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'Sub Wiki' here at TV Tropes is just a name for pages that are all in one namespace which are either narrowly focused, like Character Sheets, or are simply fun things to think about in the context of a particular trope or work. A lot of the time, we'll refer to a page in one of the sub-wikis as a 'subpage.'

Subpages with icons should always appear as a tab at the top of a page, other subpages may appear at the top of a page or can be found in a drop-down list under the More tab. Some subpages, such as "Tropers", will not appear at all. All subpages can be looked up using the Page Type Per Namespace tool.

For works with different media tabs, see the Media index.

Index of subwikis with icons:

Index of subwikis without icons:

Alternative Title(s): TV Tropes Sub Wikis