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"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

"Art" is a word with multiple similar but distinct meanings. It is generally associated with visual arts, like painting, sculpture, etching, etc., but this is not its only definition.

Broadly speaking, the word "art" is commonly applied to works from various media that are believed to have lasting worth, although this is extremely subjective. Calling a work "art" (or not) can be controversial, as it is a judgment of quality that can offend both sides of an argument. There are some who believe everything is art, and some who believe only a few things are art or apply stipulative definitions; like "art is something that makes you feel." When people talk about "True Art", this is generally what they're thinking of.

"Art" is also a title applied to various kinds of media. There are performance arts, such as Ballet and Stand-Up Comedy. Literature and Film are their own categories of art, as is Sequential Art (though it took longer to gain status as an art-form and some people still believe it isn't; see the above paragraph). Video Games are another artistic endeavor that is still the subject of controversy, as there are those who believe that any game's primary focus of entertainment nullifies its artistic merit.note 

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