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This entry is trivia, which is cool and all, but not a trope. On a work, it goes on the Trivia tab.


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Have you ever wanted to see the ultimate list of works where your favourite book or series was referenced or homaged? TV Tropes is a perfect place where to create such a list, or to get as close as possible.

A Shout-Out is something subtle (a name, a prop, a dialogue from obscure cult classic) or something very direct (a title drop or character names known to mainstream culture), which points to another work of fiction. Shout Outs are given intentionally, often because the creators are fans of the work. It can be used for Lampshade Hanging when the characters compare themselves to concrete fictional characters. Take That! is a negative Shout Out when the creators want to emphasise how much something sucked.


Referenced By is a reversal of Shout Out and related tropes. It's never intentional for the work that is referenced, which is why it's listed as Trivia — an interesting bit of information we like noticing, collecting, and organizing, but which in itself is not a trope. note 

See also Actor Allusion, Reference Overdosed, Lawyer-Friendly Cameo, Stock Shout-Out and its subpages, Homage, Pastiche, Opening Shout-Out, Shout-Out Theme Naming, The Joy of X, Literary Allusion Title, and Small Reference Pools.


    Asian Animation 
  • Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf: This show is referenced a bit in Happy Heroes. Given that the director of Happy Heroes was also one of the higher-ups on the team creating Pleasant Goat, it makes sense.
    • One of the monsters is sent flying by Happy S., and is later shown to have landed in a dark ominous place with Wolf Castle in the background.
      Big-head Monster: He hit me so hard I have no idea what cartoon I've ended up in!
    • When Big M. and Little M. are wolves in the fairy tale arc, Big M. remarks that he has suddenly developed a fear of frying pans... then he got hit with a frying pan.
    • When Mr. Lightbulb is trying to introduce television to the citizens of Planet Mystery, he mentions that one could see shows on it. Aqiang points out that he could do that too, and dresses up as a wolf and says "Dearest sheep, I've arrived!"... Mr. Lightbulb hits him with a frying pan.