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  • 2012: The January 2011 issue of the Malaysian comic Gemeilia - Kokko & May (Chinese: 哥妹俩) has a dialogue-free chapter, "2011", which is a shout-out (or a reference) to the film.
  • 300: Most of them are Punctuated! For! Emphasis! references to the "This! Is! Sparta!" line. But some are not:
    • Homecoming, 2026: To kick off a Halloween event:
      This! Is! Halloween!
    • Pokémon Talk: From "Counting", in a Shout-Out to the "This. Is. Sparta!" line of 300, Squirtle's response to Bulbasaur's "This is madness!" line:
      Squirtle: This! Is! Squirtle!
    • May the Best Man Win: Lukas dressed as King Leonidas for Movie Character Day last year. In response, the school changed the dress code to require shirts.
  • A History of Violence: In Max Payne 3, Officer DaSilva notes to Max Payne himself that he was selected by the Broncos partly because he is a man with A History of Violence. Max Payne 3 chronologically tells the story of how Max tried to get away from his violent life, only to get drawn back in after he shoots dead, the son of a New Jersey Mafia Don, for his aggression against a woman who stands up to him. Like the diner scene in the film, it starts with a confrontation in a pub diner that turns lethal and brings Max Payne major trouble with the New Jersey Mafia.
  • Doctor... Series:
  • Exodus (1960) (and the original novel):
    • Singles: After Steve is let go from his job, during his time of "regrouping", he says he read half of Exodus.
    • Mad Men: In the first season episode "Babylon", Sterling Cooper takes the Israeli Tourism Board as a client, and one of the people at the meeting gives Don a copy of the novel to read. Being the serious reader that he is, he reads it, although he disagrees with the others at the office (he finds it too sentimental), and he asks Rachel Menken, a different client, for advice. She's not too thrilled he came to her (for several reasons), though she's intrigued when she hears Paul Newman is going to be in the movie version).
  • On the Buses films:
  • The Revenant: In the DVD Commentary of Turning Red, Domee Shi the director mentions that a previous version of the scene where Mei in giant red panda form attacks Tyler was more intense than the final version and that they "went full Revenant" refering to the scene where Leonardo DiCaprio's character is attacked by a bear.
  • Silent Hill: SCP Foundation: SCP-2786 is a metaphysical entity that can insert itself into horror narratives, where it attempts to portray itself as a brave hero and alter the story itself. One of these is listed as the film Silent Hill.
  • Snakes on a Plane: Princesses of the Pizza Parlor: In Cookies and Campers, the "I have HAD IT with these motherfuckin' snakes on this motherfuckin' plane!" line is almost completed, but Curse Cut Short by Hand Gagging:
    "Snakes..." Claire said, in the tones of someone just dying to be the first to the pop culture quote. "Why does it always have to be snakes...?"
    Louise almost beat her to it with "I've had it with these m—", only Shelby got her hand over the girl's mouth before she could finish. With her jerk of the thumb, the dark-haired girl pointed out that they had company.
  • Spaceballs:
    • Tesla Motors calls the fastest possible trim level on the Model S "Plaid" in reference to the Ludicrous Speed scene.
  • Speed 2: Cruise Control: Sunset Overdrive: Bomb Delivery's bomb placement voice lines references the first two movies of the series:
    Player: Defuse the bomb if I go too slow? It's kinda like that movie about the bus...or was it a boat?
  • Up Pompeii: A poster for the film can be seen in The Lovers!.
  • Weekend (2011): In DC Pride 2023 Robin mentions that Batman gave the movie five stars on Letterboxd.

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