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The Cosmic Horror Story is a treat for speculative fiction fans: Science fiction, fantasy, and horror and blended into one work of literature. The "father" of this genre is generally considered to be H.P Lovecraft, "founder" of the Cthulhu Mythos. A recurring theme in cosmic horror stories is the idea that good and evil are simply human concepts, and humanity inhabits a bleak and uncaring universe.


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How you integrate your Cosmic Entity into your story is important, one should avoid shoving your cosmic horror elements into the world without planning. If an Eldritch Location can be accessed by everyone effortlessly, it would render the horror element redundant.

There are many ways to begin your story. Do you prefer an Urban Fantasy escue opening? Disguising your cosmic horror story into other genres (Such as a heartwarming Slice of Life, an overly generic Slasher Movie, or a seemly-logical Dystopian Downer Beginning) and then bombard the insanity later on? Anyway, one must leave enough clues to foreshadow the events.

Assembling your Eldritch Abomination

How would you assemble your Eldritch Abomination? Do you prefer a Humanoid Abomination or a Starfish Alien? Just use your creativity and assemble your creature as you desire.

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