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The American Film Institute (or, AFI) is a non-profit organization that celebrates the history of moving pictures in American media, which has been active since 1967. It hopes to educate future generations on where and how certain tropes and cinematography came to be and honours many in the film industry annually for their part in movies.

It was first set up in 1965 to preserve the legacy of American films, supported by the the National Endowment for the Arts, the Motion Picture Association of America, and the Ford Foundation. It began as an annual exhibition to teach about film history, and later branched out as the AFI Conservatory in Beverly Hills, which is a graduate school for aspiring filmmakers, teaching history and film-making techniques, as well as film culture. Well-known alumni vary from Oscar winners to AFI award winners, including David Lynch and Maya Angelou.

Meanwhile on TV Tropes, we celebrate the AFI's celebrating. You can find the AFI's lists of their favourite movies in their "100 Years..." Series and they are:

You can also view the official website here.