their fellow man. Not always related to murder, but human meat as food is often acquired after killing someone first.
  • Love Sacrificed for Power: A Human Sacrifice that requires the use of someone that one has a close relationship to.
  • Murder by Suicide: Forced suicide, or coercing people into killing themselves by various means.
  • Murder in the Family: Familicide, which is when people kill their own family members or other relatives. It's obviously the deadliest form of domestic violence.
  • Public Execution: Killing someone who's being held in captivity. Can refer to both hostages getting murdered by criminal kidnappers (which is obviously illegal) and state-sanctioned killings of convicted prisoners as capital punishment for their crimes (a controversial practice which has been abolished in many, but not all, countries).

    General/miscellaneous tropes 

    Accident, murder, or suicide? 

    Murder methods and weapons 

    Motives for murder 

    Killers and murderers 

    Murder victims and their bodies 

    Investigation and prosecution