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Music videos can be either just publicity for an artist, or it can be an entirely new art form itself. Why not try it? Before you start, you should probably look at Notable Music Videos first and get some ideas. Notice some techniques? Try them, and if they seem too artsy-fartsy to your taste, just try something else.

Choices, choices
There are a lot of things you can try with music videos. Do you want just a band singing in some arena, or do you want to turn out a story? Or perhaps you'd just like to do something abstract? Remember, the music, in part with the video, tells a story. You can literally do anything with it. Now, about how you can do it:
  • A performance video is the first option: a band singing in a venue. Despite it not being that special, it's common nowadays to find a music video with the band performing.
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  • Option B is the story video. It can be quite nice to see a song put to pictures. Sometimes, it doesn't need to be related to the song, but it can be.
  • Now, lastly is the abstract video. This is the one that resembles Option B, but doesn't really tell a coherent story. Just think of it as an "art" video. Something that's not really supposed to be chewed up in one bite.


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