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Creators specializing in the visual Arts.

Artists with works in none of the above categories:

  • Banksy - prolific graffiti artist
  • Samuel J. Butcher - Illustrator, figurine artist, and creator of Precious Moments
  • CaptainGerBear - queer and former furry artist
  • Jean Cocteau - ceramicist, among other things
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  • M. C. Escher - graphical artist known for Bizarrchitecture prints
  • Don Kenn - best-known for his whimsical sticky note-based art
  • Meow Wolf - Art collective known for immersive installation art experiences.
  • Qinni - varied
  • Roy Lichtenstein - pop artist known for colorful lithographs
  • Takashi Murakami - "Superflat" founder known for his screen paintings.