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"I believe our future depends powerfully on how well we understand this Cosmos, in which we float like a mote of dust in the morning sky."

Useful notes on a variety of subjects, the purpose of which is threefold:

  1. To debunk common media stereotypes.
  2. To help you understand some media better.
  3. To inform (and sometimes entertain) about subjects common in storytelling.

Every specialized wiki will accumulate useful notes like these as it grows. Note, however, that this is not supposed to be an index of everything that exists in the real world — that is the purview of Wikipedia. We are a site about media and storytelling. As a rule of thumb, items to be added should either be commonly featured in media, or related to its creation and distribution in some way.

Useful Notes articles are not tropes and are not to be included in a work's trope list. Similarly, tropes are not to be used to describe the subject of a Useful Notes article directly. You may, however, list tropes that are commonly found in media portraying the subject.

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Arts, entertainment, mass media, and popular culture

    Arts (painting, sculpting, photography, performance) 

    Audiovisual media (film and television) 

    Games and sports 


    Print media (books and comics) 

Human culture, social sciences, and world history

    Culture and society (in general) 

    Business and economics 


    Folklore, legends, mythology, and religion 

    Food and drink 

Food culture

Specific types of food and drink

    Gender and sexuality 

General topics

Gender/romantic/sexual identity

    Geography and world history 


    Law and crime 

Codes of law

Crime and criminality

Crime investigation and law enforcement

Judicial and penal systems

    Military and warfare 

General topics

Military organizations and personnel

Military vehicles and transportation

Military weapons and other technology




    Technology (non-military) 

Natural and physical sciences

    Natural sciences (in general) 

    Biology and life sciences 

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