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He has the Mummies.
From 1525 B.C.
He has the Mummies.
Protection for the Pharaoh teen.
He has the Mummies.
They're hanging by the Western Gate.
He has the Mummies.
They're going to save the world today.
The Egyptian way.
They're Mummies Alive!

An index of tropes about mummies, which are preserved corpses often wrapped in gauze bandages. They usually end up rising from their tombs as zombie-like beings. Mummies are usually pharaohs or other important people who lived and died millennia ago in Ancient Egypt, perhaps calling upon the powers of Anubis to help them cheat death.

This is a sub-category of the Undead Index. Not to be confused with tropes about mothers — The Parent Trope is the index for that.


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