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So you've decided to write a recap for a series, one which you might be new to or one you have seen hundreds of times.

One way you could do so is to use this handy template, then what follows after it.

[Begin Template]

[Data for the Episode]

  • If it is a Manga, what chapters does this cover?


  • What went on during the story? If needed, have a short summary, followed by a longer one.


Tropes that appear in the episode/arc

[End Template]

Necessary Tropes

Choices, Choices

  • In a more general sense, how does the story shape up? Would it be better to organize as one giant page, broken up by arc or saga, or keep each episode separate?
  • If the series is covered by multiple media, and each one has similar canonicity, could the recap cover them all? For example, many Anime are directly adapted from Manga, keeping the events close to the original telling.
  • After completing the page, which list can it go on for Recap/Recap? Any trope-related lists? Genre? Medium?

Scale of Medium-coverage

If it is only covered by one medium, then it may only need to go on the subpage related to that one. If two, then cover it on two. But from three onward, see if it would be better suited to go on the general recap page, or on the list of franchise recaps.

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Potential Subversions

Writers' Lounge

Suggested Themes and Aesops

Potential Motifs

Suggested Plots


Set Designer / Location Scout

Props Department

Costume Designer

Casting Director

Stunt Department

Extra Credit

The Greats

  • Glee: Their "What You Missed On Glee" recaps are unique because they mostly describe things that will be important to the episode that's coming next.

The Epic Fails