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This index holds the various pages of the So You Want to namespace. Go to Write a Story and Be Original for basic advice that transcends genre boundaries.

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Compare TV Tropes "How to" Guides. Contrast Things You Are Not Allowed to Do. See also So You Want to.Make a Joke About the So You Want to Namespace

The Basics

This article covers advice for all writers, regardless of genre or medium; it's the stuff that would go on every page, but instead we put it on this one page and just point you over here:


See also The Hollywood Formula.

Visual and Literary Genres

The tropes that make the genre:

Interactive Media


This section is for certain media:

Settings, Location

This section is for certain settings and locations in a story

Story Aspects, Scenes and Large Ideas

This section covers things that are either not big enough to be an entire genre or too big to be only for one genre (but are still not all encompassing enough to go to the basics section).

Groundbreaking Works

An overview of how these works rose to the top of the food chain, and how you might duplicate their success:

Major Authors

These are for advice on what to study to improve your craft, given your target genres, demographics, and mediums:

Individual Characters

Writing a story is hard but writing believable characters, the core of any good story, is even harder at times.

We need tropers to create new pages of these standard characters, and start giving advice on how to craft them! In the meantime, you can visit 45 Master Characters and The Complete Writer's Guide to Heroes & Heroines for some basic character templates.

Creator Jobs

Writing a story is important, but writers aren't the only ones doing work. Most creative mediums are collaborative, and many people help to make a quality product. This section is for those who want a specific job in any of the creative industries or want to do a specific creative aspect for a work. Pages should detail some of the finer points about such jobs and if possible give proven ways to get into such careers.

Troublesome Tropes

We all know that Tropes Are Tools. But some of them tend to be useful only in the hands of a Master Craftsman. So here are some pages to help you avoid those tropes... at least until you know what the heck you're doing.

Suggested Pages

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So You Want to Be a Profession

  • Be a Game Master
  • Cast a Hollywood Blockbuster
  • Pick a Filming Location

So You Want to Avoid Pitfalls

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